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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 26, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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tonight. we'll see you tomorrow night. make sure yo you vote in our pol and it's an open thread for you. the o'reilly factor is drinks are on the house! okay. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> greg: hello, everyone. it's 5:00 on the east coast. 1:00 a.m. on the ki-moon. this is "the five." i'm the pocket-size provocateur in the va-va-voom of the newsroom. with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino. the show is packed tighter than charlie sheen's nose so let's fair and balance this mess, america. another installment of president obama's we can't wait campaign plans to ease debt for college kids, if only they were sober enough to notice. plus, florida appeals court says who rocked the shariah law? i already bought my burka. it's hot pink. hide your hairspray.
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he is back like dental plaque. i'll tell you why john edwards is in the news, even if you didn't ask. "the five" starts as soon as i stop thinking about ponies. ♪ ♪ a unicorn in every pot as they offer faster loan forgiveness to indebted students. that is the lesson the co-eds need to learn. if you borrow money, set up a tent, declare occupation in the new interest rate. the hole gets holier. making the loans easier, students have more purchasing pow they're leads to rising tuition and more debt. what do you get for the cash? women's studies. analysis of gender and race. a drinking problem. each year as standards goes down and tuition goes up, they get another peace sign tramp stamped on the tailbone. college is like paying for your own lo bobmy. if you owe, earn dough. you hear of craigslist.
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i'm starting gregslist. my shoulders aren't going to massage themselves. >> bob: is that -- your greg's list, does it have adult section? >> greg: it does. especially for you, bob. >> kimberly: i knew it! >> greg: i want to show you president obama in denver, making some noise about this student loan plan. then i'm going to come to you and ask for your commentary. please, if you will. >> because of this change, about 1.6 million americans could see their payments go down. by hundreds of dollars a month. we're going to make it easier for you to have one payment a month. at a better interest rate. and this won't cost -- it won't cost taxpayers a dime. but it will save you money and it will save you time. >> dana: okay. i have been to a lot of presidential events. the guy behind the president with the cap on. take your hat off in front of the president, please. be polite. he didn't even clap for the
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president. >> greg: maybe he hadn't washed his hair and he was embarrassed. >> dana: or he realized it's a bad idea. >> eric: occupy the podium. >> dana: he told me to. >> bob: don't say anything now. >> greg: can i ask a question. explain to me loan forgiveness? if you have loan forgiveness for student loans why don't we have it for everything? >> bob: we forgive you on a daily basis. this is a terrific program. it was a funny monologue, by the way. the fact is unemployment rate among college graduates is very low, relative to the rest of the country. but the student debt is increasing. we now have more student debt than credit card debt. over $1 trillion. this is a way to lower the payments, something that needs to be done. the private banks screwed students long enough. federal loans are lower. good idea. it goes around congress, even better. >> eric: that is the first problem. the second problem, here is what it does. it makes the government again the lender of last resort.
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don't worry, you can't get a student loan. come to us. we'll fix it for you. we are on a bullet train to progressive socialism. go to the government for everything. you can't live that way. that is not free market capitalism, bob. nothing like that. >> bob: is there anything like that here in wall street? >> eric: of course. it's all capitalism. >> bob: really? >> greg: i want to ask you, though. the real problem is tuition. not the loan. if tuition were lower you wouldn't have the problem with the loan. >> kimberly: but some people in college and i city tution like their money. this is about the campaigning, politics, 2012. he wants to buy votes of the youth. make sense. these people came out for him and supported the presidency. he needs them again. even more so this time. so this a way to rally them and speak to people protes
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protesting. >> dana: the school he spoke at, 9% purchasing power this year. is there any university that cut tuition rates recently? even in the recession? they don't have to be competitive. the other thing is bob, i agree that -- well, obviously, the unemployment rate is higher for college graduates. vy a problem with 75% of the americans who didn't graduate from college having to be on the hook for this. like the waitresss, the bartenders and construction workers didn't go to college. high school drop-out unemployment rate is 14.9. >> bob: you are buying bolling's argument that everyone is on the hook for this. >> dana: maybe i could have my own argument. >> kimberly: independent thinking. shocking. >> bob: people generally pay their student loans. they do. >> eric: highest default rate of any loan. student loan. >> bob: are you out your
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mind >> eric: whamind? what about illegal gambling? >> dana: that is not government subsidized. >> bob: cost of higher education has gone up, in public higher education. why? the state legislatures have drastically cut aid. lead by legislatures. that is the price to pay. >> greg: you know who has a solution for this? a man named ron paul. a man with two first names, which is why he is ineligible to run for president. here he is talking on "hannity" about what he would do with student loans. >> yes. student loans should be phased out. there is a fund that will tide some people over. it is a failed program. it's unconstitutional. >> greg: he is right. >> eric: what he is right about is the government should about be in the student loan business. there should be student loans but a private lender should be allowed or should be the only resource to borrow money.
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that way the interest rate would be accurate. it wouldn't lower than it should be when the government -- >> dana: it would be competitive. see, president obama last year -- >> bob: you'd trust banks in this country to control student loans? >> kimberly: that is the problem. >> dana: i do. i trust them more than the government doing it. >> bob: why? >> kimberly: the idea is you want people to better themselves, seek out an education otherwise they might not be able to, because they couldn't afford it. people are trying to pay back the loans. if you look at the credit card debt, mortgages. student loan is number two in terms of the amount of debt out there. people trying to -- >> dana: how many of the people studied documentary film-making? i'm sorry, i had a student loan and i got sick to my stomach every month what if i don't paid my loan. it worried about it all the time and i paid it. >> bob: you worry about these things. >> dana: going back when i was a younger person. >> bob: you're still young. >> eric: you see what is going on? now you worry about your mortgage but obama has now many mortgage programs to modify the mortgage, the rate
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and the principle? it's to the point that -- >> bob: you wouldn't say that if you were about to -- >> eric: feel bad about it, don't worry. the government will take care of it. >> bob: you wouldn't say that if you were going to lose your house. ron paul is not going to be president because he is ron paul. i want to know where ron paul thinks without student loans that people who don't have money, they're either poor or lower middle class will get to go to college where we know the increase your earning power. >> bob: his solution is -- >> greg: the solution if you get rid of the loan, the tuition drops and work your way through school, which is what he did. that seems like an apt quiteed idea -- antiquated idea. >> kimberly: tuition was more affordable then. he was able to do that. you can't pay everything off working at burger king while going to school. >> dana: lower income people, there are things called pel grants. >> kimberly: true. >> bob: government. >> dana: government. they're grants, not loans. you can apply and get them. president bush increased funding for them and so did
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president obama. not popular with a lot of people to increase those but a solution for lower income people. >> eric: terrible. get out the business of subsidizing everybody. just stop. >> greg: should about student in wall street occupy lawns of the tenureed professors? >> yes! >> bob: we can't talk about the law school thing. isn't that ridiculous? that is what they are there for, to keep people in line. >> greg: we can do it tomorrow. >> bob: yeah, sure. >> kimberly: come to our school and you will get a job. that is not the case. let's do it. >> bob: you have to get out of here, greg. >> greg: next on the "the five." shred the constitution. a judge rules american courts can use islamic law instead. also, don't forget to e-mail us at send me pictures of your cat. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." yet, another example of america bending over backwards
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to be inclusive. a florida appeals court cleared the way for lawsuit over a monetary dispute at a mosque to be determined by islamic shariah law. in a u.s. court, not the first time but why is it happening at all? kimberly, the legal eagle here. shariah law shouldn't -- >> kimberly: you know my opinion on this, right? >> eric: i don't. >> kimberly: i think it's serious and should not be allowed at all. it should frighten people that it's acceptable that a judge says okay, you can use it. it's not the law of the united states. so what is the legal authority for allowing shariah law implemented in the court system? wake up, we have the u.s. constitution, those are the laws we're governed by. not shariah law. >> bob: there is a long history of the courts using religious laws, when people in the same fate within an organization. they used jewish law in cases, and it has been done if 26 states, cases where shariah
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law has been decided. i don't see what the problem is. it's like if you had a dispute and say in eric's country club for example. they would go in and -- >> eric: first of all. please, do you see a problem -- >> greg: i got to tell you -- >> eric: that judges and juries know the islamic law, read the quran before you decide a case? >> greg: everyone knows the practice of law was perfected by sixth century goat herders. if you disagree with that, you're clearly islamphobic. >> bob: nobody mentioned this -- if we look at the research we had today it goes back, many, many states used it over many -- 26 states. >> dana: no, not shariah. that is a reference to another law. shariah law is different.
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so you say you accept the idea that shariah law should be allowed in court. at the same time, why do we have people trying to take away the manger scenes that are traditionable at the courthouses? >> greg: they pick and choose. for example, okay, if we are going to do this in this cour court, theoretically i should be able to get rid of the mortgage interest on my house because shariah law outlaws -- >> eric: hold on. what about if it's, if this sets precedent there won't be a day where a judge says by the way, under shiria law, you stole that thing over there. we need to cut your left hand off. >> eric: did you make the -- >> bob: did you make the argument when jewish laws were used in the court? they've used it for years. or just now because it's muslims. it's their own religious laws. >> eric: i don't believe they're using different laws in the court. >> kimberly: if you think
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honor killings are okay, codify shariah law. amputations are fine, husbands are allowed to kill their wives. i am talking about it, because it's all under shariah law. >> bob: do you i gree that the courts used jewish law in cases and shariah law in muslim cases? it's been done? >> kimberly: it has occurred? yes. do i think it's appropriate? no. we should not apply international law in the united states of america. we have a set of laws. >> eric: we have been told there are no states in the union recognize shariah law to be supreme -- >> bob: no, of course not. of course not. the question is do they use it in certain cases between people of the same faith? jews have done it. muslims have done it. what is the big deal? this is not chopping somebody's hands off. >> eric: once you open the door to anything, can expand and be used. move to topic two. a mexican i.d. is being issued
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in sonoma county, california. in other words, if you're a mexican illegal or legal for that matter, illegal can come to california, go to sonoma county and get i.d. that has your name on it, allowing you to do things like cash checks. even apply for driver's license. >> dana: when i first heard of this, irthought it must be just be for people here illegally and working. when we called to find out that is not the case. it suppose in sonoma county -- correct me if i'm wrong -- they f you are pulled over they are not allowed to ask, not allowed to ask. >> kimberly: sanctuary. >> dana: thank you. looking for the word. i have a apparently it's for everybody. >> kimberly: it's legal and illegal. >> dana: the sheriff shouted it from the rooftop, he was so proud of it. he said then people wouldn't have to be in jail for no reason. if you are here illegally, why do we have laws -- >> kimberly: there is an example of this. so statistics, advocates on behalf of the immigrants said half of the 921 immigrants
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turned over to ice authorities hadn't committed a crime. another third committed minor offenses. they are saying this is invaluable policing resources that are being diverted to deal with it. this will reduce that. >> bob: i should don't this, because it's greg's prop there. >> eric: eric. >> bob: you think the same way. this flag he brought out here is a sign they use in the streets in southern california, particularly where kids have been killed crossing the row. it's nothing to do with this topic as well. this is unbelievable. >> greg: can i pose a simple scenario? >> bob: what is wrong with having the i.d. cards? >> greg: what if someone with a mexican i.d. wants to use shariah law to get rid of the interest on his student loan? what do you do then? >> eric: look, i have broken
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the law already. i'm an illegal. kimberly, the assessment they make there they haven't broken the law, they have already broken the law. they're here illegally. that is problem. >> kimberly: it seems to be inclination for people to ignore that is the first right, that's what they are breaking the law. they don't consider it breaking the law. in fact, they want amnesty for people who are here illegally. that's one of the demands of it. >> bob: the united states appropriates $400 million a year to -- enough money to support 400,000 illegal immigrants a year and they have already done that. this would put all the people in jail and cost sonoma a fortune to keep them there until they get through the due process. >> dana: that is why the state of texas is suing the federal government for more money they've been asked to do by the government to do. >> eric: you know what a great segment is? why it costs $30,000 peril legal immigrant to process and send back to wherever they came from. $30,000 each. >> bob: send them all to your beach house. >> eric: this is a safety sign. bob is right.
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it's topical. illegal immigration, it's all along the border, bob. all along the border. coming up, president obama tells americans if you don't re-elect him next year, you are going to be, "on your own." i'm sure that is a bad thing since a lot of people including me would like the government to leave us alone, will you, please? that is next on "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪
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when you open an account.
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: welcome back to "the five." congress made it very clear, they don't want to pass a jobs plan. so now, president obama is resorting to other tactics to promote his agenda. scare tactics. it's not even halloween.
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take a listen to the president from yesterday. >> if we don't work even harder than we did in 2008, then we'll have a government that tells the american people you are on their own. if you get sick, you're on your own. if you can't afford college, you are on your own. if you don't like that some corporation is polluting your air, or the air your child breathes, then you are on your own. >> kimberly: you are on your own. eric bolling? >> eric: so if we don't re-elect you in president obama in 2012, we're not going to get healthcare, we can't go to college and maybe, maybe we won't be able to breathe because the air will be so bad. i'll make a deal. let us be on our own. i think we'll be fine. >> greg: if he loses, we're on our own? that is the point. we're individuals. we don't see ourselves as group things or splintered
11:27 pm
backs and minoritities. we are americans. >> bob: we don't need any help. dana mentioned class war fair. >> dana: in the break. i haven't made my point yet. >> bob: no, go ahead. my segment will follow it perfectly. >> dana: my point is class warfare, once you start it and you wage it, it's hard to pull back. he does not look presidential. he has been so divisive. that is a campaign event. not much difference in the rhetoric from last night's campaign event to today's taxpayers funded presidential event where he asked student, you know what the problem is, students? republicans. it's so unappealing and one reason he lost the independents and will continue to. >> bob: see what people think. look at the "new york times" recent poll. 66% favor more wealth distribution, as do i.
11:28 pm
can you move that closer? 69% of the congressional republicans favor the rich, which is true. 65 want taxes increased for those makes $1 million. two-third of the country is on my side. there is class warfare. you have rewarded -- >> greg: the poll is cbs/"new york times." >> eric: they polled people at occupy wall street. >> bob: if you hadn't saved my life i'd bust you in the nose. >> kimberly: no violence. >> bob: class warfare began with republicans to reward wealthy for 15 to 20 years and this is the price you are paying. he's right, the republicans take over the white house and congress we'll find ourselves alone. you money and fine, there is a lot of people that need the
11:29 pm
government -- >> eric: they favored wealth distribution. that is the definition of socialism. right there. >> bob: so move some place else. >> kimberly: why don't they? >> greg: it began on the college campuses in the '60s, by liberals who pushed the idea that the rich were evil to get the kids indoctrinated to left wing thinking. it's been alive and well. you gave birth to it. >> eric: so you think two-third of the country -- >> greg: it's a biased poll. "new york times" poll. >> bob: if you ask that question -- you don't think the republicans think they favor rich and congress? >> greg: they favor the successful. >> eric: they favor the rich. >> dana: class warfare can work. it's disgusting and ugly. and not presidential. >> kimberly: it's unpresidential to behave like this. it is!
11:30 pm
as if you're not upset enough we'll listen to paul ryan to make you angrier. >> the president is going from town to town, impugning the motives of republicans. setting up straw men and scapegoats and engaging in intellectually angry arguments to build support for punitive tax hikes on job creators. >> kimberly: that is great. dana is not happy with bob. >> bob: that is price you pay. go ahead. >> dana: that was a great speech by paul ryan and people wish he would have said i'll run for president of the united states in 2012. that is not what he said, but the endorsement is well thought. just because you disagree with someone -- my mom would have sent me to my room had i said so many things mean about people. i don't understand.
11:31 pm
>> bob: i wasn't moon. >> dana: you have a nickname for everybody you dislike. can you sendally to his room? >> kimberly: give him a time-out and a cookie. >> bob: he says intellectual argument. you can't have an intellectual argument. but the arguments that he makes do take people like his medicare program who cannot afford hospitalization and other things and put it out and give it to the free market, which is the most dangerous place you can be anybody for their health. >> dana: you know what is outrageous? especially when they say the republicans care about the rich. someone like paul ryan is not a wealthy guy. he doesn't work for a corporation. he is a publicker is vant making argumentous can disagree with. not fair to call them names. >> bob: if i was going to call him a name, i'd call him
11:32 pm
a real name. i think this guy is intellectually dishonest and the proposal is ridiculous. everybody thinks this guy should be president of the united states. >> kimberly: wait for it, bob. one day it will happen. coming up, we all need miss manners training. the daily 2012 potpourri, including flip-flop, poll position and more. all of it. next on "the five." stay with us. ♪ ♪ new york
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and my colleagues at "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." mitt romney has been called
11:38 pm
out for flip-flopping on positions in the past. the latest accusation whether he supports limiting the bargaining power of unions. first he was for it many wisconsin and he didn't take a position on it in ohio yesterday. people were confused and today he cleared it up. one thing i think they did well is they got after it in a 24-hour period. there were several examples across the campaign after everybody let things linger and stuck in everybody's craw and dogged them for a while. why are you laughing? >> eric: romney's case it was more than a few days. sometimes it's decades. you know who i was thinking of is rick perry when he said, "heartless" in florida. >> kimberly: nice comeback. >> bob: i don't think you should call people names like flip-floppers. >> kimberly: that is rich!
11:39 pm
>> bob: romney earned the reputation. he has goten away with it for a long time in the campaign. it's remarkable. now it's starting to catch up with him. when he ran for the governor of massachusetts, this is something he did in the last month, right? he got himself on the wrong side of the ballot issue in ohio. a critical state. with john kasich who can cause you problems. >> dana: i take him at his word that he supports john kasich and the bill but one of the weird things if you wrote the bill it's a yes and if you vote yes, it's a no. >> kimberly: i don't know how you figure it out. this is a problem with romney and why he is not able to trend outside 20% range. people are concerne concerned ws core values. so they're concerned with someone who won't go with obamacare or up a porting the
11:40 pm
unions. that's why he doesn't have the solid front-runner sta cuss. >> greg: imagine if your shopping habits reflected by voting. it have to bye coffee, but i have to buy something that is not yes on tea. it's confusing. bob where did that come from? >> greg: that is how it works. he is going in there, being polite. not sure. what is wrong with flip-flo flip-flopping? >> eric: everything! especially this one. do you understand what happened in wisconsin? the republicans came out, they won wisconsin. they took the state. governor walker said i'm coming and going to one of the most important issues of any. for romney to say -- >> dana: he said it's the same issue. >> eric: but it's not. >> dana: remember back to
11:41 pm
when obama dipped his hole and found out they don't have the collective bargaining rights and he backed off and never talked about it again. >> we were all crazy. wisconsin, governor walker. it started to spread. this is a big issue. >> bob: this is a big issue for cabs like yourself. and for walker. >> dana: my gosh. >> kimberly: that is a name! name-calling. >> bob: is that name-calling? >> kimberly: yes. >> bob: you are right. i'm agreeing with you on this. are you taking away -- >> greg: every time you call a name we will take away a cough drop. >> bob: do me a favor. leave your brain to science. >> dana: herman cain, a "new york times" cbs poll has him 25% up -- >> kimberly: ohio g.o.p. voters. >> dana: governor perry at 26%. this was taken october 19-24.
11:42 pm
things are happen something fast in the campaign, because governor perry has come out with the flat tax plan i wonder if the same poll was taken today if he would have moved up in the poll. >> greg: that is like asking me with "dancing with the stars" a week ago. my mind changes three days later. i don't care until the last show. >> bob: this is unusual in the presidential politics. if you get this close to iowa, things settle down. you don't see the fast movement between the candidates. this is still unsettled race. cains is the hot property now. he can't convert it without organization and money. >> kimberly: why is he still in the game? everyone has been discounting him. he won a number of polls and number of the straw polls. how can you continue to discount him and say it's not going to matter in the end? >> kimberly: i think he is the most effective candidate in the field by far, the way he speaks. organizationmly he has to go
11:43 pm
to iowa. in iowa it's difficult to convert the popularity to vot votes. >> eric: the game changer when perry started with the add. first out of the get a. that's where the money starts to matter. it starts to matter a lot. >> bob: it is. >> dana: the poll is different next week. vy to tease, bob, but hold that thought. there are other polls that have romney up today. another one with bachmann -- >> bob: we're not talking more about perry? >> dana: we have to go. >> bob: we're not leaving. >> dana: leaving for this block. just for two minutes. give bob back a cough drop. pacify him for a little bit. all right. occupy wall street gets violent and police are forced to fire tear gas at protesters. we'll show you that wild scene on the street of california. where else? next on "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia,
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chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: by the way, donald trump, you may have been getting your wish, because i'm now down to the "e" block. welcome back to "the five." now to wild scene in oakland, california, yesterday between police and protesters on occupy wall street. they fired tear gas after saying bottles and rocks were thrown at them. they tried to clear the protesters from an area they were rightfully occupying for two weeks. they would haven't had this problem if they hadn't taken away a rightful place for them to assemble, under the constitution, we have a right to assemble. and protest. >> greg: they were violent people. they were hurting people. they were beating up people. they had a dog attack a reporter. >> kimberly: it was in the paper. violence, drug dealing, health hazard. it's incumbent on the city --
11:49 pm
>> greg: normal day in oakland. >> bob: you said shariah law, divorce three times, i'm divorced. >> dana: maybe on occupy wall street, would you want shariah law? >> greg: they say the crime rate has gone up. >> eric: it's going up where crime rate has been stagnant and pushed down and now diverted to the occupy wall street protest and they're pulled out of places where the crimes need to be prevented. >> greg: it is hurting poor people. it'people >> eric: it's constitution the only protest but right to be safe and send my kids to school. that is the problem with occupy whatever.
11:50 pm
>> bob: 3,000 police down at occupy wall street. 3,000. which is bigger than some states. the people, they take the best troopers down there. policeman who usually do these things and deal with the violent crime. why in the world do you need 3,000 police down on that crowd? seriously. >> dana: i don't know. you know better than i do. >> bob: that is dealing drugs, not shooting people. >> eric: it is a crime, though. >> dana: is demonstrable fact that crime has gone up where police are diverted to take care of the protest. >> bob: do you think they should divert 3,000 people? dabs i trust police kelly to make a decision on what he needs where. kilthey are th
11:51 pm
>> kimberly: they are the best in the world. >> bob: no question. but there are cops leaning on their cars and you could take them to wall street and take the -- wait. >> eric: are you saying there is a conspiracy to take the cops out of the minority neighborhoods? >> bob: no. but anybody who thinks you need 3,000 of the best police to take care of what you say are rag tag bums, communist and socialists and crime goes up, then somebody is stupid. >> kimberly: bob. >> greg: it is being diverted and it's hurting poor people. the most important part of the segment is the fortureed metaphor! the media loves the protesters but they have a problem when it turns out something you love is abusive creep. so the media is rhiana and the
11:52 pm
protesters are chris brown. she tried to leave him. she abandoned him. and president obama is the neighbor listening to what is going on saying i sense the frustration. >> bob: who is rhiana? >> dana: our viewers know who it is. >> bob: the guy beating up his wife all the time? takes 30,000 cops in new york to stop that. >> dana: most people who might have felt empathetic to the wall street protesters would look at this and say all right, you made your point. now can we have the police officers back? >> bob: 50% of the american people agree with the position they take. >> eric: today, president obama related tea party to occupy wall street when talking to students? >> greg: no crimes by the tea party.
11:53 pm
>> kimberly: the problem is -- >> bob: town meetsation crime. >> kimberly: -- coddle criminals. you think 50% of supporters think it's okay to coddle those who are committing crimes? this is hard evidence to show the level of violence. >> dana: there has been rapes. >> bob: it's amazing how you demonize the people. >> greg: we don't have to. they are doing a great job themselves. they're drumming. drumming alone. >> bob: when the tea party was disrupting the town meetings -- >> kimberly: race and violent crime. no rapes. >> kimberly: it's a hard fact. that is a cheap shot. >> bob: you are in to it today. john edwards resurfaces for his day in court. we'll tell you about it next on "the five."
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i may not be. make you happy. ♪ ♪ ú(h cúcqhpbcdúg
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to occupying "the five." back like a weird smell. former presidential candidate john edwards turned up in federal court to get the campaign finance charges against him dismissed. he was indicted on charges he took nearly $1 million from donors to cover up an affair he had with riyell while running for president in 2008. what do you think of this guy? >> bob: i thought she was with chris brown. >> kimberly: that was rhianna. >> bob: he took that money meant for campaign and used it clearly to cover up his own misdemeanors. this is the most ridiculous thing i've seen. he took campaign money and paid the guy off to cover up for him >> kimberly: this is not a misdemeanor. these are serious allegation
11:59 pm
against him. >> bob: it is serious. >> dana: misallocation of funds. he said these were not contribution to the campaign. they were gift, as if there was distinguished -- but she a trial lawyer. >> kimberly: the point is he used the money to hide his pregnant mistress. >> bob: why is everybody pointing at me? i'm in agreement with you. what is this? what more i can i do? >> dana: call him a name. it'd agree. >> bob: i won't. call the people on wall street fascist, communist, socialist -- >> dana: what about john edwards? >> eric: any chance he gets off? >> kimberly: there is a strong case against him. you have people also testify against him. i think he is in trouble. >> bob: he won't go to jail, though. >> kimberly: why not? because he this is america? >> bob: he is a white guy with money. >> kimberly: fighting words. >> bob: i don't think he


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