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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 7, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> culture warriors what's really going on with these demonstrators: also, tonight, laura ingraham on jobs versus debt and megyn kelly on whether killing al qaeda with drones is constitutional. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services
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>> bill: hi, i'm bill owe o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama held a press conference today basically to put the republic party on the defensive about job creation. >> the reason i keep going around the country talking about this jobs bill is because people really need help right now. our economy really needs a jolt right now. this is not a game. this is not the time for the usual political gridlock. >> bill: the problem for mr. obama is spending another half trillion dollars in order to create more jobs. that's what he wants to do. as a national debt approaches 15 trillion, the cns news service reports that the obama administration has added more debt in less than three years than any president from george washington, d.c. to bush the elder added. think about that three years vs. 204 years. to be fair the debt analysis is not considered the inflation
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factor but everybody should be getting the message. mr. obama is the biggest spending president in history. but, he is correct when he says the american economy needs jobs. it does. no question. republics believe tax cuts on consumers and business, combined with deregulation in some industries would stimulate the economy without more spending. so that's the impasse. the gridlock, democrats and president obama want to spend tax dollars to create jobs. republicans want to assist business and promote consumption. it is true as the president said today that the payroll tax cut provides american workers with more money but it also increases debt. and increase taxes on the rich will not mitigate that very much. talking points has said many times the feds have to tighten up crazy pending before raising taxes on anybody. another example today. there are now ache saling'ss that a justice department official darryl foster spent thousands of dollars dating and charged it to the taxpayer. this goes right alongside the $16 muffins we told you about
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last week. then there is solyndra and the green jobs money pit in general. according to the department of labor, the u.s. government spent about $170 million on green jobs training but very few people actually got jobs. so it comes down to this. billions of taxpayer dollars spent, very little to show for it nevertheless, mr. obama is not changing course. >> the overall portfolio has been successful. it has allowed us to help companies, for example, start to advanced battery manufacturing here in the united states. it's helped create jobs. >> bill: but not enough jobs, mr. president, for the money spent. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. chances are mr. obama will not get his stimulus package that help him if they believe anti-job creation. fox news analyst and radio talk show star laura ingraham. we all see where this is going.
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the president knows it's not going to pass. the polls say that americans want increased taxes on the wealthy. all the polls say that if he can convince people that the republicans are stopping job creation, he might have a campaign issue. >> now, you can't really be serious. the no spin zone can't be saying that barack obama is going to run away from his record. that he is going to try to make this a referendum on the fact that republics i will tell you bill, the day before michigan mcconnell wanted to bring it up for a vote in the senate. guess who stopped that. >> the democrats. >> harry reid. eric cantor says there are some things in here that we can work with him on. i think very reasonably said let's pick those things out of the bill and work on those. the president wants to use this as a campaign weapon and is he going around the country. train trip or a bus trip next week. >> bill: will it work? >> bill, has been doing this
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razzle dazzle i'm on the offensive. bill, he has been doing this for a month. his numbers have not moved. his numbers today daily gallup tracking poll shows him at a 40% approval. 52% disapproval. he has been doing the hard push, the hard sell republic obstructionist, it's not working. the problem is his policies don't work. it's not about the politics. it's about his policies. but he doesn't want to run on his record and he is trying this other thing. i don't think it's working. >> bill: okay. so the republic must respond though. so if i'm a republic candidate on that stage. i'm faced with president obama's accusation. and that's what it is. create a lot of put a lot of people back to work. the president had for two years democrat dominated congress and he pushed through big things. he pushed through stimulus and
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health care. as a result, what happened? the country got more in debt. >> if it wouldn't work the first time why do we think it would work this time. >> having the same debates that we had 1980s. the left thinks if we had more regulation. higher taxes. had these permanent entitlement programs in place, then we are going to have a thriving economy and be more fair. that's what the protesters are pushing. >> bill: income quality. >> what's happened in europe. they tried that they basically did what obama wants to do in europe. >> bill: that's what i can't understand about the president's vision. europe is such a disaster. >> right. >> bill: that's what all of his economic advisors -- >> to see him today bill at this press conference and he sticks his chest out and said now is the time. the time is now. the protesters down on wall street he said represents a broader national concern about the economy. i'm thinking, wait a second. these are mostly college kids, okay? most of them live off their parents. all dressed in protester sheets. whipping tum. screaming about how the towers came down by a controlled
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demolition. this stuff is insanity, the president of the united states wouldn't recognize initially the tea party as legitimate force but now these protesters and knit caps and alpaca dirty pullovers. >> bill: are they dirty. >> they haven't been watched since the carter administration. >> if you want to get a knit cap in new york you can't they are gone. >> bill: after you sharyl attkinson the cbs correspondent working the fast and furious story. you had her on and ms. laura's radio program broke this story ride open, i am going to ask her this in detail. she did call the white house on comment on attorney general holder contradicting his own department memo in front of congress. the guy schultz. >> eric consults. >> he cursed ms. atkinson. i'm thinking maybe this whole thing, this whole -- because the barack obama white house has been pretty tight, pretty on
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message. you would agree. >> yeah. >> not a chaotic situation. >> they say they will be very transparent on things. >> looks like it's all coming apart. >> freaking out. i have been having her on my show since last february on this issue. she has been reporting. she is a very calm. she is a wonderful person. she calls white house and justice department this eric schultz kid and starts screaming at her and cursing at her. she was very forth coming on my show. let's see what she says on yours. she says why are you cursing at me? and apparently he said well, reasonable reporters aren't taking -- aren't going down this road. he said the reasonable reporters. >> bill: nbc haven't done a story since april. >> they are basically joining the protests on wall street. >> bill: that's not true. do you know why i know that? >> why? >> bill: nobody has alpaca sweater. >> drum and become objective. >> bill: ryan. >> not ryan some of the lesser
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known hosts. >> bill: next on the run down as we mentioned, how much trouble is the white house really in over fast and furious. we will talk to the cbs correspondent his work has elm bared attorney general holder. later on lunancy in the streets anti-capitalists have far out anti-capitalists have far out views as we we're centurylink ... anti-capitalists have far out views as we a new kind of broadband company committed to providing honest, personal service from real people ... 5-year price-lock guarantees ... consistently fast speeds ... and more ways to customize your technology.
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>> bill: factor follow up
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segment tonight. as we reported last night. cbs news investigative correspondent sharyl attkinson has uncovered some justice department memos that show attorney general holder knew about the fast and furious gun sting long before he said he did. ms. atkinson joins us from washington. let's walk through this so even i can understand it. when you found these memos, then you called the white house for comment as any reporter would. and some guy actually yelled at you? is that what happened. >> well, it was during reporting on some of these documents, not those particular ones. we had a conversation which you well know about and have reported on and has been duly noted. ever since and i have been moving on and trying to work on the next developments in the case. there have been quite a few. >> bill: let's not try to get away from this too quickly sheryl. eric schultz is hired by this white house to handle this story the fast and furious story. you call eric up and you say he was hostile?
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>> i don't want to say exactly how the whole thing took place because part of that is how we work together in sharing information since the story began. there are assigned people in various part sides of the story to deal with the media i do want to say that the conversation as you reported it was accurate. >> bill: did he curse at you? >> as you reported, that's accurate. >> bill: wait, wait, wait. now, i have had that happen to me, ant anybody would curse at me, come on. you get a promotion doing that but you are a nice person. i mean, you are just somebody he is trying to get the story. why would this guy curse at you? what led him to do that? >> in the course of covering these kind of stories, as you know, you get into a lot of difficult moments with people that you talk to but. >> bill: now what he i'm talking about here. usually lights a fuse
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particularly reporter correspondent. that's not something that happens every day. what do you think lit that fuse? >> well, i would say there have been some pretty incredible developments in the past week. also, documents we haven't even had time to report on all of them. they are very sensitive documents and allegations going around. many of them we haven't reported yet because we need to get more confirmation of them. but what you see on the surface that we do report in our stories is really only a part of what may be going on and we may be reporting the future when we can get confirmation. >> bill: okay. >> can i only say that is s. a very sensitive story that goats goes into many far facets there is a lot of sensitivity. >> bill: particularly today because president obama stuck up for holder and said holder didn't mislead anybody before congress. whatever. now, correct me if i am wrong, because i am speculating, based on your reporting, something that makes me uncomfortable but you are in the field and i'm
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here in the studio. it looks to me like eric holder, the attorney general, did know about this fast and furious operation that led to the death of a border patrol agent long before he told congress he knew about it. would that be accurate at this point in time to say? >> you would be factually correct. and as we have reported that the attorney general was briefed a long time ago. >> bill: okay. >> let me finish that was briefed on fast and furious. not -- >> bill: so then he goes up to the hill and he tells darryl issa, the congressman from california, you know, i just found out about this, i really didn't know. so it looks like holder is not telling the truth. that's what it looks like. are there any extenuating circumstances that you have found? >> none so far. and i have put in a separate query to the department of justice, which we're continuing to report on the story to ask them to clarify okay, when is it, if he misunderstood the
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question. >> yeah, when was it that he knew about it and when did you put that request in to the doj? >> i put that request in today. >> did you put a request to interview holder? >> i have repeated that request it today, yes. >> bill: how long have you been trying to get him? >> i believe we asked for our first interview request with him many months ago. >> bill: okay. so you have been trying to get him for a long time and he hasn't come up. now, have you asked eric schultz at the white house for an apology? you don't have to take that garbage. >> there is nothing to apologize for. >> bill: he cussed at you? >> the point is really not the content of that. the point is storywise it seems significant and important how people handle questions and how they react when you ask questions. it's not that anybody owes somebody an apology. again, we have moved on to the developments. >> bill: it's a curiosity to me because it is at a high level. last question, in your opinion, have you been doing this how many years, how many years have you been investigating.
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>> gosh, a long time. >> bill: okay. in your opinion, is this a big story or is it just a little story? is it big is it going to lead to perhaps a resignation by the attorney general? is president obama going to be embarrassed? is it that big? >> i have no idea about that. there is no doubt that what we already know. what we have already reported on is incredibly important and incredibly major story that we really have a lot more to learn about. >> all right, sharyl thank you for coming on the program. thank you. very interesting scenes last night on the streets of new york city as the far left protests got out of hand. we will show you what happened and the culture warriors will analyze in just a few moments.
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>> bill: hundreds of far left demonstrators roamed around. things became confrontational. [shouting] >> $7 an hour. >> go get a job. >> i have got a job. >> you are a bum, jew, i'm a jew. why are you fighting with us? that's why you are fighting. you got the money. >> i worked for 40 years. >> two planes took down three towers. tell me more bull [bleep] >> you think the 9/11 attacks were put on by the federal government? >> how did tower seven come down? you tell me, my brother. 1550 architect engineers these
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are the experts. >> i saw that same guy atwood stock. with us to analyze gresham carlson. fox news anchor margaret hoover. you were down there. >> i was. >> bill: you weren't dressed like that. >> i had an overcoat on. i do want to tell you what i found. i found a new version of our favorite paper the occupied wall "wall street journal." >> my hypothesis you correct me if i am wrong. it didn't have much to do about economics. this is about we don't like america. we don't like anything about it we are far left loons. whatever our beef is, we are going to take to the streets. just say it's just like 1968. it's the same thing. >> it's if you pleasey you say that because some the people i talked to they are like well we were hippies and we didn't have anywhere tolls go. a guy told me he was a communist. patchwork of far left special interest groups. >> bill: funded by george soros.
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>> i don't know who paid for this paper but it's a very nice broad sheet. >> bill: they couldn't pay for it. the guys in the alpaca sweaters laura just mentioned. >> they could if their parents are paying for it unions are in there. this could continue and get bigger. it's emblematic of the division in this country that those on capitol hill, some have been talking about. i'm talking about class warfare. and if you want to speak about it from a cultural sense, this is what we are going to see more of, i think, if that discussion continues on capitol hill. those who have none and those who have a lot. >> bill: number one the numbers are very small here. they have been roaming around the city for a month now. maybe they get a couple of thousand of people. in new york the black eyed peas got 30,000 people up there in central park the other night. okay? this isn't something that's big. number two, barack obama made a mistake today when he said well, have you got to understand they are fighting against income
2:24 am
inequality. they are loons. thee a r. anarchists. thee these are the clowns that burn down the stores. >> one consistent theme. there is no coherent political i'd omg other than far left. >> bill: one guy thinks that the 9/11 -- >> words in their mouth. this is why it would be dangerous i believe for any politician to align themself to this movement. >> bill: good thing president obama didn't align himself. he made excuses for it? >> other politicians have come out expressing report from this protest. >> keith elson from minnesota for one and three or four other democrats who came out and supported this. dangerous if it becomes more violent. 800 arrests so far. >> bill: numbers are small. you would think they would grow if this was really something that was serious. >> now that the june unions are joining them they will be more organized. >> bill: union workers aren't going to go out there. >> they are out there.
2:25 am
>> bill: it's the leadership and their paid minions. it's not the guys on the job out there. >> i have heard that they were sending some teachers there and that they were going to send some auto workers there. >> bill: who is teaching the kids then? >> well,. >> bill: school night. >> now it's dubbed that the unions are involved it can become more organized. here is the irony though, they are protesting capitalism in people who allegedly create jobs. you know how they are getting the message out for people to come down and talk about this more on things that capitalists have invented like iphones and twitter and internet it's auto little ironic. >> bill: the conversation between the elderly jewish man and the other kid who was disrespectful to him basically was interesting because the elderly man was saying hey, listen, i worked for all my money. why don't you get a job. the guy says i'm not going to take the $7 an hour job. that is the entitlement we are seeing among many on the far left. you owe it to me. i don't know about you two. you are glamorous people. i drove a cab in miami in the
2:26 am
summer. i painted houses. i cut lawns. >> i cut lawns. >> i worked at car very well for 1.25 an hour the ice cream place. i mean, i worked my way up. >> okay. so you don't think anybody else works their way up, too? >> >> bill: not those people. >> the majority are millennial generation 30 and other born at the beginning of the reagan era at the end of the clinton agency they are 30% unemployed or underemployed. they are not political lefties. >> bill: most i pass by in this city and long island help wanted they need bartenders, they need waiters, they need all of this. >> i agree with you. >> bill: bill every cab firm in the world need drivers who can speak english. these people won't take those jobs. they won't do them. >> you are right. here is the thing. you have the highest percentage ever of people on the go. dull in 2011. what does that say about our
2:27 am
culture? besides the entitlement nature of the millennials, that falls in the category. >> i don't think they are entitled at all. >> bill: she is saying they are hard-working u i will do what i can you are crazy, hoover. you didn't wear those earrings down there, did you. >> heck no. >> bill: if you did that. >> you know how much you could get from these? >> bill: pawnshop across the street. i don't like those protesters because i don't think they are looking out for anybody but themselves. they want to tear this country down and hate the country. that goes against everything i believe. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. military edition. we have some interesting questions for you. then megyn kelly on whether killing al qaeda terrorists with drone strikes is constitutional. ron paul and others say it may not be. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. people have all kinds of retirement questions. no problem. td ameritrade has all kinds of answers. call us for quick help opening your new ira.
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>> bill: personal story segment
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tonight as you may know john wassen burger became famous in the role on cheers. getting involved with the economy. aol citing campaign there are plenty of jobs in america or at least should be. he joins us now. where are these jobs. >> there is thousands of jobs out there. as a matter of fact the manufacturer's association just came out with the statistics that there is plenty of jobs out there but there is nobody to fill skilled worker jobs. >> bill: like what? >> welders, carpenters. brick layers, lathe operators, tool and dye operators. >> bill: technical jobs. you saw the people down there i'm not working for $7 an hour. i'm not doing this or that that goes against my work ethic. i'm sure it goes against yours. >> i have been working since i was 9. >> work in the workplace and build up. what you are saying is public school education should teach some of these kids how to do these things. >> they used to. 25 years ago. >> bill: absolutely. >> we bought into that
2:32 am
philosophy of everyone has got to go to college. not true. someone has got to build the college. someone had to build the ceiling before michael angelo could go to. >> bill: used to have shop. >> i still have scars right here from shop. >> bill: if you do go to college the unemployment rate is only 4.5% in this country. there is something said for getting educated if you possibly do it because you will work. i agree with you. used to be the master and the apprentice and, you know, the naf and you worked your way up. listen, everybody out there knows you have got to get a plumber, that's 25 bucks an hour. >> right. the faucet leaks you are not going to be calling the geek squad. >> bill: you say there isn't enough training in the public school system for these jobs. >> there is none. that's what i'm saying there is none. the bureau of statistics came out with the numbers by 2020 there is going to be 10 million unfilled jobs in the skilled trades. >> bill: all blue collared jobs. >> right across the board. anybody that uses tools.
2:33 am
>> bill: as the service industry goes to china and honduras the replacement for that should be skilled blue collar labor, people who can fix things, auto mechanics. >> the jobs are there now. >> bill: computer guys learn how to fix your computer. >> the tinker and spirit is gone too. we don't let our children to go outside and play for whatever reason. when is the last time you saw a kid building their tree house. >> bill: they are afraid ever the child molesters. >> exactly. instead of fixing a bike they will throw a bike away. used to learn those skills and had options. i had a degree in english but i earned a living as carpenter. i earned those skills in my neighborhood and shop class in school. >> bill: you make a good point. president obama wants to create green jobs. >> doesn't exist. >> bill: not yet but they might. >> a job is a job. whether you are putting a nut and bolt on pickup truck or a wind machine. >> bill: you say that the president put the money in maybe
2:34 am
some of the green jobs in the you call them tinkering jobs. call them a tinker? >> go back to the way it was. give the kids the opportunity studying math but also study wood shop, metal shop. >> bill: here is the final question. president obama says we're softer society now. we are not willing to work hard anymore. you see that with these demonstrators yelling and screaming we are not going to take the $7 jobs. is that true? would these kids respond to that even if you offered it. >> somebody is going to respond to it because it's our infrastructure. somebody has got to supply the turbines that electricity run the computers. if you go to the center for you can download a booklet that we came up with. it gives you ideas of what you can do as average citizen to go to your schools, to go to factories to get to the media and stop denigrating people who work with their hands. >> bill: center for get in there and people looking for work might go in there and
2:35 am
get an idea what they might be able to do. >> there are thousands of jobs available but people have to step up and just learn those skills. kids graduate from high school now without the ability to read a ruler. >> bill: that's true. john nice to see you again. thanks for taking an interest in this. we appreciate it when we come right back, the kelly file, is it constitutional for the u.s. to
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>> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the kellifying segment tonight. congressman ron paul using hell fire drones and missiles are constitutional. killing al qaeda leader al awlaki an american citizen blown up in yemen. 1 p.m. each weekday on fnc. today, reuters writes an article that says secret secret panel to
2:39 am
put americans on the kill list. now i assume on on that list. doesn't name hot panel people are. doesn't name how they know it totally blind source. >> kelly: says there was one american on that list antdz we just killed him al awlaki. >> but they imply in the article, reuters, that there is this little panel that sits in the white house basement and then kill him congressman ron paul right up the wall. does the president have the power to -- constitutionally, to launch these missiles and kill people like al awlaki? >> it depends. i think murky. you have to prove basically that the imminent threat. if it isn't imminent threat you have to have statutory he wasn't imminent a terrorist attack we think. but he was planning other
2:40 am
attacks or we have reason to believe he was going to do other things. imminent doesn't necessarily have the same meaning legally as you and i know it colloquially. if it's not in it they point to the statutory authority that authorizes us to go kill anybody attached to al qaeda after 9/11. that's fine. but the problem for them. >> bill: where does that statutory authority come from. >> remember after we got attacked on 9/11 called the authorization for use of military force and that's what congress passed to allow us to go fight back. >> but they didn't pass a declaration of war. >> this is the document. >> bill: that allowed the bush administration to aggressively go after terrorists because congress passed it. >> right. but the problem if you want to get into the statutory language is it technically only allows you to kill people who are responsible for 9/11. not necessarily all the stuff that happens after. >> look, the drone program is directed at taliban and al qaeda terrorists. the taliban allowed al qaeda to
2:41 am
hatch the plot. so anybody under that banner. >> not really retroactive or forward looking like that. here is what happened. people saw. this they saw that it was getting a little outdated. we need to freshen it up, the republicans in particular said we need to freshen it up and sort of give us broader authority to go after anybody who is plotting attacks, not just people who were doing it before 9/11. and the democrats balked at that because they believed that it would give retroactive permission to the bush administration for all those enhanced interrogations. so we need to freshen that. >> bill: so the obama administration has been more aggressive using the drone and hell fire missile strikes than the bush administration was. >> yes. >> bill: so you are telling me they don't really have the authority to do that? >> i'm saying i think they do. they have argument it was imminent threat. >> bill: not just with al awlaki. they are blowing people up in pakistan every day. >> onesly this is dicier because it's an american citizen. what protections the constitution affords american citizens.
2:42 am
what i'm saying would they be on better footing had they agreed to update. >> bill: write another bill that congress could consider and pass that gives them the authority to use these drone. >> back in world war ii when it happened. >> bill: i know there are some technical reasons. go ahead. >> let me say this. this guy's father al awlaki said a couple years ago they are going to take out my son. >> bill: he lost. >> he lost because it was an important ruling from the court out of d.c., the federal court saying the courts aren't going to get involved in this kind of thing. that's a political thing. it's not our province to tell a president when he can go after an american citizen. >> bill: constitutional realm. >> he was raising arguments like that. when it comes to certain issues, we bow out. it's not up to the court to tell an american president when it is okay to go after a citizen. even if they overstepped the law, i don't think there is going to be a remedy in the court. >> bill: you think for the foreseeable future they can drop the drones on anybody they want
2:43 am
to. >> yeah. i think ron paul is going to be disappointed. >> bill: in a moment the great american news quiz the military edition. you will like those questions. we'll be right back with them. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. so, why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your dtor about viagra? 20 million men already have. with every age comes responsibility. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects may include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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>> bill: news quiz military edition. martha playing and "fox & friends" guys representing janet lane coal water, michigan. if you would like to win great prizes sign up for bill o' you can handle it. >> bring it on. question number one legendary world war ii commander general george patton was conveyed by george c. scott. >> americans love a winner. and we'll not tolerate a loser.
2:47 am
americans play to win all the time. i wouldn't give a hoot in hell for a man who lost and laughed. that's why americans have never lost and will never lose a war. >> bill: right on. what was patton's nickname? the answer is c. that was easy. you both got it wrong. >> that's what he we called him at my house. >> you and dolty and toto. >> only person he ever bit. >> bill: you both got that wrong and you should be ashamed. benedict arnold you know him defected to the british during the revolutionary war making his name synonymous with being a traitor. which american ford did arnold
2:48 am
unsuccessfully hand over to the british in exchange for a money bribe? >> bill: roll the tape. >> in the predawn darkness of a misty september morning in 1980 the premier combat officer of the continental army benedict arnold said farewell to a young british officer and headed back home along the banks of the hudson river. major general arnold, commander of the american fortress at west point had just handed over information vital to the enemy's planned attack of the fort. >> bill: that's right a west point doocy scores. >> i almost said that. >> bill: when i was a teacher i used to get excuses like that. >> can i get half point. that's why you are not a teacher anymore. >> bill: that's right. i would not take that from the you
2:49 am
students. top gun was a hit. >> maverick, did you hear about ice? >> what's that? >> you want another one? >> really? >> i feel the need, the need for speed. >> bill: what aircraft did cruise's character fly in top gun? >> bill: cards up, please. maccallum just guess. a is correct. tom cruise, tom cat: got it right. gettysburg, one of the bloodiest battles of the entire civil war.
2:50 am
>> bill: abraham lincoln's gettysburg address was delivered from the battle site to commemorate what event? the answer is d, that is correct. the cemetery dedication. i actually was lucky enough to get to see lincoln's handwritten copy of the gettysburg address which is in the lincoln bedroom of the white house. you know who took me up there to show it to me? >> president obama. >> bill: that's correct. i almost cried. that's how emotional that thing is. it's an amazing piece of history. i'm sorry i bored you all. >> are you okay? you were tearing up a little. >> bill: i was wrong. >> can i get b back.
2:51 am
>> bill: down by one with one to go. the movie black hawk down covered the horrific events in mogadishu, somalia. >> he is going down. he is hit. he is hit. >> bill: excellent film. fallout from somalia disaster led to the resignation of bill clinton's first secretary of defense less as pin. who was his predecessor? the answer is a, dick cheney. very few people know that. that was a clinton so that's a very interesting part of history. but martha, you only got one right. and that was yes.
2:52 am
two. >> whatever. >> bill: doesn't really matter. >> it was fun being here. send everybody a nice prize, right? >> bill: do i have to do this again this week? doocy, you win. >> thank you. >> bill: you heard the applause in the studio. >> come on. >> bill: pinheads and patriots on deck. tonight, starring bill hemmer and me. who is the pinhead? find out when we come back.
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we also put you on the civil war battlefields and in the room where the president died. it is a very personal account. bill briarly, illinois: killing lincoln pops off the pages it is the best historical book i have ever read. patty young melbourne, florida. my husband and i listen to killing lincoln driving from massachusetts to florida. if my school history classes were that interesting, i would have paid more attention. there are more comments posted on the book on bill o' if you and miller would bring the bolder fresher show to denver you would sell the out. we will get out there. and the fin foe on the shows in connecticut, richmond, virginia atlantic city and the latest booking in costa mesa, california orange county all available on bill o' hope check it out. book signing.
2:57 am
finally tonight on pinheads fifth on fox news. big special at 10:00 p.m. as part of that special, bill hemmer interviewed me. >> you also have fun. >> you have got a great sense of humor. >> bill: really stupid and dumb and we are going to mock it we are going to make fun of it the people i have on all have a sense of humor. my sass them. they sass me back. people like that. the thing i like but you do take cheap shots all the time you defend those cheap shots. >> that's not the only thing you like. unlike a shot of leavitt town right in your ass like a b 12, boom. >> bill: i think i'm going to commit suicide. >> bill: that special is very entertaining. we think you are going to like it. our 15th anniversary, everyone here at fnc is a patriot. and we're going to have a big thing in boston next tuesday to celebrate the factor and the 15th. we're going to have a really interesting piece of videotape to show but that so we hope you
2:58 am
check it out. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor web site which is different from bill o' also, we would like to you spout out about the factor from anywhere in the world. o'reilly at name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be exlex when writing to the factor. i had to hunt down that word. don't be that. not good. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> tgif, everyone. we're celebrating here today, 15 years, the fox anniversary and it's october 7th, by the way. i'm gretchen carlson. president obama pleading desperately with congress to pass his jobs bill again. why is no one apparently
2:59 am
listening, though? blame the g.o.p. >> these are the ideas most likely to create jobs now and strengthen the economy right now and that's what the american people are looking for. and the response from republicans has been no. >> but should the president be pointing the finger at his own party? some democrats don't like the plan either. we're going to report and you can decide. >> and those wall street protests spreading again. this time to washington, d.c. hundreds showing up to occupy our nation's capital but hey, i'd show up, too, if i was getting paid. that's right, the scandal you have to hear to believe. >> they weren't reading their own signs. a little network no one gave a chance had its first day on the air and guess what? you're watching it right now. it was the 15th anniversary of the fox newschannel and by the way, "fox & friends" starts right now.


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