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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 5, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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the way we listen to music, check our e-mail or even read a novel. almost every american has been touched by steve jobs and tonight sad news, apple cofounder and former ceo and, yes, computer genius, steve jobs has died. he battled pancreatic cancer and health issues for years. we will have more on the extraordinary life of steve jobs in just a few minutes. and this is a fox news alert. it is no, former alaskan governor palin will not seek the nomination for president. she is here and will join us. i want to talk to you about your decision but first your thoughts ton on steve jobs dying because i think he has probably touched all of us in so many situation i'm curious of your thoughts tonight. >> certainly he has touched all of us and changed in such a positive way, the way that the world communicates. i know personally for us, i was thinking about steve jobs this evening, he touching our family with hissen jennaty, with his
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work ethic in the invention of the ipad. our youngest child, he's not able to speak, he communicates with sign language but he loves his ipad and loves to play talking tom game on this and he's able to communicate with us through that. a personal touch that i think illustrates steve jobs is certainly not a singular man. he was a person that touched so many people and he will certainly be missed. >> you mentioned the fact your youngest child has used. ipad. i don't know if i'm talking out of school, but i saw the sharpy marker he made, in fact, on your ipad, that permanent marker on your ipad. >> that's right. >> all right. now to your news. you decided it's a no. why? >> a no, gretta because of a
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prayer full decision and talking with the family i believe i can be helping in getting true public servants elected to office, not just in the presidency but we have 33 senate seats coming up, we have a house of representatives we need to strengthen in the number. conservatives that understand our country has to get back on the right track economically here, and governor seats around the nation, i believe i can be an effective choice for some positive change in these positions. and i apologize to those whom are disappointed in this decision. i have been hearing from them in the last couple of hours, but i believe that they, when they take a step back, will understand why the decision was made, and understand that really you don't need a title to make a difference in this country. i think that i'm proof of that. and we together united can surely help as a team to get this country back on the right track by making sure barack obama is not re-elected and
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senate seats goes to constitutionalist and the house of representatives is strengthened with more conservatives. >> i imagine in some ways, and i put myself in a guest's shoes, but i imagine it is a disappointment. the fact is you are a young woman and there are many more years for other duty efforts to run for president should you ever want to but is there some little bit of sadness or, boy, i wish i could do it now? >> you know, there was that sense through my own personal internal deliberations in making this decision. i would go back and forth about whether now is the time, and if i say no to the opportunity that's in front of me, running for office now political speaking, will i die, will i be ineffective? no, after making the decision today and making the announcement, i know beyond a shadow of a doubt after great confirmmation today too, personally speaking, i know it's the right decision and i know
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that i can join others and be effective in helping change what's going on in our country and help wake up americans to what is going on in our country. >> did you watch governor christie when he made his 7 millionth know and if so what were you thinking when you heard that? >> i did. and to tell you the truth i made my announcement today in the format i did because that was his seventh million no and i didn't want to go through all of that. i wanted to just kind of put the marker down and say, no, i'm not running, not have a big press conference about it, not make a big darn deal about it because this isn't about me and it isn't about chris christie. it isn't about one potential candidate or candidates that will jump in there. this is about americans who are understanding that we have got to get the right people in these positions of leadership in the country to get us back on the right track. we have to reduce tax burdens
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and reduce onerous regulars that are chasing jobs offshore. we have got to become energy independent. we have got to learn again not how to coddle you are enemies but how to embrace our allies around the world so the world is a more peaceful place. it's not about me, it's not about chris christie, it's about a team effort in america to strengthen us again and to defend our republic. >> how do you find or make the determination who that leader is within your party? because the things that you just named, for the most part, is the republic platform. there may be some sort of hairsplitting. i know they say governor mitt romney and the healthcare and they are poking at each other and jostling for position, but what is it exactly, how do you determine who is the best leader for your party? >> there is no one perfect candidate, and i want people to keep that in mind, and not be extremely disappointed in a politician. a politician is going to let you down. they are going to make decision that is you don't entirely agree
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with, and you can't just lose hope in what that politician's ideas represent. we have to be listening to candidates ideas, understanding what their record is so we know their track record will give us a picture of where they intend to bring this country forward. but we've got to not just put all of our faith in an individual or we will be sorely disappointed. now it's going to be through the debates, and obviously through their campaign efforts that we hear their message, that we get to vet them and learn more about their records and that's extremely born. it's a long process. again, don't put all your hope and faith in an individual, but in their ideas and what they represent, the faith that you can have that they know what they are doing and they can bring this country forward. >> listening to the will of the people. >> i'm curious who called. i know i saw the abc note tweet, that's when i first learned about it so i picked up the phone to hustle you to come on the air tonight. i'm sort of curious, i know politicians will call you and
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try to get your endorsements. have you received any calls tonight from politicians? >> todd has. good old todd, he's answering the phone and setting up meetings for us. including a few politicians i would like to meet and i do look forward hearing more personally from these politicians. you will have to ask today. let him be a guest on your show one night, he's good. he would be really good. >> but he is. >> he's behind the camera, matter. >> let me dig deeper. any of the politicians who called, are they running for president now? >> yes, yes. i look forward to hearing from them, i lo forward to working with them, and in order to maybe help them articulate their message maybe in more detail so we can make that best decision of who our nominee should be to unseat barack obama. >> we will have to see if i can get that information out of todd so i i will see if i can get that for the viewers on another
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night, maybe tomorrow night. in terms of -- let me ask a couple things about the candidates and then about the race. herman cain has surged in recent days. he won the florida straw poll vote, and now according to one cbs news poll he's tied with governor romney. what do you make of this? >> i'm not surprised. herman cain is not a politician. he has the business acumen and knows how to create jobs and meet a bottom line and understanding work ethics. he's pulled himself up from the bootstraps. that americana story we are hearing about. and we will hear more about his 9-9-9 program and how to reduce taxes further and not to look at it as just kind of revenue generator so government a can grow but treat government, let the private sector grow the businesses and i believe he knows how to do that so i look
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forward to hearing more of his details. >> i imagine in thinking of whether to run or not run, you look at president obama from not just necessarily policies but running for office, i'm curious, what do you think are his greatest strengths and -- his greatest strength and gatest weekend as a politician going into this race? >> herman cain? >> no, president obama. >> president obama. oh, his weakness is his track record. it's been a record of failure. you know, he's got a couple of successes, such as with the navy seals. but overall he has failed. he is not understanding it's the private sector that creates jobs. it's not going to be government. he is so absent from that reality that i give him an f in terms of economic success. so that is his -- that's his failure. what his strength is, if you consider this a strength, he will have a billion dollars up against the republican candidates, and he's going to have about -9s 0% of the media still there in his back pocket.
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that will be his strength. but i believe that enough americans have awakened to that fundamental transformation of america that really is transforming us into something unrecognizable that candidate obama had promised, that he's trying to follow-through on as our president. enough of us have waken up to what it is that we could become with our liberties eroding and we are saying no, enough is enough, we will replace you regardless of that billion dollars that we are up against, regardless of the mainstream media who will continue to not only refuse to vet you and learn more about what makes you tick, barack obama, regardless of all of that. people are awake, they want a change, they want positive developments in our country. we do not want to be a bankrupt, dangerous place to be. we will replace barack obama, despite those strengths, if you will, that he has. >> all right. i don't know if you saw it or not, but former lieutenant-governor of the state of maryland, a friend of mine,
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wrote an article that in the headline it said something to the effect she grease with governor sarah palin on the issue of crony capitalism. i'm curious, are you surprised to see a prominent democrat sort of reach across the isle and so publicly say she grease -- agrees with you on something? >> i appreciate her boldness in saying she grease with sarah palin. but that is proof that this crony capitalism problem that will blood pressure our country if we do not stop it, it reaches across party lines. unfortunately both sides of the isle have been participants in the pay for play schemes and the cronyism that will bankrupt our country if we don't stop it. i appreciated her comments and her agreement that enough is enough in that arena, and we unite and both parties have to say no more of the pay for play deals coming out of washington. >> i might add you probably don't agree a lot on policy but
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i didn't mean to suggest you both agree on everything but i thought it was sort of interesting that you both don't like that. i will take the last word on that. governor palin, thank you and good luck. >> thank you so much, greta. >> and the other breaking news tonight, apple cofounder steve jobs has died. now jobs has a master inventor and marketer. he transformed the technology we use every single day. fox business network senior correspondent dennis neal joins us. good evening. it's funny, none. us knew steve jobs but we all sort of feel like we did. >> we did because he was the face of that company and he embodied the very entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that end up forming an entire generation of technology and generation or two of americans. when you think about it, he saw the future, he knew what we wanted before we ever had any idea. i mean, i first met him covering tech for the wall street journal
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in 1984 or so. he comes to demonstrate the new mcintosh computer. we had never heard of it, and a 3 1/2 inch disk. he was so enthusiastic and so deleted. and even then just clearly had a vision. talked at the time about a little word elephant and some text underlike, you say you click on that and it will take to you a bunch of background on elephant that was a forerunner to what we all do on the worldwide web today. the question it has raised, though, now that we look at him with perspective. what does it take to build what he built, to succeed to the level that he did? does it require you to be obsessed, ruthless, controlling? steve jobs was all of these things. he had an unstinting faith that he alone knew the right vision and the right way to go. and in an age where we seek consensus and to get everyone in the room to work it out, he
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realized sometimes the sharpest edges have to come from a single knife. sometimes you've got to force a path yourself. the others will follow. and they always did. and we got great products and an entirely different world because of it. >> you know, there are so few people from our lifetime that have touched so many people and really do change the course of things. and what the personal computer has done, what it unables us to do, and i remember during the iraq war my colleagues were editing tape from iraq with an apple computer in the middle of iraq. extraordinary things we can do even in journalism and in every field. and steve jobs and apple and the other computers, as well, it's extraordinary. >> it started off just the mac in to be computer was going to be the computer for the rest of us and then they got clobbered in the 80s and 90s and ibm and corporate computer market. but they started as consumer company. to survive in the corporate world they had to become a
7:15 pm
graphic artist demonstration, a little narrow. but along with the ipod they got back to consumer roots. first we thought the ipod, maybe it will help drive sales of the laptop, but instead the ipod became the tail that wagged the dog. my, gosh, it just truly changed far more than a laptop and an office ever could. when that eye pad first came out, greta, i thought who is going to ows it, it's basically e-mail or a giant i touch and millions upon millions bought it. >> i fell in love with it the minisaw the ipad. i was so in love with it. >> the gadgets reflect how we feel about ourselves. when you are on the using your kendall, you were proud until the ipod came along. >> and then amazon just
7:16 pm
announced some new products too with the kendall. anyway, dennis, thank you. >> thank, greta. >> straight ahead, pundits have been watching new jersey wondering if chris christie no wouldurn to yes, and it didn't. but do you know what michele bachman is doing? she is coming up next. we will ask her about governor palin's news. and plus is congress pulling a fast one with your money? how can they be held accountable? senator jeff sessions will be here. but are delivered. from person to person. and, sometimes, even face to face. have a great day. you too. for some of the best ways to connect and protect... it's all in the mail. learn more at
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>> what she says is what america wants to know but the other candidates aren't talking about it so gop hopeful michele bachman is. we just spoke to the congresswoman about the message she's trying to get out and the death of steve jobs. >> congressman, nice to see you. >> good to to see you, greta. >> a couple topics but i first want to start with steve jobs. you know, it seems like everybody is talking about it. everybody is affect bid this one. >> well, it is, because he really brought such joy to all of our lives. all the new exciting products that he developed, the ipod, the ipad, the e phone, we're all so component on it and eats part of our identity. to lose him is to lose part of american genius. >> and we saw a little behind
7:21 pm
the scenes here at fox, we were talking about it, everyone feels sick about it and charles said he's like the edison of our time with all his inventions. >> he is because he was such a unique thinker. and to lose him, there really isn't a replacement for him. we all saw the demise coming but when it did, it is a sad moment. >> and another big stunner tonight, governor palin said she will not seek the gop nomination. what are your thoughts about that. >> she's a strong voice, a friend of mine, mine, and i wisr the best. i think she has an exciting, wonderful life in front of her. i think she'll be there in an important way. i welcomed her into the races to come. >> there should be a piece of you saying you are glad she's not in the race. anytime somebody jumps in the race they will pull off a vote from somebody. >> i'm looking for about turning
7:22 pm
the country around and what it's going to mean. i think it's good to have all the candidates in the race and all the various perspectives. we need to turn the economy around. no matter who the person is, we've got to have someone we can believe in. >> and yesterday in the news that governor christie for the seventh million time said, no, that he wasn't running, but most people thought that was probably maybe a good sign for governor romney since they are both new england or one new jersey, not new england, but that direction of the country, governors. do you think that was an advantage for governor romney? >> i think governor christie is probably one of the most exciting people out there. we all love governor christie and how he stood up to the unions and he did a wonderful thing for new jersey and he still is because he's focusing on economic reform. that's also what the country needs. how that will impact each of the candidates remains to be seen. but i think he's a really important voice. >> i actually astronaut that maybe, and i don't know, this is the voodoo of politics, that it actually was the fact that people were pushing governor
7:23 pm
christie was a sign that those who might otherwise be governor romney voters were dissatisfied with him because they seem to have a lot in common. >> it's interesting. every single day the water changes as far as the political scene goes. but i think now the table is set. i think now we can know who the candidates are, and now i think people will make a decision. there's been a lot of people on the sidelines waiting. now the decisions will be made. >> last night karl rove was on the show and we talk about the national polls. we were talking about who is up in the national polls, herman cain is surging and the cbs poll has him tied with governor romney. but i said to karl, who cares? if they are running for office do you care about the national polls? i think i would care about iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. you take it you have more of my view than the national view? , the national polls being so important right now? >> absolutely. and i think my travel schedule shows that.
7:24 pm
i just flew in today from iowa. we have been in there for a significant amount of time. i won the straw poll in iowa and we have a very strong base of support. but eve also spent significant time in south carolina, florida, and in new hampshire. so you are right, all of the races are pushing up about a month early. and so we are very happy with all of the time that we spent in these early states. >> is your strategy similar to governor huckabee's in '08 to focus on iowa? yesterday you were doing the social issues which on a national level has not gotten so much attention, it's the economic issues. but the social issues and right to life seem to be in on the folks in on iowa oregon maybe i saw a snapshot of it. >> this week we've also been highlighting the message that we can't forget that in the midst of the number one issue the campaign will be about, which is jobs and economy, which it should be, we can't forget there is another group of issues that are very important for a lot of issues and that's the pro life
7:25 pm
issue, marriage, the family, faith, religious liberty. so we've been talking about that all week as well. and i've been a strong proponent of all he is those. we've been meeting with the faith community in iowa and lifting that issue up this week. >> are those the issues in new hampshire? it's a big country and sort of a different electorate in new hampshire. when you get there, and you are going there soon, are there different issues that you focus in on for them? >> well, i focus on the same issues in all states. but this week, because there's been virtually no conversation about the life and marriage and family issue, we've been talking about that this week. there's also pro-life, pro marriage, pro family in new hampshire as well. i met with them as recently as is summer to talk about those issues. but that's in the context of the fact that the economy is jobs are number one. but there's a lot of people out there, like i said, for whom the life issue and marriage is extremely important. they want to know where the candidates stand. no one has really been talking about it.
7:26 pm
so i wanted to let the voters know where i stand and what my history is. >> the reporting is just in, how are you doing on money? >> we are very grateful. we have a very strong list of small donors of that been very faithful and i'm grateful for them in what they are doing to donate to our campaign. of course, we always welcome more. >> president obama said the other day to george stephanopoulos that he considers himself the underdog in this race. your thoughts about that? >> the underdog with a billion dollars. isn't that an interesting moniker for him. i think now he's doing anything he can to try to find an advantage or a silver lining but there is no silver lining to him because what he has done to damage the economy and job creation is devastating for people across the country. so he will have to look a lot harder i think to consider himself the underdog. >> what's the single most important thing do you think for job creation? >> oh, without a shadow of the doubt, the government has to rent back on its spending.
7:27 pm
it has to cut back spending and it needs to c the regulatory climate? >> will that happen. >> no, because president obama is committed to his agenda. there was a survey out the number one reason employers are hiring is the obama care. i'm the chief author to repeal obama care and i will not re as nominee or as congress until we repeal obama care. there are like minded senators that will go with me to have a filler buster majority to repeal obama care. we have to. 2012 is the only opportunity to repeal it. 2016 is too late. and go into every state budget and every healthcare plan in the united states. if we don't repeal it in 2012, ice done. same with dodd-frank and i have that repealed to. it must be and i have that backbone and will to do it.
7:28 pm
>> nice to see you. i know you have a busy schedule. where you are going next? >> in washington but then new hampshire. >> enjoy the wonderful fall weather there. >> nice to see you. >> coming up, senator jeff sessionings said the senate is doing something phony, essentially pulling a fast one on you. how bad is it? senator jeff session less tell you. he is here next. also your personal and intimate medical records. do you want the federal government and government workers to know about your, let's say, biopsies or how about the very personal exam? that could happen soon, a the least according to one congressman. he's here to tell you, so stand by. i needed more customers, so i got my nephew to build a website. i hired someone to make my website...
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>> okay. how bad are we being played when it comes to our money? well, it might be worse than you thought. senator jeff sessions is going to blow the lid off on the phony stuff that's being done on capitol hill. nice to see you, senator. >> nice to be here. >> okay, explain what your bill is. >> we've been talking about gamics for a long time in the senate. there's been a list that's been used for decades. it's time to end that. the greatest deficits we've ever had, the greatest debt we've ever had, it's time to end the gamics. the -- game -- gimmicks.
7:33 pm
>> and it gets passed an emergency when it's not an emergency. >> one of things it's done, if you call something an emergency, it doesn't have to be under budget. it can be on top of the budget because it's an emergency. for example, we spent 200-plus million dollars on the census in 2008, which is required since 1789 to be done every ten years. it can't be an emergency by any definition of emergency. it's man date add decade in advance. so that was one of the things that we want to tighten up and make it harder to do. >> how do people do this with a straight face? that's just one of the things they do. you don't do your job setting the budget as required by law so you call it an emergency and it's not an emergency because we've been doing it for a couple hundred years. it's silly. >> it is. that's done too often and spends a lot of money. one of the things we do, in a
7:34 pm
family, for example, if your air conditioner goes out and you have to take your money from your savings account and it cost $1,000, to fix it, and it turned out it only cost $800, you have 200 extra dollars still left in your savings account, but not in washington. in washington that extra $200 is considered to be found money and can be spent on virtually anything else, and it doesn't score as an additional expenditure. >> so those are called known rescissions, essentially? >> that's correct. >> another one of think favorite ones is the freeze on government -- on fake federal pay freeze. >> that's correct. it has been announced that we have a pay freeze, but 70% of the workers have received pay raises in the last two years. so they get their step increases and other increases. it's not a pay freeze. they announced a pay freeze. it's not so. we need to quit misrepresenting
7:35 pm
to the american people what's happening. if they are going to be some increases, we should say so. we should say clearly what our budget does, how much it spends, how much debt it creates, and we have not been doing that. >> all right. so your honest budget alaska is to do away with all this stuff. it's basically scamming the american people. everyone on washington and capitol hill knows it's going on. and americans have their own lives to worry about but we are being scammed, aren't we? >> we are. we think in five years i've referred to or the nine i've listed will cost the american taxpayers $350 billion. that's a great deal of money. >> but it's the idea, when you balance your books, you expect sort of a sense of honesty but when you are sort. slippery and you are moving the things around, and you are tricky and renaming things and you don't do your job so you call it something else. i mean, i don't think most americans appreciate and realize it's going on and i think they probably think it's a pretty ugly situation.
7:36 pm
>> i think that's part of the low esteem that congress is being held in because they understand those kind of things happen, even when sometimes it benefits their state by a clever congressman or senator that brings home something for the state. i think more and more people are being less appreciative of that, and more offended by it. i think that's healthy. we have an opportunity to make some big changes, and we can do better. >> i hope that the honest budget act gets passed because all it does is let's play straight with all our numbers and not be so slick. >> i think we have a good chance in bipartisan support. olympia snow from maine is my co-sponsor and we intend to work hard for the bill. >> thank you. and good luck. >> thank you. >> coming up, dewpoint the government to see your medical records? how about the x-rated pictures from your colonoscopy.
7:37 pm
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>> the government is trying to see your personal medical records, that's in 60 seconds. first let's go to new york news with the headlines. >> we have some sad news to tell you about. apple founder steve jobs has died just six weeks after stepping down as the company ceo. he's passing away after a year long and public battle with cancer. the man who gave the world the ipod, as well as the i-phone had just resigned as the ceo in august. president obama reacting to the news of his death saying, quote, the world has lost a visionary. there may be no greater tribute to steve's success than the fact that much of the world learned
7:42 pm
of his passing through the apple. the company started in a garage and grew into a valuable technology company. steve jobs, just 56 years old. >> could it be true in no more dr.-patient confidentiality? could the federal government gain access to all our medical records? and the answer is yes. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> according to what i understand, under the new national healthcare it's your belief that the federal government will have access to all our medical records? >> secretary kathleen said the proposed rule back in july 15th that would man date either a national collection of all our medical records or state level collections that would allow the federal government and bureaucrats in washington d.c. to have access to our private confidential medical records and that's in the rule and it's concerning to many of us. >> if you are having a biopsy
7:43 pm
and in your home state and that gets fed to the federal government, they get your name, the test results, are they getting everything from the buy buy -- by. biopsy or the fact you had the test. >> but to find out what the information is, to find out whether you are healthy or whether you are a ruing and under obama care they subsidize insurance companies that insure sick people and healthy people and they need that to implement that provision of obama care. >> the awkward thing, whether you are for the national healthcare or not, is members of congress and senate voted and the president signed it but now we have these people in the hhs, and government employees who are making these rules now who a deciding how it's going to be implemented. and this, apparently as you say is one rule that wasn't voted on my members of congress. >> the infamous words to read the bill to see what's in it and
7:44 pm
now we have to read the rules to see what's supposed to be in the bill. it's a massive database of personal confidential medical records and folks that supported the bill are going to look at that and say that's not what we had in mind. this is the idea of hss is responding and saying don't worry your data is safe with us. >> how? and especially people who -- i imagine members in politics, we will know who had a biopsy and who had an a.i.d.s. test or pregnancy test or a heart problem. >> 1.49 million military records were loss or breached less than a week ago, that's out of try care. numerous other agencies and we are talking about millions and millions of agency records have been breached and the idea the government is going to do a great job of protecting our medical records, that scares me and i think it should scare most americans. >> i suspect those who didn't like lots of part of the patriot act, aren't going to be happy
7:45 pm
that the government gets your medical records. i don't imagine those people will be particularly happy. >> absolutely not and we are trying to get the word out. this was actually brought to our attention by a man who came in the office and said did you see what's in this section of the rules? >> is anything going to happen. >> we are work to go try to defund this database. but the money is going to be in there to put together this massive database. if we can take away the money this year we can stop the database. >> does the secretary think this is a good idea that all this information goes to the government? >> certainly. certainly. there are a number of proposals either a centralized database where all the data is in washington d.c. or every state capital but that's the proposal from the administration, to collect all the data in one point or 50 points and make sure they have access so they can determine whether or not they are res ski or healthy or unhealthy and that's a serious threat to the doctor-patient confidentiality. >> thank you.
7:46 pm
coming up, the wisconsin state capital, they were furious with wisconsin governor scott walker. there is news tonight governor scott walker joins us next. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪ >> right now job number one in every date is creating jobs but that does take some teamwork n
7:50 pm
wisconsin, democrats and republicans have had a little bit of trouble working together. democratic leaders fled the state after a fight with the governor over collective bargaining. and you remember the protests at the state capital. so how can governor scott walker get everyone to work together to create jobs? governor walker joins us. good evening. i understand you have a special session called to deal with jobs? >> that's exactly right. called the legislature into a special session starting last thursday on jobs. about 26 different pieces of legislation, including many authored by democrats, as well as republicans. and you are right, that's the best way to bring people together. not republican jobs, not democrat jobs, in our case they are hopefully more just wisconsin jobs. >> there is some bit of has he. i read someplace in the wisconsin papers the democrats said when you were putting democrattics ideas forward they thought you were doing that as sort of political or because there's the push to recall your later so they weren't completely trusting of you for even
7:51 pm
bringing their ideas forward >> it's interesting, some sin nicks, it doesn't matter what you do, they won't believe in it. but we have a number of democrats that appreciate it, whose bills have been added to the list. and a couple key ones said we appreciate the fact the governor is focused not only on jobs but small businesses with the majority of jobs are being created. these are reasonable discerning democrats that will hopefully join with the republicans in the legislature. earlier in the year we provided tort reform and relief when it came to the tax breaks and it helped us create nearly 40,000 new jobs in the private sector in wisconsin. that's double the rate of the national level. we want to do the same thing with this special session now. >> something interesting, the national unemployment level is 9.1%, and the wisconsin unemployment level is 7.9, which is 1.2% lower than the national average. it has risen somewhat from i think 7.4 when you took office. >> right. >> but it's interesting your state is seen as such an urgent
7:52 pm
issue when, frankly, the rest of us might be a little jealous. >> well, it's one of those, you know, interestingly enough we saw jobs going up tremendously in july, even at the same time there was a little tick in the unemployment rate because a lot of people who hadn't looked at the market saw the number of job openings and got back into the market. so job growth and the pickup in the unemployment rate can go hand-in-hand. in our case we didn't have as big of a housing boom as in places like arizona and florida and other places but we are still facing enough of a challenge. we with like to get back about half of of that unemployment rate and put people back to work and the private sector is the way to do that. >> to what extent what is going on in washington is having an impact on you and other governors and other legislatures around the country deal with unemployment. >> it has a negative impact. the first six months, 40,000 new jobs, twice the rate of the national level. july and august we saw what they failed to do in washington
7:53 pm
dealing with the national debt. it was like a wet blanket on the nation's economy and had an impact in wisconsin. it's part why we called the special session. we want to say despite the uncertainty in the nation's capital we want to provide certain think in litigation costs and other factors as well. if we do that, we think we can get beyond that. but there's no doubt, not just the debt ceiling bug the debt debate itself was a major doubter when it came to the economy. we've been trying to get past that. having a bond rating agencies calling ours positive helps , but federal government has been a problem. >> governor walker, thank you from the great state of wisconsin. thank you, sir. >> go badge,, go badgers, go brewers! >> more on break being news and the very sad death of apple founder steve jobs. news corporation ceo ruper murdoch had this statement.
7:54 pm
>> my heart goes ou to his family and everyone who had the opportunity to work beside him in bringing his many visions to life. now that statement was just released from news corporations ceo rupert murdoch. that is the important company of fox news channel. coming up, it's a question you won't get answered at any debate but you will get it answered right here. what is newt gingrich's favorite late night movie? you will see next.
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>> greta: and newt gingrich apparently has a favorite movie. they've seen the movie seven times.
7:59 pm
>> there is a tiger in the bathroom. there is a jungle cat in the bathroom. be careful. don't. don't. >> you're not kidding there is a tiger in there. >> yes. >> i'm in so much pain right now. >> i know. bill, they have my credit card down stairs and i'm so screwed. >> hey, bro do you mind putting on pants? >> greta: that is "the hangover". no word on whether they like the sequel. make sure you go to greta the o'reilly factor is next. good night from washington. tod. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. the o'reilly factor i


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