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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 7, 2011 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> where would america be without it? >> ♪ i just want to celebrate ♪ another day of living ♪ i just want to celebrate ♪ another day of life >> 15 years ago, this hour, on this date in history, fox newschannel went on the air and changed everything and i know technically, 15th anniversary is supposed to be crystal. we got a big cookie in front of the building. >> i had no idea. it's so funny, too, because as successful as fox has become at that time if you wanted to watch fox news, you had to watch the monitor in the building because it wasn't on in new york at that point. >> it took a year and a half when that happened. we were on in new york city. since then, no looking back.
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number one for 10 years thanks to all of you who have made us number one for a very long time. >> throughout the next three hours, memories, lookbacks, special visits from personalities that you'll see their head shots or go on line and see them in action. >> look forward to that. we have to bring you the news as well. the parents of missing baby lisa irwin denying claims they've stopped cooperating with police. they are expected to speak out later this morning. actually they'll be on our show. just one day after police said their talks with the couple had stalled. police also calling off the search of the family's kansas city neighborhood after finding no signs of baby lisa in nearly four days. no word yet if they plan on moving the search elsewhere. you can catch the parents coming up on our show in about an hour. another terror scare in the sky. this time a saudi arabian man tried to break into the cockpit. it happened on an american airlines flight from new york to indiana. the 20-year-old was reportedly running towards the cockpit when another passenger jumped into
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action. >> just threw down my stuff and jumped out of my seat and ran to the door. pulled him by the arm and tried to get him behind me. kind of like my life went before my eyes and i was just, you know, i'm not going to let this happen when i'm flying. >> once the plane landed, police questioned the man who told him he was an exchange student at the university of indiana. the school says that's not true. still, authorities determined he was not a real threat and they released him without pressing any charges. the anti-corporate protests getting bigger and louder spreading way beyond wall street to more than 100 cities now. the organizer of the protest in washington, d.c. now admitting he paid hispanics to take part in the rallies. they reportedly held up signs written in english that some couldn't read. in los angeles, protesters took over a bank of america building and were arrested. across the country, police have busted more than 800 protesters. game five of the american league
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division series between the tigers and yanks. detroit jumps out early with two home runs in the first inning. new york would crawl back. but in the end, the yankees' bats couldn't come up with the big hit. tigers hang on for a 3-2 win. detroit advances to take on texas in the american league championship series. today, the phillies-cardinals and brewers-diamondbacks face off in a pair of national league game fives down to the wire. it had to do with the yankees pitching, i think. anyway -- >> all right. 2 1/2 hours from right now, latest jobless numbers are going to be coming out. you'll see them here on the fox newschannel. >> we know yesterday 401,000 filed first time claims. a little lower than expected but too high. >> we know of the number, 45,000 of the people who get jobs in the past month will be those striking verizon workers. anyway, yesterday, the president of the united states had a hastily called news conference in the east room of the white house and essentially what he said is you got to pass my bill and he said to the republicans -- >> over and over again. >> and then he said, extraordinarily, this guy is in
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campaign mode. he said the american people will run the republicans out of town if they don't pass it. but then mitch mcconnell followed up a little later on and we'll play both soundbites where he said mr. president, we tried to pass your bill. harry reid wouldn't let us. listen. >> i have gone out of my way in every instance, sometimes at my own political peril and to the frustration of democrats to work with republicans to find common ground. >> worried about your own powers of persuasion and maybe that the american public is not listening to you anymore? >> well, no, you know, what we've seen is the american people respond very enthusiastically to the specific provisions of the jobs bill. they are very skeptical about congress' ability to act right now. will congress do something? if congress does something, i can't run against a do nothing congress. if congress does nothing, then it's not a matter of me running against them.
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i think the american people will run them out of town! >> first of all, let me say it's not a jobs bill in our view. it's another stimulus bill. one of my favorite old rural kentucky sayings is there's no education in the second kick of a mule. president has said on 12 different occasions out on the campaign trail, he wanted a vote on his bill without any changes exactly as he wanted it now. and i offered that opportunity the other day and the majority leader of the democratic party, the same party as the president denied that opportunity. the reason he did, greta, is because there's bipartisan opposition to it. >> what the president is hoping for is that most americans are not going to get into the nitty-gritty of really what's going on on capitol hill. because it does get a little complicated and dicey, so for say, for example, last night, the senate was ready to attach on the jobs bill to voting on a situation in china. but then, things changed when harry reid did the nuclear option and said nope, we're not going to do that. we're going to block all the amendments.
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bottom line is the president is hoping people won't pay that much attention to it and help him say that the congress is doing nothing. >> the thing that john boehner finds so disconcerting, he's sat down with republicans. everybody has a different take. when it comes to this jobs plan in particular, he hasn't. he has never taken a call from john boehner on this, and he has not taken a call from eric cantor on this. and he comes back to address the joint session of congress and goes out again on the road and he's about to go out again on the road. wait a second, what do you mean? it's your plan or you're just against me. why can't you go in and work out something that's going to work for all sides? this take it or leave it approach is not going to work. i thought the questions yesterday were excellent. >> yeah, they were. >> to the president and they came from the a.p., they came from abc. people are getting a little fed up. >> people indeed and then for harry reid to pull the nuclear option, this is extraordinary. this is going to change the way
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that the u.s. senate works. for them to suspend rules so that a simple majority would eclipse what is normally a 67-vote margin to get something done, this is big. it will impact the senate for a very long time. >> right, does he know that his party is in jeopardy of losing the senate in just over a year? and -- >> then what? >> nuclear option could come back to haunt him. >> absolutely. look out, harry. >> you can tweet us or e-mail us. in the meantime, we got to go back to celebrating what this day on the calendar means and that's the 15th anniversary of the fox newschannel. in case you forgot all those wonderful highlights, we've put them all together for you. somebody worked really hard on this to put together our 15th anniversary story. >> how delighted i am that we have now reached this moment when we can firmly announced the starting of a fox newschannel. >> my first job is going to be assess what already exists within the fox organization that can contribute to this.
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>> good morning, welcome to fox newschannel. >> this is fox news now. good morning, everyone.
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>> that was fast. 15 years, not only kind of funny to see how everybody's hairs that changed over 15 years but look at how america has changed as well. >> right, and you'll be hearing from a lot of those people that you didn't actually hear from
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but saw in action throughout the three hour show. >> one. things because we went year by year, we know a lot of you weren't here in the beginning 15 years ago although five of the guys in the studio were. when did you join us? e-mail us, friends at tell us when you signed on board. >> maybe what your memory was so we can go over that. >> i joined the show five years ago. i was here for 1/3 of it only but i was watching before i got here. coming up on the show, developing story. the man behind solyndra announcing he's stepping down today. will this stop the federal government from handing out loan money to the wrong company? >> we know the united states needs better roads and bridges. why do politicians keep making it so much more expensive to build them? stuart varney joins us with the anniversary answer. [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables?
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>> 16 minutes after the top of the hour. the united states needs new infrastructure but are our laws making it more expensive to build in this country? >> maybe a new law signed in california by governor jerry brown could pave the way for higher construction costs in that state. the law attempts to stop bans on government mandated agreements between labor unions and
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contractors. >> stuart varney, you have more on this? >> you got it right. this new law in california will make sure that infrastructure projects cost more and take longer to build. right now, you've got the national labor relations act which says you've got an infrastructure project funneldey the federal taxpayer, you have to use union scale labor, you have to use union rules, pensions and benefits, everything that goes with a unionized project. that raises the costs. >> it's a blue state. it's an homage to the unions. >> here's what happened. san diego wanted to drop out of this. they wanted competitive bidding, competitive labor for their local infrastructure projects. in comes governor brown, democrat california and says no, you can't do that. we must have union scale pay, union scale work rules and union scale pay in benefits and health. >> the governor can take away the city's own power to do what they choose. >> he just did it, party. >> in terms of numbers, what does it mean when you go for a
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union as opposed to put it up for an open bidding process. >> estimates are that it costs 12% to 18% more because of this national labor relations act and more importantly, because you've got to have union work rules, it takes a whole lot longer to complete any project. all with federal taxpayer money. >> all this as california is broke. when you're looking at the situation when you can get the work done cheaper, it seems like a silly rule for people who live in california. >> it is. california is broke, the federal government is broke. we're going to spend federal taxpayer dollars on more expensive infrastructure projects. theory is this -- look, president obama wants taxpayer money to flow to these infrastructure projects, it flows to the unions who back democrats and the president with election campaign financing. that's the circle of money and it's your money. >> and why the unions give that money? to get a candidate in office that will make that decision. >> like more democrats that make those kinds of decisions and
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keep the money flowing. it's a vicious circle and not pleasant. >> lrall right. you're pleasant, that's why you have a program on the fox business network. >> big news today, 8:30 the jobs report. >> i think we have a slogan. varney & company, it's pleasant. >> how about varney & company, firing you up! >> i like that. thank you. >> all right. speaking of that, coming up, fired 11 shots, she did at her husband. she killed him on the spot. but this woman won't go to jail. there's a lot more to this story. we'll explain. >> plus, we told you yesterday about a department of justice official using tax money for trips to visit his gal friend. so why hasn't that guy been fired yet? an explanation you don't want to miss as "fox & friends" rolls on live from new york. tucker, you're next. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower olesterol
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>> headlines for you right now, a huge sink hole opens on a road in san diego following heavy rains there. the hole is 30 feet wide and eight feet deep. it's believed a ruptured storm drain caused the mess. the road is still closed. water service should be restored today so you'll be able to shower by noon and the average rate of a 30-year fixed mortgage dropping below 4% for the first time ever. it is now 3.94%. rates have been south of 5% all year but it's still one of the worst years for home sales in 14 years. and now the carlsons. >> carlson square, you're about to find out who the second half of the carlsons are. the justice department is involved in its fair share of scandals this year.
3:24 am
this time, daryl foster accused of using taxpayer dollars to pay for his romantic getaway. the report shows that foster spent thousands of dollars visiting a girlfriend in miami. this come as the head of the doj, eric holder under fire for testifying under oath he didn't know about the fast and furious program. joining us is tucker carlson. good morning. >> good morning. >> help put these pieces together. this mr. foster apparently was using taxpayer dollars in 2007 and 2008, doing what? >> using his government credit card for, among other things, cash advances, gasoline, hotel rental car charges to meet up with, apparently, a woman who was his girlfriend in miami at least 10 times in one year. he apparently also flew a buddy of his from the virgin islands out to vegas so they could play golf and party. more cash advances all on taxpayer dime here. the headline is he was not punished for this. he got a seven day suspension. he was not fired. he was transferred within the
3:25 am
civil rights division. and now he's eligible for a payout for early retirement. wasn't forced to return the money. federal prosecutors for reasons that are not at all clear have declined to take up this case and prosecute him. no one is alleging he didn't do these things, he apparently admitted it and he's facing no sanction. >> i know that you have said in the past that it's really difficult to fire public workers rather than private workers. you're laughing at that. >> it's an understatement. you are literally as a federal employee in washington more likely to die in the job than you are to be fired from the job. it is virtually impossible. and this is exhibit a. >> so if we go under that premise, is that the only reason that you think that he wasn't fired or is there something else going on here? >> look, the civil rights division is a highly politicized department within the department of justice. there's some great people in the doj, the civil rights division, however, is known widely as a pretty troubled and highly political division. you know, it's hard to speculate
3:26 am
as to exactly why this guy would be protected but it's one of the questions that eric holder will be asked by republicans. by the way, he is -- i was up on the hill yesterday meeting with people working on this. he is seen as vulnerable after the fast & furious scandal and this and other things going on over there. i think that republicans believe that eric holder's days leading that department are numbered. >> we'll continue to cover that story. the statement from the doj, the department does not comment publicly on the merits of the specific allegations of misconduct about individual department employees. short and sweet. you have any comments on that, tuck sn tucker? >> yeah, we're not telling you. it's your money, we're misusing it and you have no right to know how it's been misused or whether or not the person who was using it is going to be punished. be quiet and go away. that's the message to senators such as chuck grassley who wants to know why he's not being punished. setting privacy rules, they
3:27 am
don't think they have to answer those questions. it's an outrage. >> we'll continue to follow this throughout the day and coming weeks. have a great day. >> thanks. >> coming up on our show, huge news this morning about where independents, the key voting group are putting their support in the upcoming presidential election. we'll talk with bret baier straight ahead about that. simon cowell and brian bring their bromance to tv? is this on camera today? i can hardly wait to see this and you got to see it, too. stick around. ♪ [ female announcer ] erybody loves that cushiony feeling. uh oh. i gotta go.
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it's been 3 weeks. so, i used my citi simplicity card to pick up a few things. and i don't have to worry about a late fee. which is good... no! bigger! bigger! [ monica ] ...because i don't think we're going anywhere for a while. [ male announcer ] write your story with the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. get started at >> where would america be without it? >> that's right and it's time for our shot of the morning. today is a special morning for us here on fox news. the network went on the air exactly 15 years ago today to this hour, and to mark the occasion, the folks at great american cookies built that super chocolate chip cake.
3:32 am
>> right, nothing says happy anniversary like a big cookie. it's 16 feet long, it is 12 feet wide, metric, it's even bigger than that and weighs nearly 400 pounds, the cookie contains more than 6,000 chocolate chips. >> were you counting them? >> yeah, it took forever and there's enough cookie for 2,000 people! so if you're in the area, come down and take a bite. >> yeah, sure, why not? >> we want to thank great american cookies for the giant, giant gift. and thanks for watching all of us all of these years. if you were all here, you could come and join us in eating that chocolate chip cookie at the end of the show. joining us on the phone is anchor of "special report" maybe we'll send your piece in the mail, bret, because you're joining us from d.c. this morning. >> hello, mr. bret baier. >> when i think of you, i think there's a hurricane coming, wait, bret, and send him into trouble. >> the early days. the early days. that's right. >> and you survived? >> 14 hurricanes. i really put that blue slicker to use.
3:33 am
>> yeah, you joined the fox newschannel in 1998 and for a long time you were posted down in america's southeast covering all sorts of stuff, right? >> that's right. actually the southeast bureau for fox newschannel started in my apartment with a fax machine and a cell phone. but we slowly grew. >> what do you mean it started in your apartment? >> that's what i mean. >> that was it. >> i was it? i was it. literally i had a fax machine and a cell phone and that's where it started down there. the shadow of cnn. >> that's right. no kidding. >> i bet you appreciate now sitting as the 6:00 p.m. east coast time anchor of "special report". things have changed for you? >> i do. i do. i think, you know, i've bounced around the southeast and south and central america for a few years traveling around and covering various stories and they ran the gamut. i mean, i went to mud wrestling, i think, in alabama, and some
3:34 am
lawnmower races. i remember some big stories. but then, of course, we had the 14 hurricanes, timothy mcveigh, the elian gonzalez case. i was posted outside his home in miami for a long time. every time he went to the swing set, it was a fox news alert. >> i also tried to put expenses in for mud wrestling, i didn't get them covered, did you? >> no, i didn't! >> it's a shame because it's journalism. >> brian has a fax machine at his house and he's trying to declare that the massapequa bureau for tax purposes, it hasn't worked. >> when did you say you're knee deep in politics? the depth in knowledge of politics and the way you handle that show, it seems like you've been doing it for 25 years but you're only 19.
3:35 am
>> listen, i always aspired to file for brit's show so i pitched as many political stories as i could throughout the southeast. and then, fortunately, was tasked to cover the recount down in tallahassee. jim angle and i in the back of a ryder truck going from courtroom to courtroom covering those developments in the recount and really, that was the point in which i think fox really took off. >> that was the beginning. >> let me ask you about -- since you wanted to get into politics and you're doing it on a nightly basis, the story you'll probably be covering tonight maybe with this panel is this new pugh poll that's come out now, it's so significant. it talks about where the independent voters are going to go in 2012 and we all know that independents will more than likely decide this election. so let's take a look at the numbers. mitt romney right now with independents is holding 54% of them. president obama holding 41%. what does that say to you, bret?
3:36 am
>> it says something to the romney campaign and something positive for them. obviously, he's hit a ceiling in all of these polls that mitt romney is only getting anywhere from 22% to 26%. i think this poll goes to their case of electability. and that's one they'll probably use on the campaign trail as much as possible. the challenge for romney is to convince the g.o.p. base that he's the guy and that they should like him because so far, he hasn't fully convinced them. >> now that the race seems to be more clarified with chris christie not getting in, with sarah palin not getting in, we know who the men and women are who want to be president. >> yeah, i love mark mckinnon's quote "love the one you're with, dream dating is over." however, you know, there's still that thing. mitch daniels was on a radio show yesterday and apparently, he's been called nonstop to get back in.
3:37 am
but i think the field is set. and you're going to see a lot of movement of donors and a lot of movement in the polls in the coming weeks. >> right. it is going to be interesting and, of course, we didn't touch on one of the most amazing stories and that's herman cain. in a dead heat or solid second in the last two weeks and 2 1/2 weeks ago, he was in the single digits. that's yet to be examined. >> i agree. and i think every debate has been such a huge event that each one will take on more significance especially for herman cain trying to show people that you get a lot of substance beyond just 999. >> interestingly enough, speaking deaf batbates, it was years ago, when the fox newschannel went on this air, this program, the lead story was the clinton-dole debate. that was the big story 15 years ago today. >> isn't that amazing? >> it is. >> thank you so much, bret, for getting up early and joining us and we'll see you tonight at
3:38 am
6:00 p.m. >> happy to do it. see you guys. >> bret, we watched you shake that cold. it was interesting. monday, he had a cold. now he doesn't. it was amazing. >> fox news alert, new jersey turnpike, moments ago a tractor-trailer went up in flames. this is the jersey turnpike here. well, we shot this video a few minutes ago. let's go live now to the scene in south brunswick near exit 8a on the turnpike. local lanes on the northbound side closed. express lanes, though, are open. >> all right. in other headlines, the solyndra scandal costing an obama administration official his job. jonathan silver, the energy department's loan chief stepping down. his resignation three weeks after he was grilled by a house subcommittee about the obama administration's $535 million loan to the now bankrupt solar company. >> there were going to be some companies that did not work out, solyndra was one of them. but the process by which the decision was made was on the merits. it was straight forward. >> mr. silver's resignation is
3:39 am
not enough for republicans on the house energy and congress subcommittee. they say it doesn't address their concerns about 38 other projects the energy department has bankrolled. silver approved nearly $5 billion in funding last friday on the final day of the loan program. he was busy but now he's out. >> shouldn't be enough for democrats either. a woman from new york acquitted of murdering her husband even though she admitted to shooting him 11 times while he was shaving. you got a jury there believing that barbara sheehan's claim that her husband and ex-cop was abusive and that she killed him in self-defense, she says she shot him after he pointed a gun at her and then finished him off with his own gun. but she's not totally in the clear. she was found guilty of criminal possession of a weapon for using his gun. >> he was one of the world's greatest innovators, now the late steve jobs becoming a style icon just two days after his death. jobs' signature mock black
3:40 am
turtlenecks are reportedly flying off the shelves. the company called st. croix was jobs' go to brand. they've seen a 100% increase in turtleneck sales in the past 24 hours. >> this week, i had a chance to sit down with one of our all time favorite people, simon cowell. every time i get to sit down with him, it's in his place. you come with the cameras and you can do an interview. this time, he came to us so i thought it would be a good idea for me to let him feel welcome. >> love that guy. >> i found out his favorite things and here's how it went. >> what does it feel like to be on my turf? >> you've made such an effort with the people, table so you really made the effort. thank you. >> no, no, you vanity seen the effort yet. i have to show you an effort. first off, what does simon cowell like to do? pushups. the perfect pushups, there you go, 500 pushups a day. >> how did you know that? >> what does -- >> by the way, i'm not endorsing
3:41 am
them but they are incredible. >> what does simon like to do? this is for your next bath. >> that's disgusting. >> what about an eighth of the athletes? >> keep yourself buff. >> do you take three baths a day? >> not with cornstarch or something that smells like this. >> it's called cherry bomb. that you've got right and this is how you like to end your day, with four to five beers, am i correct? >> not as big as these but thank you. >> one of these days we'll work together. >> we will. i don't know if you can afford me. >> we'd have fun. >> that would be great. >> fun is more important than money, you know that, brian. >> that's true. >> how about a guy that's not going to pay me? >> by the way, did you choose the cherry bomb? >> it was a staff decision. it's so you!
3:42 am
only you. >> you can find something -- >> i don't want to get a name brand. it's a waste of money. >> my dinner parties and you have to come to one are great because i cast well. >> so far up to this point, you've cast your dinner parties and unfortunately, i haven't even got a callback so i mean, the casting is not going well for brian kilmeade so far. >> after the cornstarch powder i can see why. that's what you turn up at my house with. basically what i do with the cornstarch. >> you don't take baths. adults don't usually take baths. let's be honest. >> i'm going to have a beer. >> let's have a beer. >> you know what that means? if we have the beer, we'll make a decision the interview is over. ok? nine more and then i got to get home! >> oh, my gosh. that is so cute. >> funny. >> what were you thinking about ka cornstarch? >> when people take a bath, don't they want to feel fresh?
3:43 am
it's a generic brand of powder. >> we're going to take the cornstarch and make gravy out of the bath water? >> put it on your body to get that fresh smell. >> only thing i can think of is he might do a little sprinkle in his shoes. >> cornstarch? >> i don't know. what else are you going to do with it. >> gravy. >> three steams and three baths a day. >> you know way too much about him. job well done. >> you think -- >> coming up, did he lie to congress about fast & furious? eric holder isn't backing down but now there's more evidence that shows he might have stretched the truth. should he be held accountable? judge napolitano on the case. >> how would you like a $60 meal for just 20 bucks? it's our birthday today, but you get the special deals next. [ male announcer ] butter. love the taste, but want to cut back on f?
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>> today is the 15th anniversary of the fox newschannel. no better way to celebrate than getting good deals and keeping extra cash in your wallet. today, has created exclusive deals for you, "fox & friends" viewers. joining us is lifestyle expert forbes riley. good morning to you. >> good morning, how are you? >> great. this is great stuff, people can go to our web site to get for pennies on the dollar. >> pennies on the dollar. these are the deals. they're only available to you guys on "fox & friends" and my advice is go on the internet, get on the phone. there will be lines. >> people have been watching the channel for 15 years. now it's time to relax. let's go to the movies. >> let's start with four movie tickets either to amc or cinemark. that would cost you $50 for family of four. let's throw in a free $100 coupon to so you get to go to the movies that you know you're going to do this
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>> welcome back, everyone. top republicans in the house claiming that attorney general eric holder received not one, not two but five memos -- excuse me! detailing the fast and furious program that put guns in the hands of mexican drug dealers so why did he testify that he learned of the experiment a year after the date on those memos? >> joining us to talk about this unfolding scandal "freedom watch" co-host and co-host of "the five" judge napolitano. >> i'm laughing because kilmeade moved his chair far from gretchen. >> i think it looks better now. judge, the president was asked this about his attorney general. said i fully back him. the more we learn, the crazier i'll get him. >> the president will find the need to withdraw from that statement that he fully backs him because eric holder has exposed himself to the potential for criminal prosecution.
3:55 am
we've only had this one time in modern times when richard nixon's attorney general was prosecuted. now, eric holder was not administered the oath to tell the truth when he testified before congressman issa's committee. remember that famous question that congressman issa zeroed right in on, when did you first learn of this? and the attorney general hesitated and said probably a couple of weeks ago. we now know for sure he knew about it a year before. so the issue is not perjury because he wasn't under oath. the issue is what the statutes call providing material misinformation to congress and the penalty for that is the same as perjury. it's five years per lie. >> that's very interesting. but my other question is so we know that he could be in trouble for that. let's say he did know about it in may of 2010. why does that make him in trouble? >> because it's a preposterous and negative way to enforce the law and it was disasterous here because it resulted in the murder of a federal agent, of one of the government's own
3:56 am
employees. a heroic young man who was patrolling the border ends up dead and one of the bullets in him came from one of these guns. >> judge, i just say that by reading between the lines from the investigators, it seems as we still have not gotten to the heart of what the meaning and goal and objective of this program was. i think that is -- that is going to be the -- >> stated goal was to let the guns get in their hands so they could find out who they were and arrest them. unfortunately, they lost track of the guns. there are hundreds of those guns, military grade guns out there and we don't know who has them. >> have a great weekend, judge. >> you, too, guys. >> watch "freedom watch" tonight. >> coming up on the show, new drama for foxy knoxy? she's now out of jail and back home but caught up in a love triangle? unions are paying people to show up at wall street protests. geraldo is here and we're not paying him. he said that might actually be a good idea. >> only geraldo would say that! road trip buddy. let's put some music on.
3:57 am
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>> tgif, everyone. it is a friday. good morning. thanks so much for sharing your time. the occupy wall street crowd spreading across the country now and some of them are apparently being paid to be there. so does this hurt their message or have you figured out what the message actually is? good thing we have geraldo here to let us know. >> a saudi arabian man tries to storm the cockpit of an american airlines flight in mid air. one passenger answered the call of duty and cut off his path. he tells his story and we play it for you and steve, take it from here. >> brian, look at bill o'reilly is here, on this date 15 years ago, the fox newschannel hit the airwaves for the very first time. we'll take a look back with one of the guys that helped start it all, mr. bill o'reilly joins us live. sit back, relax and enjoy 15 years of fox news.
4:01 am
>> where would america be without it? >> ♪ everybody ♪ have some fun ♪ you only live once ♪ let the good times roll >> look at that, that's one big cookie. that puts me in the dancing mood and eating mood. >> 15 years ago when fox newschannel signed on and changed everything in tv news, before then, people just got one side of the story. now they get both. that studio that you can see just to the left there, where bill o'reilly does his show and we useed to do our show there, that used to be a sam goodie record store. that thing right under the zipper right there at the corner. and then the studio we're in right now, studio e used to be a labels for less dress store. >> right. and i'll tell you what, for the first how many years -- eight
4:02 am
years of the show. eight years of "fox & friends", that's where we did our show. when you weren't on, you actually -- when you actually weren't on the couch or in the chair, then, you'd actually be selling c.d.'s on the side because a lot of people still thought it was a records store. >> it was -- those were eight tracks. >> they were eight tracks. we're talking 15 years ago especially when they click right in the middle of the song. >> i was still a single girl living in cleveland. >> so you were attainable then and now you were off the market. >> i might have been dating my husband at the time but definitely single and living in cleveland which was fun. let's do some headlines right for you right now because police are calling off the search now for a missing baby girl in kansas city, missouri, this morning. authorities say a massive effort to find little lisa irwin has turned up nothing in nearly four days. police also say that lisa's parents have stopped cooperating with the investigation. deborah bradley and jeremy irwin now denying those claims. we're going to be speaking with them live on "fox & friends."
4:03 am
in less than an hour. lots of questions for them now. >> another terror scare in the air. this time a saudi arabian man tries to break into the cockpit. it happened on an american airlines flight from new york to indiana. the 20-year-old was apparently running towards the cockpit when another passenger jumped into action. >> just threw down my stuff and jumped out of my seat and ran to the door. pulled him by the arm and tried to get him behind me kind of like my life went before my eyes and i'm not going to let this happen when i'm flying. >> once the plane landed, police questioned the man who told them he was an exchange student at the university of indiana. the school says that's not true, though. still, authorities determined he wasn't a real threat and they released him without pressing any charges. >> pakistani doctor who helped the c.i.a. track down usama bin laden could pay now with his life for helping the united states? well, the pakistani commission has just recommended that he
4:04 am
face treason charges. a charge which carries the death penalty. he has been held since may and has been denied access to a lawyer. the u.s. is urging pakistan to release him. amanda knox in the middle of a love triangle? a new report shows that knox's family has invited her ex-boyfriend to visit them in seattle just days after the two were acquitted of murder together in italy. the problem, though, is that knox has reportedly been spending time with another old flame that she dated throughout the ordeal. she kept in touch with him during his four years in prison. she even dumped her boyfriend saying she still had feelings for her hometown love. those are your headlines. she hasn't had that much time to be free to spend any time with anyone. >> speaking of spending time with people, we've been spending 15 years with now. we have a retrospective to take a look at not only how we have changed hair wise but how america has changed as well.
4:05 am
and it all got started 15 years ago today. >> i'd like to say how delighted i am that we've reached this moment when we can firmly announce the starting of a fox newschannel. >> my first job is going to be assess what already exists within the fox organization that can contribute to this. >> good morning, welcome to foxnewschannel. >> this is fox news now. all the news you need in 15 minutes.
4:06 am
4:07 am
4:08 am
4:09 am
>> fox news and fearless reporting, we just saw your face in that. >> was i fearless? >> i was actually trembling. >> i'm surprised you weren't beating -- going like this, when you come into the music, you get some rhythm going. >> i'm an hour earlier than i usually am. >> that comes at 8:00. >> your show this weekend will be at occupy wall street. who are those people? >> it's funny, i looked at my script and they are naive, they're young, they're silly, they're -- >> down there now. >> but my point is that the script that i used last sunday was very similar to the script i used at the beginning of the tea party. wearing silly costumes, they have no leaders, they have no -- they have a point of view but no real positive direction so my point is that it is possible that that thing down there,
4:10 am
whatever it is, that amorphous organic event down that's now spreading might be the beginning of something on the left that's comparable to something that's going on -- >> they already have their leaders. the unions are involved. >> the unions are different. the unions, i think, gretchen, are a double edged sword for this movement. they are very different. i mean the workers union. the service employees union, they're minority blue collar, highly organized, very ideological, very specific point and these kids down there are -- they are mostly young people, many of them adrift in life as so many of that generation are now as the father of five, i can accurately report. and they are sincere, you know, they are silly, perhaps. they are, you know, naive. they are idealistic but, you know, they care. they just don't have a leader or a particular point of view. >> well, i can't wait to see what you say when you come back. you'll be spending the whole day with them. they're costing new york city $2
4:11 am
million a day and ray kelly came out yesterday in defense of his police department that says you can hear them actually count down, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and together they joined arms and charged police and some others saw -- one was arrested for assaulting a cop and if you think about one thing that the -- these group of protesters have that the tea party didn't have is respect from the top. the president aabsoluted them. nancy pelosi is in awe of them. you have the mayor of los angeles handing out blankets to them, massachusetts providing electricity for them and cleaning up after them. wow! >> let me go back to what you said initially about the nypd and our commissioner ray kelly. in defense of the nypd, this is nothing compared -- i was a long haired anti-war radical in 1969. >> we remember! >> and the police then were using their billy clubs right on top of the heads, blood everywhere. people being arrested. some dying. tear gas everywhere, the nypd has been a model of restraint. they're being provoked by
4:12 am
professional agitators who have infiltrated the ones that protest the g-20 meetings, you know, the professional anarchists, a couple of them got in there, they are provoking, that is not -- that does not reflect the main complexion of what i so -- >> they're part of the mix. >> they are definitely part of the mix as are -- you know, so you have unions, you have the hardcore lefties and the hipies. >> the people that are being paid to be there. >> i heard a funny comment about that. >> on top of that, i guess what i want to get from you is should they be there? >> that's a very good question. but let me back up to the question of the paid demonstrators. >> they paid and, you know, they were latinos so i heard one guy say or i read in a blog, once again, undocumented latino immigrants doing jobs americans won't do. >> should they be there? you know, better to be involved and engaged in something other than your own selfish needs.
4:13 am
i just hope they become something specific. >> you'll be down there this weekend. geraldo, thank you very much. 10 good years. thank you, sir. straight ahead -- >> this is unbelievable. a 2-day-old baby left for dead and buried alive and saved by a farmer on the job. this story amazing coming up. >> we heard about the unions teaming up with the protesters, what's next? will it your honor into a referendum on mitt romney? a wall street guy himself? our political panel will debate. back and forth and back and forth and suddenly, they'll get a conclusion and all get along. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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4:16 am
>> democrats including president obama voicing empathy for the wall street protesters.
4:17 am
>> i think it expresses the frustrations of the american people feel. so yes, i think people are frustrated and, you know, the protesters are giving voice to a more broadbased frustration about how our financial system works. >> but is that part of a larger political strategy, what the protesters are doing, strategy that they will use against mitt romney in the election because mitt romney made money on wall street. here to weigh in is our political panel, pollster and founder of momentum analysis. roger hodge, author and attorney eisha powell. let's start with you. you think democrats somehow are involved in this to get at mitt romney? >> exactly, steven, i'll tell you why. obama is not going to be getting any money from wall street. they gave him a lot of money in
4:18 am
2008. and now they're giving it to mitt romney because obama is just not an effective president. and so everyone feels threatened including the union because, of course, once the republicans get in, the union will not have much place in the election or -- >> i'm sure those millionaires on wall street were delighted to hear they will have a 5.6% surtax if the president gets his jobs bill the way it's got that new penalty on being successful in it. >> well, there's a few issues. i mean, first when it comes to the protesters, i think it would be a mistake while it's absolutely true that mitt romney may have some liabilities because of his wall street and outsourcing connections, i think it's a mistake to look at it through a political lens because i think what these protesters are revolting against are the traditional political machine and how politics work and a quality that's not just a talking point. it's a real growing problem. and people aren't perceiving that problem, polls are showing
4:19 am
and that's why 75% of a poll that came out yesterday want to see millionaires get taxed a little bit more. >> ok, and those people who vote against the millionaires aren't millionaires. that would explain why. roger? >> i think in terms of who makes the money on wall street, obama made a lot of money on wall street last time around. he's still bringing in money from wall street and these protesters are in opposition to the obama administration as much as they are in opposition to mitt romney. >> not helpful to him. >> not at all. and the republicans are trying very hard to discredit mitt romney, after all. >> all right. we'll continue the conversation with our political panel in a mommy. after this, president obama says the biggest unemployment problem is in the public sector. but what happened to the $787 billion stimulus that was supposed to save that? we'll talk about that. plus we told you yesterday about a department of justice official using our tax money for trips to visit his girlfriend. and you know what? he hasn't been fired yet.
4:20 am
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>> hey, time for your news by the numbers. first 3.94%. that's how the average rate of a 30-year fixed mortgage. it dropped below 4% for the first time ever, and ever is a while. next $2 million. that's how much new york city police officers have made in overtime pay since the occupy wall street protest began on september 17th. fantastic. and finally, 64%. that's how many parents in chicago say they're looking forward to longer school days for their kids! the city's public schools is expected to add 90 minutes of class time starting next year.
4:24 am
bad news, most of it gym. >> all right, brian, president obama saying the biggest problem in unemployment is in the public sector, not the private sector. >> we know that the biggest problem that we've had in terms of unemployment over the last several months has not been in the private sector, it's actually been layoffs of teachers and cops and firefighters and we've created over two million jobs in the private sector. a million jobs this year alone in the private sector. but in the public sector, we keep on seeing these layoffs having an adverse effect on economies in states all across the country. why wouldn't we want to make sure those teachers are in the classroom teaching our kids? >> and i think we all want teachers in our classroom. wasn't the president's first $787 billion stimulus package supposed to create jobs in the public sector? we are back with our political panel. margy, when he's talking about those teachers and the firefighters and stuff like
4:25 am
that, they wound up getting essentially a job extension for a year through that stimulus. >> well, you had a lot of states struggling still. i mean, i think it's important to remember what things were like a few years ago where you really -- everyone was concerned about where the country was headed and so the stimulus, i think, and since then, we saw some improvement. as the president noted yesterday that the economy has gotten a little worse over the last year and so some states have had to take action and that's why you see a lot of these layoffs and i think to think about this in terms of public sector jobs and aren't those bad and we're talking about teachers and firefighters and police officers. >> where we need them. >> to pose the question that the president did so why wouldn't we want to have some extra help to make sure that those folks can get rehired? rather than have a political deba debate, a partisan debate over spending. >> i agree. there's nothing wrong with trying to keep our public
4:26 am
servants employed. we've lost 680,000 public sector workers over the last few months and that's terrible. but the problem is we still have a net deficit of jobs. we're millions of people that are out of work. and if we don't prime the pump, it's just going to get worse. austerity is not the way to go. >> but the stimulus was supposed to stimulate the whole economy. and it didn't work! >> absolutely not. and i'm in foreclosure and i can tell you that being a foreclosure attorney, the president proposes loan modification, all this tarp money went to the banks, people are still losing their homes. 30% of the home owners get a modification. 50% of them are still in default. and this jobs thing is republicans like romney and mccain, they're going to create jobs in the private sector. so this is a president, he knows that jobs is going to be big
4:27 am
next year. he doesn't have the answer. so he's trying to tell us that it's a public sector and that's not true. the government is so big. >> sputtering along. we wish things were better. all right. margy and roger and teisha, thank you very much. great panel today. >> thanks. >> straight ahead on this friday, she said she was screamed at by the white house for digging into the fast & furious scandal and now the reporter that broke the story says she's got the proof. it is about to get worse! plus when fox newschannel hit the air waves for the very first time, bill o'reilly was there. he did it his way and this morning, he joins us to tell us about the wild ride to numero ono. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪
4:28 am
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4:31 am
>> the federal reserve chairman, ben bernanke told a congressional committee this week that the economic recovery is close to faltering. on the bright side, most americans won't be affected because we had no idea there was a recovery. did you know there was a recovery going on? did it go by?
4:32 am
did i miss it? >> oh, my goodness! if you blinked, you might have. maybe if we all blink again, we'll be back in better shape. anyway, let's do a couple of headlines. >> or just pass the jobs bill and the whole world will be better. >> fox news alert. check out this video. fiery train derailment in illinois. the freight train was carrying ethanol when it derailed about 100 miles west of chicago. live pictures for us right now coming out of that area. residents report hearing explosions. many homes being evacuated at this hour. no word yet on any injuries. brian? auto you've a shocking liquor store robbery caught on camera. we'll share it with you. we warn you the footage could be hard to watch. others will love it. the woman behind the robber viciously beaten by the robber. he comes out of nowhere and attacks her knocking the cash register to the floor and the woman's son who was downstairs, he raced to the rescue after she yelled for help and chased the robber out of the store. the mom is going to be ok. police are trying to track down the suspect. good job, son!
4:33 am
another reason to have kids. >> oh, man! >> meanwhile, tapes of the lapd's interview with conrad murray, the doctor for michael jackson will be played at his manslaughter trial today. jurors will hear michael jackson's doctor getting grilled by the cops two days after he died from a drug over dose. a coroner's investigator admitted she made mistakes in jackson's bedroom and moved a pill bottle to get a better picture of it. >> did you conduct a perfect investigation in this case? >> no. >> are there always things you would have done differently when looking back at an investigation in hindsight? >> yes. >> does that equally apply to this case? >> yes. >> the coroner's chief toxicologist testified that the powerful antistetic was found in his system along with five other drugs. >> an incredible story out of india. this baby girl rescued after being buried alive.
4:34 am
a farmer was reportedly working in his field when he heard crying. that's when he spotted the newborn's head just barely poking through the dirt. the baby now recovering at a local hospital. police trying to locate her parents. >> all right. meanwhile, let's take a quick look at the fox weather for this hour. we have some showers moving through portions of the northern plains. a little action in south florida. otherwise, much of the country is nice and dry. current temperatures as you see them, 40's and 50's across much of the land. it's 28 right now in caribou. brrr! 70 right now in tampa. later on today, the highs will be just as you see them right there. 67 here in new york city. all right. speaking of new york city, today is the 15th anniversary of the fox newschannel, 15 years ago today, we went on tv and changed everything. >> he's the author of "killing lincoln" which is now the number one book in the country. number one on ebooks, the number one book that you buy and the list that combines them, it's number one. "killing lincoln" i thought i
4:35 am
knew everything about the civil war, bill, not even close! >> well, am i supposed to be shocked by that, kilmeade or what? >> i'm trying in a nice way to say how entertained i was. >> ok. that's good! >> by this -- >> listen, i have to say, i didn't know. and i'm a history major, former history teacher, and i didn't know. once we started to research this, every day i went wow, that really happened? how come we weren't told that? i'm glad you read the book and i hope everybody checks it out this weekend, they'll like it. >> all right. let's talk a little bit about your history here at the fox newschannel. were you here on the very first day? >> i think i called in sick. >> but you're -- no, i was there. i was at 6:00 "the o'reilly report" and, you know, it was interesting because we didn't have very many, what they call subscribers on cable so we knew it was going to take a little while. but for me, that was actually good because i was honing a concept that really hadn't been done before, that is, you know,
4:36 am
sharp opinion in primetime. >> that's right. >> and so i needed some time to hone the show but the real indicator was e-mail. e-mail. we used to get between 25 and 50 e-mails a day the first year. now, we get between 2,000 and 4,000 a day. so when we were happy to get the 30 e-mails, you know. >> i remember those days, bill. and in the beginning, one of the other things is because nobody was watching, you know, we knew nobody was watching. and it was kind of wild, and we could pull out all the stops and we did some stuff that nobody else was doing. and ultimately, that led us to the top of the heap. >> yeah, but there was some problems. i had to teach my mother had to e-mail. it was not easy. >> when did the phrase "the spin stops here" start? >> i guess that was about three or four years in. we went through a whole bunch of stuff and tried to see what worked. when we got elevated to 8:00, we
4:37 am
changed the name to "the o'reilly factor" and i started to do the no spin zone thing and it was just an evolution of phrases that we've come to know and love. >> when you look back at your old tapes do you look at them with the sound on and say to yourself, i was even brilliant then? >> yeah, but i'm going back to 4, 5 years old, kilmeade. >> you don't remember a time when you weren't fascinating. >> you know, i have a reputation of being cocky and all this, but i don't really do that, you know. if you know me in my private life, i'm not a guy to go oh, yeah, look what i did. you know, i do it for promotional reasons and i do it to get people kind of riled up. >> and it works. >> it does work. i mean, when he said to "newsweek", you know, they said why don't you run for office? i said quite rightly and truthfully, because i have more power doing what i'm doing here. i don't have to go through the legislative crisis, if there's something wrong, i can bring it to the attention of the people immediately. why would i want to do that? and of course, barbara walters
4:38 am
took offense that -- why do you have so much power on "the view" and i had to go through that. >> bill -- >> sounded a little like julia child. >> i don't want to get too personal if you're in your pajamas or anything. can you see the tv screen right now and see the picture that we have up of you? >> yes, look, i know you've been mocking me. >> we're not mocking! what do you think of that? >> i'm aging like johnny carson, i'm just telling you right now. i'm, you know, that's my goal. johnny carson and sean connery, that's i the wthe way i want to. >> his dvd's are worth a lot of money. we'd love to know what you're like not on television. we keep asking if we can hang out with you and the answer is always no. >> i'm too boring for you, kilmeade. kilmeade is the kind of guy that goes out and he wants to play soccer and ping-pong. >> and dance. >> and miniature golfing. come on, kilmeade. >> that's true. the ping-pong mini golf date.
4:39 am
>> he left out the drinking beer party. >> you look like a kid in camp that you want to tie up. >> chris wallace -- >> speaking of shows, last year on your show, you had the cbs reporter who got her hands on some of those e-mails about what eric holder knew regarding fast & furious. here's what she said last night on your program when you were trying to figure out whether or not another shoe is going to drop. >> also, documents -- we haven't even had time to report on all of them. there are very sensitive documents and allegations going around, many of them we haven't reported yet because we need to get more confirmation of them. but what you see on the surface that we do report in our stories is really only a part of what may be going on and we may be reporting the future when we can get confirmation. >> what did you think of that interview with her last night? >> couple of things, i've known her for a long time and she's really a good reporter.
4:40 am
and i think cbs news is very nervous. and i have to say that with all due respect to cbs news. they broke the story that holder did not tell the truth to congressman issa. and that was good work. but they're nervous. cbs is nervous. >> you can tell. >> and why are they nerve ousz? -- nervous? because i think they have some stuff that's going to basically say the attorney general of the united states did not tell the truth. and president obama has a deep, personal relationship with mr. holder. and yesterday, he said, you know, i stand behind him and we think he tells the truth but according to cbs and what i can understand from them, they don't see it that way. so does it become a big story? you've got a lot of media protecting president obama right now. it's not like richard nixon where the media was just ready to tear his throat out. ok? or even bill clinton. the media, you know, turned on very quickly. there's still vested interest in the media protecting the
4:41 am
president obama so i don't -- it's going to be interesting to see how this story unfolds but i do think that the attorney general is in trouble. >> i do think this -- if you listened to the press conference yesterday, so many reporters were asking tougher questions now. starting with the first one, they seem to be trying to -- to drill down on a lot of these issues. >> i think you're right in the sense that the individual reporters sense that there's something not right. i think it's more of a competency issue than a corruption issue. you know, president obama i don't think is a corrupt -- i could be wrong but i don't think so. it's a competency issue so the individual reporters that are there every day see this. i mean, sharyl atkinson she was actually cursed at by a white house communications guy. i mean, you don't do that! that means that things are out of control. but the guys that run the news agencies with the exception, of course, of fox news, are still
4:42 am
protecting president obama. nbc news has not reported the fast & furious case since april! >> how's that possible? >> yeah. >> ok? i mean, now, maybe they did something this week but up until this week, they hadn't touched it. and the cable networks, you know what that is. you know part of the reason that fox has done so well for 15 years is that, i think, many americans perceive the other cable networks, news networks to be in the tank. >> and yesterday, you just said the president did support eric holder. we'll continue to follow this story and see what the outcome is in the coming days and weeks. >> we'll watch you tonight, though. >> we'll cause trouble as we always do. >> happy anniversary. >> happy anniversary to you guys. >> thank you, bye. >> coming up on our show, the fed chairman said the recovery is close to faltering. in just one hour from now, we may find out how close. the labor department releases monthly employment numbers and up next, we'll have a preview for you. >> and this solyndra scandal is
4:43 am
getting deeper. now the guy who hands out green energy jobs is stepping down. how much deeper will this go? peter johnson jr. is here. >> but first, your trivia question of the day. born on this date in 1959, this british entertainment mogul got his start in the mail room of the record company where his father was an executive. who is he? e-mail us friends at and we'll send you something nice. [ coughing ] [ male announcer ] got a cold? [ sniffling ] [ male announcer ] not sure what to take? now click on the robitussin® relief finder at click on your symptoms. get the right relief. ♪ makes the cold aisle easy
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lugging around a hot water extraction unit can be a rush! that's why i'm carpet for life. but if things get out of hand, there's no shame in calling us. ♪call 1-800-steemer. >> got quick headlines for you right now. the feds will announce an operation to crack down on pot shots in california later today. they say federal law trumps state law which allows the sale of medical marijuana like that right there. and it's deadline day for the simpsons.
4:47 am
the actors who voice over the characters have until noon today to decide if they will take a pay cut from $440,000 an episode to $250,000. if they refuse, 20 century fox television might pull the plug on the show after its 23rd season which wraps in may unless they get some more dough! gretch? >> thank you, steve. the fed chair ben bernanke said this week any recovery we're feeling is hardly permanent. in fact, we may fall into yet another economic slump. and the first signs could come today. peter barnes from the fox business network is live at the department of labor with more on this. good morning to you, peter. >> good morning, gretchen. yeah, we're watching this number for september jobs creation very closely this morning and so is the obama administration. analysts expecting that the economy will have created about 60,000 new nonfarm payroll jobs in september.
4:48 am
the unemployment rate holding steady at 9.1% from august and in august, as you recall, the economy created zero new jobs, big goose egg. and jobs in the economy are very much on the president's mind. it was the top issue at his press conference yesterday. take a listen. >> people really need help right now. our economy really needs a jolt right now. this is not a game. this is not the time for the usual political gridlock. the problems europe is having today could have a very real effect on our economy at a time when it's already fragile. but this jobs bill can help guard against another downturn if the situation in europe gets any worse. >> and if we get another weak number this morning, gretchen, look for the administration to use that to continue to try to push congress to approve the president's jobs plan. gretch? >> all right, good analysis, peter barnes live for us out in
4:49 am
front of the department of labor, an apt place. thanks so much, peter. >> coming up next on the rundown, his department gave solyndra a half billion dollars before it went belly up but he wasn't even there. so why is this guy taking the fall? peter johnson is on the case and he joins us next. but first, let's go back in history, shall we, for this day? 15 years ago, fox newschannel was founded and our top story, the 1996 debate between president bill clinton and bob dole. and the number 15 song in 1996, "follow you down" by the gin blossoms. it must have been number one at some point. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
4:50 am
♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. this is what we can gather from an ordinary crash test dummy. two million data points. this is what we can gather from a lexus crash test genius. [ engine revving ] when you pursue industry-leading safety, you don't just engineer breakthroughs in simulation technology, you engineer amazing. ♪
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>> just chewing my breakfast. hold on a second. the answer to the trivia question is simon cowell. the winner is mimi over in robbinsville, new jersey. i sit down with simon for the final part of this nine part series we're doing coming up next hour. he tells us why he really likes america. talk about liking america, let's talk about this scandal in america. the solyndra scandal heating up even more now. the head of the federal loan program, jonathan silver is out. he resigned. this as lawmakers expand their investigation of the white house's role in backing the government loans given to that now bankrupt solar company but just last month, silver was asked if anyone should lose their job. here's what he said. >> should someone be fired, mr. silver? should anybody be fired? >> the people in the loan guarantee program at the department of energy, our
4:54 am
colleagues at omb have worked -- >> so you're saying no one should be fired? >> i'm saying that we are doing the best job we know how to do. >> all right. all right. >> that went well. so what's behind his resignation? was he the scapegoat? you've been tracking this story this morning. >> he's the scapegoat and the fall guy. he wasn't even there, they decided to make this loan, he continued, though, in compounding the deal in a bad way. here's what we have, brian, we have a massive gaming experience in washington. we have government by roulette. we have the president saying oh, we placed a bet on solyndra. >> that's his word. >> some of these things pay off, some of these things don't pay off. are we in vegas? are we in atlantic city? so we have this bet. now, evidently, they have russian roulette with fast & furious where we say well, we're going to bet that guns don't get into the hands of the wrong
4:55 am
people and kill innocent americans and mexicans. so we got this bet on solyndra that goes into the dumper for half a billion dollars. we've got this bet on fast & furious and then a week ago, they say listen, we've got to spend all this $36 billion. so over two days, they allotted $4 billion in more of these solyndra type deals. >> as if it's a scandal that money goes back into the coffers. >> i'm out the door now. i don't know who should be fired. you know who should be fired, brian? the secretary of energy. i know everybody has said he's a nobel peace prize winner. we never had one of those as a cabinet secretary. but i would say mr. chu, thank you for your service. we're going to present you with a medal. let's see if we can do better with the next secretary. someone has got to be accountable at a very high level. and mr. silver has had a distinguished career in private business. he didn't even make this
4:56 am
decision and this guy has gone down. let's go higher! >> they're trying to get memos and trying to get the president's blackberry messages. that's how serious they're getting. >> bad mistake or something really wrong? let's not have government by roulette. >> thank you very much, peter. we're probably going to be talking about this again. terrifying moments aboard an american airlines flight. you got a saudi man who tried to storm the cockpit. up next, the man who stood in his way! then, celebrating 15 years on the air. we take a look back at the very first fox report along with s p shepard smith. he was 11 years old. the best approach to food is tkeep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain
4:57 am
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>> good morning, everyone. tgif, it's october 7th. thanks so much for your sharing your time with us today. passing the blame, president obama says his jobs bill isn't working because the republicans won't let it work. but it turns out some democrats don't like it much either. but what about regular old americans? well, we're going to report and then you can decide. >> meanwhile, a new warning from the fed. the slight recovery we're feeling apparently is on the verge of collapse. new jobless numbers are expected 30 minutes from right now. republican presidential candidate, that guy, mitt romney here live to react. >> wow. on this date 15 years ago, fox news hit the air waves for the very first time. we're celebrating our anniversary with a special appearance by none other than sh shepard smith and we have a president for him. >> really? >> yeah, "fox & friends" starts right now.
5:01 am
>> where would america be without it? >> ♪ pull them all together >> all right. let's party, everyone. 15th birthday party for fox newschannel today. as we zoom in right there, look what that is. i think that's a nice painting of the fox newschannel. nope. it's from great american cookies. it is a 2,000 person cookie which we are going to cut into and hand out maybe about 50 minutes from now or so. >> frosting on the cake. >> yep, that company started in 1977, a family-owned business and great american success story. >> and this -- you're watching a great american success story right here with the fox newschannel, started exactly 15 years ago today. gretchen, i was thinking about this during the commercial time-out. you joined us five years ago.
5:02 am
it's been a great five years. brian has been here for about 14 years and it just dawned on me, brian, that man behind camera 1, ian, has actually looked at you nonstop every day you have been here for three hours a day, he has looked at your face more than your own wife has. >> you know what his quote was? he quoted lou gehrig, i consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth and i couldn't believe it and i was moved but until i had a chance to look at myself, i didn't realize he was 100% right. >> that would explain the flask, though. >> luckily, ian is a man of few words. that's why we're not hearing anything from him. >> he says a lot. >> he just doesn't talk to me. i don't know what it is. >> anyway, ian is one of the guys who has been here 15 years. >> you'll meet a whole bunch of the folks who have been here since the get go 15 years ago this morning in the next half-hour. >> in the meantime, let's do other news for you. we have headlines. the parents of missing missouri baby lisa irwin denying claims that they've stopped cooperating
5:03 am
with police. deborah bradley and jeremy irwin are expected to speak out later this morning. just one day after police said their talks with the couple had stalled. police also calling off a search of the kansas city neighborhood after finding no signs of baby lisa in four days. no word yet on if they plan to move the search somewhere else. a another terror scare in the air. how would you like to be on the airplane? a saudi arabian man apparently tried to break into the cockpit. it happened on an american airlines flight from new york to indiana. the 20-year-old was reportedly running towards the cockpit when another passenger jumped into action. >> just threw down my stuff and jumped out of my seats and ran to the door. pulled him by the arm and tried to get him behind me. kind of like my life went before my eyes and i was just, you know, i'm not going to let this happen when i'm flying. >> once the plane landed, police did question the man who told them that he was an ex change student at the university of indiana but the only problem
5:04 am
with that is the school says that's not true. still, for some reason, authorities determined he was not a real threat. they released him without pressing any charges. >> great. >> the anti-corporate protests getting bigger and louder now spreading way beyond wall street to more than 100 cities. the organizer of the protests in washington, d.c., though, now admitting he paid hispanics to take part in the rally. they reportedly held up signs written in english that many of them could not read. in los angeles, protesters took over a bank of america building and were arrested. across the country, police have now busted more than 800 protesters. game five of the american league division series between the tigers and yanks in the bronx, detroit jumps out early, two home runs in the first inning. new york would crawl back but in the end, the yankee bats couldn't come up with the big hit. as the tigers pitching shut them down. tigers hang on for a 3-2 win. so detroit advances to take on texas in the american league championship series. you can see all the alcs games on fox starting with game one
5:05 am
tomorrow night. those are your headlines this morning. >> that's a tough loss and the yankees at home in game five with nova pitching. expect to win. but detroit, it's their year. let's talk about if it's your year or not. the president feels as though this will be -- he's going to spend the entire year campaigning for four more years. he yesterday did something very similar to what he was doing when he went in front of a joint session of congress. he's talking about his jobs bill demanding it get passed. not acknowledging that 17 democrats in the senate won't vote for it and his majority leader won't put it up for a vote. >> he was absolutely, brian in campaign mode. there you saw him say to the republicans, if you don't vote for it, you're going to get run out of town. play a little bit of the president and then as he calls for his jobs bill to be passed, mitch mcconnell will follow up, saying, look, we tried to pass it a couple of days in the u.s. senate ago but harry reid stopped us. here's both the guys.
5:06 am
>> i have gone out of my way in every instance sometimes at my own political peril and to the frustration of democrats to work with republicans to find common ground. >> worried about your own powers of persuasion and maybe that the american public is not listening to you anymore? >> well, no. what we've seen is the american people respond very enthusiastically to the specific provisions of the jobs bill. they are very skeptical about congress' ability to act right now. will congress do something? if congress does something, i can't run against a do nothing congress. if congress does nothing, then it's not a matter of me running against them. i think the american people will run them out of town. >> first of all, let me say it's not a jobs bill in our view. it's another stimulus bill. one of my favorite old rural kentucky sayings, is there's no education in the second kick of a mule. the president has said on 12 different occasions on the campaign trail, he wanted a vote
5:07 am
on his bill without any changes exactly as he wanted it now. and i offered that opportunity the other day and the majority leader of the democratic party, the same party as the president denied that opportunity. and the reason he did, greta, was there's bipartisan opposition to it. >> what will happen now? apparently that bill won't go before the senate any time soon. harry reid decided to use what's known as the nuclear option. you know it's not going to go anywhere in the house. how long will the president be able to give this message as he goes out on another bus tour? we'll have to stieb. >> right. by the way, joe biden weighed in on this and talked about the urgency by saying this, i don't think the economy slips into a recession if this jobs act doesn't pass. but i do think it will stay sluggish and stagnant if we don't pass it. not helping. >> sluggish and stagnant is not how you would ever describe shepard smith who is, of course, the anchor of "the fox report" the number one show newswise in cable news and joins us via the news line.
5:08 am
hello, shepard. >> steve, good morning! >> were you out celebrating last night? >> no, i was at the yankee game. you may have heard we lost. it was horrible? >> are they blaming you? >> i'm blamed for everything. i'm here. i can take it. >> i'm glad you were on the phone. remember the last time you came on "fox & friends" in person and you told us you were not really a morning person. >> no, i'm not a morning person. >> you're a good man for getting up. as you look back, a lot of people who joined us over the last couple of years might think oh, shepard smith has been probably hosting that show forever. actually you started on september 13, 1999 with "the fox report" but before that, you were everywhere, weren't you? >> i was. all around the world. >> doing what? >> reporting, steve. from place to place, putting out fires, starting fires, if we were low on news, i would start them. >> you would not.
5:09 am
>> we're looking at the old clips of you right now. of all the people that we have shown 15 years ago up to the present time, i think you have changed the least. >> is that right? i look like a fat 12-year-old to me. >> are you watching it right now? >> of course i am. >> ok. >> i remember that. >> the hair didn't change that much. maybe that's what it is. >> shep, could you talk about you going from the guy who had to be in the middle of everything and you were at all the big stories to going behind the desk, was there a reluctance to not being out in the field as first as much as you like anchoring? >> there was for me. i sort of lived off being where the story was. and learning to be sort of tied to those four walls and that desk was difficult. but i figured out you can report from there, too. i started doing that before you had computers at your desk and now we can communicate with our correspondents and folks all over the world in a milisecond so i'm loving every minute of this. i can't believe it's been 15 years.
5:10 am
>> i know it. and congratulations. your show in the top five shows of all of cable news for a number of years now. you know, you've been at this for a while. why did fox news become number one? >> we -- you know, we, i think a lot of stations make it artificially boring, pretend that they're bored with it. stand in sort of an off highway and give the news to the subjects where we don't take ourselves that seriously. i think we wanted young, enthusiastic, energetic people who weren't afraid to work from behind and hated to lose. so -- and it's worked out perfectly. i've loved every minute of it. >> it's been great. >> you do get out from behind the desk, i'm thinking of your hurricane coverage during katrina that was award winning. let me talk about this, shep. i know that you love to showcase bears. >> we like bears. >> on your show.
5:11 am
>> like mike ditka? >> no, not the football. the real live bears that you also love. >> like on a trampoline? we have a gift for you this morning, shep. which is -- >> there's his famous video. >> that's the famous one that we like to show, the bear on the trampoline. >> have you seen this one yet? >> it's an anniversary gift from us to you. look at this. two bears on a hammock. >> two bears on a hammock. >> there they are. six second delay, i like this. >> you have a lead story, shep, you could sleep a little later. >> bear alert! >> thank goodness, forget politics, tonight we have double bears. >> right. bit way, twins. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> all right. >> shepard, happy anniversary. >> happy anniversary! >> thanks for joining us and doing a great job. >> you guys are the best. thank you. >> put something on, please. >> ok. >> he's not wearing anything? >> later. >> how can you tell?
5:12 am
>> can't tell. >> all right. reporters everywhere. >> all right, he's not skyping us. >> coming up on our show, the united states has spent a decade at war. up next, general richard myers talks about the future of afghanistan. >> then a one on one with simon cowell with his take on america, so does he think the united states has lost its edge? simon speaks to that correspondent, mr. brian kilmeade as you can see in the "fox & friends" room. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style.
5:13 am
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5:14 am
♪ ♪ ♪ when the things that you need ♪ ♪ come at just the right speed, that's logistics. ♪
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♪ medicine that can't wait legal briefs there by eight, ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪ ♪ freight for you, box for me box that keeps you healthy, ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪ ♪ saving time, cutting stress, when you use ups ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪ >> well, today marks the 10th anniversary of the first u.s. attack on afghanistan. after a decade at war now that has cost the united states billions of dollars and thousands of lives, what does the future hold? general richard myers is a former chairman of the joint
5:16 am
chiefs of staff and he's my guest right now. good morning to you, general. >> good morning. >> i know you had been on the job, that job only seven days when september 11th happened. correct? >> that's right. i came into office on october 1st and seven days later, we're at war. >> what did you make of the situation in afghanistan at that time? i don't know if you've had a chance to read this yet but the former person who was in charge of afghanistan has given this quote. we didn't know enough and we still don't know enough. most of us, me included had a very superficial understanding of the situation in history and we had a frightening simplistic view of recent history the last 50 years. did you feel the same way? >> i think certainly, i mean, we're going into a country we have not paid a lot of attention to other than through some of our intelligence agencies when the soviets invaded. other than that, we didn't have many allies in the region. we didn't -- we had broken off military relations with pakistan so we didn't have much knowledge about what was specifically
5:17 am
going on in afghanistan so there was a lot of uncertainty that surrounded all the decisions we made when we first went into afghanistan. >> left the office in 2005. how would you compare what the situation was then to what it is now? >> well, in 2005, they -- they'd elected a parliament. they had a fairly liberal constitution. president karzai was governing fairly well. and things looked pretty positive. the taliban was not really a factor at all. and then that's all changed, i think, in the last five or six years. taliban had a resurgence and had to be dealt with, hence the surge here a year or so ago and all the attention that nato and the united states has put in on the problem. so i think what's really changed is the re-emergence of the taliban as a big factor in the country. and also the inability of kabul to provide good governance to
5:18 am
the rest of the country. corruption is -- just hasn't been abated and is a real problem. >> it's so interesting to think back a couple of years ago where it was the "top 20" i ctop topi discussion whether there should be a resurge. now the discussion seems to be those troops coming home. where do you stand on that? >> well, you know, i -- we've devoted 10 years, as you mentioned early on, 10 years and billions of dollars to the situation in afghanistan and i have to -- you have to think about an afghanistan that is in chaos, ungoverned land and what that might mean for regional security or, perhaps, our security. both president bush and president obama said that would not be a good thing for our security. so i think we've made great strides on the security front in afghanistan. tremendous strides at great costs but tremendous strides and it looks like we're on the cusp
5:19 am
of some real progress there, what we need now is not going to be a military victory in the end. it's going to be military providing security and then a -- a political progress and it's the political progress where we're lacking right now and it would be nice to see real effort put on the central government in kabul and trying to make it a more effective government for the people of afghanistan. >> so if i'm hearing you correctly, general, that's not a military job. are you calling on the u.s. government to do that? >> well, you know, i've always said and i wrote in my book, you know, big problems like this ne need all the focus of our military power. the diplomatic instrument and not just the united states but all countries. this is an international problem in afghanistan. it's not just the united states that would suffer if afghanistan goes back to a lawless state or one that's ruled by extremists. >> i get your point. general richard myers, former
5:20 am
chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. hard to believe 10 years ago today, the afghanistan war started. thanks for your time today. >> thank you. >> coming up on our show, g.o.p. frontrunner mitt romney hours away from giving his foreign policy speech now and you'll want to hear part of it. an exclusive preview when he joins us just about 10 minutes away. plus he brought "the x factor" to the u.s. yes, i love this show! what does simon cowell actually think about america? because he's a brit. brian gets his take on our country coming up. h, forgot jack cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, ts is pretty good. [ male announcer ]alf a day's worth of fiber. fiber one.
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5:23 am
>> got some quick headlines for you on this friday morning. the republican presidential primary calendar getting earlier and earlier. nevada has just moved up its caucus to january 14th.
5:24 am
that means new hampshire will likely move to january 3rd and the iowa caucuses will probably be sometime in december. possibly the day after christmas. terrific. meanwhile, jews around the world observing yom kippur today, it officially begins tonight at sundown. the holiday seen as a time for atonement and reflection. it's traditionally observed through a 25-hour period of fasting and intense prayer. >> just amazing after 15 years of experience, people still talk during live television in the background. >> yeah, you guys, be quiet! >> there's a surprise coming up! they might blow it over there. >> got a studio audience for the first time ever. >> hey, guys -- >> pipe down! you're going to see brian with simon cowell. >> oh, boy. >> he might be british but x factor judge simon cowell has a lot of love for america. sat down with him this week up in the sports suite. we talked about that and what makes america great in his eyes.
5:25 am
>> you realize that. >> i'm kind of american now. >> when you see what's going on with us, you've seen a lot. "american idol" starts right after 9/11. you watch this country come back, go through two wars, go through economic strife in 2008 and come back, at the same time you're doing very well. a lot of people are concerned america has lost their edge, we're too much like europe, we're not understanding the capitalism sometimes has winners and losers. do you sense that? that we're getting, as the president called, soft? >> i think that it's confidence, brian, you know, and what i've learned as a brit coming to america is that there's so many things you do here that you can't outsource. nobody can make movies like americans. nobody can compete with google or yahoo or apple because it's just brilliant. the whole idea of getting other countries to manufacture, i don't like it. when you do something well, you're the best in the world. i came here to do a singing
5:26 am
competition because i'm not afraid to say, you have the best singers in the world. i am feeling going around the country a sense of renewed confidence again, that's what i love about america. i love the fact that you still believe in the american dream and the american dream is possible. but it's a confidence issue. >> there's something else about you and what you represent. you are telling people exactly how you feel. this is the best audition i've ever seen. you're extremely talented. >> you, i believe to be a -- >> i could work with you and i think i could make you into a great artist. >> as opposed to you have no l talent. >> it sounds like you had been punched. this is a bad audition. it was predictable. it was a bit of a mess in parts. >> it's the honesty. do you think that's lacking today? >> well, i think, you know, with political correctness, we've forgotten actually criticism is good for you. as a kid, you learn right or
5:27 am
wrong by what your parents teach you. and then as i started off in the -- as a career in the music business, you have no training for this. i've made -- and i still have made some terrible, terrible mistakes. but i have people around me, mentors, who not only told me that i was doing it wrong, they also told me how to get it right. if i had someone sitting there going it doesn't matter, simon, it's always going to be mountains and rainbows, i would have continued to make mistakes. every time i criticize someone, it's knowing what it's done to help me in my life. i've been quite right that when somebody does well, of course, you want to be optimistic with them. >> i love hearing your interviews because you guys genuinely like each other. >> i think he's a great guy and unbelievably successful and i think he really likes this country. i'm trying to get him to defect right now. >> really? he's already here. >> he spends enough time here. he should be half american. >> he only has like nine houses. i don't know where he'd stay. >> straight ahead, we are just exactly two minutes away from
5:28 am
seeing what the monthly jobless numbers are like. we're going to bring them to you right after a break. >> and happy 50th birthday to fox newschannel. we're celebrating with cake and some very special guests, some of them secret. shhh! [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number? even though i'm a great driver and he's... not so much. well, for a driver like you, i would recommend our new snapshot discount.
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>> got a fox news alert for you. the monthly jobless numbers out. unemployment unchanged at 9.1%.
5:32 am
nonfarm payrolls at 103,000 jobs in september. also, july and august numbers were slightly revised upward. all right. meanwhile, it all started 15 years ago today, the fox newschannel started. let's give you a little historic perspective. watch this. >> i think that was it. >> how delighted i am that we've now reached this moment when we can firmly announce the starting of a fox newschannel. >> my first job is going to be assess what already exists within the fox organization that can contribute to this. >> look at that. very nice and a lot of the employees who are here on day one are still here and they're right over there, they're doing
5:33 am
their best to be quiet celebrating 15 years in the studio. give yourselves a round of applause, folks. 15 years. and look who stopped by the curvy couch with us. a couple of guys knew we'd have cake. rupert murdoch and roger ail. good morning, guys. >> good morning, nice to see you. >> 15 years, that was fast. >> that's right. >> 6:15 in the morning, wasn't it? 15 years ago. >> 15 years ago, haven't been off the air for a minute. >> that's right. >> thank you very much. >> well, thank you very much for allowing us to sit here. so rupert, you get roger ails, you sign him. what made you think this whole thing would work? >> i just had a hunch that, you know, there was room for another point of view and another service. i like monopolies when i see them. >> you own them. >> glad to give people a choice.
5:34 am
>> that's what makes mr. ails mr. ails not only a brilliant man in television but his funny quips like that which i'm sure you enjoy from time to time, i'm sure. >> sure. >> i want to go back to the quotes from the beginning when they first launched. they said this is a reach. this is pie in the sky. this will never happen. roger, when you see that, i know you have a fighting spirit inside of you. >> well, we were over in the sports suite, rupert and i, and he's fearless so he's up there saying, i think ted turner insulted him so he decided to create a billion dollar company as an answer which most of us don't think like that. >> other way around actually. >> whatever happened. and as i'm walking back to the office, i said to rupert, "the new york times" is laughing at us in there and he said, they always laugh in the beginning, don't pay any attention to them. and we never did. it all worked out. >> you had done some research before things kicked off and you
5:35 am
realized there was a vast audience out there that was not being served. >> well, i actually didn't take research other than my own. when i traveled all over the country, i talked to every desk clerk and cab driver and anybody i could meet, you know, and they all had the same answer. and it was very clear. they were getting only one perspective of the news. and so i thought that charles krauthammer, our friend said that we discovered secret niche in broadcasting, half the american people who felt they were underserved. and that's probably true. yeah. >> so roger, you've been in jobs where you've had great ideas and you weren't supported. how valuable has it been to have somebody support you and believe in you? >> rupert murdoch is extraordinary in many ways. he really is a genius in terms of media but more importantly, what he does is he bets on
5:36 am
people. i don't think we ever had a written business plan. we talked through what we were going to do. he said can you do this? i said yes. he backed it, was always there but really let me run it. now, if i had screwed it up, i'd be dead. but fortunately, i didn't screw it up. >> mr. murdoch, do you care at all about the critics? do you care when people say that fox newschannel, you know, is a bad thing? >> i don't care about the critics, i'm proud of fox news. if you're in media, you're going to have the controversies and you got to take it. >> sure. >> just as you give it out. it's fun. >> it's fun? >> yeah. absolutely. >> makes it exciting, i guess. >> coming up, we are, on 10 years in the number one position which is, you know, it's extraordinary because in the beginning, and i remember in the beginning, it was like if we could just get close to cnn,
5:37 am
we'd have it made! did you ever think not only would you get close to cnn but you'd pass them and they're way in the rearview mirror now. >> i think we learned that pretty quickly. actually to get the cable companies to put us on and step by step by step. but once we had full distribution, we went through them pretty quickly. >> right. and it was a series of big stories every time there would be a big story, whether it was a recount or lewinsky or 9/11, people started dropping by every time and then we just grew with each big story. >> whenever there's a big news story, there's a big peak and then the decay factor of people who move away from that story, the other networks i noticed were going back down to where they were before. when we'd have a big peak and people were exposed to us, more of them stayed with us. so we had a much lower decay factor and so i knew overtime we'd eventually beat it. >> would you like to celebrate and pay homage to the people who
5:38 am
have been here from the very beginning? >> absolutely. >> if you don't mind, we need to go over to this guy. >> every 15 years, we get cake! >> right. >> all right. >> and very, very nice. >> we'll do it again in the next 15 years. >> you promise? ok, it's a deal. >> we're available to hang out other times if you guys are around. >> that is a cake. >> it looks like -- >> just nice. come on over here, guys. >> could we wrap this up? i'm on a coffee break! >> studio full of people who have been here 15 years. >> i fired that guy eight times. >> still have for the cake. >> all right. >> we're going to take a quick time-out. more cake on the other side. coming up, g.o.p. frontrunner mitt romney is just hours from giving his foreign policy speech but first, he joins us with an exclusive interview. >> plus we continue to celebrate 15 years on the air
5:39 am
and take a look back at all we've done here. greta van susteren. the best approach to food is tkeep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the otr guy's flake is more processed. mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
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[ female announcer ] somhing unexpected to the world of multigrain... taste. ♪ delicious pringles multigrain. with a variety of flavors, multigrain pops with pringles. >> we just brought you this fox news alert a few moments ago. monthly jobs report out, unemployment unchanged at 9.1%. that's not good news right now for the president and his administration. what would a president mitt romney do? guess what? he joins us right now live from south carolina. good morning to you. >> hello, mr. president. >> good morning, gretchen. >> good morning, how are you guys doing? >> happy birthday, by the way. >> thank you very much. >> if you were to be president, what would you do differently? i know it's a loaded question. pick your top two things. >> well, you can learn some lessons from ronald reagan and
5:43 am
what he did afternoon the recession when he came into office and he made sure that government was not burdening the enterprise system. he kept taxes low. held on to regulation. expanded trade around the world. and in the month of september following the recession he inherited, we actually created over a million jobs. so what you're seeing now is the -- the result of a failed economic policy by a president who has been in office three years and is looking for someone to blame. >> well, yeah, and he's going to blame congress, obviously. here's a snippet of the president yesterday talking about how he's gone out of his way to get the other side on board. let's listen. >> i have gone out of my way in every instance, sometimes at my own political peril and to the frustration of democrats to work with republicans to find common ground, to move this country forward. >> mr. romney, wouldn't you say that the president knows his jobs bill and the way it is right now is not going to pass and all he's doing is trying to
5:44 am
portray the u.s. congress as a bunch of do nothings like harpy truman did to score political points for next year. >> you know, i think he's having a very hard time doing that because the american people remember that for the first two years of this president's administration, after he inherited the recession, he had a democrat house and a democrat senate. he had his way with legislation. he could do whatever he wanted. he passed a massive stimulus bill, said he'd hold unemployment below 8%. it hasn't been below 8% since so he's had his way and trying to find someone new to blame is not going to work. he's got to take responsibility. >> right and i know you got some good news today. there's another report by the research people that came out and they asked independents who would you vote for? mitt romney or president obama? and it was mitt romney by about eight points. so that is good news. but a lot will decide on your foreign policy. amongst people, governor romney, that is saying you're a flip-flopper when it comes to
5:45 am
afghanistan and i know you're going to make a big foreign policy speech today is john huntsman. he says one day you want to get in. one day you want to get out. where do you stand on the war that's 10 years old? >> well, i think we've learned a lot of lessons and those lessons will be categorized and discussed for a long time by military experts and various observers. but at this stage, the right course for us is to follow the advice of the generals on the ground as we transition to the afghan forces securing their country and making sure that it remains a sovereign nation. that's the responsibility which we have and soon, the afghan forces will take on the responsibility of securing their independence. so i will follow the advice of generals as opposed to a political calendar that the president is following. he's putting politics, i believe, ahead of our interests. >> it's interesting because the president has said on many occasions, well, republicans need to come up with a plan. i haven't heard a plan from the republicans. but maybe he wasn't listening to you because you put out your economic -- an economic plan several months ago. now you're putting out your
5:46 am
foreign policy plan and it is eight actions. you say it's unacceptable for iran to become a nuclear organization and you say your first order of business for the new libyan government should be to hand over the lockerbie bomber. pretty strong statements there, mr. romney. >> well, i think we have to recognize that the world seeks a strong america. the world is safer if america is strong. and there is some in the world who think that the right course is for a series of nations to share power. for there to be a balance of power. i think that's fantasy. the world is safer if america is strong. we're either going to be the follower or we're going to be the leader. and this next century, the century we're in must be an american century and by an american century, i mean a century where america leads the free world and the free world leads the entire world. and i will keep america strong, not just with our values but with our strong economy, and with a strong military. we simply cannot afford to shrink our military at a time of world crisis. >> governor, what has this
5:47 am
president been by describing it the way you just did? a leader, a follower, or an apologizer when it comes to foreign policies? >> well, a bit of all those things but mostly follower and apologizer. he's been reactive. he has not had a foreign policy which attempted to shape events in the world, instead he's responded and reacted to events as they've occurred, sometimes getting it right like getting usama bin laden. sometimes getting it wrong. and the right course for america is to have a very clear and compelling foreign policy which we communicate to our friends and to our foes alike, they understand where we stand and to stand behind that with a strong economy, strong values, and a strong military. and that's something the president has simply failed to do, particularly now as he's talking about cutting our military budget by hundreds of billions of dollars. huge mistake. >> right. and that could be coming down the pike if the super committee doesn't come up with some conclusions and some -- and something that they've agreed on. now, governor, before you become president, you have to get the
5:48 am
nomination and to get the nomination, you have to prove you're better than the others. and one thing was clear when perry got -- when governor perry got in, he catapulted over you. you went after him. now herman cain is either tied with you or anything at your heels. where is herman cain vulnerable? >> herman cain is a good man and i respect him. i'm not going to look at his vulnerabilities. i'm going to talk about the things i need to do to make sure that my message is clear to the american people. and it's pretty straight forward. unlike the other guys on the stanl stage in those debates with eight or nine people, i spent my life in the private sector. i've used my skill to help run the olympics, turn that state around. that's the kind of turn around experience that i think the country is looking for. >> governor, unfortunately, five years ago when we were celebrating fox's 10th anniversary, i was just about to start on the show, not quite here. i missed out on coming to pay you a visit with brian and steve. i understand that you put them to work? >> we got a snippet, governor, watch this.
5:49 am
here we are in boston. five years ago. >> brian, brian, stop, stop. nice job, nice job. i need you to go to the meeting in there. you can handle it. go get it. >> go to the meeting. >> get to the point, mark, we don't have much time. >> basketball, baseball. >> we're going to go polo. we want to give the elitist attitude that will keep the tourists away. >> west nile virus? >> come out firmly against the virus. >> got to get to center here. this is my view, i want it clean, clean. real clean. see through clean. >> that is the state house of massachusetts right there. >> i'm kind of glad i wasn't there. >> governor, what kind of an impact has fox newschannel had on america looking back 15 years? >> well, i think it's opened up america's eyes to the idea that one side does not have all the answers. that, in fact, there are different points of view on important issues and fox has been in my view, fair and
5:50 am
balanced as it advertised from the very beginning pointing out both sides of issues and the american people have responded overwhelmingly making fox news number one. congratulations to you guys. it's been a remarkable success and seeing sir rupert and roger on tv this morning, you have to tip your hat to these guys. they've done quite a job. >> no kidding. >> we're talking to the guy that's leading the field and to be the next -- to represent the republican party to run for president of the united states. so it's going to be an exciting year for you. thanks so much for joining us, governor mitt romney. >> thanks, brian. steve, gretchen, all the best. >> bye-bye. >> coming up next, greta van susteren. ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. and who ordered the yummy cereal?
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>> we continue celebrating the
5:54 am
15th anniversary of fox newschannel with another anchor, wonderful host that has made fox what it is today. greta van susteren, three names, one person. host of "on the record." have you gone to sleep yet? >> you know, i've been up all night waiting for this very important moment, the 15 years and, you know, i'm the new person in primetime at fox. i've been here almost 10 years, not 15 but i think roger ailes likes me a lot better than you guys. in celebration of 15th year anniversary, he's given me the night off. >> why's that? >> you know what? we have tonight off, too! >> he also sent me a new car. did you get a new car? >> oh, no! we didn't get that. >> they're demo and they have a meter in them. >> you're uniquely qualified to answer this. fox launches, you're at cnn. what was the feeling there? >> you know what? we were terrified when msnbc launched three months earlier which was about july. we all turned it on, watched.
5:55 am
they had a beautiful new set. we thought oh, wow, they had a great set. that was the last time we heard of them. all of a sudden, fox launched and we weren't too concerned until we started getting clobbered by fox and all of a sudden, we woke up real fast. >> yeah. so everyone knew, of course, you and the great coverage that you had done with the o.j. simpson trial and what -- i just have to tell everyone if you don't already know it, greta van susteren is the hardest working person in television. you are on the road. you are putting together a show every night and then i turn on the tv the next night and you're in north korea. what is it about you that keeps you going every single day? >> you know what? it's fun. like we have a great time working at fox and i know everybody out there is saying i'm saying this because i'm at fox, working at fox that is celebrating 15 years but it really is exciting work. we get to see everything. we get to meet everybody. we get to learn the news. we get on show the news. so, you know, i think our whole staff and everybody at fox, just because it's fun and fascinating
5:56 am
and we have a sense of mission. we know what our job is. it's to get the news out. >> you're exactly right and greta joined us in 2002 and the reason she's got tonight off is because at 10:00 is a one hour retrospective of the first 15 years right here. >> you mean it isn't because a present to me? >> no, i'm sorry, greta. >> oh! i thought it was! >> happy anniversary, baby. >> i'm going to drive my new car fox gave me, though. >> ok. >> fantastic. >> go out and hail our taxis. >> thanks for joining us. >> all right. good-bye. >> book in two and two. get coverage of every nfl game on nfl mobile.
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the edge of heaven, the edge of dreams. and we follow them up there to live by an unbreakable promise, stitched into every uniform of every captain who takes their command: to fly. to serve. >> well, to celebrate our 15th if you're in the area, stop by for a piece of the cookie. >> it serves 2,000 people. we have a lot of cookie to give away. happy 15th anniversary to fox. have a fantastic weekend, everybody.


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