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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  October 23, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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no wonder more businesses choose verizon wireless than any other wireless carrier. verizon. tonight on huckabee. the government is forcing out his long-time family business to expand a sewage plant. the small business owner fights the government to stay in business. and the unknorn. >> a lot of realize that's why the protest is going on. >> to the clueless. i am against everybody holding debt for slavery. >> who are the wall street occupier. >> they are not socialist or communist. >> fox business network find says out what makes the wall street occupiers tick. plus she stole carie grant's
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heart but will her beloved basketball team break hers. governor mike huckabee. [applause] >> m
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with in the past and call and ask them are you going to vote on issue two and if they are going to vote for it if you say no, you make sure they don't go vote. let the air out of the tires on election day. tell them the election has been move to a different day. >> people in the room laughed because they were smart enough to know that it was a joke. now the local new in mason, ohio knew it was a joke. this is what they say. huckabee jokes, stop issue two opponents from voting. but the liberal outlets wrote it. from the huffington post. mike mcchrystal urges voters suppress of antiunion measure. fox new huckabee advocate voters suppression and then ed schulz.
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psychotox. fox new host mike huckabee thinks it is hilarous to deceive voters. >> you know what a joke is, liberals don't. webster defines it like something said or done to pro voke laughter and a oral narrative with a climatic humorous twist. and so a joke is something funny like >> who is on first? give me the guys name first. >> the guy in first place. >> the guy on first. >> why are you asking me, i don't know. >> there are demands for me to apologize? for what. having a sense of humor. liberals ought to confiscate of what we earn but do they want to rob us of what we have to laugh.
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god has a sense of humor. i will not give up mine for sour pusses. that is easier for them than defending their position. and folks seem to be all wound up tighter than an eight day clock. even joe biden went blaring on us. >> it is like a side of a gun for a 200 pound man standing over you. it is not. when that 911 call comes in and a woman is rape it is not temporary to that woman. >> i have always kind of liked joe biden and i think he's a good are the haded guy. and so what i was thinking is this. >> say it ain't true so joe. say it isn't so. >> and then president got pull of balon juice.
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>> if they don't vote for the sprending here's what he said. >> you got their plan let's have dirty aerodynamically and water. and less people with health insurance. >> oh, yeah. that's what we are about? wow. for 21 of the last 31 years there have been republican presidents and our water and air are cleaner than they have been. i have been a republican since i was a teen and i never knew that the water we drink and air we breathe ought to be dirty? i thought we wanted it to be clean for our grandchildren. this is a great opportunity for me to show you another photo of my grandson getting ready for his first halloween. i don't think i ought to quit telling jokes no matter how tasteless liberals are.
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i think they ought to quit choking down prunes for dinner and enjoy life. liberals who laugh at conservatives are doing more for their cause than the easily offended who have a bad case of comedian constipation. calm down liberals and take a large dose of metamusil. don't take yourself so seriously. you will blow a gasket. now if you want pospew. go ahead and blow steam. you can go to, and click on the fox feed back and go to my facebook and rip. i will smile either way. >> and have you heard of the term imminent do main? it is a big deal if you are a home or business owners. but many people don't know what we are talking about. we went to the streets of new
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york city to find out how much people know about imminent do main? >> you have any idea what imminent do main means? >> no idea. >> have you seen it? >> it is not a movie. the concept of imminent do main, are you aware of what that means? >> you caught me on that one? back me up. >> it is a reality show on fox. >> okay, i think i heard of it. >> term imminent do main, are you aware of what that is. >> no, i wouldn't have a clue what you are talking about? >> no, over there earnest hemmingway in a track suit. >> are you aware of the concept of imminent do main. what is the favorite book. old man in a sea. >> and snow of -- i love you
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earnest. i have to love bill for helping us out. >> we had fun there but imminent do main is serious and you should know what it means. i am from the government and i am here to hear -- help you. >> i am from the government and here to take your property and move you out. can they do that? yes, they k. imminent do main is a law that allows the government to take the private property if it would serve a greater publics purpose. the government wants to close down bob's 60 year old welding business in order to expand a water and sewage plant. he didn't lay down. bob, welcome. good to have you with us and i understand that yesterday there was a rez lusionn temporarily. what is the latest status on the government trying to take your
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shop away. >> basically we got an extension of 30 days. they wanted us out immediately and we have a little more money from them. it went from 60 percent of what they offered me to relocate and now up to 50 percent. this is allowing us to proceed to obtain a build move some what. it is not settled but a good step in the right direction. >> if the government has a public purpose like a road or water or sewage treatment plant. they have to give you justization. it was a fraction. and a lot of people roll over. you didn't. why did you not say okay, you guys can have it. well, it is a family business that my dad and uncle started over 59 years ago. and i was raised in this place.
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i was down here as a kid and worked here and i am not ready to give it up. >> what did they try to tell you. i think they offered you $47,000 to relocate and move all of the equipment and you are looking at several hundred thousand to do that. what was their justification. looking at the pictures it is worth more than they were offering. what was their justiction . >> they refused to talk with us and refused to meet and negotiate. here's the deadline, get out. >> and you said no. and now you are in arbitration. how long is it going to take before you feel like something will be permanently resolved with this, bob? >> when they come across and give me computation so i can obtain a new facility and remain in business. i am not looking for anymore or
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accepting any less. >> bob, i appreciate it. and on behalf of all property owners, thanks for standing up. we all understand and recognize imminent do main is a legitimate way to obtain the property to build a road or bridge but what if the government takes it away and want to build a shopping center. that's not the public business. that is private development and good people like bob need to stand up and even though the people may be walking around the street was manhattan, you need to know what it is: the home you thought was $300,000. they will give you $15,000 and expect you to take it. i hope you done. continue to fight the good fight. [applause] >> and there are many reports about the occupy wall street
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protestors. and are they just an angry mob or is there legitimate arguments. fox new charlie, went to the i've got nothing against these do-it-yourself steam cleaners. lugging around a hot water extraction unit can be a rush! that's why i'm carpet for life. but if things get out of hand, there's no shame in calling us. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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>> lady free loader and mob and socialism. but is there more to the occupy wall street protesters than that? >> fox's charlie is back from wall street and joining me now. welcome back. did you have a good time down there? >> [applause]. >> mike: before we get in the wall street protest. i want to spend most of our time. tell me about imminent do main and the gentleman from pennsylvania. it is a all too oftenuation. >> the government can take your home. i believe the supreme court had a split vote on it?
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>> mike: we had new hampshire people in the audience and they will remember that justice suiter had a home and people tried to declarr imminent. >> if you are supporting the wall street protestors opinion to a degree. imment do main is unbelievable. affects average people. it never affects people who live in mansions. you don't see it in the rich part. >> mike: welders. >> or a blue collar family and they want to put a mall there. >> mike: you just returned from there and saw interesting things and a lot of us who don't hang down there want to know. how much is really a group of legitimate angry people who have a right to be angry and how much is it a people looking for something to do. >> it is both.
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there are legitimate gripes here. when you critize these folks. they are of the economy and many ways the victims of the president obama's economic policies not work they have legitimate gripes. they are unfocused and they can't string together coherent thoughts and they are organized, but they are not doing it. you have organized labor in there and united federation teachers and other labor union movements that are organizing them for a bigger ander purpose. it is getting out of hand. >> mike: this is an interview with a guy name griffey. >> i left my leave of absence. i am a welder on the the ohio river for five years. i told them i would take a leavev absence to come down here and fight and protest. and i have been all over the
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country. where is the little man's bail out? out here in new york you got banners for stuff that is nice to have, but you don't need. but the moral is, you know, most of these people cannot live a simple life like this with the things i have on my back. they have to have all of that. if you are not in debt you are not happy. >> mike: one thing that grizzy said where is the little guy's bailout? in a way. i can sympathize. i was against tarp. i thought it was unconstitutional excess of government trying to create winners and losers in the market place and so he has a point. >> right. you listen to the folks. they make several valid points and the thing of it. we did bail out the banks and that's what tarp was about. >> mike: they got mon yenot loaning and helping small businesses. >> it is a tragedy what went on in 2007.
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i covered it every day and still affecting us now. people are not work what is scary about that guy. he quit his job to come down there? >> mike: he had a job. >> that rubs me a wrong way. people need to work and love to be in the position of having a job. and this guy quits to sleep outside for three weeks it is absurd. >> mike: we have another interview that you did with aqua star. >> i hope to achieve wall street starts reliefing and giving us relief of money. for example, i know that i am homeless and i would like to get off of the streets, but because the economy is so bad, it is a trickle down affect. the rich are quiet going richer and the poorer are getting poorer. and the middle class are poorer. and excuse my french. (bleepp)
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>> we'll leave at that? >> mike: i am not sure that was french and thank goodness we didn't hear it. tell me about your encounter. >> a lot of folks are down there to hang out and using media attention to suggest they are thinking about something bigger. they really don't understand. if you listen to them. you have to listen to him to pull out valid point. wall street got bailed out and the average guy didn't and it is hurting. why don't you see middle america down there? this recession has hurt blue collar people and construction. 20 percent unemployment in construction. i don't see them there. i see college kid and i see you know, the new york city labor movement organizing them and a smattering of revolutionary party types. i don't see average americans of
8:21 pm
any race down there basically proing what is essentially a bad economic situation. >> mike: no one has written more about it than you. when we come back, i want to talk to you about what you saw and where should the rage be directed. charlie, that's why i have him on. [ dennis ] allstate wants everyone to be protected on the road. whether you're an allstate customer or not. all you have to do is call. [ female announcer ] call allstate now and you'll get a free lifetime membership in good hands roadside assistance. [ dennis ] shop less. get more. make one call to an allstate agent. [ dennis ] shop less. get more. ♪ we're centurylink... new kind of broadband company committed to improving lives with honest, personal service, 5-year price lock guarantees and consistently fast speeds. ♪ so i got my nephew i neto build a website., i hired someone to make my website...
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>> we are talking to charlie from the fox business network. charlie, when we think of this movement one of the questions is how much is it like the tea party. the tea party was accused of being very quiet type audience. how diverse is the group that
8:25 pm
you see in occupy wall street. >> that is the point i was making before. unemployment has affected minority community in a devastating way . this is a very monoletically white crowd. aqua man, >> aqua star. >> for everyone there are 40 white kid that is are college educated and that is the problem. you don't see blackk construction workers down there or asian construction workers and average people from any race. you see white kids that graduate from college and that is part of the problem with the message. you don't get the impression it is real outrage. it is fake outrage>> mike: how much should be focusod washington? >> it should be focused on wall street and washington.
8:26 pm
wall street is crony captalism that is bailed out by washington. it is a valid point. i think what they have to realize and this is where they miss it a bit. what you see on wall street is not capitalism. if it was able to work. every wall street firm that was bailed out would have been out of business. >> you met a reporter from media matters and attacks fox news all of the time and sponsored for george soros. >> what do you do. >> i am a reporter for george soros. does he support >> i don't want to be interviewed in >> i am not here to be interviewed. you represent soros represent yours. do you know or not know. >>im not here to be interviewed. >> what do you think of the protest.
8:27 pm
>> what did you find anything good. >> not here to be good. you can't say if you found out anything. >> i don't speak. >> media matters can't say if they found anything good here? >> mike: that was a hoot. he was not there to be interviewed. >> he would not confirm or deny. he was asking me questions. i thought media matter system george soros. i don't know what you call it media watch dog group that is funded by george sorros to carry out his political agenda and if he's going to interview me, i will interview him. >> mike: you didn't much out. we expect better by goal. it no one knows it better than charlie. in the to be released book. steve jobs warned barack obama
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>> i am mary ann raf pert. president obama with a series of actions to help the economy. he will begin a 3 day western trip to promote measures to help the stressed homeowners and college students faced with rising tuition. he can't wait for congress to act trips will include fundraising events. two-days after the dictator qaddafi declaring liberation on sunday. thousands packed the streets for the liberation ceremony. the new government is intended to set up a democracy. it is after 8 months of civil war.
8:32 pm
back to huckabee for your latest headlines go to you are watching the most powerful name in news fox news channel. would like to comment e-mail us. [applause] >> mike: will listen for news and commentary the huckabee report it is heard on 600 radio stations and available on a daily pod cast. go to mike huck.comand join the facebook page and follow me on wit - twitter. >> gaddafi and al-awlaki and osama bin laden have all been eliminated while barack obama was in office. isn't this the same president who apologized for the bush administration stance on threats to national security. it looks like it is time for me to take the hot seat.
8:33 pm
my colleger ellie mitchell. edidentity are. and jamull green. jamu has bark obama become neobush now that he is the war president. >> he has approached foreign policy from not going it alone and more reasonable. i think when you look at his success which you just listed off quite eloquently and everything he said he would do, he's checking boxes off. we should be as elle will agree with. i feel like in comparison from a domestic policy standpoint, if he was able to drive the train in the same way as commander-in-chief it would be different. he's held back.
8:34 pm
but on foreign policy his leadership is clear and delivered on his promise. >> let me agree that you have to give him credit. and i think republicans are frankly, it behooves us to recognize in terms was getting high valued targets he's done it and we ought to be great wow, but you know, it was not his doing. it is his president and he would have been blamed had the missions fail he deserves the credit and i think republicans should do that. he was so critical of bush for going after the high value targets. >> it is usually the left who is concerned about human rights and due process and conservatives that are more focused on the surgical aproachh that obama has taken. he is the president assassin and gone around james bond style.
8:35 pm
>> as a liberal i am deep low concerned with how this president has used foreign policy in such a secret way more like bush 43. but if you look as a nation building stage we are like bush 41. >> he's like bush. >> 41 and 43. and that is a good thing. we have friends. one nice thing about obama you can say you are americanads opposed to canadian which is what whey had with bush. >> i always said i was american. and i love the canadians. nothing wrong in case those folks are watching. >> governor huckabee, will you go out to your republican colleagues who are running for president and ask them to give president obama his due not just a congratulatory standpoint but
8:36 pm
recognize and acknowledging the leadership. >> i just did on national television. >> you can call them. >> mike: they all watch my show. we are covered. let's talk about steve yobs new biogravy coming out. untimely death. he said to the president. you are in for a one-term presidency. is that a surprise that he would have said that? >> i am not surprised that a head of a major corporation thinks obama should be nicer. teave job's main point we were at a competitive disadvantage with china. we'll be at a competitive disadvantage with china as long as we have child labor laws and pensions. there is a moral imperative that is different from what china is bringing. >> mike: should we allow them to
8:37 pm
cothat and import their products without impugnity. >> you are talking about restrictive trade policy. in history free trade is a better way to democracy to capitalism than closed trade. >> mike: is it tree trade if it is not -- snorks no. >> mike: they are dumping products and taling intellectual property rights from american inquenitity. >> absolutely not. that conversation as ellie said not a surprise at all. but the bigger part of the segbook, let me help you with ads for the 2012 election. clearly a visionary who has been -- it is a devastating loss to the world and he thought president obama should be elected regardless of the challenges with business regulations that he wanted to
8:38 pm
have easied and the issues he brought up from china and he put ideas on the table for education. but bottom line, he wanted to help obama get reelected. he didn't get that opportunity because we lost him too soon. i hope others will see what others did. >> mike: look forward to seeing you again. thank you for coming together. hollywood is full of all kine of romances. brad pitt and angelina jolie. and marylin monroe and joe demagio . veteran actor who falls in love with a young actress. diane has a new book, it is a wonderful book about their relationship and she will share relationship and she will share her story when they come ba relationship and she will share her story when they come ba you want to save money on car insururance?
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beautiful actress and 33 years his junior who captured his heart and they were married and she gave birth to jennifer his only child. their marriage didn't last forever but her memories do. >> more than 40 years after the divorce diane cannon chronicles the book in dear cary my life with cary grant. please welcome diane can 81. >> hi. great to have you here. >> great to meet you. >> i are looked to meeting you for a long time. one the things you are known for. you are the biggest la laker fan. >> can you see my belt. >> it said lakers. >> i don't know. are we going to have a season? >> i don't know. with the lock out thing. it has no snap out of it, four
8:44 pm
words. >> how did you get to be a lake are fan. >> my father used to take me to all of the games. football and basketball and i am from seattle and i love today all. >> you did a commercial . we'll see a piece of that for the lakers the. >> it is by johnson. and four on 2. whew. more action. it is always fantastic. [laughter] and i want to talk about not the lakers, but the fantastic book called dear cary. you knew cary grant better than anyone knew him and you wrote a book that is warm and insightful, but it is not a kiss and tell and make him a bad guy. it presents a human side of cary grant. >> i am glad you got that?
8:45 pm
>> mike: that is what makes an endearing book. what led you to tell the story. >> guest: i wanted it to be a inspirational book and relate to even though it stars cary and me . what happens in a relationship. >> mike: when the marriage ended, it left you hurt and devastate you had a break down. >> guest: i did, yes. >> mike: what was the essence was why it was so devitate now revisiting it? >> guest:. i made him my everything and that is a precarious position because that is like standing on a rug that anyone can pull out from underyou at any time. i think i was so enthralled by the attention that cary paid to me. my wardrobe and the way i wrote my hair and thank you, notes.
8:46 pm
>> mike: he was a consummate gentleman . he radiated charm on the screen, to know him off he walked in the room and the room changed. he had a presence an heart and soul and sweetness and kindness, and yet, the things from his childhood held him back and couldn't deal with. >> mike: on the screen he was a confident individual. but in person there was a side of him that was insecure. >> guest: you know what happens, we look at stars and we make our political figures and anybody that we make a god out of it understand they have feet of clay and kerry really tried to work through had those things. >> mike: you were 33 years difference in age . you were fun-love outgoing and he was very -- what was a lot problems.
8:47 pm
>> guest: i think that is so profound. i don't know why. >> mike: i am not charging you for this. >> guest: i don't know why i never thought of that? yes, because he was older than my father and in the beginning, i didn't want to date him. he pursued me. my parents said no. diane. but he chairmaned me. >> mike: he said he would like to see for what you thought was a part in the movie. >> guest: that is what he said. that's what he said. [laughter] >> mike: i love your laugh. that is one of the things that is endearing about diane cannon. >> guest: my agent was in the office for four hours . he didn't mention a movie. i think he's interested in you. and i said you are crazy. and he was right and i was wrong. >> mike: one of the great, and i
8:48 pm
guess reasons of the whole marriage was beautiful daughter genener and only child he had. how much of cary grant do you see in cary grant in our daughter and grand chooner. i am go, go to the little boy. >> mike: go, go. >> guest: i go and go. >> mike: we called my grandmother go. go. >> guest: is that true? >> mike: i promise. >> guest: oh, my goodness. >> mike: you can't make that up. if i ever see how is go, go doing. >> guest: i will say fantastic. >> mike: and all of the members of the studio audience will get a member of diane cary's book when they leave here today. and all of our television audience will go to
8:49 pm >> guest: you really, really got it. >> mike: you are writ know a wonderful book and thank you for coming it is a delight to meet you. >> guest: thank you. >> mike: one of my favorite for a long time. his day job is anchoring here on fox news and kelly and his two sons will join the little rockers for a marvin gay classic, that's next. i'm your blind spot. [ humming ] and my job is easy. hide big things. you're good... [ crash ] [ laughing ] [ screaming ] [ tires screech ] and if you named your own price on car insurance, you could be paying for this yourself. so get allstate, you could save money and be better protected from mayhem like me. [ dennis ] shop less, get more, make one call to an allstate agent. [ male announcer ] indulge all you want.
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he's also had a couple of alfeaturing his powerful voice and a new cd called goodness and mercy. you are going to love it he's
8:53 pm
here with his two sons. pest fiver time you brought your son. morgan the drummer and michael the guitar. when did you start playing. >> i started around three years old. >> banging on pots and pand. >> it was a mickey mouse drum kit. >> you have gone way beyond that now. how about you did you play guitar. >> it was michael jackson. >> not your dad's muc. >> it put an innuence. >> i am trying to help out. >> but billie jean. it has moves to it. and doing the moonwalk all over the house. >> we have to get it. and it is a mixture of gospel and r&b and southern
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country gospel. and it is hope in the troubled time where there is hopelessness. and i am injecting a good infrusion fusion of home. >> cuget it onu tines and family christian storse. >> mike: i love the music. we'll do a cut from it and all of the audience will get a copy of kelly wright's cd and they will love it let's play a cut. ♪ ♪ oh, mercy. ♪ we need your mercy. note oh, -- well ♪ oh, oh, mercy me.
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