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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 27, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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lights are blinking and we're closing down shop there. is an open thread so you can fell tel us about tonight's show. go to greta the titan of the biz on fbn. if you don't get it. >> demand it! >> yeah! ♪ ♪ >> eric: hello, everyone. it's 5:00 on the east coast. this is "the five." i'm eric bolling, with andrea tantaros, my buddy bob beckel, dana perino and greg gutfeld. tonight, the fast and furious investigation widens. homeland security chief janet napolitano retreats. capitol hill reloads. plus, get your blood pressure meds ready for this story. congress seems to get another huge loan approved by the department of energy with your taxpayer dollars. this is to a company not based in america. after being hammered for performances at the g.o.p. debate, governor rick perry's
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spokesman says he might skip a few. "the five" starts right now. >> eric: the clock is ticking for eric holder. republicans investigating the fast and furious gun running operation has given the attorney general two weeks to explain by the agents did not intercept guns used to murder at least one federal agent. and now the heat is also on the secretary of homeland security janet napolitano and her department role in all of this. watch this exchange from a congressional hearing yesterday. >> thank you, mr. chairman. madam secretary, you were a state and federal prosecutor. did you ever approve or sanction investigations that allowed gun walking? >> no, not to my knowledge. >> there is a reason you don't allow contraband, cash and guns to walk. as a former federal and state
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prosecutor, can you give us those reasons? >> well, i don't like to speculate. >> i'm not asking you to speculate. >> every prosecutor makes different decisions. i don't believe i was ever presented with that decision. >> eric: you know, the story doesn't go away. thankfully we keep bringing you the story, because look at that. there she is. secretary of homeland security. wouldn't draw that out, that was her trying to figure out if she heard it or talked about it or signed anything about it. i'm not sure what i'm more worried, that s knew about it or didn't know about it. >> dana: i expect her to be methodical and the committee is methodical. their role is oversight. that's what they were supposed to do. if they weren't doing oversight, we'd ask congress why weren't you doing their job. everybody has a role to play. congressionally mandated she had to testify. other people are having to testify. i don't understand why the administration didn't ask for
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independent investigation to look at this all at once from independent point of view. the congressional investigation would go on but the administration would have its story. >> eric: the rhetoric changed a little bit. in the discussion all day today, darrell issa, congressional hearings from last night and now they are talking about terry, the gun used in his death. there was speculation was there a second murder zapata around san diego. whether that was also attributed to gun used from fast and furious. now they are talking in terms of two murders. this thing could get bigger and bigger. >> andrea: it could get bigger and bigger and it is getting bigger, and bigger. we learned it possibly touches the state department. hillary clinton was testifying and shows under the arms export control act the d.o.j. was required to get a waiver from her department, state department. that didn't happen. this is not only touching every agency in the administration, big agencies, state department, a.t.f., but
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it's also affecting i think going to be a war between these important -- i mean infighting between the obama administration. >> eric: security and state department. >> andrea: right. blame game. >> eric: listen to hillary clinton today. >> at what point did the state department learn of operation fast and furious? >> congressman, i don't know the exact time. i can tell you based on our information from the part of the state department that could deal with this kind of issue, we have record of request for coordination, we have no record of any kind of notice or heads up. and my recollection is that i learned about it from the press. that is my recollection. >> eric: bob, my recollection, i learned about it -- are you nervous that here we are, we are sending drones all over the world and picking up bad guys but
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secretary of state learned about the initiative to bring guns across an international border, she learned about it from the press? >> bob: i want to congratulate jarret on joining on the congressional witch hunt. the question you asked me when we started the show napolitano did you approve walking gun yourself had absolutely nothing to do with fast and furious. your question implied that she knew nothing about it. the question she was asked as a prosecutor, did she approve guns that were walked or money that was walked. so we can get part of the witch hunt here in some kind of perspective. secondly, >> eric: are you telling me -- >> bob: go back and look at the tape. go back and look at the tape. look at the question. >> eric: she was also asked whether or not she knew about -- >> bob: all i'm asking, all i'm asking -- wait a second. wait a second. i'm asking you to keep this in some context. she was not asked a question,
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in that sound bite we used the guy said when you were a prosecutor, have you ever approved walking guns or walking money? she stopped and didn't say anything for eight long excruciating seconds -- >> eric: that was a piece of sound. she already said no, she didn't know about the gun walking initiative. >> bob: no, that is not the question -- >> eric: regardless. can you -- comparing secretary of state not knowing that guns -- >> bob: other thing i'll say about this, is this a problem? of course it is. is it -- should it have been investigated earlier? yes, it should have. would the border agent have been killed? do you think they would have showed up without guns? he would have been killed with or without fast and furious guns. >> eric: 2500 guns went to mexican drug lords. >> andrea: is that the best you can do? he would have been killed anyway? >> bob: my guess is -- do you think the drug guys would have shown up without guns? >> andrea: oh, he would have died anyway.
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you're right. move on. >> eric: that is not my point. >> bob: you're making this sound as if all the guns used in the attract are brought to you by fast and furious. >> andrea: you don't think this is an issue? >> bob: i don't what more i can do. i finished saying -- >> eric: why is bob in a bad move today this >> greg: i have no idea. i'll come to bob's defense. i think we're being too hard on holder. with fast and furious he looked to boost the american exports by getting new jobs and getting criminals back in the country means more work for police officers. so he was helping the economy. >> andrea: do we need to pundal the jobs? >> eric: let's do this now. can we put the -- do we have the stat, the 26% support gun ban, record low. do we have a full screen for that? get this out of the way. a record low number of people now support a gun law,
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enforcing it, increasing the gun law. >> greg: interesting thing we talked about before. people who support gun bans generally aren't around guns. those who are used to gun see guns as their everyday life have no problem with it. there is something else going on here. when you see on tv, people talking about redistribution and taking what is yours. i think it makes more sense when people start to think about maybe i should buy something. >> eric: in 2008 and 2009, permits for gun sales went up. >> greg: i am talk about the protesters. >> bob: the question were posed to you correctly. ban on handguns. not on all guns. >> eric: okay. i put myself in that place. can we show the ad that bob is all up in arms on? >> we will attempt to teach
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you the information you need to obtain your chl and hopefully when you use your weapon to defend yourself if the need arises. we'll also give you your handgun proficiency test to get the license. it's $100. we accept cash, check, credit cards, gold and silver and used guns. call crockett keller. if you're a voter for the campaigner in chief, don't take this class. you proven you cannot make a knowledgeable and prudent decision required under the law. if you are a non-christian arab, muslim, i will not teach you the class. with no shame, i am crockett keller. >> bob: crockett, you proved yourself to be an idiot and redneck. you want to know i talk about rednecks, that is what i mean. it's not legal to run that ad. it's discriminatory ad on the airwaves and should not have been allowed to do it. we shouldn't have run it here. it's not our fault he ran the illegal ad. >> eric: you called for it. >> bob: i'm saying that he
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should not is been allowed to pay to broadcast that ad. we ran it here because we're not being paid to run it. >> greg: i don't think we should have done the story. it's a class for six people, the guy is an idiot. i doubt he does yoga. we know that. the employees don't celebrate martin luther king day. stupid story. >> andrea: which transcends politics on the right and left. >> bob: this is crockett -- >> eric: coming up next. $100 million loan to a company with plenty of money. that company isn't american. that is next on "the five." don't forget to e-mail us ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you never know when,
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♪ >> andrea: all right. pass this on list of energy moons that taxpayers should ask serious questions about. $730 million loan given to a russian company run by a multibillionaire. first, there was solyndra. and then there was sun power. now there is severstal. >> greg: sevverstal. >> andrea: i like that. they had manufacturerring plants in the united states. it closed three of the mills in march and got approved for loan in july. so should the money have been going out to a company that the energy department is saying we lifted financials and they didn't need the money. >> dana: this says overall americans should take a look, including republicans and
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democrats to ask is this what we should be doing. >> eric: why are you blaming republicans? there are loans under steven chu -- >> bob: but what about the projects that go back? >> dana: both republicans and democrats voted for the money, approved it and lobbied for some of it. not for this in particular, but overall -- >> eric: a republican district? this is the department of energy going to a russian company. >> greg: the owner is russian and they do work in america. the owner's name is morteshaw which in russia means rich guy that ripped off america. >> andrea: who is friends with vladimir putin. >> greg: exactly. he is worth billions so that creates controversy. people are behind -- i don't really understand the outrage yet. >> andrea: bosom buddies. >> bob: wait a second. i'm back, my work stoppage is over after the first quarter. let me make a few points. >> andrea: bob is back. >> bob: this is a company
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buildinbuilding in the united s. 2,500 jobs depended on this in the united states. did you get upset withest inlee owned by a foreign -- nestlee owned by foreign company? budweiser was sold out. just wait a second. wait a second. put your props away for a second and eat them or something. listen, let me tell you something, we picked out here and this is nice to pick these things out. on all of these energy projec projects. we don't talk about the hundreds of them that work. we talk about the stimulus package thats don't work. hundreds do. they create jobs and we pick s solyndra and severstal. >> eric: his name has to be signed on all the energy department loans. obama pick from the west coast. educator on the west coast. rode a bike to work. >> dana: whoa, whoa, whoa. >> bob: oh, he rode his bike
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to work! what a cheat! >> eric: that is like every american family writing a check for $5, putting it in an envelope and sending it to a russian billionaire. >> andrea: let me make a point. hold on. not one dollar went out the door. we have to note this fairly. not one dollar went out of the door yet. it was approved loan. i want to build on what dana said. it's a good point. isn't this more the symptom of the problem for republicans and democrats? why are both of them getting in the business? now we have the congress, instead of doing what they are supposed to do investigating -- >> eric: explain how we are going to tie republicans -- >> andrea: ask them. >> bob: how about the bridge to nowhere? >> eric: from the obama administration. >> bob: does the bridge to nowhere go to your house on the beach? >> eric: what are you talking about? >> bob: you act like democrats are the only ones that get involved in this stuff. >> eric: another one, we gave $1.6 billion to nissan to develop the leaf. think about that for a second. the leaf. nissan leaf. electric car.
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>> dana: you couldn't fit in it. >> eric: we're trying to make money on a chevy volt that is not selling and give nissan, japanese company -- >> dana: hold on a second. eric, nissan has a lot of american employees. >> eric: it's a japanese company. >> bob: so? >> dana: but my point is that -- >> eric: g.m., chrysler, boeing. >> andrea: dana, go ahead. >> dana: there are plenty of republicans and democrats that both lobby for this money. they wanted the program in the first place. they ask for it and they lobbied for the districts. i also think that secretary chu -- >> eric: underqualified. sorry. i apologize. >> dana: i think it's disgusting the way we name-call here on both sides. this is a guy who was an accomplished scientist. maybe he should haven't been in charge of the green energy loan program going out. it wasn't as if the both republicans and democrats didn't ask for the program in the first place. do i think it was poorly
11:20 pm
administered? yes. do i think overall we should take a look at this and say should we do it at all? no. i think we'd agree on that. >> greg: i feel sorry for the russians because they have to go to michigan. >> andrea: well, that begs a question, too. why was money approved for loan? michigan, dearborn, unions? anybody? again, i'm just saying this is the largest one of government on both sides shouldn't be doing this. >> bob: shouldn't create 2,500 jobs in michigan? >> eric: oh many jobs did solyndra create? >> bob: 1100. >> eric: then they went bankrupt. >> andrea: not venture capitalist. >> bob: i want to apologize. i called someone yesterday a wuss. take it back. you're in trouble now. >> eric: why? >> bob: you keep bringing the ridiculous -- >> eric: does this embarrass you? >> bob: seriously. >> andrea: can i say -- >> greg: i like that. >> andrea: i like the quieter bob better i think. bob, do you want to go on strike again? i like quieter bob better. >> dana: i'm on strike now.
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>> andrea: dana is on strike. coming up, should they be held partly accountable for high unemployment rate in america? that's next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." hundreds of law schools are getting the evil eye from congress for misleading students about their job prospects, burdening them with huge loans they can't repay. the way i see it, the only people getting screwed here are future lawyers so hooray, but this is no different than the student debt crisis overall. piles of cash, in debt, to be
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able to borrow piles of cash. easy loans encourage directionless undergrads to go to law school to put off the rest of their life. bottom line, no one wants to be a lawyer. if you do, you're weird. when you are unsure about life you go to law school hoping for clarity. instead you get broke. make loans harder to get and tuition drops as applicants dwindle. how about this solution, which i call greg's solution? ♪ make a law for every student graduating from law cool, he replaces an existing lawyer. that existing lawyer is then sent to an island to make dog bonnets and leg warmers. in a way, it's a lottery designed to dissuade people from wanting to be lawyers and increase the quality of dog bonhets and leg warmers. [ laughter ] why am i not president? [ laughter ]
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>> dana: what is so funny, the monologue or he should be president? >> bob: both. >> greg: dog in a hat makes you laugh. >> dana: it's like cap and trade program for law school. >> bob: the thing that amazes me, you go to law school in the business of teaching people to lie, and now they get in trouble for lying about their results. i mean, you know, they had -- it was a tragedy in washington. like 1,000 trial lawyers got killed on a bus wreck and we called it a beginning. we believe to be true. >> dana: hardy har har. >> bob: that was an old joke. some of them are counting jobs as garbage men, waitresses, being assistant to bolling. can you imagine worse jobs than that? >> andrea: i don't know what is funnier, your intro or bob coming from politics talking about people lying. >> bob: i admit, we lie. >> dana: in d.c., an interesting thing. there are political consultant
11:28 pm
press people like us. >> andrea: we don't lie. >> dana: and you have to deal with the lawyer. they don't let you have any fun. >> greg: are we going to end up paying for all this? >> eric: in the hysterical monologue you hit on something important. the more loans you make available the higher the tuition will keep going. law schools graduate more and more lawyers. tuition is going up and there are no laws. there is not a job out there. sad fact, many things, we beat up obama but the job market stinks and we are enabling people to get loans. >> dana: classic thing there is now class action lawsuits being brought by law school students against the law schools. >> bob: do you not think this -- >> greg: it works. 1 million lawyers. >> bob: do you go to the attorney section of yellow pages? there is more of that than alcohol services. they're all -- they're all about the, back page of every yellow page is some guy that
11:29 pm
looks like a guy with a bad haircut says if you are in an accident, please call -- >> andrea: you called them many times. >> bob: i called them a couple of times. there are too many lawyers. they don't contribute much of anything. they're riddled with debt. district yes. andrea, i a new rasmussen poll, 66% of those polled opposed forgiveness of all student loans. that is kind of reassuring, right? does it mean anything? >> andrea: very reassuring on top of the news yesterday, the president is not incentivizing any young person with easy credit, easy available credit to default. i mean what is the incentive for any student to pay off all of their loans now? you're right. the colleges and the universities are jacking up the price for climbing walls and cafes. if they default it goes to the balance federal sheet and we're strapped with it.
11:30 pm
>> bob: are you pitching the column? that's good. i liked that. a good column. 'canes i was surprised that president obama's plan would only save the average person $10. >> bob: that is people with all the $20,000 in debt. first, it's not forgiveness. that is a little misleading. 15 years. >> eric: so what? i'm so glad you brought that up. in 15 or 20. it was 20. >> andrea: 20. >> eric: imagine home loan in 20 years the principle is excused? everyone would be buying home. >> greg: you only paying off $1,500 a year on this loan and the loan is $200,000. in 20 years, pay $20,000. >> bob: everybody should go to the university of virginia. there, they have so many kids that do nothing, freshman and sophomore, first year, second year, third, year, fourth year. matter of fact our boss went to the university. took 18 years to get out. that's all right.
11:31 pm
i'm kidding. he got out in four. furious, you can tell. you never hear him yell, right? now he is in my ear. >> eric: you'll be in the next block. >> greg: coming up, rick perry may be planning to duck some of the upcoming presidential debate. maybe not a bad strategy if you are a bad debateer. next on "the five." ♪ ♪ debat ?@2@é@8f-pz
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colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: they're waiting for you, bob. >> bob: donald trump, let me say this to you. i moved up a block. you have haven't gotten me
11:37 pm
yet. after several recent debate disasters, republican candidate rick perry considering skipping some of them why he goes on a desperate hunt for his mojo. go ahead. let me ask you, what do you think the strategy is in skipping debate? >> andrea: they think it is his biggest weakness so let's do what he did when he was governor of texas, duck a lot of debates. this way we can avoid the potential gaffes that plagued him in the past. but i think it's a really stupid move. he cannot afford to miss the debates. it called around to the other campaigns to see what they are doing, because his press secretary, perry's, i should say, said you know what? it's impossible to commit to all of them. not so, bachmann has committed to all of them. there are nine televised debate through the end of the year. gingrich committed to all of them as well. cain soft committed to some but has hard committed to the michigan debate. romney and santorum never got back to us. >> bob: here is the problem for perry. yes, he has problems with debates but there is only two months left in the iowa
11:38 pm
caucuses. you are not going to turn down televised debate. you can't do it. what he did in iowa is interesting. run television ads that are positive ads. at least not negative against opponents. they're against obama. if i were he i would go to the debate. he can't afford not to do that. he needs to engage people. this guy is in trouble in the polls. he has got to use his money to get back in the game. >> eric: 18 more? >> bob: no, there are nine. >> eric: 18 more debates. >> bob: they're not all televised. >> eric: that is what he means? >> dana: they didn't say they weren't going to do them. they have a new team. they hired people. maybe they are taking a moment and looking at this. unfortunately for them and all of us, you have to eat your spinach. you are going to have to sit there at the table until you're finished with your spinach. they have to do the debate. he will get better at it.
11:39 pm
>> ericit >> bob: did your mom make you eat spinach? >> dana: yes. if i didn't i went to my room. >> greg: what lesson is this teaching the children? just because you're bad at something, you have to skip it. if we skipped everything we were bad at, i'd never do laundry. >> eric: dana says eat your spinach. you're an exathlete. these are all exhibition games. they're exhibition games. you tweak your swing, people come out to see him. eventually you have to play the game. that's getting out there, getting votes, talking to real people, not just answering the same darn questions about hpv and immigration. get out there and show people -- >> dana: i want to ask bob one thing, which is -- what i always understood on the presidential debates it makes the whole campaign come to a stop. everybody has to focus on the debate. and get the candidate ready for all sort of type of little questions. do you think it has changed? if your were him would you
11:40 pm
limit the debates offered? >> bob: they won't do that. the rule of thumb is take two-and-a-half days out of campaign week to get ready for the debate and do the debate itself. it's exhibition season, except the difference here is with an uniformed republican primary ballot, or candidates, you seem to move him all around. what is moving them? debates. i think tv will start to move them. that's where perry has a big advantage. he can spend money, the rest can't. >> andrea: what i would do if i were perry, embrace the george bush conservative, embrace george bush. that's something a lot of candidates haven't done yet. here is why. there is a lot of money on the sidelines now. a lot of the bush rangers, remember, dana? who rounded up a ton of money are still holding their cash. that is an easy way, the guys have not lined up behind mitt romney. embrace bush in the debate. fundraise on the side. that's why he is not doing the debate. >> dana: i would agree. i'm on the side of george w.
11:41 pm
bush. a lot of people think one thing perry has going for him, i don't necessarily agree with this, he tweaks the establishment and drives them crazy. which a lot of the rangers might be considered establishment. >> eric: if he did, he'd do a lot what mitt romney does. >> bob: move you along. not because i predict him the other day, but newt gingrich seems i think to be the adult in the debate. he comes across as a guy with reason. nobody argues he's not smart. she a dark horse who can win in iowa. what do you think? >> eric: can i say something? >> bob: yes. >> greg: they call it the newt tortoise campaign, sounding like an everglade theme park. but he looks like a tortoise. he is thoughtful. he says he has a good chance of being the nominee. i am starting to believe him.
11:42 pm
>> bob: we can't let it go by. pat robertson says that thi this -- [ laughter ] this is the same guy that said gays were responsible for katrina. >> dana: if he thinks that this crowd is radical he must think i am out of this world conservative. >> bob: about that the truth? what does he think eric is, then? on mars! >> eric: you have to understand the reason why romney gets 21, 23% all the time is the establishment is behind him. everybody else is toward everyone else. what everyone is failing to do, is see the power, the numbers behind the anti-establishment. he is belittling the far right conservative the way bob does and left does and establishment does as well. >> dana: that was a shock.
11:43 pm
>> andrea: the establishment money, the establishment money yet to be released. you watch, you will see perry embrace it. >> greg: stop interviewing pat robertson. >> bob: i have a tease. do you know what tease means? do you ever tease -- anyway, coming up. occupy wall street protesters did a good job garnering support. >> andrea: make you -- >> bob: we're on "the five." >> greg: come on back and listen to everyone beat up on this. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: all right. welcome back to "the five." new concept coming out today by occupy wall street movement, they're calling for nationwide strike on december 2. in the commercial break, greg and i had a discussion. i think one of the problems is that ows, their ok ro anymore does not -- acura anymore does not work. i think they should call themselves ows.
11:48 pm
so ows -- >> eric: can i make a point? this isn't necessarily a scientific study, but take the tea party, we like to compare ourselves to tea party. 990 days for tea partiers. only 41 days of protest. look at what we have accomplished in the 41 days. we have 2511 arrests. four assaults at least. at least one a.k.-47 shown up at an occupying thing. guess what we've done? we cost corporate america 2.4 million to clean up our mess. tea party, ha! >> andrea: where did you get that hat? >> eric: i've had it. >> greg: somebody is missing a dog. >> dana: this issue is serious. greg, you talked about the fact that some people are not reporting crimes that are happening now. >> greg: crime is worse than what you have there. sexual assaults and all sort of assaults but they have a stop snitching rule. they say if you are a victim
11:49 pm
of a crime. don't go to the police. come to us and take care of it. we talk about shariah law. it's occurring but occurring at the protest. they create framework to deal with their crime. they are telling people not to do anything about it. that to me is wrong. it's disgusting. >> dana: happened in miami where the protester calls himself, his name is above. like prince. he just has one name. he had basically a banker han hanging an effigy in miami. report out today that some democrats are wary now of embracing the protesters. ja you think? this was risky from day one. our colleague at fox news doug shoen said be careful doing this. this could get violent. you see as they should be called is ows. they're attacking each other, hit in the head and they are saying don't go for >> dana: they are going to have a general strike. >> andrea: yeah.
11:50 pm
>> dana: on wednesday. >> andrea: because they are working so hard. >> dana: you were on strike in the first block. >> bob: first of all, you look like a woolly mammoth, which about right. neanderthal. the other thing is do you think your kid will want to go to school tomorrow and take the heat after watching that? let me say this. i'm not going to comment on this or dignify this crap with a comment. >> greg: what are you talking about? nothing he said or i said is false. >> bob: i'm not going to dignify it with a comment. >> greg: what is wrong with it? >> eric: dana makes a point, effigy of a banker but said give a banker enough rope and he will hang himself. is this a ridiculous thing to do. hanging something else in effigy and saying boy, this would be bad, wouldn't it? >> greg: it's a great symbol for protesters and symbolizes rage against the daddy that didn't hug them. that's what is about. >> dana: you think about the people who work at a bank.
11:51 pm
they want to be mad at the 20 or so top dogs. fine. they have not -- one, not going to change. two, the bank tellers and the people who, janitorial staff, all people who work at a bank are the ones who will continue to suffer from the reputational damage. i think some of the banks are in such a state right now, you know, the white house, i think should be careful. they are going to end up possibly needing another one. >> andrea: they think they need this and they believe in this. now they have people echoing their messages. the messages from the white house, it seems coordinated. the white house talks about student loans, honk if you have student loans. it just figured out who eric looks like. eric estrada from "chips." but alaska. >> eric: these are people, we have videotape and anti-semites in the occupy, that was chicago or oakland. then the communist party
11:52 pm
walking with them. in chicago, seiu. another guy under investigation for terrorism links in chicago. van jones. it goes on and on and on. >> dana: bob said he wouldn't dignify it with a comment but the stats are real. >> greg: i don't care that there are communists and socialists and those people, they were supposed to be there. that this is a left wing outfit. what bothers me is the crime and viciousness that is going on there. that's covered up. >> eric: even on leno obama said occupy wall street group is like the tea party. >> bob: one thing occurred to me. you look like jim trafficant. [ laughter ] >> greg: he does. that's what it is. well done. well done. >> dana: all right. on that note, coming up on "the five." final judgment for ohio teacher accuseded of having sexual conduct with five of her male students.
11:53 pm
that's next. don't go away. 
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♪ >> eric: welcome back to
11:57 pm
"the five." verdict is in for a high school teacher in ohio accused of having sex with five male students. stacy shuler was found guilty on all 16 counts and sentenced to four year information prison. plus, tier three sex offender she has to register every 90 days for the rest of her life. anyone else surprised we keep hearing -- greg, we do, we keep hearing stories, but it seems like everyone is -- >> greg: it's a weird phenomenon. shut up, bob. it's a weird phenomenon. it's a weird phenomenon. you never heard about it before. did this stuff happen before cell phones an online blogs. now we are just hearing about it more. guy like to read about the stories and their inclination is they click there to see what the teacher looks like. if she isn't attractive, they move on. a weird thing about these stories. like they cut it some slack. because it's based on appearance. >> eric: i have a son,
11:58 pm
13-year-old. what would i do in what would i do? you have thoughts. >> greg: you would be upset. >> eric: if i had a 13-year-old daughter and had a male teacher -- >> greg: you would go crazy. you'd be upset if your son was 13 -- >> eric: he was 16 -- i mean these parents were very emotional. you have a boy and a girl. >> bob: the first time i would be in favor of handguns. >> andrea: if it were your daughter. >> bob: correct. >> eric: what about your son? >> dana: he might be watching. >> bob: it would be -- no, i would be upset. listen, on a serious note here, this is not the first time we've had this. have you noticed there have been a lot of stories of teachers of kids in the last couple of years. i think this woman has a serious problem. instead of going to prison, she should go to a mental health institution in prison. but where silence of the lambs or something like that. >> eric: she use used the
11:59 pm
insanity defense. >> bob: she's insane. >> greg: it could be drugs, you know. there are so many things going wrong in this society. this is just another example. >> andrea: you make a good point. remember debra lepage, she was attractive. that seems to be taken differently. this is outrage but debra, guys are like, oh, it's terrible. >> eric: was that new hampshire? >> greg: mary kay letournea letourneau. >> eric: right. >> andrea: had a child with him. >> greg: she is still married to that guy. >> bob: i study serial killers but a lot of them comes from the northwest. >> greg: are you going to blame an entire group of people? >> bob: i do. i know virtually all of them. a weird thing. i went up to the green river killer sites to look around years ago and i got hooked on it. anyway, we want to get out of here. >> andrea: and you had a french teacher. >> eric: college. please don't tell that story.


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