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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  October 1, 2011 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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former godfather ceo. and usually happens to those surging getting rates, the beef, where is the beef? odd as it sounds to say the guy who made millions in fast food, critics say that cain is more side dish than becoming the main course because of course, he has no government experience. as if those who do haven't already burned down the kitchen and the economy already. i digress, glad to have you with us, i'm neil cavuto. who says that cain can't cook because he's he not the usual political dish, ben stein, charles payne, dagen mcdowell and adam ma shinski. charles. >> you can say a rocket scientist, worked as a president and took on broken businesses and a certain grace about him and i think a great president in the sense, i don't think he he'd make any american feel bad about themselves.
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i really believe he is he' a legitimate candidate and glad that people are taking him seriously now. >> neil: and the credentials, 30 years, and always-- dagen, what do you think of this? he's not from the same petri dish as your governors, congressmen, present, past, hence, we don't like you? >> i think if there's ever a time in it country's history, recent history to rethink the noti that our commander-in-chief needs to have extensive political experience, the time is today. congress has 11% approval rating, near rock bottom level. people are completely dissatisfied with the way that washington in and of itself works and i think that's one of the reasons that you are seeing his poll numbers jump like they are. >> the lack of legal experience is actually healthy. >> the same thing that political experience says i'm glad at getting elected, winning american idol. that's what it's about, it's not about governing and inspiring people.
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>> neil: good example. >> getting the dog gone thing done, i'm mr. popular and i can get elected and raise money. >> been stein. >> i love the basket that mr. cain is optimistic and love his love of america contrasting sharply with other people in office, i think eighths job you need a lot of experience, i don't think you can just step in even from being the chair of a federal reserve regional bank. i think you have to have, nowhere the wheels are and what to do to get things done. i think we've come to grief the has several times with having presidents who don't have experience. i rell greatly would prefer a romney, or a perry, who does have government experience, i like mr. cain's feelings about america very much, but i think we need experience. >> neil: adam? >> well, this is a very impressive man for starters. his experience in the corporate world is actually far more impressive and relevant than mitt romney's experience in the corporate world. 'cause mitt romney was a private equity guy.
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big deal, he didn't actually run businesses, other than banks. herman cain-- >> well, you know what bank capital does, that's essentially taking over a business, cleaning it up, selling it up in whole or part, and you have to have a little bit of a knowledge how to fix up businesses and make money at it, while you're doing it. >> well, the most important thing is the knowledge for that job is the knowledge of finance, whereas cain has a knowledge of operations which again is very impressive. having said that, i would argue that, you know, there's a reason why people are a governor first or a senator first, they've done something where we've been accountable to the voters. and he hasn't. that doesn't mean that he can't, but it makes it very, very difficult for him to, i think, for him to convince people without having done it at a lower level. >> i respect all of you a lot and you, adam, we've gone to that well and poisoned in at that well a lot of times. we've been rewarded now and then from those who were the right person at the right
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time, but i think that we've made enough mistakes with those who had the typical credentials who have goofed up my life. a guy who can make a fortune selling pizza, a questionable taste i might point out (laughter) >> you're saying that. >> and this is something i do know about, guys, pizza. and i tell you. >> the guy made a fortune at it and the guy picked to be president. and charles, i'm saying, all kidding aside, we go to the same well, the same resume', and background, nothing wrong with the background, been there, tried that, didn't make a lot. >> and dagen made a point, the american public, people in the system so long, they pander to the system and ben made the point in my mind for cain in the sense that forget about the little different nuances of who do you grease, whose palms do you grease, go in
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there and run it like a business and make it accountable. because if you look around, look at this week, we saw a person fired from hewlett packard, right? and it's called accountability everywhere else in america eseptember washingt eexempt in washington. accountability, and godfather's pizza still working at pillsbury, there shouldn't be a difference. >> go ahead. >> what's the difference? >> the difference is, and this is just the difference between politics and business, those employees didn't get a vote. they could say what they thought. they could shout and scream and whatever. >> and by leaving, you don't like management, you leave. you vote by leaving. >> and dagen, do you-- >> and the idea that government is a-- dagen, do you he question the idea that government is incredibly complex and difficult that experience is an enormous plus? do you question something that basic? >> i do question that, absolutely.
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i don't think that you need to have worked deeply in washington for decades and go in and actually make a difference. and how much experience did president obama have in washington? >> not very much, and we're paying for it. >> that's the point. >> and ben, one of the reasons why government is complex is because politicians have made it complex, because you know what? they've tried and put up so many things to hide payoffs, look at solyndra scandal. they've made this thing much more complex than it needs to be. maybe we need a politician to clean it up. >> life is just very complex. do you seriously think that herman cain is going to drastically change the nature of government? i mean, you cannot seriously believe that. i just, it's just boggles the mind. >> i'd love to put him up at the plate and let him swing for it. >> and by the way, dr. stein, we have hope for america. >> i have hope for america, too, but not from herman cain. >> oh, really? okay. hope you don't have anymore pizza in your place. we're going to take a brack
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here. a rush to another bum's rush. the forbes gang, a new mad dash for cash and faster than you can say cash. that's coming up at the bottom of the hour, first, remember this ad, it came and went because the white house called p and vetted. we report, you decide. >> i wasn't going to buy another car that was bailed out by our government. i was going to buy from a manufacturer that's standing on their own, win, lose or draw, that's what america is about, is taking the chance to succeed and understanding when you fail that you've got to pick yourself up and go back to work. ford is that company for me. i know you're worried about making your savis last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path.
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>> hi, everyone, live from america he's news headquarters, i'm jamie colby. a deadly tainted food recall is expanding now to a brand of lettuce. a california company recalling 30,000 pounds of chopped romaine after the f.d.a. tested a sample and found
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listeria. sold in western states, most of the lettuce. the outbreak was linked to contaminated cantaloupe from colorado, 15 people died in nine states. and you've got to check out the video, hard to believe, incredible footage, the moment a small plane slams into a ferris wheel in australia. you see the debris flying, well, two children were trapped and the pilot and a passenger left hanging. it took at least three hours to get everyone down and the pilot says he he just didn't see the ride until it was too late. >> i'm jamie colby, keep it on fox. >> give me an example, you'd stop immediately. >> well, i'm not ready to answer that question. >> no, you're not. >> and your world-- >> my world. >> grandma's world. >> and why? >> what do you mean you're an all natural video company. what does that mean.
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>> we only shoot girls that haven't had plastic surgery. >> how do we know. >> we have them um juchl p up and down. >> your worrell, cavuto only place to be and on fox, your world with neil cavuto! >> we've had a lot of fun over the years, those weren't exact the best examples of it, but we've also had some of the biggest names in business and politics in the past 15 years and hope you'll share with us in chicago, monday 4 p.m. eastern time and we continue at fox business at our 1000th show on fox business, having a lot of fun, and hope you'll join us. it's a good thing in chicago, charges of chicago style politics coming out of washington, and the bailout ad was pulled after claims of white house pressure. auto maker and the administration denying it, but a detroit news columnist says his credible source at ford is sticking to it and let's just say there is some curious precedent for it.
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ask s and b. over its behavior during the melt doub and the only one to knock the credit rating down. charlie gasperino is looking into it. i know you and i disagree with this, and i was going to say some smoke, fire. >> i was, by that picture of richard simmons. >> a big fan. >> i don't get any of my workouts from him. we are we shut point out ford is denying. >> everybody is denying it. >> and listen, even despite this, i think it's true. i think they got a call from someone in the treasury department, wherever, said we don't like this and because they're a highly regulated, you know, in a highly regulated industry even though he they didn't take the bailout money, they caved.
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and that's the problem you've got big government, and touches this many businesses you have to comply with their wishes. >> neil: i don't know how long the tv ad was run and jerry was saying, neil most spots run in two to three month cycle not little more than three and a half week cycles. >> and the ad, i think was an effective ad. the administration really at this point they're running washington like thompson from empire boardwalk. i mean-- >> oh, pretty good. >> really, they like an industry-- >> don't know what you're talking about. >> i do. >> don korleone. >> that's a fantastic show, you have to see that show. outside of cavuto, my second favorite. >> there you go. >> listen, we see it-- >> hasn't been on 15 years, has it? >> we see the stuff with solar panels, they're still shovelling billions of dollars at that, even with the outrage over solyndra. we saw the president dress
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down a united states supreme court in front of everybody in the world. we've seen the heavy handedness. i mean, they are running this government the way-- >> called crony capitalism. >> strong arm tax particulars, remember doug elmendorf? >> and only so much, ben stein, but when you have a lot of incidents like this, it does raise eyebrows, does it not? >> it's extremely unfortunate. there's no doubt that the white house bullied them. the white house bullied the board of directors of gm to take out rick, they had no legal authority. they're bullies and used to pushing people around and unfortunate thing and goes exactly to freedom of the press, it's an extremely anti-constitutional move and i'm very concerned about it and really glad you're bringing it up and charlie you nailed it on the head, charlie gasperino, nailed it right on the head.
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>> the problem though when you're a big business and you rely on government to bail you out, you have to expect the other side, the other side of the coin, which is government plays a role in what you do. >> listen, this is why-- >> even if you're not bailed out? >> i love jamie dimon of jp morgan chase, talking about how bad dodd frank is, and guess what the banks took money from the government. >> ford didn't get bailout. did the bailouts open the doors for the strong arm tactics and power plays by the administration, because again, ne could get away with it with the banks and the automakers. >> and adam. what do you think of that? >> i think we're protesting a little bit too much here. ben, the rick wagoner thing was a specific situation, it was no different than what hp did that charles referenced earlier. the new investor was kicking out the old ceo. >> the new investor was the united states government that's what made it different. >> it was a weird situation. >> they had no legal right to do it. they didn't have the legal
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right to do this. there was no shareholder vote. there was no shareholder vote. >> it's not a question of a legal right. they were becoming the major investor at the time. >> as long as you agree i didn't have at legal right, that's fine. >> ownings, a lead investor and then they start calling, directing corporate policy. i mean, it was in-- i'm not saying-- >> it's an extraordinary time moving in that direction. >> let me finish my point, charlie. >> it's when government controls businesses and they don't make everyone-- for the government to get out and the government is getting out of that investment as fast as it can. and as far as treasury thing, i have no doubt somebody called ford and said this is in poor taste and i'm upset about it. >> neil: a little bit more than that. but when we come back, will the big guys leave you, are you toast? why it might be getting a little hot in the white house this weekend.
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>> coming up. follow the money. one of wall street's top dogs might be putting cash behind a new one for the president of the united states and could the united states and could have the white house r look, every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪
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♪ >> when the big money goes bye-bye, does the big job go bye-bye, too. the president wrapping up a fundraiser at the four seasons $10,000 a plate. a steal compared to the 36 grand a place at the daniel, or just daniel? that was a few months ago and that's a report that jp morgan boss jamie dimon is calling it
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quit with the nation's boss and getting cozy with mitt? >> yeah, i think he's a-- if you know anything about jamie dimon, he's my favorite limousine liberal. i like him a lot, but he's left the center and never gives anybody money to anybody specifically. >> he can't, and new york fed. but he directs his bank and his people to raise money and he's very mad about dodd frank and doesn't like the general direction of the economy and i told you this before, i think that wall street with 70-30 to obama last time and this time at least split if romney gets in there or might see a little more. >> neil: ben stein, what do you think? is that going to happen? >> i think romney has made himself the darling of wall street. he is a wall street guy. and i don't see any reason why wall street should like obama? i mean, obama is a likeable, pleasant guy, but he is's come down hard on wall street every
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chance he can. wall street should realize who their friends are, obama is not one of them. i'm not sure they deserve any friends, but certainly, mr. obama is not their friends. >> neil: i want to disagree with ben to this regard, he he might bad-mouth them, but as far as financial reform he's covered their heinies and more friendly than the rhetoric would suggest. >> i completely agree with you. >> neil: really? let me change that (laughter) >> okay, go ahead. what did he was it continue the bush administration's policies and the things that henry paulson started, obama and geithner have finished. >> you mean bill clinton and bob rubin started. >> okay, fine. >> and i'm not big fan of paulson, but that big layer on wall street was a brainchild. >> neil: i think what adam is saying they have little reason. >> how about dodd frank, here is the thing. >> neil: finish that point, quickly. >> he hasn't, he hasn't been a
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radical so there's a republican primary going ton right now, not a democratic one. >> under stood. >> don't go with obama 2. >> dagen? >> wall street wants to bet on a winner, pure and simple. if they see the tide moving away from the president. >> neil: it's a snapshot, a snapshot in the moment. >> it's a senate shot, but the money goes to the republicans. >> and anybody who wants to make more money should be listening. they had trouble selling out this event to raise a million bucks when, yeah, warren buffett and obama, warren buffett himself in june got 2.6 million just going to lunch with him. that underscores the thing right there. >> neil: go ahead. >> wall street has come to terms to dodd frank is squeezing profits and there are going to be layoffs and profits are going to be down for a long time. >> neil: guys, thank you very much. charlie and dagen, we'll have more, coming up next we don't need to tell you you lived through a horrendous month and quarter for stocks, but there is hope and we've got hopeful picks from our more than hopeful guy.
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>> ending the year strong with our gang. charles, what do you think in >> i like warner. i think it has tremendous upset. >> adam what do you think? >> autoparts business is not the first place to invest. i think of charles as a momentum and not a value guy. >> i think of charles on autoand limo. and i don't see that adam, what do you like? >> it is only one thing i like about it. it is cheap. it manage is going to happen. somebody making a run and breaking it up. something will get the value of the company up. >> and ben, what do you think? >> it is incredible well run
7:59 am
company and why stock is so low is a mystery. i am with my learned friend and assistant. it has to go up. >> what are you doing these days. >> i am keeping it liquid and concerned about the future and i hope it is good things. short-term treasury mutual funs index. and it is just seems to me we have to be cautious. >> i like the idea of being liquid. it is where the values are. right. and guys, thank you all very much. we have more next. we are still number one. 15 years young. here's dave now. >> another mad dash for green cash.


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