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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 27, 2011 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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in advance of the major political areas. that is a big story and expect the total rainfall of 6 or 10 inches. and also another theme will be the coastal flooding and storm surge. and value here in eastern
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north carolina and we have seen observations within that range and expect totals above normal tide level in the midatlantic states in new england and the track will be near the midatlantic coast and southern new england tomorrow. we think they will have hurricane strength on this path. and everyone in the area. in new england should now take precautions and protect the and property. all of these should be close to completion now and the hurricane will move inland and right in the day on tomorrow. and this is the general track here. i expect in the next 24 or 48 hours. this is the national hurricane center mime moim. >> thanks to todd and very interesting. what is unique about hurricane irene it has stuck on the same
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truck for the past 48 hours. and all of the anticipation where it was going to go and where it would maintain the category 1 status and continued to uphold . most, the base information is the huge amount of rain that this is packing and the fact that in the area where it is now and heading up to virginia beach and norfolk after that. 5-nine foot storm surge. and look at that bending over the beach in north carolina and 4-8 foot storm surge when it enters our area and splashing in harbors in new york. and there is a concern as it heads up in new england. folks need to continue to batten down the hatches. >> it is hanging tough. >> for the moment anyway it is moving up northward from washington to boston. one in five said to be in hurricane irene path. the hurricane is proving
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deadly. our second hour of programming begins right now. how are you doing? >> i am doing well. we have special programming as we cover throughout the weekend the path of hurricane irene. it is a morning already. >> we can confirm the first fatality in north carolina today. a man crushed by a flying tree limb. and i want to show you the power of a category hurricane. and you watch it rock its way throughout the ocean. 400,000 in the state without power . never before has one hurricane hurt so many people in the united states. so we start this hour. team fox coverage. yawn robers in kill devil hills in the state's outer banks and atlantic beach north carolina and near where irene came ashore and our chief meteorologist rick wright in the extreme weather center.
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rick, where are we? >> rick: it is not moving that quickly. when you get storps up here they move quickly . take a look at the pictures on twitter this morning and from the queens and typically clouds looking like this. low juicy tropical cloud formation . when you go outside it feels like you are in florida and doesn't feel like you are in the northeast. it is a very large storm and it is the size of this. that means it will impact the area for so many people .... it is not a small storm. it weakened in a category 1 and was a category 2 and 3 not long ago. it has a larger storm surge. and look in the cape lookout. and still over water through a lot of this area and it is not weakening when you see the
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storm make landfall. there is a lot of water right in here and it will not weaken as quickly. it will stay a category 1 hurricane all the way up before making a second landfall. tornado concerns and rain shield making its way over jersey and stretching the rain bounds in connecticut. everybody is getting in on model it is holding tight . that's why the confidence level is so high and cutting right around the new york city area. that's what we are going to see areas east of the it and western parts of long island and places like jfk and rockaways and breezy point. dealing with a big storm surge and everybody getting a lot of rain. check out these models that. is 12 inches of rain. and going into the chesapeake bay and back out. in to the delaware bay it is significant. maybe 10 feet of the storm surge and then pulling in toward new york city certainly
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on long island and looks like a significant storm surge and that brings back out in the east river. we'll see flooding in the east river take a look at that bull's eye. 12 inches of rain across the lower hudson river valley. you get 12 inches of rain you will get flooding. a couple of weeks ago. inland flooding concerns . and so power outages can last for days. >> moving 16 miles per hour right now. at what point is the steering current it takes off and zooms on out of the here? >> about here. not before. it will move 18 miles per hour or so tomorrow. and then it gets in new england and accelerates and not a quick mover when it gets up here. >> that is unusual. in north carolina and there they go. >> hurricane isabell helped to
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redrew the coast of the north carolina. and cut with 2000 foot swamp and isolated the island for months and now hearing that irene could do the same. john robert system in kill devil hills in the north carolina outer bank. how goes it, john? >> it is going well. bill. in fact kids had to go to school by ferry while they replaced the cut that isa bell made. in a couple of places by cape hatteras island the storm swell is come in to a degree it may have cut inland. there is another interesting phenom nan under way. i am going to go out in the next hour and that is waters of the sound back in kitty hawk bay are pushed back by
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hurricane and turned them in to mud flaps. anybody on the outer banks will know that is a lot of boats and paragliding. there is nothing but mud . in the next few hours or so waters will come back in and surge up. and in addition to the storm surge we'll get we'll get south side storm surge. we'll tell you about the lay of the land. we are in an unusual part of the hurricane. and moments when the wind is blowing at close to 70 miles per hour. and you are getting that kind of a gust and a lull and then you get a rain band that comes in and we are pretty dry. and the sky is beginning to brighten and that will happen more frequently as the center of the storm comes toward us.
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brightening and darkening. and remarkably, bill, the power is still on here in the outer banks. after numerous hurricanes that came through. they replaced them with new and strong and powerful and they are holding for a moment. we are probably going to lose power in the next couple of hours. and another remarkable thing. there are no emergency calls. people who decided to stay here and hunkered down and riding out the storm and no significant incursion of water at this point . no significant wind damage and so fingers crossed, bill. outer banks may come through this okay. and as the governor said, they could be back open for business again if not late tomorrow by monday for the week leading in the labor day weekend which is where the businesses put the exclamation
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point in the money they have earned. and many of the islands in the north carolina and outer banks and south. they are taking the power burying them in the sand. this is one of the best moves they make and given the recuring storms that lash that part of the state. and burying the lines goes a long way to help the electricity and power stay on. john robers on the outer banks. what do you have, martha? >> storm is causing damage in atlantic beach, johnathon is standing by with an update. how are you faring out there? >>reporter: hello again, martha, the back half of the storm is deceptive. there will be long lulls where you think you are in the clear and all of the sudden, huge gusts come up and each time we experience these gusts, we notice the roofs of temporary
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buildings and building ripped and the roof of the restaurant of our hotel which is a sturdy brick construction, at least some of the roofing materials, not the structure itself are pulled off of the roof. we are seeing metal debris flying by us and so a treacherous situation here. firefighters have been responding to alarms that are going off. each time the power went out. there were several times that the power went out. alarms in local businesses including our hotel go off and firefighters check them out just in case by and large they are were false alarms and finally the power went out 4:30. and the firefighters decided to be safe, they needed to keep the trucks indoors. the winds were getting strong they were rocking the trucks back and forth. they moved them indoors and
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not respond to automated alarps and wait for actual people to call with actual emergencies . so as you can see, a heavy surf here and this pier behind me that we have been watching throughout the duration of our storm coverage, it is suffering heavy damage. more than a third of the pier is missing. even though we are in the back half . storm, the situation is far from over. martha. >> many thanks. we'll be back to you. >> moving up the coast ocean city maryland is evacuating the town first time in 30 years. mayor of ocean city maryland. what do we need to know. you need to know that we are getting the beginning of the storm, that just entered our area and you can see behind me it kicked up the ocean a bit. we are receiving a lot of high
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winds. this is the begin this is a big storm to hit ocean city. >> how did you get ready, mayor? >> we had put into affect a mandatory evacuation midnight on thursday. asking everybody to leave by 5:00 p.m. friday. we want to thank the visitors who came to ocean city, they heeded the warnings and understood the storm and evacuated and there are very few people emergency personnel here. >> is there a sense that you are out of the woods or is it thinking when the storm is packing winds of 100 miles per hour and drops below 90 miles per hour. still a category 1. are they lulled and we might have missed this one, this time? >> i think everybody understands it is not the wind, but the 8 foot storm surge and 12-15 inches was
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rain and put it together with sustained hurricane-force winds and that will create a problem. >> i can't think of a time since katrina, which was six years ago this month, where so many public officials have been out in front of a natural disaster or a potential for such a disaster. did katrina cause that in your view, mr. mayor? >> i think it alerted everybody to the severity of these situations and the public became more aware . last thing we want to do as local officials is evacuate the community in the summer season. we have to weigh in on the side of public safety . other areas did the same. >> but you also have to do it in a way that is warranted. and that when an extreme time comes and perhaps the next time you want to make sure people listen to you. this time they have?
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>> this time they have, hey, look, i hope we are wrong about the severity of the storm. i don't think we are. you want people to be safe and return to enjoy ocean city. >> good luck to you and everybody down there. >> thank you very much. >> we have much moring up on the continuing coverage on saturday afternoon. storm taking aim at so many populated areas. you are looking at hampt cons in the far end of new york's long island and one of the reporters covering that story and in new jersey across the hudson river in case you are wondering and governor chris christy smarter smart know up, folks. >> i saw the news feeds upstairs of people sitting on the beach in asbury park. get the hell off of the beach and get out. you are done. it is 4:30. you maximized the tan.
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north carolina congressman walter jones joins me on the phone. congressman jonings, welcome and good to have you with us, what can you tell us about your district in >> in my own home town, i am looking out of the window, we are getting wind gusts 75 miles per hour and this is a hurricane that is going to do a heck of a lot of damage to north carolina when it is all said and done. one thing after the hurricane goes through and up north, we'll see the flooding and that in and of itself can be devastating. >> congressman, people think we are conditioned to look at
10:22 am
4, three, 2, 1 . people say a category 1, we don't have much to worry about. but you are pointing out, you are in it right now and how do you feel about the safety factor. >> martha, category 1 is true but it is a slow-moving large hurricane and doing a lot of wind damage and the rain is coming down in sheets and that will do a lot of flooding in eastern north carolina. it is serious. we had two deaths reported in eastern north carolina and hopefully that will be no more than two, but two is too many. >> we reported the first. a man went out to check the damage and a tree limb fell on him. it is important to get it across about people staying inside. you hear more stories on those lines and the trees that are so weakened because of the water they will get in the
10:23 am
soil and sand in your area. >> the second person that was killed was driving in the car and hydroplaned and hit a tree and was killed. a 21 year old man it is one of those storms, we'll not give an assessment of the damage two or three days after the storm passes. but it is several billions of dollars, i can assure you. >> that is a sad story, a 21 year old driving on the road. we hope everyone listens to the story. tree limbs and driving conditions are dangerous out there. tell me when you look out of your window, do you feel that your area is prepared as it could be? >> yes, i want to give credit to the locals and state and federal officials. they forewarned the people of north carolina it was a dangerous storm and people are listening to those officials,
10:24 am
i want to thank it is leadership in north carolina and fema and local people and that is letting us know ahead of time what to do to be protected. >> congressman jones, thank you for that information. we are getting good information all along the coast. over the next several hours, we are in areas that are not used to this kind of thing. we are used to images getting lashed and not used to seeing the impact on cities like manhattan as it heads closer to the area, that accounted -- could be a terrific story. giving us a blow by blow account of what they are experiencing in north carolina. you wonder if a storm this big is moving at only 15-16 miles per hour, that is an enormous rain maker. i remember floyd, in 1999,
10:25 am
daytona beach, it was a category 5 and three hours from hitting land and it dropped from a 5 to a 1 and what a relief. but it took a north hand turn and went up south carolina and parked itself over north carolina and home after home and town after town, and eastern half of north carolina was flooded . >> you know, that is why you cannot presuppose anything after looking at the numbers. i hope everybody heard that story. a 21 year old who decides to go out and drive and hydroplanes and hit a tree and lost their life. please take it seriously. don't be cavalier. stay inside. we know everybody is stocked up with water and food. hunker down and stay safe. >> that is great stimulus watching everyone in the gas station and grocery stores
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steady as she goes up the east coast and marching up to new york city and massachusetts. right now virginia beach is in this. they join us from the fox extreme weather center with the latest on what he's seeing. >> rick: the storm is moving up virginia beach and strong over north carolina. cape - cape hatteras at 69
10:31 am
miles per hour. and we have 115 miles per hour wind just to the south. storm moving toward the north. you can see the wines are solidly in the tropical storm range. and in to virginia as well. and we have winds in the mid-40s. we have seen a 50 miles per hour wind gust in wallops island. we are a ways away from the center of the storm. look at wind gust. that purple is hurricane-force winds. tonight at 11:00 we'll see that in parts of the outer banks. they will get the back side of the wind and that will be pummeling the sound and watching the water from the sound back to the atlantic. reversal causing damage again and delvarva overnight . jersey shore and close to new york city and crossing along -- long island. and monday morning, 1:00 a.m.,
10:32 am
we have wins and the rain is gone and by monday morning, we'll be looking good at sunrise. it is moving slowly for a storm this far north. it is a sloudly moving over the sound and hugging the eastern sea shore and rain spreading up to 600 mipes away. where is the storm. it is all over the entire area. not just where it is crossing land and a lot of areas . because was that and a large storm. so many people are getting rain from this. and rain along with wind that are in the 60 or cent miles per hour range and that will topple trees and be without power for a while. >> great job on this and we'll be with you throughout the weekend. >> in the meantime, this is virginia beach, virginia, right? >> look how dark that is. through the haze and look
10:33 am
being at the pier. you can see the waves come one after another and how high the surf has grown. we talked to the governor an hour ago and he was getting ready for this part of the state to take a walop. southeastern corner of the state of virginia as we watched the waves roar on through. that scene is playing out in town after town and state after state. here in new york state they closed incoming flights and shut them down. newark and la guardia and jfk and out on long island, that is an island that stretches west to east hundred miles due east of the new york city. they are getting ready if the worst comes. far eastern end of long island, laura is with us now. what is the situation where you are now?
10:34 am
>> hi, bill, the message on do you know road, main artery that cuts through west hampton beach is get out. police and fire telling people to get out of the here and leave immediately. there are mandatory evacuations going on since early this morning, we are seeing people going around door to door, fire and police are doing door knocks and telling people to get valuables, not everything. pets and themselves and hit the road. this is a monster task with a lot of ground to cover. hundreds of homes sit in the path of irene. they always get a couple of cowboys along the way and people who will not leave. they are to fill out a form to help authorities identify residents if need be after the storm. that is how serious it is. they will ask them to write names and social security in
10:35 am
felt pin and tell them how serious it is. the local fire chief cannot risk crews to get in to get people safe when it gets going here. you are on your own. air national guard pulled out aircraft for search and rescue. six blackhawks and 4 c130. decision to evacuate is different county county by county county. parts of the low-lying areas including north shore where residents are in the storm surge zone. evacuation must take place before 5:00 p.m. today . we got an update from nassau county telling us that press are coming up at 3:30 with the latest. >> there was a hurricane that ripped through there in 1938 that people talk about today. >> oh, yeah. >> that split long island in
10:36 am
half. >> that's right. a lot of people are fearful that will happen again. a lot of people who come out here and many people vacation here and live here, of course, that road. do you know road will flood when it drizzles. they are worried about what will happen with the storm. the police chief dean told me a short while ago they have an updated set of numbers when the storm hits. they are predicting tropical force winds at 9:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.. 50 miles per hour and 7:00 a.m. this is when the area will get it storm surge is predicted 3-6 feet. >> laura, be safe out there and best to the crew. west hampton beach, long island, new york. >> back to chesapeake, maryland. slammed with bands of wind and rain. we are watching that situation
10:37 am
as it crosses the map and you can see the pictures on the left hand side of the screen in north carolina. they have gotten the worst of the brunt of hurricane irene at this hour. joining me on the phone ernie. busy morning for you folks. >> we are rolling along i tell you. the storm had us hopping and we are prepare ready to respond. >> how is it going so far? have people heeded the warnings that they are doing okay? >> a lot of people heeded the warningings and we had 81 shelters and more than 7500 evacuees were in them. and the area impacted, we are assessing that and as for what kind of calls that came in, i don't have an update on that, but i will tell you overnight, there were three possible
10:38 am
tornados touching down in our counties and one of the counties, teril county there was minor injuries and several homes were damaged. we have also had three deaths, one in onslow county, an individual was trying to put plywood across the window and suffered a heart attack and a motorist this morning in pitt county driving and hit standing water and ran off the road and hit a tree and was killed and also an individual outside in a rural area in nash county today and a fallen limb fell and hit him. >> that third person is news to us, ernie. we heard of the first two deaths . it is a deadly event in north carolina. it is a difficult day.
10:39 am
thank you for being with us this morning. >> i want to bring you an update. in addition to hurricane irene. fox new system confirming al-qaida number two is dead. he was killed in pakistan. he had risen to number two spot after bin laden's death in may. the white house saying he was killed august 22nd which would have been five-days ago. al-qaida number 2 leader in pakistan dead. that is crossing in fox news conif i weres. in the meantime, we are now getting pictures for the first time of the president in fema headquarters. >> yeah, he is visiting fema headquarters and homeland security janet napolitano next to him and he is briefed. hurricane irene category 1 storm continues to move up the
10:40 am
coast. >> it -- [inaudible] it is from previous declarations. and everything we asked for and needed is right there and that is a great relief. >> before we leave the regional report, let me mention the folks in maryland that asked about the declaration, i want to confirm that was approved and so when the governor shows up. you can tell him that. >> thank you very much. r>> okay. all right. mr. president, the states that are impacted and north carolina getting ready to respond and virginia is
10:41 am
getting the heavy rain. they are getting close to this and they are in the preparation phase. with all of the storm up the i-95 corridor and your team, and governors and second has been in contact with the governors and they didn't start today. we have done this since last weekend. that builds that relationship and we are work other together in the conditions. >> i just want to say to jan and craig and everyone in the table. every time i have a conversation with state and local officials, they say the team has been outstanding and the agency cooperations has been outstanding. they recognize this is tough getting through this thing, but they are very appreciative of what you have done and the
10:42 am
cooperation that is taking place. i have not yet heard from any of the regions as we just said anybody suggesting that they we haven't done everything we can on this front. it is good work you guys have done. obviously we have to make sure on the response and recovery phase that we are just as effective. and on top of it. and unfortunately they don't seem to be hesitant about asking. and we are turning it around quickly . i appreciate it. it is a long 72 hours. and obviously a lot of families are affected. and we heard the big of the concern is the flooding and power. that is an enormous strain on a lot of states and that may
10:43 am
take days or longer in some cases . so we really have to stay on top of the recovery phase. >> no, mr. president, you nailed it. we are just in the end of the beginning and also in phase 2. >> anything else? >> no. again, just on behalf of the team, i just appreciate the people. and the unseen faces. and thank you. i appreciate that. that goes a long way. we have a long way to go and they know it and they will be here working. >> okay. that is a look inside of the fema headquarter in washington d.c.. first radio play back we have seen and president obama saying you guys are doing a
10:44 am
great job, it is going to be a long 72 hours and so much . federal response is determined by the action of the local level. local governor and mayors to make sure they get the help if they needed. president obama at fema headquarters. we expect the next big advisory 15-20 minutes from now. and mayor of new york. michael bloomburg will hold a briefing at 3:00 eastern time. and we'll get an update in manhattan. >> and a lot of folks shocked that they might shut off power in new york city. we'll get an update on that. word is they will not do that. and wait for word from mayor bloomburg. if you wonder what it is like to be one of those hurricane hunters in the sky, flying over this kind of a storm, we have an amazing look at what
10:45 am
that is like. they do it all of the time. and we'll show you at fox phil keatings is live in the national hurricane center in miami and moved indoors after being pelted by the rain. phil, this is an amazing look at how these planes do their work. >> absolutely. here in the national hurricane center keeping a round the clock look at hurricanes, they measure the humidity and barometer pressure in a variety of ways. they have satellite shots and ground based radars and they also fly planes in and out of that hurricane every time there is it a rop top cyclone in the vicinity of the united states. they are located and based out of madill air force base in tampa, florted. they fly in and out of the eye. basically doing a butterfly pattern and fly north, south
10:46 am
and east and west and zig-zag around and recording physics data and passed down to scientist here on earth and they take six inch cylinders and drop it out of the wing and down in the hurricane and via parachute and that spirals around and providing absolutely critical information. >> it will go right in to the national center model and help tell us what the winds and barometer is doing. >> about 12 people every time, every flight on that flame. they have their computers in front of them and relaying the data and passing on the information so it is disseminated to the millions of americans down on the ground. in this storm it is affecting millions more than the average hurricane. >> it is hitting so many large
10:47 am
population centers as it goes up along the course. phil, these hurricane hunters, they are facing their own perfect storm so to speak, right? >> yes, you have a bad economy and republican house of representative and congress overall focused at deficit reaction and the nationalic atmospheric administration that is facing a house bill appropriation subcommittee bill of one billion slashing of the funds. and that for the hurricane hunter means a 40 percent reduction for the budget taking it from 29 million down to 17 million and tampa bay democratic congresswoman is calling for a bipartisan resolution to get a budget amendment added on to the bill. she thinks that hurricane irene is a wake-call as how important the flights are for the storm.
10:48 am
it is all part of the process in dc. dc itself is getting pounded. >> phil, thank you so much. phil keating recording. >> fox news confirm another man in north carolina apparently died of a heart attack while boarding up his home, the windows and trying to take cover there. we are awaiting a number of things inocean city, maryland. the mayor told us in his history and time in ocean city, local people have never listened like this in the past. they have heeded the warnings and obeyed the evacuation orders as well. we'll get you live in the national hurricane center. stay here on the fox news channel as team fox news coverages in only three minutes .
10:49 am
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>> pictures coming in from virginia beach as it is lashed by hurricane irene. very rough treatment given to north carolina today well there are two confirmed deaths to report. one, a tree limb falling on a man. and another man confirmed dead after trying to board up his house and having a heart attack and another death was reported
10:53 am
biological officials. a young woman, driving her car in the midst of the storm and we are working to confirm that story. a very frightening preview so far of what and other people may see as it works its up up the east coast. new england is bracing for a storm like it has not seen in years. a congressman joins us from new hampshire. good to have you, congressman. you represent a coastal district and in charge of several relief programs as mayor. good to have you. >>guest: thank you, martha, great to be here. martha: it looks to be fairly sunny in new england but quite a bit this store. talk to me about the preparation. >>guest: it is beautiful 78 degrees and everyone is enjoying the last of what will be great weather for 48 hours. preparations are as follows: the state of new hampshire is under a state of emergency.
10:54 am
declared by our governor yesterday. our local emergency preparations are underway from the state and local organizations. we have the red cross involved and engaged to make sure people are preparing properly for their homes and businesses and elderly and seniors have the ability to go to shelters and be evacuated. we are on schedule to make sure people are going to get through this and "weather" the storm. we have local and state resources ready. martha: everyone talks about the 1938 hurricane that did a tremendous amount of damage, hundreds of lives lost in rhode island, providence, which was hit hard. a different situation now. this is a weaker storm and we have more information, right? >>guest: yes, we have more information. and we have when able to track this. with that said people should prepare for a category one, 75
10:55 am
miles per hour of wind. or higher. the strength of the storm is significant at 951 millibars, a very strong storm. we have been through this in the past with natural disasters the last five years. we had two, 100-year storms in 18 months a few years ago when i was mayor. the city and state got through it and our management teams and emergency teams are effective and prepared and ready to go to get through it. martha: we wish you well, congressman. thank you for being with us. >> it is almost 2:00 east coast time momentsing a from the national hurricane center advisory. we are an hour away from the mayor bloomberg here in new york ordering evacuation of 300,000. he started wantings earlier, two difficulties -- days early.
10:56 am
martha and i are back at 4:00, east coast time, and then we will be here for three showers and shephard smith will pick up here. we have irene covered. martha: and now ocean city, maryland, and we will be with us through the rest of this afternoon watching all of this as it heads up. you are seeing the initial bands of rain getting dumped on lower parts of new jersey and the area starts to feel the hurricane irene moving up the coast. we have a lot to report and a lot of folk whose have not begun to deal with irene. >> if this is a lesson you have learn covering hurricanes: in two storms are the same. rarely do they do as expected or predicted or fast. right now you have a category one storm still threatening millions and millions of people on the eastern seaboard. we are watching it for you.
10:57 am
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