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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 18, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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7:00 central. now you know the news for this tuesday, october the 18th, 2011. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us in. see you back here tomorrow from busch stadium right now it's mr. bill. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> we should ask the very wealthiest americans, top 2% to pay a little bit more. >> bill: as the president tries to convince the good people of north carolina and virginia that his economic vision is working, some stunning new statistics say disaster is almost upon us. we will give you the facts. [chanting] we are the 99%. >> bill: lawyers for hundreds of arrested protesters are threatening to clog up the justice system with trials. is it legal is investigating. also tonight, karl rove on whether any states that voted for john mccain are likely to support mr. obama next year. and charles krauthammer on who the democratic party will make
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the primary villain in the election of 2012. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services built o. o'reilly thanks for watching us tonight. president obama spending our money that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. with a number of european countries on the verge of bankruptcy damaging the bankruptcy. attention shifting to the u.s. bankruptcy could be looming here as well. please listen closely to these statistics. in the year 2007, during the bush administration, federal deficit spending was $161 billion. despite the iraq and afghan wars. four years later, four years, under president obama, the deficit spending $1.3 trillion. 8 times as much.
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now, to be fair, the economy collapsed on bush's watch and both republicans and democrats committed almost a trillion dollars to prop up the economy. as we all know the stimulus spending did not work very well. but the obama administration has not cut back. today, the feds are spending $9.8 billion every day. that breaks down to 410 million an hour tax revenue has actually gone up 21% higher this year than last. federal debt spending too massive. you would think president obama for his own political survival would support drastic cuts in federal spending but he he doesn't neither does the democratic party in general. in fact, the far left loons want to spend more evidence that it will get us out of the recession. if the republicans are smart, a, big if, they will simply run a campaign on economics no question they have embraced
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out-of-control spend not debatable. if the spends doesn't stop the u.s. will become like greece insolvent and chaotic. many americans don't want to pay attention to what's happening in washington. they want to pursue their lives without embracing reality. oftentimes they don't hear anything other than their own point of view. talking points is playing paul revere this evening. bankruptcy is coming and the democrats are not considering that reality. the tax the rich mantra is a delusion. there are not enough rich people in the country to even put a dent in the federal debt. government spending should revert back to the year 2007 when had a manageable deficit. that was just four years ago. and most of us were living well back then. whoever the republic challenger is must make it as simple as that that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction from our barack and hard place duo monica crowley and alan colmes. you said a few times you want
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more federal spending. do you believe that. >> yes. the stimulus did work. moody's analytic also the money that we spent actually did work. moody's said it worked. the commercial budget office says it works. to say that obama doesn't want to cut spending, he had a $4 trillion grand bargain ready to enact. john boehner said no. not fair or accurate to say that he does not want to cut spending. he had a plan the republicans objected. >> bill: if the huge stimulus worked, why did unemployment go up? >> the stimulus wasn't just about employment it was about giving money to the states, keeping the states solvent about a number of things. you will could do a number of things right now like infrastructure bank. >> i'm not understanding. you are much smarter than i am. >> that's not true. certainly not true. >> unemployment went up considerably. >> and the federal debt rose to record levels. >> unemployment has stayed pretty steady. >> bill: no it hasn't it went up a point and a half. >> statistically the same as it
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has been. >> up a point and a half. >> statistically even. >> bill: big number. >> the fact is without, this without having spent this money, the money that brings money back into the economy, we would be in a lot worse shape than we are now. >> bill: how do you know that. >> that's what every economist. >> not what every economist. >> bill: i knew you were going to do that there is not one economist working for the fox business network that says what you said. not one. >> that may well be the case. you are taking one slice of america, the fox business network. i'm telling you mark zandi, princeton economist vendor. i'm talking about a number of people. douglas eakin who. >> bill: paul krugman. mouse say tongue if he were alive. >> chief economist says the chief economist. >> bill: these numbers are pretty shocking. wouldn't you say? >> yes. stunning. >> what is it $410 million an
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hour? >> an hour, yeah. >> so, everybody but colmes, everybody, maybe the wall street protesters. but everybody else who is not ideological is going to say got to put a lid on it or we're going to be greece. got to. we can't pay our bills. can't pay it back. no matter what spin or excuse you use, you have to go back to 2007 when it was 161 billion. that's back then they were worried about 161 billion being deficit spending. that's how crazy this is. so you put the whole budget reverting back to 2007 whatever they were getting then they get now. so that cuts all of that out. why don't these pinheads in the republic party just say that? >> well, you are exactly right. >> why don't they say it? >> i have no explanation for it, bill. as a conservative, i have been screaming at the republic party for years for their big government, big spending policies. look, we have had over the last couple of years, right, the liberals have controlled the white house, both houses of
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contract until last january. we have run their experiment. they have spent us into a cansian coma. we have the evidence that none of it worked. the evidence that we have is that if massive infusions of government spending, taxpayer money into an economy were to create in booming economic situation, greece would be booming, western europe would be booming, the united states would be booming, instead what we have. >> >> >> bill: never going to convince combs of that. >> we have anemic growth. >> the united states is not prospering you would agree, i would agree. everybody watching would agree. we are either going down or staying the same and the same ain't good. at the same time we are running up record deficits more than any other president in the history of this country has. so got to find a different way. >> i think we have to do more. >> bill: as crazy as you are, you say more government
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spending. >> our invest. s have paid off. g.m. is back. >> bill: all the stuff that they have done has not improved yet you are going to gamble again. >> we needed to do more faster. >> bill: that's your opinions based on. >> it's wasted on economists. >> bill: listen to me. if we do what you say and it doesn't work we are greece. >> so far we have. >> bill: you can't take the chance. >> we have seen that regressive politics doesn't work. it hasn't worked. >> bill: you go back to 2007, all right? that's the spending level in all of departments. we're all of iraq. all of that is gone now. we are out of there. we go back oppose going back to 2007. >> i would rather go back to clinton years and look how great it was then. >> bill: the three of us agree. >> if he wants to go back to clinton years. >> bill: i don't want to go back to clinton years. >> then go back to the clinton years. >> bill: i didn't like the styles back then. i want to go to 2007. just four years ago. i would go back even further. >> we were on the brink of
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economic disaster. we were a year away from the economic implosion. >> bill: nobody new the subprime was going on. nobody knew that. >> lending policies from fannie mae that opened the way for that. >> and the community redevelopment act where even bush said go out and spend your money. >> bill: they okayed it. >> it's ridiculous. >> bill: we all agree that the very simple like the 9-9-9. everyone is simple. that's why everybody likes herman cain. go back to the 2007 budget. they don't say that. >> this is the republicans' big mistake what we found out today for fiscal year 2011 actually the federal budget has increased by 5%. where is the republic party talking about. >> bill: they have got to scream. >> cutting spending. is it it has to be pared with. as important as that is it has to be coupled with pro-growth policy. >> you supported the candidates that led us to that. >> go back to 2007 level of
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spending and taxation is the next president. thanks. >> pleasure. >> bill: how the presidential electoral vote is shaping up today. pay a visit to occupy wall street protesters. we will show you what happened out there. this guy didn't like stossel. this guy with the beard didn't like him. the factor returns in a moment. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. [ spectator ] gun it, bro!
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>> bill: president obama is on a bus tour north carolina. they supported president obama last time around. the current climate in both of the states is not all that friendly to the president. for example, democratic politician ward armstrong running for the state ledge later in west virginia's no part of barack obama. >> i'm ward armstrong and now charles poindexter is comparing me to barack obama. that's a stretch, charles. i'm pro-life, progun and i always put virginia first. >> bill: joining us now from seattle fox news analyst karl rove. before we get into the electoral college and mr. obama and his quest in north carolina and virginia, you heard -- i'm a simple man as you know. i'm going 2007. 160 billion-dollar deficit spending. now 1.3 trillion go back there same tax rate. same spending rate start there and you say?
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discretionary good idea. problematic on the so-called mandatory spending. medicare, medicaid. social security and so forth, which is most of the budget now and interest payments, you know that gets complicated. what you will end up doing doctor payments under medicare. >> excellent point. you may have to put a sir charge or 1% or 2% national sales tax to cover to cover that. i think people would agree to that. but, at this juncture, it's such a mumbo jumbo of this did that and nobody can understand it. i think it has to be simple find. let's take mr. obama's north carolina and virginia jaunts. it looks to me like he has problems in all -- the states indiana, ohio, florida, nevada, all of the red states that went for him. looks to me like he has problems in all of them right now.
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i think you are right these are three historically republic states. indiana and virginia last went for a democrat in the presidential race in 1964, north carolina last went for a democrat in 1976. two of these states indiana and north carolina are out of play and virginia conceivably could be out of play. if not, he is not going -- he is going to have to fight very hard for that state. that's 39 electoral votes between those three states and the contest gets a lot closer if that happens. but i can't believe ohio with john kasich as governor. is he doing a pretty good job with the economy in this state why would ohio suffering economically go for him. >> he has real problems in ohio and north carolina. remember, first of all, these were very narrow victories in 2008. 2.8% in ohio. 4.6% in florida both of those
5:16 pm
states have trended more republic. the electoral college map 364 to 174 four years ago. the red states have gained in reapportionment. same statements fell for obama or republic if we take those five states away from obama, indiana, north carolina, virginia, florida, and ohio, it's 272 for obama to 266 for whoever the republic nominee and all the republic needs to do is win one state of the rest of the battleground states up for grabs. nevada, new mexico. >> bill: how many votes do you need? >> 270. >> all right. so you need 270. all they would have to do is steal nevada or one of those states and then it would go. now,. >> or he may need to win no states because two states michigan and pennsylvania, which have been historically democrat and presidential elections are contemplating measures to split their vote on the basis of
5:17 pm
congressional districts which would probably mean between 11 to 13 electoral college votes. >> bill: don't you think there are going to be legal challenges to that? >> no, no. we already had two states to do it nebraska and it split them. >> bill: are there any states that voted for john mccain last time around where he could possibly win this time around? >> i don't think so. they talked earlier about georgia, texas, and arizona, which i thought was all laughable, two states montana and missouri. won by 2 quarter%. both of those states are out of play for president obama. is he going to be playing defense the entire time. >> the scenario that you paint is just rock solid close. i mean, it's one or two small states. now, i don't understand. the economy is so bad, so awful and we are facing as we said in
5:18 pm
talking points memo a greece-like situation if we don't get a handle on it mr. obama with all due respect has no heart to cut spending. he doesn't. he is playing tax the rich deal. is he trying to convince voters that, yeah, if we get more revenue from the wealthy, we can involve our problems. everyone knows that's not true. you know. it would take a little bit of the pressure off the deficit but not anything meaningful. he doesn't want it cut. >> no. look, in his new stimulus bill, there are temporary spending, $447 billion in temporary spending and $1.5 trillion in permanent tax increases. now, who thinks that the government is going to get that 1.5 trillion in additional revenue that goes on infinitum and not start spending again. bill, one thing, it could be a very close race. and the republics could narrowly take it. on the other hand, these things tend to go in waves. if ohio moves away from the president by 5 or 6 points or 7
5:19 pm
points. then other states like indiana or michigan are likely to flow with it. if this was a 364 to 174 blow out last time around, it would flip this time around and be that big for the republic nominee. what i'm saying is the president has got a very narrow path to victory because of the way the electoral college is stacking up against him. >> bill: all right. mr. rove as always. thanks very much. we appreciate it directly ahead, john stossel cozying up to the occupy wall street protesters. that might be overstating it. stossel will be here. later, whether those protesters will clog up the justice system. that's what the threat is from their lawyers. we're coming right back. estab. give me voice control. applications up. check my email and text messages. hands in position. airbags. ten of 'em. perfect. add blind spot monitor. 43 mpg, nice.
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>> bill: stossel matter segment tonight, the fox business anchor went down to occupy wall street protest. he wanted to find out what the primary beef is. here is a sample. >> lie stossel, you lie all the time. i have heard you on tv. i know that you lie. [bleep] [shouting] [chanting] shame on you. shame on you. shame on you. >> i'm here to stop fox's corruption because you are all [bleep] corrupt. >> how am i corrupt. >> your whole station is corrupt. >> how? how? >> you are a puppet. that's what you are. >> bill: here now pinocchio, stossel. >> why, because i'm a puppet? >> that's what he said. the guy with the beard, that's your uncle, isn't it? isn't that uncle alf? >> there are some people who are really inflamed. >> bill: i know. what are they angry about? >> they just are -- i don't know. >> bill: you don't know and you went down there and you talked to them. >> have a good discussion about
5:24 pm
capitalism. some of the people wanted to talk. >> bill: you don't know why they are angry. >> they are angry about everything. just vitriol hatred of fox news and of me. i'm a libertarian, i should agree with these guys about stuff. banks shouldn't be bailed out. >> bill: okay. look, so you don't know what their beef is and doug. >> they 100 beefs. >> bill: that's true they have their own little beefs. doug schoen took a poll wrote an article in the "wall street journal." you should all read doug's article today, he said just 15% of these people are unemployed. 85% have jobs. okay? so it's not about i can't get a job. most of them do have jobs. then he says that most of them are radical leftists, they hate capitalism and want to burn the system down, that's the commonality here, they want forced redistribution of wealth. i'm not arguing with that. i think that's what it is, right? >> i think it is. and i don't think that's too different from what most, sadly what most americans want. >> bill: no. no. >> the polls show most people
5:25 pm
say tax the rich more. >> bill: that's a different thing. taxing the rich is different than taking your stuff by force. 31% of these people say they would use violence to take your stuff. a third of them. i mean, come on. >> that's crazy. but let's not do too much heavy breathing here. in 1920 the anti-capitalist protesters in the same place set off a bomb in front of j.p. morgan and killed 30 people. that this group has been peaceful so far. >> bill: you are a little younger than me or a little older, what? >> older, sadly. i look younger. >> bill: well you have had all that surgery. [ laughter ] anyway, remember the woodstock vietnam thing. >> yes. >> bill: were you one of those things? setting yourself on fire. >> i didn't go to woodstock but i had creepy long hair. >> bill: were you one of those guys? >> yes. >> bill: i wasn't. i was in england studying at the time. i was looking at it i knew johnson was not handling himself well. but there was a commonality there. yeah, we don't like the war and we want to get out of there.
5:26 pm
and they actually won. the protesters actually won because public opinion turned against johnson and vietnam war subsequently was wound down. was that the best. >> yeah. we trade with vietnam. we stopped killing people. >> bill: people killed in cambodia and vietnam because of our leaving there that should always be remembered. the sacrifice of our soldiers was never properly honored. here, these people, they are not winning and they are not gonna win. they are loons. last word. >> look how few of them there are. >> bill: that's right. >> six thousand according to the "new york times." the boy scout jam bore rehad 300,000. >> bill: the "new york times" says 6,000 that means there is 1,000. with all due respect. >> analytic chemistry it h. twice as many people. >> bill: all right, stossel. i'm sorry you had to get yelled at by your uncle. >> so it goes. >> bill: never had a job he lives off stossel he gives him money. >> charles krauthammer says the
5:27 pm
only shot president obama has of winning next year is to demonize his opposition. charles will explain. and is it legal on the arrested protesters threatening to jam up the justice system. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. the best approach to food is tkeep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the otr guy's flake is more processed. mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
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>> bill: personal story egg isn't tonight, much has been made of the conduct of the occupy wall street precincts. of course it isn't fair to generalize about any group of people psychotherapyst carol has done some profiling and she joins us now. you are not positive. you don't get a positive vibe from these people, do you. >> not only do i not get a positive vibe. i'm actually extremely concerned. you see, when we feel out of control in our life, that leads us to depression. what they are actually asking for is to be out of control. they are asking for others to take control of their life by giving me, give me, give me, give me, rather than self-empowerment, rather than self-enhancement, that is concerning. and that does lead to mental
5:31 pm
instability. >> bill: wait a minute though. let's try to be real fair. right now i think these people feel empowered in the short-term. they think they are out there. they think they are getting a lot of media attention. they think they are changing hearts and minds. would you agree with that. >> i believe they feel self-empowered in the disguise of, masked in large group think. in reality, those that are considered externalizers, that's those that believe that others should help them versus those that are internalizers, internalizers are persons who believe that the choices i make can benefit me. i feel self-confident and good about myself. those that live a life of internalization are able to move forward, feel good about who they are. >> bill: what about the people with the moral belief and this is most of those protesters according to the survey taken by doug schoen that the government has an obligation, a moral obligation, all right, to provide cradle to grave entitle thes including college education for everybody. so why would they be depressed
5:32 pm
or why would they be people on psychological skids if that was their firm belief and they say you know what? just like the tea party, i'm standing up for my belief system, i believe this is the right way that human beings should conduct themselves with a strong central force providing for people who can't provide for themselves. >> well, that in lies the problem. to believe that there are so many people who are suggesting that they cannot provide for themselves -- >> bill: isn't that true? we have 40 million uninsured in this country. >> these people should make honest choices to make an honest living. i know a lot of the people have a problem with that they say no, i deserve this. i'm not making as much money as a wealthy. i should get a piece of the wealthy. >> bill: i agree with you that's a destructive emotion that you think the world should be fair and everybody should get the fame there have been more atrocities and violence committed in the name of that than anything else in history. what about the people who say, you know, we are not all born -- we're not all created equal as
5:33 pm
it says in the declaration of independence. some people have more aptitude than others. look at me compared to colmes. [ laughter ] but other people they will say, look, some people are born with high iq's they are gifted and other people walking into the wall. >> that is the nature of the world. just as you have. >> bill: are we supposed to be compassionate towards those that don't have. >> of course. i'm a psychotherapyst. clearly i deal every single day with people that have problems. there is a difference between having compassion versus just as when i work with clients it's about self-empowerment, helping them to help themselves get to a better place. >> bill: i got it. so you think these people down there are largely screwed up? >> well, that's a very powerful statement. rather than saying screwed up, rather i would say i feel that they're lacking in strength and the courage in order to move themselves forward. >> bill: doesn't it take courage to jump around with a bull horn
5:34 pm
and say stuff that is pretty provocative? >> i don't think it takes courage. i think, rather, you feel as though you are part of a group so, therefore, you feel safety within numbers like a group think concept rather than independent ily on your own looking within oneself. what can i do today to move forward? how can i help myself get to a better place? >> bill: bottom line on this whole thing is you agree with me they want other people's stuff. >> i 100% agree with you and that is awful for one's mental health, wellness and well-being. >> bill: thank you very much. we appreciate of it. >> my pleasure. >> bill: come back arrested protesters threatening to bring chaos to the justice system. then, charles krauthammer says president obama has to demonize his opposition in order to win re-election. those reports after these messages. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the is it legal segment tonight, three hot topics another flag lapel pin controversy. should it be illegal to eat while driving and the arrested wall street protesters. some lawyers representing them threatening to jam up the justice system by insisting on trials. >> i don't think that our court system should be a political football and i think it's hard to reconcile that with what america stands for to say we're going to deliberately keep the court system from working here now attorneys and fox news analyst lis wiehl, author of the big new thriller waking hours. there it is all right, now, about 800 people in new york city have been arrested so far. 765, right. >> we are not going to plead guilty to serving the peace. they are all low charges
5:39 pm
misdemeanors. >> some dope stuff though, right? are there any felony. >> no felonies that i know of. >> all misdemeanors? >> right. bill billion the lawyer said you know what? we are going to force a judge to hear all these cases, right? >> we are going to make you go to trial. we met with cy vance, the d.a. and say you don't want to have these cases go to trial. you have to dismiss them all. this is an empty threat. this is ridiculous. >> bill: what if they do that? the lawyers keep to what they are threatening so they all parade in front of the judge, right? >> they could. >> that will take a long time and cost the taxpayers a lot of money. >> they could but let me just finish. they are not doing their clients any favor by doing that. >> no if i were the judge i would sentence them to the max. versus just pleading if they keep their record clean for six months it goes away like it never happened. >> bill: is that the solution that you can't really threaten them with that because justice is blind and you are supposed to give them a fair hearing. >> why should you dismiss these cases? if i was the d.a. and they came send them all home. >> bill: you can't do that,
5:40 pm
dismiss them. >> no. >> bill: i don't know if a new york city judge if it was a liberal judge that would play along with give them the max. >> $250 fine in the majority of cases and looking at a maximum of 15 days in jail. >> bill: i like the 15 days in jail though. >> so do i. good luck with trying to give them that. >> bill: i would if i were the judge. >> there you go. maybe you should have a couple more jobs. >> get mad at a certain point wait a second we have a lot more important cases than you guys protesting and now protesting in the court. >> serious victim cases, child abuse cases, homicides. >> and because it was all one event in protest you can do en masse trial. >> bill: this was the brooklyn bridge thing. >> en masse trial with protesters. >> bill: doesn't this send new poll most people favor. >> until it comes to their house. >> cost the city of new york thousands of dollars right off the bat. in the state of new york it will cost millions of dollars.
5:41 pm
message is we are going to bring down the system. create as much chaos as we can, it's disorderly conduct. it's throwing your trash in people's faces. doing those kind of things. >> all the arrests were made for a specific reason. the cops have been very lenient on them. >> they have this is the only arrests made. >> giuliani still in office better forget about it because he wouldn't tolerate this kind of nonsense. >> bill: i don't know what he would have done. >> things can you do. there is research. they want the help of the d.a.'s office because there has been many theft crimes that have occurred down there because the protesters are getting robbed of ipads and ipods and computers. >> they're getting mad because their stuff is getting taken. >> bill: saint augustine, florida oldest town in florida guy is working at a hotel got a flag pin, been wearing it for a couple years. one day the boss comes in and says you can't wear that anymore says i'm wearing it and fire him. >> new manager. >> change of the guard there
5:42 pm
they said this is part of the regulations and guidelines for this hotel. we have always had a policy that says you are not allowed to wear buttons, pins, anything like that on your person. >> the guy gets fired, the guy gets fired last week. obviously he is upset about it they give him a warning to say look you have to come to work tomorrow and take off the pin. >> bill: ill hate to say. this this is a cheap beef but the company has a right to say to the employees you can or can't. >> private company kessler enterprise but it's not the right thing to do. >> bill: not great for the sass ca is a monica hotel. >> that's why. >> bill: he wears the american flag somebody can come in with another pin and that's what they don't want. >> can't distinguish to that home to 20,000 veterans and even the county commissioner doesn't agree. >> bill: i would let the guy wear the pin but legally. >> they have a right as long as it applies to everybody. >> bill: driving along and i look over and there is some guy with a big burrito sticking out
5:43 pm
of his mouth. now a town in illinois wants to ban eating and driving. >> proposal they want to ban any kind of eating and driving at the same time. do you support that? >> if you are having a full course meal granola bar. >> bill: do you support it or not? >> i don't think you should talk on the phone or text when you drive. studies out that show that eating and drinking while you are driving causing more fatalityies than driving under the influence and texting, just so you know. >> bill: how do you cut the steak? >> not everybody eats fine fillet. >> bill: i don't think we can legislate everything here. >> have a granola bar. >> bill: i sympathize because when you are driving you should drive, what about truck drivers that have to eat on the road. >> bill: pull over have a snack.
5:44 pm
truck stops, they have them. i know you don't have that, guilfoyle. never been near a truck stop in your life. they have them all over the place. is it legal herb, in a moment, charles krauthammer believes that president obama has no chance to win re-election unless he does something very intense. krauthammer is next. [ courier ] the amazing story of whether bovine heart tissue can make it from australia to a u.s. lab to a patient in time for surgery may seem like a trumped-up hollywood premise. ♪ but if you take away the dramatic score... take away the dizzying 360-degree camera move... [ tires screech ] ...and take away the over-the-top stunt, you're still left with a pretty remarkable tale. but, okay, maybe keep the indulgent supermodel cameo...
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, almost every poll in the country shows president obama's spater continuing to erode. if he's to win re-election, the president must do something dramatic. charles krauthammer thinks he knows what that will be. charles joins us now from washington. he is going to make it personal, right? >> it's not what will be what he has been doing for a couple of months when he decided look, he can't run the way an incumbent
5:48 pm
usually runs. he usually runs re-election on two things on stewardship, how he managed the country and the economy. and on ideology or policy or vision. what he has done. the policies. he can't run on stewardship in a country with 9% unemployment with stagnant growth, practically zero and having run up $4 trillion worth of debt. he can't run on ideology, because what's he going to run on? i passed a trillion-dollar stimulus which was wasted, left not a trace. i passed a health care act which is intensely unpopular? leading to all kinds of uncertainties. and which last week would had to chop off a major element of it because it's completely unworkable. i tried to institute cap and trade which a democratic candidate for senator in a state had an ad in which he shot a rifle bullet through the bill as
5:49 pm
a way of demonstrating how much he a democrat hated it. >> bill: that was manchin in west virginia. >> he is running on envy, class envy, demonization. the rich are responsible for america's ills, the democrats are the protecters of the republicans republicans are protecters of the rich, that's it. >> i have one question speak of specifically how you key monday nice. continues to put for the the mantra that the stimulus worked that it kept us out of a recession. you say without a doubt it failed. president obama, i assume, is going to say well colmes says that it worked and we would be terribly off and it believes that some people will believe that. that's not even what obama is saying. he tried that in the off year election last year. it's a farce. people are not going to re-elect you on a hypothetical jobs at the head of a pin.
5:50 pm
what he is saying now is. he doesn't even speak about the stimulus one. what he speaks about now entirely, he is saying the miseries of the country is because the wealthy 1% as you hear in the wall street demonstrators the wealthy 1% robbed, stole, and destroyed the american economy. and everyone else suffering and the republicans are the ones who protect them. that's the story not a defense of stimulus, not a defense of obama care. not a defense of stewardship. he does not have a defense. >> bill: it doesn't make any sense to say that in 2005, 6, and 7 wall street pinheads were taking advantage of the lax mortgage climate that came out of the federal government as you know barney frank and fannie mae we have all gone through that and therefore what they did led to the catastrophe and there is some truth to that by the way. some truth to that but a voter who is even not very supreme
5:51 pm
court mr. president you had three years to improve on that and you just made it worse. then he says what? >> look to make his argument even weaker, if that's the arguement. obama that that these terrible policies on wall street and you haven't done any to remill united states it. you appointed timothy geithner the guy who was the engineer of the bailouts reappointed the head of the federal reserve the guy who did the bailout with timothy geithner yourself as a senator and president supported the bailout. all of a sudden you now are pretending and seeking -- that the american people will not remember that you were in favor of will bailingouts of people that you now denounce as people who never deserved it and destroying america. it makes no sense whatsoever but it's all he has got.
5:52 pm
many voters don't pay that close attention. said in the talking points memo it's a surface thing. the last question to you tonight is is there enough dissatisfaction in america right now people angry about their economic status that they will respond to they are the bad guys and the republicans are protecting the bad guys? is there enough to make mr. obama a winner than ticket? >> i think not. the only people who love this stuff are the left. he has them anyway. they aren't going to support any republic anyway. the american people are unhappy. they are demoralized in many ways and they ought to be by the state of the economy. but, when you play on envy, it works in other countries. it does not work in america for a majority. americans understand that it isn't about the rich destroying of the poor or the middle class. it's largely and they i couldn't know stand it governmental
5:53 pm
election, political election, it's about the politicians and the policies. >> bill: charles, thanks as always. pinheads and patriots on deck, harry bell fonty as you have never seen him before. p and p moments away. the 3.6-liter v6 engine of the jeep grand cherokee has a best-in-class driving range of more than 540 miles per tank. so you can catch morning tee time in monterey and the afternoon meeting in los angeles, all without running out of gas. just make sure you don't run out of gas. ♪
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5:57 pm
beverly from new jersey. professor hill opined that black americans rarely preven protests civil rights were the issue. did hill make the same point when the at tea party with beig scrutinized. today in my college english class a professor said the wall street protesters were her heroes. i'm used to lib r liberal bias,t that's just ridiculous. neither of you provide evidence that. you misreporting what i said, douglas. my statement was and is that barack obama would prefer to run against mr. cain because the president believes independence would be less likely to vote for him than a moderate like romney. that's what i reported, and that is true. michelle from kansas. bernie said that only one conservative president has been elected in the past 80 years.
5:58 pm
that's exactly why the country is in decline. michelle from ohio. bill recently finished killing lincoln on ct and it was awesome. it was read by you. it took me three days to kill lincoln. >> i was at the great moments with mr. lincoln attraction at disneyland. your bill was a hot topic of discussion there, bill. we posted more of our viewer reviews of killing lincoln on billo' pin heads and patriots as you may know. harry belafonte has a new book out so he's making the media rounds. >> harry belafonte joining me live from new york this morning. good morning. harry, wake up. good morning. harry? >> wake up, wake up. this is your wake up call,
5:59 pm
harry. >> there's nothing. >> okay. i'll tell you what. we are going -- he's med tating. he's taking a little nap. >> mr. belafonte again 84. i'm not going 0 cal to call hima pinhead. his spokesman said it was take cal glitch and harry couldn't here and harrie harry was med t. wake up, harry. that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website. also, we'd like you to spout off. e-mail me, name and town, name and town, name and town. word of the day. do not be out harried when writing to the factor. 1895, i found a dictionary from 1985. do not be out-her yood when wrig to the factor. i am bill


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