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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  October 2, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> has president obama done anything right? >> he leads the polls for the latest nomination, and mitt romney on obama care and potential of chris christie joining the race. >> let's see who has the best shot. >> the two former governors go one-on-one in a huckabee exclusive. >> also tonight, what's the most important thing a dad can say to his kids. >> i love you, i'm proud of you and grateful that you're my child. >> the star of the film courageous on the true meaning of father hood. plus-- ♪ ♪ i'll be right here waiting for you ♪ >> grammy winning musician richard marks with the stories behind some of his greatest hits. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applaus [applause] >> thank you very much.
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and great audience here today. and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. all right, one of the funniest thing i've seen over the last couple of of weeks is the incredible youtube video of a couple of grandparents that were unknowingly being recorded as they tried to figure out how to use their web-cam. >> look at the monkey! >> did it capture? i put it on capture. >> that's a pretty good monkey. >> yeah, do it again. >> and take a photo snapshot, okay. >> oh! >> boy, why won't it take a picture? >> take photo. i don't know, dear. >> oh, pardon me. >> i did it before by accident. oh, warning, you must stop recording before trying to close. guy, i don't know, i don't know, what i'm recording,
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shucks. shucks. >> maybe it's recorded us. >> oh, gee. [applause] >> well, it was recording them and that video became a youtube sensation. 8.2 million viewers so far. and it turns out that that lovely couple are big fans of our show. so, of course, we invit them to join us in our audience, please welcome bruce and esther huffman who are with us today. [applause] >> what a joy that has been to see this. you guys watch the show all the time, that's what we found out. you really do. >> we really do. every, every saturday at five o'clock. >> and 'cause you're on the west coast and you see it at five o'clock. what if it's where you can't see it, do you tape it. >> yes, we do. >> i want to know how do you figure out how to tape it? (laughter) >> she does it. >> or sometimes i get my daughter. >> we're pretty disappointed
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when you're not on. >> i'm very disappointed, too. >> you guys are great and you're good sports to come all the way from near portland, oregon to be with us, please say thanks to bruce and esther huffman. [applause]. lovely. all right, it's time for huck's quick fix, as you know i usually open the show giving a commentary on the news of the week, but there are several stories that have grabbed my attention this week so we're going to try something little new. we're going to try a few of the hottest headlines and in 30 seconds or less, i'll give my point of view and when time is up for each of the headlines. this bell. [bell ringing] >> that's the one, it's going off. the first one, is there panic in the white house? four years ago, the president was on top of the world, remember? he was sailing to a historic election, in fact, if there was a movie about his election four years ago, it would probably be this.
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>> i'm the king of the world, woo hoo! >> woo hoo! >> indeed, he was sailing high four years ago, four years later, it's been a tough week, in fact, his vice-president joe biden got a little on the honest side and even said to a florida radio station, that the election is a referendum on barack obama and joe biden's managing the economy, and said, we own the economy. i'm not sure how happy the president was to hear that. then, something really spectacular happened, david axlerod the former campaign manager for barack obama and working in his campaign used this comparison, saying that the reelection will be a titanic struggle. think about that. titanic? david, here is a little, little piece of advice, never ever, ever, ever use the word titanic to describe an election that you want to win,
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ever. (laughter) >> next headline up next, why are congressional democrats turning against president obama? you know, senate majority leader harry reid decided he wasn't going to bring obama's job bill to the senate floor, now, that's kind of surprising, it's his president, his party. we wondered why not, until senator dick durbin kind of spilled the beans and said we're not going to bring it to the floor because he we don't have the votes [bell ringing] >> not the republican keeping it from happening it's his own party. why does governor chris christie keep saying no? i have no idea. and january 31st, why does a matter, completely changes dynamics of the election, if florida goes early which now they're going to, means, new hampshire, iowa, nevada as well as south carolina go early, there could be the first election sometime before
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christmas. it also means that those who come in late have a great disadvantage and the person who probably is most advantaged, someone you're going to see later in this show, mitt romney. so what's going on with that? it's something huge to keep your eyes on and finally, let me tell you something i want to show you what i'm doing here, i'm actually taking this hot dog, i'm practicing for something, and mmm, why, why am i eating this hot dog? you remember a few weeks ago when president obama had a $35,000 a plate dinner for people who were donating to him at the waldorf atora, $35,000 a plate. now the president is kind of looking for different donors, and he says that if you donate $3, you win a chance to have dinner with the president for $3. what can you buy in new york city for $3? this is it, a hot dog. (laughter) >> so if you want to be a part of the president's hot dog summit you can, i guess, go to the website and give him
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$3 and maybe you can have a hot dog with the president. (laughter) . [applause] >> all right. next week, if you'd like to send in your favorite headlines to us at huck mail at, we might use your headlines in huck's quick fix. mitt romney leads the latest fox news poll on the republican field of presidential candidates and according to the poll, 23% of the them support the former governor, and rick perry, 19%, and the poll shows herman cain gaining momentum and placing third with 17%. well, i had a chance to speak to mitt romney a little earlier. governor it's great to have you here, thanks for coming. >> thank you, mike. >> mike: let's talk about what you're doing differently this time than four years ago when were you wearing me out all over the country? >> well, you know, someone said to me that if you asked
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at the end of that campaign, write down one word what barack obama stood for, change or hope. how about hillary clinton. can't come up with anything. how about mitt romney, same thing. and i talked about a lot of issues, but it wasn't clear what i stood for and i wanted to make sure that in this race, win or lose, people know i'm the guy that will put americans back to work and i want to have a clear and compelling message that people hear day in and day out. so for me, believing in america, believing we can compete with the world and putting americans back to work, that's the message and the lesson is, have a message, communicate it as clearly as you possibly can ap be known for something. >> mike: how have the voters changed? because you talked about some ways in which you're approaching this a little differently. is this a very different electorate than four years ago and if so, how? >> yeah, i think so, when we run for, mike, we had an empty white house. the president was leaving, we had an open seat and as a result, there was no one we he were really running against,
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out there talking about our own views, now, we're looking at the record of someone sitting in the white house and he's obviously failed and in our party, folks are pretty animated. a lot of folks are frankly, angry that this president has taken the country in a very different direction than he described during his campaign. he so, it's a, probably a more motivated, energized party for us and on the other side, i think a good deal less energized. i think that people recognize the civility he spoke about, bringing people together, a vision for america, greatness, those things he hasn't delivered on, as a result i think the momentum is shifting to our party. >> mike: there is a lot of anger out there for sure, is that not divisive and did you see the party so angry he they want a candidate that doesn't exist. every week there's someone else they're looking for, this week, it's chris christie. what does it do for you as a candidate. you've been out there day after day, week after week and every week someone pops up and everyone falls in love with
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all of a sudden. >> well, i think we want to win. i think the people in our party want to make sure that we replace this president. and we want someone who can actually beat him. and we want someone who can get the country back on track. so, i don't begrudge the fact that people want to take a very good, hard look and if someone else is willing to get in the race, it's like, come in, let us take look at you, put you under the microscope and who has the best shot of replacing president obama and getting the country on the right track again, i'm not surprised that people are taking a very careful look and we had donald trump very strong early on and sarah palin has been very strong and mike, i thought you might get into the race. >> mike: i thought i might, too. (laughter) >> i mean, it would have-- >> i couldn't do that and still do the talk show. >> you have to give up one or the other. if you were in it would be a very different race and you probably don't think about that a lot, but i'm sure a lot of people in the country are saying, why doesn't mike get in. it would be terrific, but
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they're looking at the field and i think in the final week or two people will settle down and make the final decision. >> mike: do you change anything depending who gets in. rick perry, chris christie? what happens to your strategy, game plan or message? >> you know, for me, i talk about what i care about in terms of policy, and the direction of the country. and then i let a couple of folks in my campaign operation think about strategy, how much time in this state. how many ad dollars in that state. and i'm sure that that calculation changes, depending on who gets into the the race. and if someone comes in that divides part of the vote, why, we may need to rush in there with a meeting or two, but for me right now, it's just get out there with my message wherever i am and frankly given the fact that everything we say, to one audience is picked up instantly through social media and through cable, i mean, everything you say it really is nationwide n now. digestive balance. and fruit & veggie has antioxidant properties.
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>> i want to talk about one of the perhaps most controversial aspects that you bring to the race, the massachusetts health care plan that you led and supported. a lot of criticism for it that it really the birth of obama care and we had this sound bite from jay carney this week and let's listen to it and let you respond. the former governor of massachusetts said the other day, the idea for a health care plan was not mine alone. a conservative think tank, i'm told that newt gingrich, i'm told come up with a conservative idea that say, you know what, people have a responsibility for caring for themselves if they can. and help people who can't care for themselves. if you can care for yourself, you've got to take care of yourself and pay your own. >> that's he the former governor the individual mandate and we simply agree. >> mike: so jay carney is out
5:16 pm
there singing your praises, but mentioned both the heritage foundation and newt beggingrich were singing your praises at the passage of the massachusetts health care. >> he's got a wolf and trying to cover it in sheep's clothing and it does not quite fit. not working well. the president's plan is not about the few people uninsured. he wants you to think thats what it's about. the american people know better. our plan in massachusetts caring for the 8% of population that didn't have insurance, for 92% in my state nothing changed. the president he's health care plan is taking over 100%, taking care of health care what doctor you can have, what treatment you can have, providers are reimbursed so a takeover by the federal government. that's number one. number two, he raises taxes by a half trillion dollars and helped to slow down the economy, number three, he cut medicare by 500 billion dollars.
5:17 pm
and only president in modern history that cut medicare, there's a pretty significant differences and one more of course is that the federal takeover of what has been a state responsibility, constitutionally, so on day one, if i'm elected president, i will direct the secretary of health and human services to grant a waiver from obama care to every single state. i want to stop that bill. want to stop that law in its track and go back to a setting where states and individuals had the responsibility for health care. >> the wall street journal said it resulted in increased cost to the consumers and longer waiting times and has it done that in massachusetts. is that an accurate assessment of ybe, unintended consequences? >> actually the rate of growth of health insurance premiums slowed down after the bill was passed, but, it's a small change and i'm not sure we get a lot of credit for that. our bill really didn't focus on lowering costs and we hoped we could help a little bit, but that's a big her task that has to be done.
5:18 pm
getting the cost of health care down is something which is essential for this country's competitiveness, but the bill works pretty well, not perfectly, if i were governor, it would work better. elections have consequences and you have, you know, it's been five years since af he been in the governor's chair in massachusetts and for the things the current governor has done, i wouldn't have done. in the original bill there were provisions i vetoed and tried to pull out of there, and overridden. >> some of them such as what? >> i said look, a person who wants to buy insurance should be be able to get a policy that's not comprehensive, but that deals with more catastrophic care so let's not have all of these mandates that tell the insurance companies all the things they have to include in your health insurance policy. let you get a more modest policy. and legislature said, oh, no, we are going to put in the mandated coverages they call them in massachusetts, the policies all have unlimited, treatment for in vitro fertilization, that makes the policies more expensive, for example, and in my view that would be something that ought
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>> one piece of controversy in the plan >> one piece of real controversy in the plan and given people like me heartburn, a pro-life guy. the massachusetts plan funds abortion for $50 co-pay, why is that in there? >> it's not in there, there's not a word abortion in the entire plan that we have. the provision that allows people who are poor to get an abortion at low cost is something which the court put in place. this was, and of course, i couldn't get the chance to appoint supreme court jifrts when i was governor and a number of things my supreme court did i didn't like and you may remember others that i battled and that's certainly one of them. i don't agree with the court's decision, but our bill had no
5:23 pm
mention whatsoever of abortion, but the court decided that this is something which was going to be insisted upon in the state. >> mike: was there any way you could have blocked that administratively or through forcing the legislature to have created enabling legislation before it went into effect? >> well, no, this was something which existed before our bill was past and they said that people receiving care in any way subsidized by government had the right to get abortion as part of that care. and they said that was constitutionally required. so, the only way we could have changed that would be to carry out a constitutional amendment to block the supreme court's decision. >> would you have supported a constitutional amendment that would have established the definition of life at conception. >> mike: absolutely. not had an easy sailing through the massachusetts legislature or-- >> i mean. >> mike: i have concede massachusetts is not exactly a right of center state historically. >> that's true, i fought it as you probably know as well for
5:24 pm
a constitutional provision, defining marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman. we almost got that, only one vote shy in the legislature of being able to take that to the next step, but ultimately would have required a vote of the people. but, yeah, i am pro-life and would prefer to have the courts decide that individuals, rather that states have the ability to make their own decisions with regards to abortion. >> mike: because the pro-life issue is one that was, i think, a much bigger four years ago because we didn't have all the economic crisis, there are still concerns that some of the social conservatives have. would you be a pro-life prison? what would that mean for you? how would you give some assurance that that's not an issue they have to worry about if mitt romney is the president? >> well, i'd make sure that the progress that's been made to provide for life, and to protect human life is not progress that would be
5:25 pm
reversed and make sure that the justices that go to the supreme court are justices that have a conviction their job is to follow the law and not create the law from the bench. i would encourage legislation which provided to individuals the information they needed to make a choice, an informed choice about, about whether or not to have an abortion, my view is that the supreme court should reverse roe vs wade and send back to the states the responsibility for deciding whether they're going to have abortion legal in their state or not. >> mike: the problem for many people would be, if it's back at the states, some states would have far mow prolific abortions, each state could have the sense of what's right and what's wrong. is that not like going back 150 years to the civil wars and saying in some states it's okay and some states it's not? that to me would be a real challenge to say reversing roe vs wade makes us pro-life when in fact it givers all the states for the states to decide geographically what's
5:26 pm
moral and immoral. >> i think we have to decide what politically has the greatest potential of being successful. i think if you turn back to the states, the responsibility for deciding whether or not abortion would be legal you'd find states he retreating and saying, for instance, that partial birth abortion would be illegal. saying perhaps no abortions after the first trimester, and letting states make that decision would be better than the current setting. would it be wonderful if everyone in the country agreed with you and me, that life begins at conception? that there is he' a sanctity of life that's part of a civilized society and that we're all going to agree we're not going to have legal abortion in the nation. that would be great, but i don't think that's where we're at right now. but i think where a majority of the american people would go, would be to say let's states make the decisions and state by state you'd see us pull back from some of the more expansive pro choice decisions made by the supreme court. has never attacked a corkboard.
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>> live from america's news headquarters. reports had al-qaeda's chief bomb maker not among those killed in yemen. u.s. officials thought he might have died in friday's attack on a convoy, but all victims had been identified and he was not among them. confirmed dead al-awlaki. and urged american muslims to carry out attacks. a protest group occupying wall street is beginning the third week in camping out in manhattan's financial district. they tried to cross the brooklyn bridge. demonstrators upset with corporate greed they say of social inequality. another protest they say is set for wednesday. i'm harris falkner, all the headlines when you want them. go to our website,
5:31 pm >> what makes you the best candidate against president obama? you've got to first clear the field of the other republicans, but let's just pair you, whether it's rick perry or rick santorum michele bachmann or herman cain. what gives you the best chance of defeating barack obama in 2012. >> i think the fact i spent my life not in politics, but private sector differentiates he me in the most significant way for other people running for office. i understand how the economy works because i've lived in the economy. i understandhat it means to have people sitting cross a kitchen table caking out their calculator and checkbook, gosh, i don't know if we can make it this month. i know what it takes to get people back to work and i've competed with businesses around the world and know why they take jobs away from america and noi what it takes to get jobs back in america. >> mike: what does it take to get the jobs back, we've lost
5:32 pm
a bunch of and every week seems like we have unemployment numbers either less than expected, less than desired and even when we have a good number, it's not that good. >> yeah, yeah. >> what can we do? >> the reason you're seeing jobs trail off in this country, the reason you're seeing our incomes not rising, is that more and more of our middle and large sized e enterprises are deciding it's better to do business somewhere else. they look at taxes and lack of energy policies here and fact that our trade policies aren't opening up new markets and they say, you know what? it's better to build a facility elsewhere and then you have small businesses, the reason they have a hard time getting going, they can't get loans and because some of the big businesses are moving away not as many people they could support with the smaller businesses. on both sides, big business, small business, the fact we've made america a less attractive place to invest and grow jobs is what's causing this economy that has such a difficult time to reboot. >> has president obama done
5:33 pm
anything right? >> yeah. >> i'm asking you in part for information, let me understand. has he done anything right? i think he's been a great husband and father. >> and that's a good example. >> and i think he has been. >> and he got usama bin laden, made the decision to pull the trigger on that front. congratulations-- >> do you give him credit for killing anwar al-awlaki? >> the fact that we continue to have drones in the air and attacking people al-qaeda operatives. he could have stopped that and he didn't, so i'll give him partial credit for our suesses and he's the commander-in-chief and shares credit for those things along with our fighting men and women. i also think that, in the area of education, arnie duncan saying, reward teachers for doing a good job and remove bad teachers and test kids, see what they're doing, that i
5:34 pm
think is a positive thing. not everything that arnie duncan is doing and the natural core curriculum and trying to get the states. i don't like a national curriculum i like the states to craft their own curriculum. >> you got criticized by rick perry in the last debate, in essence a bear hug to arnie duncan, i didn't read it that way. that's the allegation. is there a problem complimenting anything the other side does, even specifically, that you rin the risk of becoming fodder for somebody's target? >> i think that's one of the down sides of political life, as you know, that anything you may have said could be taken out of context, or twisted. and any policy you have can be shaded to make it look like it's a little different than what you really believe and then attack ads or so forth come out. but over time, i think people sort out what's true and
5:35 pm
what's not true and frirankly, the immediate yeah, even mainstream media will do some fact checking and say, look, that's phony, that's wrong and i think that helps. if you spend your time worrying about the attacks you're going to lose your hair and turn gray in no time. i kind of spend my time talking about what i would do to get americans back to work. >> mike: you know, a lot of people are watching this interview because they were really wondering would you and i be able to sit in the same room and be be civil to each other, it was exactly four years ago we were kind of going through it i think we've proven that people can be civil, and i'm deeply grateful. thank you, governor romney for being here, i've enjoyed the visit very much and wish you the best on the campaign trail. >> thank you very much, nice to see you again. >> mike: you can tell my daily commentary on the huckabee report on radio and pod cast, go to mike and click on the huckabee report to find out the station near you or pod cast. you may remember the human calculator. the one who helped us figure out how much america's debt is
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costing each of us. his real name is scott plantsberg and he wants kids across the country to succeed in math and hopes they'll take part in the american math challenge on october 12th and 13th. if you'd like information go to american math oh, have you noticed how hard it is to find a movie that the entire family can actually enjoy together these days? the movie "courageous" focuses on the importance of father hood. it's a great film to encourage dads. alex kendrick and ken bevel from the cast of "courageous" opening this weekend join me next. stay with us. o0 c1 2 o0 what's going on here? hey, whats up guys?
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>> you have probably me talk >> last three years on this show you have he' probably heard me talking about the father's impact on a child's live. a film called "courageous". >> what i want for you, is that you seek the lord, and that you trust him, and stand alone. you got me? >> yes, sir. >> now, where i beat you to the corner. >> you're not going to beat me to the corner. >> just going to get a breath. okay.
5:41 pm
what is that? >> what? >> hey, you can't do that. >> joining me now the stars of the movie, associate pastors alex kendrick and ken neville. so glad to have you here. [applaus [applause] >> you have not only written this movie, but you you star in it and produce it, but you why the topic, fatherhood? what was it about that topic that you said, i've got to do something in a film fashion? >> well, a good question. i've got six kids of my own and i just feel like, understanding that role of father and pouring into it is one of the most crucial things i can do with my wife. i think it reflects god. when i love my kids it's easier to believe that god loves them and we all operate from approval or for approval. if we know we're loved growing up we don't have to seek it everywhere else. for people who don't feel
5:42 pm
loved by their dad growing up they're constantly looking for approval. >> mike: did you have a good relationship with your own father? >> i did, i did. i had a wonderful father. he affirmed me, he, you know, i would say he blessed me in that he he said, you go do what god's gifted you to do and i'm supporting it. >> mike: so, for you, this film is to talk about how to get to be that father and to go through the process of really getting it. >> yeah. >> ken, you were a marine for a long time. >> yes, sir, i was. >> retired as a captain in the marine corps and now work on a church staff happens to be one of the most amazing chuchls in t the-- churches and produces movies. and now this film "courageous" what drew you to the film? what was it about it that touched you. >> what drew me to be a part of this film. i believe in what they are he' doing, i've seen changed lives
5:43 pm
and marriages restored, families restored, it was ease toy get behind that and number two, i could really identify with this. growing up in a home where my father wasn't there all the time, i can see how it affected me as a child. so, i said, now what? if there's anything going on that will help promote fatherhood, i want to be a part of it. >> so you had a rockier relationship with your dad than what alex described. >> yes, sir. >> tell me about that. >> well, my dad, growing up, you know, it was great. he worked at a steel mill and come home and seeing my run to the street to meet him. and after some time he started getting involved with drugs and alcohol and it really tanked the family relationship. and as a result of that, i sought that affirmation and love that a father should be giving his child out on the streets and when that didn't happen, i started getting into all type of things that are unmentionable right now, but really ruined my relationship, but, god placed some strong mentors in my life that helped
5:44 pm
he me make it. >> mike: you know, sometimes the phrase disney dad which means that dad is never home, but earns enough money to take them to disney once a year and thinks somehow that's fatherhood. what's wrong with that idea? >> the kids will figure out what's important to you. the older i get, the more i realize what was important to my dad. if his children hear these three things, i love you, i'm proud ofyou, grateful you're my child it will make all the difference in the world because that's what god wants to say to you, i love you, i have a purpose for your life and when we know our dads love us it's easier for us to believe that god loves us. >> mike: ken, what is the biggest mistake a father can make. >> biggest mistake a father can make is not spending time with their children. children have to have that affirmation and time with their parents. >> mike: we hear that, well, i don't have a the lot of time, but i've got quality time. is that a myth? >> i think that's one of the mistakes that we make. we say you know what? i'm going to get a good job, i want to go on vacation with my kids and spend time with them,
5:45 pm
but that's not it. kids are longing for just the quality time with their parents, whether it be going to jumpy or the city park, they want to be with their parents. i encourage men to ensure that you're spending quality times with their children. >> mike: a lot of dads are afraid to tell their kids no, make them mad at them. good idea, bad idea. >> you're responsible for your child, do not let the child to drive the relationship. god positioned you as the driver in the car and you defend it and fight for it you'll see this in the movie, but that's a dad's way to stipulate up and say i'm going to be the guy that my child needs. >> mike: sometimes we talk about the time we spend with our kids. never forget something, love is spelled t-i-m-e. you want to do things for your kids, provide for them. but there's nothing you can do more important than actually spend time with them.
5:46 pm
how to do that, that's part of the message of "courageous" and alex and ken, thank you very much for being here and more importantly putting together a powerful film. [applause] an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement ailable only with liberty mutual auto insurance, if your car's totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer. to learn more, visit us today. responsibility. what's your policy? [ cellphone rings ] cut! [ monica ] i have a small part in a big movie. i thought we'd be on location for 3 days, it's been 3 weeks. so, i used my citi simplicity card to pick up a few things. and i don't have to worry about a late fee. which is good... no! bigger! bigger! [ monica ] ...because i don't think we're going anywhere for a while.
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>> [applause]. right here wait helping to be the first >> it's like don't mean nothing and the artist have the first seven singles hit the billboard in the top five. sold more than 30 million albums and back with a new one, please welcome richard marx, welcome. >> nice to be here. >> mike: and of all the songs you have done, big hits for you, but more amazed how many hits people don't realize were your songs, and you wrote. tell us about some of the people you've written for and we've heard. >> people don't read liners
5:50 pm
and wouldn't expect people to know are wrote or produced that song, but great, the last ten years especially, 11 years i've gotten to write and produce records for people of every genre of music. i haven't done polka yet, but worked with everybody from country artists like keith urban and faith hill, to rock bands like daughtry and "life house," andthen, sort of classical, like josh groban, did his first single. luther vandross and i wrote dance "dance with my father" together and i'm working hard to get the polka connection and feel i accomplish something. >> play a little "don't mean nothing". >> my first single-- 1912. (laughter) ♪ it don't mean nothing, the words they say ♪ ♪ don't mean nothing, these games that people play, hey ♪
5:51 pm
♪ no, it don't mean nothing, no victim no crime ♪ ♪ it don't mean nothing still you sit on... ♪ (applaus (applause) >> now, what's really sad, it's sad, the only thing that's sad i was an excellent english student. >> mike: were you? >> and check this out ♪ it doesn't mean anything? not nearly as cool. >> mike: it doesn't work at all. and you know, you started out doing singing the at five? >> yeah. >> you did some jingles your dad produced and wrote. >> yeah, my dad was, was arguably the most successful jingle composer and producer ever and a bunch you guys would remember some of his stuff. if i sang, a snippet you wouldn't have to pay for it, right. >> mike: no, what are some of the the things.
5:52 pm
>> he wroted ♪ when boy wakes up to a smiling face and raisin bran, two scoops of raisins in a package of kelloggs raisin bran ♪ >> people go, my gosh. >> mike: there's a great story to me your signature song and i want you to tell the story how you ended up regarding this because it really was not originally a song you were going tout out there for the public. >> no, it's true i didn't want to record the song because i wrote it for my wife when we were dating. my wife used to be an actress, in dirty dancing and staying alive and flash dance and other films, she was doing a film in africa and i was on my first tour and logistically we couldn't see each other for about three months of about e-mail and skype so it was an eternity and one day i was so heart broken and sad and missed her so much i sat down and this sing basically wrote itself. and because it was so personal, i thought, i'm not going to record this song. and so, right around that
5:53 pm
time, i got a call from barbara streisand's people saying she wanted to meet with me writing a song for her. i was honored and met with her, she was sweet and i actually worked with her a few times since, i absolutely adore her and this is sort of like the running joke between us now, but when i met her, i played her, right her waiting. to offer it to her. and she said, she looked at me and she said, oh, my gosh, richard, i love that music, i love the melody, but i'm going to need you to rewrite the lyrics, how come. she said because i'm the not going to be right here waiting for anybody. >> so you ended up recording it. >> i held onto it, yeah. >> and turned out pretty well. >> mike: play a little for us. ♪ wherever you go, whatever you do, i will be right here waiting for you ♪ ♪ whatever it takes, or how my
5:54 pm
heart breaks ♪ ♪ i will be right here waiting for you ♪ (applaus (applause) >> and you've got a new song out called "when you love me", so, play it for us and we'll close out the show. >> a pleasure. >> with richard marx and "when you love me" ♪ . ♪ we'll say goodbye, i turn and i see you, but don't trust my eyes ♪ ♪ you love me ♪ and i can't breathe ♪ and every prepare for this
5:55 pm
day to come ♪ ♪ standing now i didn't find the one, all i want to say ♪ ♪ is written on my face ♪ i close my eyes every time i wake up ♪ ♪ and it makes me think of, you love me ♪ ♪ when you love me net note i don't want to talk about it. when you love me ♪ ♪ when you love me ♪ i try to wish you away
5:56 pm
♪ you're gone again and you you'll be back tomorrow ♪ ♪ this lie that i don't want to go ♪ ♪ won't let me go ♪ i close my eyes every time, i wake up ♪ ♪ every little thing makes me think of when you love me, when you love me ♪ ♪ and i don't really want to talk about whether ♪ ♪ you did i'll never be be better than when you love me, better than when you love me, when you love me ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc. advil no and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain.
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