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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 29, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> bill: are you ever going o wise up? the media face of the progressive movement in america, jon stewart is confronted by the king of common sense. me. they ordered 250 muffins at 16 bucks apiece! >> that's a lot. >> bill: yeah. i paid for the muffins! and so did you. we'll show you what happened last night on the daily show. >> as conservatives, we know that values and vision matter. >> bill: governor perry's poll numbers continue to fall. can he make a comeback? is his media strategy smart? laura ingraham will analyze. >> many african-american ams have been brainwashed into not being open minded. >> bill: herman cain talks about why african-americans overwhelmingly support the democrats. we're on top of that story as well. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now.
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hi. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. what the presidential election of 2012 is really all about. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the vote next year is not all about republicans versus democrats, or even president obama versus whomever. no. the presidential vote will be a decision on whether america should be a traditional country or a progressive nation. talk o'clock points has been reporting, the obama administration uses social justice and income equality as a spear point to stimulate the economy. trillions of taxpayer dollars have left the u.s. treasury traveling to various places, attempting to create jobs and stimulate economic growth. the strategy has not worked. and now the country is in deep trouble with little job growth and a debt of more than
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$14 trillion. but still, still the progressives press on, wanting yet more spending and higher taxes on the affluent to fund things like solyndra for more than a half billion dollars was lost on a green energy company that declared bankruptcy. but for progressives like obama advisor valerie jarrett, it's not so much about economic performance. it's about what's morally right. >> we have to give people >> bill: the phrase there is we have to give people a livelihood. we have to lift them out of poverty. now, miss jarrett is an honest and sincere person, i know her. she believes what she says.
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president obama also believes that the federal government, quote, must make the economy work for all americans, unquote. the problem is, that is impossible. capitalism cannot deliver successful economic outcomes for everybody. enter jon stewart, who has become the face of the progressive movement and stated today by the web site media ite and that's true. mr. stewart has a vast amount of influence among liberals in the usa. last night while promoting my new book, i ventured into stewart's domain in order to try to talk some sense into ho him about the economy and the left's incessant tax the rich mantra. >> what is this whole business with the poor, poor, rich and wealthy in this country? so unfair to them. >> bill: are you ever going to wise up? ever? i mean, we've been doing this dance -- >> teach me, professor. >> bill: here it is. >> teach me. >> bill: i don't mind paying
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40%, but first they're going to have to stop wasting the money. one word, solyndra. do you know what that is? >> yes why, i do. >> bill: how much money was wasted. $528 million. so if you clean it up, if you stop wasting it, then you come to the job creators and we'll help you out. but stewart and many other progressives remain unconvinced that the federal government has responsibility to operate efficiently and honestly before demanding more tax dollars wherever they may come from. you've got to down size the government so they can watch what's happening and make intelligent decisions. it's insane. right now -- look, the $16 muffin, do we all know what the 16-dollar muffin is? >> what? >> bill: see you don't even know what the 16-dollar muffin is. >> what neighborhood do you live in? who makes a 16-dollar muffin? >> bill: this is great!
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i'm glad. sixteen dollars muffin, broke the story last week on the factor "the factor." you were otherwise occupied, making your little wise remarks. not reading what's happening. they had a bunch of conferences for pinheads, federal government, and they bought 250 muffins at 16 bucks a piece. >> that's a lot. >> bill: yes! and you know what? i paid for the muffins and so did you. >> my tax dollars mean something to me inasmuch i work hard for my money. we have a $14.5 trillion debt in this country. these people don't watch the money. they just spit it out because they know guys like you and me will keep paying it. and it's got to stop. it's got to be downsized and it's got to run efficiently. >> but revenues -- the big argument in this country right now with between the democrats and the republicans appears to be the democrats are saying we need to cut spending, but we
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need to also raise revenues. >> bill: raising revenue is fine, and i'm for that. but you do it in a efficient way. does that make sense? does that sound fair? i think it does. but the progressives say no. they insist the wealthy are not paying their fair share. here is reality. the top 1% take in nearly 25% of income today. 25 years ago -- >> bill: and paying how much of the tax? 30% of it! >> top 1% control 40% of the wealthle. top 1% had incomes rise, 18% over the last decade. >> bill: so we should shoot them. >> i'm not saying we should shoot them, but we shouldn't act like we're turning to the tax rate of the '90s is class warfare on par with -- >> bill: i told you -- [ cheers and applause ]
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>> i'm looking out for the folk folks. >> bill: you want me to reply to something or what? >> yes, reply. >> bill: you bus these people in from cuba. it's not about to be solved any time soon. but i'm not giving up. i'm determined to convince the left that class warfare is damaging america. this week in the economist magazine which leans left, there is an article about taxing the rich. the magazine cites an organization called the organization for economic cooperation and development, which does analysis for 34 countries around the world. as saying that excessively taxing the wealthy can be a bad thing. they say that affluent americans provide 45% of all the federal tax revenue. the highest percentage in the world! yet the left wants more. the economist sums it up by
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this, quote, higher tax rates on the rich are not then a free lynch lunch. at low levels rate increases will lift revenue, but not without a cost in efficiency and short-term growth, unquote. that analysis is true. president obama's proposed tax increases on the wealthy would bring immediate harm to the american economy. something the country simply cannot absorb. now, i believe most americans are fair minded people. concerned for those who are not doing well in life. but i also believe the president and congress have an obligation to respect the taxpayers by not wasting our money, by hyping programs that are not likely to work. in addition, i do not believe wealth redistribution is fair or even constitutional. therefore, the progressive vision is deeply flawed. while i respect all good intentions, this country needs leaders who will improve things for all of us. and that's what the next year's
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election will really be all about. and that's a memo. next on the rundown, governor perry's slipping in the polls and his media strategy is a bit of a mystery. laura ingraham on that in just a few
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>> bill: in the impact segment, governor rick perry falling in the polls. a new fox news survey out
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yesterday has mitt romney at 23% among likely republican voters. rick perry 19%, down ten points in less than a month. herman cain at 70%, very good showing for him. perhaps miller's endorsement last night did it. oh, wait, that was over the poll. now we have tried to get governor perry to come on "the factor." he told me himself he would, but we can not get a time frame from his people. seems to me that the governor would benefit by going on high profile programs to state his case directly to you without eight other people on the stage. one person who did manage to convince perry to go on her program is laura ingraham who joins us now from washington. how did you do it? >> you have to get better bookers. jesse, dan, amy, who was making the calls for you guys? >> bill: they're the best in the business. you know -- how did you get him to come on your show? >> we sent a teddygram, the teddy bears. we sent all kind of candy. >> bill: so you bribed him? >> seriously. a new cowboy hat, those texans
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will do anything. >> bill: don't you think with his poor polls across the board that the governor should take his case to the people? >> well, i think can he will come on with you. i have no doubt about it. i don't know why he hasn't come on earlier. i do think the perry campaign right now is in a hunker down mode. they're trying to fill his head with as much stuff as possible, get him ready for the october 11 debate. he had a poor showing in the last debate. no surprise there, given everything that we saw and how it played out. he didn't look sure on his feet. he didn't look all that confident. he looked like a different person from the guy who made the speech down at liberty university where he looked -- he was very confident, knew what he wanted to say and he seemed a bit off his game. >> bill: but there is a difference between making a speech in front of a friendly crowd. >> you have to perform. >> bill: but look, i just don't understand, i've been doing this for 15 years. a guy like rick perry has to get known. he's got to get known. people don't know who he is if
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they don't live in texas. you don't get known by debates with eight other people. that's not how you get known. you get known going on the laura ingraham program, "the o'reilly factor" program, any program you'll get a fair shake. would i go to msnbc? no. that's ridiculous. >> i think we will come on with you, bill. >> bill: why hasn't he so far? it's almost too late. his poll numbers are -- he can make a comeback. >> october 11, he comes out. he gives the performance of his life, which he has to do. and also on the 18th. he has to perform. look, if you go into an interview and sarah palin ran into this, right, unfair edits maybe, but she ran into it with katie couric. you got to emerge with matt lauer, and you have to emerge strong and almost the victor. you can't be the punch line for the next day. he's got to come out strong. if he could make it through "the o'reilly factor" buzz saw, he won't make it through the barak
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obama rock million dollars campaign. >> bill: sooner rather than later because it makes it harder for him. i'm not rooting for anybody. but if the governor is watching this evening, the more you stay away at this juncture when you're on the decline, the harder it will be to climb back. you got to speak directly to the folks. >> look what a teddy bear you were with jon stewart, telling him you want to pay 40% taxes. i mean, you are so great there. you were intimidating stewart. he didn't know about the 16-dollar muffin, which i'm sure that's what they hand out at their production meetings. then you say you want to pay 40% of taxes. >> bill: i said i would if the government would run efficiently because i love my country. if i got to pay 4% more to get -- look, i'm not saying it's going to happen. i'm saying that if i were in charge of efficiency and i hired you i would probably get it down. if i have to pay 4% more to get my country's debt down, i would do it. >> you're never -- they're never
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going to do that. they're not going to use your extra 4% to pay down the debt. they're going to use it for crazy programs. >> bill: that's why i said it because you're right. the way it stands now, it's money going out the window being wasted. >> that's ridiculous. herman cain, my radio listeners say you don't like herman cain. what's going on with that? >> bill: i love him. i think we're going to vegas together after the election. wouldn't you like to hang around with herman cain? >> i love herman cain. i want to see a debate between him and obama. >> bill: i'm not going to do it before the election. but herman cain is the kind of guy i like. >> traditional, conservative. >> bill: it is my job not to root for anybody and to tell the people the truth. herman cain is not going to get the republican nomination. >> but bill, i have said that myself, but you have to admit, the surge for cain is good, and it tells us something. it tells us what's going on.
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>> bill: he's a straight talker. his 999 deal is at least creative. makes people think. it was a brilliant stroke to introduce that. i like a lot of what herman cain brings to the table. but when he was on with me, he didn't really know much about foreign affairs, foreign policy. that's going to be important coming up. >> he's going to bone up on that. but you hear obama trying to copy him. he was a 19-19-19 plan. >> bill: all right. miss laura ingraham, everyone. there she is, directly ahead, herman cain. since many plaque -- says many black voters are brainwashed. megyn kelly on a judge striking
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>> bill: personal story segment,
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as we mentioned, herman cain rising in the polls pry prayerly because he's a straight talking guy. on cnn yesterday, he analyzed why the vast majority of black americans always vote democratic >> many african-americans have been brainwashed into not being open minded, not even considering a conservative point of view. i have received some of that same vitriol because i am running as a conservative. so it's just brainwashing and people not being open minded, pure and simple. >> bill: mr. cain's opinion does have back up and the year 2000, blacks voted 90% for al gore. 2004, they voted 88% for john kerry. 2008, they voted 95% for barak obama. jehmu green are, fox news contributor. so we're saying -- you were talking before the segment began that you're one of these brainwashed people. you would never vote for a republican, right? >> no. that's actually not true. can. >> bill: have you ever voted for
8:22 pm
a republican? >> not yet. but i think the diversity of opinions amongst black leaders at the national level is important and it's going to lead to progress. i think that it's great that like president obama, herman cain has only an american story. but his comments are not only insulting, they are offensive, dishonest. he basically said -- >> bill: wait. let's take it one by one. >> he's saying we can't think for ourselves. >> bill: let's take it one by one. the data backs up cain, when you have that kind of a plurality, over a 12-year period, i don't think herman cain is wrong. brainwash is an opinion. it's an opinion. >> here is what the data backs up. that african-americans vote for democrats overwhelming low because of policies, because of the union impact on helping blacks into the middle class, because of the education programs -- >> bill: spite ams, correct? >> because of a commitment to sustaining and fighting for
8:23 pm
working people, a commitment to fight the war on poverty doesn't mean you have to -- >> bill: let me play devil's advocate. i think everybody understands black americans vote for the democrats because of entitlement spending. i think they all have that. but has entitlement spending really worked? if you looked at the trillions that have been spent since 1964, the poverty level in african-american precincts is down 2, 3%. that's all. unemployment rate under barak obama, 17% for black americans. these policies really haven't worked. so what i think mr. cain is saying is that if you would go to the conservative view of self-reliance, and depend more on yourself and more on making life work for you by your own hard work and education, o'clock rather than be waiting for the government to give you something, you would be better off. do you see any validity in that philosophy? >> actually, bill, you're wrong. these policies have worked. policies that allowed
8:24 pm
african-americans to find their way into the middle class, to really fight -- >> bill: the stats say -- >> 4 million senior citizens alone who were kept out of poverty because of social security, you can't deny that number, bill. >> bill: social security cuts along both -- it's not a racial thing. >> the expansion of unemployment insurance as revealing what the greatest economic crisis in our lifetime, all of these policies, especially now, the american jobs act that is on the table and how it would affect 1.4 million african-americans who are out of work -- >> bill: i'll submit to you this -- >> herman cain, he's performing, he's done great to build his brand up there, but this conversation that he wants to have right now does no service to a national conversation -- >> bill: there are two sides to this story and you seem to be unwilling to listen to my side, which i think is reflective of herman cain's point of view. you're just not -- he's saying you're brainwashed and you're coming across kind of brainwashed to me. i'm submitting the facts to you
8:25 pm
and the facts are that there have been tens of -- i don't know if it's 10 trillion, but close, spent on great society programs. and the benefit to eliminating black poverty has been 2 or 3%. that doesn't add up. under president obama, it's 17% plus unemployment. not a good performance. yet you continue to say the same thing over and over and over again, that you support these programs -- wait -- that you support these programs despite the massive expenditure that doesn't produce results. that could be brainwashing. i'll give you the last word. >> bill, clearly i think you and herman cain are in complete denial when it comes to the impact that these programs have had. you can't draw a straight line to the really unfortunate and overwhelming profit numbers that we saw come out a few weeks ago to these policies not working. >> bill: you can't? >> we're dealing with an economic crisis, but greatest than anything we've seen.
8:26 pm
>> bill: stocks were bad before that. >> just because herman cain is a brilliant man, he's a mathematician, but he proves, i think, that nerds can be bigots. >> bill: i don't think he's bigoted. i think he believes what he says and i don't believe that's bigoted. but we always appreciate you coming in here. thank you. plenty more ahead. the aarp becoming increasingly left wing. running a commercial designed to scare grandma. culture warriors on that. megyn kelly on a federal judge striking down some of the tough measures that alabama passed to discourage illegal immigration. we hope you stay tuned for those there's only one bottle left ! i've got to tell susie ! the vending machine on elm is almost empty. i'm on it, boss. new pony sorry ! we are open for business. let's reroute greg to fresno. growing businesses use machine-to-machine technology from verizon wireless. susie ! the nding machine... already filled. cool bike.
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♪ hah >> bill: the aarp, a powerful lobbying organization, designed to help senior citizens, but over the years, the aarp drifted left as demonstrated by this recent advertisement. >> my grocery bill isn't wasteful spending. >> my heart medication isn't some political game. >> our retirement isn't a simple budget line item.
8:30 pm
>> i worked hard. >> i paid into my medicare. >> and i earned my social security. >> now instead of cutting waste and loopholes, washington wants to cut our benefits? >> that wasn't the agreement. >> join the members of aarp and tell washington to stop cuts to our medicare and social security benefits. >> bill: here to analyze, the culture analyze, o'clock gretchen carlson and margaret hoover. i'm not aware of any attempt to cut the benefits of senior citizens, are you? >> no. but was that ad put out by the aarp or dyn? >> bill: aarp. >> more and more they seem to be an arm of the democratic party. >> bill: no doubt about it. >> it's disingenuous on its face because even any republican plan to talk about cutting entitlements or medicare does not talk about it for current senior citizens or people even approaching that age. i think in our generation, we pretty much have been programmed to believe that we may never see social security, so we're pretty
8:31 pm
en to the age going up. things like that. >> bill: that's going to happen. >> this is not -- be disingenuous. >> bill: why do you think, hoover, that the aarp spends good money to run an ad like that when, what carlson says, absolutely true, there is no movement to cut any benefits, senior citizens now, why do they do it? >> because they have a vested interest in making sure entitlement reforms don't take place. so they're running these arguments and their argument is, did you see the guy said, i paid my social security. no he didn't. i paid his social security! >> bill: they paid social security when he was working, and then he's retired, then you pay it. >> right. >> bill: toes a ponzi scheme that governor perry pointed out. >> aarp has a vested interest in making sure that seniors don't endorse entitlement reforms. but what will happen with this deficit reduction committee, if they don't hit their $1.5 trillion, it's going to impact medicare and medicaid and defense spending.
8:32 pm
>> bill: look -- >> the super committee, make sure it doesn't impact medicare -- >> bill: there is one big thing here in play, the aarp is a fabulously successful organization. made millions and millions, i don't -- i have a little card can. you guys aren't old enough. you are still in the 4 h club. >> thank you. girl scouts, actually. >> bill: i have the little card. they have a tremendous amount of money 'cause they get dues and then they get kickbacks on their insurance they sell on this and that. but they're not honest. this is dishonest. the culture warriors have to lead the charge for honesty in the public arena. >> let me say, i wasn't surprised at this recent ad because remember, the aarp got heavily involved in the health care reform discussion. >> bill: that's because they sell insurance. >> remember a lot of seniors got upset at that and cut up their cards -- >> bill: that's what it was designed to do! it's not necessarily left or right, because they were support of the president bush are part d
8:33 pm
portion. >> bill: one of my elderly neighbors next door barricaded herself with a machine gun in her house after she watched that. because they hear this stuff and then they get panicked and i really -- i thought this was wrong. i thought this was flat out wrong. now i'm going to shoot the president of the aarp, i want you to come on here and i want you to explain why you're doing this because it's simply not true. there is no danger of any senior citizen in america losing medicare or social security benefits. that will happen to those under 40 o who are going to all deport to finland. >> if 150 top business groups get their way, there will be more entitlement cuts than the 1.5 trillion. >> bill: there will have to be! >> be they're urging them to go for $4 trillion cuts which they should. >> bill: we're not even going to speculate on that. when they bring it up, we'll report it honestly. now, you seniors out there who belong to the aarp like i do, you tell that pinhead president
8:34 pm
to get on here and defend that. okay? let's flood him with e-mails and calls. ladies, thanks for causing so much trouble. say hello to all the 4h people for you. i really like that organization. i buy their cookies are. do they sell cookies? >> girl scouts. >> bill: when we come back, miss megyn kelly front and center. on a federal judge ruling that some of alabama's tough anti-illegal immigration laws may be unconstitutional. miss megyn is next. i had a het problem.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. federal judge sharon blacks with burn blocked some parts of the tough alabama illegal immigrationing law, saying they might be unconstitutional. here to analyze, attorney and fox news anchor, megyn kelly, who used to cover the supreme court before she became an enormous star. right? >> if you say so.
8:38 pm
>> bill: number one, the judge says the alabama law that makes it a crime for illegal aliens already in the country in alabama to seek work. >> right. >> bill: that would be unconstitutional? >> right. she doesn't like that provision, that's thrown out. >> bill: based on what? >> because that actually makes sense if you look at the law. the whole thing comes down to does this alabama law conflict with the federal law on immigrationing. where the answer is yes, alabama has to go, where the answer is no, alabama law stands. >> bill: how does this conflict? >> because when they passed the federal law making it a crime for employers to employ illegals, they considered should we make it arime for the illegals themselves to apply for work? and the feds rejected that, saying no, we don't want that to be a crime. we want the penalty to be on the employer. so alabama tried to then make that a crime and that is therefore, inconsistent with the feds' intent. >> bill: so the feds ruled on what in the employment area can be law and not law. alabama simply tried to add to that. >> yeah, but it's in conflict because that was something --
8:39 pm
it's not like they didn't consider it. they did and they rejected it. so i think this judge made the right decision saying that piece is inconsistent with federal law. >> bill: she threw out it's a crime to transport an illegal alien. so somebody asked me for a ride for church and i gave that illegal alien a ride someplace, i could be charged. >> yeah. again, i think she went through the analysis on all four of these and said there are provisions of the federal law that this seems a little inconsistent with, or at least -- >> bill: that seems a bit unfair. also number 3, allowed discriminatory lawsuits against companies that dismiss legal workers while hiring illegal immigrants. the judge says you can sue? >> no, they were trying to create liability for employers who fired a citizen in favor of -- >> bill: i see, fired an american and hired an illegal, that could be a crime, because they already have a federal law. you're not allowed to hire them
8:40 pm
anyway. that makes sense. finalist for big businesses from taking tax deductions for wages paid to illegals. >> it relates back to hiring practices, which has already been legislated on. >> bill: i got it. what did judge why blackburn uphold? >> most of it. there is no question this is a victory for alabama and those who wanted to crack down on illegal immigration. she found for the most part this law could stand and it's the strictest anti-immigration law. >> bill: a cop can ask for i.d.? >> yes. a piece of the arizona law struck down, at the heart of it where a cop if he pulls you over and has reasonable suspicion that you might be an illegal alien, he could ask to see your papers, that was struck down in arizona. it was upheld by this judge with respect to alabama. they made it a crime for you to willfully fail to carry your registration documents. she upheld that. they made it a crime -- they required schools must determine if students are illegal. elementary school students, high school students. she said that's okay.
8:41 pm
>> bill: but that won't be hard -- would be hard for schools? >> the teachers are saying we're not sure how to do that. >> bill: johnny is six, where is your passport. >> and don't get extra money from alabama to add that duty on the teachers. >> bill: obviously we know what alabama is trying to do. they don't want illegals in the state. >> they don't have many there. >> bill: i want to point out we have yet another story about illegal alien in massachusetts which is a sanctuary state. another drunk driving hitting somebody today. we'll get into that further down the road. all right. also in massachusetts, they arrest this terrorist guy. tell me about him. >> so his name is rezwan ferdau. he's a u.s. citizen, 26 years old, living with his parents and decided he hated the united states. >> bill: was he born in the usa? >> he's a u.s. citizen. >> bill: we don't know where he was born, whether he came here? >> i know he's from massachusetts and went to northeastern university in boston. he's living with his parents and decides he hates america because he's surfing jihaddist web sites
8:42 pm
and decides we're evil and the pentagon and the u.s. capitol need to be hit. he goes and buys these toy planes on-line which are six feet long had, four feet wide, can go up to 160 miles an hour. you can purge in the gps coordinates, note the applyboy bunny on the tail end of the plane. can plug in gps coordinates and make it hit his intended targets, like the capitol and pentagon. somehow the feds identify -- we believe that aside from being on the jihad insist web sites or he met a ex-con. >> bill: he also had explosives, correct? >> the feds gave him those. >> bill: so the feds set him up. this is how it probably went down. somebody made a call can, saying look, this guy, he's trying to do some bad things. the feds got him and said, all right. let's see. we'll set up a sting. >> yes. >> bill: so they went in and met him. they sold him explosives. >> right. all of the real business he did in terms of trying to commit this crime was done with f.b.i.
8:43 pm
agents who were posing as fellow warriors. >> bill: so that is an attorney in massachusetts will say it's entrapment. >> right, but the affidavit from the feds makes it clear that they gave him several opportunities to back out. he said he he wanted to kill people, that's my goal. >> bill: i'm sure they have it on tape? >> i'm sure they do. >> bill: usually when they present that evidence, the guy gets convicted. >> i think it will be often uphill battle when they work with a guy this long. >> bill: how old was he? >> 26 years old. he'll spend the rest of his life in prison. >> bill: absolutely. another one down the drain. in a moment, the great american news quiz. the rich guy edition. how much do you know about the evil rich people? evil rich people? the quiz is [ junior ] i played professional basketball for 12 years. today i own 165 wendy's restaurants. and i get my financing from ge capital. but i also get stuff that goes way beyond banking. we not only lend people money, we help them save it.
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>> bill: the great american news quiz, the rich guy edition. here now the quiz kids. martha mccallum, playing for carla greco from new york. and steve doocy representing a player from washington. if you would like to sign up for great prizes, go to bill o'reilly com. we have one woman in the rich guy edition. >> i'm so glad. >> bill: martha is wealthy, but not as wealthy as these people. question number one, net worth of more than 190 million bucks, mitt romney if elected would be one of the richest presidents in american history. >> what did you consider rich? is half a million dollars rich? at what income does someone reach your definition of rich? >> bill: all right. according to "forbes" magazine, when adjusted for inflation, who was the number one richest president in history? a, george washington, thomas jefferson, franklin d roosevelt,
8:48 pm
john kennedy. who was the richest guy? cards up, please. the answer is a. >> really? >> bill: yeah, he owned half of virginia. >> and he couldn't afford good teeth? >> bill: they didn't have a lot of dentists back then, doocy. >> there was no bright smile. >> bill: all right. le number two, donald trump known for being one of the flashiest guys around. >> when a precious metals dealer said to me, would you rather have gold or the dollar, i quite intelligently said, i really want the gold. and some day hopefully i won't be saying this. some day hopefully i'll say, i want the dollar. >> bill: okay. now, trump's nickname was the donald, or is the donald. it was coined am accidentally by whom? a jimmy breslin, his ex-wife, larry king or al sharpton. coined by whom is the answer is? that is correct.
8:49 pm
ivana. >> bill: billionaire mark cuban seems to love the media spotlight. he recently played himself on what popular tv program? "two and a half men"? curb your enthusiasm. entourage. he played himself on what program? cards up, please. and the answer is, roll the tape. >> i got to tell you, really hate to lose you. you've been a tremendous asset to this company. >> you think? >> no. not really. but i like you. you did bring me up. i'd hate for you to miss out if i take this public. >> i appreciate that, mark. but i got another opportunity, i could really use the money now. >> how much money you need? >> it's small, mark. nothing you would be interested in. >> okay. maybe next time. >> bill: probably not. you both are right. "entourage." it's tied with two questions to go. very exciting. here is question number 3. >> less make it million dollars questions. >> bill: why is he interrupting me? >> i'll smack him around. >> bill: question 4, "citizen kane "featured charles foster
8:50 pm
kane. >> rosebud. >> bill: all right. kane is widely believed to be based on what real life mogul? a, william randolph hearst? joseph pulitzer, howard hughes, john d. rockefeller. who did he really play? the answer is correct, william randolph hearst. got the big castle in the central coast of california. i s there and i was ejected. now, be question number 5, will tell the tale. it will tell the tale. it's an easy one, unfortunately. so i'll have to come up with a tie breaker. 1990, see yow in a hemsley was the butt of many jokes for the queen of mean persona. >> i'm leona hemsley welcoming you to the hemsley spook house. right away you notice the little
8:51 pm
things. things like real skeletons. never p plastic. granted, an evening at the hemsley spook house is not an expensive, but then, the best seldom is. >> bill: all right. now, leona hemsley died in 2007, leaving $12 million to whom? a, her dog. b, her two cats, c, her grandchildren, d her maid. who guilty the 12 million? >> bill: the answer is a. it is a tie. george washington question wrong, and then you got all the rest right. here is the tie breaker. we always give you these. what was hemsley's husband's name? what was his first name? >> rosebud. >> i can picture him. >> bill: you can picture him, but don't know his name. doocy knows. >> go ahead. >> harry. >> bill: he wins. >> you he wasn't names after
8:52 pm
harry hemsley. >> my son is harry. >> bill: that would have been a little weird. doocy, unfortunately, you win. le. >> harry hemsley. le. >> bill: you know why i was rooting for mccallum to win? because she actually read my book! doocy didn't! he didn't read it! i was on both their programs. >> bill: there is no pictures! pinheads and patriots on deck. p and p moments away. follow the wings. ♪ [ cellphone rings ] cut! [ monica ] i have a small part in a big movie. i thought we'd be on location for 3 days, it's been 3 weeks.
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we could've gone a more traditional route... ... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable.
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♪ >> bill: pin heads and patriots starring every long gore i can't. big article on "killing lincoln" and they have an interview on their web site. also if you would like to read a chapter of the book or listen to an audio chapter, you can do do so on and it's free. if you become a premium member, we'll send you the entire book free. is this a great deal or what? now the mail, the tea party might say governor christie should clean up new jersey and fulfill his responsibilities to the state before running for president. becky, virginia, i think the country needs christy more than new jersey does. fromre kentucky, herman cain am might not have experience at foreign affairs, but he could get good advisors. i agree with dennis miller's endorsement of cain. from houston, texas, glad to see miller giving herman cain some
8:56 pm
love. why are you holding strong to your conviction that mr. cain doesn't matter? he certainly matters. i like him. from wisconsin, bill, i have watched jon stewart for eight years and i can say your appearance last night was his best program ever. jim, oregon, bill, you and john are a great team. i'm thinking martin and lewis. of course, i would be dino. don from denver, bill, were you surprised by the big applause you received from stewart's audience? i was, i think they thought i was letterman. am from south carolina, finished your book, loved it. it's a real page turner. i am related to john women's booth and found your take on him interesting. i appreciate that. from are florida, downloaded "killing lincoln." it's your best book yet, bill. thanks. they're telling me that it's number one on the itunes audio book list. whatever that may be.
8:57 pm
confusing me with all this stuff. charlie, from michigan. can you tell us something about your co-author, martin dugard. first class historian, bril i can't believe researcher. great guy. i'm getting lots of mail about signings for the book. only one set so far. october 29, right before the golder fresher show with miller and me. there would be more signings. we'll have details on billo'reillykoch. billo' finally tonight, actress eva longoria made an astounding $30 million last year. even though she's wealthy, she remains a staunch supporter of president obama who wants to tax her more. lately because there's such an extreme movement happening, and it's dangerous because it's not the character of america. it's really under attack. he's been governing in a state
8:58 pm
of emergency since he went into office, so we haven't seen him do what he can do. >> it would be impossible for ms. longoria, so you'll have to her come on "the factor" and discuss the state of emergency, all that other stuff. it would be interesting, right? crew is up for it to, eva. we got muffins, and they're free. not $16. free muffins here. that's it for us tonight. the fox news factor website billo' also, spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. word of the day. that's a real word. don't be a wagpasty when writing
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to the 1t% sí&ñk$x"lú$dlyd letters as we can. we still get letters, only premium members can get their letter read. that's bologna! that's bologna can. anybody can get their letter read. but if you curse in the letter or swear, in the garbage. personal attacks, in the garbage. give me a good headline about how you're feeling about one of our segments or life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and then it goes from the person who reads all the e-mails when it comes in to another person who sorts them out as far as topics are concerned, then it comes to me. i'm reading them, but i'm only going to read them if they're interesting. if they grab my attenti. all right? so there you go. that's how you get on the air. thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here 'cause we're definitely looking out for you.


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