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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 11, 2011 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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that's an issue -- >> it does look like it's gone in and it's around the top of your lungs, then. >> it is straight in. >> i think what he's telling us is he did this on purpose. >> i did do it on purpose. >> yeah. >> there you go. >> it's just visible. >> would it be better if we just went to news headlines? >> yeah. >> would that make you feel better? there you go. >> let's do the news headlines right now. the family of missing baby lisa irwin becoming the focus of the police investigation now. at least four tv stations subpoenaed for their interview footage. they want any video showing the 10-month-old's parents or neighbors. and surveillance video from a nearby grocery store shows lisa's mother with another man, not the baby's father hours before she reported her daughter missing. it also shows her buying paper plates, napkins, and a box of wine. opening statements today in the trial of the accused underwear bomber who tried to blow up a
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plane over detroit. umar farouk abdulmutallab pleaded not guilty to the failed attack on christmas day. the nigerian native was supposed to represent himself at the federal court in michigan. there's been a shift of his study. instead a court appointed lawyer will give the opening statement. trial gets under way at 9:00 a.m. today. oklahoma senator tom coburn expected to make a full recovery after having surgery for prostate cancer. doctors say yesterday's surgery in tulsa was a success. the republican lawmaker who is also a doctor has already survived past battles with both skin cancer and colon cancer. he's expected to be back to work lath former predent george w. bush showing his unwaivering support for america's wounded warriors. yesterday, he hosted a golf tournament for veterans hurt in iraq and afghanistan. >> the purpose of the warrior open is to celebrate those who have served our country and to remind our fellow citizens how fortunate we are to have men and women volunteer in the face of
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danger. >> the president coming out and saying, you know, thank you for your service, thank you for going over and fighting for your country, and under my command and he opens his home up to you. it's really an awesome feeling. >> that was army vet justin bond who had his left leg amputated. bond received a purple heart and says playing golf with the former president is an honor in a totally different category. and those are your headlines this morning. >> tell you what, i cannot wait and by the way, i guess craig norman was at that event as well, helped headline it up. i can't wait for the debate tonight. everything is totally different. when we last saw these men and women together, it was about rick perry's surge and mitt romney trying to hold on and others on the outskirts trying to matter. that's all switched. >> that has all switched. that guy right there, rick perry is now in third place and that man right there is tied with that guy, mitt romney. as we go to the debate tonight, it's going to be 8:00 at dartmouth. it is sponsored by bloomberg and
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"the washington post." it's going to be moderated by charlie rose. that's going to be good. let's go to the gallup poll as it stands today. as you can see right there, we're talking about the numbers in the right-hand column. romney at 20%. herman cain at 19%. the margin of error is plus or minus 4. they're tied. rick perry has plummeted. he's had 31% and now he's down by half. >> not only in the polls is it showing a shift, physically on the stage tonight. we alluded this to yesterday on a interview we conducted on "fox & friends" maybe the organizers of the debate would change the order in which you see the candidates up on the stage to reflect the change in the poll numbers and sure enough, it looks now in the two front and center seats, standing positions will be mitt romney and herman cain and then rick perry slightly off to one side and ron paul on the other side of mitt romney. how significant is that for
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eyeballs watching that? will now herman cain be under attack as rick perry has been in former debates with the questioning, too, it will be interesting to see how it all flows. >> i'd like to see who gets the most questions. i think that is -- the position on the stage is second but number one would be who gets the most questions and who has the most follow-ups? will you see rick perry do what he did in his two ads. go after mitt romney for his health care, right in massachusetts, where mass care is kind of popular. also in new hampshire this is the first time that herman cain is out in front. do the kid gloves come off? one quote that's interesting from mitt romney yesterday who has been very nice to herman cain and herman cain nice to mitt although herman cain is not nice to rick perry in the big picture, he said if i were herman, i wish i had the public sector experience to not necessarily learn that for the first time as president. but a little bit later in the conversation, he said, vote for either one of us would be fine. >> he was asked the question,
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what makes you different from herman cain and some people thought it was a subtle sort of a hit on herman cain, four years as governor, no political experience for herman cain. >> also, there's a little bit of good news for herman cain regarding a poll called poll position, scientific, that talked to about 1,000 people across the political spectrum and herman cain actually beats the president of the united states right now. look at that. once again, within the margin of error of 3%. herman cain, 43% and president obama, 41%. just think, a month ago, who would have thought? who would have thunk? >> other interesting poll results coming up in 10 minutes, exclusively right here to wait to see how herman cain stacks up against opinion in those polls. >> many in the african-american community has responded, especially those on the left and began attacking his
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african-american credentials. it's been incredible. i don't know if you've heard, over the weekend on geraldo's show, you have cornell west, the professor from princeton as well as another who host a show together calling out herman cain for calling out those protesters in particular telling those protesters, go get a job. >> right, harry bellafonte has called cain a bad apple. another tells him to get off the crack pipe. he was live last night on the hannity show in front of an open fireplace and had this to say in response to the criticism. >> i've been in the real world. he's been on academia. he's back on this symbolic stuff. as far as harry bellafonte comes in, look, i left the democrat plantation a long time ago. all they try to do with someone like me and i'm not the only black person out there that shares these conservative views, the only tactic that they have
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to try to intimidate me and shut me up is to call me names and this sort of thing. it simply won't work. >> i saw a talk show host to call out herman cain for not being active enough in the 60's for a demonstration. how a white person to call out an african-american person for what he did or didn't do in the 60's is beyond me. >> within his book, he talks about what it was like to grow up in the 60's and how his dad had three jobs just to try to buy the car that he wanted and support his family. so he's just coming at this whole economic thing and how to get a job from a different slant but he's getting slammed for it. you know how this occupy wall street stuff has continued into the fourth week. some conservatives are launching a counterattack on that and they are calling this we are the 53%. what does that mean? that means they say that they are the 53% that are paying the taxes that the 47% who don't pay federal income taxes, they're
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the other group in america who is actually paying federal income taxes. >> this is the brain child of eric erickson who runs the red web site. and the message is the protesters have failed to take personal responsibility for blaming their economic problems on others. they say "suck it up, you wineers, i am the 53% subsidizing you so you can hang out on wall street and complain." he's taking aim at those people holding the signs right there. >> that's the picture that they have and that's their daily -- and i don't have health insurance and i don't blame wall street. i don't blame wall street, it doesn't matter what wall street or anybody else does, i'm responsible for my own destiny, another one of the messages and in the big picture, i think it's interesting that they put pictures and explanations because they have jobs and they're trying to earn a living. and they cannot sit in their own squalor all day. >> by the way, michael bloomberg, the mayor of new york yesterday said hey, those protesters can stay in the park
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down in wall street as long as they want as long as they don't cause problems for police. what about causing problems for the taxpayer? the numbers are finally coming in, folks, take a guess before we tell you at home, how much is it costing taxpayers in new york city alone just to clean up and also in overtime for police officers to deal with these protesters now who, by the way, are going to be on the move today and creating more interesting havoc throughout new york city and maybe going to the suburbs now around new york city. how much is it costing the nypd? $1.9 million in overtime so far. >> and that's just in new york city. ray kelly said, you know what? we might have to cancel the next class of police officers that are coming through. we don't have the money in our budget this year. so at the academy, they could be dormant. >> so in the meantime, yesterday, we told you yesterday about a guy named dave -- we refer to him as fugitive dave. "the new york post" reported
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that he had some warrants out on burglary charges. here's the good news. he has been arrested. but it had nothing to do with the fact that he burglarized homes or businesses or anything else. so he's sitting down there and apparently potted out or drunk, according to some of the other protesters, he used a little too much of the cheap booze and drugs. no, he was arrested for groping a woman, somebody complained down there. and rather than arresting him for his outstanding warrants, he was apprehended by the long arm of the law right there, as you can see, for doing something that's completely inappropriate. >> evidencely, he wasn't too popular. at 10 minutes after the hour, we have a huge show today so next on the rundown, numbers we've never seen before. brand new polls on how president obama would stack up against herman cain if the election were held today. >> and no warrants? no problem. one state says police can take your cell phone and everything on it. your e-mails, your contact information. no questions asked. >> not my ring tone!
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>> welcome back, everyone. the g.o.p. presidential candidates are set for another big debate tonight in new hampshire. three candidates, mitt romney, herman cain and rick perry have separated themselves from the rest of the field. how do those three candidates measure up against president obama in the 2012 election? joining me now with an exclusive look at brand new polls from evolving strategies is pollster sabrina schaefer. good morning to you. >> good morning, gretchen. >> so this is very interesting
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because you did a different approach to the way in which you got what an average voter would feel about cain, obama, perry, romney, etc. what did you do differently? >> that's right. we did conduct a national general population survey but randomly assigned our respondents into four different treatment groups and exposed them to video clips of president obama speaking about the economy and one of the three g.o.p. frontrunners also talking about the economy. we also included short bios that we required people to read prior to answering questions about vote preference and policy decisions. so it gave us an opportunity to really say for those americans who have busy lives who aren't meshed in politics all day long who, you know, as you and i are to say -- to get to know the candidates and give them a reference point. >> so what made it different was actually watching the video and not just answering a phone call. let's look at how it all played out. this is herman cain now and this is the first real poll showing
3:16 am
how he would do against president obama. he beats him 35% to 34%. >> that's right. so, you know, when we look at the control group, president obama still beats a generic republican candidate, 41 to 36, five points. when people are introduced it herman cain, when they get to know him, hear about his background and hear about his economic policies, they tend to like him. he's edging out president obama by one point. the big difference is there's still a lot of unsure voters out there. 31% of respondents in that group still said they were not sure and that's where herman cain, he's a businessman, bottom line is he's going to have to, you know, close that deal with those uncertain swing voters. >> all right. let's take a look at how governor perry who has been slipping in the national polls almost cut his support in half. he also beats president obama by a wider margin, 42% to 36%. what do you make of that? >> that's right. which is kind of surprising because frankly there was a lot of excitement about perry when he came on to the national stage in august but then he didn't
3:17 am
have very good performances in september at the debate stage so i was sort of surprised to see that he came out ahead in terms of all three of the frontrunners 42 points but again, he's -- you know, we'll have to see where this goes because even the republicans are enthused about him. i'm not sure he could carry the national general election. >> all right. let's take a look at how romney fared against president obama, 40% to 33%. how did you see this differently than how perry did? >> well, so romney, you know, actually edged out obama by a larger margin but as you can tell, he didn't have as much republican support so again, i think this is demonstrating that the republican base is still uncertain about romney. they're still dissatisfied with him about the establishment candidate and they're still open to the possibility of someone else which is why herman cain still has the possibility of not only winning the republican primary but winning the general election if he works really hard. >> very interesting way of
3:18 am
looking at this with video as opposed to just asking somebody who they like. sabrina schaefer from evolving strategies, thanks so much for sharing that with us this morning. >> thank you, gretchen. >> see you again soon. >> coming up on our show, prison inmates stripped of their right to read porn, all right, seems kind of reasonable? nope. they're now suing to get porn back. they say it's their first amendment right and the wall street protesters are getting personal now. they're taking their fight to people's homes? stuart varney up next. can they do that? [ female announcer ] women move the world. and caltrate moves us.
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>> some quick headlines. blow to basketball fans big time, nba canceling the first two weeks of the regular season. last ditch labor negotiations monday between commissioner david stern and the players union yielded no results, no new talks are scheduled and we now know how apple founder steve jobs died. the apple co-founder's death certificate revealing he died of respiratory arrest resulting from pancreatic cancer, apple will hold a private celebration honoring jobs next week. he was 56 years old. steve, stuart? >> thank you very much, mr. kilmeade. the u.s. senate is expected today to take a procedural vote on whether or not to allow president obama's american jobs act to move forward. the bill includes five proposed, rather, a proposed 5.6% surcharge on people making over a million dollars a year but the plan probably won't pass because
3:23 am
even some democrats are against it. and stuart varney joins us live. while this is going to be -- you know, i was reading "the hill" newspaper this morning and this could be a major embarrassment for the president if his own party defeats it. >> yes, there are three democrats who are thinking about voting against this jobs bill. mr. manchin from west virginia, ben nelson from nebraska and there may be others, too. >> red states up for re-election. >> it doesn't look as if this bill will get the 60 votes it needs to avoid a filibuster and probably will go down to defeat today. >> one of the things that they have done, harry reid, you know, they couldn't vote on it last week because they had to change the bill even though the president wanted them to vote on the old one. what they've done is added essentially a millionaire's tax. >> yes, they have. >> later today in coordination with occupy wall street, they're going to have a millionaire's march where they go up to the upper east side of manhattan and they're going to march to the homes of those five prominent new yorkers, jamie diamond from
3:24 am
j.p. morgan chase, david koch, billionaire businessman, rupert murdoch, john paulson, the man who made the money in the housing crash. >> where are the democrats from that list of people that they would be marched on? the wall street demonstrators will parade uptown to midtown manhattan today, on the upper east side and essentially they are the shock troops of the obama and harry reid tax regimen. >> an operational wing of the democrat party. >> look, the president has embraced these demonstrators and now they're demonstrating in favor of his tax policies. they're going to the homes of millionaires, just as the president proposes a tax on millionaires in the senate. now, the two are inexplicably linked. there's a firm and clear alignment between the two. i think that's politically dangerous and the president has now embraced the far left going after millionaires and going after higher taxes, hating wall
3:25 am
street, hating the banks, changing the nature of our economic society and the president has embraced this. today's demonstration coupled with today's vote on taxing the millionaires is a clear alignment between the two forces. >> you know, the president is getting what he wished for, though, how many -- over a year, we've been hearing about class warfare, the president pitting the haves against the have nots. what we're seeing going on in the streets of new york and across the country, that's a demonstration of class warfare. >> there's no question that the demonstrators are far, far left along with all kinds of other fringe groups thrown in. and you know, it really rubs people up the wrong way when you see some of the signs that they've been carrying with the people's heads on a spike, bloody heads dripping and a knife in them. now, they didn't -- >> these are just like the tea party rallies. >> who is going to speak out and say this has to stop? who on the left is going to say this is bad news?
3:26 am
and -- >> former governor of pennsylvania ed rendell came out yesterday and said it's got to stop. >> for the president to embrace that group is really a huge political risk. >> embrace stuart varney, he has a show weekdays just about three hours from right now over on fox business. and today, you got a show as well. >> at 9:20. >> see you then. >> thanks very much, sir. straight ahead, this mom got more than a medal when she finished the chicago marathon. look at that. a new baby! hear what they are doctors had to say about that. and what's wrong with this picture? 12-year-olds can now get the h.p. vaccine without parental permission. but they can't go to a tanning bed until they're 18. should children be allowed to make their own decisions at the doctor's office? we're going to report and you're going to decide and happy birthday to daryl hall of hall & oates. guess what? he's 65. [ charles ] when you can make a person smile
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americans from all over have traveled to washington, d.c. to visit the vietnam veterans memorial. well, now, beginning this week, the memorial will travel to you. it's inside this truck actually a half scale replica of the memorial makes stops across the u.s. and today it stops here in new york city in times square. >> and joining us right now is the founder of the vietnam veterans memorial, good morning to you. >> hi. >> it's hard to believe that it's been close to 30 years since the vietnam memorial down in washington, d.c. as i remember, you came back from vietnam. got a masters in counseling and then it came to you. we got to do something. >> we've got to do something, yes, and my idea was to build a national vietnam veterans memorial. >> you started with your own money? >> that's correct. >> 2800 bucks. and now, of course, down in washington, it is one of the most beautiful, somber spaces in the district and now, you've taken the features of that and you've taken it on the road.
3:32 am
>> yes, we have this traveling exhibition today in times square, tomorrow in philadelphia. but this is all to pave the way for telling people about the education center of the wall. a really special place, a place unlike anything anywhere else. when you go into the education center, you'll see the photographs of those who gave their lives in vietnam and other wars as well. >> go ahead. >> that will be inside the truck that we saw the video of. >> this will be in washington, d.c. on the mall. >> on the mall. >> education center at the mall. >> so that's being added if people go to d.c. >> correct. >> tell me what people will see as you're traveling across the country. >> we're traveling across the country, people will see a half scale replica of the vietnam veterans memorial and we have a traveling museum showing some of the exhibits that we will have inside of the education center at the wall. >> do you feel as though -- go ahead, i'm sorry. >> when you visit the education
3:33 am
center at the wall, you will actually get a dog tag and this dog tag -- but on the back, you will only get to keep this dog tag if you agree to go back to your community and do something positive. >> like what? >> like stand up to the bully in the schoolyard, read the newspaper to an elderly neighbor. these are really important things. build the is on the web site but on the back of the dog tag you can keep or not is he did his duty, will you do yours? that's the whole message, to encourage positive civic virtue, people to go back and do good things in their communities. >> i love that because, you know, when we have members of the military on the show, we always say thank you to your service and we'll say that to you as well today but now you're passing that along. >> that's correct.
3:34 am
there are important values the people in the military, honor, duty, loyalty, courage and these are the values that we'll teach about at the education center at the wall. >> so the education center is coming and this truck tour is to promote it. if people would like more information, we'll connect with yours. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> nice to see you. >> keep up the good work. >> thanks. ok. 26 minutes before the top of the hour. now, some more serious news, florida governor rick scott signing a death warrant for a convict named oba chandler. chandler murdered her mother and two daughters by drowning them while they were vacationing in tampa in 1989 and he'll be given a lethal injection on november 15th. >> meanwhile, former minnesota governor tim pawlenty regretting his decision to drop out of the race of president. pawlenty opening up after his official portrait was unveiled last night in minnesota's state capital. he said he might have stayed in the race longer if he knew it would be this volatile. he says his campaign was out of money after the iowa straw poll.
3:35 am
he's now endorsing mitt romney for president of the united states. >> convicts in connecticut who are being stripped of their porn, now they're ready to sue for it. they say the denial of their reading material is a violation of their first amendment rights. the department of corrections says pornography poisons its environment for the employees that might be exposed to it. the inmates are willing to negotiate. they'll settle for tv programs that offer similar material. >> meanwhile, if you think pregnancy is a marathon, try just giving birth after actually running a marathon. that's what amber miller did. she started to feel contractions shortly after crossing the finish line during the chicago marathon. but because she was so close to her due date, her doctor told her only to run half of the 26 miles. she ran all the way. >> i had ran a marathon pregnant but not 38 weeks, you know, five days so i said i have
3:36 am
no plans on actually finishing. >> but she did. amber walked and ran the race in about six hours and 30 minutes. it usually takes her about 3 1/2. then her daughter june arrived 7 pounds, 13 ounces and perfectly healthy. what's interesting, brian, is even though she was nine months pregnant, she beat her husband in the marathon. >> i think technically the kid finished the marathon, too. let's be honest. give that kid a medal! he had a lot of bouncing around. had to be a big cushion in there. we'll find out later when the kid grows up. let me tell you what's happening in sports. after starting the season 4-0, everybody was wondering if detroit lions were for real. wonder no longer. monday night football against the bears, they looked great. matt stafford, calvin johnson, i don't think you're going to get him. he hauls it in. 7-0 lions. later,javid best at his best. takes the handoff, 88 yards.
3:37 am
used to play for the bears, california bears that is. the lions win and are 5-0 the year. baseball playoffs now, game two of the american league championship series, tigers, rangers rained out. last night, victor cruz was raining home runs for texas, though. this bomb in the seventh inning tied the game at three. so let's go to extra innings. bottom of 11, cruz is in cruise control. spells differently, means the same. walk off grand slam gives texas a 7-3 win and a 2-0 series lead. game two of the nlcs between the brewers and cardinals. albert pujols, chris thinks he's going to be a yankee. he crushes it. 2-0 cards. later, another one. this stays in the park now, a double. cards win 12-3 evening the series at one game a piece. amongst our guests coming up on radio between 9:00 and noon, xm sirius 126 and other places, jennifer griffin and michael goodwin. those are my headsets from the 70's. i changed headsets.
3:38 am
they clip on. >> i'll be joining you, too. >> gretchen carlson will be live in the studio. >> yep. >> let's talk about what's happening in california. you might want to know some of these things in case you're thinking about moving there. there's a new law that 12-year-olds can give their own permission to give that vaccine we've been telling you about to prevent std's. some people think it's a good idea, some parents would choose this for their children. should it be up to the 12-year-old with the physician to make that decision without parental consent? that is the way the law reads right now. >> and after the appointment, should they be allowed to go buy beer? why not? give them the consent they need. >> but so at age 12, the wonder years, you can actually do that. however, you got to be 6 years older and you got to be 18 to go to a tanning salon. what's the matter with that picture? >> i'm not really sure. >> also out in california, governor jerry brown has just vetoed a bill that would have required police to get a court
3:39 am
warrant to look at your cell phone. but, you know what? he vetoed it which means essentially what they're going to do is they're going to follow what the california state supreme court has suggested which is -- >> let him! >> cops can absolutely take a look at your cell phone which means they can read your e-mail. >> give you the scenario. >> have to be arrested first. >> you can be stopped. i don't think you have to be arrested. >> let's say there's a renegade kilmeade family out there and i get pulled over mistaken for the renegade kilmeade family. they can arrest me, not convict me. they can say let me look at you and see the cell phone contacts without even being convicted. >> that flies in the face of what they think, the supreme court, blame them. they came up with it. >> what do you think about that? e-mail us or twitter me as well. is the handshake about to disappear? why the experts want you to start bumping elbows instead.
3:40 am
>> then forget progress, the supreme court justice says the dysfunction that we're witnessing in washington would make the founding fathers proud! what? judge andrew napolitano who secretly would like to be on the supreme court. >> he could be. >> he agrees and he's next. >> that's judge scalia.
3:41 am
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♪ that's logistics. ♪ ♪ freight for you, box for me box that keeps you healthy, ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪ ♪ saving time, cutting stress, when you use ups ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪ >> glad you're up, i was tired of shaking you. quick headlines now. health experts recommending what germophobes like howie mandel have known for years. shaking hands. a professor has suggested that people greet each other with an elbow bump to prevent catching a
3:44 am
cold. harry reid got the memo. what about a head butt? zombie flick raided by a swat team in budapest. they seized a-47's and sniper rifles. i thought it was the new ak-47, a new generation. gretchen, sit up, please. you're embarrassing me. they claim they weren't in working order. police are investigating the mix-up. i have to go. >> voters across the country are fed up with washington. they're angry with the constant bickering and in a recent poll, 79% say they are dissatisfied with the way the political system is working. >> one of our supreme court justices, antonin scalia says the gridlock is all part of the plan. >> i hear americans saying this nowadays and there's a lot of it going around. they talk about a dysfunctional government because there's
3:45 am
disagreement and they -- and they would have said, yes, that's exactly the way we set it up. unless americans can appreciate that and learn to love the separation of powers which means learning to love the gridlock. >> love the gridlock. joining us right now is fox news senior judicial analyst and anchor of "freedom watch" judge andrew napolitano who put the fun in dysfunction. >> good morning, guys. >> you on are you? here's what i think of that crazy -- >> wow! >> all right. i'll take that any day. >> what's he talking about? >> here's what he's talking about. he goes around the country, this is legal philosopher antonin scalia, not supreme court justice scalia, same person but in a different role. says to law students, why do we have liberty in this country? what's the greatest defense of liberty. some say the bill of rights. he said no, it's just a piece paper. some say it's american values. no, our values can change with the wind. the real reason we have liberty is because we have divided
3:46 am
government because the government is separated, because we have checks and powers. because the congress can stop the president. because the courts can stop the congress. because the states can do certain things that the federal government can't and when people say we can't seem to get anything done, we can't get it done fast enough, justice scalia is arguing that was intentionally put into the constitution so that the federal government would move slowly and methodically by consensus and not in fits and starts in response to the immediate demands of the public. >> it's so interesting because when you look at the poll of how americans feel, a lot of them, i think, they obviously don't like congress but they want to see things get done but it's interesting that the constitution still applies to 2011. >> it does and the constitution -- when the constitution was written, much of it what the wall street occupier crowd or even people legitimately complaining want to see get done was done by private business or by the states. because the framers were afraid too much central government, too
3:47 am
little freedom. too little opportunity for choice. and as the federal government took more and more power, we get less and less patient with it. it still is intended to be slow and methodical so that we can look at these things before we change the law. >> a year and a half ago, we did change the law when it comes to health care reform so the gridlock for a little while opened up and suddenly there's a big thing that's going to wind up in the lap of the supreme court. >> because the health care reform is lawful andin 2/3 of t country and not lawful in another third. and the supreme court will have the final say. why? because the congress can't write any law it wants. the congress can write laws that are consistent with the constitution and the judiciary has the final say. >> so sometimes the gridlock lets up, things go through and then they're settled by the supreme court. >> yes, steve. yes, gretchen. >> thank you very much. we'll see you on your show, ok? on the fox business network. there he is "freedom watch".
3:48 am
>> i'll get nu the rib cage out in the hall. >> the same medical group that told women you don't need a mammogram in their 40's telling men to skip their prostate blood tests. our medical a team on this case. >> then they protest the funerals of our nation's fallen heroes. but what happens when the tables are turned on the westboro baptist church? stick around and find out. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up!
3:49 am
♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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3:52 am
>> all right. as we told you earlier, oklahoma senator tom coburn is expected to make a full recovery after having surgery for prostate cancer. the republican lawmaker has already survived past battles with both skin cancer and colon cancer. this news about coburn comes just days after a u.s. health panel recommended that healthy men stay away from the blood test that screens for prostate cancer. the recommendation has come under fire, obviously, in recent days so what is the best way to test for this cancer, what do you mean a preventative test wouldn't help? joining us is dr. david semate from our fox news medical a team. this is your specialty. your reaction to this study? >> first of all, i'm very happy that the congressman got tested and got his psa and got the right therapy. >> he's a doctor. >> exactly right and he removed his prostate so we wish him well and wish him a very smooth recovery. but the bottom line is basically the psa has been under attack over the last year or so and the
3:53 am
reason is because it's not a very sensitive test. we understand that. but most of the confusion that's going on right now is based on two studies. one is the american study. one is a european study and there are a lot of flaws in these studies. meaning that they -- the u.s. task force make this announcement a little prematurely. most of these studies are 9 years old and we don't have enough data. if you look at some of the better studies like the study from sweden, that has 14 years study, you can see the screening group vs. control that the curves start to split and there is a benefit with psa screening. since 1990 until now, there has been 40% decrease in death from prostate cancer. no one will deny that. so psa actually helps. the question -- the problem that we have is right now they're putting it out there that elevated psa means biopsy. biopsy means surgery and surgery means incontinence and impotence. that's not true. you need to look at the psa kinetics, brian, you need to look at not just the number but
3:54 am
what it does, what's the change? >> my base line will be different than yours or anybody else's in this room. >> that's exactly the point. you want to individualize the medicine part which is what we've talked about. this public announcement are ok for the entire country but for you that are listening to this conversation, you need to individualize your care. if you have family history, if you have -- if you're african-american, if you have high risk, you want to make sure that you look at your psa. now, we need to also educate our medical doctors and the youroloc to understand that it's important, among other things and look at the entire patient as a whole so educated patients still go on and get their psa's but this has caused a lot of confusion. >> and the age of what this is done. if you're an 85-year-old and taking a psa exam, ok, maybe that doesn't make as much sense. at 40, you should be establishing the baseline. >> i'm glad you brought this up. this study is actually looking at the right population. this study that "the new york
3:55 am
times" and others are talking about is actually looking at all the population so we need to screen younger ones that have longer longevity. >> dr. samadi in your opinion, mammographies a year ago, mammograms don't help prevent breast cancer. prostate exams don't help prevent prostate cancer. perhaps later they'll be saying no biopsies. is this about money or your health? >> i hope there's no hidden agenda, i hope that there's, you know, there's no financial issues behind this. i'm worried that the insurance companies are going to jump on this and are not going to recommend psa's or pay for it. >> i wonder if they're pushing it. if they're pushing these studies to come out a certain way because it's costing too much for us to do this. >> we need to be as consumers, my job as a physician is to educate people out there, that make sure you get tested but look at that psa wisely and talk to multiple people before you jump in to any kind of treatment. >> thanks so much. all right. five minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, anwar al-awlaki prayed here so did the fort hood
3:56 am
shooter. should this mosque be shut down? some say we're safer if it stays open! then, the wall street protesters get personal. they're taking their fight to the people's homes. [ male announcer ] what if that hemorrhoid pain is non-stop to seattle? just carry new preparation h totables.
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>> top of the morning to you. it's tuesday, october 11th. thanks so much for sharing your time with us today. here comes herman cain, the businessman riding a wave of popularity into tonight's g.o.p.
4:00 am
debate but the other candidates coming out swinging early. >> all right. wall street occupyers meet their match. the people who actually pay their taxes are on their way. they call themselves the 53%. and they want you to pay your fair share. i'm optimistic that will be a good segment. >> we hope so! here's a rally the whole country can get behind. hundreds of patriots take on the westboro fanatics planning to boycott a war hero's funeral. you'll want to hear about that. hour two for a tuesday, "fox & friends" starting right now. >> this is william shatner and guess what? you're watching "fox & friends." >> all right. >> thank you. >> beam me up, scottie. beam me up to the headlines, i guess. we'll kick off this hour with that. the family of missing baby lisa irwin becoming the focus of the police investigation. at least four tv stations in kansas city have been subpoenaed now for their interview footage. county prosecutors want any
4:01 am
video that shows the 10-month-old's parents or neighbors, they're also looking over surveillance video from a nearby grocery store. why? because it shows lisa's mother shopping with another man, not the baby's father, hours before she reported her daughter missing. she bought paper plates, napkins and a box of wine. opening statements begin today in the trial of the accused underwear bomber who tried to blow up a plane over detroit on christmas day. umar farouk abdulmutallab pleaded not guilty to the failed christmas day attack back in 2009. the nigerian native wanted to represent himself during today's federal court in michigan. now he's had a change in strategy. well, now, a court-appointed lawyer will give the opening statement. the trial gets under way at 9:00 a.m. president obama meeting with his jobs council today in pittsburgh as he fights to pass his $447 billion jobs bill. harry reid wants the senate to hold a procedural vote on the bill this week, almost certain to fail without the necessary number of democrats on board. that's partially because the
4:02 am
majority leader is also proposing a millionaire's tax to be added to it that he says will pay for the bill. he says the 5.6% surtax on all millionaires will generate $452 billion. that bill could go up for a vote today. hundreds of supporters holding american flags line the streets in el paso, texas, outside the funeral of fallen marine christopher diaz. they prepared counter protests in case members of the westboro baptist church show up like they said they would. >> it's very upsetting and it makes you angry, i'm a veteran of the united states army. this soldier gave his life for this country. and i feel he should be respected for that and everything these people stand for is disrespect. >> the 27-year-old marine staff sergeant was killed last month in afghanistan. but the controversial church never showed up. and those are your headlines this morning. >> all right. let's talk a little bit about politics. tonight at 8:00 on the college campus of dartmouth, there will
4:03 am
be "the washington post" bloomberg presidential debate betwix all the men and women still running for the republican nomination. it will be moderate the by charlie rose. what's interesting is as you look at that field from last time, rick perry really has the most at stake. he has fallen -- he's lost half his altitude. meanwhile, look for herman cain to be tonight a human pinata. >> and also reshape the way in which you'll be watching the debate as far as who is standing in what position on stage. so that will be mitt romney and not rick perry together in the front. it will be mitt romney and herman cain and then rick perry to the side. supposedly this is the way they're going to do it now. so will herman cain get some of the more tougher questions like perry has gotten in the past? >> if you look at the polls, how can he not get tougher questions and so far, he's up for the challenge. he's up 13 points since september. romney is down four since september. perry is down 16 since september. perry has to exhale. number one, he's better prepared
4:04 am
this time. he's actually rehearsing and not going to be the target. it's not good strategy and i think herman cain could be tarpthed but more than likely, mitt romney will be pummelled or attempt to be pummelled. if he can keep his cool like he has the first three or four debates, this could secure his spot. not for the long haul but at least for the foreseeable future but i just find it hard to believe that rick perry who cut that ad about romney's remedy is going to be anything but relentless right next to the guy that's -- >> it will be the first time the public has heard from him in a while since the last debate because he has really done not hardly any media since that time. and opposed to that, you have herman cain or on the other side of the fence, you have herman cain who has done a ton of media. is that partially why he has gone up in the polls as more and more people get to know him and like his message? >> also because herman cain is out on a book tour right now. he's not running a political campaign but doing a book tour
4:05 am
to promote his book "this is herman cain". >> that's the name of your last book and you're kind of angry. >> i wanted "harry potter 7" but they wouldn't buy that. >> someone is using that. >> you know what's interesting, mitt romney has said some nice things about herman cain. yesterday, it took a little edge. and mitt romney said yesterday i was able to find ways to use my skills in a public sector setting probably something if i were herman, i'd say i wish i had that, too, because you don't want to necessarily learn that for the first time as the president of the united states. so there he is taking a little shot at -- he had said, you know, well, if you're going to vote for somebody, mitt romney said, either vote for me or herman cain, what's interesting is he's not saying vote for me or rick perry who also was the governor of a big state that also gave me a lot of jobs. >> one thing to keep in mind, too, as we look at a poll that's very promising for herman cain
4:06 am
and shows him up on the president, 43 to 41 among registered voters overall in popularity, shows him at the very least contending for the presidency, no longer, hey, isn't this a great personality with a unique background? but i wouldn't look for huntsman to do something today. he's got to win new hampshire. these are the people that are going to be watching in the audience. he did his major foreign policy speech and spoke out over the mormon comments over the weekend. he's joining us later in the show. >> i assume that herman cain will get questions about foreign policy because in the past, he's not handled those as he has questions about the economy and many people do not know. he's even admitted that he doesn't know as much about foreign policy as others so maybe he'll -- those are the questions that will be more heartfelt. >> he indicated he's going to go to ambassador bolton to help out. maybe he's done that already. >> maybe. one of the things about your poll that you're talking about, that's done by a former cnn guy that herman cain is
4:07 am
statistically a dead heat but still ahead the president of the united states, he picked up 15% of the african-american vote of registered voters in the united states. that's a portion not carried by the republicans in a very long time. >> i didn't see that. 15% general, not just 15% of the g.o.p. >> general, registered voters across the country. >> speaking of conservatives, there's a conservative group that's launching a counter to the occupy wall street protest and they're calling them the 53%. what are they talking about? they're the ones, they claim who are paying the taxes. 53% of the country pays federal income tax, 47% does not. and i guess you could assume and deduce from that that they believe a lot of the protesters at these kind of rallies right now are in the group that's maybe not paying the tax. >> yeah, because the protesters, they're famously now, their motto is you see right there, join the 99 -- we are the 99% vs. the 1%. take a look right there. class warfare. and by the way, they're going to -- those guys are going to go up
4:08 am
to new york's upper east side later on today. the working part -- families party of new york is also sponsoring and what they're going to do is they're going to essentially picket a bunch of very successful people. >> you have to wonder, though, the president has been talking a lot about the millionaires and billionaires. >> class warfare. >> millionaires and billionaires and the accusation has been that's class warfare. you have to wonder what the link is between that constant messaging and these protests that we're now seeing. i mean, is this what the president has actually been saying? is this what we're seeing now as a result? you have to wonder if there's a link. >> we have some sympathetic ears between the white house and nancy pelosi. very proud of the guy with the spike through that head, really nice thing with blood dripping down his face. he's a banker of goldman-sachs considered the enemy. i don't think the 53 percenters are going to bat for wall street. but this is something that happened in 2008, it's amazing.
4:09 am
it seems to be very -- "the new york times" does a story today where democrats are going to support them on their own -- on their own peril. because you have no idea where this is going. >> we've discussed that. >> this is a dangerous look. >> the 53 percenters are more about personal responsibility. look, we pay our taxes. so many don't. and in fact, this is the product of eric erickson at one of the slogans is suck tit up, you whiners. i'm the 53% subsidizing you so you can hang out on wall street so you can complain. >> the places they're going require a lot of police officers. some of these people are flat out out of control. everybody needs to be sprayed down and it's costing the nypd $2 million in overtime out of their budget which means they might not have enough money to have a new academy of officers this year. >> also, what does it do for regular services in this city? we all know that the city is
4:10 am
under a tight budget and looking at making massive cuts so you got to wonder what kind of special services are also being cut as a result of all the overtime that has to be paid out? >> right, one of the different -- how many times have you heard comparisons between occupy wall street and the tea party? >> over and over again. >> no kidding. >> you weren't asking me, that was rhetorical. >> i'm talking about tv land a year later, brian. here's a big difference. how many people at tea party rallies have been arrested? i don't think any. add up another 100 last night in boston, about 1:30 in the morning, the police in riot gear apparently what happened and they clashed with the police. what was happening there is they were -- the protesters were warned to move from dewey square, they had been in dewey square and it spilled over into the rose kennedy greenway and they recently planted a whole bunch of -- $150,000 worth of shrubs and they were worried about damage so they said you got to get off the greenway.
4:11 am
they didn't so you can see there were 100 arrests and a cop got punched. another big difference between the tea party and occupy, in this case, boston. >> same time, though, you have some democrats who are coming on board and supporting the protests but you have one prominent democrat, the former governor of pennsylvania, ed rendell who is saying it's time for these protesters to go home, they've made their point and now it's time to go home. he visited with laura ingraham on her radio show yesterday and said this. >> you've made your point. you've gotten all the publicity you're going to get. get on with your lives and if you really care about this stuff, organize at the ballot box. >> he was talking as well about how there were a lot of protests in advance of the 1968 convention and it spilled over to the convention site and hubert humphrey could never recover from the images. >> it brought down lyndon johnson who said you know what?
4:12 am
i shouldn't run. he said something interesting, he said i think richard trumpka, i know what he's trying to do, he's indicating to ed rendell there is union backing and maybe organizing right behind this. >> hello! auto i >> instead of joining in late to help out. ed rendell seems to know something. >> it was the last place in the u.s. that anwar al-awlaki professed his hate for america, a mosque in virginia. now that we know it's a hotbed for terror, should it be shut down? our next guest says keep it open. >> plus it's man in a can. a new soda just for guys. women not happy about it. >> hands off, gretchen! >> yepper. >> it's my favorite soda, by the way. >> put it down, give it up. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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>> welcome back, everyone. u.s.-born terror leader anwar al-awlaki may be dead. but the mosque where he once served as imam in the united states is still open. and some are calling it a breeding ground for terrorists so should the government shut it down? >> joining us right now is the president and founder of the american islamic council for democracy and former lieutenant commander in the u.s. navy, a heck of a columnist, too, dr. jasser. what should we do with that mosque? >> i think we need to expose the ideas like you're talking. i mean, this mosque themselves that was al-awlaki's old stomping ground, their comments recently on the killing said he was an interfaith leader when he was here but somehow he was radicalized in the yemeni prison. that's absurd. he didn't self-combust into a terrorist. if we start shutting him down, we'll lose the war on ideas, we'll lose the narrative that
4:17 am
they need to be in a place of liberty, not with this, we have to have the political will to talk about this regularly and push them hard about how radical they are. >> is it true that you believe in shutting down this mosque, that it will say the wrong message and maybe empower the radicals? >> absolutely. because these are like hydrant, you shut down one and another comes up. if they're advocating terrorism, we absolutely need to nab the guys that are doing that and then shut them down if they're advocating violence. if they're simply advocating an idea that the slippery slope of radicalization and violence, we need to basically expose that and engage the right muslim and marginalize them as pariahs, i don't think shutting them down works. >> that makes sense and this is an area in which you flourish. but i will say this, i would like to know that they're doing in virginia what they're doing with the nypd, making an extra effort to finding out what's going on in that mosque. >> absolutely and this is why,
4:18 am
you know, i worry because, you know, other than media like yourself, very few pay attention to the radicalization. al-awlaki was sort of the media darling before he left the u.s. and became the surprising radical so we need to expose this. and we need to have political leadership in washington. i mean, recently, mr. woolsey talked about the fact that i was appointed to a commission on public i did policemdiplomacy, house blocked it, they really are about these groups about political islam and threats to the united states. until we start to realize the pool in which terrorists swim needs to be drained and the way we drain it by advocating and empower liberal muslims are taking on these radical institutions, saudi funded mosques, etc., we're not going to win this war and continue to see more al-awlaki sprouting all over the place. >> why would that commission not allow you to be a part of it? why do you think? >> that's the question former c.i.a. director mr. woolsey have been asking and so many others are. senator mcconnell had the courage to appoint me to that
4:19 am
commission but the white house blocked it at the last minute even though i passed every hoop. they said i wasn't qualified but the last two appointees to that commission were bundleers for the campaign and they had no foreign policy experience and i've been writing and working in this area for quite a period of time. so i don't know. i think we need to find out why they've blocked it. because there's something they're hiding and they don't want to take on the front line in this war and we're going to lose as a result. >> all right. dr. jasser, thank you very much, american islamic forum for democracy where you're an officer. >> thanks. >> straight ahead, we know that solyndra was a massive failure. does that mean all solar energy is a bust? or is the government getting involved in the real problem? a fair and balanced debate is coming up next. >> talk about an unhappy birthday. where it's now illegal to let your kid grow up a balloon? [ female announcer ] introducing new pronutrients
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4:23 am
>> all right. time for the news by the numbers. first, $3.15 million, the amount of money democrat elizabeth warren raised for her massachusetts senate campaign. it's twice as much as her opponent, republican senator scott brown. next $18 million. that's the amount of silver found inside a sunken world war i british vessel. a company in florida helped the brits retrieve their lost riches. and finally 8 years old, that's the minimum age you have to be to blow up a balloon in the european union. they ban the activity for anyone younger saying it's a choking hazard. now back to a very quiet studio.
4:24 am
>> thank you, brian. according to a new report, demand for u.s. solar power is growing and despite the miserable failure of solyndra, there are a lot of private companies thriving all on their own without government help. so is solar energy a good bet as long as the government butts out? joining us for a fair and balanced debate is the president and ceo of natcor solar energy company, chuck provini and senior fellow for the center of policy management. good morning to you guys. >> good morning. >> let me start with you, chuck, in the industry before we heard of solyndra, did you know it was a stink bomb? >> i'm not sure i can define it the way you did but we knew that the technology was difficult to make work. it was expensive to make and the efficiencies were low which is the wrong way to run a company. >> right. every company needs money. but chuck, if you have to go to
4:25 am
the government to get the money, to stay in business, something is wrong, right? >> well, we're business people, you know, we're not -- we don't write books. we don't teach classes and if you want to be a business, you need to have a company that delivers a product and a service that the market wants and if the market wants it, it will pay for it and subsidies is just going to hurt you. >> robert, i understand you are bullish on solar. you have solar panels on the top of your house but -- >> true. >> well, but i think that companies like mr. provini's, it's a start-up, he's obviously working to prove up his technology and i think solar over the long term has a very -- a lot of potential. much more so, i think, than wind because you have the point of production at the point of demand. if you can have thin film solar panels on the roof of your house, etc., but the problem for gn natcorp and the solar business overall is it's a problem that
4:26 am
affects all alternative energy technologys which is cost and scale. can natcorp and other companies scale up their technology and compete effectively with china, japan, germany, etc. >> one. problems right now is natural gas is so much more economical than solar, that's why it makes more sense to heat our homes with natural gas but chuck, right now, he just mentioned china. you're in a deal with china and you can announce today you're also in a deal with italy as well, right? >> that's right. we have a joint venture with china, natcorp asia where they will be making equipment for us to put a certain anti-reflecting coding on the solar cells and today, we're announcesing a joint venture with the largest solar panel manufacturer in italy. >> that's great. we should point out that somebody at the white house saw you on tv and called you up and asked you to come to the white house and you had a meeting there and then you wound up going to the department of energy but nobody -- you know, you weren't on the schedule. the u.s. government, they give half a billion dollars to
4:27 am
solyndra but completely blew you off. >> well, we did show up being in the naval academy and marine, i'm typically always on time. we double checked. i flew our scientists in from houston and in from ohio, we showed up and the person we were supposed to meet was not on the schedule but we had a very nice conversation with the gentleman that was there. >> i'll give you the final word on this. >> well, i think your point, steve is critical and that is that right now, can solar compete with natural gas? boone pickens said earlier this year that wind, for wind to be competitive, natural gas has to be at least $6. well, solar is at least twice as expensive as wind. so that implies that natural gas will have to be at $10 or more for solar to be competitive. so long term, natural gas, i think, has a very bright future and these alternative energy technologies are going to have to prove that they can be competitive relative to natural gas. >> all right, robert bryce joining us today from austin, texas and chuck joining us from new jersey although he's right
4:28 am
here in the studio. thank you, guys, for joining us. >> thanks a lot. >> straight ahead, a high school coach tries to teach her team a lesson but putting duct tape on their mouths? who thought that was a good idea? and their new call being called the cosby show for 2011. malcolm jamal warner, theo and tracy ellis ross here live. they're going to take a right turn. look at that. they're in the studio. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. you noticed!
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4:32 am
>> speaking of republican candidates, after chris christie and sarah palin announced they weren't running it seems like republicans are trying hard to keep people excited. look at this promo for tomorrow's debate. >> they will go head to head in a match. >> mitt romney. >> until christmas. >> corn dog perry! michelle, i'll be bachmann. >> herman cain. >> we'll make it rain! >> and ron paul. >> they'll be slandering, arguing and some of the most
4:33 am
insane political conversing you've ever seen! >> what gives me the experience to put together a plan to help restructure the basis. >> tuesday night. get some! >> rick the corn dog perry. >> i'm exhausted. after watching that. >> i'm sure charlie rose will keep it at that level. >> right. >> we'll put a black curtain behind him so he feels at home. 27 minutes before the top of the hour. >> let's do a couple of headlines for your tuesday. florida governor signing a death warrant for a convict that murdered a mother and her two daughters by drowning them while they were vacationing in tampa in 1989. chandler will be given a lethal injection on november 15th. >> the conrad murray trial resuming this morning in los angeles. the jurors will hear the rest of the interview that murray gave to police two days after michael jackson died including the description of how he broke the news to the singer's mom and kids. murray has pleaded not guilty to
4:34 am
involuntary manslaughter. >> meanwhile, a coach being accused of taking her lesson a little too far. some parents in rancho cordoba, california outraged after the high school's volleyball coach ran a drill, her players had duct tape on the players' mouths. the reason? to teach them a lesson about communication. this mom didn't want her identity revealed. here she is. >> my child, i would be arrested or charges brought against me. but to have a coach do it, i don't think it's right. >> oh, man. school officials have not suspended coach shavonna andrews. they're still investigating what went down. >> dr. pepper now selling a new diet soda aimed at men only. it's called dr. pepper 10. >> at dr. pepper 10, it's only 10 manly calories but with all 23 flavors of dr. pepper. it's what guys want like this!
4:35 am
so you can keep the romantic comedies and lady drinks. we're good. >> gun metal gray packaging with silver bullets was designed after research shows guys don't want diet drinks they don't think aren't manly enough. what's wrong with the regular dr. pepper or dr. pepper for guys? in other words, guys need a gray color and calories? >> yeah, exactly. >> you have us putting fruit in our beer now. >> is that right? >> women have us squeezing limes into our beer. can we at least have one soda? >> huh? >> speaking of those drinks, how is your pumpkin skim latte? >> that was between you and i. >> sorry. >> brian, you're fired. >> all right. that was between you and the rest of the world, my friend. because you talked about it here. >> over to you, latte breath. >> all right. starting the season 4-0, everybody was wondering if the detroit lions were for real. on monday night against chicago, they answered that question big time.
4:36 am
matt stafford living up to the hype. see him hooking up with calvin johnson any time now. he hauls it in. 7-0 and just can't tackle, physically impossible. a little bit later on, the lions continue to assert themselves. this time on the run. using some tough blocking and finding a huge seam, there we go. this team is built for the indoors and they played like it last night. 88 yards, his best. lions win 24-13. they are 5-0 on the year, one of two teams undefeated. giants would be undefeated if they didn't keep losing. baseball playoffs, game two of the american league championship series. tigers and rangers rained out they weren't rained out yesterday. nelson cruz raining home runs. this bomb in the seventh tied at the end of three. extra innings. bottom of 11, cruz goes on cruise control. grand slam, walk off, let's go home. 7-3 the final and lead the best of seven 2-0 games. nolan ryan has got to be happy. game two of the nlcs, seeing it
4:37 am
between the brewers and cardinals. albert pujols steps up big time. this home run here put the cards up and the brewers battled back and the cardinals will just roll 12-3. this is a long double by pujols. cards would win. and a big blow to basketball fans. it's official, the nba canceling the first two weeks of the regular season. >> ahhh! >> last ditch labor negotiations between commissioner david stern and the players union yielded no results. stern delivered on his promise to axe the first two weeks of the season, stern says the two sides remain very, very far apart on virtually all issues. i don't see any hope there. no additional talks are scheduled. we might have a special nba star here tomorrow. >> really? >> yeah. >> all right. thank you for that secretive tease. our next guest are tv sitcom, you know him from tv shows but now they're teaming up together. watch this. >> we need to move. mom, you can treat crazy people anywhere. >> hello.
4:38 am
what about my job? >> you teach on line. hello. worldwide web. >> well, uh-huh. why do we need to move this time? >> because of him. >> what did you do to your sister? >> he ruined my life. >> tracy ellis ross and malcolm jamal warner are here. they're the new stars of the new show "read between the lines. ">> two old pros, wow. >> seasoned. >> seasoned. >> spring chickens who are fresh back to tv. >> there's something to be said about experience. >> yes, thank you. thank you. >> we all fit into that category here as far as age goes. >> the wisdom that comes. yes. >> tell me about the show. i see a down home family tonight at 10:00. what will i be seeing? what kind of interaction? >> i play a therapist and he's a stay at home nyu professor and we're, you know, loving each other and being parents. >> and you know what? during the commercial time-out, you guys were -- had a good relationship in real life.
4:39 am
>> that's one of the things -- >> got it going on. >> that's one of the things that makes it works. me and tracee have a great friendship and on camera, you see, you know, because the show is about a happily married couple, the dynamic between our characters is really -- it's a loving relationship because of the mutual respect that we have as friends. >> and both of us are also really excited about showing a happily married couple and a couple that loves each other, supports each other and -- >> love. >> yeah, get it back on tv. >> how much of this is similar to the cosby show? >> well, a lot of it, you know, and it's not completely by accident. you know, we were very clear on wanting to do, you know, a kind of show that, i think, that the television viewers have been longing for. it's been a while since we've seen a show about happy married couple that is kind of transcends, you know, all the barriers. >> can i tell you my concern?
4:40 am
the chemistry is real. you guys are two stars. but after watching "seinfeld" something's got to happen. you're happy. your family is together. but is there any -- does anyone come home late? break curfew? not do their homework? >> don't you remember, it was about nothing. >> right. >> are you saying your show is about nothing? which is a compliment. >> is there any tension? >> yeah, i mean, trust me -- >> there's some right now. >> the show is about -- family love and family values don't mean it's utopia at all. it's very real issues. >> do you come home with an attitude ever before today? >> before i got on "fox & friends"? >> i'm going to leave with an attitude. >> theo, do you keep in contact -- >> keep in contact with your dad? >> my dad? bob warner, yeah.
4:41 am
i talk to mr. cosby quite often. our relationship is definitely extended past the eight years of doing the show. >> that's great. >> and your mother is diana ross. >> she doesn't talk to her mother. >> really? never? >> yeah, three, four times a day. what do you -- >> has she seen the show? >> she has seen the show. she's really proud of it. >> and diana ross' review is? >> she loves it. she definitely is partial to me. she definitely is partial to me. >> you're supreme. >> oh! >> and that there ain't no mountain high enough. >> i don't know where that comes from but i know the spreemz. -- supremes. >> i think it's great to have this kind of a show back on the air and happy family, not that you're not going to have your struggles because you're raising three kids on the show. we know what's that like! >> and people can relate to it. >> part of the dynamic of the show, it's also a blended family. we have three kids but the two older kids are from a prior marriage so they're, you know, there's some of that kind of dynamic as well in terms of teenagers and dealing with the step parents. >> should there be an episode where you invite over a tv host
4:42 am
for dinner, we'd like to be at least called for the audition. all three. >> ok. >> i think we can do that. we have a large kitchen table. >> there you go. >> on the show. >> watch the show that diana ross loved. it is "read between the lines" tonight at 10:00 on bet. >> thank you so much. >> congratulations. >> all right. >> next on our rundown, they're flooding the streets across the country screaming that corporate america is to blame. our next guest says these occupy wall street protesters are a walking contradiction. mark stein is going to explain why he thinks that coming up live. >> and you've heard it before. you need a new car filter. this one is dirty or better replace your wipeers. they're all worn out. well, one of our next guests says your mechanic is lying! >> mr. goodwrench? >> are you kidding me? >> say it ain't so. follow the wings.
4:43 am
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>> protesters from occupy wall street planning to leave their lower manhattan headquarters and head uptown on a millionaire's march. it's going to be a rally in front of new york's wealthiest homes but there are still massive contradictions between what they want and what they are protesting. will this movement have staying power? joining us right now is a columnist with staying power, for national review and author of this great book "after america, get ready for armageddon" mark stein. mark, what is, who is benefitting from these protests downtown? >> i think we all are actually. this is a very clarifying moment. i think it's the dumbest revolution so-called of the last 100 years. it's basically nonworkers of the world unite. it's basically all the economically nonproductive elements of society from america's vast pampered college class, big labor is supporting them, the spendaholic democratic party is supporting them and i
4:47 am
think it's symbolically useful in that sense because it gets to the heart of the biggest problem in the western world today, that too many people lead economically unproductive lives and to have them all down there in lower manhattan providing a great visual reminder of that is actually does us all a service. >> having said everything you said and let's say it's 100% correct and it's hard to argue with, do you think it's still beneficial for democrats to say, yeah, i understand what you're saying and i support you. is that beneficial? >> no, i think it's that's insane and i think if you look at those politicians that have come out and support, i would include mayor bloomberg who made a fool of himself. you have guys there defecating on police cars, leaving trash everywhere. this is a mayor who presumes to regulate every access of your diet, you cannot be trusted to make your own food choices, yet
4:48 am
he says a bunch of people can urinate all over his town and he's ok with it. they make fool of themselves. >> does this worry you or is this part of the process that so many people from that age bracket will come out and spend days upon days. now up to 25 straight days and do you see this as part of the democratic process or a long term worry? >> no, i think this is actually a long term structural structural crisis in america. i have a whole chapter in my book on these kinds of guys. these are people who expect to lead a privileged western lifestyle without earning a western living and it's not possible to do that. and corporate entities who support them because it gives them the right political part and gets their juices going, ben & jerry's, the hippie dippy ice
4:49 am
cream makers say they're fully behind the wall street crowd. they're a part of the evil corporation unilever but somehow it's considered cool to pretend they're not part and some subsidiary of an evil multinational corporation, they're in solidarity with the do nothing deadbeats on the streets. it's an act and charade, absurdity of western civilization in twilight in one hideous image as we slide off the cliff, brian. >> very good points and i wasn't really needed. i probably won't get paid for this segment. all i did is say hello and let go. congratulations on the success of your book "after america, getting ready for armageddon." next up, the three biggest ripoffs from your mechanic and how to avoid them. on this day in history in 1975 "saturday night live" debuted. in 2002, jimmy carter won the nobel prize. is he still president?
4:50 am
and "emotion" by mariah carrey was the number one song. is she still a singer? [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number?
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4:53 am
>> i don't know about you but in my household, i go to get my car fixed with my car, my husband deals with his. today, we'll find out how to save you your money if you're doing this at home as well today. doug browner is an auto expert, mechanic and here to help us save some money and know when we need to go in to get something done starting with don't go on a fishing expedition. what do you mean by that? >> don't let your mechanic go on a fishing expedition. one of the things that drives me crazy, say you go in to have your brakes inspected. next thing you know, they're walking out in the waiting room and have your air filter.
4:54 am
what are they doing? you might want to say why are you looking under my hood? my initial complaint was the brakes. one of the most oversold products with cars, i want you to take this, do you see any light through it? that means it's good, ok. if anybody tries to sell you an air filter, test it yourself and ask a lot of questions. >> no tuneups, what do you mean by that? >> it's an old phrase and we want to get rid of it. all your car will ever need is contained in what i like to call the good book and nobody ever reads it. it's the owner's manual. >> it's good bedtime reading? >> for me, i curl up with it every night, ok. the mileage interval, 15, 30, 60, 90,000 miles, those are the times you'll need to have your car serviced and you raised a good point earlier, very often the car will tell you. >> the car knows this, your tire pressure is low. then i know i have to bring it in. >> it drives me crazy when people call that dummy lights. they're not dummy lights. cars like the ford explorer, it's going to lead you in the right direction. listen to it. >> you bought some chalk and i
4:55 am
have a feeling we're not drawing on the sidewalk with it. >> no sidewalk art. >> what are we doing with it? >> look, i'm inherently cynical guy so i just like to keep my mechanic honest. if i go in for, say, a tire rotation before i go to the shop, i take a piece of chalk and i just do that on the side and the reason i'm doing this is i want to be sure that my mechanic literally and actually rotates the tires. just keep them honest. we want to make sure that the work that we ask for is actually getting done. >> good tip. all right, there are three sounds we should all be aware of with our cars because it could mean big trouble. >> you're right. there are three things as a mechanic, i always tell my customers, stop the car. go no further and the first is this. that's knocking. never good. if you hear that, you do not want to go one more block or one more exit. stop the car and have it towed. the tow bill most likely going to be a fraction of what would cost you if you continue to drive. >> we picked straws before the
4:56 am
segment to see who would make the grinding noise. >> grinding, any sort of noise from the brakes means we've lost all friction material. we're metal against metal. it's a safety issue. >> i got the short end of the straw. >> really good. hissing often indicates you have a coolant leak or much like steam coming out of maybe a radiator, this is not good and can lead to big trouble under the hood. heat is a big enemy of an engine. you don't want to drive an engine or car when it's overheated. >> we've learned a lot. doug browner, good to see you. thanks for the tips. let's head back inside. >> of course, gretch, great job. if there's a hiss, you could also have a rattle snake in your glove compartment. >> that could be true, especially if you live in the wilderness and most of our viewers do. it was supposed to solve the debt problem, not going anywhere fast. should we be surprised that nobody can agree? can they get back on track? we'll ask joe lieberman,
4:57 am
independent joe next hour. >> do you consider yourself optimistic? glass half full? scientists checked and the news isn't bright. your brain could be broken! happy people. joe lieberman
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> gretchen: hey, good morning. it's tuesday, october 11. thank you for sharing your time today. i'm gretchen carlson. the establishment better look out. herman cain riding a huge wave of popularity right now. in tonight's gop debate and it could be the end of the road for others. >> steve: meanwhile, herman cain is taking a lot of heat from some african-americans on the democratic side of the aisle. they want him, quote, off the crack pipe. now herman cain gets his chance to respond. you're going to want to hear it. >> brian: watch this video. a young girl's heart gives out. you'll see her collapse in the hallway at school. but what happened next not only kept her alive, but has people across the country talking. "fox & friends" starts right
5:01 am
now. >> this is senator joe lieberman. you're watching "fox & friends." >> steve: mr. joe will be with us in a couple hips. plus we'll talk to the family of the little girl who fell down, the 12-year-old at that school. wherever you work or are in a public place, always keep an eye out for a defibrillator, one of those yellow things because they can save your life. they saved the life of that kid who will be with us today. quick thinking of some gym teacher. >> brian: you have to learn how to use it. i know with any team i coach, they make you take, and it's good -- those defibrillator courses where you have a -- not only cpr, but know how to use it. >> steve: it's mandated in texas, thanks to governor perry. >> gretchen: we'll look forward to that interview. let's do headlines. family of missing baby lisa irwin becoming the focus of the police investigation now. at least four tv stations in
5:02 am
kansas city have been subpoenaed for their interview footage. county prosecutors want any video that shows the ten-month old's parents or neighbors and police are also looking over now surveillance video from a nearby grocery store. apparently it shows lisa's mom shopping with another man that is not the baby's father hours before she reported her daughter missing. she bought paper plates, napkins and a box of wine. opening statements today in the trial of the accused underwear bomber who tried to blow up a plane over detroit. umar farouk abdulmutallab pleaded not guilty to the failed attack. he wanted to represent himself, as you recall, in federal court in michigan. but now there has been a shift in his strategy and a court-appointed lawyer will give the opening statement. that trial gets underway at 9:00 o'clock. take a look at this incredible scene in boston where over 100 protest railroads under arrest this morning. police say they ignored warnings to move away from unauthorized areas. they warned the protesters for several hours before finally
5:03 am
moving in. in new york city, they are planning to make today's protests personal, planning a so-called millionaire's march to the homes of some of the richest people in the city. looking on the bright side of life may have a down side. if your glass is half full, you could be suffering from a brain malfunction. scientists in london found that blind optimism is related to faulty functioning of the brain's frontal lobe. that means people who refuse to be downhearted are doing so because of errors in the way their brain processes information. they tend to only learn information that reinforces their rose-tinted view of the world. i'm so glad, so finally i figured out it's a good thing to be cynical. >> brian: now you find out that you're using your entire noggin. >> gretchen: i guess so. >> brian: my front lobe, smooth. >> steve: don't look on the bright side today! it's dangerous! >> brian: right. >> steve: all right. meanwhile, president obama looking on the bright side, campaigning for his jobs bill
5:04 am
today in the swing state of pennsylvania. the senate is poised to shoot it down. kelly wright is live at the white house with more. kelly, if that happens, that would be very embarrassing for the people who work in the building behind you. >> exactly. a lot of people are watching this one. this is a very important day today for the president. el travel to pittsburgh, pennsylvania today to push and campaign for the passage of his americans jobs act. but as you stated, it appears to be unlikely to take place in the senate. over the weekend, you may recall the president said independent economists studied his jobs plan and believe it will put americans back to work. the president also took aim at republicans who are against the measure. >> so any senator out there who is thinking about voting against this jobs bill needs to explain why they would oppose something that we know would improve our economic situation. if the republicans in congress think they have a better plan for creating jobs right now, they should prove it, 'cause one of the same independent
5:05 am
economists who looked at our plan just said that their ideas, quote, wouldn't mean much for the economy in the near term. >> while the president is taking issue with republicans, the troubled economy is causing some people, like occupy dc, to take a message to the streets that they are taking issue with politicians over the lack of jobs. adding to this pressure, you must keep in mind that some democrats are against the president's plan as well and republican presidential candidates are also criticizing the president's plan as being another stimulus that will fail. >> give us a break here. this is about the third iteration of this jobs idea he's had, job stimulus. how did the last ones work? >> as the criticism amounts, the associated press is reporting the president's jobs council is calling for improvements in the nation's network of roads and bridges, for airport upgrades and modernized ports and updated electric grids, water and waste
5:06 am
water systems. according to this report, the president's jobs council, which is made up of corporate and labor leaders, is calling for sweeping and urgent changes in various systems going on throughout the country in terms of government policy, from liberalized immigration and less restrictive regulations to a more business friendly tax system, as well as greater spending on infrastructure, which i just mentioned some of the things he would like to see done. big day today on capitol hill and a big day for the president as well as he continues to campaign for passage of the american jobs act. back to you. >> steve: all right. kelly wright, north lawn of the white house. speaking of the president's job, did you see investors business daily yesterday? bad news for the president. a majority of americans, 51%, oppose a second term for president obama. >> brian: let's find out who wants that next term here in the u.s. so far on the gop side, we have a change amongst the polls. the trend happened over the last week continues. it seems that herman cain is rising.
5:07 am
america has seen enough and they like raising -- >> steve: raising cain, is that what you're saying? >> brian: cain are 5% one month ago, now at 18%. mitt dropped 4 but still in front. and the big story is perry's fall. he got a ton of money. >> gretchen: how many people have told us in the last couple of weeks, this is a two-man race? this is perry and romney. this goes back again as to -- we earlier reported that tim pawlenty may be having second thoughts of getting out. he has no more money, but he's now seen what happens in the political process. remember how we were telling you 13, 14, 15 months out before 2008 who was the top republican? rudy guiliani and fred thompson. how did that turn out? it was john mccain. so you never know how it's going to turn out and the surge of herman cain is proof of that. look at this interesting poll about herman cain with regard to president obama. 'cause a lot of people have said, is herman cain electable? in this particular poll, he
5:08 am
beats president obama 43% to 41%. >> steve: tonight there is going to be a gop debate, 8:00 o'clock, dartmouth. you got to figure that the guy with the most to lose would be rick perry. you know he's really got a lot at stake. he's really got to be strong tonight. at the same time, herman cain, you got to figure that they're going to come after him because he is the front runner and that's what always happens. >> brian: when it comes to foreign policy, as you mentioned, gretchen, that's where herman cain could be in unchartered waters and that's where john huntsman really hopes they go. much different from mitt romney's. you'll understand what it is. they'll have a chance to question him in about one half hour. >> gretchen: meantime, herman cain is being attacked now by some members of the african-american community. they're saying -- they're calling him names and basically a bad apple, was one of them, and professor cornell west, who was on the show yesterday, not during our show, but at another time, called him to get off the crack pipe. not sure exactly what that
5:09 am
means. but herman cain responded to those accusations. >> i've been in the real world. he's been in academia. he's back on this symbolic stuff. as far as harry belafonte, i left the democrat plantation a long time ago. and all that they try to do when someone like me -- and i'm not the only black person out there that shares these conservative views -- the only tactic that they have to try and intimidate me and shut me up is to call me names and this sort of thing. it just simply won't work. >> steve: it hasn't worked so far. and one of the things about mr. cain is he's been on television a lot. he was on hannity last night. he was on our program last week. rick perry, we haven't seen a lot of him since the last debate. you got to figure he's been practicing. also attending some low level, low attended events across much of the country. >> brian: real quick, to give you confession in case you missed it, why he would reference the crack pipe,
5:10 am
essentially when asked, herman cain said, i admit racism exist, but it doesn't matter that much. more in this country is about working hard and making opportunities happen for yourself, at which time west came back and said, we all have been working hard for decades. he needs to get off the crack pipe and acknowledge the evidence is overwhelming. >> gretchen: all right. coming up on our show, look at this video. a young girl's heart gives out in the hallway of her school. but teachers move in to save her life. the incredible story when that girl joins us live and well later on this hour. >> brian: remember the debt super committee? instead of solving our problems, they've only created another one. no one can agree on a plan to cut. can they get back on track? we'll ask independent joe lieberman right after this. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up!
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5:14 am
>> steve: all right. welcome back. out in the great state of california, guess how old a person has to be to give consent for preventive care for sexually transmitted diseases? >> brian: 25. >> steve: think more. >> brian: 31. >> steve: that's higher. think lower. >> gretchen: actually get the vaccine. >> brian: 20. 12. >> steve: it is 12. >> brian: so you can do it on your own without permission, without signed permission from your parents? >> steve: because they say it's a life saver, can prevent cervical cancer in the case of hpv. >> gretchen: it should be up to the parents, at least i believe, to make that decision. a 12-year-old is still a kid. can you imagine if you live out there and your child goes to the pediatrician and happens to be in the room without you, the child can now say, yes or no, to getting this vaccine. many parents would want their kids to get it, but they probably won't want to know about it. the weird thing is that you
5:15 am
can't go to a tanning bed now in california. you have to be 18 years old to do that. but you can get a vaccine to prevent std's. it seems flip flop. >> brian: what if you go outside and get a tan on the beach? >> steve: so it seems like they flip the std and the spf thing. it should probably be the other way around, but it's not. >> brian: what do you think about that? >> gretchen: i said i think parents should always have the last say. >> brian: thinking let's go to the tweets. >> gretchen: okay. let's see what gregory thinks about it. >> steve: he says, what's next? should 12-year-olds be allowed to go to war for us, drink booze, marry? nobody has the right to take parents' rights away. >> gretchen: and patricia says it seems nothing is private, personal property anymore. i think it stinks. >> steve: then we got a tweet on the next topic which is this. >> gretchen: which is that governor jerry brown in california has decided to veto legislation now requiring police
5:16 am
to have to go get a search warrant when they arrest in order to look at your cell phone. now police, when they arrest you, will be able to take your cell phone and that means looking at all your personal information as well. so a lot of people will have is a problem with this particular thing. they'll be able to read your e-mail, look at your contact list, look at your texts. >> brian: the supreme court said okay for this and they wanted jerry brown to veto this and he said, i'm going to stick with the court. >> steve: i'll tell you why this is good. because if the cop stops because he thinks you're driving and texting and he looks at your phone and you were driving and texting, 15 seconds ago, exhibit a, ladies and gentlemen. makes a good point. it proves his case. you just lied to me. you said you weren't texting and according to your phone, you were. >> gretchen: okay. coming up next on the rundown, a rescue that you've got to see to believe. a young girl collapses in the hallway at school and teachers rush in to save her life. she will be here live with that story right after the break. >> steve: and the supercommittee that was appointed to settle our
5:17 am
debt has a little problem getting along. we'll talk to independent joe lieberman. can they ever cooperate for our nation's sake? why can't we all just get along, joe? looking good! you lost some weight. you noticed! these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories.
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5:20 am
>> brian: quick headlines. oklahoma senator tom coburn expected to make a full recovery after having prostate surgery for cancer. doctors say his surgery was successful and he's expected to be back at work later this month. the republican law maker, who is also a doctor, has survived battles with skin cancer and colon cancer. a big blow to basketball fans.
5:21 am
the nba canceling the first two weeks of the regular season. negotiations monday between commissioner stern and players union, no results. no talks scheduled. not a good feeling. gretch? >> gretchen: thanks. the president is hoping that the senate will pass his jobs bill, but many senators on both sides of the aisle are still against the plan. unless the bill changes, our next guest says he's voting no today as well. joining me now is connecticut independent senator joe lieberman. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning to you, gretchen. great to be back. >> gretchen: thank you so much. what would have to change for you to give a yes vet to the president's jobs bill? >> i'm glad we're trying to at least debate what we can do to get the economy moving again and create jobs. but to me, the number one thing we should do to get our economy going again is to deal with the debt. the president's jobs bill costs almost a half trillion dollars. so we've got -- that's money we don't have.
5:22 am
therefore, we've got to raise taxes, maybe cut spending to finance that bill. i'd much rather save it for a real genuine debt -- genuine debt reduction program. to me, the most productive thing you can do to create jobs in america is to restore confidence to the people who manage corporations and invest in our economy. if you track corporate investment, it correlates closest to job creation. i don't think this bill basically does enough to be worth spending half a trillion dollars. >> gretchen: senator, you're sounding like a republican. >> no, i'm an independent. >> gretchen: but you're -- i think any republican in the senate would say exactly what you just said. >> well, as an independent, i guess i've got the freedom to say what i think. the bill is well intentioned and there are interesting parts of it. i'm fascinated by this idea of a national infrastructure bank to finance investments in public
5:23 am
infrastructure, which is good for jobs and our economy longer term. a lot of the rest of it is well-intentioned stuff, but we can't afford it. and that's why i would vote against the bill. >> gretchen: let me ask you this, because speaking of the debt, and i know that's very important to you and so many of the american people right now. this super committee has this daunting task to come up with $1.5 trillion in cuts by thanksgiving. there are reports out today that they are at a stalemate. do you believe those reports? do you think they're making any progress? >> you know, the truth is, we don't know. it's not really exact to compare the special supercommittee to the cardinals convene to go choose a pope. but there are similar rumors coming out and the answer is you don't know until there is a decision made. the future of our country really is in the hands of these 12 people. if they fail, we're on the road
5:24 am
to going over the fiscal cliff. we've got to cut our debt or else we're not going to continue to be the country we want america to be. it's up to these 12 people and they got to compromise. they can't play partisan politics or be rigid. this place works on compromise. >> gretchen: i guess when we see the smoke come out of the capitol building, we know they've come to a decision. let me ask you about this latest poll that just came out. it's a pugh poll and it finds that independents favor romney over president obama by a wide margin. 54% to 41%. i don't have to tell you in the last election that the independents went with obama. precisely that's why he was for the -- the majority of the reason why he was elected. what do you make of this latest number? >> it's a very significant number. i guess i take my off hat off being an independent. let independents decide.
5:25 am
we are independent. we swing because we vote for the person best reflects our values and offer most hope for the future. if you look at just as you said, if you look at the 2008 election, president obama won because he got independent votes. if you look at 2010 congressional elections, republicans gained so dramatically because independents swung to them. if romney can hold the independents against president obama he'll be a very strong challenger next november if he gets the nomination. >> gretchen: exactly. before i let you go, i want to get quick comments about the protests going on, occupy wall street in other cities across the country. as an independent voice, senator, do you agree with the protests that are going on or what would you say about them? >> well, look, it's hard to know whether you agree or disagree because it's hard to know exactly what their program is. the theme of it, the occupy wall street is an expression of anger. but it doesn't get me very far
5:26 am
because we've all -- it's not the question of occupying places. we got to figure out how to work together to get the economy growing. so i'm following it. i'm trying to understand what they're all about. a little wary of some set of political fringe elements that may be part of it. ultimately i think if they want to make a real difference, they got to do exactly what the tea party did, which was to go from public protests to organizing and supporting candidates in next year's election. that's the way changes happen in america. >> gretchen: all right. i'll leave it there. senator joe lieberman, the independent from connecticut, thanks for your thoughts this morning. >> thank you, gretchen. good day. >> gretchen: we've been showing you this video, a young girl's heart gives out in a school hallway. watch. she falls right to the ground there. she was minutes away from death until teachers rushed in to save her life. up next, that very lucky girl, her parents, and those teachers all here to tell their story. then watch this. a mountain biker taken out in
5:27 am
his tracks by an antelope? whoa !
5:28 am
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
>> steve: welcome back to "fox & friends" for this tuesday. take a look. your shot of the morning, next time you plan on riding your bike in a race through south africa, watch out for the approaching antelope. >> holy cow! >> steve: how crazy is that? that is mountain biker evan getting bowled over by a buck. he suffered a minor concussion. >> brian: the buck stops you right here. >> gretchen: my goodness. amazing it was also caught on video. >> brian: did they have a cam on him just in case he was hit by an antelope? >> steve: probably a helmet cam for cool pictures. they do crazy tricks. >> brian: if you know why an antelope would hit a cyclist, please write us. or use twitter. how is that a threat? he's using a path, it's just high grass. an antelope is supposed to do his own thing.
5:32 am
>> gretchen: i was waiting for you to blame the antelope 'cause usually you don't like the animals. >> steve: apparently he rode it through the area where the dear and antelope play. and seldom is heard -- >> brian: that's why you wear a helmet. >> steve: with a camera. >> brian: keep driving. next up, a former -- a former marine is scheduled to cop a plea this morning, expected to plead guilty to unrelated charges for breaking into cars in virginia. he was arrested in june when police spotted him walking around arlington national cemetery and carrying a backpack of ammo. >> gretchen: new york city police documents reportedly show investigators have been infiltrating muslim student groups at city colleges monitoring their internet activity and planting undercover agents at the school. the moves are part of an nypd counterterrorism operation. legal experts say if the colleges cooperated with police,
5:33 am
they may have broken privacy laws. >> brian: convict in connecticut being stripped of -- being strip of their corn. by the way -- >> steve: no corn. >> brian: you can have the corn. it's the porn we need. sorry, guys. button up your -- they said deppial of their reading material is a violation of their first amendment rights. the department of corrections says pornography poisons the environment for its employees who might be exposed to it. the inmates are willing to negotiate for what? us magazine? they say they'll settle for tv programs that offer similar material. what kind of show is that? nip and tuck? >> gretchen: hundreds of supporters holding american flags lined the streets in el paso, texas outside the funeral of fallen marine christopher diaz. why were they there? they prepared counterprotests just in case members of the westborough baptist church showed up like they said they
5:34 am
would. >> it's very upsetting. it makes you angry. i'm a veteran of the united states army. this soldier gave his life for this country and i feel he should be respected for that and everything these people stand for is disrespect. >> gretchen: luckily the controversial church never showed up. 27-year-old marine staff sergeant christopher diaz was killed last month in afghanistan. >> steve: the video is hard to watch. but we promise you it has a happy ending. take a look. that is 12-year-old kylie shay, walking to class in frisco, texas when her heart stopped two weeks ago and she fell to the floor. that's when would gym teachers jumped into action. one performed cpr and the other grabbed the school's defibrillator. they not only kick started her heart, they saved her life. without their quick thinking, she would only have a 3% chance of surviving. joining us right now, that girl, 12-year-old kylie, along with her parents, in the front row, and the hero teachers, kristen
5:35 am
and brent reese. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> steve: kylie, let's start with you. it was two weeks ago, you're walking through the halls of that school that you're sitting in right now and what happened? >> i was tired, so i decided to sit down, but i missed the bench and that's what caused me to fall over and then i don't remember anything. >> steve: you don't remember anything until the helicopter ride. >> yes. >> steve: you had no history that you knew of of heart problems, right? >> no, not at all. >> steve: none whatsoever. all right. so kristen, you're on the scene, along with brent. >> yes. >> steve: your first inclination would be to do what? >> my first inclination was to check on her, make sure she was safe. she was right by one of the tables that we have in the hallway and she was kind of convulsing, so i sat down beside her and put my hand under her head. it was in a matter of ten, 20
5:36 am
secretaries, she was out. before that, i sent for the other girls to go get coach reese and then as soon as he came in, we could tell she needed cpr and needed the aed right away after we did an initial check for stop, look and listen. >> steve: the thing about you guys being prepared is in the state of texas, i understand they mandate that you are trained not only to perform cpr, but also to run that defibrillator. brent, after the cpr did not work, you put the defibrillator on her and apparently it guides you through it and it tells you what to do. and it told you to shock her, but you thought that can't be right. >> absolutely. i'm thinking that once we put the paddles on and it said analyzing, shock advised, you're thinking, did i put it on right? is it reading what it's supposed to read? so once it said shock advised, that was kind of a pause and we went ahead and did it, knowing that it was life and death type
5:37 am
decision to make. >> steve: no kidding, because if you were wrong, if the machine was wrong, rather than save her life, you would have killed her. >> absolutely. but the great thing about the way the aed's are made is that if i had put it on wrong, it would have said check electrodes and it would have given me another opportunity to put it on. so there is a kind of a check proof that you can fall back on on that and trusting the aed to do the right job. >> steve: you wound up shocking her twice, right? >> yes, sir. >> steve: and by that time, the paramedics and the ambulance had arrived? >> right. actually after that second shock, we started another round of cpr, she started to regain consciousness. she started crying, real softly, started turning a little bit and she was actually starting to come back when the ems got there. >> steve: yeah. oh, my goodness. sheryl, i'm sure you've heard the statistics. without your daughter's gym
5:38 am
teachers jumping in to try to save her life, she would have only had a 1% chance of surviving without brain damage. >> yes. that is an unbelievable statistic. she's a miracle. it's a miracle. >> steve: it is a miracle. and she's alive today because that school had one of those defibrillators. they should be everywhere, shouldn't they? >> i agree. absolutely. >> steve: mike, when you walked into the room and you saw that she was surrounded by ten people in lab coats on that gurney, what happened to you? >> buckled to the floor, to my knees a little bit just in shock and horrifying watching your daughter being worked on. it was scary, to say the least. then when i heard her call for her mom and cry, i realized i need to go in there and be by her side as well. >> steve: yeah.
5:39 am
and kylie, i understand you had to tell your mom you were okay because she was crying and worried about you? >> yes, she was. i told her probably about five times, stop crying. i'm okay, i'm okay. >> that's true. i heard that a lot. >> steve: how are you today, kylie? >> i'm much, much better. i'm feeling great. >> steve: i bet. you're feeling great because today is your first day of school after what happened two weeks ago. >> yes. >> steve: and you're on tv. >> and she's got her seatbelt with the pacemaker inside. >> steve: right, the pacemaker right there. now, she won't be able to be involved in sports, i understand. but for the most part, the rest of her life will be exactly as it was before. right? >> yes. correct. she'll be able to do some sports, golf, swimming when we're just noncontact. volleyball, football, of course,
5:40 am
which good thing she's not playing. >> steve: and sheryl and mike, i know they're behind you, but over the last two weeks, how many times have you wanted to just hug those two people behind you and say thank you? >> all the time. all the time. every time we see them, it's always a big hug. they are family and we tell them they're stuck with us. >> they're going to have to move on to high school and college wherever she goes. >> exactly. >> steve: you're all traveling together. what a great story with a happy ending. it just shows that you were in the right place at the right time with the right equipment and it saved your daughter's life. kylie, sheryl and mike, kristen and brent, we thank you all for joining us live today from frisco, texas. >> thank you. >> steve: those gizmos are life savers. every place should have one. straight ahead, john huntsman's critics say tonight's presidential debate could be his
5:41 am
last. but he's not ready to go anywhere. the former governor live from new hampshire coming up next. then did you know there is a $40 cable tv charge that doesn't show up on your bill? and almost all of us are paying it. but you don't have to. how to save 10% on almost everything, coming up straight ahead as you're shopping around right here on "fox & friends." [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu uss chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. you booked our room right? not yet, thanks for reminding me. wait, what? i have the app so we can get a great deal even at the last minute. ah, well played sir. get the app. gives you a 50% annual bonus!
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5:44 am
>> brian: they're both republicans. they're both mormon and running for president. but that is where the comparisons between jon huntsman and mitt romney come to an end. they could not be further apart on their plan for u.s. foreign policy and that's the latest blow to separate them. it's all about might versus money. here to explain his side, the former utah governor, ambassador to china and current presidential candidate, jon huntsman. governor, welcome back.ño
5:45 am
>> brian, good to be with you.ño thanks for having me.ño >> brian: no problem. yourño policy, much different. you wantño us to be more ajill, less stuff? >> i want us to be less cold war. i want us to be less containment. i want us to be a country that engages as opposed to contains. we still have a little carryover from the old cold war mindset. the fact that we've got 50,000 troops still in germany. i mean, folks, the russians aren't coming any longer. we face an asymmetric counter terror threat and we have to start realigning our foreign policy and our deployment patterns and our defense spending around that reality because that's going to be a primary driver for national security as far as the eye can see into the 21st century. >> brian: if i got you correct, you said lessño weapon, less ships,ño and that's what mitt romney isño talking about, biggo army. you're saying less. but you also knowño theño dangef theño pacific and that china is flexing their muscle in the pacific, scaring japan and south
5:46 am
korea andño others. you want less ships? >> i'm making exactly that point. it's going to be the age of pacific century. let's focus not on the theater of europe, but on the asian pacific theater. we need more assets deployed there. not less. but more than just cold war spending on the same old thing, we need more in the way of tactical intelligence gathering. we need more in the way of special forces capabilities. we need more in the way of burden sharing with like-minded country, like india, for example, or maybe vietnam on the horizon, who see our interests that are increasingly in parallel. we've got to look at the asia pacific theater as an opportunity for us. everyone talks about the fear factor. i like to talk about the opportunity factor. it will be the century of asia and we have to remember that our foreign policy must be driven by first and foremost, economic interest. whatever we do from foreign policy standpoint, free trade agreements, international economic engagement -- >> brian: a lot of people think securityño first.ño what are we preserving if we
5:47 am
can't defend ourselves and our allies? >> you have to have both. you have to be able to pay for the security. we're paying $650 billion per year on defense. china is probably spending $90 billion a year on defense. we're spending more than the rest of the world combined. it's how you spend it and how you prioritize and whether or not your priorities are consistent with 21st century realities. >> brian: i'm not sure how the debate will goño tonight, but io can assure you that the topic of mormonism will come up becauseño of what this reverend said,ño talking about the mormon faith isño a cult. you're a mormon, mitt romney iso a mormon. what's yourño reaction? >> first of all, i think the debate tonight is supposed to be focused on -- >> brian: it should, but -- >> i can't think of anything more far flung than whether or not mormonism is a cult. the fact that we're using any band width at all, the fact that during a time when 15 million of our fellow americans are unemployed, we've got two wars abroad. we've got schools failing. we're spending our time talking
5:48 am
about whether mormonism is a cult? this is ridiculous. i gave a foreign policy speech yesterday and you do a press gaggle afterwards and the top questions are whether or not mormonism is a cult. we've got to get beyond the drama and the sound bites in politics and get focused on the substance. i think the american people are crying out for real solutions, real answers, and a vision. >> brian: we've had año bunch oo different front runners. people fall and dropño and rise and fall at the same time inño e same cycle. what do you have toñoño do tonit to standño out, because you need new hampshire anñod this is the region? >> all the recent polls show us moving in the right direction here in new hampshire. last night we won the grafton straw poll. we're doing well in this market and i'll tell you, the reason we're doing well is because you've got to connect with the voters here. they want to know your heart and soul. they want to know what your vision is for a better tomorrow. you've got to be authentic. you've got to present yourself in ways that they'll buy it. we've done 735 events -- 75 events throughout new hampshire. we're doing town hall meeting,
5:49 am
house parties, vfw visits and in each case, i feel a connection with the people here in new hampshire and this is a market as we all know, from recent history, where the race is usually upended and transformed in ways that we can't even predict today. >> brian: real quick, doño youño feel extra pressure to excel tonight? >> listen, i want to make sure that we have a steady substantive rise, particularly here in new hampshire. that's our goal. you can't go on television and light your hair on fire. it's not one of those people. it's going to be steady and substantive. >> brian: thanks for starting withño us.ño governor jon huntsman, thank you and goodño luck tonight. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, no matter what it is you're buying today, you're paying too much. our next guest can get you a 10% discounsel on pretty much anything. now let's check in withño martho mccallum. fullño price for her. >> but i'm always looking forñoa good discount. thank you very much. we've got new developments that are just coming in, folks, in this baby lisa case.
5:50 am
why her family is saying that they would not be surprised if the mother is arrested. but there is more to this. we're going to talk with the captain who is in charge of this case right here on "america's newsroom." the more herman cain rises in the polls, the more barbs thrown from the african-american community. that and more at the top of the hour. fore! no matter what small business you are in, managing expenses seems to... get in the way.
5:51 am
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>> gretchen: welcome back. what if we told you you could save 10% on almost everything? >> steve: yeah. >> gretchen: this morning we're not just going to tell you, we're going to show you how to do it. joining us now is consumer savings expert, andrea. good to see you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: let's start with our cable boxes. what can we do? >> believe it or not, americans waste $2 billion leaving those cable boxes on when they're not
5:54 am
watching tv. we know that it takes ten minutes to reboot your cable box, so who wants to turn it off? but it's wasting money. and if you could buy a lamp timer and program it to turn the cable box off during a time when you're not watching tv, say at midnight when going to sleep, and preprogram it to turn it on before you wake up, then you're not worried about the delay when you're trying to turn the tv on and you're saving money. you're saving $40 a year just on that cable box. >> steve: unless you got five cable boxes. >> beyond that, any electronics or appliances that are plugged into the wall when they're not in use are still sucking power. so you want to unplug them. >> steve: all right. speaking of electronics, you could use a gift card to buy the electronics and you got a deal on gift cards. >> gift cards aren't just presents these days. you can actually find discount gift cards on-line at sites like gift card you're looking at savings up to 35% to prepare for future
5:55 am
purchases. gift cards for home depot, starbucks, different restaurants. you're saving right off the bat. >> brian: what about for our pets and what about for the things we buy for our pets? >> pet care does not have to be expensive. animal hospitals, in fact, offer various discounts. senior citizens. if you have multiple pets, they'll give you a discount when you bring both in at the same time. there is different discounts on services at different times of the year. february is national dental care month and you can actually get discounts then. >> gretchen: what about everyone likes to go out to dinner. what can you offer us with restaurants? >> first of all, the first step to being frugal we now is cooking at home and not dining out. who doesn't enjoy going out to the restaurant? you can go on-line, though, and find discounts. a site like sells discount restaurant gift certificates. so you spend $10 and you get a value of $25. >> steve: fantastic. and if you use your credit card, you could get some cash back. when given the choice between
5:56 am
getting miles or cash back, you should probably choose the cash back. >> i prefer cash back and look at different cards. for example, there is chase freedom visa, which offers 5% back up to $1,500 on purchases. then there is different incentives, like $100 cash back for the first 500 you spend in three months. so compare the cards. there are so many different out there. and it's nice. you're saving two, 3, 4, 5% on those different purchases you make every day. >> steve: between that and the cable box, you're loaded. >> yes, exactly. >> gretchen: we will link your web site and your tips to our web site if you want more information. stick around. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪
5:57 am
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