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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 1, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> gregg: americans on high alert following a deadly below to al-qaeda. confirming a travel alert issued by the state department. warning of possible retaliation attacks of the killing of al-qaeda leader anwar al-awlaki in yemen. i'm heather childers. there is also another big victory in the fight against terror. confirming that nato has captured the senior commander a leader of a terror network in afghanistan sxl. >> reporter: they catched him and a bodyguard on tuesday. they are part of the haqqani terror network that is closely allied with the taliban and al-qaeda. the raid went down in a province of afghanistan near the board
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with pakistan. he wan was one of the highest ranking members in that group. in the past year, he slishd a militant camp in the mongul tribal lands and coordinated transfer of money and acquisition of supplies. also we're learning more about the drone missile strike in yemen that killed at least two big name al-qaeda terrorists and maybe a third. killed in the attack, anwar al-awlak, the head of al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula and khan a propagandaist. they believe that one may have been killed, the al-qaeda's most talented bomb maker. still one terrorism expert says getting these guys are significant but their methods may liver online and me points
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to anwar al-awlaki. >> he used to send e-mails and/or activities online for leaders. he has hundreds are thousands of readers. that is the next generation. what the united states and the allies should be doing on the one hand they are successful in commanders but find allies. find counter jihadists. they will be winning that online battle. >> molly: the bomb maker designed non-metallic explosives that, pass through screening methods and he was behind two plots. >> heather: very significant they got that guy. molly henneberg, thanks. >> kelly: let's take a look at the recent victories in the fight against terrorists. they killed osama bin laden during a raid in his hideout in
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pakistan this may. a month later, al-qaeda's most senior operative was killed at a check pointed in somalia. he planned 1998 u.s. question bombings in kenya and in june, a drone attack, the chief of military operations in pakistan and behind some of the deadliest attacks and a drone weig out the top operational planner, a libyan and he, of course, and then yesterday the terror leader anwar al-awlaki killed by two predator drones in yemen. >> heather: and anwar al-awlaki was an influential voice for lone wolf attackers. shazad the man to set up a bomb in times square told investigators that he drew inspiration from anwar
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al-awlaki. ninidal hassan had communications with anwar al-awlaki. and yemeni officials say that the so-called underwear bomb they're tried to take down a plane over christmas in 2009 had contact with anwar al-awlaki. >> he gained so much influence in al-qaeda organization. this is from our special american tourist. >> i believe he became radicalized and realized he had certain power to get followers in the way of presenting his brand of extremism to young people here in the u.s.. >> reporter: when he preached in the mosque, did he have a commanding personality? >> i hate to use out those words i would say he was ka charismatic. >> every person will have two wives.
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>> his specialty is painting elaborate graphic picture of the carnal pleasures that await them. >> and.... >> kelly: the american terrorist will air here tomorrow 9:00 p.m. you should see it. it is riveting. >> heather: making a public plea obama urging congress to get to work on his $447 billion jobs bill. house republicans insisting they will not consider the bill, not consider it unless the president agree foz critical changes. peter doocy has more. >> reporter: he says it's been three weeks since he sent the jobs act to congress, the president wants to know why they are dragging their feet.
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>> some republicans say they agree with certain parts of this jobs bill. if so, it's time for them to tell me what those proposals are. if they are opposed to the jobs bill, i would like to know they are against. are they against putting teachers and firefighters back on the job? are they against hiring construction workers to rebuild our roads and bridges and schools? are they against giving tax cuts to virtually every worker and small business in america? >> reporter: registered voters are split. >> reporter: on top of that, a full 39% think it's bad tomorrow 48% think it's good but cutting
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excessive regulations and they need to support legislation in the house that would do that. >> president obama who said he is willing to consider stopping excessive regulations should call on the senate to follow the house in passing these jobs bills. let's take this opportunity to widen our common ground and do whatever we can to get government out of the way. so our economy can return to creating jobs. >> reporter: while the arguing continues about jobs, the feeling about jobs, nationwide is bleak, almost half of registered voters, 47% think a year from now, unemployment will be higher than high school today. 37% think it will be lower. >> heather: peter doocy, thanks. >> kelly: he insists he is not running for president but the buzz out there surrounding governor chris christie is growing. what if he did decide to run?
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would he have time to build a winning campaign? charlie joins us, good to see you this evening. let's talk about it. governor christie, a lot of people would like to see him run. we saw him giving a speech at the reagan library, we implore you to get into the race but so far no way. yet there is wiggle room? >> he is sending signals at the very least mixed signals suggesting this really could happen. obviously it's getting late, but as the fox poll just this week shows, the field remains wide open. nobody has congealed around one candidate. the people we had waited for to get in, we thought were going to give real form to the race like michelle batch man and rick perry failed to catch on in the
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polls. let's not forget, mitt rom any remains probably the favorite. he is not really beloved by everybody. it's still ripe for a guy like chris christie to jump in. >> if governor christie were to jump in, what would he do to the currents field of republican candidates out there? >> i think much like rick per ri he would zoom to the top. what has been fascinated becoming this entire race, how for the debates have been, at every one of these debates, republicans have watched and watched the performances. poll numbers have gone up and down. so i think if chris christie comes in, i think we're rumors he is not that great of a conservative. he is a pretty conservative guy, especially for a state like new jersey.
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if he does do well in the debates and meets the expectations, i think absolutely >> kelly: you are talking he will get in and that remains to be seen. and chris christie minces no words and what do you anticipate if he were to decide to defeat into the pentagon campaign, who he rustle some feathers out there with his straight talk? >> think he would. he is not the normal politician we're used to but in a general election, if he were to jump in and get the nomination, a lot of ifs here and raise the money that he needs to raise to compete, which by the way, i think he would be able to. then i think that what is normally negatives live his ability to go after people, i think could wind up being a
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positive because voters are looking for somebody is authentic. >> kelly: a lot of people wanted to see a president that acts tough and governs from a tough standpoint. a lot of people are going to watch if he comes in. have a good day. >> heather: i wanted to be tough i got tough. chicago living up to its name, windy city. wave the tie, 16 feet. and police put barricades and high winds knocking out power to more than 32,000 people. meteorologist maria olina has
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more on this. >> and that is from a large storm system that has been impacting the great lakes. water spouts last weekend and strong winds that are associated with the storm system but also pulling in kood air from canada. we're talking about some of the cold air reaching areas as far as around central florida. 45 in atlanta, 46 in raleigh, north carolina and some of this cooling air, we are looking at potential of flostd. there are number of frost advisories. one we just saw, in central parts of illinois. some that go as far south as eastern portions of tennessee and indianapolis with some of the frost expected to be put in late tonight. you could be waking up to frost
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to clear off the cars. otherwise, look at the storm system. worst of the precipitation further off the east in parts of west virginia up to portions of pennsylvania an off in new england. there is snow associated with in snow system across parts of west virginia. some of the higher elevations expecting two to four inches of snow. >> time for the cooler temperatures. i don't know about the snow and frost. thanks so much. a man in idaho allegedly protecting himself sparking a national debate. he shot and killed a 300 pound grizzly cub. his kids were outside playing at the time. he told stated authorities who didn't press charges but federal wildlife officials thought otherwise. dan industry springer is live with more details on this. >> reporter: jeremy hill were
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stunned when the u.s. attorney charged him with illegally killing a grizzly bear which is protected underies ago. he was facing a possible $50,000 fine and a year in jail if convicted. the bear that was killed was two to three years and the cub that wass close to 300 pounds. they live in a valley surrounded by mountains a few miles from the border. they see to concede he fired the first two shots legally when he thought his kids were outside but when he fired the third shot he knew his kids were safely inside the house. >> he took a bear in violation of the endangered species act. even if a bear is being nuisance procedures are how to do it. he didn't follow those procedures. >> reporter: people were outraged and the u.s. attorney did cut a deal dropping the
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criminal charge but he still had to pay $1,000 fine and $20,000 in legal bills. locals say the federal government is out of control and the endangered species act was not met to put humans in danger. >> we've go gotten to a point in this country where people are restricted from their ability to defend their homes, their families and their property from large, very dangerous animals that are unpredictable and known to kill people. >> reporter: grisly attacks are up in the u.s., but they say it's because of late spring and they are looking for food. they are still fragile, about 70 bears between the u.s. and canada. >> kelly: not to mention you encounter a grizzly it's a frightening situation. >> reporter: absolutely when your kids are outside. >> kelly: thank you. >> heather: how would you like to own your own island minus the
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>> heather: pan ache in australia after a small plane slams into a ferris wheel and trapped two chin. no one was seriously injured. investigators say that the ferris wheel was packed with kids moments before the impact but most of them had gotten off because of bad weather. the pilot says he simply didn't see the ride and he is thankful no one was hurt. >> just went and i was up. and all of a sudden, inside the ferris wheel. there were two kids up there and
1:21 pm
i was panicking about them but there was nothing i could do. >> heather: rescuers worked to free the kids but an investigation is now underway. >> kelly: all right. imagine owning an exclusive new york city address. the opportunity may come at low tide. auctioning off a pristine undeveloped highlands offshore and the winner could wind up with a bargain if the price is right. julie banderas is live in the new york city newsroom with more information about this great sale. >> julie: it's exclusive. you got no neighbors, no traffic, no electricity or sewer lines. much of sit under weather at high tide. it's called rat island. it's located half a mile from city island. it dates back to the 19800s and
1:22 pm
relates to prisoners escaping from another island. they purchased it in 1970s to store equipment and salvage barges, two years ago he tried selling it for $300,000 so far, no takers, would you believe it. so it will be auctioned off tomorrow on to the highest bidder. >> i'm sure you could build something, a home if you wanted. have your wind generator and your view and peace and quiet and tranquility. on the east side of the island is 60 feet of water. you can put your lobster trap outside your front door. >> julie: so far 8-13 serious bidders have shown interest like a group of local fishermen. you have to find a way to get out to it first. >> i know, kayak club, they go out there.
1:23 pm
>> this would be perfect for you guys. they have gone out with the kayaks. it's just such an easy thing to do off the beach but not the same for everyone. so the person that has got a boat in thes that coch it out and set up -- person that has something on marina. >> and the winner inherits $200,000 in annual taxes. that auction will be held tomorrow in city island at 1:00 p.m. >> a lot of people will be there making their bids. julie, are you going to buy it. >> julie: no i like my land above water? >> kelly: thanks, julie. >> heather: there is a lobster trap. that is a good idea. people in florida are dealing with an dangerous invase oif speernz, thousands of giant african land snails, not only do
1:24 pm
they eat plants but can transmit meningitis and even eat through concrete. there is only one way to deal with them and it's not going to be cheap. >> we're focused most exclusively on eradicating them. cost will be in the millions. its worthwhile investment to avoid the untold billions in damages to our environment and our economy. >> heather: anyway who spots one of these snails, urged to call the florida department of agriculture. jwh. >> kelly: five airplanes taking off from a crow's runway. it happened just last week. details on the airport now under investigation. and new shots fired in libya. rebel forces say they have khadafy's hometown surrounded a live report from the ground just ahead. >> and the images that we can never get enough of, details on this hero's homecoming.
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bottom of the hour, time for top of the news, federal aviation administration investigating air traffic controllers at mittsberg, international airport. faa says five planes took off from a storm damaged runway. >> in california, amtrak train slamming into a semi truck last night. authorities reporting minor injuries. >> libyan rebels reportedly surrounding khadafy's hometown of surte. they show that gunfire and black smoke coming from around the city. >> kelly: killing of anwar al-awlaki dealing a massive blow to al-qaeda. leading voice of program gand did a and ichbs operation for the terror grouch silenced forever. but has it wiped out al-qaeda's
1:30 pm
ability to reach the west? steven yates determine deputy for national affairs to dick cheney and president of d.c. international advisory. this is very important topic here. we've seen a operations successfully carried out but in terms of dealing with the ideology of al-qaeda here in the united states which enables us to recruit people, has that been ended? >> very important question, kelly. this is an important tactical blow. there is no question about it. anwar al-awlaki and his allys were communicators and we are is co effective strategic communication but there are two factors on the war on terror. one is control of territory and the power of ideology. drone strikes don't really get at either of those two factors. the governor of yemen is not in control thifs territory and that is an important factor. ther on the ideology is not
1:31 pm
being countered in an effective way by us. it's good that the terrorists are dead but there is a lot more here. >> the gaps that exist might be cause today see someone could will easily fill the shoes of anwar al-awlaki, including that inspires people here in america to turn to al-qaeda. how do we break-in and stop that kind of ideology? >> i think it starts with the united states being very clear about the war on terror. we have simplified this to be war against one leader. in a way taking a victory lap after the killing of a terrorist leader. while it is gratifying it doesn't really help advance his cause. we have to be clear there is a deadly ideology at play here. we need to be having effective and enabling of democratic forces and governments in the
1:32 pm
region to crowd out these voices of extremism and violence. >> kelly: you talk about voices of extremism and one would be afghanistan, pakistan and now we know today that nato has captured kahn who was part of a network of a terrorist organization that has caused atcks on our own u.s. forces operating in afghanistan. what say you about that? can it break down that ideology that exists? >> it is very important and a step in the right direction. this haqqani network has dealt a below to the united states and afghanistan for some time now. it exposed a weakness that admiral mullen referred to in the past weeks about our degrading of our capabilities that emanates out of pakistan. so this action continues is good
1:33 pm
thing. question about our pace of withdrawal whether we'll we'll keep momentum up and whether it's leads to effective pakistan cooperation. >> kelly: and in terms of hamid karzai the president o cooperation. >> kelly: and in terms of hamid karzai the president of afghanistan might anticipate, he is saying today that dealing with the taliban is basically useless. they keep coming and killing. where do i find peace? what does that do in terms of dealing with not only afghanistan the military role but a diplomatic role so it can move forward to a new kind of democracy there? >> it's unfortunately a very difficult situation that president karzai faces. there are a lot of people in washington that are critical of him. i don't find it terribly constructive. his skepticism about the process is justified here.
1:34 pm
really the key is having the president of pakistan and president of afghanistan finding a way to work together to control the border area. that is a noble prize worthy challenge. it's one in which the obama administration appointed the late richard holbrooke to try to bridge and he was not succestrul in the remainder of his days. but it remains the key challenge in this region and remains very dangerous. in all these areas, the are the's head finds a way to reduplicate. >> kelly: almost a hydra. thank you so much for your comments. us> heather: noose may be tightening around khadafy hometown. they have surrounded the city of serte on the coast of the mediterranean sea. firing rockets and shells into
1:35 pm
the city, trying to break the grip of forces still loyal to khadafy. david piper is streaming live from the city of tripoli. >> reporter: the revolutionary commanders have just announced they have a cease-fire to allow civilians to get out of khadafy's hometown of sirte. they have a vice like grip on that town. the fourth have been punching in their way from the east and west and south the last week. now, they pushed khadafy's forces back to a three-mile strip in the center of town. they want to help the civilians get out to. they have left them a path. many of the civil fns have chosen to leave already. there have been hundreds of cars checked to see if there are any weapons but there was one incident earlier today tod where there was a makeshie- hospital
1:36 pm
outside the fighting. they had to deal with a horrific story of a family of four that had been killed in their car. us> the cease-fire and rebels ae saying if they continue if khadafy forces don't give up. they will push into the town and in fact flatten it. they have a plan for the forces they have in the east and west to come together in the middle and take khadafy's hometown. back to you. us> heaa. >> kelly: how about this, happy home coming for 1800 sailors in san diego. they are returning home from deployment in the western pacific and the midlatte east. friends and family lining the pier to greet their loved ones. a special sight that never gets
1:37 pm
old. >> nothing like it coming back to your hometown. it makes the 7 months andid 1 days seem all worthwhile as you are among family and frienegi. us> one can certainly understand that a group left back in february to provide humanitarian aid and come bad piracy. us> heat3 tr: and emotions running high for the ceremonial first goitch of the playoffs. cooper stone on the mound for the game between rangers and tampa bay rays. 50,er cooper is the son of the firefighter shannon stone, remember hif p he fell to his death in july trying to catch a ball thrown into the stands. the boy, a little six-year-old throwing his first pitch to his favorite basamoalltiveomed hami. us> kells. i great story. >> meantime, the killing of anwar al-awlaki setting off a fierce legal damoate right here
1:38 pm
at home. why some say the u.s. overstepped it's boundaries when it targeted the radical cleric in yemen. >> heather: imagine never having to deal with the pain of di strrce. i'm behind a proposed law in new mexico and why some critics there will say it will make a mockery out of marriage. we have details in power panel up next. we help them save it. [ junior ] ge engineers found ways to cut my energy use. [ cheryl ] more efficient lighting helps junior stay open later... [ junior ] and serve more customers. so you're not just getting financial capital...
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>> heather: the killing of u.s. citizen accused of plotting terror attacks overseas now has civil liberties groups crying fall. anwar al-awlaki killed yesterday in an air strike in yemen. they are calling his death justified action but several advocates including ron paul accusing the u.s. of bypassing his constitutional rights.
1:43 pm
let's bring in our panel. thanks for joining us, ladies. let's jump right in the first topic. jon ron paul says no one likes these kinds of people but i like the rule of law and i like our constitution that you just don't go target people and assassinate them. that is what he is calling this. an assassination. i'll begin with you mercedes? >> it's an extreme statement. there is so much evidence against this particular individual. the intelligence community said this is a very dangerous man who is -- it's causing problems. it has all the power to do so. he had to be eradicated. >> i totally agree with the decision that was made. these men were clearly
1:44 pm
terrorists. we live in dangerous world, dangerous society. we we had to take the necessary steps to do what we had to do. i think it was the best move to make. >> heather: and a lot of people are talking about treason today? >> we've done had this in the past where american citizens have been tried and executed. but in modern warfare, this is different than we've seen. in the past a guy had a uniform, you had no what weapon and what country he was from. today we don't have any of that. it's a boardless conflict in the sense they move freely from country to country, and if we're ever going to find them we have to purchase see them. doctor pursue them. i know frankly, ron paul says there is no legal right do this.
1:45 pm
okay, let's make a legal right to do that. pass new laws because this is the future and welcome to it. if you are going to tie your hands behind your back in trying to deal with terrorists who travel around the world who will target us around the world, then you'll never win the war. >> the wait-and-see attitude is not going to work. >> one of them kahn, he is self-a avowed traitor. how much more proof do we need? >> do we actually wanted a trial. what could possibly come up this. you're going have to the trial first? we tried that. it doesn't work. >> it's better to deal with them in that way than to bring them to the legal system. >> heather: president obama recently blaming america's economic problems partly on americans. telling a reporter, this a great great country. they have gotten a little --
1:46 pm
that had gotten a little soft. we didn't have the same competitive edge we ned had over the last couple of daits decades. we need to get back on track. fair seaysd. >> obama has been blaming bush since day one and now it's we the people, hard working americans. he needs to reassess his policies that are coming out of the white house that he has made decision that is not helping unemployment, not -- not helping employment. >> so the jobs plan is going to make a difference? >> this is like, when we were children, there was no whining, it's not everybody else's fault. this seems to be obama theme. it's already always somebody else's fault. we have problems and solve them. i remember when jimmy carter made a malaise speech and all
1:47 pm
the world was terrible. ronald reagan an came in and we didn't dournt doubt america's leadership. >> look at the situation. do you think people want to folk close on their homes and they want good jobs and be out of employment for 99 weeks, of course jobs are there but this administration has not provided them. frankly that is the reason we're in this position. don't blame us. blame the administration for not doing right thing to create those jobs done. >> whining is another definition of going soft i think. [ laughter ] >> heather: and putting a date on marriages in new mexico, a new law would let couples choose the length of their union.
1:48 pm
is this a good idea? apparently they could sign up for two years and if it doesn't work out they get a break. >> you have a temporary certificate for children. if it doesn't work out. this is so looney. it's crazy. >> it didn't work out and walk out when you want to but having pre-ordained that you are going to split up. >> why bother. >> two people to be committed and with that mindset, down the road, i can always get out of this if i want to. it's a rolling precedent. >> what happens if for better or worse? you are planning ahead to fail. if it doesn't work out. we're going to have a clean break here. >> if you know you are going to
1:49 pm
break up in few years, set can aside money for it. >>. >> heather: millions of americans do it. so why does a recent shopping trip to target has some things with first lady michelle obama? stay with us. listen to this. three out of four americans don't get enough vegetables. so here's five bucks to help you buy v8 juice. five bucks. that's a lot of green. go to for coupons. you can count on us.
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a rant shopping trip to target quickly new orleans a media frenzy for first lady michelle obama. critics are calling her visit to the store a publicity stunt. but is that fair assessment? i have some thoughts on this. my main concern was the sunglasses, i think it was a bit of fashion faux pas. >> i shop there. i think -- i think its publicity stunt. >> what kills me is the ap
1:54 pm
photographer just happened to be there. come on. >> and he get a good tip? come on. >> and it was costco, i would believe it. >> and obama story, in 2009 alone, it's estimated they spent $10 million on personal entertainment. come on. that is not in target. >> and she was at fund-raiser and wearing $40,000 worth of jewelry and diamonds but it was borrowed and loaned to her. we should say that. >> and talking about the spain trip, there were hundreds of this is of dollars that michelle had spent. >> when nancy reagan was first lady and people would viciously took her apart for wearing expensive clothes even though they were borrowed. somehow that criticism never seems to happen here. >> heather: you can buy more than cleaning food and dog food
1:55 pm
at target. gambling to win plastic surgery? that is being offered at trump taj mahal in atlantic city. >> maybe $25,000. >> $25,000 worth of plastic surgery. i can use it from breast augmentation, to a nose job. >> with this economy and promotional. and it works. we're talking about it. if he is going to say that why do the no the don't $25,000 in plastic surgery to one of wounded warriors. >> heather: that a good idea. maybe he is listening right now. thank you very much. very interesting topics. kelly? >> kelly: enjoyed your topics of discussion. new information coming light about the father-in-law of a missing utah mother.
1:56 pm
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>> heather: hello. i'm heather childers and welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's headquarters. >> kelly: topping the news, he is still leading in the polls. but what about a feeling to a broader segment of republicans? can mitt romney break through to
2:00 pm
voters who yearn for a new candidate to energize the race? >> heather: new disturbing facts about missing mom susan powell's father-in-law and what authorities are charging him with. judge jeanine pirro breaks it down. >> kelly: not again. another rogue satellite is set to strike earth? we'll tell you when scientists think it will slam into the planet. that's coming up. >> heather: first a fox news alert. the u.s. state department issuing a travel alert warning americans all around the world could be targets for revenge attacks. this following the death of two key members of al-qaeda in yemen yesterday. also today, nato saying it has captured the senior commander of the hakani network inside afghanistan. that network, notorious terrorist organization, operating in pakistan and possibly behind several deadly attacks on americans in afghanistan. molly henneberg is live from washington. what do we know about this guy's
2:01 pm
role in terror operations? >> he's the revered elder in the hakani clan and a high ranking member of the terror network who moved fighters in and out of afghanistan to conduct terrorist attacks against the u.s. and nato troops. nato and afghan forces captured him on tuesday and a security operation in the eastern afghan province near pakistan. he was said to be heavily armed at the time, but did not put up any resistance when he was captured. also swept up in this operation, his deputy and body guard. now the questioning of all those three begins. >> heather: also there is word today that the missile strike in yemen may have taken out a prominent al-qaeda bomb maker? >> right. this is a separate strike, talking about the missile strikes in yemen and it's not confirmed yet, but u.s. officials believe the strike may have killed three well-known and dangerous al-qaeda terrorists. we know anwar al-awlaki, the american born head was killed,
2:02 pm
as another american who did propaganda work for the terror group. it also now appears that the misses took out al-qaeda's top bomb maker who developed a way to get nonmetallic explosives through traditional airport security. one terrorism expert says this strike is significant, but also cautions the messages of these terrorists live on through technology. >> with al-awlaki out of the picture, another one bites the dust because you will now see more emerging figures and they continue to thrive. there is an on-line phone, which if you look at that alone, you see the plethora of statements issued by hard core al-qaeda supports and sympathizer, and that kind of inspiration will continue to increase the recruitment. >> bomb maker has been linkedined to the failed underwear bombing plot and failed cargo plot one year
2:03 pm
later. >> heather: we'll talk more about how significant this is later in the show. thank you, we appreciate it. >> kelly: al-awlaki was linked to at least three so-called lone wolf attackers accused of plotting against the u.s. faisal shahzad, the man accused of trying to set off a bomb in times square last year told investigators he drew inspiration from al-awlaki. the fort hood shooter, nidal malik hasan h communications with al-awlaki before an attack that left 13 people dead in november of 2009. then there is umar farouk abdulmutallab, the so-called underwear bomber who tried to take down a plane over detroit on christmas day had contact with al-awlaki. >> heather: fox news took a closer look how al-awlaki, an american born cleric, was able to gain so much influence in the al-qaeda organization. this is from our special, the american terrorist.
2:04 pm
>> this association between islam and terrorism. >> al-awlaki is going daytime, starring in a day in the life of an imam. in january 2001, after four years of preaching in a small mosque in san diego with 2 to 300 people, he spans his reach and preaches to thousands. the 30-year-old moves to northern virginia to become an imam in the washington disturb of falls church. the mosque is one of the largest on the east coast and thousands attend prayers and services each week. >> he doesn't have high credentials. but it doesn't seem to matter because of his personality, his aggressiveness, his charisma. >> this is where i first saw anwar in the spring of 2001, when the funeral of yemeni woman was brought to the mosque and he
2:05 pm
was the person who presided over the funeral. i recognized him in the room. >> this is a saudi national and the director of the institute for both affairs in washington, d.c. >> it was there for muslim religious leaders to speak classic arabic almost accent free american english. >> do not miss fox news report, the american terrorist, tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. eastern, only on the fox news channel. and coming up a little later on today's show, we will talk with a top terror expert on what is being done to identify anyone who may try and launch a reprisal for al-awlaki's death here at home. >> kelly: right now we want to talk about something else that's going on. after years of trying, afghan president hamid karzai saying peace talks with the taliban are
2:06 pm
useless. karzai adding that neighboring pakistan not the taliban, needs to be the other party sitting across the table for peace. karzai has been pushing to reconcile with the taliban, but now openly admitting his effort is no longer viable and the only way for afghanistan to negotiate peace with pakistan. >> heather: libyan revolutionary forces surrounding sirte, saying they will call a two-day truce. the move would give residents time to get out ahead of the new assault on moammar gadhafi's hometown. david piper streaming live for us from tripoli, libya. david? >> hi, heather. revolutionary commanders announced that 48-hour unilateral cease fire in the last few hours. they're trying to help the civilians that are trapped in the city and allowing them time to escape before they continue their offensive unless gadhafi forces give up. but they say if they don't give
2:07 pm
up, they intend to flatten the town now. they pushed in over the last week from the east-west and south to leave gadhafi's forces only a three-mile strip in the middle of the town now. they've also left a gap to allow civilians to pull out of the town. hundreds of cars have been trying to get out. people have been packed into these cars trying to get out of there today. we do understand from doctors on the ground that one of those cars that was coming out had a family of four inside and they were all killed. some reports on the ground suggest that it was, in fact, gadhafi forces firing mortars on to those vehicles. same there has been some -- same there has been some -- people have been trying to help people inside the town. doctors without borders have tried to enter sirte, but really were forced back because of the fighting. at the moment, we have a 48-hour
2:08 pm
cease fire on the revolutionary side and then it does seem they do intend to push right into gadhafi's hometown. back to you. >> heather: david piper streaming live from tripoli. thank you. >> kelly: on to washington where president obama is demanding that congress move quickly to pass his job creation bill. but republicans say a better result could be achieved by rolling back government regulations. peter doocy reporting from washington. >> president obama says it's been three weeks since he sent his american jobs act to congress and since congress hasn't passed it yet, he wants to know why they're dragging their feet. >> some republicans in congress said they agree with certain parts of the jobs bill. if so, it's time for them to tell me what the proposals are. if they're opposed to this jobs bill, i would like to know what exactly they're against. are they against putting teachers and police officers and firefighters back on the job?
2:09 pm
are they against hiring construction workers to rebuild our roads and bridges and schools? are they against giving tax cuts to virtually every worker and small business in america? >> across america, registered voters are split about the jobs plan, kind of like congress. just 38% think it will create jobs, about the same number, 39%, think it will make no difference, adds 18% think it will cost jobs on top of that, a full 39% think the president's tax and jobs plan are actually bad for america. 48% think they're good. 6% are mixed. republicans, though, fall into the bad for america category. they think cutting excessive regulations would be a better idea and think the president and the senate need to support legislation in the house that would do just that. >> president obama, who has said he's willing to consider stopping excessive regulations should can call on the democrat-led senate to follow the house in passing these jobs bills. let's take this opportunity to widen our common ground and do
2:10 pm
whatever we can to get government out of the way so our economy can return to creating jobs. >> while the arguing continues about jobs, the feeling about jobs nationwide is bleak. almost half of registered voters, 47%, think a year from now, unemployment will be higher than it is today, just 37% think it will be lower. kelly? >> kelly: peter doocy reporting from washington. thanks. >> heather: you have to see this. extreme weather in chicago forcing pedestrians and joggers off several streets near lake michigan. that is the cyclist right there. actually that's a runner. bottom line, they can't make it through. you can see how powerful those waves really are, crashing over oak street beach along the highway, literally knocking folks over. meteorologist maria molina live in the fox extreme weather center with more. >> it's been very unsettled across most of the great lakes, not just this weekend from those images you're seeing, but also
2:11 pm
last weekend where we had water spouts being reported across lake michigan and a big reason is that we've had this dip in the jet stream set up across this area, across most of the eastern half of the country for the past several days already. there has been areas of low pressure that have moved through the great lakes and the northeast, keeping things very unsettled. and also very cool. we have cool air being shifted in from canada, southbound, even areas like atlanta, georgia, dealing with some of the cooler air. 64 is the current temperature. 77 in new orleans. and some of that cooler air will push southbound and some impacts will be felt across central florida as we head into late tonight. you'll be noticing lower humidity and also cooler temperatures. meanwhile, we have this extreme cold weather across parts or cool weather across the eastern part of the country. you have the opposite set-up across the western half and central parts of the country where you actually have very warm air, large ridge of high pressure set up, very warm temperatures, 90 degrees is the current temperature in rapid sit. 82 in dallas, which is not too bad from what they've had to experience the past several
2:12 pm
months out there across texas. because of the cool air coming from canada across parts of the great lakes and even into tennessee, we have a number of frost advisories in effect throughout tonight and sunday morning because we're thinking we'll see frost forming on top of cars and along grassy surfaces and there is also some snow to talk about with this very same storm system. this low system could dump two to four-inches of snow across some of the higher elevations of west virginia and some of the mountains picking up snow out there as well as more heavy rain across the interior northeast and parts of new england will have to continue to deal with some of those showers as we head into tonight and even on sunday. some will linger by monday. so still more unsettled weather to go across the northeast, tomorrow's high, not that much better. only 51 in cleveland. heather? >> heather: 92 and 90 there on the map and you're talking about snow. i'm completely confused. >> yeah. two totally different air masses. >> thank you very much.
2:13 pm
>> kelly: just when we thought the coast was clear, new word now that another satellite may be headed straight for earth. this is a look at the nasa satellite that fell back to earth just last weekend. see it breaking apart. now reports are experts say this new and more dangerous german satellite you're looking at is headed on a collision course with our planet and this time scientists say there is an even bigger risk this satellite may hit something or someone. experts say the 1.6-ton satellite could crash land sometime later this month with some 30 pieces expected to survive reentry, including several shards of glass. >> heather: shards of glass. to say the least, not good. he's leading the pack of gop hopefuls. but mitt romney still has a long way to go before he can unite the party around him and make a case for the presidency. our political panel breaks it all down.
2:14 pm
>> kelly: plus a police chase coming to a dramatic end. i'm on it, boss. new pony sorry ! we are open for business. let's reroute greg to fresno. growing businesses use machine-to-machine technology from verizon wireless. susie ! the nding machine... already filled. cool bike. because the busine with the best technologyules. mushroom smothered beef burgers. hearty chicken and noodle casserole. so easy, you just need campbell's cream of mushroom soup to make them and a hungry family to love them. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> heather: time for a quick check of the headlines. that u.s. drone strike in yemen killing two members of al-qaeda now possibly killing a third
2:18 pm
terrorist. the group's top bomb maker. u.s. officials still waiting for confirmation from the yemeni government. in california, amtrak train carrying 204 passengers slamming into a semi truck last night. authorities reporting at least 39 injured. and in georgia, more than 1,000 family members and supporters gathering to mourn executed inmate troy davis. davis was put to death last month for the 1989 murder of a police officer. davis insisted until his execution he was innocent. >> kelly: the latest fox news poll shows mitt romney reclaiming the lead in the gop presidential race. but with only, only 23% of the vote. that's something polling analysts with the web site real clear politics are now noting. they say romney has never drawn more than a quarter of republicans in the major polls, like ours. it seems to them, as if the gop
2:19 pm
is saying anyone but romney. except perhaps all the other candidates in the running. can this be true? joining me for fair and balanced debate on this topic, former clinton economic advisor and former advisor to the cement finance committee, tim, and brad. gentlemen, thank you for joining us. what is the deal with mitt romney? it seems he can't gain enough traction within the gop? what's his problem? >> there is no problem. the season has yet to begin. we've had a lot of debates, but there hasn't been any real contest. we're waiting for the caucuses and primaries after the first of the year. so i coined a new word called being a momentarian. we want instant gratification, we want it now. there is no future or there is a future and it's a primary season. let it play out. i think we have a great field of candidates. romney is certainly one of the top tier. let's see how it plays out. let it run its course. >> kelly: tim, i get what brad
2:20 pm
is talking about, that let it run its course, let's be a momentarian. but the fact remains, that gentleman we're looking at right now, mitt romney, is widely known and shouldn't he command more of a lead going into january when florida will actually start doing its thing and then iowa and all the caucuses and primaries that will follow? >> exactly. with mitt romney it has run its course. he's been running for president for five years. and he's spent more than $100 million trying to shape public opinion. people should know at this point where romney stands. but they don't know where he stands and his biggest challenge right now is he flipped on so many issues, issues like abortion and health care and immigration and on this i think this is his biggest challenge and i would really compliment brad's former boss, president bush, i think one of his most effective lines during the 2004 campaign was you may not agree with what my positions are, but you know where i stand. that's romney's challenge retama
2:21 pm
is nobody knows where he stands. >> kelly: rick perry said basically the same thing. you know where i stand. when rick perry came in, he surges to the top. now there is talk what would happen if governor cristie come into the race? would he blow them out of the water? it just seems that none of the candidates within the republican party are gaining enough traction to receive full spar. brad, to your point, it's still very early. >> sure, it's early. you talk about changing position, when the republican nominee is finally chosen, whoever they may be, they're going to have a great record against the president to advocate. this president promised, remember that he wouldn't take public financing for his campaign. and then he went back and lied to the american people and financed his own campaign. he's going to raise over a billion dollars right now without any republican nominee to be decided. he promised public financing to begin with and lied to the
2:22 pm
american people. he flip flopped on guantanamo bay. it's still open. the economy is tanking, under obama. no more bush to blame. when you talk about switching positions and not having leadership, this president is absolutely vulnerable and probably most vulnerable as any incumbent since jimmy cart. >> kelly: i hear. tim, might there be a problem that whoever becomes the republican nominee, there could be vulnerability obviously within that republican nominee moving forward and trying to wage a campaign against an incumbent president, regardless of the fact that he carries a lot of baggage with him? >> well, i think you need a republican nominee going to have their challenges. romney is the issue of flip flopping. perry saw inconsistency and incoherent messages. all of us in the democratic party are hoping sarah palin jumps in. i think the president is going
2:23 pm
to have -- he's obviously going to have a tough race no matter who he runs against because that's the nature of these races. i think he has a great record to run on and i think he'll do fine. >> kelly: let's go deeper into the field. we talked about mitt romney and governor rick perry. of course, herman cain who won that florida poll. then also winning the florida debate. where do you think herman cain's chances stand? >> in my view, i think herman cain is kind of a sort of flash in the pan right now. i think it kind of goes back to this idea that romney has been such a consistent presence out there and people can't get their arms around him. three quarters of the republican party can't get their arms around him. for that reason, i think people were excited about perry until the debate. i think cain is almost next down the line. ultimately i think that probably romney gets the nomination, in part because i think the republican party tends to have a who's next mentality. that was the case with dole and
2:24 pm
mccain. romney is still the front runner, but not general lating a lot of excitement. >> cain certainly is somebody who we should be taking very seriously. i think his role, let's say romney was the nominee, he would make a fantastic commerce secretary. this guy is an amazing businessman and he has probably more to offer in the economic portion of a cabinet portfolio than he does being the leader of the free world. >> he wanted to abolish the commerce department. so i'm not sure that's a great compliment. >> as a matter of fact, we don't. i don't know who you're talking to, but there isn't a condition census to abolish the commerce department. >> kelly: we will see what happens because we're getting ever so closer to the real meat and potatoes of the 'cause can yous and primaries and by that time, the republican also have to start figuring out who they want. brad and tim, thank you very much for shedding light and your
2:25 pm
perspective. >> brian: i like the phrase momentarian. >> heather: new video released from a police chase caught on a cruiser's dash cam. a trooper in ohio chasing a suspected armed robber. the pursuit hitting speeds of 100 miles per hour. ending, of course, as usual, when the suspect loses control of his car, flipping over. other officers, the f.b.i., they arrived. they demand the surrender. take a listen. >> get your hands up! put your hands up! >> heather: i could understand what he's saying. but apparently this guy couldn't because instead of following orders, he started smoking a crack pipe and then he pointed a pellet gun at them. officers didn't wait for him to shoot.
2:26 pm
>> shots fired! >> heather: 40 to 50 rounds to be exact were fired. the suspect died. a grand jury finding none of the officers committed any criminal wrongdoing. >> kelly: wow. a missing person's case quickly becoming a family affair. the search for susan powell taking some even stranger turns after her father-in-law's arrest. judge jeanine pirro joins us next with the latest developments. >> heather: and the death of a bear in idaho sparking a major debate. why one man says he wound up paying a fine for protecting his family. [ junior ] i played professional basketball for 12 years.
2:27 pm
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>> heather: it is the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. al-qaeda and yemen taking a big blow. first two high profile
2:31 pm
terrorists killed by a u.s. drone attack and now word that the same hit appears to have killed the terror group's top bomb maker. >> kelly: federal aviation administration investigating air traffic controllers at pittsburgh's international airport. the faa says five planes took off from a closed storm damaged runway. >> heather: and disturbing details from the victims of a listeria outbreak linked to cantaloupe. some reporting leading normal lives one day and agonizing symptoms just the next. at least 15 people have died. 84 sickened in 19 states. >> kelly: be careful with that. meantime, the case of a missing utah mom keeps getting stranger and stranger. susan powell has been missing nearly two years now. her husband has suggested his wife ran away, but cops say he isn't being very cooperative. now her father-in-law, steven powell, is under arrest. >> heather: yeah. even more disturbing, he's accused of videotaping the father-in-law, videotaping her
2:32 pm
and underage neighbors in the bathroom and as we learn more about his bizarre behavior, many are wondering if he might maybe know a little bit more about susan's whereabouts than he's letting on. joining us now, anchor of "justice," judge jeanine pirro. i'm going to toss it over to you because it's crazy. >> it's more than crazy. you can't make this stuff up. first of all, off mother missing and her husband says, look, my wife probably ran off with another woman. she was unstable. she was depressed. she was a lunatic and she's gone. and by the way, i went hunting or fishing in the middle night in a snow blizzard with my two children, but that's normal to him. now he moves in with his father. his father is busted for vouchism and child pornography. but even better than that, he says that he had a sexual relationship with his son's wife. now we find out in addition to the pornographic pictures he's got, he has taken photos of her,
2:33 pm
photos of children unbeknownst to them, next-door neighbors, and now we come to what the significant piece is and that is that susan powell's two children have been removed from the home, from their father and grandfather because the court says that it is not a safe environment for children, that there apparently was a poster in that home of a woman with a sword going the two children says yeah, you know, i know my father has pornography, but he just put it on my computer. it wasn't really mine. and then he says, i'd rather have my two kids go to foster care than go to their mother's parents. i don't want my kids going to church. can it get any stranger than this? >> kelly: this is worse than a bad film, except it's reality. >> the shame of it is is that there are two children involved here, two young children, missing their mother. now have been removed from their father's custody. the father fighting tooth and nail with his father about the
2:34 pm
worth of their own mother, and now what we've got is a question: why did this stepfather come out and say i had a sexual relationship with my daughter-in-law? is this a guy trying to call attention to himself? was there more involved? >> heather: it's very creepy. these are all creepy things, but it doesn't necessarily make him a killer. >> no, no one said he is. but i'll tell you what, people are now looking. people are wondering what's going on here? by the way, add to the picture, to the story, the brother of josh powell running around naked answering the door when the police come to the door. this is a home that these two children are being raised in. so we're going to talk about this tonight on my show. we're going to have a therapist, 'cause the kids are now in therapy, and we're going to try to go through what is going on, why is josh powell not coerating with police? police are every bit as hungry as they were in the beginning to come to a conclusion here. they're checking mines and areas close to the area that josh
2:35 pm
powell says he was camping. but there is a new piece. the father-in-law. he got a little too close and now people are looking. >> kelly: as a former prosecutor and as a judge, where do you see this going? what will law enforcement have to do to break this case? >> i think that law enforcement has a lot, to be honest with you. i think what they recognize is that sometimes circumstantial evidence isn't as strong as we'd like to tab, like casey anthony. i think they're looking for the body. they're looking to find something. they found some charred remains. they're looking in mines. they're getting closer. make no mistake, i really believe this case will be solved. we can only hope the two children are getting help. >> kelly: and helping the children at the same time. what a bizarre case. judge, we look forward to seeing that program. don't forget to catch "justice" with gentleman gentleman mean pir -- jeanine pirro. and new pictures of casey anthony released by a judge. would it have made a difference
2:36 pm
in her case? court? that's at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> heather: 9 p.m i'll be there. he won the battle with a bear, but he still lost to the feds. jeremy hill says he didn't know where his kids were when he spotted a 300-pound grizzly outside of his home. that's what he did when he thought anyone would do, grabbed his gun and killed the grizzly. after facing possible jail time and getting hit with a fine, hill's story has ignited one bear of a debate. dan springer live in los angeles with that debate. hi, dan. >> yeah. the debate over the endangered species act which does allow people to kill threatened and endangered species, as long as it's done in self-defense. but the fed doesn't totally believe the story hill told them. the bear was shot three times. there were two other bears on the property that were not hit.
2:37 pm
the department of justice says the first two shots were legal because hill didn't know where his kids were, but when he fired the third shot, he knew his kids were out of harm's way inside the house. the locals who have lived with bears forever say finishing off the bear was not only the humane thing to do, but the safe thing to do because a wounded grizzly is the most dangerous grizzly. they were angry at the charges. >> unbelievable. it's not understandable. it was outside the scope of reality for people to understand. >> wildlife conservationists say the u.s. attorney should have taken the case all the way to court. the grizzly population in the northwest is not doing well. only about 70 bears, most of them across the border in canada. still grizzly attacks are up this year mainly because late spring snows drove the bears off the mountain looking for food. >> there aren't very many bears out there. so we can't spare them.
2:38 pm
we don't want people killing them if they didn't absolute israeli have to. >> in the end, the u.s. attorney cut a deal dropping the criminal charge against hill. but he still had to pay a $1,000 fine and $20,000 legal bill, a bill his many local supporters helped him pay. >> heather: they are beautiful animal, but from afar. thank you so much, dan. we appreciate it. >> kelly: the united states silencing two high profile terrorists in yemen, but even in death, their legacy of hatred lives on. their words of war polluting the internet. so is there anything we can do to stop them from spreading their ideology? we'll take a look next you could save a bundle with geico's multi-policy discount. geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. ♪
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2:43 pm
for the killing of westerners for years. and the producer of the terrorist publication, inspire, also killed in the attack. the problem is, their message will survive, thanks so cyber space, and plenty of their followers are still out there in this country and around the world. here now, the author of jihad joe, americans who go to war in the name of islam and editor of intel, jm burger. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> heather: so you refer to figures like al-awlaki and bin laden as larger than death. explain that. >> well, we often talk about heroic figures being larger than life and jihaddist pan thee on, these figures who die, especially in something that can be considered martyrdom take on a larger than death quality. they really had an image and personality that expands beyond what they did in their lives. because they're dead, they can't
2:44 pm
really disappoint or turn away from the past what they've done is now frozen and they will always be the character that they are now. >> heather: you even say in the short-term right now, they could possibly even become more popular. >> certainly al-awlaki's death is probably going to create short-term interest in his works. al-awlaki was a very powerful force for radicalizing muslims and most of his best work was done a couple of years ago, the stuff that really affects people and moves them toward violence, it's stuff that has already been in circulation for a while. that material is going to continue to have a shelf life for a long time. >> heather: it's really everywhere. what you say, i'm one of those people. i went on-line today in an effort to research the story with you and could easily access some of the videos that you're talking about, some of the videos we're watching right now. so, of course, his message will continue to be spread. do you think that there is anyone in particular that could replace him?
2:45 pm
is he replaceable? >> al-awlaki was really a unique figure. not just because he was an american, although that was certainly part of it. he was very eloquent and skilled at speaking to westerners, but really his uniqueness comes from the fact that he had a life before jihad. he was really a very popular main stream muslim preacher before he openly embraced terrorism. and he came into this world with a history and a life and a body of work that isn't all about terrorism. there is really no one else in the movement like that. osama bin laden and zawarir, for their entire adult lives have been jihaddists of one sort or another. so al-awlaki, in terms of his potential to really radicalize people who are vulnerable in the main stream community, had something unique to offer and there is really no one who is currently in the wings who can replace that. >> heather: what about the
2:46 pm
terrorist publication, inspire? do you think the death of al-awlaki and kahn also mean the end of that, inspire? >> it's possible. but there was a third editor of inspire, we don't know much about him. and we haven't heard that he was killed in the strike. so he may be around to continue inspire. it's important to remember that inspire started as a fan magazine really. kahn, before he was part of al-qaeda, was an admirer and put out a predecessor to "inspire." jihad recollections, he did it out of his basement. his parents' basement. somebody could pick up the banner if time goes by and it's clear it isn't continuing, someone could take it upon themselves to do it. >> heather: kahn from north carolina, where i'm from, so i've done plenty of stories on him. appreciate your insight.
2:47 pm
interesting listening to you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> kelly: americans are speaking out about whether chris christie should mount a run for the white house. the surprising results from a brand-new poll out there following weeks of speculation. plus could the new jersey governor be having a change of heart about jumping into the race? >> heather: i don't know. he said no more than a couple times. and follow-up to his story that we brought you last weekend, texas father's uphill battle to win back custody of his son. now we'll tell you why the two may never be reunited >> they said no, you're not the legal dad. next thing you know, they served me. not once, but twice ? listen to this. three out of four americans don't get enough vegetables. so here's five bucks to help you buy v8 juice. five bucks. that's a lot of green. go to for coupons. you can count on us.
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>> heather: governor rick perry is now for sale, at least a giant chia pet version of him. it's available on ebay, of course, for just $4,500. significant. tell i couldn't in a minute. this six foot tall statue, it was first commissioned last year to promote a fertilizer product by a texas-based company. the company's founder says he decided to sell the bust after perry commented that he would be offended if someone thought he could be bought for $5,000.
2:52 pm
hence, the 4500. the seller says all the proceeds will go to charity. looks just like him, right? >> kelly: brand-new poll suggesting herman cain stunning upset in florida may not be translating to other parts of the country. according to a new rasmussen poll, less than a third of all americans actually think the georgia businessman is actually qualified to be president. >> heather: shear is a breakdown. mitt romney considered the most qualified at 43%, with cain and governor rick perry divided evenly at just 30%. these numbers, a stark contrast from the florida straw poll just a week ago. joining us now, the president of rasmussen reports, scott rasmussen with more on this. what's your take on this, scott? and welcome, hello. >> welcome. the take is that herman cain now has his 15 minutes to really make his case. i think the most significant number for him is the 37% don't
2:53 pm
have an opinion one way or the other. he can still way that. for rick perry, he's struggling. the other thing that's significant here, when we focus it on republicans, the people who will pick their party's nominee, 64% say mitt romney is qualified. 52% say rick perry is qualified. by a 49-17 margin, they say herman cain is qualified. so long way to go on this one. >> kelly: scott, let's talk about governor chris christie. he's constantly saying no, no, no. in fact, how many times can you say no, right? and yet, many people within the republican party, the leadership of the republican party even, appear to be reaching out to him, saying dude, you got to run. >> heather: dude? you use that word, dude? >> i'm not sure that was the technical term they used, but we did find out in polling that right now he's behind by a 44 to 43 to president obama. that this says more about the president than chris christie. rick perry and herman cain are
2:54 pm
behind by single digits against all of the top republicans. president in the low to mid 40s. the race is still a referendum on him. for chris christie, he's got to make his decision soon. he thinks he said no enough. we'll find out if he has one more no left in him. >> heather: i think maybe he might have one more no, but he'll keep us hanging just in case. is it all just hype? >> i don't know if it's all just hype. it's probably flattering to be begged to run for president. there is not a lot of call from the grassroots nationwide. only 20% think he should be running for president. that he should jump into this race. among republicans, 32% say he should get in. 25% say he doesn't. there is not going to be a huge grassroots, let's draft chris christie movement. this is coming from leaders, many of whom were discouraged by rick perry's last debate performance. >> kelly: we have that spending reduction plan that's still out there somewhere. the super committee trying to
2:55 pm
find out what they're going to do with it. you think we'll get a spending reduction plan in place by 2012? >> voters enormously skeptical. 73% say it's not likely. i want to put this in perspective. it's not just that they don't think a plan will come in the future. congress already they cut spending by a trillion dollars as part of the deal to raise the debt ceiling. most say they don't even think those cuts will be delivered upon. >> heather: so what is next in the debt cutting plan? what do they think? >> most americans would like to see a plan that is mostly spending cuts. they expect if any deal does come out, it will be mostly tax hikes. they think the spending cuts will be ignored, the tax hikes will be implemented and then just to flesh out the full round of skeptic im, 62% say if taxes are raised, congress won't use it to reduce the deficit. they'll spend it on something new. >> kelly: i'm running out of time. you've got toell us, you are rasmussen, the best out there. what's the polls in terms of who is going to win the world
2:56 pm
series? >> this is a killer. i'm a yankees fan, but 32% picked those phillies. i hope the fans are wrong. >> kelly: i think our producer had something to do with that. she's a phillies fan. all right, we thank you very much and thank you, everyone, for joining us. >> heather: and joining you up next, gregg jarrett and arthel neville. we'll see you tomorrow. bye. o0 c1 2 o0 [ telephone rings ]
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