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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 12, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> and don't count out gingrich. i wouldn't count him out either. >> greta is next. see you tomorrow night. tonight there is stunning news. gov mit romney is knocked from the top. one. these candidates blasted past romney in the policy. who is the frontrunner? stand by. you are about to find out who is now in the lead. and candidate for president, senator jon huntsman is on the record and news that could be robbing the justice department tonight. a subpoena. darryl issa committee served a is. he is here to tell you what he wants. and only here speaker of the house, john boehner. >> nice to see you. >> glad to be here. >> you said earlier today you want the administration to hold
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iran's feet to the fire. exactly what do you mean by holding their feet to the fire? what do you envision that would be the smart thing do? >> last year congress pasted the iran sanctions act which gave the administration a toolbox of potential tools they could use to increase sanctions against the iranians. and the administration has these tools. they are available and i would believe that they need to use these tools. >> they aren't using them? >> they are not using all the tools that were given to them by the congress. >> so there is some latitude to sort of amp up the sanctions, essentially. >> they are. >> and do you believe sanctions would be effective in sending a message to iran. >> i think the sanction wes have in place from the united states and the europeans and others have had an affect on the iranians but i believe more needs to be done. >> anything? what about military action? are you opposed to putting that on the table right now? >> i don't think you should take any options off the table, but i think there are other tools that
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are available that will help us achieve an outcome here that would be beneficial for the world. >> okay. we now seem to be in plan b with the jobs. the bill in the senate failed yesterday, so now where are we in the present jobs bill and what would you like to see being done? >> the senate rejected the president's job bill on a bipartisan basis. what they rejected was the idea that we have to tax the people we expect to create jobs in america. if we are really serious about creating jobs in our country, we have to take real action. house republicans had, our plan for america's job createtors we outlined back in may. we've been working on it all year. and frankly, what we are trying to do is to find common ground with the administration. i don't expect the president to agree with everything that is in our plan. and frankly, i don't agree with everything that's in his plan. but what the american people expect of us is to work together
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to find some common ground. we are taking a big step today. we are passing the three free trade agreements of that been here for some time. sitting downtown. the president sent them up here nine days ago. we are taking action today in both the house and the senate. free trade agreements with columbia, panama and south korea. a step in the right direction where we have agreement. when it comes to things like infrastructure spending, there was a way for us to find common ground. there are a number of other issues that are moving through the congress where the president and congress do in fact agree. >> you talk about common ground. today the president said something to a latino group that didn't sound like you were on the same age. he said the audience, the latino group, he needs their help reminding members of congress who they work for. so it sounds more like there's a line in the sand, almost a declaration of war if you are not both looking for a common ground. >> and in our pledge to america that we outlined almost a year ago on the eve of the last
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election, one of the commitments we made was to listen to the american people and to follow the lead of the american people. trust me, we are continuing to listen to the american people. and the american people are telling us, here's what you need to do. stop the regulatory onslaught coming out of washington. fix this tax code so that american companies can be more competitive in a worldwide economy, and thirdly, stop the overspending that is serving as a wet blanket over our economy. so we are working on the main planks of our plan to help job createtors begin to create jobs. we are looking for common ground with the president. we are up here legislating. we are working. the president is out campaigning. maybe he ought to sit down with congress, members of both parties to see if we can't find more common ground in which -- to achieve the goals that the american people sent us here to achieve. >> when is the last time you had a conversation with the president where you talk about
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common ground? >> good question. i don't know. we really haven't better we had one conversation i think since labor day, but it's been several months since we've had a real sit-down a chance to talk about how we move the country forward together. >> it seems to me that maybe one of you ought to make a phone call to the other and say let's get together ask look for this common ground. it doesn't work that way? >> it sounds like he's too busy campaigning to get a hold him? >> so you can't reach him? >> i think it's a good suggestion. >> what common ground do you think you have with the president? i mean, we sort through. this what is a sort of given in terms of common ground on the jobs bill? >> i think we already talked about several things. the trade bill, part of his agenda, part of our agenda and moving those bills through the congress today. >> you like that's correct but that trade bill hasn't been moving with lightning speed in terms of enthusiasm from the white house. >> no, but it was part of their overall jobs package. and it is part of our jobs
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package. there's a 3% tax on every contractor who does business with any level of government. the government has called for that to be removed. we've called for that to be removed. there's more common ground here than what meets the eye. i think when it comes to infrastructure spending, while we may not do it in an infrastructure bank, i do believe we have to find the funds to take care of our basic infrastructure around the country, whether it's highways, rails. there's a big need there, and we've been stuck on a highway bill between the administration and the congress now for years. it needs to be resolved. >> so tell me the mechanics. do you want to go to your jobs bill and sit down with the president and say where do we agree or disagree or do you want to go with the bill that just failed in the senate and do it that way. >> we sent the president a letter nearly a month ago outlining half a dozen areas of common agreement. we also outlined some areas where we thought we would have a difficult time coming to an agreement. so why don't we focus first on
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those things we do in fact agree on to see if we can't work together to get those done. >> i think that's where -- when the senate bill failed yesterday and the president said let's look at it piecemeal. i thought that was a victory for the republicans because where you agree, you will get that. where you disagree with what the president wants, that's apparently not going to happen t looks strategically that you got the better end of that one. >> it's not about a victory for the democrats or the republicans. >> or your position. >> doing the right thing for the american people. they know we have disagreements but they expect us to work together and to find areas where we can at least agree, take a step in the right direction and then begin to look for another place we can agree, find common ground, and move. >> well, you both agree on certain tax cuts in the president's bill, right? certain areas where there are tax cuts? you agree on that. >> in some areas, yes. >> that's where there's some common ground were but where he can't see any republican agreement is the president's
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revenue source to finance those tax cuts, which, of course, he's talking about the taxing -- he was talking about $250,000 and up and the democrats in the senate were saying a surcharge on millionaires. so you agree on tax cuts, but not on source of revenue. so that doesn't look like a particularly strong position for the president. >> i don't believe that raising taxes in this weak economy makes any sense at all. in the house a member from the democrat side introduced the president's job bill at the president's request. but there's not one democrat co-sponsor in the house. >> not one? >> not one on this bill. not one, other than a person who filed the bill. they have no co-sponsors as of the end of last week. so what you see here is that it's not just the republicans who are in disagreement with the president's so-called jobs plan, it's a bipartisan group. you saw the vote in the senate the same way yesterday.
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>> when you talk about taxes i'm curious, and i'm not asking you to endorse herman cain's 9-9-9, but is there an appetite in the house to do something dramatic with the tax code, to start over and redesign it? >> we believe both on personal income and business income the top tax rate ought to be 25% and that's our goal. what we are going to do is look at the credits, a lot of things that have been built into the code for specific groups of people or in some cases very small groups, maybe one person, in order to bring those tax rates down. especially on the business side, which i think is do-able here in the short term. that would make our economy more competitive. make american products more competitive. it would give us an advantage in terms of getting more people back to work. >> but i'm curious whether there's an appetite to do
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something really simplistic rather than the president's commission said last year there's something like 3300 or 3500 loopholes and some people pay less tax rate and warren buffet pays 17%, my tax rate is higher, a lot of other americans are higher. it's a very complicated tax code. people can't even do their own tacks anymore. >> it's very complicated and over the last ten years there have been 5,000 changes to the tax code. those 5,000 changes i'm sure people weren't coming in and lobbying and say, hey, raise my taxes. so i think closing the loopholes and getting rid of a lot of the credits and deductions, with that you can bring the rates down, simplify the code, and we would have a more effective tax code, as well. >> simplify, close loopholes but not dramatically overhaul it? and something so simplistic, and i throw it out again, 9-9-9 because herman cain has put it out there. >> if you have a clean sheet of
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payable you can do something very simple. go to a flat tax, a fair tax, go to a 9-9-9 if you have a clean sheet of paper but we don't have a clean sheet of paper. we have an existing tax code and doing what i am suggesting, making it simpler, fairer and flatter is what is do-able in this political context. >> and keeping in mind, of course, creating jobs? >> got to have a more competitive economy if we are going to create jobs. >> okay. so are you itching to pay more in taxes? just like billionaire warren buffet? well, you are in luck a new bill by south dakota senator john thune is about to mac your life easier. he joins us. good evening. >> good evening. >> you introduced a new billed to called the buffet rule? >> right. >> and? >> what it's designed to do, and the president coined the buffet rule, the phrase, but basically for people who don't think they are paying enough in taxes to give them an opportunity pay more if they want to to help get
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down the federal debt. it would be a special line item where they can designate a certain amount they can pay in additional taxes. we think that's a better approach than taxes small businesses like the president wants to do. if people feel guilty, we have a lot of limousine liberals who perhaps thinks they aren't taking enough in tacks, this gives them a chance to do that. >> obviously tweaking warren buffet. >> he paid 17%. i looked it up today. >> you did. but he's said people in his income category ought to pay more. there are others who have said the same thing so this is a way of allowing them to do that. >> i don't begrudge his success but his net worth is $50 billion so even if he gave away $49 billion he would still be a billionaire. but he's doing okay. >> i don't think it would hurt and it would go a long ways to address some of the national debt issues we are dealing with right now. >> so i think he did get tweaked
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a little bit. i think you had fun with it. now, mr. herman cain has 9-9-9 tax proposal. >> it's simple and straightforward and that resonates with the american people. >> would did you tell me liked it. >> my dad. he's 91 years old, lives in small town, 500 people in south dakota, and i think he finds that sort of approach, concept appealing, and i think a lot of americans do. >> the jobs plan failed the senate last night so now what? >> i think right now they talked about breaking it up and doing it in smaller pieces. obviously in your segment with speaker bainner, he talked about some of the things he wants to do creating jobs. we are willing to work with the president on things we think will create jobs. one we passed to the in the house and senate. it took the president a thousand days to get it to capitol hill and took us nine days to act ton. we are ready and willing to work with the democrats on things that are good for our small
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businesses and job createtors. but i think in addition to that, you heard him talk about tax reform, that's something we are interested in. affordable energy, a moratorium on regulations, something that is strangling small businesses and their ability to create jobs. those are all elements we think ought to be part of a jobs plan. the president's plan was not a serious effort. the president's plan was a political employ that's more about his job than it is about jobs to the american people. >> i know you characterize that but i think he's in the end loses on this one. i think he thought he was going to make it look like the congress wasn't doing anything. but he submits his bill with several pieces and puts some things in it it that are appealing to the republicans and some only the contracts wants. he packages it together hoping it would get passed and a jobs bill. but now he says piecemeal. and all the things passed piecemeal are things the republicans wanted in the first place and you warrant going to vote for what the democrats want so now you republicans gets what
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they want. wrong? >> well. >> is that what happened. >> what the president tried to do, he tried to do a big comprehensive bills with lots of bells and whistles, lots of new spending and massive debt and we said that's not the way to create jobs. now if he breaks it out and submits certain things that there is bipartisan support for, and i think there are some things bipartisan support for, we will work with him on those things. >> the fact he came out and said he wants to do it piecemeal and the things that are appealing to the republicans under the senate bill are the tax cuts. not the things that generate revenue. so it seems to me if he's going to go straight to his package that he may have made a little bit of a tactical mistake in. >> i'm not sure what exactly they were thinking on this, but when you send a proposal up to capitol hill, and you have as hard of a time getting democrats to embrace it as he had both in the house and the senate, then you have a proposal that's pretty much out of step with where i think most americans are. >> a question, probably nobody
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knows but you, they know you are from south dakota and they know there's no envelope team, and there's a rumor the packers may be selling stock at the end of the year. are you going to buy a share. >> really? >> are you going to be an owner? >> i would love to. i have been a fan since i was about 6 years old. >> people probably didn't know you were a packer fan. >> not popular in south dakota because most south dakota people are strike being fans. but i cheer for all the south dakota teams. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> what should the united states do with iran for trying to assassinate the saidian arabian ambassador on our soil? john hundreds man is here. he's next. and big developments in the "fast and furious" scandal. is attorney i don't know eric holder playing it straight or is he covering it up? attorney general has been served with a subpoena for documents. congressman issa's committee issued the subpoena and he goes on the record.
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>> a political stunner, herman cain just jumped ahead of mit romney. a new poll puts cain on top with 27%. that's four points ahead of governor mit romney who drops to 23, and governor rick perry has now dropped to 16% after leading the pack. this race is anything but certain. and jon huntsman joins us. good morning, sir. since you are part of the race, i'm curious your reflection on the news about the nbc poll where gov mit romney has slipped behind herman cain. >> it's an honor to be with you. welcome to the latest round of information. there's a poll an hour, several a day at least and they are all saying us different things and i think they are all nonsensical. we've had as many as four or five frontrunners in as many months and you will continue to see the race evolve. but it's important to look at the early primary state of new hampshire. that's where the leading indicators will be the most visible in terms of how the race
10:22 pm
plays out. all i can tell you our town hall meetings here have been packed, they have been energetic. we are making a sale to people who care desperately where we go tomorrow and how we face our challenges. instead of the fickle polls we see up and down on a regular basis, keep your eye on the early primary state of new hampshire. this is where the race is going to play out. >> i concede if i was running for president of the united states i would rather be leading policy in iowa and north carolina and new hampshire than the polls. those are the states that will be the most important probably in this race. all right, now today you gave a foreign policy speech, and i'm curious. i've asked two candidates for president for the nomination last night. let me ask you the question. what will you do about iran in light ever the latest news that they were accomplicity with a plot to assassinate the saudi
10:23 pm
arabian ambassador in the united states and blow up. >> this is something that would likely would have played out on our own soil. question is really was it state sponsored. and the evidence would appear it was in fact state sponsored so we need to collect as much intelligence and information as we can to verify the extent to which there was state involvement. it certainly appears to be that way at this point. second of all, we have to make sure that people know that this is the time for american leadership. and we need to ratchet down those sanctions, those economic sanctions very, very aggressively. we ought to be targeting the iran central bank. we ought to be targeting the elites, we ought to be targeting the political leadership there, and we ought to be doing as much of this unilaterally as we can. it will take a whole lot of time and effort to get the russians, the chinese and others engaged. we ought to be comparing notes and we ought to be interacting and sharing information with many of them, particularly those
10:24 pm
in the gulf cooperative council region but we ought to be able to deal with this one on our own in terms of the economic leverage we can deploy. >> in terms. the economic leverage, i'm curious if we act unilaterally, in spite of the fact there is the global trade, i would think iowa ran would sluff it off, it's just the americans and they would deal with the iranians with other nations, i mean with the syrians and france and england and anybody who wants to be part of some sort of exchange with iran. don't we have to get our friends and allies like britain and france to be equally as tough in order to have any teeth with these sanctions? >> but we've got to lead out. we've got to make sure we are leading the charge. we can't defer to anybody else. we can't lead from behind. we have to put ideas on the table in terms of sanctions that will really hurt iran. we have to lead that effort and we have to put the pieces together. realizing full well if we aren't there in the driver's seat, if we aren't articulate ago game plan that spells out in fairly
10:25 pm
clear detail what list of economic sanctions, what types of individuals we go after, nobody else is going to do it. >> all right. mexico was helpful, according to the attorney general and the fbi, mexico was helpful in this investigation. but nonetheless, the drug cartels are extraordinary dangerous, and i think dangerous to our national security. it is our border, after all. is there any change in policy or assistance or do you think the current administration is doing what it needs to do, visa see mexico and the united states? >> listen, we've got a cancer growing in our backyard and it's called corruption in mexico. i think it's a very worry some treen. the rise of the terrorist class, the corruption in mexico and they seem to be doing very, very little about it. it's in our backyard. part of the foreign policy speech i gave a couple days ago, one of the planks is the time is probably right for us to shore up a stronger policy in our own backyard. a western hemisphere strategy that allows us to do with mexico
10:26 pm
what we have done in the past with columbia. particularly under a president that showed a lot of leadership on this and that was called columbia plus. we had greater military cooperation we had more in the way of law enforcement collaboration that went to the heart and soul. the traffickers in columbia. it helped to solve the problem, get them back on their feet economically and now they may get a free-trade agreement done finally that will be a good thing. that same kind of columbia-plus approach, more military to military, law enforcement collaboration in a much more stepped-up fashion needs to happen in mexico. this is our backyard and if this thing continues to grow, we've seen killings on the boarder and beyond. it's a troublesome and worry some turn. events. we need to hit it head on. >> we only have a minute left. i'm curious what your strategy is from here on in in the campaign. there are more debates coming up. i assume you put your nose to the grindstone and do some retail politicking.
10:27 pm
any specific speeches or plans or strategy changes as you go forward? >> we've laid out the best economic plan of anybody in the race, so says the wall street journal. we've laid out a vision on foreign policy and national security strategy that isn't the same old cold war mentality that you have seen with some of my other competitors like mr. romney recently who is calling for more ships and more planes and more of the same. we are going to hammer home the generational opportunity we have in this country to fix this economy, to expand our base and create jobs based on tax reform, regulatory reform and energy independent. and the generational 2009 have to get our place right in the world. that's what i worry most about. our future isn't afghanistan and our future is not iraq. our future is how well prepared we are to meet the 21st century competitive challenges of this world. that's education, that's economics, and that is a battle that's going to play out across the pacific ocean. in a lot of countries that i have lived in before, china,
10:28 pm
sing poor and iran, and we need to prepare for that. >> thank you, sir. we will be watching. it will be a long race. maybe not so long. i heard he may advance the primary. >> maybe next week, who knows. >> thank you, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> coming up, big developments in the "fast and furious" scandal. a subpoena has been served on the justice department. senator issa's committee sent it. and is rush limbaugh endorsing a presidential candidate? he will tll capital one's new cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus! so you earn 50% more cash. according to research, everybody likes more cash. well, almost everybody...
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>> a subpoena has just been served on the justice department in the fast and furious scandal. this is goes straight to the top of the just tis department. chairman of the house oversight committee has subpoenaed documents from the office of the attorney general eric holder. we spoke with congressman issa a short time ago. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me back on. >> you subpoenaed the attorney general. >> no, no, we subpoenaed records from the attorney general. the attorney general has been invite bid the judiciary committee and we hope he will come and explain the inconsistencies in his last testimony. >> why did you is him? is he willing to come. >> we believe he will. charm lamar smith asked him to come before a joint session of our committee and his committee. he couldn't do the dates we asked but they are negotiating other dates right now. >> there is no resistance from the attorney general to come here to capitol hill and of it
10:33 pm
in front of your committee. >> i can't say there's no resistance but he will have to clear the air by answering fully and completely what he knew and when he knew it and why he didn't know it if that's the case. because obviously his key ltd.s did no. >> did you and him that before. >> i asked on may 3rd and he said i didn't know. i would like the opportunity to ask him more thoroughly. >> when you asked him on may 3rd did you and him why he didn't know. >> the amazing thing was he said he only new two weeks before. we only had five minutes. jason followed up a little bit. we were, quite frankly, sort of astonished he said he didn't know. we believed at that time that so many people knew that it was hard to believe he wouldn't be further briefed, particularly after brian terry was killed. one would think if a law enforcement officer was murdered by weapons that had been allowed to walk, that the attorney general would be informed. >> when were you first briefed about what was going on in operation fast and furious? >> never.
10:34 pm
>> never? >> never. the fact is we had a briefing on drugs, we asked about guns, they gave us information on the number of guns and so on. they never mentioned "fast and furious" by name. kenneth nelson was in that briefing. more importantly, it's very clear that that's intended to be, if you will, a way to imply that i knew. greta, if i knew, i would have stopped it. more importantly, it wasn't my obligation to know about fast and furious, it was the attorney general's obligation to make sure it didn't happen. >> do you have reason to be suspicious that the attorney general actually knew what was going on with fast and furious, not simply he flew there was an operation out there called fast and furious? >> we knew lanny brewer was operation neal involved. we knew the chief of staff was. >> what was that mean, operation neal involved? they knew what was going on? >> there are direct reports, doing wiretap approval. as you know, wiretap requests
10:35 pm
are incredible detail in order to get that through a judge. the detail of that we have on very good authority was, in fact, so detailed it would be hard not to know that guns were walk, that you knew who they were walking to and in fact you knew the names of the people who were in the con doduit line. we knew lanny knew it or at least his key people. and you you have to say, okay, who was it that thought this was okay because we can't find competent, legal people who think this was okay to do. what we have is the justice department repeatedly denying that they ever let guns walked now we have proof they did let guns walk and they were concerned about it in their e-mails even after we were told they didn't let them walk. >> have you subpoenaed or asked lanny brewer to come here and of it. >> we have not subpoenaed lanny
10:36 pm
brewer. >> why not? >> the documents we are looking for, as you know from discovery, there's a process. the process is you ask for the hard information. >> or you could call lanny brewer up here and say you are the number two or three, i'm not exactly sure what his rank is at the justice department and say what did you know and when did you know it some. >> in time asking each of these individuals may be appropriate, but we want to be respectful of the legitimate process of investigation. asking for the documents is the appropriate way to inform our investigators before we start asking individuals. this was true when we went through the various gun sale shops and also true when we interviewed the various people local to phoenix. >> you subpoenaed you say documents. e-mails? >> related to fast and furious and obviously additional briefing materials, memos produced about this, if you will, fast and furious. quite frankly, memos that may be about coverup. >> do you know of any memos that lead to the white house at all
10:37 pm
or information of checks o'clock exchange with the white house? do you have any reason to believe the white house may maye known. >> we know there was direct correspondence. we were told the correspondence was between two friends who just happened to include this information. we've asked for -- >> friends in the white house. >> friends in law enforcement to a friend in the white house who was on the national security team. now we're not overly concerned about that, but we have to -- we have to follow the facts where they lead so we've asked for what expandens did occur with the white house. again, greta, we don't think this was an operation conducted from the oval. we do believe this was an operation thought of probably locally, approved nationally, and allowed to continue to where americans and mexicans have died as a result. >> now we have much more with congressman issa straight ahead. he had some very harsh words for the attorney general. plus an endorsement from rush limbaugh? is a lucky republican candidate
10:38 pm
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. a developing story out of indonesia, where a strong earthquake has injured at least 50 people. three near critical condition. the 6 magnitude quake hitting off the coast of the island of bali. the tremor crumbling walls and the roofs of some holmes collapsed. the injured are said to suffer from broken bones and head injuries. the quake was not strong enough to cause a tsunami. new details about an alleged iranian terrorist plot in washington, accused of trying to recruit mexican dope dealers to kill the saudi ambassador in d.c. investigators described plan as, quote, amateur hour. they say it reveals iran's inexperience in carrying out covert operations in the u.s.
10:43 pm
but had it succeeded tcould have triggered other embassy attacks. i'm ainsley earhardt. back to greta. ntinue with congrn darrell issa. >> you have subpoenaed these documents. have you tried to ask for them through subpoena because the subpoena serving ratcheted up the tension between capitol hill and the justice department and the white house. have you asked for it and has it been denied or they are slow to get it to you? >> we have been slow rolled even when we had is. but we asked repeatedly, we negotiated. what we found is they mark virtually everything as law enforcement sensitive, treats it as classified material. the materials tell us they are deliberately redacting beyond what we believe is reasonable. >> do you have any reason to believe the attorney general of
10:44 pm
the united states new about the operation that was going on with "fast and furious" prior to his testimony in may? >> he certainly new the name "fast and furious." >> but the actual operation who was going unnethes bats the controversy. >> no, greta, the controversy is he swore to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. when he answered, i only learned about it a couple weeks ago, he certainly was not answering fully he knew about the name, knew x, y or z about it, but didn't understand it fully if that's the case. the obligation of candor, the duty of candor is something clearly the attorney general didn't meet in that testimony before that committee and before my questioning. >> so you think he wasn't telling the truth? >> i said he didn't meet a duty of candor. >> but if someone is not -- if you are not being straight, you are not telling the truth. i mean if you are dodging, you are asked a question straight up -- >> greta, i believe the attorney general was dodging at best. lying, perhaps. but more likely dodging. he certainly new fast and furious. he should have said i have known
10:45 pm
about "fast and furious" for months or a year. i did not know certain details. then we could have had the legitimate follow-up on those details. his duty of candor, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth should have caused him to at least give us the information that clearly i was looking for, which is when did you know about the operation called "fast and furious"? his answer was only a few weeks ago. that did not meet the legitimate test of a top law enforcement officer who is sworn to give the whole truth. >> can you give a little latitude that there's a lot going on as attorney general. for instance we know what happened with the latest terrorism plot we've been working on for several months. >> he knew enough to do a press conference. he knew enough to get a lot of p. r.. look, i can't give you a pass as a very smart lawyer, i can't give the top law enforcement officer a pass. i'm candidly speaking before canning when asked before a question and answering. having said that, he certainly has an opportunity to answer questions fully and completely
10:46 pm
and honestly. yes, it will be tougher than if he had answered them correctly the first time but he has an opportunity to say i found out about fast and furious at this point. i found out about fast and furious more or not more when brian terry was murdered. and then the follow-up questions quite candidly by the judiciary committee, not by my committee, have to be if you knew about fast and furious or you knew about brian terry being killed, and he certainly did, why was did you didn't know that these weapons came from fast and furious? that this operation had deliberately let these guns walk? and what are you doing to the individuals who reported to you who didn't keep you fully briefed on something in which an american had been murdered? those questions are questions for judiciary and for the president. do you have confidence in the top law enforcement officer if he is so detached that he said i can't read all this stuff, and by the way, i didn't know anything in detail about something in which an american border patrol had been murdered
10:47 pm
and in fact plenty of people felt that the border had died as a result of these weapons. >> coming up, if you spend $2.4 million, wouldn't you want to so an itemized bill? what if you were told you couldn't? find out why the solyndra scandal is only getting worse for taxpayers. and you may not believe this one. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm
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>> we tried to get a copy of the bill and we were told it was not public record. how is this, this $2 finish the 4 million legal bill -- i don't know why we are paying it -- that we don't know what is in it. >> solind rara got a loan and they paid the bill for it. it is not like it's to the government. therefore, we can't get a look. >> that's appalling. this law firm gets $2.4 million
10:52 pm
of our moan. so, you know, it seems to me that we should find out where -- you say, it is not like solyndra paid it, according to the "los angeles times," we paid it. >> we paid it because solyndra took a loan from the government. but this is the problem you are dealing with, when the government loans private industries money. and there are all sorts of government loonsz, by the way. the fda will make small business loans. the taxpayers are on the hook. they pay for things that the government lends out money for. and this is -- when things go well, nobody cares. when things don't go well, you end up with situations like this. >> all right. there is an fbi investigation going forward on solyndra. they had things seized. any chance we will see the itemized bill then, do you think? >> well, if it becomes a part of the investigation, then it's possible. but you're a lawyer, right? so you have a bill, billed by a firm to its client. i am sure there is a lot of
10:53 pm
attorney/client privilege. so i would ask you -- is there a way to get ahold of the bill simply because the government loaned the money? >> yeah, i agree with you. it's attorney/client privilege and they get to hide the bill. n but there is something fundamentally appalling that we, the taxpayers paid the bill. the company went bellyup. i will tell you that $2.4 million, to get the money from the government, for the loan backing -- in my wildest dream, the reason i'm interested, i thought, what can do you for $2.4 million? >> look, greta. i understand. but we have seen this. whether it was t.a.r.p., the auto company bailouts. any time the government loans moan, gives moan, the idea is that they're only supposed to do wonderful, angelic things with t. but clearly the company involved is going to go function the way it feels it needs to. when the company ends up going out of business, when things don't go well, we scrutinize it.
10:54 pm
but let's imagine solyndra would have made money -- >> i wouldn't care. >> we wouldn't care. >> that's right. but they didn't. >> even if they misspent it, wasted it, we wouldn't have cared. >> it bent belly up. >> david, thank you. >> is it a risk that rush limbaugh is willing to take? hear from rush limbaugh, next. to be more environmentally aware, we are now printing on the back sides of used paper and we switched to fedex cause a lot of their packaging contains recycled materials.
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10:59 pm
candidate is. what happens if the candidate over whom i have no control goes out there and does or says something stupid? or... loses big, what does that -- what, you realize danger? when i don't have control over what they're going to say, when i don't have any power over the ability of whoever it is i choose to run a campaign i would run, what -- what makes sense about that? why do you want me to short circuit the election process? it's up to the people to stand out, get noticed and get elected. >> well, needless to say no endorsement, not yet. that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. we'll see you again tomorrow night. check out open thread going up on greta


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