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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 27, 2011 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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thank you, dana. bill schulz shouldn't be in the tele prompter. it is john devore. chris barron, always a pleasure. i'm greg gutfeld. >> bret: i'm bret baier. fox news alert. herman cain sits on top the latest fox news poll of 2012 presidential candidates released moments ago. herman cain quadrupleed his support amongst primary voters in the past two months and has a four-point cushion on mitt romney. chief political correspondent carl cameron has the story. >> reporter: the latest fox news poll shows herman cain solidifying his top-tier status and lead nationwide with 24%. mitt romney slipped to second at 20. newt gingrich inched to third with 12%. texas governor rick perry slipped to 10% and fourth place. cain had no public campaign events today. he rallied the tea partiers in
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texas last night. he has been criticized for lacking a serious organization and spending too little time meeting people in the early voting states. he started prerecorded robo calls to drum up support in iowa today. northern virginia, romney was in clean-up mode after refusing to back ohio referendum in support of the new public union reform law. visiting a phone bank yesterday in support of initiative. >> i'm sorry i if i created confusion. i fully support john kasich. >> reporter: the day after rick perry proposed 20% flat incomes tax on postcard, romney touted his own tax cut package but said it too could be made more simple if he gets elected. >> i like my tax plan better. as you might not be surprised to hear. if i'm fortunate enough to get to washington i'll have ways to make it more flat, simpler and fairer. any proposal has to simplify
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the tax code. measures i put in my proposal are the best. >> reporter: since leading in august, he has plummeted. >> as president i'll create 2.5 million new jobs. i know something about that. in texas we created over 1 million new jobs. >> reporter: perry was fundraising across florida today and told a tampa tv station he was joking about the president's birth certificate this week and has "no doubt mr. obama was born in the u.s." texas governor trashed romne romney's character on o'reilly factor last night. >> you can't be for banning guns and then for second amendment and can't be for issue of abortion and then pro-life. to change those at the age of 50 or 60 tells you all you need to know about that. >> reporter: despite perry attacks, romney still leads or is tied at the top of most polls in the early voting states. at this point, the texas governor may want to pay more
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attention to newt gingrich who proposed optional flat tax himself weeks before perry did yesterday. now leads perry in the fox news poll. >> bret: interesting. carl, thank you. coming up in a few minutes, ron paul will join us in the center seat segment and he will take questions from the panel and he will respond to your questions on "special report" online at 7:00 eastern. log on to that right now. fox we'll welcome herman cain next tuesday. we're scheduling debates with the rest of candidates. president obama returned to the white house an hour ago after three-state policy and fundraising swing that featured another comment seemingly critical of modern americans. today in denver he outlined another plan to circumvent congress and order a change in the way education loans are handled. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler has the story. >> the president announced the new student loan rule to a receptive audience at the
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university of colorado denver campus. >> last year, graduates who took out loans left college owing an average of 24,000. student loan debt surpassed credit card debt for the first time ever. >> the rules cut maximum monthly loan by a third and forgive loans altogether after 20 years instead of 25. they make it easier to consolidate loans at a lower interest rate. the reaction to republicans in congress who mr. obama says decided not to work with him for political reasons. >> i told my administration, we're going to look every single day to figure out what we can do without congress. what can we do without them? >> actually, congress approved most of the changes to take place in 2014. mr. obama is going to put them in effect next year. the lawmakers he bypassed blame him for the failure to work together. >> the problem is you didn't have uniter come to presidency
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to common ground and consensus. we ended up with a divider. >> as part of the healthcare reform bill, government effectively cut banks out of the student loan business. the move was supposed to save $68 billion in middleman costs but the republicans question whether the new rules will eat up some of the savings and who will pick up the tab for bad loans. >> this is on the government books and this takes away choice and competition in the student loan market. the president said investing in education is necessary to build a stable economy. he told florida reporter the country has gotten soft and rephrased the thought in his fundraising speech. >> we have lost our ambition, our imagination. and our willingness to do things to build the golden get a bridge. and the hoover dam. unleash potential. >> the president says coming out of college weighed down by
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student loans can make you put off things like buying a house and starting a family. that has an impact on the economy as a whole. they say the changes he ordered could effect 6 million people or more. they hope it has an impact on him politically. >> bret: wendell goler live on the north lawn. thank you. like student charged with term paper due, lawmakers chargeed with finding places to cut deficit have a lot to do and not much time to do it. jim angle has an update. >> the super committee must decide by thanksgiving how to cut $1.2 trillion in spending in the next ten years to avoid automatic cuts. half in domestic spending and half in defense, which most lawmakers oppose. the director of the congressional budget office reminded lawmakers he needs several weeks to score any savings. >> backing up from thanksgiving, that left us looking at the beginning of november. which we are very aware, as you are, congressman, not far
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away. >> early next week, in fact. committee members were arguing today over where to cut with the democratic cochair arguing too much has been tacken from domestic spending. >> congress has gone to the relatively small pot with cut and spending cap again and again, while leaving many other pieces untouched. >> they have grown 838%. the energy department grown 170.7%. >> on military cuts, defense secretary leon panetta and party ospose cuts and analysts say it would be painful. >> the army will be at numbers less than they were at 9/11. >> director told the committee whatever they decide to cut in defense or nondefense, the bigger threat is entitlement such as medicare. >> mandatory spending is
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growing share of the federal outlays and growing rapidly. without addressing that path, it would be difficult to put it on a pass. >> word leaked today for democratic senator max baucus that outlined $3 trillion in savings, half to come from the tax increases. another $400 billion from medicare. but another group ophidisms says no way. >> we are telling the super committee, hands off social security, medicare and medicaid. period. no intentions. >> a lot of free advice for the committee but not much else. and not much time to complete the work. >> bret: jim, thank you. congressman ron paul will be in the center seat in a few minutes. but first, why is the government considering loaning a russian company $730 million of your dollars? b d d0e(ll now and get your own
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>> bret: new questions tonight how the energy department is spending your money. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel says a powerful lawmaker wants to know how a foreign owned firm got in position for three-quarters of a ball dollars. >> government is taking risk and getting short end of the reform. >> darrell issa is raising questions about the department of energy decision to offer $730 million conditional loan commitment to a steel company. the money would be designated to improve advance high strength steal plant in dearborn, michigan. it's russian company where the ceo is one of the wealthiest people with net worth of $8 $8.5 billion and close ties to the kremlin. issa wrote in this letter to energy secretary steven chu, "announcements made by
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seversalal in the loan consideration process indicated that the company had ample means to carry out the project" and didn't need the loan. >> they failed to protect the money. >> the department of energy says the tax dollars have not been spent yet. career staffers are doing due diligence on the project. it also says the foreign company would support more than 2,500 construction jobs and more than 260 permanent manufacturerring jobs in michigan. doe secretary tells fox, "the project received bipartisan support because producing the next generation of the automotive advanced high strength steel is vital to help american workers remain competitive. issa says after the high profile solyndra failure cost the taxpayers $535 million on a doe loan guarantee he has his concerns. >> the department of energy
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has a number of problems. under the secretary, the problems have blossomed or have not been fixed. >> seversol says they met all the requirements of the loan program in what has been a two-year process and argues it's critical for future fuel efficiency but note the company sold facilities to maryland, west virginia and ohio. and was already refocusing its business on its own. bret? >> bret: mike emanuel live on the hill. thank you. congressman issa is pressing the attorney general for information about a weapon linked to the murder of an immigration customs agent. letter to eric holder alleges that the gun used to kill immigration and customs enforcement agent zapata was purchased by traffickers, from informant working with atf. the united auto workers ratified contract with chrysler. union officials says factory workers voted for the deal but the skilled trade workers were against it.
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executive board pead the final call for approval. that means all of detroit's big three auto makers now have new contracts with the uaw. durable goods orders fell .8 of a percentage point in december but excluding transportation, orders were up 1.7%. that's the best showing in six months. new home sales rose 5.7%. largely because the builders cut prices. it was a good day on wall street today. the dow climbed 162, the s&p 500 was up 13. the nasdaq finished ahead 12. european leaders spent the day trying to come up with a solution to the continent debt crisis. senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg is monitoring developments from london. good evening, amy? >> reporter: hi, bret. it's past midnight in brussels and they're still working in the night. they have come up with a broad brush plan for recapitalizing banks. and beefing up the european bail-out fund. but where the cash is going to come from, bret, has yet to be determined.
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>> there is no immediate fix to europe yees woe's. it's so seriously overspent. each time the government calls for austerity measures populations lash out violentl violently. greece first. then italy. emergency summit was called in brussels today to prop up the european central bank and the bail-out fund to ensure countries like greece and italy don't default on the debt and banks don't go under. >> now is the time for the european leadership to end the uncertainty, end the crisis. >> it's not just the euro zone countries that are jittery about all this. in a fragile and interconnected global economy, everyone's economic well being here is at stake. which is why americans watch this nervously. remembering the collapse of lehman brothers in 2008. that is why we saw italy scrambling to come up with further plans to cut its budget last night. and the germans voting this morning for greater debt
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bail-out capacity for the euro zone. this is a currency without a single country but 17. many of them increasingly at odds about how to deal with europe's worst crisis some say since world war ii. bret, another key issue here is how to further write down greece's debt. that has not yet been figured out. if it's not decided this evening, the european finance ministers are going to be called back to work further on this saturday. bret? >> bret: amy kellogg live in london. thank you. soon, republicannial candidate dr. ron paul will be in the center seat answering our questions. and then yours. and next, is the egyptian army trying to protect minority christians or kill them?
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>> bret: a former cia operative says iran developed terror cells within canada for the purpose of moving them to the u.s.. the witness told a house sub committee today operations such as the one that aims to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. traditionagely had been approved by iran supreme leader. libyan's envoy to the united nations says no soldier from the transitional forces was responsible for killing muammar gaddafi. nato, meantime, postponed a meeting scheduled for today to decide when to end the mission in libya. that meeting is set for friday. major human rights group is urging egypt to allow an independent investigation in to violence earlier in month. that killed at least 17 coptic christians. right now, the military is in charge of the probe despite the alleged involve. correspondent leland vittert looks at the difficult relationship between the two groups. >> reporter: far from protecting the members of the coptic christian minority, the army here is often blamed for
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killing them. soldiers allegedly shot more than two dozen this month and coptics protested another church burning. and now fear runs deep. >> every second you walk out, every chance you go to a church, every place you have your daughter go unprotected, you have a chance of somebody grabbing her. >> reporter: we traveled through cairo's slum to a church and found a priest trying to keep his flock together in the face of increasing violence. >> i do believe it is getting more worse because of the way the government treats this case. they don't care about the coptics. >> 100,000 christians have fled egypt, willing to leave everything behind. rather than end up as a martyr poster at their church. >> the problem is we don't catch the people who do that, we don't bring them to trial. if you don't do that, then you are sending a message that it's okay to burn a church.
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>> christian millionaire agreed to finance the revolution eight months ago and stayed in egypt. >> what does the future look like? >> bad. >> the priest, however, got out a few words in english to explain why his flock will continue to fill the pews. >> because they believe in jesus. >> the army claims its soldiers' weapons were unloaded when the two dozen protesters were shot and killed but promises a full investigation. the coptics say it's more of the same from a government who just wishes them gone. in cairo, leland vittert, fox news. >> bret: no grapevine tonight so we can welcome congressman ron paul to the center seat. first, the fox all-stars on president obama's charge that americans have lost their imagination and his new plan for student loans.
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because of this change, about 1.6 million americans could see their payments go down by hundreds of dollars a month. it won't cost taxpayers a dime but it will save you money and time. >> this is on the government books. taxpayers are libel for this if it goes bad. it takes away choice and competition in the student loan market for students. >> the president talking about student loans, an adjustment he is making around congress, saying we can't wait again, making the monthly payment about a third less according to the white house for giving
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loans a together in 20 years not 25. trying to consolidate student loans together for lower interest ra you heard the pushback from the representative ryan there. we begin the panel segment early to accommodate for the center seat guests. congressman ron paul in a few minute. let's bring in tonight's journalists. columnists. steve hayes for "weekly standard." juan williams, columnist with the hill. and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. another moment that people well, some eyebrows were raised on the tour was this at a san francisco fundraiser from the president. >> we've lost our ambition, our imagination. our willingness to do things that built the golden get a bridge and hoover dam. >> bret: that reminded some citbes of the statement he made in an interview saying this. the way i think about it is, you know, this is a great, great country that had gotten
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a little soft. you know we didn't have the same competitive edge that we needed in the past couple of decades. we need to get back on track." start with those statements. >> ambition, imagination, accomplishing great statements like john kennedy's vision of america leading the world. in space exploration, which obama systematically dismantled. if i were him, i wouldn't bring imagination and great things, it's poor salesmanship. >> bret: what about this? talking down, americans? is that a fair criticism for people to say, juan? >> i don't think so. it seems to me a reflection of a political attitude the day. if you look at right track, wrong track number, overwhelming. america thinks we're going the wrong way. people are stocking away money. they want to make sure that everything is okay. the idea of taking the bold step like launching the space program or doing anything on
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the infrastructure program, at this point, they are reminded to reduce the debt and make sure we have the house in order. he is saying the language on soft is out of line. when he says we need to get back to having confidence in ourselves maybe that is a call to action. >> steve? >> you are all trapped by obama's use of government projects as american greatness and emblematic of greatness. he sites the golden get a bridge and hoover dam. you talk about nasa and the government projects. the seenous of america, the thing that distinguished us from every other country in the world are the country bitions made by the private sector and the contributions that private sector can make when they are inoue cumbered by -- unincumbered. >> the moon landing were american achievements though that was a government achievement. >> bret: the other focus is student loan. adjustment he talked about today in denver. one reason that the president can do this is because as part of the healthcare law,
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actually, there was an element of that bill that essentially put student loans in the government coffers. handling of the government. passed in the healthcare bill. take a listen to what the president said back then. >> we're eliminating tens of billions of dollars in wasteful subsidiaries for banks to profit as middlemen, administrator student loans and use that money to make the college more affordable for millions of additional students. >> this reform, federal student loan programs will save taxpayers $68 billion over the next decade. >> bret: so, it is now not saving the $68 billion? because it's being redirected? what is the real story here. >> i agree. i'm not sure if the statements are real, where are they? what he spoke about today is tweaking the program that he now controls. the numbers were brought by
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economics respondent today. it turns out what he is offering the students is between $4.50 and $7.70 a month of relief. these are students he spoke of today, spoke of carrying $25,000 in ample on loans. he is saying i'll save you get you quarter of it back a month. keeping with all the promises he has been making in the past campaign tour where he promises relief to homeowners in program that failed. now he is doing it on the student loans. if his audience known as minuscule the benefit he would have been laughed out of that auditorium. >> bret: quickly. >> i don't know, i haven't seen the breakdown on the numbers. i guess charles has faith in the numbers. but what the president was saying is nothing like that. the president said we have a cap on how much the folks would have to pay back at any point. it's 10% of the income. he is also saying there has to
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be some way we allow the people to go forward terms of buying homes, going on with their lives without being incumbered by the tremendous burden of debt. without a debt, th doubt, the ds bigger. the idea he is speaking to important. >> trivial relief. >> i don't know the numbers. you say you believe the numbers. >> if you take advantage of the saving for the mortgage program and the $4 saving it would be $30 a month saving if you had a mortgage and student loan. again, every little bit counts but it puts the taxpayer money at risk despite what the president said. >> bret: congressman ron paul joins us in the center seat when we come back.
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>> bret: joining us tonight in the center seat feature, republican candidate and texas congressman ron paul. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me.
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>> bret: we have started this, looking at the position of the center seat guest. we have a new fox poll out todd. you have take a look at this. you are at 9% in this new national poll. you see cain, romney, gingrich, perry there. a new cnn time poll in new hampshire has you in third, at 12%. and the same organization in iowa have you at third and 12%. what do you see as the path to the republican nomination? what do you have to do in the early states? >> a lot of individuals come and go in the polls, up and down. vy to continue to do what i'm doing more so. we're pleased. i raised money we need. i need to be campaigning. we have to do well. we direct most of the attention to new hampshire and
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nevada, early states. i say come january it will be make or break for us. no doubt. >> bret: you have just raised $2.5 million on the money bomb and you have done it a few times. this one specifically points to what organizations tied to the campaign black this out, say, unfair media coverage. the quote you try to control the outcome directed to the media and will never cover in a fair, reasonable and journalistic manner, the only candidate to beat obama. you raised money. do you believe you are getting unfair treat in the the media? >> at times it's distorted. i don't know that i want to use the word unfair. they know who is in third, first, and fourth. supporters don't have anything
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to go by on that. >> bret: tell me about it. >> i try to think about my policies of keeping up with the news. >> bret: for the record, you have appeared on fox since yo your announcement that you were running a total of 43 times. 70 times since january of 2011. >> i'm so tired. i'm sure i'm tired. >> bret: we give you time on the channel. >> congressman, i spent time in the past couple of days with the plan to rear to america. there is a lot that the republican primary voters will like. eliminating the department, education, h.u.d. and others. one thing that might raise eyebrows is cut in defense spending, $2.5 billion below the president obama fiscal 2012 level. former defensive secretary bob gates said the cuts would be catastrophic in terms of the capability. why should people trust your judgment over bob gates? >> what is catastrophe sick what is happening to the debt and the world financial system and the military spending.
1:40 am
i don't cut defense. it cut mill their spending, which doesn't from my view point help our defense. we are all around the world spending money. if we go to $500 billion i talk about we would be five times more than what china would have. if you look at all of our spending, all of our allies, it's 70% of all the world military spending. we have so many weapons. nobody is on the verge of invading us or attacking us. the crisis in finance driven me for four years. i got involved in this because i saw what was coming once, you know, we accepted the new monetary system. and everything is a part of it. all the spending. but you know this, this sovereign debt crisis, about to explode in our face. today i thought it was interesting to know that the oldest bank in history of the world since 13th century
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on the verge of going broke. it tells you how significant it is. we're stronger. >> when somebody like bob gates and other uniform military leaders -- >> bret: panetta. >> panetta and others, the joint chiefs chairman say that this is weakening america's capabilities. there is no question it would lead america a weaker nation. you don't think so? >> i just disagree with them. he said anyone who is thinking about another invasion needs their head examined. i believe in the constitution. only one group to have strong national defense, that is the federal government. i think participation in a in bankruptcy in this country will be defeated by what is happening with the finances. in theory, we are borrowing the money from overseas to
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keep military operation going. a lot of people can make argument we could be more safe if we concentrate on defending the country. >> bret: speaking of banks, juan? >> congressman paul, i wrote this year this is the age of ron paul because if you look back at the 2008 campaign and what you stood for, the debt you are talking about, the smaller government became heart and soul of the tea party movement. now the occupy wall street movement do you see them with the anger and frustration with the fed and federal government? wall street? >> i do. everything is happening on occupy wall street.
1:43 am
if american people are tired of obama and tired of republicans. they are looking for something else. this is why the election occurred with the tea party movement. that doesn't satisfy everybody. cain said they should go get a job. why brame the victim? some -- why blame the victim? others advocate positions they don't think we should advocate. i advocate the market. i complain that 1% is wealthy because they get the benefit of the inflationary system, through the contract system, through the military expenditure system and through the bail-out system. i identify with them. a lot of them are anti-reserve people that are there. some of them say the solution is to raise taxes on the rich. they put everybody in the same category. everybody who made money is a bad person. i don't believe that. >> bret: this is what you said in one debate. take a listen here. >> i think this business is designed and may well be used against us to keep us in.
1:44 am
in economic turmoil, people want to lead with the capital and the capital controls and the people control. every time you think of a fence keeping in all the bad people out, think about the fences used against us, keeping us in. >> bret: charles? >> any piece of territory large or small that is fenced in, and for the purpose of keeping people in, is by textbook definition a prison. is the united states a prison? >> i think, you know, there was an aaron curtain once. i think what we are developing here is a financial iron curtain in a way you can't travel back and forth. i believe it's on both borders. i did medical training, some in michigan, some in when i lived in texas. it was nice that i could go back and forth and no passport. it's difficult. not only do we use excuse of watching for the bad guys coming in the country to control us.
1:45 am
currency and capital controls are common difficult. i'm thinking about the financial controls, where you don't have freedom to leave. they do exist. people who expatriate -- >> bret: your fence reference. >> if it deteriorates, which is capable, when it breaks down there will be more people control. the i.d. cards, the i.d. cards, the real i.d. cards they had. one reason the states didn't like it, it costs money. so that means you andvy to carry it or we're discriminating. so we want to protect borders. so we end up with the i.d. card. last week they are checking people in tennessee, like the tsa on the automobiles. >> in this century, capital travels in computers not in a
1:46 am
suitcase across if border. are you worried americans are stopped at the border with a fence and not allowed to leave? >> financially, i think they will. computers they can put control on you. >> a fence. >> i'm not for a fence. >> wire transfer. go well, they can push financial controls -- they have had wire transfers for years. the i.r.s. knows what is going on. you have to report everything. if you say the conditions are such, it would be nice to circumvent their desire. it's inevitable with the financial crisis they put on the currency control and capital controls. >> my point is a fence never stopped a money transfer. >> never stops illegal immigrants either. >> bret: we have many more questions with congressman paul. the panel continues after a quick break and then we will go online after the show.
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fox your chance to ask congressman paul questions. stay with us.
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>> bret: we're back with the center seat segment and congressman ron paul, now turning to foreign policy. charles, start with you. >> you said it would be natural for iran to want to require a nuclear weapon. it will be of no concern to the united states. what if iran proceeded to use the weapon to annihilate israel and kill jews. would that be a concern to the united states? >> you misstated my position. i don't like nuclear weapons. the less, the better. i have sate right now we don't have the concrete evidence by the cia or united nations
1:51 am
they're on the verge of it. i don't think we have enough reason to go to war against iran. i went, i was in the military in the '60s. the soviets had 30,000, 40,000 of these. so i know a little bit about confronting the enemy. israel, you know, has a few of those weapons themselves, like 300. i think israel sacrifices too much to offer this and we have to deal with the borders, defending the borders or dealing with the friends. right now, israel is more vulnerable ever because of breakdown of puppets there. ahmadinejad, the iraniaians are not going to attack somebody with a weapon they don't have. they're not even capable of producing gasoline for themselves. >> would you keep sanctions on them? >> no. why put sanctions on them? we took them off soviets and they murdered hundreds of millions of people.
1:52 am
chinese the same way, the chinese are vicious. so far, the iranians have not invaded any other countries. i know they're, i know they're difficult. but they haven't invaded the neighbors or threatening to invade us. >> bret: in the debate you said why wouldn't it have been natural for iranians to want a weapon, they'd be given more respect. why write them off? stay out of the internal business. so essentially you are okay with iran getting a nuclear weapon. >> i don't think it's our business to decide. a good example is libya. we for a gave killer of -- forgave the killer of lockerbie. he gave up weapons and got clobbered. with lay toe and us. hang on to the nuclear weapo weapons. >> bret: is there a situation you'd deploy u.s. troops abroad?
1:53 am
>> if the security was threatened? >> bret: if iran had nuclear weapons. >> we didn't attack russia or china. that was thousand times more dangerous. >> deterrence is your policy with iran? >> we had sanctions on russia and china. >> we eventually gave up. reagan talked to them. we have talked to them. we took off the sanctions. we traded with china. >> 50 years. >> i think it's -- the policy is wrong. it does more harm to us. it makes israel unsafe. turkey is not the best friend known. egypt now. they are going to radical islam now. they are less friendly with israel now. besides we're going to go broke and we are not going to maintain it forever. that's why i think we should
1:54 am
have different foreign policy. treat them at least equal to the way we treated the horrible chinese. see, i was in high school when we went to war against korea. here we are all the years later, and i like it better when nixon went and opened up the doors with china. >> you want to lift sanctions? that's not war. >> it is -- well, the first thing you do when you do to war is put boycotts on them and blo kate a country. in many ways it's an act of war. >> bret: steve? >> after the killing of usama bin laden you said of the raid there could have been a better way to do this. would president paul authorized the raid to pakistan? >> no, since i suggested a better way, i would go back. >> you would not have authorized that? so usama bin laden would be alive today? >> no. no. let me answer. i said there is a better way. the better way is what i said after 9/11. it voted for the authority and the funds. go after them, couple of
1:55 am
special forces had them trapped and walked away at tora bora. >> that didn't happen i'm talking about to 11. >> i'm saying bad guy, we should have done it. a better way was doing it ten years ago instead of going in and wasting the american lives. >> so because that didn't happen, in 2011 you would not have authorized that raid in pakistan? >> i think since ksm was delivered to us by pakistanis we should at least talk to them. sure. what is so terrible about that? i said this is a risky way because now we are lobbying missiles over there. our drones are bombing. same time we give money to the government. a civil war is going on. we support a government that is unpopular. now we have karzai saying you
1:56 am
know what? when the war breaks out we're supporting pakistan. >> bret: sorry to interrupt you. we have a hard break to hit and much more to talk about. we'll continue this discussion. juan has a great question. "special report" online continues after the show. next up, one show with a you go next if you had a hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible with a hoveround. tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor and founder of hoveround. when we say you're free to see the world, we mean it. call today and get a free hoveround information kit that includes a video and full color brochure. dennis celorie: "it's by far the best chair i've ever owned." terri: "last year, 9 out of 10 people got their hoveround for little or no money." jim plunkitt: "no cost. absolutely no cost to me." breaking news...when you call today, we'll include a free hoveround collapsible grabber with the purchase of your power chair. it reaches, it grabs, it's collapsible and it's portable. it goes wherever you go. get it free while supplies last. call the number on your screen to get your free video, brochure
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>> bret: finally tonight, congressman paul has many loyal supporters his campaign is trying to reach out to new voters. and recently one show had some suggestions. >> i think i know what i could do to you to bring some position. your look. have you tried something like this? [ laughter ] they all seem to love chris christie. i thought maybe if you did something like that. maybe this more than any other look might be the way to go. there you go. [ laughter ] >> maybe the leather jacket but not the hair. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced, and


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