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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 16, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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chase sapphire preferred. a card of a different color. apply now at >> gregg: hello, i'm gregg jarrett. glad are with us. >> i'm heather childers. topping the news this hour. hundreds of protestors out on the streets and some of america's biggest cities across the country angry at wall street and lack of jobs as the president prepares to hit the road again. going, going, gone a lavish symbol of moammar khadafy repressive regime.
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>> heather: remembering the man with a moving ceremony today. >> a hurricane may have delayed this day. this is a day that would not be denied. for this day we celebrate dr. martin luther king, jr. return to the mall. >> gregg: a monument of stone honoring martin luther king, jr. transformed to a living memorial. kelly wright and joins us live. how are people describing what is certainly a historic day. >> reporter: they were saying this was a historic occasion. thousands of people coming to washington to attend the celebration of dr. king's life, dream and legacy. joyful crowd even going hand in
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hand as they sang "we shall overcome." a song that became the signature song during the struggle. as the song echoed throughout the site, they drew cheers as they were seeing entering the monument, accompanied by the chin of dr. king. president obama delivered an address that praised an address that praised dr. king and those that marched with him. >> as tough as times as tough are, i know there are better days ahead. i know because of the manpower over us, i know that because all he and his generation endured, we are here today in a country that is dedicated a monument to that legacy. >> reporter: and gregg you heard that many people were applauding the president all throughout the crowd. there were people chanting four
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more years and actually hearing what the president had to say. they were appreciated his comments today about the legacy of dr. king. >> gregg: what happens next? what are people proposing to do to fulfill dr. kig's dream. >> reporter: that is a fundamental question. you have some people out there basically stating they need instead of occupying wall street occupy the dream. one gentleman from the audience told me it's time for people to start doing the right thing to help improve their community, their state and nation. the son of dr. king, martin luther king iii said we must celebrate his ideals. jesse jackson agreed with that and told me so. >> how far have we come now in pursuing the dream? >> the dream keeps expanding. the end of poverty and disease it keeps growing because fewer have more and more and more and
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more have less and legs. >> reporter: that is something that people discussed. rich can't get any rich every and poor can't get any poorer. if dr. king were alive today he would be puting for social and racial justice but economic parity. >> gregg: kelly, thanks. >> heather: president obama is preparing to embark on a bus tour in an effort to sell his jobs plan to the american public. he begins his journey tomorrow morning. speeches are set in north carolina and also in southern virginia. steve centani joins us with more. what is he hoping to accomplish on this up coming bus tour? >> he will combine politics with policy. he travels through virginia, north carolina hoping to hang on to those two red states he managed to win four years ago. he'll be pushing a jobs bill
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that the senate rejected and republicans said is just more stimulus spending. democrats fired back at the republican plan. >> so-called republican jobs bill would allow corporate america write their own rules again. it's been analyzed they would create no jobs now. there isn't a certainty it would create any jobs at all. >> reporter: the administration will reintroduce the jobs bill piece by piece in congress. >> heather: but the deadline, fast approaching for the super committee to come up with a deficit cutting plan. what is the outlook for that. >> reporter: one leading republican, eric cantor on fox news sunday. >> i do think that the joint committee is going to be successful in reaching the goal at least $1.2 trillion in cuts
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and senator biden to the vice president's credit. it was that committee that actually produced a blueprint that could form the basis of $1.2 trillion. >> are you confident they will make a deal? >> we can't fail. there has to be a success. >> reporter: and that is literally true. failure to reach an agreement would trigger drastic cuts in defense spending and domestic spending. >> gregg: let's talk about the anti-wall street sentiment. it's inspiring dozens of demonstrations around the u.s. in new york, thousands of protestors taking their message on foot marching from the financial district all the way to times square just around the corner from fox news. the protests and people behind bars and sending two police
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officers to the hospital. >> chicago's grant park the site of another rally against what protestors see as corporate greed. nearly 200 people were arrested early this morning. police say they refuse to leave the park after it closed late last night. >> president obama turning up the heat on iran pressing u.n. inspectors to release classified information showing the islamic republic is producing nuclear weapons. "new york times" is reporting to further isolated iran, president obama wants the u.n. to release classified intel to prove that they are experiment go with nuclear weapons something that experts say would not be good. >> everything is wrong today with iran, the largest financial proponent of terrorism once they
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get nuclear weapons and they are very close to this point. >> it might be a smart move because sanctions don't appear to be the right way to go. >> i don't think the sanctions have been as complete as they should be. i wish they had sanctions the central bank of iran. that would affect oil and that is why they didn't do it. that makes a big difference. >> reporter: so she says oil might be part of the equation. the "new york times" article says another variable is in sections. the head of the iai started to go ahead because they didn't want inspectors to be banned from iran. they have made it clear in the wake of the terror plot planned by their government, isolation is important. >> this president has been very focused on holding iranian behavior that is clearly seen by
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other nations around the world. that enables us to work cooperatively with our international partners to isolate and put pressure on iran in a way that has never been achieved before. >> reporter: another reason they are hesitant for it to become public, after weapons of mass destruction in 2003 our credibility might be shot. >> heather: peter doocy, thanks. >> gregg: right now in libya, fighters looting moammar khadafy's hometown of surte while facing fierce resistance. in tripoli they are using bulldozers to tear down a wall surrounding the main compound viewed as symbolic part of his rule. that is where we find david piper streaming from tripoli. >> they are continuing to pound khadafy's followers in the center of surte with artillery
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fire. they have been doing it for three days but they haven't managed to take the town. the change of tactics after assaults by revolutionary fighters didn't work. there is also concern that friendly fire the difference of militias.... >> gregg: we'll try to get back to david piper. he just lost his connection. we'll be back to him in a moment. >> heather: a lot going on. in the meantime, emergency meeting in egypt, members of arab league considering whether to take action against syria. just hours ago, syrian forces opened fire on a funeral procession height thing concerns about the syrian government of the brutal treatment of anti-government protestors. members of the arab league saying that if the syrian government does not stop killing
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dprearms they could be suspended from the organization. and military troops being send to uganda. the president clarifying it's better to call them personnel adding it was wrong for the u.s. to say it was sending troops to find the lord's resistance army. that is a guerrilla group and brutal leader. instead americans will be gathering intelligence. president obama says he is dispatching about 100 special ops forces to advise in the fight against the uganda president. >> heather: efforts in thailand, the country is reeling from the worst floods to hit in decades. nearly 300 people have died since rains lashed thailand. earlier today, they boarded helicopters in bangkok for an aerial view of the widespread damage. >> our hearts and thoughts and
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prayers to go out to the thai people who endure this situation. with this flight we will be able to better work with the thai military and get a better sense what they would request and they would ask from the u.s. and u.s. government so we could determine how best to pursue. >> heather: is any relief in sight? maria has more. >> unfortunately for thailand we are expecting more thunderstorms over the next several days. it is normal to get some activity out there this time of year and for the past several months because of monsoon season which is forecast to head through early november. hopefully things will wind down as the monsoon season begins to wind down. another area across the u.s. that has been dealing with flooding is the northeast. we're getting more rain out there. a lot of moisture being picked
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up off the lakes and that is producing activity across upstate new york and northern pennsylvania. we're going to see the storms moving through the region. be very careful if you are driving, along the freeways. heavy downpours. it was raining in the same area yesterday and there is a new storm system we'll be tracking as we head into next week. so more potential rain across the northeast. another area, is south florida. we've had a heavy rain has been falling across the keys and miami dealt with heavy rain and forecast is to continue as we head in the next two days. unfortunately we'll have few more inches of rain, ground is already saturated that has been lingering around the region. take a look at future radar, showers will push out the northeast. here is a look at the new storm system that will take place in ohio and indiana, ahead of it a
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lot of tropical moisture being pumped into florida and eastern portions of the carolinas. big story with the storm system, not only the rain but a big cooldown behind it. areas that have been dealing with warm air will continue to do so tomorrow, texas, oklahoma and memphis, tennessee. this storm system will bring in cooler air and by mid-week, many could look at a drop of temperatures by as much at 20 degrees. >> heather: that is good. it is fall. thank you very much. >> gregg: i want to try to get back to david piper streaming live from tripoli. bring us up to date on what is happening? >> reporter: revolutionary fighters are still struggling to take khadafy's hometown of surte. they have been pounding them with artillery for three days
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but they haven't managed to break through. they changed tactics because they were finding large amounts of casualties and concerns about friendly fire from misurata and benghazi brigades pushed in. national council has said once it falls they will say that libya is totally liberated and push on towards elections, but, of course, there is one other khadafy stronghold still holding up. that is about 19 miles southeast of here in tripoli and there has been fierce fighting there today. it doesn't seem that one is going to fall anytime soon. also today, revolutionary fighters begin tearing down khadafy's stronghold in the center of tripoli. for many years, of course, libyans could not go into that compound. it was very much off-limits with guards station order the fops of those large walls there.
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so i understand they want to turn it into a market but very much a change of scenes here. >> heather: coming up, this the question. this is your topic. lawmakers from across the aisle they say enough is enough. so deep in the whole, two senators they wanted know why are we still sending hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to china. >> gregg: i bet you didn't know we were doing it. >> and testing themselves against some very raging bulls. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day
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united states has been doing it for years, bet you didn't know it. giving away billions of dollars in foreign aid to china. with our economy on shaky ground and china's trade surplus with the u.s. purportedly nearing
1:21 pm
$300 billion. there are calls to put an end to this. brenda butner and anger of bulls and bears. i thought they own us. >> it seems like it. just forget you said china. we give aid to the world's second largest economy. they are gaining on us. they do have $1.2 trillion in u.s. treasury that they have a gdp of 9.5%. we have a gdp of 1.3%. why are we giving them money? >> gregg: people have to be in china laughing at the u.s., those crazy americans, how stupid are they? there are in many ways they are doing it, aren't they?
1:22 pm
>> it's interesting the trade deficit, a lot of people don't understand what it means. essentially it means that we are buying so many more goods than they are of ours. >> gregg: there is a deficit, it's $270 billion. >> servicing made in china. a lot has to do with the currency which is the main issue right now that everybody says is under valued. >> gregg: maybe they should give us aid. >> they should say we forgive it. >> gregg: i was looking at the total amount of dead in 2011, $52 billion we give to a bunch of countries, afghanistan, pakistan, iraq, egypt. even some main economists in israel say, you know what, it's a bad idea. we should not be taking u.s. money because in a way our
1:23 pm
dependency is slowing our growth. we need to stand our own two feet economically. >> the money we're giving to china is not what the u.n. gives and we're a huge contributor to the u.n. and other organizations. the things like internet usage and building new roads and all the rest. jim angle has done an amazing amount of research. >> gregg: debate over foreign aid reminds me the debate over earmarks, in the end we stopped doing it. we realized it was corrupt. it was a total waste of taxpayer money. >> a lot of people say why give money overseas because right now it would be better used right here in the united states. >> brenda, thanks very much. >> gregg: we're going to keep and eye on this story, chief
1:24 pm
correspondent jim angle will have a report and so keep it right here. >> heather: take a look. fool hardy people as some of supreme court timers and those participating in the event in arizona desert. nearly two dozen bulls chasing more than 200 people in small town. the event inspired by the running of the bulls. >> isn't that wall street? or occupied wall street. >> these bulls are rodeo animals. i don't know. nevertheless, they have to sign a liability waiver and medical forms and i'm crazy piece of paper as well. >> gregg: the current top gop front-runner each of them, you might call an image problem with republican voters. our political panel is here to
1:25 pm
break it all down. >> heather: and brand-new update on a search for missing baby. new clues police have just discovered. >> gregg: how much information should a university request from university students. you will never guess what one university is asking about private lives. >> they asked me about age, what my parents do. >> your gender, single. >> sometimes income is on there. [ male announcer ] when these come together, and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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1:30 pm
iran's supreme leader following a plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador. they quote him as saying any retaliation by the u.s. will be met with a response from iran. >> gregg: anti-wall street movement, 175 protestors busted in chicago early today refusing to obey a curfew. >> heather: brand-new details in missing lisa irwin. police made the discovery. officers searched an abandoned house for clues finding diapers and a backpack and led to the house by a couple men. julie banderas is live with details on this. >> julie: investigators have reached sadly another dead-end for the search of her after discovering diapers and
1:31 pm
backpack. it now seems the diapers had been there longer than the two weeks she has been missing and not connected. kansas city police were called to the house by a passerby who found the diapers and contacted authorities. >> as you know we were called here because somebody found diapers in the abandoned house. you will see the crime scene vans. we're going to do it right. based on our initial observations it's nothing we are getting excited about. >> julie: with no promising leads so far, the governor has stepped in and sent 25 members of the national guard to kansas city to help in the search. they are combing the woods to make sure they survey every single square mile. an anonymous donor has chipped in posting a $100,000 reward for information that either leads to the safe return of the baby or to the conviction of anyone involved in her disappearance. that donor also hired a private
1:32 pm
investigator. police have arrested a homeless man on an outstanding warrant but they stress he is not a suspect. they are questioning him the same way they did all the neighbors she was ten months old. she disappeared from her crib sometime overnight. they claim whoever took her entered the nursery through the window that was found open. police have not named either parent a suspect or a person of interest in this case. they continue to field hundreds of calls a day with tips hoping them one of them leads them to the any go girl. anyone with information is asked to call 911 or contacted the national tip line on the screen. >> heather: thank you. >> gregg: mitt romney may be neck and neck with the polls but romney gaining no favor with the
1:33 pm
tea party for his healthcare overhaul in massachusetts. herman cain is taking heat over w conservatives over his 999 tax plan. leaving the candidates dead locked in the latest poll. can a clear front-runner still meaning in the race and if so, when? let's bring in march finance frost, david alawa and because of that, let me start with you. romney is certainly the darling of conservatives but does that mean in a general election he actually has a better ability to attract the moderates and independents and for that reason is mitt romney a better nominee for the republican party because he has broader appeal? >> governor romney certainly has a good appeal amongst not only independents and like minded
1:34 pm
democratic voters. certainly the one thing he has going for him is the intensity which republican voters, tea party voters, the coalition of republicans will put together to win the intensity they have for wanting to beat barack obama. the idea that he is talking about now, certainly his advisors would admit he has to show that passion. he has to show the retail side that he is billing to do that and gets good at that. certainly governor romney has put out a plan to create jobs, something we haven't seen the president do. >> gregg: let me get to congressman frost. over the last five decades, the percentage of democrats has been cut in half. i was looking at the numbers since 1961. it's really pretty startling. republicans have seen gains but the latest gallup poll, 46% of
1:35 pm
americans identify themselves as independents. president is standing is only 35%. does romney have a better chance as opposed to cain to win over all those independents? >> don't forget. there have been five democratic presidents since 1961. clearly the independents are up for grabs but the tea party people are out of luck here because no one that they really like has a clear shot at the nomination. cain has problems. he for tarp, for a national sales tax. they like perry. they like bachmann. so the tea party people are on the sidelines now. interesting thing about romney, there is an extraordinary profile of romney in today's "new york times," it talks about his role in the mormon church.
1:36 pm
the interesting thing about that profile, there was a relationship i didn't know of he was the local bishop. he was a key figure in the church in massachusetts. i've been active in democratic politics for a long time. i don't remember any nominee of either party who had a major leadership role in his particular church. >> gregg: people care for jobs and economy, i don't think they care whether he was a clergyman in the church. i was talking to larry from the university of virginia he is a key observer of presidential politics. he says americans will never elect somebody who has never held office. is he right or wrong? >> let me stirs address congressman frost's comment. it is astonishing that he would sit here and criticize mitt
1:37 pm
romney that he wouldn't be qualified for president of the united states. >> gregg: the article in "new york times" and you probably agree with it and they've done it before. getting to the point david of herman cain. never held public office and with the exception of eisenhower who obviously led the war and saved the free world, they are not going to elect somebody who never has held office? >> we're going to have to see. what he does bring to the table is a proven ability to create jobs. the environment this year is unlike any we've seen in this country for a long time. voters are so tired of the current system. they are so tired of a president who hasn't created one new job in this country since he took office. the number of months that we have been in higher than 9%
1:38 pm
unemployment all under barack obama is astounding. maybe this is a year where voters are going to say let's look at somebody who has actually created jobs and has done it in the private sector and let's hope the democratic party will do something. >> gregg: "washington post" reports that president obama and his team plan to turn the anti-wall street anger, the protestors, against mitt romney and republicans. i have two questions for you. number one, isn't that risky especially if the protests turn violent. number two, isn't it hypocritical since opponent has been the beneficiary of wall street largesse? >> first of all no one condones violence. i would not be in favor anything that became violent. secondly, let's look what is
1:39 pm
going on right now. mitt romney coming out of wall street. he ran a venture capital firm. if you saw in the "new york times" talked about how romney is getting all the money from wall street, not obama. i don't think you can characterize obama as a candidate from wall street. there is serious question about jobs, some of the things that mitt romney were involved in, outsource the jobs, some of the business ventures he was involved in. those are legitimate questions and should be addressed. no one is going to condone violence and i hope the demonstrations remain peaceful. people have a right to protest in this country. >> gregg: there is the thing called the first amendment. indeed, they do. >> heather: small school stirring up big controversy thanks to a new question on applications, what it asks that have some people concerned. thousands turned out to the
1:40 pm
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>> heather: thousands turning out to honor late civil rights landlord including president obama who says we must build on the foundation that dr. king helped lay down. >> we have to keep pushing for what ought to be the america we ought to lead to our children mindful of the hardships we face is nothing compared to dr. king and fellow marchers faced 50 years ago. if we maintain our faith in ourselves and the possibilities
1:45 pm
of this nation there is no challenge we cannot surmount. >> heather: joining us now, judith miller. thank you all for joining us. >> our own kelly wright was at the ceremony today and he described it as being momentous and joyful. at the same time, there is work that needs to be done. did you listen to the coverage. >> it was very moving. >> extremely moving. this is just what obama does brilliantly. he was so eloquent and it was such a wonderful tribute to an amazing man. to see them lock on the end and we shall overcome. i don't think thi there was dry eye in my house. >> the importance of martin luther king when you think of gandhi or nelson mandela, martin
1:46 pm
luther king and nonviolent approach to usher in civil rights. we could have had cities burned. we have moved beyond that. we are the only country in the world which has really solved its racial problems. japan and europe they have a ways to go. >> and only the fourth non-president to be honored at the site. >> i hope people will remember not just today but keep that memory going because dr. king gave his life. he fought for civil rights. it was non-violence protesting. >> he fought for social equality. i was struck remembering his words, social equality and justice is going to be even harder than ending discrimination. >> talking about social equality. economic equality which he
1:47 pm
definitely need to address with the economy being first and forecast in everyone's minds today. >> i think in some cases, i think some things are politicized what some of the things that children said. let's keep on accomplishments he gave. there are a lot of things that president obama would help our economic situation. >> an african-american president and martin luther would never have dreamed it would happen this quickly. >> there has been so much progress. >> condoleezza rice. >> and stevie wonder's version of happy birthday too can stuk in my head all day.
1:48 pm
to target a liberal arts school outside chicago. becoming the first college in the country to ask about structural orientation on admissions application. students across the country reacting to this. >> if a college or university is asking the question they are intentionally saying, we want to use this to support your efforts. you could see the benefit of it but i think they should do it outside of campus as opposed not to be one of the first impressions. >> the school says it's optional. they say they are using it as a recruiting tool which i don't understand at all. >> none of their business first of all. i hope this isn't a quota thing. >> they are going favor people. >> and there is a difference between martin luther king's
1:49 pm
message. we all want to be part of same country and bring us altogether. yet there is another way of dividing it. >> we don't know how the college intends to use this information. >> i don't care how they are going to use it. it is pointless. >> as long as it's a question, religion and optional questions. they are saying this is what we want to know. this is what we care about. that is their message. >> and it's on the merits of the student while they have to do what they to do to graduate. it doesn't have anything to do sexual orientation. >> heather: comments by rick perry supporter. what he said that prompted mitt romney to speak out up next. what's this guy doing? dude. [ laughs ]
1:50 pm
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republican presidential candidate mitt romney blasting rick perry after one of supporters characterize had as mormons a cult. >> the idea as political candidates we're going to encourage the american people to make a selection based upon religion, that an idea that entirely foreign to a nation that was founded with tolerance
1:54 pm
with religious plurality and religious respect. i think that is the wrong direction for the country and not within the spirit of our nation's heritage. >> heather: let's bring back the power panel. k.t. you recall the first time we elected? >> in 1960 my parents wanted a catholic episcopal and we would trade roseries and i would go to church with my mother and we were saying how terrible if the pope were dictating american policy. it's the first time of somebody a new eth mick group or runs for office, everybody falls on one side or the other. second time nobody cares. >> let's take a look at this poll. this poll was done in june. this poll specifically asked who would you vote for, 94% said they would vote for a black
1:55 pm
person. 93% women. 92% catholic and baptist and jewish and you get to a mormon and 76% say they would vote but interesting result. >> the good news for mr. romney he is not an atheist. [ laughter ] >> seriously, what he said was absolutely right in response to rick perry's unconscionable attack on his faith. this is a country where it should not be an issue and shame on him. >> it wasn't rick perry but it was one of his supporters. >> but he did not walk away from it. if you don't walk away from it you condone it. >> so the way kennedy did, catholicism i think he needs to do a speech. even obama addresses it.
1:56 pm
>> i think ignorance is the catalyst toward discrimination. if you don't define what it's about early on, public relations and come out with what the public to know and understand. >> be aware and kind of go full circle and as the day we're celebrating martin luther king's memorial. great talking to you today. >> gregg: a man accused of plotting to kill several fort hood soldiers. with the trial date three months away will this case make it to court? our legal panel weighs in next. my doctor told me calcium is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. citracal slow release...
1:57 pm
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hello i'm heather childers welcome to a new hour. >> topping the news, we are still struggling with staggering unemployment. why are good paying high-tech companies in america saying they cannot find people to fill thousands of jobs? >> plus, thousands of ameri severe shortage of lifesaving drugs. ways to end this crisis. beautiful day in our nation's capital to honor a man with a dream. who could give us hope today in these tough times. >> the president: this moment, when our politics appear so
2:01 pm
sharply polarized, and faithç in our institutions so greatly diminished. with we need more than ever to take heed of dr. king's teachings. >> heather: honoring a american hero, martin luther king, jr. a dedication to the fearless civil rights leader in washington. kelly wright joins us live from our washington newsroom with more. how are peopleç describing this historic day. >> kelly: good evening. thought this day you could feel the -- throughout this day could you feel the sense of unity and brotherhood. the sight of the martin luther king, jr. memorial along the tidal basin. aretha franklin moved the crowd with her soul stirringç renditions. let's listen to her. ♪ ♪ take my my hand
2:02 pm
>> kelly: that's the signature song that dr. king loved so well one of his favorites, "precious lord take my hand." when we was alive he embodied that song's message of depending on god to deliver you through hardç times. the same theme president obama discussed in his address, praising dr. king for leaving a legacy to show us how to persevere through tough times and rise above injustice. the president added, there is still more work to be done. >> the president: so, with our eyes on the horizon and our faith placed in one another let us keepç striving. let us keep struggling, climbing toward that promised land of a nation the world that is more fair and more just and more equal for every child of god. >> kelly: the president stated dr. king was a black preacher with no official rank or title but stirred the conscience of
2:03 pm
america.ç >> heather: i watched the coverage this morning you did a terrific job. so many people spoke about dr. king. what did some of his close friends say? >> kelly: i'll talk about former u.n. ambassador young who i have not spoken to in a long time from the podium he joked about dr. king being concerned about his height when he with was alive atç 5'7 always saying they are taller than me. then young said, king is now 30 feet tall looking down on us. young added king didn't die to have a statue made in his honor he side in service to helping humanity become better. two of dr. king's children explain how they are proud of their father and mother. but issued aç challenge for people to be willing to do more to live out king's dream of brotherhood. =2uju those evils of poverty, racism and militaryism that my
2:04 pm
father championed often. let us embrace that legacy. let us celebrate dad's life, more importantly, let us live as dr. kingç envisioned. >> kelly: so you get aikens of what he was talking about saying his dad is -- his legacy could be kept alive if people with will envision and do what he said he was capable of doing, believing and dreaming there could be a beloved society. >> heather: thank you so much for your coverage today, thank you >> gregg: republicans in congress won't @u2jeey can president obama sell his latest jobs plan to the american public? that's what the president is hoping when he embarks on another bus tour tomorrow morning. this road trip will take him to north carolina and virginia. steve centanni joins us with more. >> reporter: sounds like a campaign-style swing. is there some politics involved here? >> reporter: well notç officially of course. but the president is very much
2:05 pm
interested in shoring up his support in swing states like virginia and north carolina. red states that he with won in '08 this is obama's second bus tour in the past few months in august he toured the mid with west. both times he had politics in mind also a push for jobs something that will be the topç political issue next year. the bill was blocked now his administration will try to get it passed a different with way. >> now we take it apart. the american people support every plank of that bill are going to vote on every one. >> i think so many americans are saying, act to congress, do something. stop playing games. >> reporter: meantime, republicans aóe released their own jobs bill that reduces taxes and regulations on business. democrats say it won't create many jobs in the near future. >> gregg: steve, meantime, what are the chances that congressional super committee with will meet a thanksgiving
2:06 pm
deadline for cutting i think 1.2 trillion from the deficit? >> reporter: that's right. anybody's guess. the committee hasç only held a few public meetings and continues with working behind closed doors. with one top republican is very optimistic. >> you're confident the super committee will make a deal? >> i am. we can't fail there has to be success in the outcome. >> reporter: of course, if they do fail that would trigger massive cuts especially in defense spending.ç >> gregg: steve, thanks very much. >> heather: it began with a small group in a new york city park. now the occupy wall street protest are in dozens of cities across the globe. thousands of supporters flooded new york's times square saturday night. cops forced to shutdown traffic for several hours. two officers wereç hospitalized. dozens were arrested in colorado's state capital, with
2:07 pm
1,000 people there rallying in downtown denver to show solidarity with protesters in new york. demonstrations even springing up as far away as hawaii. dozens in hahn louisiana bringing the message of the -- in honolulu bringing the message of the 99%rhcross the pacific ocean. president obama putting the pressure now squarely on iran. urging united nations inspectors to release classified information showing iran's nuclear weapons program. meanwhile, iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad is denying any involvement in an alleged plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador to washington.ç peter doocy has that story. >> reporter: "the new york times" is reporting to further isolate iran, president obama wants the u.n. to release classify intel proving they are experimenting with nuclear weapons, something experts say would not be good. >> everything that is wrong with iran today, the world's
2:08 pm
largest financier of until terrorism, gets infiniteçly worse once they get nuclear weapons and they are very close to that point. >> reporter: the chair of the senate intel committee said this might be a smart move by the administration. sanctions for whatever reason don't appear to the -- to be the right way to go. >> i don't think sanctions have been as complete as they should be. i wish they had sanctioned the central bank ofç iran that would affect oil maybe that's why they didn't do it. that makes a big different. >> reporter: so she's oil might be part of the equation. this "new york times" article says another variable are inspections. they said the head of the international atomic energy agency has thought about going public before but didn'tç because he didn't want the inspectors to be banned. in the wake of the terror plot alleged planned, isolation is
2:09 pm
important. >> this president has been focused on holding up iranian behavior so it is clearly seen by other nations around world. and that enables us to work z our international partners to isolate and put pressure on iran in a way that has never been achieved before. >> reporter: "the new york times" is reporting another reason the administration is hesitant to push for this evidence to become public is because they think after we were wrong about wmd's in iraq our credibility might be shot. >> gregg: peter, thanks >> heather: new violenceç in yemen today. security forces opening fire on anti-government protesters marching through their capital, killing at least four in the streets and wounding dozens more. the clashes one day after snipers on rooftops opened fire into a massive rally of people. they were calling for the
2:10 pm
resignation of their president.ç >> reporter: yemen seems to be descending deeper into a civil war in the renewed violence and unrest there just killed half a dozen people on the streets of the capital mean al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula is gaining more operational freedom. in the capital pro-government forces opened fire on protestersç demanding the president step down. the violence is far from isolated. since january president saleh's government has lost control of the me desert. many rogue army units control parts of the country and are moving closer to his power base with certain parts of the capital controlled by opposition forces. a number of gulf countries have tried to broker a dealo@ú3 for saleh to step down even though he's often promised to resign. as the security situation gets worse so do the economic ones. even though the u.n. security
2:11 pm
council won't impose sanctions attacks on the gas infrastructure has shutdown production which stops incoming cash. yemen has long been an al-qaeda stronghold now as things are getting worseç saleh's security forces helping to keep the group on the run will have to focus on keeping the strange hand in power. the united states has excepted up drone attacks to keep al-qaeda from acting with immunity inside yes, ma'am pen mr. saleh has been considered a -- inside yemen. mr. ly has been consideredç -- -- >> heather: thank you leland vittert in jerusalem. bad weather in antarctica hampering efforts to evacuate an ill american scientist. doctors suspect that she suffered from a stroke or a brain tumor in late august. shehoped to fly to
2:12 pm
new zealand tomorrow her plane never took off due to a storm. >> a warmer place in times square. temperatures reaching the 60s today in the heart of new york city. what can you expect for the workweek ahead? windy, the latest on those conditions across the nationa&h meteorologist maria molina. it was a blustery weekend across the entire northeast even the great lakes had to deal with gusty winds because of a large trough and upper level low pressure system centered off of canada. also some of those winds are picking up moisture off the great lakes and producing showers along interiorç portions of the northeast. batches of heavier rain across northern parts of pennsylvania and there's a chance that some of these showers could survive far enough east to be bringing showers in the overnight hours across new york city and
2:13 pm
boston something we are keeping an eye on. further south across south florida heavy rain throughout the entire weekend still raining heavily.ç a frontal boundary that has been producing moisture and a second area of showers and thunderstorms we are watching across the western caribbean that has a 50% chance of developing into a named system in the next 48 hours. it is not unusual for us to get another tropical system this late in the year it is the 2011 hurricane season runs until november 30th. we have to watch the caribbean and atlantic ocean. showers could reach bigger cities overnight. second storm across northern parts of the rockies looks harmless on radar, that is going to head east. into central parts of the weekç and into tuesday, wednesday that system is going to pull
2:14 pm
in very cool air behind it. dallas could be looking at a big drop in temperatures by 20° midweek wednesday. right now across the south warm in the 80s across texas, 8 are -- 68 kansas city. cooler air from canada dipping downç many tomorrow 90 in dallas. we could be looking at a high of 70 wednesday in dallas. >> thank you. u.s. hospitals getting help with an unlikely problem, interior design? why what is on these walls could help a patients' recovery time. >> heather: why america's high-tech industry isç having so much trouble hiring even with millions unemployed women >> gregg: one of america's most iconic state capitals, drowning in debt. we'll tell you about a bankruptcy court fight to the tune of 450 million dollars.
2:15 pm
♪ [ male announcer ] hey, have you heard? it's bring your happiness to work day. ♪ campbell's microwavable soups, right where you work. in three minutes, the deliciousness that brings a smile to any monday. and soup has what you need at work, to work. make any place, your happy place. ♪ campbell's -- it's amazing wh soup can do.
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and we follow them up there to live by an unbreakable promise, stitched into every uniform of every captain who takes their command: to fly. to serve.
2:18 pm
>> gregg: here's some of our top stories today: dr. king's dream lives on. dedicated a memorial to dr. king it mashes the first such memorial to an african-american.
2:19 pm
mexico's military is freeingç 61 held hostage by a drug gang that captives working for a gang in a town >> one of america's most iconic state capitals, drowning in debt. a judge set to weigh in on more than 450 million in debt facing the city of harrisburg, pennsylvania. >> heather: noç surprise, millions of americans without a job right now. 14 million at last count. something that might surprise you, the thousands of unfilled job openings, right here in the u.s.. only problem employers say the workers don't have the necessary skill sets they need. how can we get our unemployment down when americans aren't prepared for the open jobs?ç this is a job for brenda buttner. anchor of bulls and bears. thanks for joining us. 14 million out of work.
2:20 pm
thousands occupying wall street and other places across the country. problem is they are not qualified for the jobs? >> what is interesting is 240,000 jobs are gigg unfilled. a survey said 52% of its companies can't find workers. they are dying for workers. manpower deals primarily with manufacturing jobs. >> manufacturing. we are not talking about the kind of repetitive assembly line jobs. those have #llen by the wayside. a lot of the younger grads haven't gone into manufacturing it the problem is, we don't have graduates going into math and science. they are going into social sciences. we have fewer people going into math and science than we did in 1980. it is just 10% now who are going into math and science.ç
2:21 pm
those are the kind of skills that are required for these kind of jobs. i'm not talking about jobs that pay $5 an hour. these are jobs that pay 75k to $135,000 a year. these are well paying jobs. it takes nine months to fill. ifç people would start -- even if the unemployed would start to get the kind of skills they were looking for they could find these kind of jobs. the problem is, we've got to get our younger workers more interested in math and science. >> it surprises me, given the tjt technology used in today's society.ç it surprises me we have so few graduates in science and math. what do we do? >> they've got to be more interested. the feeling is, it is harder to get a degree in math and science than the social
2:22 pm
sciences. we've got to turn that around and show them you can get a really well paying job. you don't have to be a lawyer to get a good paying job. manufacturingç has always been seen as you are making a car. you're screwing in a wrench. you are not. you are making good money. you are working in top offices. and these are the jobs that are available now at a time when we have 9% unemployment. can you imagine how many will be available in times when unemploymentç is down near 4%. >> which we can hope for again absolutely. >> the other problem is people who have been out of a job for a while. the longer they are out of a the lesser their skill set becomes as well? >> yes, that's the problem. >> training during unemployment isç pivotal not just training in college before you graduate.
2:23 pm
>> if unemployed the best thing to do is use that time get skills. the problem is money. can they go and -- go to their local colleges try to get some sort of training? that's what they should be doing. of course, money is the issue joy thank you, we appreciate it. brenda, as we said the job for you.ç brenda buttner. >> gregg: some say home is where you lay your head sick where you lay your head might help you heal. a new study finds patients can recover faster with certain furnishings in their room from changing color to bringing in natural lighting hospitals are sprucing up their digs. casey stegall who knowsç about fashion, he's a snappy dresser, joins us live in los angeles with more. >> reporter: good to see you there's a lot of data that suggests if patients are in a more comfortable setting they heal faster.
2:24 pm
this comes down to design. more specifically, something known as evidence-based design. which is supposed to promote heal the executivesç at a southern california hospital believe in it so much that the scripps health heart institute near san diego is being built these new standards in mind. they say special rooms will have lots of natural light, less noise and soothing colors. >> i can't see a hospital, especially built from scratch, being not usingç evidence-based design. i think there will be organizations that take advantage of our learnings and will build better facilities down the road based upon the evidence we ginned. >> i think it is going to be -- often times they are not here for a night or two. if they can have an environment that provides comforts of home where they can feel that they are in a home away from home,ç that's huge for their spirit, their well-being. their outlook that is huge.
2:25 pm
>> reporter: it is not just a feel-good thing. the science suggests this is in fact true in fact, there are about 1,000 different medical studies that have been conducted in recent years that shows when a patient is feeling less stressed and more in a home-like setting thatñr the recovery times are actually faster. statistics show that they use 22% less pain medication when they are exposed to more natural lighting for example. all according to some of the medical experts we talked to many some of those experts who tell us this can end up saving a patient money down the road when you considerç healing times would be faster, meaning hospital stays would be shorter and your bill would be lower. >> gregg: amazing. casey sty thanks. >> i think you are -- both snappy . >> bless you.
2:26 pm
strange twist in the search for baby lisa. why cops are saying new tips mayç lead to a dead end. who says republicans and democrats in washington can't get along? we'll tell but legislation passed with bipartisan support and why the president hopes it will create new jobs. [ male announcer ] in 1894, a small town pharmacist
2:27 pm
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2:30 pm
ise hour. time for the top of the news: president obama with thousands paying tribute to martin luther king, jr. dedicated the memorial on the national mall. >> the occupy wall street
2:31 pm
movement spreading to more cities. in chicago police arresting 175 who refused to take down park. camp and leave the city- pope benedict xvi using a platform to move up the aisle of st. peters instead of walking. vatican spokesman saying the 84-year-old is using the device to day rested not for any medical reasons. lawmakers in washington frequently accused of doing nothing. this past week a bipartisan group managed toç pass new legislation. free trade agreements with panama, south korea and colombia. the president says it might create new jobs. who says politicians can't get along? joining me fox news contributor susan estrich. you wrote about this in your latest column. president obama seems to think that these free tradeç dreams with will support in his words,
2:32 pm
70,000 jobs. if i read your column correctly, you agree. are you sure about that? >> oh, i'm not sure about the numbers. if there is anything we've learned in the last year or two, is to be careful with prediction of numbers. but i do think the god news is that not withstanding proç -- think the good news is that not with -- we have reached some kind of consensus us is that free trade does open jobs and makes goods available to consumers here. >> there's critics a democrat said this, i've seen firsthand theç negative affects that trade agreements have had on our manufacturing sector this one is estimated to displace 159,000 jobs and increase our trade deficit with korea by 16.7 billion.
2:33 pm
global trade watch group says: couldn't this be hurting our economy? >> i don't know. if you look at history protectionism usually hurts the economy. in virtuallyç every era where concern with american joblessness has led to increasing trade barriers what we've found is that we hurt ourselves more than with we help ourselves. also significant this didn't turn into a big partisan battle. virtually everything in washington today is republicans vs. democrats. one side says day one side says night. here we have anç example of people doing what i think most people want them to do, which
2:34 pm
is working together, coming to a common solution and actually passing a bipartisan bill. it is like a miracle moment. >> it is. i have to agree. you write that you're inclined to blame republicans for the chronic failure to work with the democrats. i waítç to challenge you on that for a moment, if i may. you know me. >> i'm inclined to blame republicans because i'm a democrat. >> i know. but look, when the president presented his jobs bill a month ago, he demanded an all or nothing vote. he refused to break it up or cop my. even though boehner and cantor both said there's parts of this we like. theç president wouldn't budge. and his bill was kill. isn't president obama the one who is guilty of uncompromising partisanship, maybe not republicans? >> oh, i think there's plenty guilt to go around. when mitch mcconnell the
2:35 pm
senate republican leader stands up and says his number with one goal is to see that mr. obama isn't reelected and he'sç willing to do anything he can to achieve that goal. you can plop some blame on him. talk in the last budget deal close to coming up with the ground solution. over the weekend boehner changed his mind decided his tea party constituents wouldn't buy it. you can put some blame on him and on the president. ultimately, the problem is thisç blame game, i'm sick of it and i watch politics and kind of enjoy it. most who aren't political animals are shaking their hands in disgust. >> i talked with a former chief of staff in the u.s. senate who is a democrat, she said, president clinton was constantly on the telephone with senators. he was meeting with them personally. went out of his withç way to establish personal relationships. in washington, it matters. indeed, for president clinton
2:36 pm
it paid off with several bipartisan compromises. she said president obama is never -- has never done that. do you think she has a point. maybe part of the problem? >> well, i don't know who president obama has called i know president clinton worked those$ones i was very close to him. he was a superb politician and he understood the rule no permanent enemies, no permanent friends. but i don't think it would make -- unfortunately, i don't think a telephone call from president obama would move many votes today. i think the atmosphere in washington is frankly so poisoned and so entrenched and soç partisan and frankly, so hateful, that i think it is very hard for either side to walk across the bridge and find common ground with the other. >> it seemed so poisonous in '80, '81, tip o'neil and ronald reagan established a
2:37 pm
close bond and respect for each other and achieved a lot because of it.ç that magic works. >> i agree. with when i worked up on the hill we would have drinks together at the end of the day, republicans and democrats. with we didn't see each other as enemies. we happened to be on the other side of baseball diamond. i think it is much worse. people like you and i who want to have intelligent sane conversation aboutç issues, without taking it personally, i think we are in the minority right now. >> i think you're right. susan estrich, great to see you, love your column. done forget to read see san 's column every windy and friday. great to see you, take care -- every wednesday and friday, great to sigh. >> heather: ç heat irwin the baby from kansas city missing nearly two weeks. officers searching an empty house finding what could be, could be possibly new clues.
2:38 pm
julie banderas is live in our new york city newsroom with more details. >> julie: finding coincidence diapers and backpack found in the basement after abandoned house have beenç there longer than the two weeks lisa has been missing. disappointing news for the family many kansas city police were called to a house by a passerby that went -- to a house by a passerby they found the diapers and called authorities. >> somebody found diapers if the basement of this abandoned hfuse. you will see the crime scene advance and everybody coming out because it is the right thing to do. based on our initial observations it is nothing we are getting excited about. >> julie: with no major leads the governor stepped in and sent 25 members of the national guard to help in the search. anonymous donor has stepped in posting $100,000 reward for
2:39 pm
any information thatç leads to the safe return or conviction of anyone involved. that donor has hired a private investigator. police have arrested a homeless man seen in the neighborhood on an outstanding warrant. they say he isn't a suspect. they are questioning him the same way they did the neighbors. baby lisa 10 months old when she was reported missing october 4th.ç her parents say she disappeared from her crib overnight. despite the mother failing a lie detector test neither parent has been named a person of interest. police and federal authorities have no suspects or leads. they urge anyone with information to call 911 or the tip hotline. theyç desperately need help. this baby now 11 months old. >> heather: we are still hopeful she is found alive and well, thank you jewelry. >> gregg: he's accused of plotting to kill -- kill
2:40 pm
american soldiers at fort hood. as that sar hasan prepares for trial willç he plead guilty? our legal panel is here to weigh in i habe a cohd. yeah, i toog nyguil bud i'm stild stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! that's the cold truth! gives you a 50% annual bonus! so you earn 50% more cash. according to research, everybody likes more cash. well, almost everybody... ♪
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2:44 pm
investigators say he wanted to kill american soldiers here on u.s. soil. nasserç a with wal soldier plotting attack. he shouted the name of other accused terrorists while in court. our legal panel weighs in. good to see you both. rachel, do they have the goods on him? >> i think they have the goods on himç. they found him in a hotel room with the makings for two bombs, a book how to cook a bomb in
2:45 pm
your mom's kitchen. he admitted that's what he was planning. i think they have him pretty solidly and i think he's going to take a deal. >> david, do you think like the underwear bomber in the end he's going to plead guilty?ç >> you know, unless there's some fifth amendment miranda issues such as confession, illegal interrogation issues or fourth amendment search and seizure issues with we don't know about now, i don't think he has any choice. he's looking at 30 years. if he takes a plea he's likely to get 10 years not consecutively, concurrently. whenç you go into court and scream out the name of the fort hood shooter and pumping your fist up and down that comes into trial. with when you talk about al-awlaki the recently blown up leader of al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula, talk about him like he's your friend, you make the job easy for your
2:46 pm
lawyers. i don't think he has aç choice unless he gets the type of jury that perhaps o.j. simpson got in his case, other than that he's going to take a plea. >> he's not going to get that type of jury in fort hood where they just had -- just victimized by a similar situation where 13 were killed. down there that audience is going to take these things very seriously.ç >> could he get a fair trial? >> well, i don't think that we are going to get to that question. i don't believe there's going to be any jury selection. despite the fact it is being slated for jury selection. a judge would take voir dire seriously. as with we know, jurors take their jobs seriously. down there, this is just -- there's no way heç can't -- i don't see him not taking a deal. >> rachel makes a good point. a couple names come to mine. czar car --
2:47 pm
zacharias moussaoui he went back and forth in the end he wanted to use the court system as a venue to preach jihad he wanted to make himself a public martyr aç problem in trying cases in federal civilian courts the other guy khalid sheikh mohammed seems to be taking the same tact. might ab due try to do that? >> he might. -- the one linchpin the prosecutors have is he was initially arrested on child porn charges. if the prosecutor decides if youç don't take this plea, we are going to file child porn charges against you that might sink his ship that's generally not something a jihadist is going to engage in. the guys in the prison system aren't going to like him too much for that to avoid that charge, my guess is he may take a plea. >> he will be in isolation, i would guess. rachel, last word. >> they are not going to goç
2:48 pm
after him for the child porn issues. under the military tribunal laws he's charged with that under the military tribunal. no u.s. attorney can go after someone when they are under that jurisdiction for any charge. they've got him on the other stuff. >> i wouldn't count it out bet they bring that in, a great reason for him to plead guilty. >> you had to get the lastç word david. >> i'm sorry gregg. >> good to see you both. rachel and david, thank you. >> thank you. new information about critical drug shortages in the u.s.. fox news learn that a lack of supply my only be part of the problem. wait until you hear what else is going on behind the scenes.ç dr. marc siegel is here to explain, next. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis,
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as a follow-up on reports you have been seeing here. a growing crisisç in our health care industry. >> nearly 300 drugs in short supply here. hospitals say they had to delay treatments or unavailable to provide them all together. there may be more to the story than a lack of supply. joining us dr. siegel a member of the fox news medical
2:53 pm
a-team. since 2006, the number ofç drugs unavailable has tripled, why? >> it is a tremendous problem. the american hospital association found out 80% of the time, it leads to a delay in treatment. 70% they have to use a different drug than the one the patient is supposed to get. why? a shortage of raw materials. they are coming from overseas, 80% ofç the time. secondly, more and more of these drugs are going generic, chemotherapy, heart medication, antibiotics, blood thinners, i.v., these are lifesaving medications. another problem, right off the top, the drugs go to the ward theater which is where they should go. they end up in warehouses a lot of time because you don't know how much you are going to need in the combatç theater that's a problem. again, no profit, maintaining sterility, fda regulations that are strict about how these drugs are made, you end
2:54 pm
>> should drug companies be forced to be more transparent to let congress for example and the american public and shortages? >> great point. right now there's a law pending before congress to get the exact thing to happen. that the fda would have to be notified when there's an impending shortage. the fda claims if they know in advance there's something they can do about it. longer term, in my opinion, we would have to make more of the raw materials here which would mean government subsitipáy how the government warehousing some of these supplies here? i can hear you saying that's a lot of money. we are spending all our money on the health reform law, our insurance. this the righ÷5n time for me to be saying that money should be spent. but i have to tell you that has to happen. >> even resulting in deaths
2:55 pm
deaths as a result of people not getting their drugs. what do you do if you are a patient and need the drug? >> i have to tell you, that's a way under estimate i think it is hundreds if not thousands. i've been dealing with this directly. with a great response and i was taken out fromç under him. i started making calls, every hospital i called was out of this particular drug. it is one of the most important chemotherapy drugs there is. you call your congressman, the fda is meeting, more attention is being shined on this. but it doesn't solve the problem. >> are patients having to go with lesser effective drugs as a consequence? >> yes. againç, the american hospital association says 70% of the time they are choosing a drug that isn't as effective that could lead to them not getting better to illness being more protracted, that could lead to death. it is a terrible situation.
2:56 pm
something we are doing a big service shining a lot on now. hospitals in trouble. everybody is working on a more narrow profit margin. i don'tç want to say to the drug companies be more altruistic, i would like that, but they in business. >> slightly unique as opposed to other businesses because their products can save lives. >> okay. so then let's get them to put them aside and notify people in advance and be there9éf> whn the patient's life is on the line. >> dr. siegel, always great to see. >> that is itç for us. fox news sunday with chris wallace, next. >> hope you have a great week everybody! how about the beat of a healthy heart? campbell's healthy request soup is delicious, and earned this heart, for being heart healthy. ♪ feel the beat? it's amazing what soup cano.
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