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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  October 16, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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survived by his wife and two young sons. i'm chris wallace. than actual jobs coming out of a divided washington these days. can all sides agree on anything to help get america back to work? we'll ask a top republican many democrats blame for blocking their ideas. house majority leader eric cantor in a fox news sundayda exclusive. then, ey iran's alleged plot to kill a saudi diplomat. how should the u.s. respond? is military action likely? we'll discuss what happens now with the senate intelligence committee, diane feinstein. plus 2012 politics. herman cainic serious, mit soary
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holds steady, rick perry stumbles. our power player of the week holds the keys to our national treasures, all right now on fox news sunday. and hello again from fox news in washington. with the economy stalled f andwi washington deadlocked, we begin today with whether our government will do anything to help get americans back to work. joining us now, house majority leader eric cantor who is one of the key figures pushing the republican agenda, andures congressman cantor, welcome back to fox news sunday. >> good to be here, chris. >> president obama and the democrats are portraying you these days as the face of republican obstructionism, repeatedly calling you out by name. like mr. cantor to come down here to dallas and explaine what exactly in this jobs bill does he not believe in. he what exactly is he opposed to? >> we'll get into the question
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with of what you oppose in the t obama jobs bill and what you support in a moment, butin speaking generally, how do you feel about being the new political villain, according tol the democrats? >> well, you know, i guess a lof of t the folks on the other side of the aisle want to boil this down to perso personality, and s really not about that. the differences we have with this president are policy-based, wnd knoand we know in this town, there are a i lot of differents right now. the people of this country want us to set aside the differences and come together on the things we can agree on. we agree that the economy is woefully, woefully weak. we agree there's too much income disparity in this country. we believe that everyone ought to be lifted up and we ought to be working on the policies that help that happen which is to folks ofocus on small businessed that's what we're trying to do going forward. >> let's break it down and talkr specifics. let's look at the president's
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jobs plans which was blocked inb the senate this week. here it is. $245 billion in tax cuts and incentives, $140 billion in new spending on infrastructure and aid to states.lion what's wrong with the plan? > well, the plan in total was one met with lots of resistance when the president unveiled it in september. so when the president spoke that night, i said let's work together, stop the all or nothing approach. we're not going to be for taxle increases on smal small busines he knows that. the senate just killed the bill this week, so we've said since the beginning when the presideni has come to my district, i saidm again an again mr. president, we want to work with you. we've got our plan here. this is the plan for america's job creators. there are things the presidentin said he believes in. let's work together.he let's find some of the things ii his plan that we agree with and let's go ahead and do that for
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the american people. >>do okay. we'll get to the republican plan, and i agree.>> there's plan and we'll get to that in a moment, but you say there are parts ofhe the obama plan that you can support. like what?rt >> well, i mean this week was indicative of how we can comeca together. we passedan three big trade bile over five years in the making. we have a 3% with holding bill that we're going to bring up in another week to help small businesses and the way they conduct their businesses with any we've also got bills comingd, t forward the president says heor helps support to help smallnd businesses access financing and capital so they can grow and create jobs. the president talks about the need for unemployment insurance reform. we'vera had that in our plans, chris, two years ago. we presented the president with the no cost jobs plan. b we said welcome do these thingsc let's work together. let's set aside this all or nothing approach that thek president continues to go oute across this country and campaigp
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about. >> okay. but let's talk about the big parts of the obama plan, the $100 billion in new spending on roads, bridges, and schools. for or against it. >> well, we believe there's a need for some infrastructure spending in the country, absolutely. i think what you've got to lookl at is the president has gone across the country and found bridges and roads where he said see, this is why we need spending. what that does is remind people that the stimulus bill heasse created and passed didn't address the problem. there's a reason.n. because the process of approvals is so weighed down in the bureaucratic red tape is soc thick, you can't get to the jobs. we said let's reform the system and redo the permanenting process so we can -- the permitting process so we can get the shovel ready jobs he speakso about the money they absolutely. >> if you could cut some of the red tape, would you go for the $100 billion in new spending?
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>> we want to see the states ses aside done away with. when states have money, they come from the federal programs. they're required to set aside% f 10% of those funds for projects that are really not priority,ot bike paths and others that are nice things but frankly right now the infrastructure of this country needs to be dealt with. so it's about reform, chris. yes, we are for infrastructure spending, but it's about reforming the system so we're not throwing good money after bad, and we can actually get the job done. >> what about in the obama plan $35 billion for states so they don't have to lay off teachers, police, firefighters? >> here weio go again. i mean, this is the type of monies and these are the type oo programs that the president adrr voactd iadvocated in the stimuls program. the public understand washington didn't create jobs. we believe in privateou enterprise. the way to get the economy going is to focus on the businesses of the countryhi, every one of whif started with an entrepreneur
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making a decision they were going to invest time and money to create jobs and an ongoingnd concern. we need that kind of activity.oi that's priority now. we saw what happened with the stimulus money. much of that went to the states, and you know what happened? it sustained some jobs for aboua a year, and then the states wert faced with billio billions of do in debt. >> i get the sense, forgive mead if i'm wrong, i don't want to i put words in your mouth. you don't want to be portrayedob as an obstructionist, we want to do business, but you oppose the obama plan. >> we oppose raising taxes on small businesses. >> what do you mean? the senate plan as it now would be for millionaires and billionaires. i agree some of them are small businesses, but we're not talking about 250,000. we're talking about people making over a million dollars an year. you.t me tell when i y spoke to a small busins woman in my home town of richmond and she told me, youd know, it's hard for me tot conduct business right now, and she said why are you talking m
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about raising taxes in washington because i want to be one of those successful businesa people, she said. she said but why is it that you want to go in and take away the kind of hope that i have to bewa successful? and we know in this country right now that there is ano complaint about focus a folks ap end of the income scale, that they make too much and too many don't make enough. we need to encurrently those at the top of the -- encouragewe n those at the top of the incomege scale to actually put theirthe money to work to create more jobs so that we can see a closing of the gap. we're about income mobility, and that's what we should be focused on to take care of the income disparity in this country. >> okay. i know you brought it here, the> republican plan. the president has repeatedlypres said republicans don't have an economic plan, in fact. you've got it right there. the house introduced a jobs plan last may. let's break it down. review and roll back costly
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regulations, cut the topon corporate and individual tax rate to 25%, cut trillions incu spending. why is that a better way toy create jobs?o >> well, we've seen that these other way doesn't work.en t we've seen the stimulus bill tht president put forward in the beginning of his term. i think certainly it did not reach the promises that he madee there's too many people unemployed in this we believe in private enterprise. we believe in small business. b our agenda does just that. we want the president to workid with we want him to stop thehi campaigning, let's go find the things that are in commond between this plan and his, and inn fact, chris, i think you'll see within the next month we'll take portions of this plan that match up with his, put them across the floor to help small businesses. >> all right. but here's the issue.hris the president points out that moody's, one of the top economic consulting firms, scored hisored plan, figured what impact it would have, and says it would
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add 1.9 million jobs next year and grow the economy by an additional 2%, and he issued this challenge. listen. >> show us the republican jobsut plan that independent economistn indicate would put people back to work. i haven't yet seen it. >> congressman cantor, do you have an independent analysis that shows how this plan would h grow the economy and add jobs? s >> first of all, i would say as to the moody's economists thatld the president speaks to, they and their chief economist was he one that predicted that the stimulus program would keep unemployment from rising above 8%, so i think we need to raise some questions about that assessment. >> inse fairness, first of all,a was an economic advisor to john mccain in 2008, and the fact is a lot of the private economic firms say whether it's 1 or 2% growth that it would have some stim laive effect. here's a simple question.
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do you have independent scoring of what your plan will do? >> we put forward a plan in the beginning of the year, our budget, okay, and we had independent congressional budget office scoring which did severae things. it talked about the fact that our plan actually dealt with the one crisis, bringing down the debt deficit over $6 trillion, and it did talk about thee ability for our plan to grow new jobs, yes.s, so we've got that kind of analysis. >> but you don't on this jobsis plan. >> but what this jobs plan iss taking pieces of our overall o vision for this country and c saying you know what? we've got to provide incentive for the private sector to grow. you know, look at the facts, g chris. since the president has taken office, there's been 1.6 million jobs lost in the private sectorn net. we've also seen the fact of 7 and a half million foreclosures during this president's term. obviously his economic plans are not working.t w that's why we're trying to say t
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we've got to change directionse here. we've got t to focus on privatei enterprise and small business. we've got to get the entrepreneurs back in the game. that's what our plan does. >> let me point out wha some questions. like most economists, he's not always right. here's what he says about your proposals. generally good longer termr economic policy, but they won't mean much for the economy and job market in the next year. f >> there's a lot of dispute about mark zandi and his predictions because of theirecau results of the stimulus plan that he lauded. >> the argument is simply if you don't have lot of immediateif spending, and i agree. it didn't work well in stimulus 1, but the argument is if you don't have some spending andg a some immediate tax relief that you're not going to stimulate g jobs in the short-term, that the kind of cutting back regulationg
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regulations, lowering tax is really good long term economicsl but it might not give at short-term boost to the economy. >> we believe, chris, the best way is to provide incentives for investment and create jobs.s. we're for tax relief for small s business. we believe and agree with theve president that businesse expensing is something that we can provide entrepreneurs right now. you'll see us bring a bill forward. u hopefully the president will agree to work with us. finally he's now talking about actually joining us in these incremental approaches rather than his all or nothing planng that's died in the senate. >> i've got two minutes and i've got two questions to ask you. congress's so called super meet has just a little over a month, november 23rd is the deadlinemot for it to come up with 1.2 trillion dollars in deficith reduction. do you think they'll be able t work out a deal and avoid these automatic triggers which would include $600 billion in pentagon cuts? >> i think the joint select committee is going to be t
6:14 pm
successful in reaching the goali of getting at least 1.2 trillioa dollars in cuts, and in fact, chris, i served on the biden discussions and to the vice-president'vice-president'ss produced thet that blueprint that i think can form the basis of getting to the 1.2r trillion. >> so you'rnke confident the sug meet will make a deal? >> i any bot -- i think both sis know we can't fail. there has to be success here. >> i want to take you back to your remarks a week ago about occupy wall street. here they are. >> i for one am increasingly concerned about the growing mobw occupying wall street and thehe other cities across the country. >> congressman, do you stand by that comment about mobs and what do you think of the effort by the obama white house and the democrats to try to harness the energy, the movement here as part of their reelection effort? >> chris, i think more important
6:15 pm
than my use of that word is the fact that there is a growing frustration out there across this country and it's warranted. too many people are out of work. where i'm most concerned is we i have elected leaders in this town who frankly are joining inf an effort to blame others rather thanth focusing on the policies that have brought about the current situation. i mean, when you hear some ofea the democratic elected leaders joining in, blaming parts of our economy and society versus let's take some of the credit or blame here in washington. i mean, these are policies theyt put into place. there's a lot that can be done in this town to turn the economy around, and promote income mobility, not go in and excoriate some who have been successful. we want success for everybody. >> congressman cantor, thank you for coming in today. it's always a pleasure to talk you, sir. >> chris, thanks. up next, iran's alleged plat
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>> chris: it was stunning news this week. elements of the iraniannews government planned toia assassinate the saudi ambassador in washington. joining us to discuss thejo alleged plot and how the u.s. should respond is the chairman of the senate intelligence i committee, diane feinstein. welcome back to fox news sunday. >>"f yo thank you, chris. >> you were saying before well went on the air people don't believe this. persuade them this was real and answer two questions for
6:20 pm
how high up in the iranian government did this go, and what does it tell you about what's going on in tehran now? >> well, i was first briefed in the beginning of september. r it sounded doubtful because of the cast of characters and because of the fact that the d operative entity was the kudz force department 400 of the iranian revolutionary guard, the elite unit that really is sent out by iran into various areas that finances terrorism, etc., and i didn't believe it, either, but as it turned out, it's veryi real, and what it represented was a rather unique effort between our drug enforcementnist administration, fbi, cia, a kinf of coming together of agencies to collect intelligence, both human and signal intelligence croit what do you think is the single most piece ofvi intelligence that this is real. >> let me finish. the case is dead bang. i think some of the signals
6:21 pm
intelligence, candidly, is the most compelling, and secondly> the iranian used car salesman, in answers to his questionses essentially fessed up, essentially admitted it was real and money was transferred, and so it's real all right. >> chris: how high up in theht government does it go, and what does it tell you about what'sou going on in the government? >> the officials sanctioned by the treasury department include the head of the force. he is known as a very carefulca manager. he is reported to be very closee to the supreme leader. there's no evidence that itt reached the supreme leader. >> chris: the supreme leader is ayatollah ali khamenei? >> this is an unusual thing.
6:22 pm
iran reaches out around iran, but to cross to the other side of the world and try and tack t the country is an escalation.t that's what concerns us, and i think that's what concerns thest saudis as well. >well. >> chris: you say an escalation. you say we should be on alert for other plots in other p countries. what do you know about that? >>ou well, there's no question that the force has been responsible for other operation going back to 1993 with the argentinan israeli relationship four days ago in iraq they carried out an operation or financed an operation against our people in iraq. >> do you think there are other ongoing plots in other countries? >> what i said was i think there well could be. i don't think this is just an isolated thing that suddenly came up when they've never dones these kinds of things before.te
6:23 pm
they have done these kinds of things before, and this is certainly a continuum, an extension, and an escalation. >> so far all president obama is talking about is tougher sanctions. we went back and looked at the history of that. since 1979 the u.s. has issued 19 executive orders and passedu. seven laws sanctioning since 2006 the u.n. has passed five sets of sanctions. o meanwhile, despite all of that, iran continues to pursue a nuclear program. c it continues to be, as we see here, a state sponsor of terrorism. do you believe that sanctionst can work to change iran's behavior? >> i don't think the sanctions have been as complete as they should be. i wish they had sanctioned the central bank of iran, and thatr would affect oil.t maybe that's why they didn't do it. that makes a big difference. >> chris: is that what you would like to see now? >> yes.e
6:24 pm
>> chris: the argument is well,. we could sanction the bank, andu the key there is obviously not that we don't do business with the central bank but that would mean we would blacklist any foreign country or company that does business with the central bank. >> correct. >> chris: can that work without china and russia being on board? >> well, that's another subject. and this is why the state department sent out teams to share evidence, to sharear intelligence to the extent the could with all our allies and in particular with the securityxt council of the united nations. we actually were briefed by one of theou men that participated n that security council briefing. there should be no the evidence is very strong. the fbi believes the case is both strong and good and willsut result in a conviction. >> chris: but you would support sanctioning, blacklisting iran's central bank and any company around the world that does business with them? >> absolutely, and for other
6:25 pm
reasons, too. i mean, thisus is just one part. iran is e escalating, i believe, it's nuclear development. d iran is increasingly hostile. they have not ceased supporting hezbollah or hamas or participating in the -- well, bringing of missiles and rockets into lebanon through damascus. it's a very dangerous situation, and my hope is that there can bs some kind of discussion that cai be convincing for the eye arenaans to change course. absent that, at one time or another, we're on a collision course., if we want to avoid it, we have to take action to avoid it. want to tell you about that. one of the architects of our counter insurgency strategy in rawk aniraq and afghanistan saie
6:26 pm
u.s. should take militaryy action. here he is. >> i would start with targeting the force who has been using h these proxies to conduct action against us. u i would conduct covert actionsag against them and kill them and take their bases away from them. >> chris: why not go after them? >> that's perhaps more difficulm than it's said to be. i think this is a large operation.op it's in the thousands.ds it's an elite branch.te how you go after them, how do you do it? i've never seen a plan to do it. it probably would escalate intoi a war, and the question is do wo want to go to war with iran at this time? my judgment is no.g we have our hands full with iraq, with afghanistan, with the deteriorating relationship with pakistan. i mean, i think this is not --
6:27 pm
our country shoul should not beo to war, we should be looking to stop bad behavior short of war.r >> friday afternoon president w obama announced he's sending 100 use special forces as trainers,p as advisors into central africa to act as trainers against the resistance arm, several hundred brutal guerillas who created tremendous damage.emen do you support deemploying more u.s. troops into another foreign conflict? >> well, let me, first of all,th say what it is. we passed a resolution during the bush administration thatio ucialgd that we respond to thisv brutality, and president bush authorized advisors to go over.i they were unarmed. the difference is these are still advisors, the 100, butrmed they are armed and cleared to
6:28 pm
act in self-defense. what is the lord's resistance army? it's a brutal militia. it's in uganda, the central african republic, it's in theit con go, and it moves through ano it rapes and pillages and cuts people apart. we're running out of time.g why send troops there but we won't send troops to try to end the slaughter in syria? >> well, that's a good questiono but i think this is -- i think they're two entirely different circumstances. one is a reaction as part of the arab spring.r the other is an ongoing move too essential an anilelate people, l large numbers of people. this is a small group. it's a hundred people. they give military advice to thm regional army that's in thenal area.
6:29 pm
we'll see what t happens. >> finally, the obama administration is now scaling back its plans for how many troops we're going to keep in iraq at the end of 2011. t fewer than a thousand, perhaps a few hundred because we can't work out a deal with the iraqi government. your reaction. >> that's right. theou status of forces agreement expires this year. we need to have a new status off forces agreement or we're there essentially against the will of the government. i think we will not continueti against the will of thell government. >government. >> chris: are you troubled by the idea that weou would basicay be all out? >> i'm troubled. i look at korea, the length of time it took to providerovi stability there or japan, the languaglength of time it took to provide stability there.peop i think people are so anxious for our men and women to comee o home. i understand that. it's also important that the job is completed in a way that
6:30 pm
provides the greatest chances for stability for the country. i think that is a key goal for afghanistan as well as iraq, so i'm hopeful they'll be able tocy quickly negotiate a status of forces agreement. absent that,ce yes, we'll have o bring our people home.ri >> senator feinstein. we'll have to leave it there.ha we'll stay on top of all these stories. >> thank you, chris, and happy o birthday. >birthday. >> chris: thank you for that. at my age, it's not a cause of celebration. >> i understand. >> chris: coming up,y our sundy panel on the republican>> presidential race. who's up, who's down, and who is just hangin in there. endless shrimp is ourn at red lobster. there's so many choices. the guests love it. [ male announcer ] it's endless hrimp today at red lobster. amuch as you like ny way you like, like new sweet and spicy shrimp, all for $15.99. my name is angela trapp, and i sea food differently. the doctor leaned over and said to me,
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6:33 pm
airborne, then 14 other cars slamming into each other at more than 200-mile-per-hour. three other drivers injured, all of them expected to fully recover. the race halted, wheldon airlifted to a local hospital. two hours later indy car ceo announced wheldon died of unsurvivable injuries. this crash raising serious questions tonight about the safety of the track and the future of indy racing all together as crowds have dwindled compared to nascar. there's concern about the cars reaching speeds of 225 miles per hour during practice. dan wheldon was 33, married with two young sons. >> i've been ahead and i've been behind and now is not the time to be worrying about yourur p position in the polls. >> let me tell you somethingou else about being in the top tier the candidates.
6:34 pm
can you all see that big bull'sl eye on my back? >> chris: former frontrunner rick perry and currentnd frontrunner herman cain trying to make sense of the fast changing race for republican president. time for our sunday group. let's start with herman cain who has soared to the top of the polls. whether you like it or not, hish 999 tax reform plan is getting all of the buzz, all of the the attention. jeff, as the one who goes outhot there the most of all of us, how real is this campaign? how much time is he spending in the early states? >> he doesn't have much of an organization. i think herman cain is m asor surprised by this boomlet as anyone, but i spend a lot of time in iowa and new hampshire. we don't find herman cain there at all.'t he's not been in iowa since the
6:35 pm
day of the straw poll. he's basically in tennessee. he was in houston giving aen speech. he's on a book tour, but now hi campaign is sort of reassessing things. he's hiring new people. they are trying to do what they can to take advantage of the moment, but he's very popular. i mean, throughout all of these debates, i think he has presented himself that he has ai common sense approach, he'sse likeable. i think people are advising him to come to iowa and new hampshire right now and make something out of this. for now, we'll see how he adapts to that.s he's at this point a serious candidate in the sense that, you know, being organized in places to actually win the iowa caucuses. >> chris: whichs. raises the question. is there a different model thiss year? i mean, coulden it be that, you know, cain has surprised all of us with his popularity and his
6:36 pm
ability to make an impact withal the republican voters. is it possible he can do it witt debates and national tv appearances and social media and you don't have to spend a lot of time in these states? >> you can't have done it, and he has done it. it's been a nationalizedha campaign. thepe debates have driven the campaign. they're nationally tell advised. if you're on fox news or other networks to a lesser degree,e more people in iowa see you when you have a hit on fox news than if you're in a room in iowa. that's just a fact. at the end of the day, you have people want to see you. >> chris: the care and tending has to happen. >> he'sng going to do that. he's speaking saturday night at a bia conservative dinner. he changed the schedule in iowan to do that. whether he can put it all together this past, with a couple of months of caucuses, is the question. he's been pretty shrewd so far. >> chris: governor rick perry
6:37 pm
has dropped like a stone from the 30s into the teens in thens polls. he announced a big plan ono bo friday to boost domestic energy. can he come back? >> sure.n' i wouldn't count him outi entirely. l i did feel like the energy plan, he's been consistently sort off tone deaf reantly. there was something about putting forward an energy planth rather than a broader jobs plana that struck me as he's been a h little bit too much governor off texas.ot he's gotten criticism repeatedly that he doesn't seem to beking speaking to a national audience in the way the other candidatese have.e e the energy plan had other candidates criticized him for ripping off their plans. i've been kind of surprised perry hasn't done more. in a way, it strikes me as agh staffing mistake. in the last debate i was surprised he didn't come forwari with some concrete economic >> chris: this was purely abouts
6:38 pm
economics, and he said i'm notpe going to give it to >>in nobody is expecting verbal dexterity to him.>> going into the next debate he'lr have lower expectations than almost anybody. at the very least, it's a matter of preparation. he could have come in with some concrete ideas and that would have really helped. it's surprising that he hasn't come up with something broaderbr and more specific. >> chris: let's talk about former governor mitt romney. t he had another strong debateou performance. chris christie, the governor of new jersey, endorsd it seems with christie not getting in the race and perryer fading, at least temporarily,t much of the republican establishment has decided toes back mit mitt romney, but youy u continue to see this disconnect where all the insiders say he's going to be the inevitable nominee, and in the polls he can't get above 25 or 30%. i mean, how does he connect with the voters and w persuade them u can trust me, and i'll be a goor representative of the party as a nominee? >> i think the polls themselvest at this point don't really mean that much, frankly.uch
6:39 pm
governor romney has been very r impressive in the debates. i don't think you can say any our candidates, frankly, at this point have managed toy consolidate support across the board. i think that one of the things that's been fascinating is hows important the debates have been. they're very important in terms of governor romney's ability to lay out his plan, and they've p given a platform to people likea cain and gingrich and santorum. a number of folks have benefitted from also what is important and what you see in the rise of somebody like cain is ideas and the fact that the voters are hungry. they're hungry for bold change.r when herman cain got his 999n plan, surely people are going to shoot at it surely people will say well, p it's got flaws. it may well have many flaws, but it's a very interesting plan. i think it shows the appetite out there for somebody's who's not obama, for somebody who will actually help to support the private sector and who is
6:40 pm
willing to propose radicalic change. >> chris: let's get intoe. the third quarter fund raisin raisi numbers that are veryff interesting. perry and romney lead the field by a wide margin. the first number is what they received in the first quarter? can we go back? or will that create a huge go. problem? we were able to do it.e t the first number in white is hon much they received. the second number is how muchmu cash is on hand at the end ofhe the month. you can see romney and perry are in the teens and millions, a big drop off. let's go to those last three. huntsman, gingrich, and santorud running on fumes. even more so, huntsman and gingrich campaigns actually in debt. that overstates how much money they have. what do you read from those third quarter numbers, jeff, anh could some of these candidates drop out before iowa and new hampshire? >> i think it's possible, but i think the most important take away from the numbers is rick perry is in the race to stay. for all of our discussions about he didn't do well in the
6:41 pm
debates, he's going to have money to prosecute the argumenta in television ads and other places he's popular on the on stump. people want to like him.oo his $if i hav15 million scares y romney campaign. >> chris: you said earlier with the last debate this coming tuesday we're entering a newe phase. >> i think we're going to seear voters out there. they've spent a couple months sort of absorbing all of these things. it'spl absurd to think that rick perry is still not in the race. people want to like r i think that, you know, the next couple months through october and in november we'll see a different rick perry.ic >> chris: with fewer debates, more campaign advertisements, more campaign appearances where you can control your own message. >> exactly. >> chris: we have to take a break here. up next, jobs, the super committee, and the first crack at obama care. we'll tackle it all when we coma back. t all when we
6:42 pm
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6:45 pm
i'm urging members of congress to vote on putting m hundreds of thousands of teachers back in the classroom. copsin back on the streets, and firefighters back on the job. b and if they vote know on that, n they'll have to tell you why. >> the president needs to come off the campaign trail and gethe to >> chris: president obama and house republican whip kevint mccarthy on the policy and politics of jump starting they a economy. we're back now with the panel. so as we talk about with eric, c the obama jobs plan as a whole a was blocked in the senate. the idea of democrats is to break it up into smaller pieces and introduce them. sma you heard this one about aid to
6:46 pm
the states to keep first responders and teachers on thers payroll and let republicans block them and make an issue of it.ub it's obviously not going to get anybody back to work, any actuab people to get new jobs, but isor it smart politics for the democrats? >> yeah.s most of my conservative friends> think obama's flailing and from my point of view it's not foolish. he's foolishly bought into the r policies that got us into the mess we're in. unless he's going to fire ben bernanke and fix the mess, we're not going to get out of it. m some polling data suggests it's working mildly. at the end of the day, house republicans won't be on the ballot. there's a nominee that won't be in congress. it will be a little hard for. obama to win reelection running against a republican congress,
6:47 pm
but given his tawltives, i don'i think it's entirely foolish to attack them. i think it's important that the republican nominees make it aomn debate about the overall management of the economy and about obamacare than the verypl narrow debate on particularly who is cutting more here or who's voting for the jobs program there. >> what's your sense?>> i'm not talking about individual little pieces, but does a significant jobs plan get passed by congress either through normal channels or as part of t the super committee's work this year? >> i don't think so.o. it doesn't look good.n watching your interview with cantor this morning, they always want to express their bi-partisan willingness to comel together, but then he wasn't in favor of any of the specific provisions in obama's jobs billl that obama had specifically put in there to appeal to republicans. he didn't actually really offerc support for any of them inm morning, and you know, thean fundamental problem for republicans, of course, it's not
6:48 pm
in that they necessarily agree some of the provisions but it's how you pay for it. time and time again the problem in congress is republicans do not want to raise taxes underom any circumstances and democrats are saying, you know, they want to pay for these things by raising tackes. i think the millionaire sur taxt that was inserted that's not part of obama's original plan was really good politics. the republicans really don't have an answer for that. >>us liz, let's talk about the super committee which i pointeds out with eric cantor. i mean, the clock is ticking. it started in august. now we're in mid october. they've got a month, november 23rd, to come up with a deal, wt 1.2 trillion dollars in deficit reduction, whether it's spending cuts, tax increases, whatever,wh or you end up with these automatic triggers which everybody says are just horrific. $600 billion more in cuts to the pentagon.gon. leon panetta said that's a threat to national security. do they make a deal, or do we
6:49 pm
end up with the triggers? >> i think the odds are that we'll have a deal. i think one of the places you've got bi-partisan support or got agreement, for example, is the triggered cuts in the defenseha budget would just be devastating. panetta said it would be the equivalent of shooting ourselves in the head. i think we'll get an agreement on spending. i think the republicans havein actually put forward a responset on this issue of thef t millionaire's tax which is the notion you've got a vast majority of st. pau small busin the country pay taxes asid individuals at the highest tax rates. those are the job creators. g we've got the super committee that will get something don dond avoid triggers, but the rest of it has got to be a set of policies put in place by a new president that understands you've got to get the private p sector going again. i think in terms of president obama, you know, what he's doing politically, he may think itcall makes sense. i think it's actually scarier than that. i think he really believes it. i think he's now put forward sot
6:50 pm
many policies that aren't working economically and thatso are not working for him politically that you've got at some point say it must be i'dology. it must besa that he really believes in redistribution of the wealth. he really believes in, you know, increasing capital gains tax even if it means lower revenues to the treasury. i think it's something new than we've seen from the president in a longew i think it's very >> chris: jeff, let me get to c one other interesting development this week. obamacare, late friday, the obama administration announced its abandoning scrapping classs which a lot of people may not know. they may think it means cuttingg class. class would be a was programmed offer long termrm insurance, to offer insurancenc for long term care because theyc said the numbers just don't addd up. it's unworkable financially. how significant is that? >> i think it's symbolically significant because it's another piece of the plan that will not be there. this was an idea that wasn supported by senator kennedy. s
6:51 pm
i think if he was still alive,kn there probably would have been a way to keep this in. of course, everything would have changed. i think overall it's notave affecting the broader national health care plan, but it'sna probably more important because it's one more symbol, piece of hard evidence that this perhaps not such a good idea overall. but it leaves most of the law in place, obviously. >> chris: here's the one aspect i think is interesting. supposed to cut the deficit by $86 billion over the next ten years and talk about ae bookkeeping trick. the way they did it was the premiums were going to start and for five years you would have to pay into the program but no benefits would come out, so obviously if all the money is coming in and none is going out, if you take that away, the $86 billion, that was most of the deficit reduction all ofba obamacare would provide over the next ten years. if that's gone, you have almosts no deficit reduction. >> a lot of the deficit
6:52 pm
reduction is smoke and mirrors. i think the republicans need to say this is just the tip of the iceberg. we need to repeal obamacare. they need toal stress the importance of repealing. it's the one thing president obama can't pivot on. he can blame people for things, but he and his party passed obamacare. the public doesn't like it. the republicans are going to run to repeal it but they need to highlight how damaging obamacare is both to our health care system and to the federal budget and to the economy.he it's one thing that is presidenh obama's achievement, but he's stuck with >> chris: what about romney if he's the nominee?at he does it, but how persuasive n is he? >> it's fine. whatever he did six years ago ar governor of massachusetts, i wish personally he would defend it a little less personally.ef whatever he did then, ifor republican voters and independent voters think as d president of the united states on day whun o one or two that pt romney would appeal obama care,
6:53 pm
people would be much moree comfortable with him.o he needs to be more aggressive on medicare reform. >reform. >> chris: we have to leave it there. don't forget to check out panel plus where our groups picks up with the discussion on our website, we'll postid the video. time for comments you posted t about my interview with g.o.p. presidential hopeful rick santorum. u were unhappy when icomp compared about how people feelth about gays in the military now than they felt in the 1940s. it was poor journalism to make the question to rick santorum. agitation to act in a manner considered immoral by three major religious and natural law is not a quest for civil rights. mark from plymouth, minnesota sent this. your interview with rick santorum was yet another example that you practice the fair and balanced that your network preaches. please keep your comments coming. you can find us at
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you know you got a bright future here at aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... [ male announcer ] supply chain solutions. fedex. solutions that matter. >> this is a fox news alert. in a nightmare crash, a fiery 15-car pileup that horrified the crowd at the las vegas motor speedway and the audience watching on live television. two time indy 500 winner dan wheldon died today. he was the 33-year-old father of two young sons, one just 2 years old, the other a 7-month-old infant. no word on how wife susie was
6:57 pm
doing. he was one of indy's rock star. with his come from behind win at indianapolis this year, he was on top of the world. >> this year it's kind of really broadened the scope of my career, so you know, i'm very proud of that. i definitely want to be back in a race car full-time in 2012, you know. i think with everything that's gone on this year, it's given me great momentum for 2012. that's what i'm most excited about. >> what started out as an exciting day here atlas at lass motor speed was has ended in tragedy. the news has just been released that dan wheldon has been killed in a crash on lap number 13 of the race, the final race of the 2011 season. >> indy car is very sad to announce that dan wheldon has passed away. our thoughts and prayers are with his family today. indy car, its drivers and team owners, has decided to end the race in honor of dan wheldon, the drivers have decided to do a
6:58 pm
five-lap salute in his honor. >> what did you hear? what did you see? >> well, geraldo, good evening to you. i was down there on pit row with my photographer. we were actually, believe it or not, on the way to dan wheldon's pit to get him coming in for that first time. unfortunately just around lap 11 we heard the crash. we saw the smoke and the flames coming up from the other side of the speedway. there was a collective gasp from everyone in the crowd. normally, you know, for nascar races people aren't allowed to go in the pit area. it's usually reserved for people who are vips and things of that sort, but there were a lot more people there today, people that were regular ticket holders. it was very crowded and everyone was clamoring around, trying to see what was going on on the other side of the track. again, this race had just started so people were kind of getting a feel for it. they were very excited because
6:59 pm
this race was here in las vegas. unfortunately, it came to a tragic end. >> you're reporting it was the 11th lap. the associated press said it was 13th. it was the 11th lap at the top of the race. >> reporter: from where we saw, it was around the 11th lap. we were down there in that pit area, and we were seeing the cars coming around, and we were trying to get some interviews with other fans who were in that area, and just all of a sudden everything changed. >> peter is here with me in the studio, a big blow for indy. >> a tremendous blow. wheldon was one of the most popular racers in the sport, and you pair this with the fact this was danica patrick's last race. she's moving to nascar. they've been struggling with fan interest. they've been struggling with attendance numbers. this is the second year for ceo randy bernard. he really wanted to make this race in las vegas a fan favorite. they put a lot of promotion dollars in it. to see