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tv   Stossel  FOX News  October 22, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ [ male announcer ] write your story with the citi thankyou premier card, with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at >> demand it! >> eric: hello, everybody. it's 5:00 on the east coast. this is "the five." gue, bic bolling with kimberly bob beckel, andrea , and greg g. we have news for you on this friday. but first. >> just calm down. he seemed agitated. >> in my book i said no such thing. >> eric: the battle between romney and perry intensifies, both releasing new attack ads. plus, we're calling it the scandinavian stimulus. the obama administration issues a loan to a car company, but get this. its production line is overseas.
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and a revealing book about steve jobs, gives intimate details about his battle with cancer and what he really thought about president obama. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: complaining already. president obama's job plan, the stripped down $30 billion bill locked in the senate last night. this thing, remember obama said let's break it up so republicans can understand it. you might not understand the big thing but even the $35 billion failed. >> andrea: yeah. i don't think this is a surprise. they knew it would fail. republicans picked off three democrats that are worried about getting re-elected to block the bill. he can't say it's just republicans but this isn't about legislating there is a strategy on the right and mostly the left to
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pass portion of the bill, particularly a tax on millionaires as a p.r. stunt to get republicans to vote against it and get biden to say if it doesn't get passed, women will get rapeed. >> kimberly: this is not working. they need a new trick. this rhetoric is old and tire tired. hysteria from biden. this is political. he knew he wouldn't get it passed in the entirety collectively. he had to cut it up in little pieces to see if he could push that through. >> bob: you know what i think about the jobs bill. let's move on to where it's going. you are right. the democrats that voted against it. tough re-election. that is one of the problems. but you also have a unified republican all-no vote that sets up the argument about the
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republicans defending millionaires. now they have things that is harder for republicans to vote against. next week in the house, the question of the payroll tax cut. my guess is republicans will have a hard time turning that down because they hung their hat on tax cuts. >> andrea: i think -- >> eric: hold on. you think that the votes don't go partisanship? so you thought there would be republican -- >> bob: no. i'm repeating myself, i think the republicans, i think andrea had it right. this is now a gamemansship. >> eric: the story is ten democrats departments vote for it >> ericit >> bob: it was three. >> eric: seven? >> andrea: three democrats. >> bob: leaving that aside, the argument here is if you look at votes on both sides, overwhelmingly no were republicans. democrats before 90% of them that voted yes.
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the division is clear. yes, class war fair and we want to take it to the councilmember. yes, we will win it. >> greg: well, there are so many bills it is beginning to look like my mailbox. am i right? time for a tortureed metaphor. ♪ ♪ if you are like me you had a yo-yo as a child and learned the infamous trick "walking dog." this jobs bill is like walking the dog. the trick is you take a yo-yo and roll it on the ground and it would come back in, just like the $35 payout which would go to the local government, state and local government workers who are unionized and then the dues would come back. >> there you go. >> greg: thank you. >> andrea: that was brilliant. >> bob: that was tortureed. it is. >> kimberly: accurate. >> bob: no, it's not. it probably makes eric's hair stand up. >> greg: am i right? >> eric: you are right.
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so $478 billion is broken up to a bunch of bills. are any of them worthwhile? >> andrea: some are. the trade deals they did were worthwhile. things that obama had on his desk for a long time. he came out and announced the jobs bill and put in provisions that republicans could get behind, jobs for veterans, trade deals and as bob said, the payroll cut. this is something i think he will get republican support. tough to vote against it. but how does obama turn this in to a win >> eric: >> bob: he won't turn it in to a win. get tax credits. republicans will go with that. but one thing that is a reality. argue about mismanagement but because the bill was voted down there will be fewer cops, fewer firemen and fewer teachers. >> eric: i'm glad you brought that up. >> andrea: i'm glad, too. >> eric: see what biden said if the bill is voted down. listen to this. >> in flint, michigan, they cut the force in half. murder rates doubled in the last year.
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>> police departments, as i said in some cases, will be cut in half like in new jersey. and flint, michigan. in many cities the result has been it's not unique, murder rates are up, robberies are up, rains are up. then he said the rates in flint, michigan, tripled. pull up the "washington post." fact checking on that. thank you for that. 2008. check out the rate numbers on the right. 103 lates in 2008 and 2009. down to 91. he is completely wrong. not only did rates not triple, it went down. >> kimberly: it's stimulus math. numbers like triple. times three. he's exaggerating. it doesn't do him any good or the party or the president. if you don't have the facts right and you make something like to make them frightened in the community.
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rapists are everywhere trying to get him and it's the republicans fault? >> bob: not wrong about the murders. they cut flint michigan cops from 235 to 144 and murders went from 35 to 65. it's so, if that is the best you can do on the argument. by biden having the wrong city. wait a second. there is a direct relationship between the number of cops there are and the amount of crime there is. >> andrea: no, there is not. bost really? >> eric: then take the new york city police department to none. >> andrea: take new york city. $16 billion in stimulus dollars. rain has gone up. federal funding for new york city is all-time high and rates increase. how do you explain that? if democrats want a debate about crime and crime bill when clinton was in office, let's have the debate. but don't do it under the guise of trying to bail out the unions.
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that is what happened in 2010. >> bob: get 1,000 cops out of new york city you think rapes would go down? >> andrea: harry reid in 2010 said if the jobs bill was intact men would beat their lives. >> eric: greg, whether or not the rains went up or down -- rapes went up or down it's demagoguery and fear mongers. >> greg: but the question is what about the $500 million to the solyndra rat hole? how many rapes and murders that could prevent? >> bob: as far as i know, no one was rapeed or murdered at solyndra. >> greg: it's a ridiculous comment. >> bob: talk about the tortureed whatever you call it. >> eric: metaphor. >> bob: how you can say that fewer cops don't lead to increase in crime. it defies -- >> greg: a lot of crime occurs between people know each other and it happens in the home. the amount of cops a lot of time can't affect that. by time they get there, the
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crime is over. >> bob: the rapes went up in the city and if you took the police force out, do you think it would go down? >> eric: so when biden is trying to push a jobs bill, he should say things like if you don't pass the jobs bill, rapes will go up? >> bob: absolutely. because what you are doing is keeping police and firemen -- [ overtalk ] >> bob: if you want to be around and associated with a party that keeps teach them -- go ahead. shove it down your throat. >> eric: you are the first democrat to defend him. everyone else said he went too far. >> bob: they must be a bunch of chicken -- i didn't say it. >> andrea: but you have run enough campaigns to know they are trying to make republicans look like they don't care. >> bob: because they don't. >> kimberly: this is about 2012. hello. >> eric: i'm teasing this
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." welcome to g.o.p. ad wars. yes, it's that time again. campaign season meets political ads. republicans are starting to go on the attack. all right. so you have two ads we want to take a look at. first, take a look at an ad out by mitt romney, attacking rick perry. >> the fact is americans understand faith. >> rick perry rolling the dice. >> if he would just calm down. he seemeddage stated. >> a benchmark so low at the last debate. >> we'll wait until tomorrow and see. >> he doesn't have an economic plan yet. >> all he had to do is show up and smile. >> a shadow of his former self. >> you cannot do that in a debate.
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the other republicans will have a hard time against barack obama. >> andrea: okay. now this ad was pulled by the romney campaign because cnn was not okay with them using footage, but they did a smart move. they had somebody, or somebody out there put it on youtube. that's how we're able to see it today. it's getting play because we're talking about it. smart ad or not, it seems -- i don't think it was. i'll go to you, bob, first. i don't think it was. why would you go after -- this is a party that elected president bush. why not go after him rather than his debate performance or his diction for his record record? >> bob: what the ad said -- romney got a break by cnn not letting him use the footage. whoever put it together you are calling your opponent dumb. one thing perry not is dumb, one. two, romney has to be careful about throwing that across. if you look at the ad and listen to it, they get him on the christianity. they hit him on -- there is a lot of -- the language in
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there i think is a bad ad to run for romney. >> kimberly, there is a subtle message saying rick perry isn't as good as barack obama. >> kimberly: very odd. that was a terrible ad. i thought it was awful. i feel like i could make it on my computer upstairs. that's saying something! i don't think it's effective at all. it looked mean-spirited and pathetic. you are putting down republicans in a way, and not good. >> bob: i want -- go ahead. >> kimberly: i was going to say they're going to come back twice as strong on him. perry will come back on romney for that. >> greg: when i put it together, it was for my friends. >> kimberly: sorry. i stand by what i said. >> eric: i thought it was effective. i think, of the two, i'm more conservative so i like perry better. perry going in to the debates was winning. he was at 28, 29, 30% in some polls. now he is third at best. the debate. all he did. the debates, that's where he
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lost the most ground. >> andrea: but what it was the best and strongest argument in a primary where the vulnerable thing about rick pervy the stance on immigration? >> bob: one thing they said about perry coming out of the last debate, he was mean-spirited and, you know, that was sort of a rap on him. romney is now being mean-spirited himself. this is after newt gingrich is out saying let us all come together. ronald reagan thing. let's not beat each other up. all they are doing is continuing the narrative. >> andrea: speaking of rick perry, look at the ad he has out counterpunching mitt romney. >> how do you ensure the 45 or 50 million americans that are not on the books? >> that is what we did in massachusetts. we put together an exchange. the president is copying that idea. i'm glad to hear that. >> i ask is this something you would have the whole nation do? >> would you apply it to the rest of the country? >> i would. >> and i said no. >> i made it clear. also in my book.
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>> the romney administration, were also consulted by the obama white house. >> the music sounds like the world is coming to an end. effective or not? >> greg: it's effective. that is about an issue. not about a person. you could say romney is a shallow haircut. they didn't say. that i went after the issue and linked it to obama. attacking each other is fine and formal but they have to realize they are taking their eyes off the ball and that ball is obama. they're doing a lot of dirty work for the democrats. it happens all the time. >> bob: presidential politics and primaries, getting the nomination they don't care. they want the nomination. what i thought was most effective it revisits the issues on romney in 2008. he was a guy who would flip-flop on issues. it's amazing he has been able
7:19 pm
to coast this long on the massachusetts healthcare bill. this is his own words. >> andrea: effective, right? >> bob: very. one of the best ads i've seen all year. >> eric: when they had his book and showed the line in there and then it's gone, if that doesn't hit home. he has nowhere to go with it. >> bob: on the interview? through the interviewer's who were asking the questions? two of the great admired one, that has passed away. tim russert always seen as the guy to get down and figure out whether you were telling a lie or not. boom! >> andrea: he hasn't been challenged in the last debate, we saw him challenged. he hasn't had good answers; particularly, on healthcare. he can't run as a default candidate. he has been doing. this is the boyfriend that says i might cheat on you and might not be that good on you, but frankly, you're the best chance i got. >> greg: not bad. i was thinking of a
7:20 pm
pay-per-view boxing match like with octomom and amy fisher. >> eric: perry dropped to third and fourth like everyone seemed to think. why is romney taking a shot at him? >> bob: he looks at the internal polls and knows that perry is second best. the best chance that cain has is to get heat off of him and go after romney. if i were herman cain that would be my strategy. >> andrea: best chance perry has to get cain out of the race. >> bob: yeah. what it's doing is forcing romney to play in iowa. if there is only one conservative candidate, romney can't duck it. >> andrea: coming up on "the five," new loan debacle heating up for the obama administration. yes, another one. for half a billion dollars. for something being made overseas? yes. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ daddy, come in the water!
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: welcome back to "the five." so we have solyndra, sun powe power, and now a third. obama administration grants $529 million loan to the electric car company. it doesn't sound so bad at first, right? listen to this. the cars aren't being made in the usa. no. bob, this is true. frightening but true. they're being manufacturered in -- wait for it -- finland. how is that for stimulation of the good old usa. >> bob: i better rick has something to say about this. >> eric: i do. this is a couple of years old. half a billion each for the electric car companies. and neither one of the companies ever what experience mass producing electric cars.
7:26 pm
but we gave them each half a billion bucks. >> i'm not sure it's made. >> please. >> it turns out we can't. they is produced two cars, two vehicles. the other one is who knows? but very quickly, no jobs created. no jobs in america created. who is going to bye $100,000 electric spor sports car? >> greg: why finland? the theory must be the bleaker the place, the better car. they found a place bleaker than detroit. every car should come with a noose have you been there? i have been there. 23 hours of darkness in the wintertime. you get up in the morning and drink.
7:27 pm
the primary transportation is a sled. >> bob: i can't figure it out. >> they call it venture socialism. what is more egregious we pay $250 million for one of these fancy cars? or that al gore is an investor in this company and one went to leonardo dicaprio. >> andrea: this is creating new class of people. vice president, hollywood celebrities to get special favors. cronyism. >> bob: is this the best you can do? one of the reasons they're doing it, temporarily, there is no facility in the united states that is able to produce this car. they want to do it in delaware but they have to rehab it. this time next year, it will be brought to the united states. there will be 5,000 jobs. it won't be done in finland.
7:28 pm
>> eric: i hear another bet coming out. by these times this year neither one of these companies will be -- >> bob: that's not true. >> eric: tesla the other $500 million loan, you know who one of their big, one of the founders ely musk, huge obama donor as well. >> bob: so what? al gore in elick cars, is that a big sport? you think they are going to insnares the industry? this is a guy, his position. of course he invests in it. secondly, if you want to make the bet, i said it would be finished next year. when they start mass producer cars i don't know. >> i tell you what, i'll say -- why don't we have a bet they i'll finish it. >> eric: i a bet you are wearing a tie on monday. >> bob: i can't, because the shrimp in my throat, ripped it apart. >> kimberly: dramatic. >> andrea: take the taxpayers money and buy off environmental and buy off al
7:29 pm
gore. >> bob: what is wrong with electric cars? >> eric: who invests in the elecry car? let the private sector do that. they can do the -- dinosaurs. >> kimberly: who gets everything? supermodels and electric cars. >> andrea: listen to joe biden and ignore bob. >> the president and i have never doubted that we could write a new chapter in the automotive history of this country. because we knew for real, we not only had the best workers, we had the best innovators, the best designers. that is what this was about today. it's about what we are about in this administration. we writing a new chapter for the economy. >> wow! >> greg: the amazing thing
7:30 pm
is obama has the touch. we outsource all the jobs to finland and still the finnish unemployment rate went up. is that amazing? >> kimberly: winning! winning! >> bob: finland is number one in the world in terms of education, medical care. >> greg: it's actually a great place. i have been there. it's beautiful. but i spent most of my time on a sled. >> bob: i flew over it. >> greg: i was on a sled pulled by reindeer for a week. i ate nothing but reindeer. >> kimberly: odd story. >> greg: this is a discussion for another time. >> kimberly: topic for ski. now look at you. full screen. to be fair, the department of energy says no loan money being spent in inland, they say the fact that no doe loan money is spent there. the company operation are supporting hundreds of suppliers and more than a dozen u.s. states. the bulk of the loan is supporting their effort to build a manufacturerring plant at closed g.m. facility in
7:31 pm
delaware. >> bob: can i suggest in the future when we do the anti-obama stories we might want to put facts like those up at the beginning of the discussion? as opposed to letting eric put out the bad facts? are you saying the suppliers are not from the united states? >> eric: they are trying to say the money that the government gave wasn't spent there. it was spent here. meanwhile, all the jobs are over there. >> kimberly: bob, there is no making you happy. >> bob: no making me happy? are you kidding? if you sit in this every day, this is iced tea -- >> kimberly: loving it, okay? you are loving it. we got to go. coming up, gaddafi's death raising questions about the president's no bell peace prize. some even think he should return it -- nobel peace prize. some think he should return it. we'll explain that next on five five. "the five." ♪
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live from america's news headquarters i'm massachusetts mavs. word just in from louisiana where governor bobby jindal has won a second term in a landslide. declaring victory shortly after the polls closed. beating nine competitors in the state's open primary. jindal is the nation's first indian american governor and consistently mentioned as a potential gop presidential contender. parts of a dead german satellite expected to re-enter our atmosphere sometime before midnight at speeds up to 280 miles per hour. right now, scientists don't know where the pieces might land but north america is a possibility. the research satellite weighs more than 2.5-tons and is about the size of a mini van.
7:37 pm
most should burn up during reentry. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "the five." for your latest headlines, log on to fox news .com. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: by the way, this is the "d" block. my producers and colleagues said don't say the rosa parks thing again, so i retired it as of now. y'all win, i won't say it again. welcome back to "the five." i have something to vent about real quick. i'm real sick and tired of people not giving this president credit for anything under his administration. usama bin laden, anwar al-awlaki and now gaddafi have all been taken out of power. instead of people praising him, some people like eric think he should give back his nobel peace prize. sorry. >> kimberly: you are so
7:38 pm
loud. >> andrea: crazy. >> bob: that is the story of my life. eric, you think he should give back the peace prize? >> eric: i'm trying to figure out what the nobel peace prize gets. >> bob: don't worry about. it you ain't going to get it. >> eric: troops to afghanistan. he uses the drones. by the way, i think the drone program is fantastic. i wish you would credit george bush and say bush was the one who put all the infrastructure in place. yes, the obama -- [ inaudible ] absolutely. number one, credit bush and number two, say look, maybe we could use it. would it kill them to agree to that? >> greg: yesterday, i said what you said and i gave credit to president obama. >> bob: good. >> greg: i do think he should not return the prize. he should regift it at christmas. that would be nice. the great thing about obama, all the things he has done, does it pay the way for the
7:39 pm
next president to do the same thing and does the media give him the slack? with the great drone strikes and leaving gitmo open and killing all the horrible people, if there is a republican president, will they get the same kind of accolades in the media as he did? >> andrea: probably not. he has never -- the fact he got a nobel peace prize before he did anything was strange. don't you think? >> bob: we tried to open the segment saying is anyone willing to give him -- greg is. >> andrea: i did yesterday. >> bob: thank you very much. >> kimberly: i don't think he should give it back. i don't think he should have got it to begin with. >> bob: eric is the only one at the table. >> eric: what did he get it for? >> bob: what for? >> eric: the peace prize. speech in cairo? that was it? >> bob: he was -- >> eric: obama gave a speech in cairo and spends two-and-a-half years blowing away radical muslims. >> bob: do you get in a corner and start saying, "obama, bamm, obama."
7:40 pm
give at it break! it's stupid. >> greg: what you said is genius. only a progressive who won a nobel peace prize could do what he is doing and get away with it. right? >> bob: obama had another victory. a judge ruled that members of congress who had sued on the war powers act, which has been a nebulous bill that has been out there. it's a law but it's never been clear. but they sued them for going to libya and said they should have asked for permission under the war powers act to do that. the judge struck it down. what do you think? gest it's not surprising they -- >> andrea: it's not surprising they struck it down. you have folks on the right and the left. bipartisan effort to go after them for some reason, whether they didn't go to congress or they did about it. did it unilaterallily. we have to have a discussion about the policy to the middle
7:41 pm
east. it's hard to figure out. he supports bush in some things and he doesn't have a clear doctrine. he called for assad to step down. he took a leading from behind stance in libya. which i agree with. what he did in egypt was confusing. if you look at this, you say i didn't see paul revere in tahrir square or tripoli. i'm not sure what the people want democracy for. they want jobs and lower food prices. for us to try to force democracy on them. it's risky. >> bob: listen, i think we have to before that have a question about the war powers act was a response to vietnam. the town, gulf and the resolution where lyndon johnson started the vietnam war without act of congress. war powers act was supposed to address that and it's never been clarified. so the question is do we have a law here that can be clarified or start over again and rewrite it? >> kimberly: there are different interpretations of it. specifically, this judge,
7:42 pm
judge walton said they didn't have the standing as members of the house to be able to bring a lawsuit against an executive branch member. that is significant. he is saying you can't get in the door with the suit. he didn't rule on the merit. they fail to demonstrate they have the ability to do this. >> greg: how do you violate something that nobody on the planet read? >> bob: i read most of it. i still don't understand it. this picture, my god! that is horrible. man. i don't want to -- ohh. >> eric: more the headline. >> bob: gaddafi killed by yankee fan. >> eric: gunman had more hits than arod. >> bob: i see now. we're in new york city, our audience and get stopped by people from chile who watch the show. for new yorkers i'm sure it
7:43 pm
means something. the only thing i'll say the yankees have done a better job beating people they are playing against and not worry about gaddafi as much, they might still be in the playoffs but they were a bought and paid for team that was a lousy team. of course, we can't say that in new york. >> eric: i'm not a new yorker. >> greg: i'm from california. i'm a giants fan. >> bob: am i going crazy? >> kimberly: more hits than arod. but arod but dating cameron diaz. >> bob: who is arod? rodriguez. oh. we have to get down of here. bob, they said crazy enough. leave it going. coming up, a brand new book. about steve jobs has details about his battle with cancer and the treatment that infure rates hi friends -- infure rates his friends and family. that and more next on "the five." ♪ ♪ at adt, we get financing from ge capital.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." according to a new book, steve
7:48 pm
jobs once chose alternative medical treatment to fight cancer, putting off surgery for nine months that allowed the tumor to grow. here is a clip from "60 minutes" with the author isaacson. >> steve jobs doesn't get operated on right away. he tried to treat it with diet and does spiritualist and goes through various ways of doing it macrobitically and he doesn't get the operation. >> greg: the result according to dr. marc seigel, had the tumor been caught earlier it might have made a difference. which leads to the truth about alternative medicine. unfettered by research and medical testing, medical quackery flourishes. as adjunct to real medicine may be harmless. provided the root you stuck in your orafice isn't poisonous. but replacement for medicine is bad news. people say alternative medicine has been around forever. you know what else has been around forever? larry king. i wouldn't trade him for a cold.
7:49 pm
even more, herbal gurus love the demonize the drug industry but at least the drug industry spends billions researching the stuff. quacks just spend money on marketing. alternative medicine is $33 billion industry. tell that to your hippie friends. next time someone tells you about an herbal tea cures cancer, run. they may think they are helping but they're worse than cigarettes. >> kimberly: that is intense. what do you want to do with larry king? >> greg: never mind. weren't you listening? >> kimberly: 100%. scary. >> greg: wow! >> bob: serious thing to say about this. are you going to ask a question? >> greg: ask you a question. it's weird herbal remedies, people like them if you are dealing with harmless headaches. things like this. even if they don't work. for example, the headache is going to go away anyway. but you say, that helped.
7:50 pm
that is not with cancer. >> bob: no, not with cancer. more people ripped off by more different quacks as you pointed out. we have to make a distinction there is some legitimate alternative medicines that have been around for a long time. st. john's wort is proven help against depression. steve mcqueen, if you remember mcqueen, he had stomach cancer and went to mexico for series of treatments and it killed him this story about jobs is true, it's another indictment to allow the stuff be advertise, beginning with the fact you can stop them from advertising. if it's not truth in lending. it's not. >> eric: absolutely right. especially with cancer. especially with pan creatic cancer, a lot of history in our family. tumor can grow but if it moves outside organ, mess tas tetizeed and -- me tasty size and then you're done. >> bob: why didn't he take the operation?
7:51 pm
>> kimberly: psychologically he had a hard time with the idea of cutting himself open. the way he felt from when he was younger, he wanted to be more spiritual healing. he regretted it later. to be honest, pancreatic cancer, one of the most aggressive, difficult cancers. >> bob: i can tell you about an alternative medicine treatment for alcoholism around ten years ago. a lot of people went to canada and spend $50,000 -- spent $50,000 if theydant want to go to a.a. i don't know a single one that stopped drinking. they spent money in the process. that's what this is about. money, is it not? >> greg: i want to move on because there is another part of the book, andrea, which jobs apparently was supposed to meet with president obama. he put it off until he was personally invited. then when he met obama he said you are going to be a first-term president. he railed about how the united states isn't as business friendly as china and how the
7:52 pm
education system is in the craper? anyway. thoughts? >> andrea: well, hopefully steve jobs is right that he will be a one-term president. his wife, he says in the book was married to liberal and chairman of news corp. would come over for dinner and joke hide the knives, because she was so liberal. but i think he was very smart. what is shocking, though, someone so smart would be so short-sighted when it comes to treatment like this. of course, people have the right to do whatever they want with their body. it absolutely is. but you're right, they're not being honest about some of the herbal remedies and it's -- last summer it came out and everyone criticized -- >> bob: it would be a good idea for me to drop the jobs thing with obama. but let me say this. he said caustic things about obama. we talked about steve jobs here as one of the great innovative minds in several years. one thing he is not innovative mind about is politics. so frankly, i think that part of this, let's stick to the
7:53 pm
ipad and the iphone. >> eric: that is the point. i'm trying to figure out the point. >> bob: what he is saying is it's easier to go to china. it is easier to go to china and american businesses are more than happy to go there and dump american jobs. >> eric: you didn't see steve jobs asking for $500 million stimulus from the tesla loan there was a time that apple was down to the lost few weeks. it will rally, they were -- literally, they were -- >> bob: has apple never had government loan? >> eric: i don't think so. >> kimberly: more friendly to businesses in the u.s. don't overregulate. what happens is we export the jobs out of this country. they put them in places like oh, finland, oh, china. that doesn't help us here. hi is right about that. >> bob: most major u.s. corporations have done that. they have been around a long time. dump u.s. jobs for cheap labor. that's why. >> greg: we have to move on. the new barbie doll has parents freaking out. i saw the barbie in bob's bag earlier today. i have toll you something --
7:54 pm
that should tell you something. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ fore! no matter what small business you are in, managing expenses seems to... get in the way. not anymore. ink, the small business card from chase introduces jot an on-the-go expense app made exclusively for ink customers. custom categorize your expenses anywhere. save time and get back to what you love. the latest innovation. only for ink customers. learn more at and today, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief. with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles so it enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief right to the site of your tough pain. in fact, it's clinically proven
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7:58 pm
barbie's latest doll is sparking outrage from parents. take a look at the barbie. >> eric: okay. pink hair. she has tattoos on her neck and arm. and is wearing a suggestive outfit! now they say -- [ inaudible ] you have a boy. he might get this barbie. >> kimberly: not comemy barbie. pink hair. i don't think so. i wouldn't by buy a barbie like that if i had a little girl. the tattoos, hair, fine, whatever, but the outfit is provocative. >> andrea: i would not buy this for my new niece. not because i don't like the taos but it reminds me of one of bob's girlfriends. >> kimberly: oh! talking smack now. >> eric: don't you know lady gaga? this is lady gaga inspired. >> bob: i said what do you do? it reminds me a little of my last date, but better looking.
7:59 pm
>> greg: that was a doll! >> bob: that's right. she was! very funny. i do think, i wouldn't let my daughter have it. greg could have it. it could have. >> greg: by the way -- >> bob: i think it's terrible. what are they thinking here? what is the idea? >> greg: this is not, the manufacturer claims it's for adult collectors, strange men who live at home with their mom. >> bob: so are triple-x rated movies. >> bob: do you feel that outraged? my god, look at the barbie. yes! >> greg: i don't care. this proves that tattoos are over. if a barbie doll has a tattoo, it's over. over like a hackey sack. >> bob: get on the ground floor. the biggest payoff business will be getting rid of tattoos in the next ten years. all the kids getting the tattoos. >> eric: second biggest. the remove obama bumper stickers is the biggest. >> greg: there you go. >> e


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