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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 14, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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stretch it out ad gnaw ad nause. >> i'm on hold. >> neil: thank you.
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>> our top stories, treasury officials testifying on capitol hill today that they've never seen the government handle a loan like the $530 million loan given to solar company solyndra, the testimony raising even more concerns about the energy department's handling of the this handout. i'll go to you first, but late this afternoon, the head of the committee investigating solyndra, asked the treasury, have they ever seen an instance where taxpayers were subordinated to private investors. in other words, after the initial loan, there's more money borrowed, investors in front of the taxpayer money. treasury official, 28 years of experience, testifies no such instance. >> right. the investor was the big obama
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donor, remember. this is the issue at hand, the smoking gun. this is the biggest scandal. it should be a scandal that all this money, millions of dollars of taxpayer money was funneled to a company that was on the borderline of bankruptcy, but unfortunately that's not illegal. right? the only thing this administration is guilty of is being married to this liberal environmental ideology. that's not illegal. that's just stupid. but this is the issue, eric, that you cited. there's not been a precedent before. this is the big deal. and did kaiser only invest that money knowing that the administration was going to give them that loan money? >> kaiser is the cue guy, an obama bundleler, pushed for the original loan, and the subordinate loan -- >> it's a great roll. >> what? >> great roll. >> unbelievable. >> he didn't have a great role in it. >> it's time for a tortured
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metaphor. >> okay. >> so here's the deal. we gave -- taxpayers gave money to solyndra, but the investors get the money back if it goes bankrupt, which is a lot like when someone -- when you give someone a ride home from work, and then his wife gives the guy money for gas instead of you, which is what you did to me. >> i'm tortured right now. >> that is torture. we don't get our money back, but someone else -- >> there was another loan involved in this. i'm not sure i understand this. this treasury department official says 28 years, never seen anything like this. many investments where investors do come in before the government. i don't know what they're talking about. maybe in the department of energy this is wrong. maybe it's never happened there. >> that's not the point. >> what is the point? besides andrea's point about
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being a schmuck. >> a key point is this. not whether or not -- the bigger question for our country is should the federal government serve as venture capitalists at all. that's a bigger question. because people from both sides of the aisle have fought for this type of money for projects in their district. the question for this one is did the company mislead the federal government and did the government then do an illegal type of loan that paid the investors back before the taxpayers, and then you've got the political communications mess that they're all in cahoots with one another. that part is not illegal. the question is why the fbi -- remember, this is not your run-of-the-mill bankruptcy. the fbi is involved for a reason. they don't do things like that based on partisan gain. the company is in a lot of trouble. i will bet that because they have made the decision not to call for a major investigation, halt the program, and do something independent, a big review, that the drip, drip, drip of this is going to cause
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them serious pain and somebody ends up going to jail at the end of this. >> there were a lot of firms, price coopers water house was one that did a financial assessment. everybody is beating up on wall street, but they called it first. they said this company is in the black, it has big problems, but yet our own government can't figure out that same thing with all those bureaucrats? >> i don't think you're right. i don't think there's instances where an individual investor can come in to a government project and become the number one lien. in other words they get paid before the government. >> maybe it's apples and oranges. let me make one point about venture capitalists. the united states department of defense has had a venture capital firm going for years, and use that money to develop more weapons of mass destruction
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and to kill people with, and that's gone on all the time. >> all right. >> do they or do they not? >> they work to protect us. >> not always. >> the reason why they were champing at the bit to get it out the door because they said it would create jobs. it created zero jobs. in fact, 1100 jobs were lost when they went bankrupt. sunpower said it would create 350 construction jobs and 15, 1-5, permanent jobs with a $1.2 federal loan guarantee. >> uh-huh. >> this is where you start saying, let's back up here. >> can i talk about sunpower? >> guys, hold on one secretary. on sunpower's website, they clarify that loan that the government gave them, it's $1.37 billion, $3.5 million per
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job and -- >> how much money did we give to halliburton to rip off the country? >> can i raise a question about -- >> you never want to talk about things that are germane. >> halliburton isn't on the front page today. solyndra is. >> do you or do you not accept the fact that there's a venture capital company working with the department of defense, and has for many years? >> the point of defense projects is not to create jobs in america. this specifically was to go out and create a green economy, new jobs for america. that's what's not working. >> alternative energy. >> right. you know, the biggest investors in alternative energy are not the government. it's the traditional oil companies. >> so then piggybacking on what dana says, does that mean that this administration, this president, was so determined to build up this faux economy, that by hook or by across, they would
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bail them out? >> it's not a question of whether -- might not be -- whether someone in the government did something wrong, but whether someone lied and told the government -- >> hold on. >> here's the thing that i find interesting about sunpower. congressman george miller of california was heavily involved in saying great things about sunpower, promoting it. oddly enough his son george miller iii is now a lobbyist for sunpower. am i right? >> yes. >> essentially what george miller did, he put the son in sunpower. >> there you go. >> can i just point this out, i bet our audience, anybody else listening to this discussion, you try to make this a clear issue, and nobody understands it. >> that's why it's so interesting. >> that's why you call it solyndra. >> solyndra.
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>> president obama promised committee transparency when he got into the white house. we're finding out that his bundlers were involved in loans that -- >> there's something. a bundleler for a politician and -- oh, i see. >> this is liberal politics. they believe in industrial policy, believed for it years. ladies and gentlemen, here it is, they call it industrial policy, picking winners and losers. we call it crony capitalism. >> do you think any bundlers of george bush or reagan made money off the federal government? i guarantee you they did. >> obama's new word bias? used to be create jobs, or -- >> you had to get this in. you're cutting in. supportive jobs are the jobs you have now. >> coming up, serious charge of voter fraud from the 2008 campaign, the former indiana governor saying his name was forged on obama's primary
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ballot. we'll have that next on "the "fox report"." don't forget, you can email us. ...
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>> welcome back to "the five." well, former indiana governor joe kernan, a democrat, is making some very serious allegations of voter fraud that stems back to the 2008 presidential election. he says his signatured was forged on then senator obama's primary ballot. so this is a pretty big deal. a lotted of people are going to say, well, wait a minute, who cares? he's president. clinton won indiana. but obama got delegates. but the issue here is voter fraud. i'm going to go to bob first because he's worked on democratic campaigns and i have worked on republican campaigns. there is a belief that in campaigns, you can get signatures. they are want going to question how the other side gets their signature, correct? >> yeah. first of all, i am trying to know that there was some strange politics going on in indiana. having done a number of campaigns in indiana and
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creatively done signature work there, kitell you that this is just a lot of noise about nothing. this is four years ago. now, they maybe somebody -- you take voter list, you don't have enough names, you get volunteers to write the names down. somebody made the mistake of writing the governor's name down. not a good idea. it happens. there is so little voter fraud in america, it's sad. >> to explain tin indiana, you need 500 signatures for each district. a lot of times, you farm out, there is probably a kid that has to get 500 signatures. he's up to 300 and he is writing his grand play's name in, we saw this with a.c.o.r.n. but there is an editorial in new york times, saying that voter fraud was a myth, and complaining about pesky laws having to prove people are citizens. doesn't this blow it out of the water? >> absolutely.
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if we it didn't have voter fraud, we haven't have had bob beckel admit that there is, all over the country. it's a very serious thing. the kid who is stand outside the grocery store and you try to avoid them, all they need -- they are taking -- could you sign this so somebody can get on the ballot -- to me, i always sign them. sure, everybody should be able to run. the question of this one is, i don't understand, so why is it coming up now? but why does it matter? we are about to go into another election f. it wasn't a problem, we haven't have to talk about it. >> i don't sign the ones about saving dogs. >> greg, this is important. this is our electoral system. it's sack -- it's sacrosanct. what do we do when the system is up for grabs? >> i don't know what the big deal is. i forge bob beckel's name all the time to get prescriptions. >> i should do that at hotels. >> those are worn. >> this isn't forging.
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this is faking. forging is when you take a pencil and you draw -- you shade and you take that paper and you put it over somebody's signature and you trace it over -- that's forgery. >> have you never done that, have you? >> never done that. >> i think you -- i used to do that on my report card. there is not a lot of fraud in american politic it's. >> oh, come! that's the biggest lie. >> there have been studies done and there is less than wan half of 1%. >> i am challenging that fact. you made that up! >> i am pretty sure we went through a psyche wrel a.c.o.r.n. was nailed for voter fraud. they were doing the same thing, saying sign here i. first of all, could we explain that a.c.o.r.n. -- >> you think there is not a pattern here? obama -- a.c.o.r.n., indiana and who knows what. >> would you tell people what you are referring to? a.c.o.r.n.? it's a community organization.
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>> people are going to get bored -- >> they know a.c.o.r.n. >> the point is, we need rules in our political system. this is why. there is more evidence. speaking of politics, the candidates for the g.o.p. presidential nomination are now boycotting the nevada primary. they're saying, we are not going to participate. they are boycotting, by the way, the debate next week in nevada -- >> not all of them. >> we have bachmann, newt gingrich, rick santorum and -- >> the most interesting thing, he needs nevada to win the presidency. he would need i. you talk about -- >> it's sexist. why isn't it called a girl-cott? >> the rest of the people could not win the flef nev caucuses and mitt romney could. and the idea of new hampshire is threatening to move up to december. if you let new hampshire, they would move up to tomorrow if they could get away with it.
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it's time we end this. >> the reason why the candidates are boycotting it is because new hampshire voters think they should be the first in the nation, right. >> exactly. >> they are doing this to win favor, bachmann and all the others. >> they are going to get killed -- >> why? the only thing you know about new hampshire is that they're the first. why is this always accepted that they are the first? they don't have a single professional sports team? they are only known for j.d. sallinger, "the catcher and the ry." why don't you say, shut up, new hampshire! let somebody else go first. >> maple syrup. >> that's vermont. >> they do have a coordinated swim team. >> synchronized. >> i practice later. >> you can point out, democrats are all up in arms because republicans have a super pack. meanwhile, everyone has a super pack. >> you can raise money
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unlimited. >> republicans are trying to buy the elections for years. karl ratify -- who started these things? >> what?! >> corporations. >> greg is beating up on new hampshire. new hampshire will ruin "the five"'s christmas because everything will be shifted. >> i play an elf at the department store. >> what are you going to do? >> i have no idea. >> didn't you play baby jesus? >> i broke the manger. >> next on "the five," perry lays out his plan to spur job growth and his wife comes to his defense -- again. we have that and a lot more. 2012 for you, news up next. if opping for insurance re like shopping foriapers, you might think all these cost about the same... protect about the sam.. but what if you have an accident? allstate accident forgiveness starts the day you sign up. these guys might make you wait a couple of years. we can't wait a couple years. [ babbles ]
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i have been saying for weeks, rick perry needs to make some big speeches and make an agenda. today, he started a plan on energy and how that would stimulate job growth. mr. energy, eric bolling, i have often said that the best stimulus plan for america would be to open up and allow for more domestic oil and gas development in america. what say you? >> i think you are 100% right. the estimates are, we talked to a lot of people in the industry for 23 years, if you increase oil production by a million barrels a day, righted now, we produce 5.6 million barrels a day. but for every million barrels you increase, you can increase jobs by a half million jobs. so if he opens up drilling, a million, easily produce a million jobs. >> we have the sound from this morning. can i do that and then come to you? >> oh, okay. >> this will be really exciting. watch and listen to this. >> the plan that i present this morning energizing american jobs
2:26 pm
and security, will kick-start the economic growth of this country and create 1.2 million jobs. my plan is based on this simple premise. make what americans buy. buy what americans make and sell it to the world. we are standing on top of the next american economic boon. it's the energy underneath this country. >> all right. greg, you wanted to say something? >> did you understand that. >> i lost interest. no! here's the thing. this is really, really interesting in the sense that this is what the left was always saying about alternative energy. remember, van jones says that solar power would create jobs and create fuel. but the fact is, the answer-- the funny thing is, drilling is actually solyndra. this is exactly what solyndra was supposed to be. look at north dacoat a. there are thousands and thousands of jobs there. they have helped diminish our
2:27 pm
dependence on foreign oil, drastically. it's jobs and fuel. >> north dakota has been one of the ones that has been able to move forward with a 3.1% unemployment rate. they d. one of the things that rick perry talked about today as well is taking some of those burdensome regulations and taking them off. i believe this. that america's oil and gas companies, they are americans too. they want to protect the environment as best as they can. you know what? we can do that better here than they can overseas. >> why don't you believe that? >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry. i look at too many -- [inaudible]. >> that's coal [overlapping dialogue] >> wait a second. let me say this about perry. he did need to give an important policy speech and he went to the right area, something he knows about, energy. it was the right thing to do. i don't know who advanced that baby. but why put big rows of steel behind people.
2:28 pm
nobody knows what they are besides me. >> wait a minute. >> a solyndra power plant with a thing that doesn't work. >> do you believe this? automobile greg does. that we are somehow going to drill ourselves out of this mess. we are not going to drill ourselves out of it. there is not enough dinosaur dung left to do it. he wants to drill everywhere but the everglades. >> all right. we have gone over this before. i want to go to andrea on something else, which is one of the things when you run for president, your family runs with you. anita perry, governor perry's wife, had something to say today about how tough the campaign has been so far. [inaudible] >> anita perry saying that his faith is something that is
2:29 pm
causing them to be criticized. but then there is want a lot of evidence about that. but i guess, i would imagine that they just feel under the gun and besieged. but that's what you are going to get, right? >> welcome to presidential politics, anita. you would think that she would know this, running in texas, her husband's run before. but presidential politics is a really big deal. as you know, it's a big deal. i don't think it has as much to do with his religion. i think they have gone after him on that. but it's because he was flailing in the debates. i'm glad he came out with an actual plan. i think it makes sense. it's short term and long term. some of the other g.o.p. plans are more long term, like reforming the tax code, you can't do that right away. a lot of perry's stuff, you can do right away. >> let me say, though, usually bringing your wife out in situations like this is a much more situation than he is in. whoever did that camera work for that woman ought to be fired. the fact that she came out and
2:30 pm
brought faith into this thing and attacked the major news media is a bad strategy for a presidential candidate who is in the top tier, which you assume he still is. she did not do any favors. >> she loves her husband. >> that's very nice. >> and gregg eric loves his dog. >> he did and i love my dog. i want to listen to rick perry talk about his wife. >> i stand by my wife. i think she is right on both cases. my understanding is that she said i'm the mostidate in the ra christian. i haven't got anything i can add to that. she's hit me on my mark both times there. >> okay. before i get kicked out of here -- meaning off of this segment -- greg, one of the things that herman cain, one of the surging republican candidates, he said today that he has possible v.p. choices, you can name them? >> yes. ooh, a quiz. jim demint. >> ding-ding. >> my real-life buzzer.
2:31 pm
and paul ryan. >> ding. >> he has an amazing hairline, he puts judge napolitano to shame. >> isn't it early to be counting your chickens? >> why would you name those names, thothough. >> how would anybody name jim demint to anybody? this is a play for the tea party, i guess. but if you are taking a serious first-tier candidate and you name jim demint. he can't find his way out of a paper bag. >> he's very popular and he's a good senator. >> he's in a paper bag all the time. >> i don't know why you would box yourself in by naming -- i mean. >> we gotta run. >> today, the deadline for submissions to the super committee to cut that $1.5 trillion off our debt. with less than 6 weeks to go, will they be able to do it? bob has the answers next on "the five." i'd race down that hill without a helmet.
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>> i'm bret baier, the big story in washington is the surprise announcement about u.s. combat troops already on the ground in central africa. tonight on "special report," details about 100 american forces, deployed to uganda. their mission, to assist african forces in their battle against the lord's resistance army, a group accused of a 20-year campaign of murder, rape and kidnapping. but why? why are u.s. boots on the ground okay there? we will show you about a congressional hearing on the solyndra affair. house republicans asking tough questions. and g.o.p. hopeful, rick perry laying out his energy plan, promising to create more than 1 million new jobs and another installment of the center seat, former new mexico governor gary
2:37 pm
johnson is here, starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues at "the five." >> you didn't -- okay. welcome back to "the five." we can tell we are near the end because bob's getting his segment. when the super committee was first announced, congress asked for recommendations on how to trim the nation's debt by more than a trillion dollars. i have said from the beginning, they will be able to pull it off. but today is the deadline for the recommendations from congress to their super committee. but it seems for the most part that lawmakers just want to be sure that their own budgets don't get cut. let me sort of explain this to you. the congress of the united states was asked to submit by this date to the super committee, their recommendations about how you go about doing this. if you add up every
2:38 pm
recommendation they have given them, they have increased the deficit by $15 trillion. erb's covering their own butt, particularly the defense department. and leon panetta, my old friend, who use to have near scrutiny. this is what panetta had to say about the potential defense cuts. do we have that? >> it will take us to the edge. and if suddenly on top of that, we face additional cuts or if this sequester goes into effect and doubles the cuts, tell truly devastate our national defense. >> you know, i rd ran in panetta's first campaign and we ran against the defendants department. i'm sorry we didn't get that up quicker. the fact of the maitre is, this is the problem. you need a super committee because the congress and its various committees can never do anything but protect their own turf. it is showing itself when you look at the recommendations. the only way to get something done is with a super committee. otherwise, you are you mired in
2:39 pm
"protect my own turf." >> now one of the reports was that a lot of congressional leaders were advising the super committee to go slow and take their time. it was one -- i thought, the super committee sounded like a good idea at the time. and now everybody's realizing, wow, the rubber's going to hit the road in six weeks. >> a lot of democrats are saying, just take that failed obama jobs bill and add tax increases and that's what we want. you mention that the defense organization is very organized and they are. let me tell you why. they were first to the gate. they are not used to getting cut. their lobby is very organized, unlike the other side. >> and it's bipartisan. >> unlike the other side, entitlements. health care industry's used to cuts. let me give you intel. the hospitals are feeding the nursing homes. they are nicing each other, they are not organized. >> you are right. the defense department is used to getting what they want.
2:40 pm
next year, the united states will spend more on defense than every other country in the world combined i. thank goodness! >> it's the only thing that the government does that works. >> it does work? >> yes, it works! bureaucrats are not involved. >> you think the raptor really works? >> we will spend more on the regulation, the epa's budget is more than $8 billion more than every other country combined. >> they are paying for one airplane for the defense department. >> it is the interesting thing on this recommendations to the super committee, the republicans want balanced budgets. they want individual balanced budgets. what do the democrats want -- >> balance?! >> they want tax increases. >> that's the point. >> hinry waxman proposed $16 billion to create jobs. so now that's the code for more taxes. they are skipping -- they are lying through their teeth. they want more tax. >> the one thing about this -- the bill that created the super committee was that if they could not reefn a decision by the end
2:41 pm
of november, it would be brought up for a vote, automatic triggers would cut into the domestic and defense spending in 2013. that's real. you can't undo that. that's two-thirds vote. >> tell john mccain. >> you think this is enough to force them to get a deal done? >> defense is the one thing. it's domestic spending on the other side. but in particular, it's obamacare. so the democrats have -- incentive to protect that. on the defense thing tactually is quite bipartisan. we talked about this before -- is the number of defense bases, like d.o.d. bases in your district or your state. they will fight for those. that typically is not a partisan thing. >> you can hire them as the defense industry does, virtually every retired member of congress has a job. >> a lot of members are coming out and hinting at it, but mccain was more direct saying, i know you said these triggers would go into effect, but we can
2:42 pm
vote to nullify them. >> if everybody's industry is threatened, you might get that. >> i am not so sure. >> everybody's got projects. >> we have to have a tease. but i'm not going to do it. okay! coming up. we have won. protesting! we are back in new york city. we are here to stay because they don't have to leave now. greg will give us the glorious details next. and eric will be crying. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade and check my investment portfolio, research stocks, and set conditional orders. wait, why are you taking... oh, i see. hey max, would it kill you to throw a guy a warning bark? [ dog barks ] you know i wanted a bird. [ male announcer ] e-trade.
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>> i'm not wearing the silly hat. >> are we on? >> wall street. the effort to clean the park with -- where the protesters have been slumming, has been stopped. according to mayor bloomberg, the owner of the park made the decision after receiving calls from city official who is threatened to make, quote, life more difficult, end quote, which seems to be the norm all around. in boston, the coast guard claims a woman in uniform was harassed and spat upon are in the protest. the coast guard has warned all staff to avoid these punks while in uniform. there are arrests around the new york stock exchange, in seattle, and in denver, at this point, for camic comic relief, we need
2:47 pm
captain stupid. donnie deutsche tried to say something and takes it all back, at the same time. >> i don't want this to come out of the wrong way. if we think if you think back to the late 60s, what is the most stirring image of all of the rebellion that happened? what do we remember? kent state. i am not saying somebody has to be killed. what will happen, there will be a climax moment of class warfare somehow played out on the screen that i think will-- the same way that 9-9-9 simplifies a message, that articulates this clash. >> what? >> yeah. what is this all about? i have said it before, this is about main street, not wall street. it's a coordinated effort by the usual suspects bent on undermining the greatest system ever. it is not about the 1%. the organizers want it all. there is proof. big government dot-com got its hands on emails from people who
2:48 pm
planned to protest. i peared it down. it says, there are no solutions that can be presented quickly to make us go away. see, it is not frustration but stabilize. today, it's a park. what's tomorrow? i would say my place, but it's already a mess. so... i want to quickly before we get to our -- we are being occupied here -- some video protesters communicate in a really weird way. they don't talk like the wist -- like the rest of us do. we wanted an lanks for hand signals. >> there are seven basic hand signals. the first of which is twinkles, to show agreance. the second one is down twinkles, which is to show that you disagree with something that is said. the next is rabbit up, that means i are rambling and you
2:49 pm
need more concise statements and finish it quickly. >> eric, do you have any hand signals. >> i have a couple. i am occupying "the five." i thought i was captain stupid. this one is is "the five." i will come up with more. >> bob has a hand signal that he uses a lot, but we can't show it. >> this shows what you a slow news day this is. to have you get on like that. we have good ratings, we don't need this. if i were you, i would be so bared for your kids. up on eric -- >> he saved your life yesterday [overlapping dialogue] >> i am not -- i appreciate it and all the rest. i am going to try to save his. he needs to go home. >> by the way, every time greg tries to bring up these funny things from wall street, you pick and choose of all the guests, the crazy people. can we take a look at the tea party rallies from a couple of years ago? we have that footage, i assume we do.
2:50 pm
>> here we go. [loud commotion]. >> try to take some questions if we can have a number of you participate. if not, you know, we can just keep shouting at one another. >> i would like to make it clear -- would you get that silly sign out of my face? you saved my life yesterday, today, i am going to take yours. >> i want to make a point. >> you need mouth to mouth, this would be "the four" today. >> bring it up. all kisay, put that thing down-- the tea party, the people you keep talking about being these calm, nice people, out there trying to organize themselves and be constitutional. you saw the pictures up.
2:51 pm
that went on in every congressional district in america. it was disgraceful and disgusting -- >> freedom of speech. >> disgusting -- hold on. hold on. >> you take a sign and you listen to those old farts. >> they need signs, they haven't brushed their teeth in weeks. >> how do you know isn't people at the tea party -- >> at least, bill had a point. there is no point. >> i love -- i love the wall street protest. i actually love them. it is just like in 2004 -- >> what do you say of the tea party people. >> like when george bush came to give his speech and there were naked liberals running up and down sixth avenue. thank god it wasn't bob. we hope you never do na, bob. it makes the republican party look normal. thank you, stinky wall street protesters. >> what -- did the mayor cave on had? what happens to the protesters now? can they stay there forever? >> you explained something to me earlier. i asked yesterday, if it's a private park. >> yeah?
2:52 pm
>> why don't have you control over your private property? why can't you ask them to leave? there is a new york city law that allows them tol stay -- >> unless there is a curfew. >> are they telling you in your head? >> they are beaming it down to me from selectron? brookfield properties owns the park. brookfield properties has a board member on one of their property happens to be the girlfriend of mayor bloomberg. now, i'm not saying -- the owner wanted the people removeud, they would be removed. >> i love you. please, take that thing off. i am embarrassed to sit next to you. how about your wife and your child. it's really, it's a bad thing. >> i brought the tea party i. you made a valid pointed, bob. >> would you respond to it? do you think that was democracy in action to listen to those people screaming, yelling -- >> yes! >> that was at a meeting. >> this is in a park. peopler private property.
2:53 pm
imagine if someone was living on your front lawn and elected officials said, we don't want to you kick them off. elected officials pressured brookfield not to kick these guys off. imagine, if these people were on your front lawn and officials said, if you tell them to leave, we will do something -- >> this is the greatest system in the world. you keep talking about it. >> well, i'm just saying, they are on private property. >> you think this is a good 2012 message, you defending these nuts? >> i have to defend these nuts. have you to defend the nuts at the tea party things. >> there is a fair portion of those people with sincere issues. but this was created by ad busters. these are people who don't like america. >> there are a lot of people who love america -- >> i agreism and they were hurt by wall street and the greed and the fact that -- >> oh, come on. >> they sleep all day. >> do you want to continue -- >> they sleep all day. >> it's a slumber party, outdoor slumber party.
2:54 pm
>> in wall street, they slumber your money away. get outta here. >> are you mad? >> i am mad only because i want eric -- i love him -- we gotta go. >> another reason to avoid san francisco. we'll tell you why i'll never eat in a restaurant there again, until i visit my mom because she always pays. that's next. ♪ [ cellphone rings ] cut! [ monica ] i have a small part in a big movie. i thought we'd be on location for 3 days, it's been 3 weeks. so, i used my citi simplicity card to pick up a few things. and i don't have to worry about a late fee. which is good... no! bigger! bigger! [ monica ] ...because i don't think we're going anywhere for a while. [ male announcer ] write your story with the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. get started at
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>> back to "the five." to anyone who has ever been confused about how much to tip at a restaurant, san francisco has a sliegz -- how about a 25% standard tip added to your bill everywhere gu? andrea, you like this idea? >> i do like this. 25% might be high. but i grew up in a restaurant, right? my parents own the the restaurant. there were days when i would run over and there would be just a little change and it wouldn't be 20%. and it really frustrated me. you want to follow them out to the parking lot and you would see them with their dollar bills, making sure there wasn't two stuck together. that's how i made my money as a kid. >> i have heard the stories about how long you worked. you really did grow up in a restaurant. most people grew up in houses.
2:59 pm
you grew up in a restaurant, busing -- >> hostess, waitress. >> i think 25% is legitimate. >> 20%. if it's going to be affix to the bill, why don't they increase the prices, it's not a tip, it's a charge. >> it's for a guy named bill. >> oh. >> the owners don't want to pay the staff more. they want everyone else to come up with it. >> can i ask you, before we go -- i'm sorry, bob. >> please! you saved my life. you can do whatever you want. >> do the waiters and waitresses, what about the guys who are not the waiters and waitresses? >> a lotted of restaurants, they pool the tips so they have food runners. in the old-school diners, the waitress tipped out the buses. >> in the old-school diner, the owner fixed the tips. >> i'm a big tipper. >> this is going nowhere. we have a new additional to "the five" family, our stage manager, aaron had a baby this week.


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