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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 20, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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later and "your world," with neil cavuto is next. >>neil: the president says we are in with the libyans who took muammar qaddafi out. we are still waiting to hear, exactly, what he meant but he also said that the nato mission in libya will soon come to an end. right now the president is meeting with the prime minister of norway, a key ally in the libyan mission. moments away from finding out exactly what the mission is. welcome, everyone, tears as the rule of muammar qaddafi comes to a violent end. now he was captured alive but shot soon after. a bullet to his head and an end to his rule. but, with muammar qaddafi out, who is in?
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analysts say anyone of the possible successors has my guest worried. very worried. we don't know much about the team that has taken over for the team being but you are worried. why? >>guest: i am. it is about six or seven months after the bombing campaign started to libya, the disarray started. what we know of the so-called rebels, the leaders of their military wing in tripoli is an admitted leader, former member of al qaeda. the rebels have said, a lot of us were members of al qaeda, we were in iraq and afghanistan a few years ago killing u.s. troops but now we are part of the rebel forces so, what we know is very troubling. concrete al qaeda links among the rebels. also, number two, the muslim brotherhood, a group that has been benefiting more than anyone el from the regional unrest, the so-called arab spring. we know the brotherhood is kind
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of gaining power in libya, as well, trying to get a say in the new libyan transitional government so a lot of bad actors and in the background, looming over all of this is iran waiting patiently. >>neil: you talk about the muslim brotherhood and those elements still active in the new egypt or whatever emerges, but i am wondering, when we place our bets on toppling whoever topples the dictator ... what then? obviously we will be beholding financially and politically to the new group that comes in. to what end? >>guest: he is the deal. in all of the countries in the muslim middle east when the dust settles if there is a civil war and a deckator is toppled you have various factions squabbling for power but at the end of the day the most organized and the key point here, the most ruthless force in all of the
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countries are the radical islamic forces. they will do anything. they will seize power by force. we will see that in libya and i think in egypt. it is bad for the middle east and bad for america. >>neil: qaddafi taken out and you would think the bubbly would be breaking from wall and broad but the dow is barely budging. charles pain says that is because we are facing another war. >>guest: yes a war in america against excess, the we are that, really, people are worried. first of all if you do not have a job right now, qaddafi probably, we knew would be taken out but you are not celebrating. we found out the misery index was the highest point in 28 years and the difference was then it was going down under ronald reagan and it is going up the last couple of years so
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there is not a lot to celebrate. more than that, we are really at loggerheads. it is so hard to watch the markets and analyze balance sheets and income statements and stocks look cheap trading at single digit but the unknown, the intangible, and the toxic atmosphere. >>neil: here is what i am curious about, even when we look at getting these terror masterminds, taking them down or out there was a dime when we can remember, the markets would soar on that uncertainty taken out of the markets, right? we have bin laden. nothing. nothing. again, maybe it is expected. maybe it's after the fact. but why? >>reporter: another time and blaze bin laden would have been good for 500 points on the dow
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or 1,000 points. the preoccupation is the war at home. and the uncertainty at home. and the lack of leadership, the confusion at home. we have such a giant question mark and americans are not in the mood to celebrate. obviously we are happy but the notion that, that wasn't our top worry right now. we have been safe and maybe we are taking it for granted. >>neil: you have again to the rallies, the belly of the beast, and survived. what was year take on their take on life and everything bad. what? >>guest: my take on occupy wall street, a bunch of young kid whose feel entitled and they are afraid and i don't think they have a lot in common with arab spring but more in common with european where socialism has died but it will be hard and you may not graduate from colombia with $100,000 job you may have to drive a scab for 60's months and the idea scare the heck out of them and they
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are looking for who do blame and the toxic mix it is easy to say, i know, banks. here is the notion. and the notion is spread each day that if someone is rich in this country that means someone else is poor is outrageous but it is starting to pick up stream. >>neil: charles payne, best seller and hit show "payne nation," and it is very good. >>reporter: come on, you have 12 shows named cavuto. >>neil: it is changing. just change the name a "pain" in the what. i don't know ... okay, charles payne a media star. with qaddafi's death and other
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top terror targets out we know that the markets have not spended one way or the other, but, certainly, politically it has to look good for the president, right, because when it comes to masterminding the war on terror these are bad guys that under his stewardship are no longer around. but then there is the economy as charles was pointing out. that is the variable. bob, like charles, you are saying that is dictating events? >>guest: it is. as big as news as this is with qaddafi it is northeast at big as osama bin laden. the president went against the left and the right to get involved in libya, but, his numbers on the economy are so slow i don't think it will matter to someone who is out of work, it is just not, it is not a time to celebrate. >> and george bush sr. was a reminder of that victorious at war and a month later going down to defeat on the economy.
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i am wondering how republicans can, really, take advantage of this when on this count he is coming up all aces. they cannot say he is weak on the war or weak on military issues so they have to defend on the economy, right? >>guest: definitely. in 2008 republicans were saying, well he is not ready for the office. what would they cite? the economy? no, they were citing foreign policy. his full numbers on foreign policy are high and they will go higher after they do some polling after today. but it is in the number one issue. you have to excel in the number one issue to be reelected. so it is a politically awkward day for republican candidates but this will fade because it is all about the economy. if the white house is able to turn the economy around and show progress the next year, then, they will be sitting pretty because on the foreign policy stuff they can talk a lot but on the economy, don't have as were
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to talk about. >>neil: on the economic issue i try to ask some my smart guests and certainly you are in that group, what would it take to make things better for this president, politically on the economy? it will be hard to get back to 7.4 percent unemployment which now seems like a dream in retrospect but if the trend is his friend, going down a little bit and more jobs created each month and we are no longer banging our heads against the wall and assuming the headache is the old headache, is that good enough? does that help him get over the finish line? >>guest: the key is the unemployment rate. the white house has to get that number under 9 percent. if it is over 9 percent it will be tough for president obama to get re-elected. but if you can show the progress although you predicted the stimulus would keep unemployment at 8 percent or 8.5 percent, they will not get close to 8 percent but they need it under 9
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percent. i think that would be the magic number. >>neil: i never envisioned talking about just getting it un9 percent. everyone is focusing on the libyan rebels' reaction, are they dancing in the street. what about american family would lost their loved ones at the hands of muammar qaddafi. do you think they feel closure? a woman who lost her father, her where, and her pregnant sister in that one event. all systems prepare to engage.
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the best of cascade powder and gel combined in one vessel. brilliant. we're gonna need it! lasagna pan -- lower rack! fire! [ female announcer ] conquer toh foods and greasy messes. [ woman ] wow! [ crew ] yeah! [ female announcer ] cascade complete pacs. love it or your money back. >>neil: muammar qaddafi could be gone but the pain continues for my guest, suffering add his suspected hands. it goes on and on whether he is dead or alive said to have orchestrated the bombing of pan am flight in 1988 with 270 losing their lives including 189
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americans. she lost her dad, her pregnant sister and her brother. you suffered as much as this woman, three loved ones in the same horrific event. sorry to have you under these circumstances. i will ask the trite cliche question: any closure for you? >>guest: no. there will never be closure. maybe when i'm dead. maybe not for my kids but my oldest one was old enough to remember, but, just a chapter. that is done. there is more wounds that will always be open and more knowledge that i feel i need for maybe that closure aspect of the whole thing. i would really like to know, exactly, what happened and why it happened. people now are out there who were under qaddafi that know a lot of information and, now,
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without the threat of him for retaliation, i would like for them to come out and at least give the family the truth. >>neil: three relatives on the same flight. what happened? why were they all together? >>guest: my father had been doing, working in somalia, of all places, for his company and he had a lot of miles that needed to be used up and my mom and dad had planned a trip to ireland but unfortunately my mom had a heart attack back in, a couple months before where high sister lived and we were, the family was in and out of the house for a couple of months as she recuperated and as a thank you gift my father is like, your mom can't fly let me take you to london for a couple of days and my brother had some vacation time and he is like, can i come
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and my dad is like, sure, so it was a four-day vacation. i stayed home with the limit one. >>neil: you came this close to coming? >>guest: i did. >>neil: qaddafi said i am not responsible for this and the time under president bush where he was welcomed back into the global community for making restitution or trying to, but he said only for the good will but you have no doubt that he was involved. did authorities tells there was in doubt? >>guest: maybe indirectly. he, whether he acted alone that is still a question. if it was just his brain child or suggested by someone else. there is always unindicted co-conspirators. >>neil: what did you thing of
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the way he was taken out today by his own people? >>guest: it is good for them, a good feeling for them, they feel vindicate asked they got rid of this man who tortured the country for 42 years. >>neil: you? eye or an eye? tooth for a tooth? >>guest: to an extent but he had information that i would like to have known. more information about the bombing and who was involved and where the main terrorist is. >>neil: people say whether it is muammar qaddafi, be careful of those would replace him, saying they are no big fans of america. they are no big fans of the west. so, the type of acts that haunted the last 23 years of your life, you are not necessarily done. what do you think of that? >>guest: well, you don't know would the rebels are.
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i heard earlier there are 28 different militias in charge of tripoli. so i know there are billions of frozen assets that belong to the libyan people but who do you give them to? you don't know what relationship the people have with al qaeda or the muslim brotherhood. is, you have to be real careful. >>neil: how does your family, your extended family feel today? >>guest: i are not had a chance to talk to many of them. myself, i'm numb. i, when bin laden was killed and saddam, i was ecstatic, i went down, we lost 11 people in my town on 9/11 and bin laden was killed i brought flowers to the memorial and i went to the grocery store today, it just was a different feeling. i didn't specific, i thought i would be everjoined but i am kind of numb. numb. >>neil: hang in there.
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>> in flint, michigan, murder rates have doubled in the last year after cutting their force in half. >> wish they had a notion what it is like to be on the other side of the gun. it is not temporary if you are held up if the cop shows up and he is not killed that is not temporary. it is not temporary for the life saved in a home invasion because a squad car can respond in five minutes instead of 30 minutes. >>neil: the vice president is hammering home the claim that rape and murder and hour horrific crimes will spike if congress does not pass the new jobs bill. a guy taking the give to task
1:23 pm
big time. >> you are using a rape reference to describing --. >> what i said, get it straight, doze screw and with me, get it straight. let me --. >> you didn't use rape crisis? >>guest: i said rape was up, they times and there are the numbers, look at the numbers. murder is up. rape is up. burglary is up. that is what i said. >> if the republicans don't pass this bill, rape will continue to rise? >> murder will rise, rape will rise, all crimes will continue to rise. >> do you think it is appropriate for the vice president to use language in such --. >> we get to go. >>neil: that went well for this young man, the guy who questioned the vice president of the united states. how did that finish up? >>guest: well, his press chick said, who are you with, as i was shoved by people in the group and i said human events.
1:24 pm
>>neil: you realize these guys have uzis. >>guest: it is the vice president of the united states suggesting that the republican party is pro rape. >>neil: it is a legitimate question. you called him on it and you said this is the sequence, what you said and when you explained it, he did say, yes. >>guest: in the video he says, no, no, no, i didn't use that riff republicans and then he says and confirms that he did use a rape reference in between and he says who do you think you are screwing around, get something straight. i grew up in brooklyn and i am not afraid of a left infrom -- leftist from delaware who is inappropriate to suggest that republicans are pro rain and at the university of pennsylvania he said he wished his critics of rape victims so they can realize
1:25 pm
what they need to do to support the president's jobs bill. this man is unbecoming of the office. >>neil: his words are more blunt and in your face but he does typify a growing message on the left look, don't do this with the job bill the republicans risk seeing an increase in these horrible things. someone must have tested this out as a winnable approach. what do you think? >>guest: i don't how it is winnable to say you are either with us or you are with the rapists? most of americans want to curb deficit spending and to suggest that millions of americans are in favor of rape and higher crime because they don't want the federal government to spend more money we don't have, that $35 billion will be another bailout to the states, and most of the $23 billion, $30 billion is beginning to the teachers union to give democrats coffers
1:26 pm
at election and only $5 billion for law enforcement f they wanted to, really, take a sexual assault to task and increase law enforcement the $535 million with the green fraud solyndra they could is used it to benefit up police security around the country and police forces around the country but i don't buy biden. that he would use this reference and, no other media outlet department. >>neil: how did you get in his speech? you came up to him and, i would think they would have pictures of you if this guy comes close. >>guest: what happened i asked for a picture and some guy did actually snap a picture me and the vice president and then began --. get do have some maneuvering to get close. >>neil: but he did answer your questions and people got all upset when they hear the type of questions you were asking.
1:27 pm
did any of them say anything after like you sandbagged him? you are no good, blah, blah, blah. >>guest: only, who are you with? with contempt. as though i had no right to ask this type of question. it is legitimate straight forward question. the fact is, if i wasn't a credentialed member of the media and was a regular person visiting washington, dc, i would still have that right to ask the president, the vice president of the united states that question because in essence it is all or money from tax dollars. >>neil: their argument, beyond whether the programs are justified, what he is saying, the more joblessness, the more it increases, the more risk we have of crime and all this stuff, maybe that would have been a better way to frame it but he is putting the fear factor in. with that audience, did it resonate? >>guest: he was speaking to union goons so these are parasites on the system so it did resonate with them. >>neil: you must have been the
1:28 pm
cheerleader at the parade. >>guest: but to go back, we have been suffering from 9 percent unemployment rate for 20 months and we are not, we don't have the skyrocketing rate in crime, in fact, rape statistics and murder and burglaries are all down but to have vice president biden who was to oversee the stimulus program, and he did not know what the stimulus website was when asked on national television and he wants to return this into a rape and murder hotline? i can't believe he is the vice president of the united states. >>neil: calm down. you have been disinvited to the vice president's christmas party. >>guest: i will probably get audited but unlike geithner i do pay my taxes. >>neil: thank you very much. can you imagine him showing up at your event? and now teaming up with occupy wall streeters as we speak,
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1:33 pm
outside wal-mart new york's offices. but as these protesters target the rich, someone very rich who is targeting back at them wondering what it is all about, the billionaire had a chance to talk to them, a rally investor among other things, and he is also a democrat. and his name is jeff green and went undercover to lower manhattan to chat with some of them. i wonder if they knew? they didn't, right? >>guest: no. i god on my bicycle i was visiting in morning and rode down there and "forbes" magazine asked good i would be willing to walk with them and get my perspective on what is happening. >>neil: what did you think? >>guest: like everyone else i expected some huge rally, i expected thousands and thousands of people down there and i found relatively small group, maybe 100 people. >>neil: what date? >>guest: monday.
1:34 pm
in the afternoon. it wasn't the weekend. maybe protesters had to go to work but there were maybe 100 people actually protesters probably 100 media people, lots of people with cameras and microphones, and 50 people who were musicians, strumming guitars and playing the drums and maybe a few hundred tourists and the most common question i got asked was, can you take my picture and a guy from switzerland asked to have a picture and israelis asked me to take a picture, so, i saw, i was surprised it was so much less than i expected. >>neil: so no one caught on who you were, that you are a fairly elite group in the world billionaire, so no one knew that. >>guest: no one recognized me. >>neil: okay. you are a democrat. not a lot of billionaires are. this crowd doesn't flip over a lot of billionaires and a lot of
1:35 pm
the not cats they protest against on wall street. what do you think of that? what did you find out? >>guest: what did i find out about what? >>neil: them. >>guest: look, i don't think that many of them have a message. i went over to a number them and i said, what are you protesting and some of them could not answer me. one guy had a sign that said we need a maximum wage opposed to minimum wage. i said what should that be $100,000 a year and he said, i don't we have not thought about it but should someone be able to own just a few acres or all of america. so, what this, this is people who, rightfully, should be frustrated. the message i get from this sited in or demonstration, it is not, it wasp less than i expected, but to me this is like the mouse -- the dinosaur. we have to recognize americans,
1:36 pm
if we keep the race to the top or the bottom we will empower a very, very, very big group of disenfranchised americans who are not part of the american dream and who will at some point could have a real riot and if it was the wrong kind of group and organized it could lead to violence. >>neil: you thing they are hurting their cause. by not being articulate. >>guest: we are in new york city and there is no shortage whether you are a socialist or capitalist no shortage of intelligent people on both sides and the fact there are not professors down there speaking out for whatever the message is. >>neil: what about the president, and a lot of democrats relating to these protesters more, certainly, than the tea party. >>guest: well, i don't, i have not heard what the president said about the protesters specifically but i can say that it would be a mistake if the president got involved because they don't have a message. >>neil: but they rail against,
1:37 pm
for example when i talked to them, the wall street bailouts. this president continued the bailouts. the treasury secretary, geithner, got the bailouts going under president bush. so, do they connect any of that? do they know that? >>guest: no, look, face it, the bank bailouts, the federal government made money on the bailouts, they did not lose money and we need our bangs -- banks to be successful. >>neil: what about going after wal-mart? >>guest: again, i don't understand that, especially on the lower rung of the economic ladder, wal-mart is probably their only hop to be able to have any kind of chance of having food and clothing for their kids. i don't know why they would protest against wal-mart. >>neil: wal-mart put out a special statement saying the special interests seem to be
1:38 pm
misguided given the fact that wal-mart is focused on serving the 99 percent but there is rage that is on both the right and the left and the president said that. but as a man who has succeeded and came from not a lot to the position you are now, i think, do you thing you are meant to feel guilty for your success? >>guest: i don't know if that is what they trying. i said to one person, because although they were not engaging me i engaged a dozen people down there during my hour or so at the park, and i can say that a lot of them kept saying we are the 99 percent and i said back to them, well, look, almost everyone in the 1 percent, .1 percent were in the 99 percent and that is what is so great. >>neil: what did they say? >>guest: they did not have a reaction. because you are not dealing with people who are, really, i think, focused on an issue. i started with absolutely nothing and i was a bus boy and waiter worked through college
1:39 pm
and i lived the american dream and my goal in life and the most important thing to me is to make sure that every american has the same opportunities that i had. and we want people to feel if they are in the 99 percent they have a chance to get into the 1 percent. >>neil: she say it is tougher. >>guest: it is. absolutely. our education system isn't what it was when i was educated. families are losing their homes. there is in question, kids, plenty of people in america unfortunately are playing by the rules, going to college working lard and they don't have housing, they don't have jobs, and the problem largely, as we all know, it is the different global economy we are in today. and the problem is we need, these people should be focused on washington. they talked about the 99 percent and i said this is america. you do not need 99 percent. you need 51 percent. if you have a problem elect people who come up with solutions. >>neil: in other words, sort of like the tea party. >>guest: that is what the tea
1:40 pm
party did. >>neil: whether you agree or disagree. did any of them connect with you or try to hit you up for a job? >>guest: no, but one guided asked for a donation and he asked what it was for and he said we were trying to buy socks and underwear for people sleeping there. >>neil: did you? >>guest: no, no, no. >>neil: even for socks and underwear? >>guest: i offered socks and underwear. >>neil: jeff greene thank you very much perspective from a 1 percenter downtown. more details on muammar qaddafi being taken down. during a cross tire between rebels and supporters muammar qaddafi was shot in the head and you may recall that he was actually apprehended alive. if this is true, then, it was a crossfire between supporters of muammar qaddafi and those who just captured him and he wasment. he was killed. with a bullet to the head. and he was gone. business you are in,
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>>neil: libyans celebrate the end of the dick state who we found out was killed in a cross fryer after apprehended alive. if you think the most celebrated energy giants think this at all changes the energy equation, it really doesn't you argue. we are talking oil. or how much. more. friendsly. unfriendly. nothing changes. >>guest: when they shut off the libyan oil the saudis said we will take care of the problem. and it has been taken care of. so, libya at one time produced three million barrels a day. when they were shut off on the problem they have had the last few months they were down to, i don't, 1.7 million barrel as
1:45 pm
day. but they were 3 million. >>neil: whenever comes in now, bottom line, it doesn't matter too much? >>guest: it gets absorbed back into the market. opec produces 30 million barrels a day. the world produces 90 million so 30 is in the 90, the total is 90 million. so, 1.7 million was taken off and back up to 300,000 and they will take it on up to ... i don't think you will get to 1.7 million. historically the mature oil field dozen not go back to the level as they were when shut down. >>neil: will the oil prices go back to the highs that seem a distant memory now. or what? >>guest: well the global market is north sea crude not west texas immediate so when you look at the world look at north sea. >>neil: which libya had a more
1:46 pm
direct impact? >>guest: well, it just meant the saudis cut back and made room for libya and lebanon i can't goes off, said difficulties produce more and it is taken care of. so it balances very fast. >>neil: we could produce more but it has been a problem but what do we do now? >>guest: in the united states? >>neil: yes. >>guest: we are producing now, if you want to produce more --. >>neil: well, governor rick perry, you endorse him or you like him? >>guest: he is my governor. >>neil: he thinks we should be exploring aggressively after more oil here. do you agree with that? >>guest: well, i would broaden it and say get on your own sources and we have resources to get on. >>neil: oil is among them. and you believe in gas? >>guest: natural gas we are the largest producer in the world. we have more reserves than anyone else, until gas.
1:47 pm
that is 30 percent cleaner. and a fraction of the cost of oil. one mcf is $4, and that is equivalent to seven gallons of diesel. >>neil: why aren't we going after natural gas? >>guest: the legal -- the leadership is not going in that direction but natural gas is four times that in the middle east and three times in europe. >>neil: and solar? >>guest: too expensive. i'm for wind and solar but too expensive. wind is priced on the margin, the margin is natural gas for power generation and natural gas at $4 you cannot finance a wind mill you have to have $6 natural gas to finance a wind deal. >>neil: energy notwithstanding are we going into another recess?
1:48 pm
how do you characterize? >>guest: if we are not in one we are really close is what i think. yes. that could very well be the case. >>neil: you mention rick perry, he's your governor and he stumbled out the gate and maybe he got something back in the recent debate but there has been an attack on republicans for attacking each other. >>guest: i grow. >>neil: are you worried about that? >>guest: i don't like that. i'm not for that. i'm a ronald reagan republican. he didn't think it was smart to attack each other. i don't either. >>neil: will that compromise a republican getting elected? >>guest: i don't know about that. we will see. but energy is going to be an issue in this presidential debate. the university of texas did a poll and 894 -- 84 percent of the pole believe energy is something they are deeply concerned about and they don't
1:49 pm
like to import oil from opec. so if you have 84 percent of people on any poll it is going to be at some point in this debate it willen discussed -- debate it will be discussed. >>neil: a fellow concerned about the spending in washington, senator rand paul. ♪ [ male announcer ] each of these photos was taken by someone on the first morning of their retirement. it's the first of more than 6,000 sunrises the average retiree wl see. ♪ as we're living longer than ever before, prudential's challenge is to help everyone have the retirement income they'll ed to enjoy every one of their days. ♪ prudential. bring yr challenges.
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>>neil: to hear defense spending reporters that helped bring muammar qaddafi down so is this any time to be, well, looking at the defense budget and bringing it down? republican senator ronald rand l says it should be included. all programs in washington should be included when it comes to shaking the costs.
1:53 pm
the senator joins me now. go to have you. you her that argument, that our aggressive spending or resources, energy, time in the area, helped bring yet another despot down, what do you make of that? >>guest: well, we have to lock everywhere across the budget both military and domestic spending and, ultimately it is the compromise that happens and here, republicans will have to admit that every dollar spent in the military is not sacred and democrats have to admit every dollar spent in domestic welfare is not sacred and we have to look everywhere for cuts. >>neil: do you think it goes too far, the super committee cannot grow on cuts of the question is station, the automatic cuts and they are approaching half a trillion for defense over the next 10 years and i talked to many of your colleagues who say that is way,
1:54 pm
way, way over-the-top. what do you say? >>guest: i don't think we will get to sequestration. the cuts are not real because they are cuts in prepared increases over 10 years and $50 billion a year or $500 billion in ten years is a small amount when you think of it. we have doubled the military budget in 10 years all of the budgets have to be locked at. it is better to look at them now in an organized fashion. >>neil: you are not in the camp that says half a trillion more over 10 years you don't think is cutting to the bone. >>guest: we talking about cuts in proposed increases. if you shake out the numbers of $500 billion we are proposing to increase military spending more than $500 billion, so, well, you are not back to a freeze and i have to look at the numbers but the $2 trillion in cuts they are looking at to avoid cuts in the military those $2 trillion are cuts in prepared increases. >>neil: you are right and it
1:55 pm
is worth repeating what we are looking at over 10 years is not cutting we will still have a higher overall debt under the most aggressive plans as we did now. >>guest: the proposes increases $9 trillion in increased spending over 10 years. >>neil: your father got me in trouble for advocating $1 trillion immediately if he became president and balancing the budget by the third year totally unworkable and even republicans say it would lead to another severe recession if not depression. what did you say? >>guest: i'm mad atism because he has doubled down and i had a $500 billion cut and now he has come out with twice that were. but he is exactly right. if a president wants to balance their budget in the temperatures of their office, they have to have significant cuts in the first year and it is not is much after that. what he is pointing out, all of the people are talking about, i'll balance the budget in ten,
1:56 pm
20, 30 years, they won't be in office. the only way we can believe a politician who says they will balance the budget it has to be done in the terms of their office. he is the only presidential candidate who says he will balance the office in the terms of his office but it is not easy it requires real cuts and that is where we have the disconnect. republicans are for a balanced budget in the abstract but not for the real cuts. he pointed out how he would do it. >>neil: as have you. very good to have you, senator. be well. when we come back more on muammar qaddafi. doesn't make you go, it just makes it easier to go. dulcolax stool softener. make yourself comfortable. ♪
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