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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 10, 2011 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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patriotic. that is it for us tonight. check out the website different from spout off from anywhere in the world, o'reilly@fox word of the day do not be vitriolic when writing to the factor. thanks for watching. i'm bill o'reilly remember the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out we are definitely looking out for you. closed captioned by closed captioning services, inc. welcome to "red eye. . remember, all proceed go to charity which is the name of my tri-level party boat. let's go to andy levy for our pre game report.
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>> please, america, don't hurt him. coming up on the big show, washington state with over well -- overwhelming guards. we'll look at this thuggary next. and the tests show drug use is going up among young people. and triple threat chris brown, that's abuser, singer dancer, gets 95 out of 117 parking tickets dismissed by a judge. the shocking story i'm sorry i won't be a part of. greg? >> thanks, andy. >> happy sewing machine day, greg. >> you are aware i sew my own clothes. >> of course i am aware. how many nights did we spend by the fire, you with your needle and thread. >> just a shame you never wore anything i made for you. >> it was always so tight jie. from you going to work out, why hide the results? seems like a waste of time. >> not hiding the results is one thing and not being able to walk is another. >> what's the point, andy
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1234* i have moved on. i am sewing a snuggie for fabio. >> you will need a lot of material for that. >> you are wrong because it is a shorty snuggie. >> i love you are playing with the form of the snuggie. it raises questions of essentialness and necessity. i would argue that that nearly exposes their own. >> if you prefer to call it that, andy. >> i prefer to celebrate your work and the critic bees damned. >> no need to swear, andy. it is time to move on. let's welcome our guest. she is so hot, just saying her name will char your tongue. i am here with "meet the boss .tv" reporter, aniga gilligan. from now on you will be known as aniga. and if keen intelligence were an ikea bunk bed he would fall uh mart in -- fall apart in your bedroom after six months. reason magazine and reason .com contributor.
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his fantastic new book, and the reason i say it is fantastic is i haven't read it. it is called "the good, the bad and the god awful" coming out november 8th. buy it. and he is considered the missing link between man and shrub. it is our repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and he is tougher than beef jerk key and a peanut butter sandwich on week old bread. the president of diligence, the makers of fine italian leather chaps and novelty raccoon hats, for all of your leather chaps and home pregnancy tests and novelty raccoon hats. think diligence, we are not just a front for toppling small countries. >> that's diligence. >> and he reports from the left which is why he lacks hef. good to see you pinch. >> today the conservative columnist says of owe bo mu's job plan, quote, republicans would be wise to work with him to make his ideas more effective. and now a dramatic recreation
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about what the house speaker john boehner just heard me say. ♪ all the news that's fit to print ♪ >> i had a little fun there. >> emphasis on little. are they planning an attack to get us back? it is another alert on our day of hurt. u.s. officials warning of a potential al-qaeda strike on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in the form of a car bomb in new york city or dc. national security officials tell fox news we looking for, quote, a handful of potential operatives that may include american citizens or legal permanent residents. and "the daily" said it was orchestrated by osama bin laden's successor. here is vice president biden friday morning discussing terror threats. >> the thing we are most worried about is what they call a lone ranger, a lone
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actor. not an extremely complicated plan like it took to take down the world trade towers. >> how worried are americans about another attack? uh considering to a recent fox news opinion dynamics poll, it e most awesome ever 24% think it is very likely a major attack will take place soon. 51% somewhat and 19% not very and 14% said not at all. they asked if the u.s. was effective or lucky in preventing attacks. most voters said effective. 34% said lucky. if only we had tape of something adorable to take our minds off the threats of terror. >> thank you, sleeping puppy. baker, you are our resident expert.
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how seriously should we take this threat? >> who wouldn't want to hang out with the 4% of the population who is not worried at all about this. that has to be a fun crowd. this issue we are dealing with right now, making one of these alerts public. taking it out of the state and local federal authority's internal communication saying release it to the general population. a very tough aspect of the whole counter terrorism effort. you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. if you do this too often and you are crying wolf and wasting resources, nobody takes it seriously. if you don't do it, you are airing on the side of keeping it internal and something god forbid happens it is a goat rail. we should be taking this seriously. the information is well sourced, but it is single sourced which is part of the problem. anytime you have information from one source we kind of learned that i think with wmd. and then that could be an issue. so they will be working ever
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since this information came out to try and angle it back in. we are dealing with our foreign liaison partners. we are trying to put something behind this. we will say, yes, it is very specific. it is credible, sourced information from one source. we have to take it seriously. we know for a fact that al-qaeda would love to carry out some attack to celebrate the 10th anniversary to prove they are still relevant and to revenge for the death of bin laden. so all of that is on the table. the other thing that i think is important and then i will stop succeeding the oxygen out of the room, these people whether we are talking about al-qaeda or they are like minded extremists try to figure out how to kill us. that's what they do. we should not be surprised at that point when something does happen. you are never going to reduce this down to jeer row -- zero.
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we will never minimize the risk down to zero. at that point i hope we don't smack sour forehead and say, my god, how can this happen? we have known for 10 years they would like to do it again and are working to do it again jie. show is over. thank you for coming. >> drive safely. >> i have a question. all day traffic was completely screwed up in midtown because they were stopping every car going into time square and searching it. by that will we be lead to believe that whatever attack they found would involve time square? >> what they have -- >> they are all going to the new m and m store. >> it is delightful. here is the great thing about that place, it is good for the kids. it is good for the entire family. >> he has his own store? >> that's incredible. it didn't come out of the compound where bin laden was taken. there was evidence there he was trying to convince his minute yuans to go out and do
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something for the 10th anniversary. but it is much more than that. there is actual information coming from a source that provided information that lead to the individuals who reportedly traveled here to the state. we know al swraw here rehas taken over as the official number two and he came out in a video for god sake and said get out there and do something for the 10th anniversary. >> this is a serious issue. after 10 years we have terror fatigue. >> we can't give into that fatigue. let me ask you. you are a reasonable and sensible lives. should we go about our normal lives? do you feel safer? >> i don't feel safer if joe biden is involved. the intelligence people say we are looking for a bunch of people. biden thinks it is a lone actor like a timothy mcveigh thing. the phrase "heartbeat away" comes to mind. >> are you making any changes to your daily routine this weekend? >> probably a little more
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drinking and sleeping. >> that's the best way to go i think is to get extremely drunk. >> it is a five-point plan involving having five drinks and then whatever. you are a life long new yorker. are you worried? >> i am very worried. i think what disturbed me most is the recent attempts weren't thwarted by the government. it was because they messed up or the t-shirt vendor in time square noticed the bus, the van. i do feel like it is a matter of time before something gets through and there is an actual attack. >> well, i have called in bill and they are not taking those threats. >> they don't even pat me down anymore which is what i wanted. >> that's why. >> thank you. he gave me my own pat-down. >> do you think that terrorists would pick a symbolic day like 9/11 or a
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random day? >> that's what i don't get. we would be on heightened alert because it is 9/11. out of all of the dates on the calendar this would be the worst one. >> that's right. that's the reverse psychology. >> i'm flying on 9/12 and that freaks me out. i feel like we will breathe a sigh of relief and then 9/12. >> and that's my birthday. i think it being 9/12 and it being my birthday, they would come for me. not really. >> just stay and be mindful of staying away of any obvious targets. anything they would immediately go to. >> it is like bridges and tunnels. so new jersey would stay home. >> this is why i am going over to queens during the day and going to the sold out cubs and mets game. they will be mourning 9/11 and being safe inside that open air stadium. >> gm going to be fine, sorry,
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america. >> two other points before we move on. these guys didn't just fly over here. they have been here. does this somehow -- let me ask you, kirk, does this validate the surveillance conducted by the nypd and in the muslim communitys and the mosques because these people -- these people as in not them, but terrorists that lurk among us law mick communities are already here, right? >> i think it resides with the muslim americans. they have been called over and over again, rise up, kill fellow americans and they never have. >> well shaza for them not killing us. well done you. >> i understand what you are saying. it is true that if you talk to the local or state authorities they will say, look, we relied heavily -- not in overwhelming majority of cases, but they
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relied heavily on the support from leaders of muslim communities around the yes. -- around the country. and they have to do that. they have to be local police with those communities if they are going to maintain success and hopefully eradicate this problem. but overall when you are talking about the 9/11 and the anniversary and the issue of how do you deal with something like this? anna rurks absolutely right. there is an element of luck that will always play into it. whether you are talking about individual who drives a truck bomb into time square and just because he has been dhog on his own and hasn't communicated with anybody or talking about some other scenario, you are not going prevents everything. when the next thing happens there will be a knee jerk reaction. >> these people seem spectacular reempty. >> part of that is we have been very successful. initially rerouting them out
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of afghanistan. they didn't have command and control centers and they couldn't do the training and we have been able to keep that going. whether it was the bush administration or to his credit the obama administration and ramming up the drone program in a significant way. that has pre prevented their ability to gather together in one place and train them and work on them so they are capable and carry this out. you are using whatever resource you can get. >> if you live in an apartment complex, it is like dealing with roaches. you never assume the roaches have gone away. but you spray all the time and you always are on alert for the roaches. this is what happens. every now and then a roach comes out. >> that's why they suck now. before 9/11 you had an entire city of people completely unaware of anything. not looking for anything. not even on their brain. after that you have got 8 million juneer counter terrorists. everybody is looking for
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something. everybody has their eye open for anything. >> we need that. >> i think it is good. if you see something, say something. or in bill's case, eat it. >> i will say it is a sol local occasion, but for people like me it is an excuse to do nothing. my wife wants to go to the movies and i will say i don't think it is safe. i'm sorry. we need to sit in and order chinese and give me a back rub ?ie. from high alert to angry jerks. so will it help you get a job if you are part of a mop? at least 500 longshoremen in washington state armed with baseball bats and crowbars stormed a green terminal on thursday holding six security guards hostage and demanding property over a labor disputes. members of the international long horse and warehouse union are ticked because they
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believe a company should be hiring the union workers at the grain terminal. they expressed their anger by dumbing grain and pushing vehicles into ditches. they say they don't have to hire the union workers although 35 of the jobs the longshoremen want are actually filled with members of another union. at least 19 people have been arrested and a federal judge has scheduled a hearing to determine whether they should be held in contempt for violating a restraining order issued last week. even the best laid plans fail. >> was anybody hurt in the making of that? >> nobody was hurt. they got out of the way. he moved.
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>> i told my kids, do not do that. >> it is weird this story didn't get a lot of coverage. it is criminal. >> you have to wonder where the department of justice is. it is incredible. are they so busy allowing them that they can't pay attention to this? aren't they holding people hostage also? >> yes, it is a weird story. we are picking it up off the web. why haven't i seen it any where else? -- anywhere else? >> they went back to the union halls and it is not like they couldn't find them. they chose not to arrest them. >> they talked about needing to take out the sons of bitches. if this happened on the other side, someone might say, there is a connection. >> i am in agreement. criminal activity is criminal
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activity whether they are union members or not. and i don't understand the lack of reaction for appeared to be ta -- appears to be destroying property and holding security guards hostage. what seems to be is an inter union rivalry. so if the -- so are the jets and the sharks. some of the union members are not in their union. i don't get it and i never realized that for the past however longe we had the longshoremen. >> this reminds me, and i haven't heard of something this heinous since your union, the sequential hemaphrodites went crazy and ricky's make up and hair stiewt yo. >> why do you say they? i did go nuts. >> before my mom ever taught me i before e except after c,
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before she said eat your reggies -- veggies she taught me one thing, do not f with longshoremen. don't laugh at my past. my mom was a monster and you are giggling. >> were you raised by longshoremen. >> intimidation is excusable if it is for the greater good. >> i was just saying that unions are considered by the left to be for the greater good and it is excusable and instead they place that blame into a weird transference on to the tea party who don't do this kind of stuff. have i to move on because they just whispered in my ear. greg, move on. no one is listening to you. it is friday, saturday. who cares 1234* what is it like tokingangle a grown man
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with your own body hair 1234* i pluck and then i kill. first, hey, people smoking dope.
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has america's inhaling of the green got slightly obscene? a new survey on drug use indicates a slight up tick. the past month consumption rising from 18.1% to 18.5%. that's in the 18 to 25-year-old demo. god, i love that demo. the director of the office of
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national drug control policy blames the pot that is being prescribed by doctors saying, quote, people keep calling it medicine, and that's the wrong message for young people to hear. completely unrelated, the cannabis and hemp expo was held last weekend with long lines waiting to get to designated smoking areas near the building. says the chief executive of the expo, "patients need to take their medicine when they need to. being a patient myself, that's something mandatory." speaking of mandatory, enjoy this legions of stoned viewers. >> it is never any good there. >> she doesn't know that though. >> that's the bird stair climber. >> our winter is bird summer. >> they have to look good.
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i love when the government says the prefered drug 18 to 25 is pot. when was that not true? when was the lay it never was? this is another message to stop the drug war. it cost a trillion dollars over the last 40 years. >> are we still talking about this? the politicians are too scared. they have to wait for a bunch of people to go away. how has medical marijuana engaged your life? >> i am not thinking the increase is significant. >> how dare you? >> and people are turning to the medical marijuana stores. that's not a bad thing because at least it is regulated. i personally think if alcohol is legal then pot should be.
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it seems healthier. >> oakland is in really bad shape. thank you, governor brown. >> if this is a boost to their economy, why not? >> we were involved in the operations for years. legalize it and tax the bajesus out of them. it won't happen at your point and i don't think it will happen when the next generation comes in. if you have term limits, then maybe it will be something like this. oakland, what i like is the fact that you had all of these people lining up to get into the pot smoking areas. in my day nobody lined up to smoke pot. >> if you are living in oakland you should have every reason to stay high.
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>> i apologize. >> we don't have any viewers. >> why is it when they do pot in anything, they include hemp as part of the equation. you have to smoke it and wear it? >> that legit myselfs it right there. >> the guy is often shirtless. >> i think it is partly true. but when you look at the tape, i'm sorry. a lot of those people have just getting hi. >> i get it for cancer pain. i get that. >> it hasn't made impact. we are enriching the wrong people. and i think there is a significant tax revenue we can take off this.
12:28 am
you. >> i am talking about my plans to tax pot. >> swree to move on. >> people with serious ailments, it should make sense. give them anything they want i don't care if it is pot, ecstasy, cocaine -- >> bear hugs. >> bear hugs. naked bear hugs. >> i am available. >> a 40% reduction in stress. >> naked man. >> depends on who he is. >> we will test that theory. >> bill will be testing that tomorrow. >> i was going to test it regardless. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. it is red eye at fox news .com. 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. kind of a jerk. >> tonight is sponsored by happiness, the mental state of well being characterized by positivey meteorologists. -- positive emotions. thanks, happiness.
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welcome back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. andy levy. >> did you need to finish something up? >> yes, mike brought his phone in. he isn't supposed to have his phone. >> his phone rings, and we had to take it from him. she like a little boy. >> that's so disturbing.
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>> i left one of my phones in the green room. i forgot to unpack. >> born of my phones, mr. big shot. >> when you manufacture as many saw possible tores and leg warmers you have to be ready. >> terror stuff, john, can we play the joe biden tape again? >> the thing we are worried about is not some extremely complicated plan like it took to take down the world trade towers. >> the thing we are most worried about is the lone ranger? >> an actor playing the lone ranger? >> i think they are calling it the lone wolf. >> was somebody calling my
12:34 am
name? >> can you name the actor playing the lone ranger? >> yes, i can. >> go ahead. >> we don't have time. >> it would have taken you three seconds. >> first name clayton. >> clayton powell. >> you know, clayton powell. >> clay toon -- clayton moore. >> i was close. >> mike, you said some cogent and informative stuff in this block. it pretty much threw me for the rest of the show. >> i think i looked through my records and it was the only time in the past five years i have actually said anything of substance. >> or answered a question of that matter. do we think swahiri was involved in a link to planning, or he put out this call to do something on the 10th anniversary? >> it would be speculation, but my guess based on how they operate, it was encouragement
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and pushing individuals. i doubt he was involved in the actual planning. >> i wouldn't want you to speculate on a news show. >> always have to bring race into this. >> anna, thanks forgiving the terrorists the idea to wait until 9/12 because we will have let down our guard. >> again, i don't think they are listening to me. >> you would be surprised. >> i hope they are not. >> i am hoping that the 9/12 project protects us. >> me too. and greg's birthday. >> mike, you gave president obama credit for keeping us safe. get out. >> that's it, you are done. tear up your contract. >> the fact that he got into office based on changing everything. it was closing a gun stone mow -- guantanamo. once he put on the big boy pants and he saw the intel out
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there, to his credit, he set all of that aside. and more importantly he significantly ramped up the grown campaign. that has been incredibly important. >> do you get the feeling the first day he took office he got the first daily briefing. he said, oh crap, i can't do that stuff i was going to do. >> there was a moment before then. they start reading in but there was that moment, all of those things -- he probably said, "all of those things i talked about. i can't deliver them." >> i don't remember one campaign saying that. secondly, when bush was saying, "i don't care about osama. i don't care about osama." from the beginning of the campaigning he said he would mobilize the efforts is find osama and take him out. >> cut his mic! cut his mic. >> bill, i remember during the campaign president obama or
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candidate obama surrendered to the terrorists. >> he did want to close gitmo. president obama said he was going to go after terrorists and get bin laden. at the same time he also said he would close gitmo. >> anyway. let's keep talking about something interesting. >> you mentioned the union guys held people hostage. hannah, you also picked up on that. the long view police chief used that word regarding the six security guards. he has now retracted that because the guards say nobody threatened them. >> they were guests. >> they couldn't get out of their security shack because the police chief said, quote, they fear for their lives because of the hostility. >> they were merely inconvenienced. >> they got a really long break is what they got. wow, i got a lot of background on this thing.
12:38 am
mike you said you were surprised to learn that we still have longshoremen. >> it sounds like one of those 1920 jobs. >> the ships unload themselves? >> i assume we automated it and out sourced it and had all of the ships unloaded in china before we brought them over here. >> just because you and your diligence buddies don't use ports when you need to unload your illegal cargo most law abiding citizens bring their stuff in legally. >> have i to disagree. when we need to unload our illegal gear we bring it up to the border. >> i ordered 150 novelty davie crockett hats from you and i still never received them. >> let's bring them out. >> 150 dancing girls in nothing but davie crockett hats. >> i have moved on to pot now, apparently. you said you don't think a .4% increase is significant, but
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here is the deal. sure, it is not. but the next year is another .4% and the year after that another .4%, and then after 200 years it is 100%. think. >> which doesn't particularly bother me. my point was i don't mind people who smoke pot. i think we are fighting a wrong battle trying to put people who are harmless and smoking. >> i think every drug -- at this point i want every drug legalized except pot. i am tired of listening to potheads talk. >> excellent point. you are right. >> it sounds like a war on bill. >> no, it doesn't. >> greg, you said of the story, a new government survey of drug use indicates a slipe up -- a slight up tick in sloochy-buchy. >> i tried to rhyme it with steve busey, but maybe went too far. i don't know what that meant.
12:40 am
>> let jay and silent bob call it pot. it is well known in the community, both of you. >> in speaking of medical marijuana don't minimize the back problems. >> don't ruin it for those of us who get other things because of those problems is my points. >> case in point. have you been having back pain recently enough to go to a doctor? >> and lastly, greg, no scientist has ever said there is a 40% reduction in stress if you are hugged by a naked man. except possibly da vinci or sir francis bacon. >> well, they said that about global warming, you know. >> and they said something about galileo. >> here is a question for you, andy. would you like to stick around for the lightning round and participate in our discussion
12:41 am
of chris brown? >> no, i have nothing to say to him. >> really? >> i will if you want me to. >> it may be kind of fun. >> okay. >> groovy. >> jake gyllenhaal is dead -- tired of being confused with his sister. and a fair and balanced discussion coming up.
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so does west hollywood frown on chris brown? he has gotten 95 out of 117 recent parking tickets dismissed. so how does the world's worst date catch a break? after he racked up $15,000 in parking in handicaped spaces at his condo, the court ruled he didn't do anything wrong because they were assigned to
12:45 am
his apartment from the start. i guess he is not the bad person i thought he was. let's discuss this in our -- >> lightning round. >> you know, andy, i guess he was parking in a handicaped space. >> right. >> given he is a violent moron, does that qualify? >> my thing was i thought he caused other people to have to park in handicaped spaces. it confused me a lot. he beat these tickets like -- >> he did. yes. hannah, were you there -- >> i wasn't there the morning he came in, but robin roberts asked him a question he didn't like and he stormed off and smashed a window in the studio. i knew people who were there and they said it was a scary incident. >> this is a great idea. >> they don't think he is reformed. >> i want to be clear. app, you were there that morning and he smacked you? he hit you?
12:46 am
this is a "red eye" exclusive. i am getting new a halfway house, girl. are you a monster, brown. are you a monster. >> bill, no i'm thinking this is a great idea for a segment called hear say news. you weren't there, but you heard. >> by the way, can we get the make up artist. >> i was bt -- i wasn't there, but i heard they picked up documentation. i think they are misunderstand. -- misunderstood. i know more about his background and the story it resolves -- revolves around a. >> you don't have a baby so you don't follow the news. >> i would like to know why he had a handicaped parking space assigned to him. these are questions we will never know unless we do mild
12:47 am
research. you. >> he has great luck. he gets out of everything without real punishment. also at the vma's he lost his $20,000 diamond watch and it was returned to him. what kind of karma is that? why is he getting back his watch? >> when you find a car illegally parked by chris brown always look around and see if he is pummeling a woman nearby. if you can pummel a woman i would say you can't park in a handicaped spot. . >> andy, any final thoughts? should an artist have a long successful career before becoming an abusive jerk? >> it would be okay if he had a -- it is like roman polanski. that's fine with you, right? >> it isn't. >> we don't know that, do we? >> he did allegedly.
12:48 am
>> we have to take a break. thanks, andy. >> whatever. stay right there, i'm watching you.
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well, it is a toddlers and tierra update. last night we reported the stupid woman -- remember the stupid woman who dressed her daughter in a hooker outfit from "pretty woman" now out of the goodness of her heart she plans to sell the outfit and donate the proceeds to a chir tee, an -- a charity, an anti-abortion charity. i look at this, baker, but then i hear she is giving money to a charity. she is not the bad person i thought she was. >> that's okay i'm sure. it is a pure coincidence she is giving money to a charity after she gets in trouble. >> as a parent there is nothing about that show that is not a complete freakin train wreck. and this is just like the leading steam engine of the train wreck. this was such a bad example of parenting. and now she has decided she will continue her effort to
12:53 am
grab fame by talking about putting up for charity auction. incredible. >> kurt, isn't this controversy exactly what this show wanted? isn't it how it stays afloat? shows with millions and millions of viewers and they are talking about it. >> phil does have a nice outfit. >> next this woman will be auctioning off the little girl. >> that's like another mini series orie yacht show. >> a kid auction, i love it. >> bill, you don't love it. you condemn it. >> i condemn the auctioning of young children. >> anna, was dressing her daughter as a hooker a bad idea or a really bad idea? >> it was a really bad idea. i am not a mother so i can't really say how i would handle it how i would handle a little girl who wants to do pagents. you can't stop them from something if they love. it but i would keep her away from prostitution-themed clothing. that's a good rule to live by.
12:54 am
>> i don't understand you sometimes. where do you keep your old pageant costumes? >> in my hope chest because i would like to find a life partner that would agree with my background. i thought it was very interesting that this anti-abortion charity she gave to shared her address. i think it is great she found something else to do in her time besides parade her daughter around like a sad clown. >> nike released a limited edition sneaker replica like the kind worn by michael j fox worn in "back to the future." it is going to foundations for parkinsons research. the first pair went for $37,500. don't have much time, but when he goes to the future in the second movie, it is 2015. that's like four years away, and we are not even close to having hover boards and stuff like that. are you disappointed that we are not futuristic enough? >> i think so. there are so many more things you can do besides this. i would like to fly.
12:55 am
unaided. >> just go to the airport and book a flight. >> that means if they will mass market these they should have back to the future prices. >> good point. >> it is going charity. this is a real charity. well, yeah, it is a real charity. >> this is a real charity. >> $40,000 for a pair of shoes. here is the thing, the only reason we are doing this story is you are a "back to the future" freak. >> america is a "back to the future" -- it is the greatest movie in the history of movies. >> bill is shaking. >> i don't remember who said it, but marty mcfly is my generation's james dean. and he will -- you will not be smir of him, woman. >> i would like to auction off a replica of the laughing gas cannister from blue velvet. >> yeah, but you had that
12:56 am
before the movie came out. it just legit myselfed it. >> i agree. to your point, i was disuh pointed. i think it was 1968 and my family made a trip to disneyland and i went to tomorrow land and i remember looking at everything that was going to be happening roughly supposedly right about now. and it is a huge let down. >> it is, it is. charity is good. future is bad. that's the way i look at it. we are going close things out with the post game wrap up with tv's andy levy. and to see clips of recent shows go to
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back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> what do you think of mel gibson and wester house making a movie? >> i think people laugh at that, but mel gibson is a great director. he can make a great action movie out of this. he can


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