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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 24, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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bill: i'm working on my costume. martha: my costume looks pretty much like this. "happening now" is starting now. we'll see you back here tomorrow. bill: have a great day jon: can't wait to see what they go as for halloween, right. jenna: yeah, pretty good. bill hemmer you never know what he's going to come up with. jon: it will be a surprise g. morning i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna leave. we are here in the fox newsroom. "happening now" a very ominous survey on the economy that can really affect each and every one of us. a vast majority of economists surveyed says a whooping eight out of ten businesses say the economy will grow only slightly this year, just 2% or less. that is simply not enough for job growth. jon: the very same survey by the national association for business economics finds companies are not hiring because of sluggish growth projections. 29% of respondents say they expect employment will increase in the next six months. that is the lowest number in
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nearly two years. but there is even more troubling news as 12% of those businesses polled say the labor market will weaken even more. and that is a big problem given that our national unemployment rate is stuck at more than 9%. jenna: those are the prediction. here is another report, it's far from the only kind of warning we have on the economic front. new fears today about another debt downgrade for the united states. that could happen, according to some reports, within the next month. elizabeth mcdonald with the fox business network is live with the details on this. elizabeth, what exactly do we know about this warning? >> reporter: it's coming out of bank of america, merrill lynch, from one of their top analysts there, ethan harris. he's saying if the super debt committee does not come up with a credible plan to offer 1.2 trillion in deficit reductions by november 23rd then he is saying, quote, that the super debt committee will effectively crash and then you may see a downgrade by one of
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the credit rating agencies soon after. we already saw s&p downgrade the u.s. in early august, losing the aaa down to double a plus. ethan is essentially saying merrill lynch of bank of america essentially saying moody's and finance much could follow s&p with a downgrade of their triple rating of the u.s. credit rating. jenna: what happens if that downgrade happens within the next couple of weeks? >> reporter: essentially what we saw in early august was the dow plunged nearly 6%, losing 635 points. bank of america, merrill lynch, jenna saying they do not see that much of a market reaction. they are still seeing interest rates low, bond yields low, and by the way, jenna, s&p and mod de's do have a negative outlook on u.s. debt. fitch has a positive outlook. but s&p and moody's has already said that they may not move on another downgrade within the next 18 months or two years, so
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they are taking a witness and see. they still want to see a credible plan. bank of america, merrill lynch warning that the ratings agency could move even more quickly than what they are telling the american people. jenna: maybe the bigger story is about confidence. because of course when you see that downgrade that can definitely affect confidence in the consumer which is already affected a lot already. liz always nice to have you. >> reporter: sure. jon: how to jump start the sputtering economy very much on the mind of press with his jobs plan blocked in the senate the president is going on the road to kickoff a series of initiatives that do not require congressional approval. first stop las vegas a city hit very hard by the housing crisis. fox news chief correspondented henry is in vegas live for us right now. the president,ed, is expected to make this big housing announcement today. what is this new plan about? >> reporter: that's right. they will have a new message which
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his aides say will be we can't wait, a shot at republicans in congress, basically that he's been waiting around to get this jobs bill past. congress will not do it, he's going to try a little end around. on housing, for example, this morning the president going to announce in a few hours in this very neighborhood where i am in las vegas that he wants to try to help people who are understand water with their mortgages. they don't have equity in their homes. the home is worth less than their mortgage is actually costing. and so basically it will help you refinance at the low rates, which are around 4% right now if you do too things, if it's federally packed mortgage and number two if you're current on your payments. if you're not making your payments you're not going to qualify for this. the problem is i walked this neighborhood yesterday and talked to the families in this community where the president will be and they were basically saying we heard this before. the president in 09 had a major more closure plan and it largely has not worked in communities like vegas, people in phoenix
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and all different cities around the country have struggled. one other kick bit of news on friday unemployment came out for the city of vegas and it was little bit better. it went from 14.3% to 13.6%. but obviously that is still far worse than the national average, and so people in this community are basically saying it's only less bad right now. that is really troublesome for the president heading into 2012. jon: as he tries to win re-election a lot of observers saying he needs nevada's election troel votes. is he going to be able to carry that state again? >> reporter: a big question. bottom line, i spoke to one of the president's top advisers who said, look if we can carry nevada and colorado, which by the way the president is going to be visiting tomorrow as well, they think they have a better than 50-50 chance of being reelected. these are two states he carried in 08. as you suggest it's going to be hard to carry again, because of haoupbgs jobs. i spoke to -- what is going to be key is the hispanic vote.
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this economy where the president will be no accident is a hispanic community. that will be very important both here in nevada and colorado. i spoke to one woman, a homeowner around the corner yesterday, she said look her message to the president is look out for the latino vote. we don't just care about immigration reform. we care about jobs and housing like everyone else. she said we feel like we're working hard right now and things are not working out for us. that is a trouble so many message that this president will face here in vegas. jon: you're there with him covering every move the president makes. thanks. jenna: big story today, getting new information on a possible plot against our u.s. ambassador to syria. robert ford has returned to cashing ton from toda damascus because of quote, credible threats to his personal safety, the state department blaming the syrian tkpwhr-ft for the threats. no word on when the envoy may be back. ford made waves when he visited a key city which is a who the
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bed against bashar al-assad. it infuriated the syrian government. the u.s. has no plans to expel syria's ambassador to washington quote at this time, that's according to a u.s. official. we'll continue to follow that story. it was so loud we thought it was a bomb. that's what witnesses said about this massive earthquake in eastern turkey. a frantic search for survivors is on going at this pour. it was a 7.2 quake killing more than 200 people again at this town. thousands of others were injured by this. just look at this wreckage, unbelievable. rescue teams combing through mountains of twisted concrete and steel and trying to pull dozens of people from the wreckage, including a toddler and three other victims from this collapsed six-story building. in the meantime hundreds of aftershock sending already terrified victims into the street. grn reporter jasper mortermor joins me on the phone from a
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town called urges. jasper, what are you seeing right now? >> there's a two story building that has collapsed across half of the road. all the traffic has to move on around it. this is a familiar pattern. when you walk down the main street it's a dual carriage way with an island down the middle of it. cars have to cross over from one side to the other, often driving on the wrong side of the road, because there is a huge pile of concrete rubble in front of them. a building has collapsed. on top of the rubble you'll see ten, 15 rescue workers in orange uniforms and maybe a crane hanging over them trying to get connected to a concrete block to be pulled off. there are no lights in the town. i'm speaking to you from the town hall, which is electrified,
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because that's got its own generator, but on the main street all shops are closed. it's quite erie to find the center of the city with no restaurants, no coffee shops, no internet cafes. they are all closed for lack of power. interestingly, many shop windows were broken by the quake and thieves could walk in, but lieutenanting doesn't see looting doesn't seem to have occurred. you see these shops have all their merchandise intact. jenna: lots of the images coming from turkey, jasper, thank you very much, a story we'll continue to follow today. jon: fox news alert, a loaded handgun gets past security at los angeles international airport. patti ann browne is on the story for us. >> reporter: we should emphasize that airport security is not required to screen checked bags for guns.
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personnel are only required to screen checked bags for explosives. carry on bags must be screened for guns obviously because they could be used during a flight. anyone flying with a gun tphepb a checked bag is supposed to declare it before boarding. but that did not happen in this case. yesterday morning a bag containing a loaded handgun was loaded into the carey on area of a plane at los angeles international airport. a worker on the airport ramp discovered the .38 caliber handgun. it had tupl -pbld from an unzipped compartment in a duffle bag being loaded onto a flight to portland, organ. the owner of the gun was questioned by the l.a.p.d. he was later released and allowed to board a later flight to portland. they say the tsa screened the bag for explosives as required and there were none. as for the gun not being declared, she says, quote it's the airline and the passenger's responsibility to insure that firearms are transported correctly.
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this was an alaska airlines flight 563 leaving lax at 8:15 yesterday morning. this may not have been the first lapse. the traveler told authorities that he had flown out of portland with the same bag, with the gun inside three days earlier. jon. jon: patti ann browne quite a story there. jenna: another big story for us, a search for missing baby lis a. we are entering our third week. we have new surveillance video that may offer new clues. ka sraf der dogs picked up a scent inside the parents home. following the latest developments of this story with an interview coming up next hour. jon: here is a question the country is asking, whose side is afghanistan on? a shocking state from afghan presiden president hamid karzai. jenna: this mansion on wheels may be the newest way to row tire in style. i could see jon scott behind the wheel of that baby. that's for sure. we'll give you a tour of this
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jon: fox news alert, mansoor arbabsiar says he's not guilty. he is the suspect in the alleged iranian-backed plot to kill the saudi ambassador to the united states. he entered that not guilty plea in federal court. he is charged with several counts, including conspiracy to murder a foreign official and conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction. we will continue to keep an eye on that very strange case, let you know how mansoor arbabsiar is doing. jenna: in the meantime breaking news out of the war in afghanistan. nato reporting 200 terrorists were killed or captured in two military operations that just
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wrapped up in eastern afghanistan. it comes as the west digestess the news that the afghanistan president essentially said he would support pakistan in a war between us and the pakistanis. here is the quote, quote god forbid if a war breaks out between pakistan and america. we will side with pakistan. if pakistan is attacked and if the people of pakistan need afghanistan's help afghanistan will be there with you. for more on this we are joined by major general bob scales, a retire retired from the u.s. army. also a fox news analyst. nice to have you as always. what you hear this. what do you think? >> reporter: i don't know of anyone in uniform in afghanistan who has anything good to say about this guy other than the fact that he's corrupt and ungrateful. but just take a minute and look at it from his side. recently he's seen the precipitous and rather embarrassing withdrawal of americans from iraq, out by christmas. he now is fairly convinced that
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we're going to be out of his country by 2014. he's seen what happens to afghan leaders in the past who are abandoned by their foreign supporters. and so what he's trying to do, beginning now, is to shore up his alliances first with india, with strategic agreement last week, now he's even saying nice words about pakistan, long been a mortal even knee o even a enemy. ask anybody about this guy and corrupt and ungrateful come to mind if you look at the rate of reduction of the forces over the next two years by 2014 it will be extremely unlikely that we'll have much presence in afghanistan and even less likely that we would be able to come back. carzai's only alternative once nato begins to depart is to turn
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to his other new neighbors, eupd yeah and pakistan. it's an act of, perhaps desperation on his part to try to keep his government together as we begin to withdrawal. jenna: what about our policy against -- i don't know if i should say against. pakistan sometimes we talk about as an ally, sometimes an enemy. as we are moving from afghanistan, how do we shift that focus to develop stronger policy against the enemies that are within pakistan? >> reporter: that's a great question. in fact this operation that you just alluded to was fairly successful in the sense that many of the hakani network were killed. it was a hammer and anvil operation without an anvil. we are having extreme difficulty trying to maintain active participation between the hakani network. it's very, very difficult to fight a war across a porous border. they are trying to conclude the
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reduction of the hakani network before the snows stort to fill up the passes between afghanistan and pakistan so they can start fresh in the spring time. as you know and our viewers know our military relationships with pakistan are not good. jenna: is this making us any safer, this new focus on going after the hakani network? is this making us safer here in the united states. >> reporter: i think so, the hakanis are notorious for being anti-western and plotting against u.s. forces. they th-r the seeds for future insurgent sees and terrorist acts once we begin to lead. it's important to beat them down the best we can over the next two years, but it's a tough job and it will be very difficult for the remaining u.s. forces to do this in the two years we have. ing. jenna: it's tough to think about fighting, looking of footage of troops we have on the screen fighting for our safety and for a change in afghanistan almost to keep karzai in power.
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then he says if you go to war against pack san i'm not going to paubg. the withdrawal from iraq, does that mean some better soldiers, better equipment are going to go to afghanistan? does that have any sort of effect on the way we're fighting in afghanistan when we're bringing 45,000 troops out of iraq? >> reporter: i don't think so. it may increase the dwell time for the amount of time that soldiers have between missions, but it looks like in the next year, year and a half more than 45,000 soldiers will be removed from the army and the marine corps, so the total numbers available for the afghan mission between now and 2014 i think will probably remain about the same. i don't see any big change, general and you fortunately. jenna: major scales, always nice to have you. thank you for joining us. >> reporter: thank you, jenna. jon: baby lisa has been missing from her home in missouri for at least three weeks now. police say they have brand-new leads to follow-up on. surveillance video backing up witness reports of a man
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possibly carrying a baby in the middle of the night near her parents' home. the latest on the investigation. plus, washington warns of arising terror threat in africa. some new terror attacks in kenya. who is behind them? in america, we believe in a future
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jon: new surveillance video that seems to offer clues in the search for missing baby lisa irwin. police received tips from two witnesses who claim they saw a man carrying a baby the night the child disappeared. baby lisa's parents holding a vigil outside the family home where police say cadaver dogs picked up the scent of a body in the parents' bedroom. mike tobin is unraveling all of the latest developments.
8:25 am
the surveillance video, mike, how significant is it? >> reporter: it's going to have to play out. possibly significant, only because if you look at this video it's a distant poor shot of a man supposedly wearing white pants, and it was taken two miles from the irwin's house on the night that baby lisa went missing. possibly significant, because those witnesses that you mentioned, at two separate locations, both said that they noticed a man in the middle of the night wearing white pants carrying a baby that they described as wearing nothing other than a diaper. the gas station where the surveillance video was taken is between the two locations where the witnesses say they spotted the mystery man. police at this stage of the game will only say that they have not identified the man in that very important shot on the surveillance video. jon: very poor shot. you can't in any way see anything like a baby in that shot, can you? >> reporter: no, not at all. jon: what about the parents? are they still talking with police? >> reporter: there is a new attorney representing the
8:26 am
parents, her name is cindy short. she has indicated there is friction between the parents and police investigators, and because of that tric friction they cannot agree on conditions for another sit down. >> they really have a broken trust. it's going to be counter productive to try to sit down with those detectives again. it would be better to bring in some detectives who are fresh eyed, fresh eared to listen to the parents. the parents would feel more comfortable and less afraid. >> reporter: short also claimed despite the notation on the police affidavit that a cadaver dog had alerted to a spot on a carpet inside of the family home that police never removed that section of carpet. we've all seen the news footage by now of the carpet being removed from that house, but short says that is a roll of carpet that was from a shed behind the house. the spot on the carpet where the affidavit says the cadaver dog alerted was untouched according
8:27 am
to this attorney, jon. jon: this very strange and sad case continues. mike tobin, thank you. jenna: we'll take you out to san jose. california, about an hour or so from san francisco, jon. you can't necessarily see it but apparently a man is standing on top of the city hall in san jose. let's see what he says, stand up for what you believe in. apparently he's a good climber. we have no idea how he got up there. he's part of the occupy wall street movement. hopefully that helicopter will pull out. our affiliate ktvu out in san francisco -- there it goes, when it happens like that we actually can't communicate with them. when that happens that's pretty good. it looks like a pretty good climb up there. we'll keep you posted if he decides to do anything else. what can we say, occupy san jose protester atop the city hall there. egypt is at a turning point as the people there prepare to go to the polls. big fears that will change the
8:28 am
face of the country. what that could mean for our foreign policy in the middle east. leland have it heleland vittert will take a closer look. will the american troop withdrawal from iraq make a way for iran to move in? or is iran already there? we'll look at that sthraeut ahead. straight ahead. [ male announcer ] ntgomery and abigail haggins had a tree that borthe most rare and magical fruit, which provided for their every financial need. [ thunder rumbling ] [ thunder crashing ] and then, in one blinding blink of an eye, their tree had gen its last. butith their raymond james finanal advisor, they had prepared for even the unthinkable. ♪ and they danced. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you.
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jon: i'm in the acquisitions center here at fox where we bring in hundreds of satellite feeds from all around the country and world. on remote 259, that's the great seal of the state of california, but it's the courtroom in dr. conrad murray's manslaughter trial. the defense expected to begin its case today in the trial of the man accused in the death of michael jackson. they're a little bit late, they should be under way already by now. on remote 237, there is the white house. the president not there at the moment, he is onboard air force one headed for las vegas where he's going to be raising a little bit of campaign money and also touting his new plan to help homeowners who are underwater. and on remote 218 take a look at that, up numbers on the dow. you don't see that very often these days, it seems. up 91 so far on the day. perhaps over the possibility of some resolution of the debt crisis in europe.
8:33 am
we'll have more throughout the hour. jenna lee, back to you. jenna: there's some growing concerns over new attacks by terrorists in africa. the al-shabab group threatening to unleash deadly strikes in kenya. the state department is now warning americans in ken da to be on -- kenya to be on alert. they are blamed for a grenade attack that injured dozens at a bar in nairobi. >> they are going to attack us or not, we are supporting them fully. so we are not afraid of them. not at all. they'll attack, they'll hurt us, but we are determined as a nation to wipe them out. jenna: catherine herridge is our chief intelligence correspondent. catherine, why does a somali terror group catch the attention of our intelligence at this time? >> reporter: well, thanks, jenna, good morning. there is growing evidence the al-qaeda affiliate in somalia is becoming more of a global player, and they have
8:34 am
successfully recruited americans to its ranks. the secretary of state said that the threats are credible. >> we've been getting threats from al-shabab against americans and westerners, so it's a very dangerous, uncertain situation, and we want to be sure that whatever information we have we immediately present to americans who live, work or may be visiting in kenya. >> reporter: and today's grenade attacks on a kenyan bar is evidence of al-shabab's ability to act on its threats to punish kenya for sending troop into somalia. jenna: so we have, obviously, a presence in yemen, we just sent troops to uganda. what are we prepared to do about this, if anything? >> reporter: well, according to u.s. firms, it's really been adept at recruiting western europeans and americans by playing off they allee -- their allegiance to their native country, and we've got a new photo stemming release efforts there. and the man on the right you see
8:35 am
whose face is concealed is identified as an american citizen and spokesman for al-qaeda who has brought korans, clothing and food for victims of that drought. fox news was the first to identify him as the spokesman and battlefield operative. on the right you see his high school picture. he faces charges of supporting a terrorist organization if he returns to the u.s., and a minneapolis native was the first documented case of an american suicide bomber. and to answer your question, what's key here is that u.s. officials see this growing cooperation between the the al-qaeda affiliate in yemen behind the two major plots against the united states, and there's evidence they're working together on training and also sharing bomb-making techniques. so when you look at that region, it's like the emerging hub, what i have sometimes refer today as potentially afghanistan on steroids. jenna: so the ability to recruit
8:36 am
americans or westerners, and then this momentum very key, something we should pay attention to. catherine, thank you very much for that. >> reporter: you're welcome. jon: in egypt right now political factions are struggling for dominance ahead of next month's parliamentary elections, but the hard line group the muslim brotherhood and its newly formed freedom and justice political party are raising new concerns about the rise of sharia law and the future of u.s. and israeli relations with this crucial ally. leland vittert is becoming that issue from cairo. >> reporter: jon, for so long the united states and israel could count on egypt as being the linchpin of the middle's east and someone who was in lockstep to support them. the issue, though, now with the rise of these radical groups faster than any of the other political organizations that have started here in this part of the world, the mother of the arab world could change forever.
8:37 am
kicked out of the united states for being too radical, this man now runs a small tailor shop in cry row, but his real -- cairo, but his real mission is far from making clothes. >> i'm trying to convert as many as i can because this is a war, you know? it's to wash the plain of the people. >> reporter: he helps lead a group that are growing, evidenced by this million man march two months ago where protesters demanded egypt become an islamic state. does that mean you'd like to see shah sharia law in e gent? >> -- egypt? >> yes. i'm against any other system. i am an enemy of democracy. >> reporter: it was a cleric who inspired the attack on israel's embassy and the rise of radical islam in egypt has gone unchecked by the army. >> we had a day where women go out unveiled, they will be kidnapped, and that scared the heck out of everybody. >> like, you know, they're
8:38 am
scaring everybody that muslims are going to cut the hands of the thief, right? i don't know why people getting scared on this. if you're not a thief, you shouldn't be afraid of that. >> reporter: they not only would like to see sharia law here in egypt, but would also like to see it in the united states but will stick at least right thousand to organizing in this country. however, jon, just behind me is the u.s. embassy where there is now a protest by these guys, asking the united states to release a cleric who was the mastermind behind the 1993 world trade center attack. right now the protest is peaceful, but that could change. jon: ominous signs, that's for sure. leland vittert, thank you. jenna: let's keep that in mind as we look at this story. a sharp warning to tehran not to mistake the withdrawal of u.s. troops in iraq as an invitation to meddle there. iran has a long history of, quote, meddling in iraq.
8:39 am
for example, iran imports weapons to iraq and has for years. explosive form project tiles were and are used by the insurgency in iraq. this can puncture armor, one of the main weapons used against our forces. it sends its elite military to train extremists in iraq. tehran is the main provider to iraq for goods and services, it's the largest trading partner to that country since the fall of saddam. iraq buys air conditioners, food, construction supplies, gasoline, things like that. the two countries, in fact, back in july signed a major agreement. they want to boost their trade to $20 billion a year. now, take a look at this, this is part of the reason why they can do that. iran shares the longest border with iraq, more than any other country. iran is a majority shia country, iraq is as well, and the two together are the largest shia countries in the entire world which means they share a similar belief or similar form of islam. all of the above happened while the u.s. was in iraq.
8:40 am
so we want to ask the question, what now when we leave? the author of "tehran rising: iran's challenge to the united states." everyone talks about this new vacuum -- that's where the discussion is headed now that the president made the announcement about the withdrawal of the troops from iraq. is there a new power vacuum, or is that power vacuum already filled right now? >> well, there's certainly a power vacuum that's beginning to emerge, and i think that's what spurred secretary of statement clinton to make the warning. the fact that she and other government officials recognize there's a problem brewing is, i think, a very good sign. the question is what the administration is willing to do about it. i think the facts on the ground suggest strongly as the united states is beginning to stand down in iraq, the iranians are standing up in a major way through economic ties, through political support to shiite militias and through ideological influence over the iraqi government. jenna: let me just interrupt you for a second because, obviously,
8:41 am
that's happened while our troops have been there. and so iran and iraq have been able to unite over the troops being occupiers in iraq. so if we remove that element, does that remove something that these two countries can agree upon? >> well, yes and no. i mean, i think recent history, the history of the eight-year iran/iraq war suggests strongly that iraq has an independent identity, it's not necessarily a vassal state of iran. the question really is, is the iraqi state strong enough to stand on its own. and wrosht our withdrawal is right on time or it's premature -- jenna: is the question really about iraq though? it seems that we're tying it to some sort of failure of our forces in iraq, but is it a policy in iraq or is it our failure of having a strong policy against iran that's mostly the issue? >> i think it's mostly the latter. the iranians see a strategic open anything iraq even though we were there, and i think the iranians are emboldened by the
8:42 am
fact that our approach towards iran over the last several years has been virtually nonexistent. we haven't figured out a way to deter the iranians, and that's why they're meddling in iraq. jenna: how do we do that? >> a lot of this hinges upon how we deal with the iranian nuclear program, but also upon making sure we leave behind an iraqi security force that's able and willing to interfere and prevent iranian cross-border incursions. jenna: we're going to have to see how that plays out. just real quick here, taking a look at the region right now and picking up off leland's report on what's happening in egypt, some wanting sharia law in egypt, we had an announcement in libya over the weekend about sharia law there. you're seeing this ideology pop up, and no one knows what it will become. some have different theories on it. what's your theory on how we're combating that ideology of extreme islam whether it's from iran, egypt or otherwise? >> right. first of all, it's important to
8:43 am
point out that the iranian variant of political islam is very different than the sunni egyptian variant. but the failure, i think, that you're seeing across the board is the same. it's a failure to understand that there are extremist groups that are mobilizing to take advantage of the arab spring, and it's also a failure to understand that these groups happen to be the most organized and the best equipped, best-resourced groups in the middle east which means that the arab spring is work anything this their favor and not in favor of the democrats. jenna: that's a very provocative statement, and we hope to continue the discussion off that last point which is the bigger point we need to explore as well. thanks so much for joining us again. >> oh, my pleasure. jon: well, the president is hitting the road visiting las vegas today, pushing some new programs to try to help the housing problem in this country. but you might ask this question: where are his fellow democrats? why some seem to be distancing themselves from the occupant of the oval office. we'll go in depth next. toothpaste is the wrong thing to use on a denture,
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jon: fox news is your election headquarters, and with the president's job approval ratings sagging, right now the gallup tracker puts it at 44% with 47% of those polled disapproving of the job he's doing, some democratic politicians in key battleground states seem to be backing away from the commander in chief. this was apparent during his recent jobs tour. you just couldn't see many of them on stage with the president. let's talk about it with juan williams, a fox news political analyst. stephen hayes is a senior writer if the weekly -- for the weekly standard and a fox news contributor. a couple of years ago, steve, being with barack obama was seen as political magic. what's happened? >> it was. he had the magic touch, and politicians would flock to try to get face time with him whether at campaign event or having him do fundraisers for
8:48 am
them. obviously, now, as you suggest with the polling numbers the president eat not nearly as popular as he once was, and democrats in some cases are scrambling to get away from the president. you had a situation in virginia where the president wuss on in the jobs tour where ward armstrong, the house minority leader who's a democrat, is running ads contrasting his views with the president's views. this is how democrats in a lot of these key battleground states are approaching the president. it's not helpful to the president. jon: juan, you think it's more a matter of, well, the president's perm popularity rating -- personal popularity rating remains very high. >> i think that's a key point. and, you know, just to pick up on what steve was saying, you can see this writ large in terms of some senate campaigns, people like joe manchin in west virginia, claire mccaskill in missouri. but, you know, i think, jon, it's a little bit of short-sighted thinking. i remember back with president bush in '04, again, some republicans thought, oh, gee, he's so polarizing at the
8:49 am
moment, but he went on to win re-election. i don't think a republican or democrat can run away from an incumbent president, and we know some of these congressional democrats -- especially the conservative ones who are so worried -- you know, you've got to think congressional ratings right now in terms of job approval are even lower than the president's. so are they going to run away from their position in congress too? it just looks like they're, you know, weak. that's all. jon: steven, in this internet era when these ads get produced and they're out a couple of hours after an event takes place, is part of it the imagery of being seen on stage with an unpopular president? >> yeah. i mean, i think almost all of it is the imagery of being seen with the president of the united states. he's actually had this 44% in this gallup poll is actually a little bit of a bump. this is after the death of moammar gadhafi, people are calling it the gadhafi bump. he's doing a little bit better than he had been. he had been down in the high 30s which is really tough territory for an incumbent
8:50 am
president to be trying to plot his re-election from there. i think the bigger problem that the president faces, though, is the democrats -- some of them -- are opposing him on policy. his plan was to run on this american jobs act to make republicans look like obstructionists, to say this is a party versus party problem and democrats are we me -- are with me. that frustrates and complicates his narrative. jon: yeah. he had democrats voting against him on that up with as well. juan, i've got to get you the last word next time because we're getting the wrap. >> okay, thanks. jenna: a camper like you've too. ♪ [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
8:51 am
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8:54 am
jon: time for a segment i can only o call dream on. it's about a mansion on wheels, a luxury camper hitting the showrooms displaying all the trappings of a palace including a master bedroom, a fireplace and a 40-inch television screen. to, it's not your grandpa's camper. the price tag for living large on the road in this way, a cool three million bucks. joining us now, the marketing manager for marquee mobile, the austrian company which designed this thing. how big is it, julie? >> hi, jon. pleasure being on your show. actually, the vehicle is about 12 meters long -- jon: 36 feet roughly, okay. >> yes, very true. it's a little bit shorter than most campers on the market. jon: what makes it so expensive?
8:55 am
what'd you put in this thing? >> so many things that i could probably talk for hours now, but the most important features are that everything about this vehicle works on the push of a button meaning that there is a sky lounge that lifts up automatically by the push of a button, room extensions and furniture can be transformed, and there's a lot of technology inside this vehicle so you can monitor it via remote access, you don't have to actually be in your vehicle. and there's so many fine materials like marble and the finest woods you can find and real leather and all these kind of things inside this vehicle. so it's not only designed from the outside, but also very comfortable. jon: at a time when really the world economy is in so much trouble, is there really a market for people, you know, who want to spend three million bucks on a mobile home? >> you would not believe it. as you might know, the launch happened about three weeks ago, and we are just flooded by so
8:56 am
many inquiries and people who just love the design. and so, yes, we are very flattered that there's such a good market for this vehicle. jon: have you sold any in the states yet? >> actually, i would estimate about 50% of our inquiries are coming from the u.s., and we are currently negotiating with a few clients, yes, so i would hope that there will be some going to the u.s. very soon. jon: there's a picture of you standing in this front of this thing. it's rather monstrous. you do get a lot of square footage for your money, i guess. julie from marquee mobile, thanks. jenna: and they're open for negotiation. so you can negotiate that three million dollar figure. jon: i'm sure you can, you know, pick a slightly cheaper grade of marble for the bathroom. jenna: very cool. well, mitt romney making it official in the first in the nation primary state, new hampshire, today. i bet some of these candidates would like that camper. mitt romney picked up a key
8:57 am
endorsement today. how the presidential field stacks up with primary season just around the corner. we'll be right back.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
jon: well, a high-profile enforcement as mitt romney makes it official in new hampshire. hello, i'm jon scott. jenna: hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. the former governor of massachusetts filing today for a spot in the nation's first presidential primary. there he is, and winning the support of the state's former governor, new hampshire's former governor. chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in washington. two questions here, carl, is romney safe, as they say in new hampshire? and what about iowa and south carolina? how does that figure in? >> sure. first of all, that endorsement is from the former governor of new hampshire, john sununu, who went on to become the first president bush's here of staff -- chief of staff. that, of course; is what romney
9:01 am
wants. he's got a double digit lead in one poll. for mitt romney, new hampshire is a must-win. he has to win there, and he has to win big. he's virtual a favorite son or nephew, and he's got a vacation home in new hampshire. he has to do well there, and he doesn't really have any serious competition. in iowa he's this a virtual tie with herman cain for first place, but in iowa the christian conservative/socially conservative evangelical vote is very much divide amongst some of the more conservative candidates, so romney's in the position of seriously considering whether or not he'd ramp up his competition in iowa because the evangelical/social conservative base is divided there. in south carolina the big threat to romney is, in fact, rick perry, though the polls suggest that both romney and cain are tied in the first in the nation southern -- excuse me, first in the south state in south carolina. rick pair perry's going to unveil his flat tax plan there
9:02 am
tomorrow, designed to overshadow herman cain's 9-9-9 plan and compete for conservatives down society. also very, very important. so romney is looking at a divided conservative base of the republican party and hoping to capitalize on that in the early states by if they're divided, perhaps, he hopes he can conquer them. there is a very thin level of support for mitt romney although he's broad and he's leading the polls, it doesn't take much to make a lot of them change minds. that's what his rivals are counting on. jenna: i'm wondering if he's rethinking a vacation home in south carolina and iowa as well. seems to be. well, never mind. carl, thank you very much for that rundown. we'll continue to watch. jon: he could probably afford them. for a look, now, at how things are shaping up for the rest of the field in the republican presidential campaign, bret baier is the anchor of "special report." bret, mitt romney's numbers seem to have solidified in the quite a few states. we're going to be talking with jon huntsman, one of those gop contenders later on, but mitt romney seems to be the guy to
9:03 am
beat right now, and the calendar is his friend, suggests "the wall street journal." >> reporter: right. it was an interesting article and one that we've talked about. the dates of the primaries and caucuses and how come pressed january and early february really is. that helps mitt romney on a national stage. obviously, he has a lot of money, and he has a lot of infrastructure around the country. another interesting thing about mitt romney is that he's often the second choice if he's not the first. so this whole strategy of being the last man standing does bode well if this race continues on for a long time. carl mentioned iowa. it's a fascinating decision that the romney campaign will have to make. if he fights and fights legitimately, and that means pouring money and organization into iowa, then that becomes a real test. mr. inevitability will be tested in iowa. if he doesn't win, then you wonder how that effects the rest of the calendar after that. jon: but suspect it a little bit
9:04 am
late -- but isn't it a little bit late in iowa? i've always heard that iowa voters like their candidates to come in the, sit down at the kitchen table, sit down at the diner, make many, many visits to that state, really show their commitment to courting iowa. is it a little late? >> reporter: well, he's been there a couple of times, and he says he'll be back again. we'll see how much he'll be back. but if you look at herman cain who's leading in the latest iowa polls, he has not spent a lot of time in iowa at all. and has very little infrastructure, at least right now, although he's ramping that up as more money is coming into his campaign. so could this be a different year for the iowa caucuses, how it's fought? we'll see. iowa does break late as does new hampshire. in that last week, a lot can be decided, so that's one of the things we look at in this race that's still up in the air. jon: republican voters like to sort of kick the tires on their candidates. mitt romney has, obviously, been
9:05 am
around this block once before when he finished just behind john mccain last time around. obviously, that's a big part of the reason he's doing so well this time, isn't it? >> it is. and historically, republicans like to nominate the person who came in second. mike huckabee, obviously, had a lot of the delegates when all was said and done. but when mitt romney left that race, he was in a solid position in 2008, so he has a leg up on the field as far as knowing who he is. that said, the real vulnerability as we've talked about many times is still massachusetts health care and his contention that he never wanted that state health care law to be a national blueprint be. there are interviews and interviews on the stump that back in 2007 where he says just that, and the perry campaign has pointed to his hardcover book that had a line in it that said he wanted it as a national model, and the paperback does not have that in it. so we're going to hear more and
9:06 am
more about that. if he can get over that hump and convince conservatives that he is on the same wavelength as they are heading into the general election, that'll be the moment that mitt romney closes the deal. there's a long way to go before that happens. jon: all right, bret baier. thank you. >> reporter: sure. jon: catch more of bret when he hosts "special report" tonight. 6 p.m. eastern time. jenna: here's a big story as well when it comes to politics. the president is set to announce a plan to jump-start america's housing market today. some are already crying foul before he even takes to the mic. the plan will allow homeowners to refinance even if they owe more on that home than it's actually worth. the only problem, some say, with the plan is it won't require congressional approval. some say it's still a no-brainer, so there's a lot of details you should know about it. the president is set to make his announcement about 5:30 p.m. eastern time.
9:07 am
you can head over to right now for more details on how this program could end up affecting you. jon: there are new questions and concerns following the president's decision to withdraw virtually all u.s. forces from iraq by the end of this year. specifically, iraq's ability to handle its own security. and the u.s. is planning to maintain some kind of a presence in the region anyway. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more. jennifer, it seems like iran is just kind of sitting there waiting in the wings for the u.s. to pull its forces out. >> reporter: well, that's certainly the concern among u.s. officials. defense secretary leon panetta fired a warning shot today while traveling in asia. >> for iran andanybody else who has any other ideas, let me make clear that the united states maintains 40,000 troops in that region, 23,000 in kuwait and
9:08 am
numbers of others. in countries throughout that region. let me make clear to them and to anybody else that america will maintain a presence in that part of the world. >> reporter: and for the first time, we are hearing concerns from iraqi leaders. we heard from the speaker of parliament, he said today, quote: >> reporter: the parliament speaker who himself is a sunni muslim was referring to iran, again, it's the first time we've heard some concerns from iraqi leadership since the announcement that all troops would be coming home. jon: on top of all this, there's that new report out suggesting that u.s. money has been, essentially, wasted in training the iraqi police, and the police were supposed to bring stability to that country, right? >> reporter: that's right. the u.s. has spent about $8
9:09 am
billion to train the police since 2003. that was under the department of defense. it's going to be transitioning to the state department, but there's a new report suggesting that this, that there's a lot of waste and that, in fact, a multimillion dollar program, nearly a billion dollar program that the state department is supposed to start running next year is plagued with trouble. the report from the special inspector general for iraq said only 12% of the funds even go to training the iraqis. quote: the police department program could become a, quote, bottomless pit for u.s. dollars intended for mentoring, advising and training the iraqi police forces. this is a pretty damning report considering that the iraqi police are supposed to bring stability after the u.s. forces pull out. jon: lots of concerns left in that part of the world. jennifer griffin, thank you. >> reporter: thank you. jon: pretty spooky story out of australia. ooh. a huge shark kills an american diver off that cup's coast.
9:10 am
off that country's coast. now they're trying to find the shark as we learn more about the victim from his family. >> devastating. it's hard to even, um, wrap your head around. you can't believe he's gone. it's devastating, you know? we had just talked about going over to australia for christmas, possibly. just got an e-mail from him the day before. jenna: such a sad story. we'll tell you more about what we know about this incident. in the meantime, america's asking about republican presidential candidate jon huntsman. he's going to be joining us live, just go to our web site at [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea,
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gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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9:13 am
america's fastest and most reliable 4g network in over 140 cities. verizon. built so you can rule the air. jenna: welcome back, everyone. right now the suspect accused of plotting a terror attack on u.s. soil is pleading not guilty in federal court. his name is month sure backs car, he was arraigned in manhattan. he's charged with plotting to kill the saudi ambassador to the
9:14 am
unite, and the white house said he did so at the direction of top government officials in iran. tehran, in the meantime, calls those claims baseless. eric shawn is following the story live for us in manhattan. eric? >> reporter: hi, jenna. it's a shocking alleged plot. the iranians, apparently, planning or thinking they were planning a terrorism attack right here on our soil that potentially could have killed hundreds of americans. the defendant is month sural backs car, he's an iranian-american who has lived in texas for three decades. he's from corpus christi and at one point was a used car salesman. he allegedly was recruited by the quds force to assassinate the saudi arabian ambassador to the united states but was caught in this apparent dea sting. he thought the hitman he was dealing with was from the mexican drug cartels, but it turns out he was a dea informant. in court he was dress inside a
9:15 am
blue prison outfit, he said very little other than not guilty. he does have a prominent scar on his face which reportedly is being from a vicious robbery more than two decades ago in houston. his alleged target was a very well known, respected and stalwart member of the diplomatic community in washington. he's been a very prominent figure for years in our nation's capital. according to the indictment, the defendant said, quote, they want that guy done. if 100 go with him, f 'em. i'm going to blow him up or shoot him, whatever you want. >> reporter: prosecutors say that arbabsiar has confessed, he apparently is cooperating, even recording phone calls with one of the iranian officials who they say was directing him to assassinate the saudi arabian ambassador. as for the iranians, they charge that this case is baseless. they think it's all political. in fact, in their words they
9:16 am
have called it out of a, quote, hollywood scenario. but others say it is a very chilling reality that the iranians thought they were planning a bombing and a notorious killing and a terrorist act right here in america. jenna, back to you. jenna: still so many questions about this case, eric. thank you for that. we'll continue to watch for developments. jon: some new information coming in now on the american diver killed in a shark attack off the coast of perth be, australia. -- perth, australia. crews are trying to hunt down the great white involved in this attack. patti ann has details for us. >> george wainwright of texas was in australia on a work visa. he was killed by a shark over the weekend off the southwest coast near perth. he had been scuba diving alone off a boat. his two friends reportedly saw a flurry of bubbles and then their friend's body. then they say a great white bumped their boat as they headed for shore.
9:17 am
wainwright was 32. his sisters in florida are now speaking out about the brother they loved. >> i think it was just wrong place, wrong time because he was very wise. i would trust him with anything to do with being on the water. >> he was funny, he was witty, he was the smartest person you would ever meet. he was an extraordinary person. he was one of a kind. >> reporter: well, this was the third deadly shark attack near the island this two months. marine experts say it's unlikely the same shark is responsible for all three attacks, but shark hundters are now attempting to lure the killer great white using hooks baited with tuna. critics say it will be impossible to identify this particular killer shark. wainwright, meanwhile, was an engineer. he moved to australia five months ago. his sisters say george loved australia and spoke fondly about the nature, the water, the fishing and the people. in fact, wanda and brenda were
9:18 am
planning to visit their brother in australia this christmas. jon? jon: so sad. patti ann, thank you. jenna: drug violence in mexico leading to a brand new police force trying to bring the country's crippled tourist industry back to life. also, the defense about to make its case in the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's daughter. adam houseley is live in los angeles with more on this. >> reporter: yeah, and before they present that defense, they're getting their chance to take their shots at the prosecution's key witness during cross-examination. we'll give you some of the highlights from inside the courtroom underway again here in los angeles. that's coming up only on fox. when i inspect homes, i can't be in an allergy fog. so i get claritin clear for strong, non-drowsy relief of all my alleres like dust mold
9:19 am
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9:21 am
jon: right now the trial of michael jackson's doctor just resume anything los angeles. the defense is expected to begin its case today after cross-examining a key expert
9:22 am
witness for the prosecution. adam houseley live at california's superior court in los angeles with more for us. adam? >> reporter: yeah, jon. that cross-examination of dr. stephen shafer continues rice now. we can show you, he is the witness who was on the stand for about a week. now, there were three dark days because of trial procedures and other things that happened, so he was really on the stand for three full days if you were to count the time and a little bit more than that. he's now on again during cross-examination. he tied the whole prosecution case together. he said dr. conrad murray left the singer 17 times making 17 mistakes, basically, and be said he abandoned michael jackson during his care. he really had a strong case for the prosecution, but on friday when cross-examination began, the defense made some inroads, and that continues. and there is some significant sparring in the courtroom on friday. take a listen. >> extraordinary things require extraordinary or proof.
9:23 am
>> and you certainly do consider that what you have claimed occurred in this case is an extraordinary claim. >> not at all. >> you understand that dr. murray is literally on trial for his life. >> reporter: once again, that was the sparring on friday between ed cher now have, the lead defense attorney, and dr. steven shafer, the man who's considered to be the star witness for the prosecution. they've only been underway for about a half an hour, maybe a little bit more, and they're going through some of the procedural things there having to do with how much propofol could have been in michael jackson's system and that type of thing. once this is done, the prosecution will have a chance for redirect, they'll maybe have to clarify a few things, and then the prosecution rests, jon. and that's where the defense case begins. the defense could be done as early as the middle to end of this week. they have 15 witnesses they're going to call. one of those witnesses is dr. shafer's friend or was his friend. there's been a falling out over the two experts in the world of
9:24 am
propofol, one for the prosecution, one for the defense. all part of the intrigue surrounding this case, jon, as it goes forward. the jury could potentially have this case by the first part of next week if everything goes as planned, but we know in this case nothing has gone as planned so far, jon. jon: yeah. nothing seems to be normal in the world of michael jackson, even after his death. that's for sure. >> reporter: absolutely. jon: adam houseley, thank you. remember, you can watch the trial if you have access to a computer. just check out the live stream. head over to our web site, there it is, upper left. jenna: another big story story for us today, some tourists heading to mexico can now get special police escorts for safety. it's the latest impact of rampant drug violence that's turning towns into battlefields. steve harrigan spent some time down in mexico, he's life in miami with more on this. >> reporter: jenna, it certainly did seem unusual to see hunters carrying rifles needing armed guards, but that's how bad the situation's gotten
9:25 am
in northern mexico where the tourism industry is now being threatened to be wiped out. [gunfire] >> reporter: if you plan on taking a hunting or fishing vacation in mexico this year, you may have some company. armed guards now used by many lodges to keep their clients safe from run-ins with the drug cartels. [gunfire] >> reporter: dove, deer and bat fishing zones near the u.s. border are also battle zones in mexico's drug war forcing more than 250 hunting lodges to shut down, threatening the country's tourism industry. >> we've lost about 95% of business. people from the states used to come here a lot. >> reporter: a five-year battle between the government and the cartels has left 43,000 dead and exposed mexico's police force as complicitment -- complicit. an entirely new force, the civil guard, is being formed to fight the cartels. [gunfire]
9:26 am
>> reporter: there's also training to defend against what may be the most to tent weapon in the cartels' arsenal, the 100 peso note. [speaking spanish] >> reporter: that's an ethics class. they're trying to teach the new recruits not to take bribes from the drug cartels by tripling their salaries. they're hoping they'll be able to resist that temptation. jenna, back to you. jenna: we'll see if it works, steve. thank you very much. jon: america borrows billions of dollars from china at the same time we are giving that country millions in foreign aid. be now some senators say it's time to pull the plug on that. plus, it's not too late to send in your questions for republican candidate jon huntsman. america's asking, log on to our web page at we'll be talking to him shortly. get your questions in to us now. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently
9:27 am
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9:30 am
jon: time for our america's asking segment. our guest today is jon huntsman. you'll find him in the back of the pack there in this latest apgfk poll showing him with about 2%. but he says things can change in
9:31 am
a hurry. joining us now in america's election headquarters. former utah governor jon huntsman who is here as well take kwrouring your questions. what about the numbers? >> the numbers don't mean a thing at the early stage. we are involved in the artificial primary politics. people cast a vote in the early primary and caucus states. the closer we get to new hampshire, which will be the end of this year and early next year people will start to focus candidates and the messages that they are hearing and ultimately who isee hrebtable. jon is pace electable. jon: you sent out a scathhing letter to john, son u.n. u, you didn't like it that he gave his endorsement to mitt romney. >> the good governor can do
9:32 am
whatever he wants. i wanted to set the record state, him saying he's looking for a conservative. i say there is not a whole lot conservative with romney over the years and i wanted to point out that i was conservative as the governor of utah. he had said he was in favor of finding a conservative. i thought i would go on record and set it straight. jon: why do you any romney is doing so well at the top of the polls. >> he's been at it for six years. he has sprinkled a lot of money in different congressional district over the last five to six years definitely have a head start. these where new hampshire is critically important, jon. you work the streets you work the precincts, you work the town hall meetings and ultimately people have to hear your message and it has to resonate with the people, and if it does they'll support you. we've gone from zero to low double digits now in new hampshire.
9:33 am
i like exactly where we are headed. jon: and the message that you are taking to new hampshire and elsewhere? >> we can rebuild our manufacturing must knell this country. we can create jobs and get back to where this country was great, expanding our industrial base. when i was born in 1960 we exported $3 for every two bucks we imported. we owned 36% of the world's gdp. 9% is based on manufacturing today. if we tapbt to get to country working together and create jobs and create the international might that we are capable of doing it has to start with manufacturing. that means the environment in which we operate economically must be competitive. i did it in the state of utah. we cut taxes, created the most business-friendly state in america. became the number one job creator in america. the same thing needs to happen in this country. new were ambassador to china do you believe china is manipulating its currency to hurt our manufacturing? >> of course it is. jon: how would you deal with
9:34 am
that, how would president punts man deal with that? >> it's come down 30% over the last many years and it will continue coming down now because we're putting pressure on them but the chinese themselves see it in their interest to get a market-based currency. they are working from an export model to a consumption model. jon: you're not advocating letting them do it yourself, are you. >> you sit behind closed doors and negotiate. you need a strong economy, you need leverage to negotiate. this country needs to get back on its feet economically to have the leverage that we lack today. the chinese respect strength and economy. jon: we have asked our viewers for questions. tristin wants to know what is your stance on the drug war? >> well the drug war is something -- particularly as it relates to mexico we must step up our efforts. i like what bee did in columbia. we had a columbia-plus program. it was military to military and law enforcement to law enforcement. with the narco traffickers in
9:35 am
mexico and the corruption that is endemic in mexico we ned a columbia-plus like program in mexico. that's stepping up our military to military ties and law enforcement ties in mexico. that's where it plays out and we need to be vigilant and hard hitting on it. jon: andy wants to know what types of ideas you'd bring to reform social security and medicare to make them sustainable. >> on social security we have to take the underlying assumptions for inflation we have to peg that to wage growth as opposed to the consumer price index. that will do a lot of the balance sheet. we are living three decades longer than people than somebody born in 1900s. you work for 40 years and you took out a couple of years it was a pretty good deal. let's take the retirement age and push it back to the 85th or 87 percentile of the average length of live. means testing on top of that and you can bring social security to where it needs to be. jon: one viewer who identifies
9:36 am
himself as the american wants to know how much money of your own you're willing to spend on your campaign. >> we've pit in a little bit to get the thing going and keep it running. it will come in from the outside. that's what is most important. if you have a winning message and if it connects with people they will invest in your cause and our fundraising has gone up 250% since we started moving in the polls in new hampshire. jon: you expect that you will do very well in new hampshire? can you win new hampshire despite -- >> listen, you know, you can do whatever you're work allows you to do in new hampshire. if you work it hard you can win new hampshire. we everee working it very hard. jon: patricia wants to know, what would you do about immigration, i presume that means illegal immigration. and second question, how would you cut government? >> well league alternate immigration is good. jon: legal immigration. >> that part we've got to get right to. illegal immigration the most important thing this country can do right now is to secure the border. we can't even have a straight-faced conversation about illegal immigration without taking the first, most
9:37 am
important step and that is securing the border. secure the border it's 1800 miles, we've got a third of it already done between boots on the ground ran technology and fencing we can basically prove the point that we can take that first very important step for the american people. jon: cutting government the size of government, does it need to be cut in this country and where does it start. >> of course it does. we need a balanced budget amendment. i had that as a governor. i had to respect that every time i put a budget together -fpblt we need 19% of gdp that is allocated to spending as opposed to 24%. that is only going to come about if we enact the kind of cuts that congressman paul ryan has advocate eud in the ryan plan stripping out $6 trillion over the next ten years, having everything on the table, that includes entitle -plgts, department of defense and scaling down the percentage of our gdp that is allocated to government. it's completely doable. jon: are you having fun on the campaign trail? we have your wife and family in here. you guys having fun or are you
9:38 am
getting worn out? >> this is a labor of love. when you're doing it -- when you're doing it for a country you feel so strongly about you never get worn out. two boys who wear the uniform of the united states. i say if they can do what they are doing i can do this. jon: i have one of those myself. good to see you. >> good to see you. jenna: it's nice to see the family. a lot of time spent by the family on the campaign trail of all the candidates. isn't that a true fact. in the meantime if is a story that we touched on a moment ago. "happening now," lawmakers are calling for an end to u.s. financial aid to china. jim angle is taking a closer look at this and joining us. >> reporter: china is one of the biggest and fastest growing economies in the world, it's loaned the u.s. more than one trillion dollars to fund our deficits. in spite of all that we are selling millions in foreign aid to china which lawmakers of all stripes think is just plain
9:39 am
nuts. >> why in the world would we be borrowing money and turning around and giving it back to the countries that we are borrowing it from? if they have enough of a surplus to loan us money they with take care of their own needs. >> reporter: they asked the same question, should we be sending american taxpayer dollars to china? it isn't a lot of aids, tens of millions of year in bilateral aid, more through international institutions to which the u.s. contribution. the question is why a nation that is competing with the u.s. economically and politically in every corner of the globe, why should it get any money there the u.s.? >> i think the chinese are just laughing whenever they receive a check, or they get money in their account, how silly this is of the united states to be subsidizing the fastest growing, second largest economy in the world. >> reporter: now a lot of lawmakers share that view. they also have all sorts of issues in congress with china on
9:40 am
trade, blatant violations of copy rights and pat patents. the senate passed a bill to punish currency manipulation. tomorrow a hearing in the house will examine chinese trade policy across the board. while congress is talking about more complicated issues, some are requesting the simpler questions, why on earth are we still sending the money in the form of foreign aid. jenna: jim angle in washington today, thank you. jon: fox news alert and according to the associated press, a syrian official is now saying that syria has pulled its ambassador to the united states, he has been recalled to damascus. there has been of course all kinds of u.s. anger towards syria as a result of its military attacks on its own
9:41 am
people. now the syrian ambassador to the united states has been recalled. we'll continue to follow that controversy. jenna: jon, chilling new claims from a man convicted in a brutal home invasion in connecticut that left a mother and her two daughters dead. what this killer is saying now about other victims. also the search for a missing infant in missouri u know her name, little baby lisa, is surveillance video offering new clues in this case? our next guest says no. what will lead police to baby lisa? ♪ amazing grace, how sweet the sound. ♪ pwhra*p [ wind howling ]
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and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole gin oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. megyn: eric holder uses a civil rights moment to attack the tough new alabama immigration law. that state's attorney general
9:45 am
reacts here live. for the first time the lawyer hired by the parents of baby lisa talks to "america live." why did he let his clients give me a two-hour interview? one of the new reports this a mystery man was seen with the baby at 4:00am outside the irrain house. i will ask him when he joins me live. plus, president obama now says he will do by executive order what he could not get done through the u.s. congress. exactly what does that mean? are we about to get another national credit downgrade? a scary new warning. top of the hour. jenna: new developments in the search for missing 11-month-old baby lis a. last night a candlelight vigil held outside the family home yet again, this as abc news obtained surveillance video, showing a man, you'll see him on the screen in a moment, there he is emerging from a wooded area, from the home the night baby lisa disappeared. witnesses said a man was holding a baby near the home that same night. pat brosnan is a retired new
9:46 am
york detective, we brought him in. you don't put a whole lot of weight in this guy or the witnesses. >> it's very ambiguous and vague. let's put that in one case. the other box is a eyewitness account by mike thompson e. states he saw a naked baby in the hands of an individual at 4:00 in the morning in 40-degree temperature in kansas city. jenna: this was the guy driving home from work tonight, similar to the father driving home from work. >> similar to another eyewitness driving home on his motorcycle at 4:00 in the morning. it's not peculiar enough for thompson to say maybe that baby is connected in some way to the case that has dominated the airways. it takes all that time for thompson to tie it together, call the police and say, i can identify the guy and the baby. i don't buy it. jenna: what would you go on here, just based on the evidence, or maybe lack thereof. what would you be doing if you were working on this case now three weeks old? >> i would stay exactly where it
9:47 am
appears the kcpd is involved right now. i'd keep it focused own the biological mother and equally focused on the biological dad whether he's a co-conspirator or unwitting accomplice. you have to look at the facts. somehow the luckist burger in the world vaulted through a 20-inch double hung window, sound leslie went through the house, didn't wake the two siblings, the tkaurbgs the mom, leaf tated the baby out of the crib, floated out of the house but turned the lights on and took two cell phones around the streets and walked around the streets with a naked baby and nobody noticed or stopped? i don't buy it. jenna: based on what you heard about the case you don't buy the parents' explanation or the theory that they've put forward. the police seem to have leaked reports and talked around reports about cadaver dogs having a hit on carpet by the bed. the lawyers say they didn't remove any of the carpet, it is
9:48 am
no big deal it's a false alarm. what do we make of that. >> i heard the attorney's statement. granted that the cone of scent that comes up for a cadaver dog that is trained specifically to id decomposing human flesh, it could be a drop of blood 20 years ago from decomposing flesh or 20 days ago. what is the probability of the house having two cadavers in it in 50 years. that would be extremely unusual. jenna: you say you are on the police' side regarding their strategy. >> i would want to debrief her girlfriend samantha and drank that box of wine, which may or may not have been ten glasses each. i want to speak to her step-brother who purchased the wine and lost his voice box. never heard what he said at 5:00 in the del ka tas and. i'd like to know is this the very first time that her husband ever worked the night shift in
9:49 am
his adult life. the very first time the same exact night that this burglar magically floats through the window, magically peter pans his way out the door into the street what naked baby that nobody sees and the dogs next door, what all the dogs are deaf, all the babies are in a comb a the brother is in a coma, i don't buy it. it fails miserably. jenna: interesting you bring up samantha, that is not someone we've heard a lot about. >> not a peep. jenna: thank you for your expertise. nice to have a detective talk about this jon. jon: the space shuttle program may be over but nasa can still dazzle us in earth-bound flight a brand-new spacecraft that can show us the heavens in ways we've never seen them before. coxing up. ♪ i can see nor miles, and miles, and miles, and miles.
9:50 am
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9:53 am
offer close-up views of distant stars, butt earth's atmosphere get in the way. so what if we a watched one to a plane, sent it way up in the sigh? that's exactly what nasa has done. ththere is a special aircraft designed to give an unbeatable look at the cosmos and they are sharing its spectacular view. claudia coul cowan live from san francisco. >> reporter: the newest airborne observatory, sofia, truly a jet setter living on a modified 747 with an opening in the fuselage where the massive infrared telescope can see things.
9:54 am
sophia gets around, or rather above that astronomical challenge by flying at 45,000 feet. u can e the difference when compared to visible light images, the infrared image of galaxy m82 reveals clouds of dust and gas which scientists call stellar nurseries. >> thinks the region of the spectrum where we can see stars forming and planets forming. we can see the molecules coming together in the inner stellar medium that may be the origin of life. >> reporter: sophia is a half billion dollar joint venture between nasa and germany's space program that is not only advancing the study of astronomy but getting kids excited about science too because teachers are going on some of the flights and sharing their experience with their students. >> they know that you have personally participated in a program like this. that you have gone, sat side-by-side, you can tell them
9:55 am
what an astronomer does, or a telescope operator does. kids will listen and understand and say, hey i can do this. >> reporter: sophia has taken 38 science flights already and eventually nasa hopes to fly 1,000 research hours every year. jon, seeking out that unique radiation that is only present when a star is born. back to you. jon: i love that. all right. thanks. jenna: one of the two men convicted in a brutal home invasion in connecticut now claiming he killed more than a dozen other people. new haven register reporting that steven hayes brags in letters from death row about killing 17 people and keeping their sneakers as trophies. haze was sentenced to death back in -- well just recently, but because of this home invasion back in 2007 that left a mother and two young daughters death. his accomplice was convicted earlier this month. the penalty phase of his trial
9:56 am
begins tomorrow. no official word if the police or f.b.i. are pursuing these new claims by haze. we'll have more continuing coverage of this case coming up. road trip buddy. let's put some music on.
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jenna: japan's recovery from a massive earthquake and tsunami last march is still a work in progress, and now a reminder of the devastation is floating towards us. patti ann? >> reporter: that's right. a massive debris field has been slowly heading east towards hawaii. a russian ship has reported sighting furniture, plastic, foam, researchers tracking the path say it will hit hawaii in less than two years, and the debris field is huge. roughly five to twenty million tons, ten million is the average that would normally be released into the basin within a year. experts say it's good t


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