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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 29, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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happy halloween and haveun trick-or-treating over the weekend, everybody. thank you for being with us tonight. ♪ ♪ we are here live at 3:00 a.m. just like we were last night. they were doing body shots off my chest and have to be doctored. i can't be two places at once, people. not even for you, philip. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what's coming up on tonight's show? >> rock and roll ain't noise pollution, america. occupy oakland gets ugly as police fire teargas into frank ogala. i'm sorry, that should have said frank ogala plaza. you will never guess why the adorable people at peta are suing seaworld unless you have read or heard the story
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elsewhere. and jersey shore's snookie announced she is marketing her own perfume. and by the way i said jersey shore's snookie so you know which one i was talking about. happy cranky co cocoa workers day. >> this bit is getting old. >> what bit? >> the day you send some sort of message you think is subtle, but it is really not. >> that's crazy, greg. cranky co worker days is an actual day. >> i'm sure it is, just as i'm sure you picked it for a reason. >> you are wrong, greg. i thought it was a funny day. >> yeah, right. >> i'm serious. i don't know what it is. it just sounded funny. >> seriously? >> then i apologize. >> it is okay. >> it is a funny day. >> happy cranky co-workers day. >> happy cranky co-workers day to you. >> maybe you can learn something from it. >> let's welcome our guest. she is so cute that hello kitty has a picture of her on
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her backpack. she is the co-host of the of "the five" and if brains were baby powder he would prevent chafing in all of your problem areas. it is chris barron, co-chairman of the board. and he is filling in for bill. bill schulz is away on assignment or gender reassign meant if you catch my drift. and he is sharper than a samurai sword made from the femurs of men saw saw saw -- men saw members. no pinch today. who cares? i hope he is dead. to the greg-alogue. >> welcome to the realm of mad max weirdness. >> the protestor drugged and
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handcuffed him. why doesn't that happen to me? in hart hartford a man pulled a knife in dallas and a 14-year-old run away has sex with adults and two were doing drugs in front of a six-year-old. there was a assault in ohio. denver is groabing and lawrence more battery. sacramento a possible rape. oakland, beating, sexual assaults and a dog attack. in austin, a knife threat. seattle, a public masterbater, probably not bill. and in toronto, a frantic foot sniffer. just like the tea partiers. and lastly in baltimore a pamphlet circulates saying not to report sex crimes to the cops, but instead go to the occupy committee. that means shari allah who they fear will come to the u.s. does exist at the protest. and shari does president give a damn about women. what happens when something you love turns out to be an abusive creep? in a way the media is like
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rhianna and occupy wall street is chris brown. she kept thinking he was going to be better, and all he did was abuse her. and he is the next door neighbor seeing everything and doing nothing. it leaves us with one important question posed by the brain knee folks at cnn. >> you have the question about occupy. >> yes, i do have today's question, and it is interesting now. the question is would jesus occupy wall street? it is an interesting question. >> yes, that's exactly what everyone was wondering about. and if you disagree with me, you are a racist homophobe. dana, it is like i haven't seen new a couple hours. glad to see you here. we tried to not make fun of the movement when it was easy. but now can't we say back and say this is not normal. >> i actually don't remember you trying not to make fun of sock pie wall street. this has been going on for two months and now you are my new best friend and i think you were making fun of them.
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here is what sinting from a political standpoint to me. president obama wants to take the good of it like the class warfare piece. but they don't want to deal with any of the crime parts. they were trying to suggest that the tea party protests were as criminally laced as the occupy wall street protest which is so insane. >> i have to disagree that there was so much -- so many stern looks and some littering going on at some of the events. and it was offensive. no one actually pointed that out until i did just now. the violence we are seeing at the protests, is it going to change the view of these scam ps among the media? >> i don't think so. you were going through that lit knee there and i was unaware of some of that stuff. >> a lot was made up. >> the foot sniffing thing needs to be more publicized. >> and that was, by the way, the first time i have had sympathy for occupy wall street.
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of course the media is not -- this is a thing where they pro project all of their views on to these people. when they actually go down to occupy wall street and you see these people, and they are just really awful students. they all have jobs and futures. just like jesus, right? >> that's true. >> what would jesus do? >> do you think any of the protesters see violence as a means to an end or is it a small minority? >> i think the time to joke about these people has passed. >> that's a good point. >> seriously. we are getting to the point where this is the mob. this is -- all of the things they claim the tea party was doing, these folks were actually doing. it is time for the mayors and the governors and our commander-in-chief to do something. i said weeks ago we should have rolled in the tanks, and i was right we should. >> john devore, you are in a weird spot. >> i am snuggled between a bunch of conservatives.
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>> i have a feeling that you have some kind of sympathetic feelings toward these people. but even you have to admit that that's pretty scary stuff what is going on. that doesn't happen anywhere but there. >> what i will admit is the only thing i know for sure is that it is -- i guess it is a partisan prerogative to demean and criticize the opposition and grievances. which is why right now there are millions of democrats that still think that the tea party is nothing but robert baron, and so i don't know what the truth is necessarily, except that there are a lot of people in the country that are unhappy. >> i was supposed to read something else here about some updates. can you throw that up there? so what else is happening occupy wise? i forgot this. i did, i actually forgot. police in oakland are defending their use of teargas and stun grenades during classes on tuesday with hundreds of protesters. the skirmishes began when demonstrators tried to reclaim
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a plaza they were using as a creepy camp site. they later said, "we were in a position where we had to deploy gas to stop the crowd and people from pelting us with bought el its and rocks. a spokeswoman for the occupy yes, sirs say the cops went beyond what is necessary. meanwhile in georgia police arrested more than 50 occupy atlanta protesters after they refused to leave their camp by midnight. they said, quote, this movement is moving toward escalation. you know what else is moving toward escalation? escaloators. let that sink in for a moment. i want to talk about the stuff going on in oakland. do they use too much force? >> it is hard to tell unless you are on the ground. in fairness there was a guy who was hit with a projectile and hospitalized. look, they are in the park. they are illegally in the park. they were told to leave. what is weird he the are using more force than anyone. does anyone else think that is strange? >> i blame michael bloomberg
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for this whole thing. he could have stopped this after two days and said, we hear you. we got your point. private park. y'all aren't staying here. they might not say y'all. >> and hope it doesn't spread to oakland and other areas. >> it is because they started raising money and now it is like "the lord of the flies." but i also say that i think it ?oad seven inches -- it snowed seven inches in denver. that storm front gets this way and it gets cold, these protests will dissipate a little bit, maybe not completely, but hold on to your hats, next summer they will be organized and they will disrupt your whole life. >> i think she is dead on, chris. you look like you need to say something important. >> iten feuar yates -- it infuriates me. did the oakland police use excessive force? hell no they didn't use excessive force. this is a force bloomburg should have used originally. i love these people who do something that is against the law. they are someone they are not supposed to leave. when they are asked to leave they don't leave and then
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shocked when the police come and forcibly remove them. >> we were talking about bloomburg. devore, here is the thing. >> i just want to fit ngreg. >> you can't have a dog in new york, apparently. >> in oakland, the protesters unleashed a dog on a reporter. did you see that footage? here is the thing. >> an actual dog? >> an actual dog. talking about oakland, one of the most liberal cities has always been under control by liberal democrats, terrible crime, entitlement system run a muck, they got everything. >> yes, but if you have ever gone drinking at a cop bar in san francisco they have a hatred of hippies that is saw bliem.
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-- sublime so maybe they are overcome pen say thing. >> the other thing that is bothering me is -- like the young woman who was in georgia, the one getting arrested, and i am thinking, so she is probably in her mid20s. she maybe doesn't have the job she wants yet. she can find maybe something. i understand that it is tough to find good jobs right now. goorn teed now that she was arrested at occupy wall street, as an employer, i would never hire her. >> she could be an extra in a zombie film. this was off a website called raise the fist .com. >> oddly enough i totally mistook it for something else. >> there is a group of activists who were upset because there was a rapist in their midst, and they had to bring this to the attention of all of the people because they weren't dealing with the criminal act. and the other protesters were like, no, don't. they are saying like -- >> don't call attention.
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>> this is what we are going to do. the group -- i guess the group splintered off. you are now putting the group before individual safety for the greater good. we are now vulnerable to a rapist in our midst. that's insane. >> this is the interesting thing. this is how the movement self-destructs. you see this in new york, and there is like a drum circle fight now. and this same thing is going on. th is what happens with the hard left. i don't mean to say denver, but it was factionalism. they don't take anybody too serious here. >> i like that though. >> factionalism will do them in. everything has to be done by committees. >> you have seen the committees. >> by the way, i enjoy when you do that. i slept through history in college. >> i just made that up. >> i know you did it to shaw reallah which we can agree that is rhetorical.
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>> it is to that point, it is group think. it is like the catholic church is guilty. >>ly -- religious group thinking. >> let me go back and this is why the shari allah works for this and not for that. s hi allah is not we do not subscribe to your law. if a muslim citizen is attacked by a muslim citizen they will not go to police. they will handle it in their shari way. or if it has to do with spousal abuse they will not deal with it. that's what is happening.
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>> they reduced the maximum payment to 10%. >> but is that what americans want? despite wall street protesters , the rasmusson poll says 66% of americans forgive the college debt. for more on this poll let's go live to ashton kutcher for comment. >> he is actually speaking about the bastardizing, she writing about the bastardiz ny -- ing of religion and as it relates to the cost of printing literature. >> nails it as always. >> chris, have i about three minutes here so i will move
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fast. what he is saying is he is blaming government intervention because he did give these guys loans, and then that means it could go up because the kids have money. it makes sense. >> and guess what, ron paul is sometimes crazy especially when he talks about foreign policy. but on this he is actually right. the fact is that easy access to chief government loans has allowed colleges to drive the cost of tuition up. we need to get the government out of it and let the free market take over. >> you look pensive. >> i was scratching my chin. >> you know, i think that is ultimately right. i think the thing to note about this is the last was in 2010, the 53% of college freshmen were graduating after six years. think about that. six years. clearly we have a problem. to the girl who can't get a job and thinks she should have a job because she did zimbabwe and pottery making, they don't want to pay for it. >> i like that major. what about this debt forgiveness thing. i don't understand it. why not forgive all debt then?
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>> one of the things people ask is what ever happened to personal responsibility? i had a student loan -- i had a scholarship to go through my under grad, but my parents made me pay for my own graduate school. i went and i got a student loan to get me through. and i worried every month about -- i wanted to pay that thing off. it hung over me like a cloud. if i had thought i wouldn't have to worry about it, i would -- i would like to think i would have paid it off anyway. >> i know you, dana. you would have paid it off. you probably -- >> i did it early. i did pay it off early. >> i know you did. john, what about this so-called higher learning and how would it be exposed? >> look, it is a bubble like the housing bubble and the banking bubble. it will burst. a college degree is not worth what people think it is worth. he will have to bailout the students the way we bailed out the bank.
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>> 75% of americans didn't get to go to college. >> there is nothing more american than bankruptcy. >> have i to tell you, man, that is actually -- that would get me out on the streets to bail out those folks. that would get me crazy. >> where would you occupy? >> someplace really nice. >> occupy the bar. >> we could occupy key west. >> i know exactly where to go. i have some good places. coming up, campaigning tuesday in the buckeye state republican presidential candidate mitt romney weighed in on a measure that calls for the repeal of a law that limits collective bargaining rights for public employees. we won't do that story. first, has hope and change gone to cool and strange? that's what my pet guinea pig, oinky says, so it must be true.
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are they being butt holes over blow holes? i am speaking of peta who is accusing seaworld of harboring five whiels in working condition that violates the amendment that puts a ban on slavery. the suit hinges on the fact that the out lying of involuntary servitude does not specify humans as the only victims. explains the press hungry group, quote, by any definition these orcas are slaves, kidnapped from their homes, kept confined, denied everything that is natural to them and forced to perform tricks for seaworld's profit. that was my summer. in response, seaworld fired off a statement claiming the case was baseless and in many ways offensive. other creatures unaware of peta's existence managed to stand up for themselves.
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>> fun fact, when you are attacked by a crab you speak russian. didn't know about that. dana, isn't this offensive to blacks where slavery was part of their heritage saying whales were slaves? >> of course it is, but everything can be, right? so one time i got to see the killer whale at seaworld. >> really? >> yes. i was chosen out of the crowd. i had to put my -- i was excited, but you had to put your hand in the fish guts and give it to him. i have to say, i kind of -- i don't agree with peta that it is slavery. but the zoo thing, it does kind of bother me a little bit. i can't eat killer whale. >> you like the animals as long as you can eat them, dana? >> yes, or ride them. >> sometimes you ride them and then you would eat them. john, you look like you are on
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the side of peta. >> yes, absolutely. well, no one here is for animal abuse, right? >> yes. >> right. i don't like seaworld, and i i don't spend money there. i don't visit there. that's a market solution. >> but there is not one in new york. >> so you whale cot, that's what you do. >> that's right jie. what's wrong with you people? the whale is having fun. >> the whale is having the best time of his life. dana is not feeding them when they are in the ocean. you know what i'm saying? >> a white house press secretary is giving you chum. >> this was a longtime ago. >> the whale is going like, hey, she worked for bush. peta is like -- she is like jefferson davis. god you are like a slave master. >> here is the thing -- >> do they get other constitutional rights, by the way? >> they cannot own a gun. >> that's the one that liberals read out.
11:26 pm
they are inconvenient. >> free speech. >> they do have free speech. they say it in that weird whale voice. >> then it helps us learn. peta is missing a good point is you learn about them and you can figure out a way to help them in the wild. >> peta has no good point here. it points to how absurd the left actually is. they are worried about the constitutional rights of killer whales while meanwhile the left apologizes for the barbarism that islamic radicals have against gays, women, religious minorities. they get a free pass, but the orcas a totally different story. the orcas must be protected. >> it is the pr people. i have been on "red eye" three times and each time we have talked about peta. >> they know when it is a slow news week, and they drop one of these stories. >> that's absurd to equate animals with humanity. >> that's the bo the tom line. a whale is not a human being. >> as much as the whale has my sympathy. >> i tried to enslave a whale, but it didn't work out. the funny thing is, i think it would be great being at
11:27 pm
seaworld. it is two different creatures are hanging out together. that's what sucks about being a human being. when you are walking down new york city there is not like some weird creature -- but in seaworld that's what -- >> that's what is good about being a human. >> but at seaworld it is like, oh there is a squid. never seen one of those before. >> well, it is in my neighborhood. there are a lot of creatures. >> i just think it is fun you get to be fed by an alien. to them it is like, who is this? >> they probably think because they will be given food and they don't have to wore for it. they mike think they are in heaven. >> or maybe they are a protestor demanding their food. maybe the whale is no better than occupy seaworld. >> peta is a bunch of free market individuals. peta is actually conservative. earn your keep, whales. >> they want the killer whale to go to the market place of the wild.
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>> i think we solved this problem. >> was it a problem? >> i am going to keep talking. e-mail us at fox news .com. 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. already sick of him. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by cult, the young men mammals that are less than four years old. thanks, colts.
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welcome back. let's see if we got anything wrong so far. andy, did you see president obama on gi jay leno? >> no. >> he had an interesting line about the republican debate. larry, do we have that tape? >> have you ever -- have you been watching the gop debate? >> will wait until everybody is voted off the island. once they narrow it down to one or two i will pay attention. >> that's a pretty good line. >> does it sound at all familiar to you? >> a little, i guess. why? >> i don't know. larry, do we have that tape of "red eye" from like a month and a half ago? >> it was like survivor, but with smart people. i speak of yet another republican presidential debate, this time on cnn hosted by the dude with the beard. who is that guy?
11:33 pm
>> can you believe that? >> that's so cool. >> what do you mean? president obama ripped off my idea. that's not cool. >> dude, that means president obama watches "red eye." >> you think? >> i don't see any other possible explanation, greg. >> i guess there really isn't any other possible explanation then. >> no. president obama is a "red eye" fan. >> the most powerful person in the world's most favorite show is "red eye." >> absolutely. >> we have to get this out. >> people gots to know. police move in on occupy oakland. greg, at some point you said meaning shari allah meaning people would come to the u.s. really? people going around fearing that? >> people on "the five" are. >> really? i mean noninsane people, not like pam geller. >> i was just trying to point out that that is shari allah that is happening in boston. can you argue with me on that? >> i don't think there are a
11:34 pm
lot of americans running around going, sc hari allah. dana, thank you for pointing out that greg has been making fun of the occupying from the start. sometimes he likes to pretend there is a libertarian. >> have -- from the very beginning. >> i was right. i said i made a big stink about it. i decided in a meeting, i said you know what, let's see what happens. let's not talk about it. then they continued their stinkiness. >> that's true. i was there. >> it was a committee meeting. >> we did a lot of twinkling. >> absolutely. it didn't mean the same thing as itment for them though. >> oh, i thought you said twinging. you said the media is projecting their view on the occupy yes, sirs. don't you think it is being driven by reporters who grew up hearing about the 60s,
11:35 pm
but they were too young for that. this is their chance to be a part of history. >> that's true. i don't have anything to respond to. you agree with me. >> yes, absolutely. >> you said it is time for our mayors and governors and the commander-in-chief to do something you suggested rolling in the tanks. first of all, what is the commander-in-chief supposed to do for this? he is not -- you can't send the army in internationally. >> declare martial law. >> is that what you are looking for. >> the commander-in-chief -- the commander-in-chief is actually pulling troops out of iraq. i think asking him to do anything in the united states is probably unlikely. >> also probably unconstitutional. >> you know i have never been one to be bogged down. >> except when you are out with your tea party buddies.
11:36 pm
>> i have nothing to say. >> andy, don't you see what he is getting at? >> i sure do. >> he wants a lot of uniformed men in the state to get out on the streets and he will be out there with a brick going, come and get it. >> it is true. you are on to me. >> i just didn't want to say anything. >> regardless of anything, this whole thing in oakland, doesn't anyone think it is a bad day when america looks like a middle eastern democracy? >> that's why everybody is worried about shari allah. >> you thought it was weird it got violent in oakland with it being a democratic controlled city and all. the only time i was in oakland was for a raiders playoff game. it looked a lot like what was going on last night. >> i'm surprised we didn't have a raiders joke in that segment at all. >> reporter: well, it was for
11:37 pm
leno's -- >> well, it was for leno's benefit. he can use it for tomorrow. >> it must have been a longtime ago. >> i actually have that in my original note. it tells you how long ago that was. >> dana, you said mayor bloomburg could have stopped this after a couple days saying to the protesters, you are in a private park, move on. wouldn't the owners of the park have to ask him to do that since it is -- >> right, well yeah i guess. i think if the mayor had any fore sight he would have done it. what do you think rudy guiliani would have done? >> my point is if it is a private park, if john and maria own that park, which i'm assuming they do, wouldn't mayor bloomburg need them to say, we don't want these people here, get them off. >> he could have lined to the private property owners who live around there and who are irritated by the drum circles. they could put up with it for
11:38 pm
a couple days, but after that he would say enough is enough. >> how would anyone be irritated by a drum circle? >> i get irritated by just about everything. i can imagine it. >> just give me two hours with greg today. >> so far he is not wearing on me. >> that's amazing. >> that's the best complement i will ever get. >> a lot of people would kill for that. >> today i lost my temper with bob beckle so i am on edge with that. >> you are the first person to ever do that. i am skipping my raise the fish joke, i think. ron paul wants to end student loans. great read during this story. i think the viewers could tell you were really into it. >> i realize i had three minutes left and i had to get through it. they got the gist of it, didn't they? >> i'm sure they did. also you said student loans have put grads $1 trillion in debt. one more? i have three more pages, todd. i am talking to todd the
11:39 pm
producer. >> it is like "the five." >> i am skipping that. >> inside joke. >> i don't even know what to say here. michael, you brought up the stat of how 53% of students graduate in six years. >> yes jie. you have a problem with that? >> no. >> good because it took me a little longer than that. greg, you said if student loans are bailed out, that would get you out on the streets, but bailouts for large banks and corporations don't bother your fashist mind, do they? >> let's be clear on the banks. those were given to them by the government. it wasn't like -- andy, -- >> oh it was the government that bailed them out. no, i don't think anybody has figured that out. >> andy, bankers weren't occupying a park going bail us out. bail us out. you have students in parks saying bail us out. if they bail them out, i am out there protesting. it is somewhere for 10
11:40 pm
minutes. >> the bankers were not out at parks saying bail me out. they were in highrises paying millions of dollars of rent. >> who have you become? who have you become? >> your worst nightmare. lastly on this peta thing, i am with you, dana. i hate places like seaworld and zoo. wild animals should be left in the wild. >> like the ones in ohio? >> no, but those are food animals. that's different. >> those were the one dashes dash remember last week the guy that had all of the exotic animals. >> you can't blame the animals for escaping. >> the monkey had herpes. wait that is a different story. >> no, that was the same story. and he would not have gotten herpes if he wasn't left in the wild. >> thases true. but if are you a monkey how do you know if you have herpes. you don't say, what's on your lip unless are you a creepy person. >> which i'm guessing is how he found out.
11:41 pm
michael you asked if the animals should get other constitutional rights. the answer is yes, apparently they will be able to vote, and it turns out if you total up the value of the fish at seaworld are given they are part of the 1% and their taxes will go up. >> interesting thought. >> i am done. >> turks andy. >> are you welcome, greg. >> see you in a little bit. i am so glad he is gone. coming up, tom cruise is gay-ning more fans every day. it is because he is a class act, people. but first, what will -- what will ode-snookie smell like? ú(
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we will start this thing now.
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she smells like cigarettes and vomit and red bull and now you can too. snookie has her own perfume. she is hawking it november 10th. it is called a very snookie holiday gift special. wait, let me not mark michael 11 der. the perfume called snookie offers the scent of pink cup cake, sexy woods, don't know how that is different, and situation's crotch per spir ration. the cost is $45. as you noy we must discuss this in our -- >> light nighing roooooouuuund. lightning round. >> dana just pointed out that that is too long. we would have more time to discuss our stories. if it were shorter. dana, you also get a matching
11:46 pm
tote bag. >> i thought this was a joke. >> no, we never do jokes here. always serious topics. how many will you be purchasing? >> that's like -- that's like the nice sales tactic, but i don't think i'm interested. >> not a snookie fan? >> i have to admit something. the only time i have ever seen any parts of "jersey shore" is when we talked about them on fox. >> are you missing out. >> you are. >> i'm sure it will smell fantastic. >> i have to say, chris, don't you admire her ability to extend her brand, if you can call it that. >> this is capitalism at its best. >> one of her scents is called pink cup cake. >> i don't see a euphemism in that. you make me sick to my stomach. michael, isn't she the perfect case of why america is awesome? she is not good at anything.
11:47 pm
no talent. she is scary looking. but she is a millionaire in less than three years. >> she is terrifying. >> i love her. >> and to dana's point, i have never heard -- i didn't know much about this until i came on "red eye" last year and i referred to her in the segment as snookie. this is what all of the celebrities -- paris hilton had a perfume and -- >> i bought the last eight ounces of qaddafi. >> i wanted the andy levy cologne. e needs to extend his brand. >> it will be called masculine man. devore, your communist ideology tells you to hate her success. >> she is an artist, and i support the expression. >> she is an american hero. she is --
11:48 pm
>> is she italian? >> there is horacio. >> she is great. >> i think she is an amazing human being. time to take a break. but stay right there. we have much, much, much, much -- well not really, but a little more to do. do you have an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation, or afib, that's not caused by a heart valve problem? are you taking warfarin to reduce your risk of stroke caused by a clot? you should know about pradaxa. an important study showed that pradaxa 150mg reduced stroke risk 35% more than warfarin. and with pradaxa, there's no need for those regular blood tests. pradaxa is progress. pradaxa can cause serious, sometimes fatal, bleeding. don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding, and seek immediate medical care for unexpected signs of bleeding like unusual bruising. pradaxa may increase your bleeding risk
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if you're 75 or older, have kidney problems or a bleeding condition, like stomach ulcers. or if you take aspirin products, nsaids, or blood thinners. tell your doctor about l medicines you take, any planned medical or dental procedures, and don't stop taking pradaxa without your doctors approval, as stopping may increase your stroke risk. other side effects include indigestion,stomach pain, upset, or burning. if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem, ask your doctor if pradaxa can reduce your risk of a stroke. for more information or help paying for pradaxa, visit
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gave their kids gnaw nazi inspired names say the court found them not guilty of child abuse, but they have yet to name their children. the children nazi and aryan nation were removed from their parents' care. the mom and dad argue they have no right to keep the children now that the judge has ruled the kids were taken without cause. my -- michael would would you say naming your child adolf hitler sets them up for future problems? >> i don't know where you live, greg, but i suppose that sets a bad precedence. my daughter who is called pulpot franco and she is lovely. i don't want her taken from me. we have a very good relationship.
11:53 pm
>> she is a model student. >> dana, let's say the dad is a racist idiot. obviously he is a racist idiot. >> join with me. >> this is going to take a leap of faith. >> he doesn't starve her. he doesn't hit her. >> does he have a .? is this a first amendment thing? >> you know how people have a official name and maybe a middle name. maybe they went by their middle name? >> the middle name hitler. >> i have friends who are about to be parents, and they spend so much time thinking about the name. it is this agonizing thing they go over and over again. >> it could not happen to me.
11:54 pm
>> it is a unique name. >> but the bigger question is can you lose your kids if you are a racist? >> yes, you can. >> if you project your racism on them. >> i don't think you can. >> it is not a mental illness. it is reprehensible. it is not a mental illness. you are not beating the kid. you are feeding the kid. but can somebody take your kid away because you have bigoted feelings? >> i just wanted to point out on tonight's shred the constitution episode of "red eye it is --" red eye." i will go find the judge and bring him in here so he can teach you something. the judge will rule correctly. you are a complete loonetic. >> come on. what are you setting these kids up for? a whole lifetime of abuse. >> well, it is forcing your opinion on the kids.
11:55 pm
>> it is going to make their life miserable, so in a sense -- it is a kind of abuse we haven't seen before. >> but is it worth you are taken from your parents and you fwroa up in the faster care system. >> if you are taken away from your craze ea nazi parents? they would be better raised by wolves. >> nazi wolves. >> there saw lot of neglect that goes on and people don't lose their kids. i am not defending them. that's just for the record. >> duly noted. >> it makes me wonder if adolf hitler's parents had this same conversation. we will never know. anyway, we will close things out with a -- obviously they didn't know -- that was a joke, everybody. post game wrap up with tv's andy levy. andy levy. to see clips of recent shows ( phone ringing )
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>> michael, where can people go to find out about your forthcoming awesomeness. >> you can find it on twitter at mc moynihan. i think that's it. lots of good stuff. look on it. >> basically you have nothing to plug. >> nothing to plug. >> where are you going to be friday night? >> i will be with my partner, sean gardener who is part of susan g komen's honoring the promise ceremony at the kennedy center in washington, d.c. >> you have a partner. >> imaib. >> i hope they don't roll in the tanks to the kennedy center. >> i hope they do. >> i low pressure on "the five" tomorrow. i am moving to new york. that's a big thing. from wyoming to manhattan. it will be quite a journey. >> we can hang out. >> um, yeah. >> john, when are you filling in for me again? >> you weren't that bad.


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