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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 28, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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how many ways can the new jersey governor say he won't run for let's take a look. >> governor, i missed your interview right before the break. are you going to run for president? not. no wiggle room. no. >> you're not going to run for president? >> no, no. come on. look at me. me for president? come on, seriously, no way. no way. i mean, i know, i've heard these right now, i don't think i would be something i would like to do. happening. not doing it. >> after one year as governor, i'm not arrogant enough to believe that after one as governor of new jersey and seven years as a united states attorney, that i'm ready to be president of the united states. i'm not going to run.
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commit side. people i'm not running? apparently i actually have to commit suicide. >> what about your skill set is not ready for the white house? >> it's not a particular skill, brian, it's a feeling inside as to whether you're ready to take on the challenge of running and the challenge of governing. if you don't feel it in your heart, you have no business running. enough to applaud what she said, it isn't a burden. fact of the matter is that anybody that has an ego large enough to say, oh, please, please, please, stop asking me it's such a burden. egomaniac would you have to say, oh, pleasexñ?ñ? stop, stop.
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it's extraordinarily flattering, but bite same token that heartfelt message you gave me is also not a reason for me to do that reason has to reside inside me. >> now, that latest denial came >> now, that latest denial came s;jtmwy['> greta: i see him as the flip side to president obama this way, is that the republicans talk about that it's all about jobs, and president obama had no experience creating jobs at all, none, zero. he was a u.s. senator for a short time. a state nor before that.
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likewise, governor christie has no experience creating job. law, but never a job creator. even right now new jersey has an unemployment rate above the national average. so it doesn't look good. both of them have something else in common. they are dazzling when they speak, absolutely dazzling. president obama is inspiring, christie because he's so blunt. the republicans have their president obama. talker. people absolutely love that. the kind of common sense, straight talk he's delivering now would never fly as a president. anybody's who's crazy enough to want the job immediately disqualifies themselves. i think chris christie right now is sort of straddling that line if he runs. >> greta: you can see the power of the figure in the sense, if you're going to hire someone for what the job is, look to see
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whether the person has the experience. you don't want to be intoxicated by being wowed by somebody. >> right. that's the thing. these late candidates can never live up to the expectations that are created by their late entrance. look at wes clark. clark actually is snow levels a decorated soldier, former commander of nato, my favorite world, and yet he flamed out quickly. it's just -- it's hard stuff. it's hard to imagine chris christie getting in the race with this sort amount of time on the calendar, because the margin of error is so small. if his first day in new hampshire he gets a question about a network in pakistan, he chris christie doesn't know foreign policy and no time on the calendar to remedy that. beginning said give him four or eight years to develop the experience and be good. if governor christie were to have experience, enormous
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success in new jersey creating jobs, and right now that is the criteria, but maybe ur years from now it won't be the that he would be a viable candidate. then, not now. everybody talks about their window. is this chris christie's window? if he doesn't jump now, in 2016 will be competing against marco rubio or a sitting republican president? probably not. i think certainly chris christie the time. >> greta: who does the white house fear the most? >> mitt romney creates the most problems for them, because he's the most polished candidate, running a general election campaign while the rest of the field is running for the nomination. mitt romney just -- you know, at a cursory glance appears to be somebody that's strong on the
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economy,f that could be a problem for the white house. >> greta: during the 1980s, the type of job that he had is the type of job where you go in, many times you buy companies, dismantle them, like a job destroyer, not a job creator. has anyone done the rigorous investigation to see if indeed he has that experience in he might have the other experience. >> that's a big knock on governor romney. basically what you just described. a lot of jobs were shipped cutting jobs. certainly he's vulnerable on that area. >> greta: being rich doesn't necessarily mean that you know how to create jobs or that you have experience doing it. >> greta: i mean, you could win the lottery. >> a lot of folks in this town are not creating jobs. say, well, he's a job creator. i'm not so sure that -- maybe he does, but i'm not so sure that anyone has aggressively looked at it, and they will if he's the
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nominee. >> without question. i mean, the obama team in chicago will be more than happy the voters if he should get the nomination. >> greta: are they worried about our next guest, governor i don't think they are anymore. i think governor huntsman is sort of a -- really an example that the obama campaign wants to highlight. they want to paint governor huntsman as somebody who's a common-sense guy, middle of the road, and not extreme enough for >> greta: so he won't get the nomination, but get the independents if he gets the nomination? that would be the fear. >> there's something to be said there again, i don't think -- i would mind a third-party candidate that came from the republican side. >> greta: sam, nice to see you. >> greta, thanks for having me. >> greta: now to governor jon huntsman. he has a new political strategy. new hampshire or bust.
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good evening, sir. you. >> greta: am i right in saying that the strategy,appears to be from the outside, you're focusing full speed ahead in new hampshire, your numbers have gone up in new hampshire? is that the strategy, forget iowa a little bit, but focus on new hampshire? >> new hampshire has always been the strategy. the presidential contest. this is a state they've seen it the pitch, you've got to sell yourself. they want a person of substance, leadership and vision, who inspires. if you don't have it, they show you the door. if you do, you can do as we've done over the last several weeks, you can go from zero, the margin of error candidate, as i like to call ourselves, i can't knocking on the door in second place in new hampshire. that's with nothing on the air, greta. shoe leather politicking, in town hall meetings, house
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parties, vfwb?ñ? halls. when we start combining this aggressive campaigning to the ground, to a little bit of air cover, we'll move not just from 10 or 12 but upwards in ways that i think is going to suggest we have momentum that people are going pay a lot of attention to. >> greta: governor romney is your biggest threat in new massachusetts. some of the attention diverted because he's looking at iowa a little bit more, and florida more, but he's also involved in a slugfest with governor perry. is that sort of slugfest that's going on between those two, is that enough of a distraction so you can move into new hampshire and basically ice him out? question about it. i'm not interested in drama. vaccinations. i'm not interested in talking about the latest spin on a book. i'm interested in sharing a vision about where this country can go, the greatest nation that ever was. we're experiencing a time of difficulty. they're feeling it in new hampshire. all they want is for somebody to come in and square with them, to
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tell the truth, and to take them and you've got to articulate a vision that's realistic given our challenges that we face. we have big>j⌜i kc@by!ná and they require equally big and bold fixes and solutions. that's what we're bringing to the table. >> greta: youu ñ?ñ?ñ come across sort of the nice guy candidate, but i just heard you do two jabs. one is the vaccination and the spin on a book. you're jabbing them. it's not quite as nice and friendly as you suggest. are sitting out there during these debates -- you know, 15 million unemployed, millions more so dispirited they've given up trying. moms and dads and families who have been shipwrecked because they don't have the dignity of a job. and sometimes in these debates, in our political discourse, there's more in the way of drama this intrigue, and there's little substance, and little discussion on what really people
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hampshire and indeed beyond that throughout america. people will respond. it's early in the campaign. i remember when we had two frontrunners four years ago, one named ghoul janne, one named there's a honk ways to go. >> greta: "the hill" reports that michaeloore, i don't knowf tell me, michael moore said you were the only sane candidate in the republican field. >> listen, if michael moore wants to buy on to my approach for tax cuts, my approach to regulatory reform, my approach to energy independence, my approach to getting our position right in the world, my pro-life, my pro-second amendme position, i'll take it, but the position, i'll take it, but the fact of the k?v3ffú that's a representative example together. this nation desperately wants to find a leader who can transcend politics and find solutions that will begin to bring us together. the divide we're facing in the
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united states is unhealthy and it is un-american and it is painful. and the way we're going to resolve it is by fixing our economy, and that's going to create the jobs that finally are so many people lack today. that will go a long way in bringing this country together. if people have heard what we say, greta, if they buy it, and on both ends of the spectrum, if they believe it and trust it, they can come on board. >> greta: based on your experience as former ambassador to china, there's a bill on capitol hill right now in the now, 20 senators have signed on to it, 15 democrats, five republicans. is to punish china for devaluating their currency. i'm curious, if it did pass, if you were president, would you sign that? do you support that bill? >> i would sign it simply pressure on china. let me tell you, it will be -- it will carry very little meaning at the end of the day.
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it has for the last year to two year, and it will continue to. why? because it's in their interest. they know they've got to devalue their currency. it's got to be more of a market-based model, because they're transitioning from the largest export machine to a consumption machine, and they their currency will have to be appropriately valued. here's the deal on china that not a lotánhhátc:bhg- the u.s./china relationship is not going to work until such time as we fix our core. we don't have leverage with china today because our economy is weak. the chinesed2(y respect a strog economy, negotiators who can use that is leverage. >> greta: i think a lot of people think our economy is a problem largely, you know -- china holds so much of our debt, builders will supplies in china,
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come is why capitol hill wants products become more expensive and people want to buy products in america than china. it's complicated, and we don't have a lot of time to figure out vis-a-vis china. question. gone from zero trade in 1972 to $400 billion in trade today. there's a lot of export into the china markets these days. you got to remember, you take action against china, you can expect them to rebut that action with commensurate tariffs. a recession, you don't want a trade war. so whateverlúvx with law. you've got to back it up with real leverage, back it up with power and mite. that's why the country has to have its economy fixed longer term for it to have a fair and competitive relationship with china. doing what the senate is proposing doing on currency, i
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don't have a problem with that at all. just keep it longer term. stand a chance in the global economy. >> greta: is it a good idea? some people say it will ignite a trade war, the opponents of it. do you advocate for it or think it's not a good idea? >> the fact that it will move through our congress will be will take note of that. and at least it will be a tool that we can take to the negotiating table. it will be a clear call oneqf part of the united states, that the congress cares about it, the american people care about it, and i think it's one tool where in a pollings we need all the help we can get, all the tools and leverage we can muster. the fact that it's moving through congress will put the chinese certainly on notice. i don't have any problem with that. >> greta: pakistan, what would you do about pakistan right now? 234 our bilateral relationship is
10:16 pm
carrying over from the cold war. today it's transactional, putting us in a bad position. there's a very young demographic weapons, and they're in an unstable neighborhood. it means we have an important opportunity to shore up our relationship with india. it means we can shore our dialog with people within the region. this is probably the one relationship in the world, greta, that should keep any do not have leadership in that country right now, and you have elements within the pakistani government thatzcqy gone rogue. >> greta: is president obama doing the right thing or doing anything about pakistan, to your satisfaction, or dissatisfaction? >> you know, you can carry on a dialog, but at the end of the day, we've got to clean up the$÷ region. i believe we need more in the
10:17 pm
way of tactical intelligence-gathering. we don't need 100,000 troops on the ground. where we're positioned, for example, in afghanistan is wrong right now. we need more in the way of special forces capability. we need more in the way of drone strike capability. when we collect the intelligence, we should be prepared to act on it. it's just a matter of rearranging some of our national security and military assets that we have in the region. but shoring up the relationship yesterday. i don't see movements in that regard. we share a democratic heritage. we ought to shore up our intelligence-gathering capability and our military-to-military links with india and prepare for what could be a rocky region. >> greta: thank you, sir. hope you come back. it's going to be a long campaign. thank you, sir. pleasure to be with you.
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>> greta: explosive new ammunition in the solyndra scandal tonight, what no one wanted us to know. wanted us to know. turns out solyndra ran outí money a long time ago, and solyndra actually defaulted on its half billion dollars government loan last december, yet the obama administration scrambled to find morphine put o put into it. when did they run out of money? >> at the very end of last year. they got into real trouble. they went looking for extra money, and couldn't come up with it. they needed under their loan
10:23 pm
agreement with the federal government, they needed to cough up $5 million and put it in a fund. they couldn't do it. >> greta: that was december of '10? >> december of 2010. >> greta: we knew they couldn't come up with the $5 million? >> we didn't know it. we knew broadly they were in financial trouble. now we're getting into the we found out today we needed to come up with $5 million, and department of energy confirms they were told this, and they agreed to renegotiate the contract, and they scrambled to work out a way to keep the country from going under in december 2010, and they were technically in default at that time. >> greta: so in february when february of this year, when they did the restructuring of the loan which put us in second attract other creditors, so they were moved to the front of the line in the event of liquidation, so we got pushed to the end of the line. >> right. >> greta: at that time was the white house scrambling? were they worried or concerned? >> well, the department of
10:24 pm
energy clearly would have been concerned. they agreed to change the terms of the loan. they loose needed to bring in the only way was to go to the people that already invested in the company and ask them to put up $75 million in additional money, people like argonaut investment fund, tied back to george kaiser and his foundation, and money in drone family that runs wal-mart. >> greta: if we put them into default that time, not allowed simply we wouldn't be on the hook for $500 million? how much would the damage be less had we put them in default in december of 2010 instead of limping along and doing this restructuring? >> right. it's hard to say, but we looked at some internal white house post" last week. and they show that there was internal discussion in the white house, in the office of
10:25 pm
they actually discussed, maybe we should let the company go under now, because if the company ultimately fails this could cost us tens of millions of dollars additional for the taxpayers. and they discussed this. and department of energy says going, because they thought solyndra could be a success and didn't want to lose the money. goes under now, it will look bad, but in eight or nine months, the presidential race could be heating up, do we want >> greta: did the department of energy actually go out and look at the company and make this pretty close to what was going on at solyndra, in on board meetings and all this stuff.
10:26 pm
>> greta: business people or energy people? >> a mixture, we think, but all the details aren't out there. you know, we've got all these we'll be getting a lot more information in the coming days things went down. >> greta: if i were secretary of energy,zyñ?ñ? if this were undey watch, i cost the taxpayers $530 million, i'd submit my resignation. resignation? >> no, to my knowledge, no one has resigned. everyone says they expect some is -- >> greta: more companies? >> well, they think this is a very risky business, so it's not surprising that all the >> greta: someone has to take responsibility for this.
10:27 pm
the president should maybe ask for a resignation. >> greta: doesn't seem to be a lot of action. i mean, it's astounding to me there's no sense of honor, saying we failed, we didn't monitor, we had a dumb idea we, cost the taxpayers, and now it's time for me to go. >> what people are saying at the department of energy and the white house is this program will still prove to be a success. more loan guarantees out, just today they approved another billion dollars in loan solar companies in the western potentially next 48 hours. >> greta: there's so much cash in this country, people sitting on cash, if that's such a great idea, the federal government doesn't have to do that lending, because these are such great business ideas, so much cash out there, that it's astounding that the federal government is still doing this. anyway, i hope i'm wrong. >> greta: coming up, your money, your rights, all and your
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>> greta: whether you're for it or against it it has a giant impact on you. we're close to finding out. is the national healthcare law constitutional or not constitutional? there have been a few new
10:32 pm
bondy joins us. good evening. we're old friends, but i'll call you general, because this is your job. tell me, general, what's the latest news? what happened in the case today? >> first of all, it's very hard for you to call me general, greta, but you asked the who's winning, the taxpayers, consumers and our businesses right now, because we filed a and we know that the obama administration, they're not going back before the 11th circuit, so we are very hopeful that we will make it to the united states supreme court this term. >> greta: all right. circuit, all these appellate courts across the country, and you won some and lost some. the won that the individual mandate was unconstitutional. is that correct?
10:33 pm
>> yes, absolutely. that is the crux, the main part of our argument. the two other arguments, of course, were the medicaid said, there's been -- there's very little case law on the they did it with much hesitation and without much serious thought, because we've always said that's got to be the issue argued before the supreme court, and we also did not prevail on the severability clause, however that without that mandate the entire obama care falls. that the federal government cannot force us to purchase a product simply by behbñ?ñ?ñing alive, at it's unconstitutional. >> greta: all right. so i assume that the justice department is going to take that -- the fact that you won in the 11th circuit, they'll go to the supreme court on that, cross-petition you, and you'll
10:34 pm
which is the medicaid expansion, right? supreme court, asking them to consider it. >> exactly right. they filed theirs today, by the way. they filed -- the federal government filed their petition late today, and same old thing. they're saying they can do this under the commerce clause, and still saying it's a tax, when of course our president has been all over national tv saying it's pelosi, they didn't want to call it's a tax when they're debating it. >> that's right. >> greta: they're sort of stuck with that one. if you've done your petition today, and with the fact that the supreme court doesn't exactly, you know, work long weeks, i don't think, and long k;56÷ three-month vacation i always complain about it, but tell me
10:35 pm
when will it likely be decided by the end of the next term, june of 2012? >> '12, sure. the timing is we each have 30 days to respond to the other's petition, to file our brief, and then days to respond to that. now, on that note, this is a case of truly overriding national importance, which is one of the things they consider. we have a split among 6:30, throughout the country, which is another thing they consider in taking a case. so we have very compelling case, as well as this is a law enacted by congress that our unconstitutional. greta, we hope that they will take it this term, we'll know by the end of the year. if they do, arguments will be in the spring and we will have a resolution by june 2012, what
10:36 pm
>> greta: it could strip away the funding part of this bill, it. >> that's right. >> greta: you also have the situation, that the obama administration has given waivers to others. some people have gotten waivers. there's another kind of waiver, where states can opt out. the funding on this bill is getting eroded. know, remains, unless you the supreme court, i guess, the mandate. otherwise this bill is in deep trouble. >>,çñ?ñ? you're absolutely righ, greta. even the federal government has conceded that. >> greta: well, it will be interesting to find out. we'll be watching very carefully, but it's 26 states, states, the national federation of independent
10:37 pm
plaintiffs. that's why we have the most comprehensive lawsuit and best opinion right now in the country. so we're really looking forward to getting to the supreme court as soon as possible. >> greta: you have 26 attorneys to agree on anything. that's the bad side. anyway, nice to see you, general. >> you too. thank you, greta. >> greta: coming upr >> bill: will chris christie run for president or is it a ruse? dick morris on that. and my appearance today on "the view." body language zeroes in, coming up. >> greta: you don't want to miss that body language, bill o'reilly on "the view." stick around, 11:00 p.m. eastern time. can you imagine,fd@f'i,ó, bagging? we have it rush limbaugh bagging. it's caught on camera. yes
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. u.s. stocks closing down on wednesday, ending a three-day winning streak. the dow jones dropping wodge 80 points or 1.6%. nasdaq and s&p falling more than 2%. the u.s. unloading stocks over fears europe won't be able to contain its debt crisis. the u.s. embassy in saudi arabia saying a terrorist group may be planning to kidnap westerners. they gave no further details about the plot. a high-wire inspection underway in d.c., involving an elite team of engineers rebelling down the
10:43 pm
555-foot washington monument, looking for damage from last month's earthquake. the job will take days. until then, the obleiveg remains closed to tourists. i'm ainsley earhardt. thanks for watching. of arizona , taking on illegal immigration and may have gotten a giant boost. huntsville times reporter is here, good evening, brian z tell me, what happened today? in that -- with the judge? >> the judge had three lawsuits that she ruled on today related to a preliminary injunction. she went a different direction than most of the other courts that heard similar laws in the last few months. >> greta: tell me, what is the law in alabama? >> well, it boils down to one
10:44 pm
of the sponsors that is, which is that he wants to see this law touching every aspect of an illegal aliens live from schools, work, transportation to where they live, they really you know tried to draw a broad swab and affect folks they don't want in alabama. >> greta: as i understand it, what i've seen is that alabama's illegal immigration law is the strictest in the nation, stricter than arizona, utah, indiana and georgia. is that a fair representation of it? >> it is. that is what the spots are called. they're proud of that. one of the key things that the judge did was again a departure from what courts have done in arizona law and others allowing law enforcement to make traffic stops and in the course of the stop other other contact, determine a person's immigration status, other courts said no.
10:45 pm
that is -- let's stop and take a look at that. she looks and said congress is allowed for states to have a role in immigration enforce many. she didn't block the law. she aloud it to go forward. alabama officials saying tonight the law goes into affect tomorrow. >> greta: there are other things. she didn't allow some things. some of the things she did allow, she allowed the part in the statute requiring schools to check citizenship of the students and also, one of the things i thought was unusual she upheld a section nullify contracts knowingly introduced to with unauthorized aliens which i thought is broader than any other decision i've seen. i suspect the justice department doesn't like the ruling and the justice department is going to appeal it. right? >> i think so. i think there is too much at stake and the plaintiffs and another lawsuit in a large group of plaintiffs have indicated they're going to
10:46 pm
appeal and seek an emergency stay pending the outcome of the appeal. justice tonight said they're looking at options but since they've got a decision in their favor in arizona case, i don't think they're done. >> greta: what is reactions among citizens in alabama? are they paying attention? delighted or think it's too tough? what is the reaction? >> i think it's a little bit of all of the above. but there are an awful lot of strong feelings about illegal immigration in the state. there is support for folk that's talk tough on immigration. leadership in republican party promises they'd do something on it. they ran on a promise and passed a legislation that we're talking about tonight. so they feel they've gotten a lot of congratulations for it. at the same time, church groups and student groups and others have been protesting it, talking about it being
10:47 pm
discrimination, being unfair and being similar to some of alabama's unfortunate past. >> greta: you're in for a big fight. there are going to be unhappy people on both sides. >> thank you. >> greta: thank you. every day we're surprised and now this, is rush limbaugh jealous of governor chris christie? you're going to see it, coming up. and mitt romney handing out advice? what did he tell a little girl wanting to get into politics? and it's not what you think. you're going to [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu uss chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. i've got to tell susie ! the vending machine on elm is almost empty. i'm on it, boss. new pony sorry !
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>> greta: you've seen our top stories so here is the best of the rest. we've said it over and over. he's not running for president but new jersey governor christie is getting all the buzz. now looks like someone is jealous, here is rush limbaugh. >> are you going to expect me to run? i've been sitting here with hurt feelings. they're begging christie to run. nobody is begging me to run. you just said i'm mr. conservative. nobody is begging me to run. what is all these other sclumps getting begged?. >> everybody call rush
10:52 pm
tomorrow, tell him to run. you may think a presidential candidate would be a good person about getting into politics. that is what a little girl in new hampshire thought. she got a chance to ask mitt romney in a town hall meeting but the answer she got is a bit of a surprise. >> talking about politics and i was wondering what would you tell my class if we're interested in politics? >> the answer to her question was, her class is talking about politics. at school. and she would ask me what i would tell her classmates to encourage them to become a politician. and the answer is nothing. don't do it. run, run as far as you can! >> and you're go owing to love this one. there is a bizarre scene at the united states and had nothing to do with politics. cameras rolled and a scuffle
10:53 pm
broke out between un guards and the turkish prime minister's security team. it's not clear what turned it into a fight. one guard got bruised ribs and a un spokesperson called it a misunderstanding and to think, we all thought it was a video of the wisconsin state supreme court. all right. discovery people, the ocean could help fix europe's debt crisis. it could be a start. treasure hunters found a world war ii ship wreck. they believe there are seven million ounces of silver on board. the value of silver has gone way up since the british ship was torpeedoed in 1931. recovery operations starting in the spring. the british company says the marine company that found the ship can keep most of the silver, who needs nascar when you have lawn wars? may not seem like the fastest way to get around but they're racing lawn mowers in england. the 12-hour race lasted into
10:54 pm
the night. the teams made their way to a finish line. the winng racers completed 300 laps. and believe it or not, the popular sport has been around decades. we're going to send griff jenkins to compete on his lawn mower. coming up, what is the reason governor christie will not run for president? you're going to find out, you're going to find out, next [ le announcer ] this... is the montrose pet hospital -- montrose, california. ♪ in here, anarchy meets order. working with at&t, doctors set up a broadband solution to handle data and a mobility app to stay connected with their business. so they can run the office... even when they're not in the office. it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. call at&t and see what we can do for your business.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, time for last call. he says he's not feeling it but we found out the real reason governor chris christie will not run for president. here is jay leno. >> fox news confirmed the new jersey governor chris christie will not seek the g.o.p. nomination. well, why would you go to washington, d.c., give up glamour of trenton, new jersey? the fast cars? the women?
10:59 pm
life style? yes! >> greta: that is your last call. before we go i want to tell but greta wire alerm system. it will send you breaking news whenever you are. i will send you words directly so you'll get breaking news fast and it's free. to sign up just got to the righthand side of greta wire. you'll find the greta wire poll. you need to enter your e mail address and will be on the greta wire alert system. go there and vote in the poll i just put up today. thanks for joining us tonight. make sure gou to and let us know your thoughts owe hily factor is next. good night from washington, d.c.. ayanet. both fnc, fbn, we're there. count on it. captioned by closed captioning services, inc


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