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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 25, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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business network in an hour from now. what if they don't get fbn? >> they should demand it. what else are they going to do? go call and get it. >> neil: yeah. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> dana: hello. it's 5:00 on the east coast. this is "the five." i'm dana perino with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling and greg gutfeld. a lot to talk about tonight. he's now a man with a plan. rick perry rolls out his blueprint for rescuing the economy. but will the plan rescue his poll numbers? we'll give you details. herman cain produces a strange ad with one of his staffers smoking in it. it grabs your attention but for the right reason. and texas has been interesting new plan to cut costs.
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stop feeding prisoners. "the five" starts right now. >> dana: we start with cut, balance and grow. the name of perry's new plan to turn the economy around if voters put him in the white house. he announced the proposal earlier today. >> the best representation of my plan is this postcard. this is what we're talk about right here. taxpayers will be able to fill out and file taxes on that. >> dana: that would be convenient. eric, you are a flat tax guy, right? >> eric: as opposed to what we have now i prefer a flat tax. it prefer a fair tax but this is a different story. a nice plan. eliminate the dividends and capital gains and the important part, if you read further down to the plan, cap
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federal spending and the spending side of it. not just the re-knew side. everyone says there will be a revenue problem. talking about the option between the 20% rate on an individual basis or current plan where they choose lower of the two. revenue could go down but so will spending. >> dana: the idea if the xy grows there is more re-knew. heard from an economist that said his problem with the perry plan because of the option that is optional, you then have to do your taxes twice. under both testimony so see which one you pay for and pay less in. is that a problem? >> andrea: that is a vulnerability. there are revenue issues under this one. you have can't pick a different plan every year. you have got to pick one and lock yourself in. i do think there will be
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revenue issues that will cause problems with the tea partiers and others. >> eric: read further. 18% can't spend above 18%. that is a 20% cut in spending. >> andrea: but you still have the revenue issues. if you have people doing different system every other year. that's why you got to make -- you have to lock them in. >> dana: bob, you generally like a flat tax but why not this one? >> bob: it goes too deep in income. well too deep in income. the cut off ought to be at least $20,000 a year or higher. having said that, i don't like the idea what is taxed is wages and earnings. what is not taxed here is investment income, things only rich people get. that bothers me. you go after the people who work and then you have no tax for people making all of their money on the stock market. or selling the phony junk bonds. having said that, the bigger problem he has got here is
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spending side. when eric talk about 18%. it says you freeze government spending and it also says you won't hire anybody in the government. he won't mention defense. he won't talk about that. the other thing he talks about the social security. the bush plan. young people invest in the stock market and get killed. but he says nothing about medicare. nothing about medicaid. the biggest ones you need to deal with, he hasn't touched them. why? he's afraid of what happens with ryan and republicans who -- >> dana: he had a particularly thought about -- >> eric: one or two. >> greg: buried in this cracker jack box is a prize and it could be the end of social security. he says he let younger workers opt out. that is a big deal and people overlook that. i have a tortureed med fore.
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-- tortureed metaphor. remember let's make a deal? you had to wear a costume. and the costume is the tax plan. my fear is once they get to the end of the road, the costume comes off. it's no longer important. impossible to legislate tax reform. i fear none of these will happen. >> dana: one thing i like about this, eric, is that there have been recognition in the primary process, whether it will turn into the economy and it will be a major tax reform. you have gingrich calling on per troy compare the flat tax. his would be 15%. not optional. >> eric: he undercuts rick perry on all of them. not a bad idea. can i for the thing you said about the social security, what rick perry did is he
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doubled down on calling social security a ponzi scheme it's broke and there will be no money for the young people to opt out in saving account of their own. it's contextually bigger than anything there but i don't believe it will happen. >> andrea: he doesn't have deduction for employer healthcare coverage here. so he is moving all of to us voucher system? >> dana: meaning perry? >> andrea: perry. i agree with the metaphor. the candidates are moving in the right direction. at least we're having a conversation. it's long-term because it's complicated thing to reform the tax code. but it's better than democrats. >> bob: i didn't understand it at all. i didn't get it. the last time there was a major rewrite of the tax code was 1986 and it changed things a lot. tax reform is the major legislative push after the 2012 elections.
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>> dana: what kind of tax reform would a second term president obama give? >> bob: hopefully what he would do is go to fairer flat tax than this. >> andrea: you even favor a flat tax. >> bob: i do. we could get there. where does he start the flat tax? $35,000, $50,000 a year is where it starts. it say no taxes up until $90,000 a year. >> andrea: you wouldn't eliminate the child tax -- >> dana: $30,000. >> bob: too low. it has to be higher than that. i'd put a 20% tax on wealth. the wealth generator -- >> eric: they're the ones creating the job. dabs do you want to tax
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consumption or work and incentive to work? >> bob: if you believe people with a lot of money to begin with and make money on stock market are creating jo jobs -- >> eric: who is creating it? business owners -- >> bob: so some kid that inherited $1 million from their father, people i know, can use it? >> eric: i didn't inherit a dime from my father. it was a business -- >> bob: the reason you are the way you are, you grew up poor and you got money and hang on to every penny. >> greg: the idea of a postcard, fantastic idea. it should be on a postcard but a retro -- >> dana: why not electronic postcard?
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i thought postal service was going down. >> greg: i just think it's fun. go to drugstore and write a postcard. >> bob: you are supposed to hand it off. >> dana: thank you. i'm going to tease. coming up, you won't believe the new information about the more stimulus money. failure from the obama administration. that's next on "the five." you can e-mail us at don't go away. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] welcome to transamerica. where together, we're transforming tomorrow. your husband put this all together when emma was born. he was an amazing man. this is for you. it's all paid off. ♪ and this is for emma. so where do you think she'll go? anywre she wants. [ male announcer ] we're making people a more secure tomorrow.
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is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." hard to believe we're still hearing stories about this after the spectacular failures of solyndra. sun power and fisker among others. a report shows the obama administration gave $70 million to provide jobs for unemployed americans. guess what? americans didn't get the jobs. instead, the companies hired
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254 foreign workers with our money. big fat zero americans. we go over the stimulus and you can throw a dart at the map, something would open up in something as ridiculous as this. $7 million, no americans hired. >> andrea: exactly. you know when we have the obama administration on something, because bob pretends to be sleeping on the show. >> bob: no, i'm fascinating by this. >> doesn't this madden you in the least? >> no. >> you look at the project. there is a deadline to spend the money and get it out of the door quick. a lot of people were shouting saying how can the money be followed the right way. >> eric: $7 million. we talk why the banks didn't loan. there were no strings attacked to the money. $7 million. hire americans or people out of work in the logging
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industry. >> dana: there is no law against this. when the u.s. government gives state money, the states have losses they pass themselves to hire american workers. there is no law and there shouldn't be. democrats and republicans look at this differently. how do we make sure the money goes to the right places? instead of giving it to the company give everybody a tax cut. this is a communications problem. here is the thing. you can explain this all sort of way. globalization, visa holders. if you go to ten people and say do you think it's right that money went to stimulus but didn't hire one person? 100% says it's wrong.
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>> bob: what you don't say is who did this? corporate america takes the money and they are the ones that cheated. it wasn't the obama administration that hired the -- wait a second. it was corporations. they always use the fact that this is -- >> eric: corporations loan taxpayer money out? i bet the ceo is a republican. >> greg: can i say this is a great idea? maybe corporation found the american worker had too many ouch a sen mental connection with the trees and to cut them down you had to have foreigners who were cold-blooded to come in and cut them down and they had to do the dirty work. doesn't it make sense? >> eric: that could be the case or they pretend to know a second language.
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>> greg: trees are bilingual. >> eric: i-40 through tennessee, guess what? they got $424,000 in stimulus money. then went bankrupt. the owner was a bankruptcy recipient prior to getting the loan. >> andrea: again, this doesn't seem to have favors. if you look at solyndra and loan candidates, there don't seem to be political favors. as we talk about on the show, it's not illegal. this is stupid. this is why the republicans need to shout from the rafters. if liberals continue in office, this is what you get. the government playing venture socialists. >> bob: stop being funny. we have don't talk about it on the show. easy to pick out thousands of the programs. >> greg: what about halliburton, bob? >> bob: shut up. we pick out two or three that stick out like this.
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i research on the show to find out if the ceos are republicans. thousands of the programs are working. >> eric: the problem with solyndra -- >> bob: you want to pick out a -- why don't you pick out a -- >> eric: easy! if you give them money, there will be, the problem is the vetting process of who gets the money? >> bob: if you hand out thousands of anything a few will get through. look at the administration with the halliburton. >> greg: the government is sucker for green. if you say you green movement, o you will get money. >> eric: this was supposed to be a green truck stop. they could turn off the engine and -- >> greg: green truck stop? >> eric: plug in the wall.
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>> eric: do you think we could convince people on the show to talk about the progra programs that got money that didn't work? >> bob: it wouldn't be good tv, right? we have to get to one more story. >> eric: 11 banks, swiss banks, unders have for hiding account number and names of american investors and now they have to come clean. they may pay fines. two questions. >> bob: save one for me. >> eric: a couple of them, credit swiss and ubs, received some is up u.s. support in the crisis. >> dana: this investigation and the request to get money, to get them to reveal their list of people with the private bank account started in the bush administration and long time in coming. the f.b.i. is coming to a close. i think the banks are going to reveal these names. that will be a --
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>> bob: you will find out where rich people in the country. average person doesn't hide their money in the bank account. rich people got all the breaks. >> weey will get theirs. find out they have not paid taxes and they should go to jail. this is the thing -- >> greg: switzerland remains thousands of americans who had secret accounts, totally negate the point offing is a secret account. they're traitors. why are they called switzerland? we know it's a land. just call it switz. >> eric: right. coming up, running a campaign like no one has seen before. he might be right. you've never seen an ad like the one we're about to show you. that's next on "the five." ♪ ♪ accept it.
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>> bob: hey, man, can i borrow a smoke? are we on yet? oh, sorry! now listen, it's all part of a gig here. this is supposed to be funny. maybe i could borrow one of these off herman cain's chief of staff. welcome back to "the five." seriously, folks. in all of my years running political campaigns, a lot of years, i have never seen anything like this. i've watched the ad 15 times, i don't get it. this is a herman cain ad for some unexplained reason has the chief of staff smoking. take a look. >> herman cain will put united back in the united states of america. if i didn't believe that, i wouldn't be here. we have run a campaign like nobody's ever seen. but then america has never seen a candidate like herman cain.
2:26 pm
we need you to get involved because together, we can do this. we can take the country back. ♪ ♪ >> bob: he ain't the marlboro man, that's for sure. it met this guy. i met him, a nice fella. different. does anybody, anybody, anybody can you tell me the message of that ad? >> greg: yes! >> bob: i was asking andrea, please. g sorry. >> andrea: i couldn't figure it out. i think it's the weirdest ad i've seen. i've worked with weird campaign managers. they tend to be quirky individuals who like to stay up late at night. this is the strangest thing i've ever seen. he said i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for herman cain but i'm like who the heck are you? >> eric: this is the smartest ad i've ever thing.
2:27 pm
this is a terrible political ad. it's on every network. >> dana: it's being made fun of. >> eric: but it's got his name on it, doesn't it? dabs that is not always -- >> dana: that not always good. they produced it and it was on the herman cain website. but it wasn't an ad we'll all see. somebody found it. >> bob: does anyone understand it? that's great. >> bob: the point is the guy doesn't have money for tv ads so it's brilliant. he is smoking the competition. number three, voting for cain might be a risk, but it feels good. >> bob: a good thing you are doing "red eye" and not "politics today." let me explain how the campaign ads work. you know about this. repetition matters. it's not just getting hit on news shows and same people that watch it, certain demographic. to get out to voters you need to buy repetitive ads. if you spend $1 million, would you spend $1 million on that ad? >> eric: he didn't spend
2:28 pm
$1 million to make it. >> bob: but to buy the dime. >> eric: he didn't pay a dime. >> bob: you don't get enough penetration to show it on news shows. >> eric: 2.5 million people just saw it at one time. >> bob: but we buy penetration. you want every voter to see it one time every few days. >> andrea: to do an ad like this and you don't want to pay, why not repeat a message like 9-9-9? >> greg: wouldn't make "the five." >> bob: my crowd, democratic national committee ran against romney in arizona. do we have that ad? >> almost half of the arizona homeowners are under water. foreclosures, everywhere. what is romney's plan? >> don't try to stop the foreclosure process. let it run its course. and hit the bottom. >> let arizonans hit the bottom? >> don't stop the foreclosure process. let it run its course and hit
2:29 pm
the bottom. >> the message to arizona. you're on your own. >> democratic national committee is responsible for content of the ad. >> bob: i understand that message. simple. turn the country to businessman what that is used to breaking up companies and putting people out of work that's what you get. romney born with a silver spoon in his mouth. >> greg: i thought the message was hit the bottom. >> bob: i've done that. >> greg: i know. >> dana: can i take an alternative view? >> bob: please. >> dana: which is that it's easy to take that sound bite and they will run it over and over. i think what he said was courageous and bold. and what a lot of economists are saying. everybody is hurting in the housing, including low income. and the poor because we didn't get the system hit bottom yet. i don't know if it's a good idea to let it go. it's so massive. supported by economists.
2:30 pm
>> they should have played the whole quote. they don't. but they snip it before explaining what he would do. >> that ad may appeal to the far left. it's appealing to the right, who say don't bail out the housing market and the banks. don't bail out anyone. >> bob: i'll ask you another question about another subject before we get out of here. >> andrea: let me say politically, too, he is scared of mitt romney. also, in arizona, they want to be competitive in a state they discounted in the past. >> bob: perry is attacking romney on illegal immigrants in massachusetts, where they had sanctuary cities. why is he doing that? that is the most vulnerable issue he has. >> bob: it must be polling
2:31 pm
well in iowa. >> andrea: why would you bring up the achilles heel that you have, illegal immigration? on an issue that doesn't really make much sense. most illegals get treated -- >> dana: like your little immigration problem is worse than mine. >> bob: that is right. the best defense is a good offense. i can't think of anything else. did you say i had 30 seconds left or i'm supposed to get out? tease. okay. coming up, both sides of the political aisle trying to one up themselves and use social media to get attention. i know what that is about. obama may have started it but munchkins are running out of luck. that's next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here is presidential politics. tonight on "special report," we'll go to south carolina where republican candidate rick perry unveiled his tax reform plan. the texas governor is advocating an optional plat tax, a balanced budget and other ideas designed to woo conservatives. carl cameron will report from columbia and jim angele in d.c. will break down the governor's plan. former utah governor jon huntsman will be our guest tonight on "center seat." he will take questions from the all-star panel and stick around for special edition of the online show to make your questions. the man owl of these republicans are trying to replace is on the west coast three-day track. president obama taped a gig on the tonight show. he is in san francisco right now and heading to denver for more fundraising this evening. send it back to new york and "the five." ♪
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♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." the youth vote was crucial to president obama's victory in 2008. if he wants a second term he needs young people in his corner this time around. so through is a new initiative to get young visitors on his side. specifically those who weren't old enough to vote last time around. i guess you have to be born yesterday to believe anything the man says and they were born yesterday. 16 million voters in the category. half the million of them are registered to vote. he needs them, doesn't he? >> bob: sure he does. smart thing to do. no matter what else happens obama will win by a fairly good, not 2-1 like last time but one demographic that continues to be positive for him. the question with the young voters is do they vote? last time they voted in big numbers. relatively they have been the smallest turn-out demographic, older people are the highest.
2:38 pm
obama has the ability if they use social media right. whoever came in and twited me in the break and said the commercials worked for mondale, they didn't. >> andrea: but unemployment is higher for young people. they are graduating with student loan debt. this president hand done anything for him. >> eric: she asked me, bob. >> bob: sorry. sorry. sorry. 18 to 19-year-olds want to go for 23%. almost 15%. here is what he is doing. i disagree with you. the g.o.p. contender if it's the right one can fix it. look what he is trying to do. they will hear about the student loan debt and let the government take the student loan. he is doing this in an election cycle, election year or so.
2:39 pm
this should be illegal. >> bob: this is politics. >> dana: bob used to do that. >> andrea: he used social media and bob said to garner the youth vote. republicans are giving them a run for his money. they are not. most get the statistics. >> dana: social media, while republicans and conservatives have been later to it than they would have liked in 2008 they caught up. a good media for conservativ conservatives. some people used to wait for the national review to arrive. now you have on the fingertip the stream of thought and a good discussion that added to primary debate and taxes. i don't know if it helps with the youth vote. >> bob: we only had it since
2:40 pm
2000. most conservatives are frozen in the '50s. we know that. >> dana: i wasn't even born in '50s. >> andrea: greg, you have your finger on the pulse of -- >> greg: a lot of things. i want to talk about greater together. the obama youth vote plan. greater together. it sounds like a commercial. joom just launched. >> greg: young voters and obama have a lot in common. that he mirror assumption of high school sophomore that everything you want can be paid for by somebody else. this is a unicorn in every pie. >> bob: don't jump on i'm going to try it. >> greg: but you lie on the profile. >> bob: true. >> andrea: he didn't stay in touch with the digital army he had when he came in office. people were logging on and following the tweet, all excited. now if you look at the number -- >> dana: the enthusiasm numbers are way down. i think the only way they can
2:41 pm
try to motivate them is by fear. fear that republicans will be in charge of the congress as well as the white house. what will it mean then for all sort of things? fear cam tain. >> bob: a democratic pollster, one of my dearest friends and one of the strangest. he said enthusiasm gap for obama was where bush was before he was elected for the second term. >> eric: the unemployment rate wasn't this low under bush. >> bob: most people that will vote for obama are college students or graduates. >> greg: which is why they shouldn't allowed to vote. unless you're in the military you shouldn't vote until you're 40. >> bob: is that right? >> greg: yes. >> dana: after you get off your parent's health insurance at 26. >> greg: until you are separateseparated from the x-bou can vote. >> bob: separated from your last wife.
2:42 pm
dana makes a good point. healthcare to be on healthcare until 26, which costs everybody here money. student loan costs us money. government loans, private loans and put them on the -- >> eric: what is your -- >> bob: what is your problem with the fact that he is doing things for young people. everything is political, right? >> andrea: what if they default on loans they can't declare bankruptcy on? >> bob: did you have student loans? >> andrea: i don't. >> bob: i have student loans still to this day. because i cosigned for a few people. one of whom died. gregg they're still students. >> bob: one is dead. >> andrea: we have to go. >> bob: get out. >> andrea: soda may not be the healthiest thing to drink though i'm drinking it now. i feel guilty. would you believe it if i said drinking it could lead to violence? someone is saying it? greg will tell us all about it when "the five" returns. ♪ ♪ look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪
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♪ ♪
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>> greg: welcome back to "the five." so does sprite make you fight? new study claims teen, the weird creatures that hate you, who drinks lots of soft drinks get this more brawls than kids who drink less. of course research added they don't know if the pop causes you to pop but it ads to the growing body of research on blah, blah, blah. this is dumber than a solar panel on submarine. if it were cause and effect we would have seen explosion of violence in the last century as soda became more popular, but we didn't. violence dropped significantly. so much so i can't even get people to beat me up and i'd payton dollar. because of the drop, you can argue that soda reduces violence and more taxing it could make the crime go up because people will drink less. but this isn't about soda. that is junk science fed to media to spawn state policies. this time taxes soda like smokes getting researchers grants for their stupid,
2:48 pm
stupid researcher. one said of the soda violence link, we were surprised how large the effect was. yeah, you were surprised. common sense tells you kids that drink tons of soda do other stuff in excess like fighting. that's it. ee what my doctor said. all things in moderation. please stop touching me. [ laughter ] >> eric: you are on fire. >> greg: you have offspring, mr. bolling. do you pump them full of soda and say beat the crap out of people? >> eric: no, but this morning the story came up. they go dad, the soda story what is the difference? sugar in soda and i eat cereal. there is sugar in cereal. they never did cereal connection but you're 100% right. someone was paid to do the research. got a grant to make it look like there is something important that came out of it. >> greg: do you believe in this? >> andrea: only thing dumber
2:49 pm
is if we used stimulus money to fund it. there is no causual connection. but these the same arguing to decriminalize marijuana, saying drugs are okay, what is the big deal? get wound up about a little soda, which i don't think is a big deal and bag on potato chips. >> bob: you drink soda and you beat the hell out of me all the time. the researchers, there is always a research doing something. >> greg: i do private research on my own in my basement but none of your business. >> dana: difference between pop and soda. i grew up saying pop but now i say soda and i feel like i portrayed -- we could get stimulus money to talk about pop versus soda. >> greg: this is taxing just like cigarettes. >> dana: tax it, they'll drink less but the crime rate
2:50 pm
could go up. >> eric: this is justifying your grant like the timetologists trying to figure out a way to make it look like this -- >> bob: or solyndra. >> eric: soda has caffeine and it gets youagecated. i'm not so sure -- i suppose, what is that stuff that they have now that you can buy? >> bob: i started a fire in the break. everybody yelled at me. >> greg: you almost set off the fire alarm in the break and we'd have to leave. >> bob: move on. >> greg: thank you, bob. all right, again, youtube video of the teens fighting. in this case, parents arrange the fight. nin -- pick up the tape. the kids are fighting and the moms arranged it because they heard they were unhappy.
2:51 pm
they posted it on the web. >> dana: they got arrested. >> greg: this is what is good about youtube. they put it on the web and got arrested. >> andrea: this is disgusting that the mothers and the parents supported this, getting the girls to fight and post it on youtub youtube. the girls eventually go get jobs and hopefully. grow up -- >> greg: probably not. >> andrea: probably not. fall in their mother's footsteps. >> bob: i'm about to get in big trouble but i'll do it anyway. don't get excited upstairs. if you talk about rednecks, that is redneck. i'm telling you, that is the thing when i -- don't yell at me. i'm trying to explain the concept of it. that is redneck -- >> eric: what are you talking about?
2:52 pm
>> greg: don't ask him to explain. >> eric: yeah, let's move on. >> dana: yesterday we talked about the n.f.l. player that got fined for calling his wife. i'm comfortable with the parents being arrested there. should be consequences for this bad stuff. if it's on youtube and the story is out there they got arrested less people may do it. >> bob: in my neighborhood where i grew up, everybody would get a paycheck on friday, get drunk on saturday, get in a fight with their wives on saturday night. sunday they were arrested for domestic violence. that's what i mean about redneck. i was a redneck. >> eric: you're going back there. >> bob: but i'm not puttin putting -- >> greg: you were upset by the behavior. >> bob: i am upset. >> andrea: unless the two women were fighting over bob. then he'd be okay with it. >> bob: there's a thought. >> greg: coming up. prison food is supposed to be horrible but it's also supposed to be served.
2:53 pm
except texas apparently doesn't agree. the story next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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last meal request in prison, state of texas has a more controversial plan, if it's possible, nixing food altogether for lunch on weekends at least. the story is that 36 prisons in texas are going to cut lunches on saturday and sundays. part of a broader effort to pay $2.8 million in food-related expenses. they would serve brunch between 5:00 and 7:00 and dinner 4 to 6:00 p.m. and in between you can buy snacks. the officials say they talked to department of correction officials who say it won't cause any problems. but i have a big problem with. i think it's cruel -- >> bob: the system is run by neanderthals. it was probably created in the dark ages equal to what they did in europe. >> greg: if you don't like it, don't go to jail. >> bob: there is something to be said for humane treatment of people.
2:58 pm
the state of texas is one of the most despicable prison systems perpetrated on mankind in this country and anyplace else. they ought to put those -- the put the administrators in jail. >> dana: would they have done it if they didn't clear it with officials? >> bob: sure, it's rick perry. >> andrea: better than prisons in the world. a lot of people get two meals a day. >> bob: i don't eat that many. it's hard to imagine. i am going to texas to lose weight in prison. just whip them. >> dana: okay, move on. >> bob: why don't you waterboard them! >> dana: all right. we'll move on to something that is a few days away. we talked about the stories coming out about the schools that are banning the costume
2:59 pm
or celebration altogether. the state representative in connecticut thinks he has a perfect solution. he wants to make the last saturday of october halloween, before thursday of -- third thursday is thanksgiving. would you support this idea? >> eric: a great idea. it's nice. saturday night, trick or treating. >> bob: this is safe. not as many cars on the road. who made halloween a holiday? >> eric: exactly. >> andrea: all hallow's eve. >> greg: if i go out and offer candy i'd get arrested. >> bob: i wouldn't trick-or-treat at your door. >> dana: how do you trick-or-treat in new york with apartments? i'll find out. that's i


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