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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 31, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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9:20 eastern is when we start on the fox business network. if you don't get it. >> demand it. >> that's the way to go. "the five" is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: hello, everyon everyone. happy halloween. 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, andrea tantaros and greg gutfeld. a lot of news to cover this monday. first up, herman cain flat out denies accusation of alleged inappropriate behavior from two former employees. we'll show you what he said. more of your tax dollars down the drain. another green energy company,
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obama administration gave stens of millions of dollars to goes bankrupt. the wife of ponzi schemer bernie madoff breaks her silence on "60 minutes." nothing would make me suspect anything. >> do you believe her? we'll tell you what we think. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: right now to our top story. herman cain answering harsh allegations. reports say the g.o.p. presidential candidate was inappropriate with two unnamed female employees. this is back in the '90s when head of the national restaurant association. cain addressed the situation today. >> i never sexually harassed anyone. yes, i was falsely accused while i was at the national restaurant association. i say "falsely" because it turned out after the
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investigation to be baseless. if the restaurant association did a settlement, i am not, i wasn't aware of it. i hope it wasn'tf much, because nothing happened. if that was a settlement, it was handled by some of the other officers that worked for me and the association. >> a denial by unnamed employees. what is your take on this? ia he is shad -- >> andrea: he is shadow boxing. there are no sources in front of us and we'll probably never find out who the women are. if this turns out to be false, i have a sense it will. politico has egg on its face. they have a responsible to come forward and tell us who
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these women are. what if i said jonathan martin of politico, you went to college once. i can't tell you what they are. it's a private manner. it's a distraction. that's what we heard when it was bill clinton. he paid paula jones off. $700,000 to $800,000. if they get this wrong, they handed him a -- >> kimberly: boomerang on him. >> bob: presidential campaigns, when i ran mondale's stuff we get anonymous stuff on other candidates all the time. i think you will find the names out. every press outlet is all over cain. >> andrea: they're not coming forward, the women. they can't. >> bob: i'm not sure. if this is cain they will pick at him from here on out. i'll hold the press conference and say i'll answer all the questions you've got.
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he has to get it back off the track here. or he will be distracted. look, 60 days left till iowa. >> eric: it's horrible, the way it came out. five digits, five digit settlement with two women. it could be -- this is not a huge settlement. the point is cain says he doesn't know about it. ed collins a long time worked for michele bachmann and left her group. i said who do you think it would be? is it obama? he said they don't care about it. romney? maybe not romney. i pointed out rick perry's group. he said that is infrastructure that might do something like this; meaning, leak a tip to politico. the point needs to be made -- i read you every day, every morning but all you've become is hit piece. they hit palin, bachmann and now herman cain. systematically going one-by one-by-one. >> andrea: anonymous, unsubstantiated evidence.
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what is herman cain supposed to fight back against? it's their responsibility to give us details. >> bob: it's true if you got it from another campaign. if you got a leak from another campaign be sure you have sources right. >> kimberly: you know it happens all the time. >> bob: sure it happens. i've done it. the point is did politico get it directly from sources or from the perry campaign or another campaign? if they got it from another campaign, they should have confirmed it. >> greg: they called it inappropriate behavior. definition of inappropriate is so broad it encompasss my life. most of us on the planet is guilty of inappropriate behavior. it's a gumsy joke or silly comment. depending who you are dealing with, you never know. we don't know. i want to get to something that andrea said. because it's halloween, we should talk about costumes. great thing about being progressive, if your costume is progressive, you can be a pig. if you're a conservative,
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anything is mistrueed as sexist behavior and the media will go after you right away. if you are teddy kennedy or bill clin top or john edward, if you're the wall street protesters who are covering up sexual assault. the media will keep their hand off of it. if you don't wear costume as progressive, as a black conservative, beware. >> kimberly: speaking of costumes, did anyone pick up on this? >> bob: i don't know how eric handles his watch. it must weigh 15 pounds. i appreciate the money. >> greg: make sure you tell everyone you -- >> eric: really? >> greg: my costume, i'm my twin browner, gunner. >> kimberly: gunner gutfeld. i'm andrea. >> eric: let me do this costume. put a flag on.
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let's talk about the des moines register poll. >> kimberly: it's clear that herman cain has the attention of everyone. they didn't expect him to resonate in the past. long-standing run in the polls. see if he is chipped away on the new allegation, unnamed sources. whether he is able to weather the storm. next 48 hours are critical. we have a polling out that makes the point. he is in it to win it. let's see. "des moines register" poll, cain leads romney. who would you vote for in the 2012 caucus? cain 23%. romney, 22%. paul, 12%. bachmann, 8%. perry, 7%. newt gingrich at 7%. bob? >> bob: first, the "des moines register poll" is the most accurate poll in iowa. it always has been and one we depended on. do one 30 days out and do one before the caucuses. half the caucus attendees in iowa show up anyway. they go.
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the other half you have to pull out. the problem cain has got, he has no organization. to poll voters out. i don't know if perry does or romney does. how hot he is, how well he has to do in the poll. he has to get them to come to the caucus. >> eric: this was in advance of this. bad timing for cain. you point something out. maybe he is the one that is going to make his way. he hasn't been attacked yet. >> kimberly: he made the prediction. >> bob: the reason i made the prediction, you see everybody else back up to him. the reason i am talking about gingrich, he is one guy throughout the debates who acted like an adult. he hasn't gotten in a fight. or told people not to get in fight. he attacked the media.
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republicans like that. just like herman cain was in new hampshire. he was so far behind. i predicted he'd come back to win this thing. not because i was so smart but i thought everybody else would back up to him. >> andrea: he is polling in the same place that huckabee was polling. romney was leadinged fred thompson was behind him so of course he has a chance to win it. two people leading it, cain and romney spent very little time in iowa. it's name recognition. i agree with you. here is what is so interesting about this. 59% of that poll said they could be swayed. 25% don't have a preference. 84% is up for grabs. that is a big number. >> eric: if you look at why romney can't get above 26%. the republican party is a conservative party. most conservatives, most republicans don't see romney as a conservative.
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they are still looking for the anyone but romney to go up against anyone. >> bob: someone will emerge as the conservative alternative. you're right. >> kimberly: that's a wrap. tonight, herman cain goes on the record with greta van susteren. tune in at 10:00 p.m. eastern. up next on "the five," president obama plays class warrior against the rich. what? again? we have the tape. all next. don't forget to e-mail us at
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." i wouldn't be a normal week for the president if he didn't take the opportunity to attack the so-called rich. listen to what the class warrior and chief said this time.
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>> over the past three decades, the middle class has lost ground. why the wealthiest few have become wealthier. the average income for the top 1% of americans has risen almost seven times faster than the income of the average middle class family. in this country, we don't begrudge anyone wealth or success. we encourage it. america is better off when anyone had the chance to get ahead. not just those at the top of the income scale. >> eric: he contradicting himself in the same sentence. he said everyone's wealth has gone up, everyone encourages wealth and everyone gets a chance to do better. >> bob: let me tell you something, money bags. it this is a bipartisan group, democrat and republicans. we leased the last 30 years of income increases. the top 1%. i want you to listen to the numbers. the top 1% got 270% increase
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in their wealth. the middle class, 40%. poor people, 18%. if you don't think the rich benefited from every policy the congress passed and president passed and favored the rich, it's time for the rich to give back. >> greg: this report, cds. the rich went up 60%. the next group 60%, the next group 40%. the next group 20%. sure, the household income was different. but everybody dramatically went up. >> bob: dramatically? 257 to 40 is traumatic? >> greg: when you are that rich you get richer. everybody else got richer. it benefit from them getting rich. idiotic. the big news is people moved from class to class. it's not a static, class warfare problem. people move from middle to upper. that's the real story.
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>> bob: 275%. >> kimberly: so what? >> andrea: who cares? this administration is so focus on one of the seven deadly sins. greed. they don't focus on the other ones. it's time that people get off their butts. and work. so what -- >> bob: it's time to pay their fair share. >> kimberly: i don't -- this is a positive report. this shows like greg says there is movement and people are jumping from one class to the next. isn't this what america is about. to try to do better and be the person that does better for their family and themselves? to encourage people to go out there and work hard? that is the american dream. when you have money, it's easier to make money. >> eric: if you have money, easier to make money. everyone points at the u.s. top 1%. in america, there is an index for this. the high level to low level. gin index. shows income diversity among classes. in america, we come in at 45. that is our index.
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the highest is maybe at 70. lowest is sweden at 23%. we are smack dab in the middle of it. there is no indication that any system works better or worse. it's a matter of economic opportunity and we have a lot. by the way, brazil beats us at 54. colombia beats us at 58%. we've given them money. >> bob: how you sit here with a straight face. best you can do. the top 1% gets 275%. the next group is 40%. >> greg: this is overstated and exaggerated, so give them that. is this the rich's fault? it has to do with changing technology, globalization. we have an educational gap. people are not educated to deal with the modernization of our jobs.
2:19 pm
>> eric: this favors everybody. >> bob: do you think the people on wall street are making jobs? >> andrea: everybody wants to be rich. the occupy wall street protesters want to be rich, too. this country gave us "lifestyles of the rich and famous" with a guy that looks like stuart varney. >> eric: this is the question. if not this system, what system? >> bob: fair and balanced where everyone has a shot. if you are trying to tell me some kid born to a wealthy person on wall street same shot as crack mother in harlem -- >> eric: born to -- >> bob: if you believe that, give this back. go hawk it. >> eric: this changes the world in a better way. let's move on. you want to talk about this. obamacare.
2:20 pm
do we have a full screen? the approval/disapproval rating of obamacare. at the lowest. take a look at where it's gone now. the unflavorrability. 51 to 34%. >> andrea: the reason is the democrats are now starting to say -- republicans never liked it. now democrats say we don't like it either. why? premiums have gone up at least 9% since it was passed. also employers are dropping coverage. that lie they told from the administration to keep your doctor if you want was -- >> bob: not a single part of this bill that went through and became law that affected insurance premium increases. that is all gouging by the insurance company. >> andrea: are you kidding? >> bob: there is not a single part of the bill. >> andrea: this administration, sebelius herself said if you raise your premiums we'll give you the equivalent of a colonoscopy. >> bob: they should. up everybody's butt -- the
2:21 pm
insurance company has been everybody's butt for years. might as well get up theirs. >> andrea: before we get audited, jack the prices. >> eric: before this gets bad, regardless of what is in it or not in it, the unfavorable rating is -- >> andrea: 501%. >> eric: the only bill less popular than that is bill maher. >> bob: this is indictment of the administration not telling this as well. they let the tea people and you out front and made it negative -- >> kimberly: why won't they talk about it now? >> eric: we got to go. another green energy company that got funding from the obama administration bites the dust. we have tell you all about it next. on "the five." ♪ ♪ blan
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." it may be halloween but it feels like groundhog day as a report comes out about a second green energy company going bankrupt after getting a government loan guarantee. the power corporation that develops energy system got a $43 million guarantee from the energy department last year. now that money is gone. yes, that's taxpayer money is gone. first, eric, we have solyndra and then sun power, then fisker and the list goes on and on and on. this is another one. the administration is saying we'll just look into it is that good enough? >> eric: no. again, one of the most disturbing parts of this, it happens to be on the friday night document dump. >> andrea: don't you love that? >> eric: throw it out late friday night. hoping we won't figure it out and find out. half a billion for fisker or half a billion for solyndra
2:27 pm
and half a million for tesla. this is a win. we have only lost $43 million on beacon. we said it before, bob broke it but we had it fixed. steven chu, the most unqualified insent cabinet secretary of all time. this man should step down. >> bob: if i had to listen to this for much longer, i'll -- anyway. going to eat shrimp again. what we don't do on the show and we will do it next week because i'm going to bring him in. you mention the ones that fail. for the 50, 80, 200 that make it, you never talk about. >> greg: nobody talks about them, they don't exist. >> bob: yes, they will. they do exist. when i bring them in and i show them. i hope all of you will recognize it. say gee, there are ones -- >> eric: most of the companies even if they're public, the stock prices are crashing as we speak.
2:28 pm
the business model didn't work. >> greg: this is called the van jones hangover. everything that was green was supposed to be good. now all we're dealing with every day is a new headache. >> bob: you are a walking hangover. >> kimberly: one good point about this, can i say there was a plan in new york. at least the warehouse was here. >> bob: you got plenty of -->> - >> andrea: stop approving the loans. we heard about the solyndra bankrupt. thigh had to by september 30. >> eric: $5 billion on that day. >> andrea: billions out the door. jimenez is so obvious. finally, overwhelming evidence. okay, we do an investigation. >> bob: do you have a loan
2:29 pm
on this watch? >> eric: i don't. >> andrea: we have to get to something. taxpayers dollars, and the obama administration doled out $230 million for combating obesity. >> bob: i didn't get any of it. >> andrea: anti-soda ad. take a listen. ♪ ♪ >> andrea: sorry, we know a lot of you at home making dinner or eating halloween candy. and you lost your appetite. a lot of the ads with the taxpayer money to fuel the food fetish is against american companies like pepsi and coke. >> bob: it looks like stuff
2:30 pm
i drank the last time i drank. it's raw. first, i don't know how accurate these things are. but i wouldn't put out the ads because you yahoo will run with it and make fun with it. the diet soda and the rest is crap. it shouldn't be on the market but it is. >> kimberly: diet soda doesn't make you fat. right? >> andrea: we're not debating whether it's good or bad for your government's body. not the government's job to use taxpayers money to put out an ad -- >> greg: this is a terrible economy and they want people to target dr. pepper when they should encourage people to be dr. pepper. to actually be something in life. i want to give you a figure. philadelphia spent $2 $2.4 million on ads against soda. you could have added 52 police officers for that money. considering the crime problem go after muggers, not mugs of root beer. >> bob: what about -- >> andrea: the next time
2:31 pm
when you get on a republican for blocking jobs bill -- bill -- >> greg: parent consideration make up their mind. >> bob: if they have parents. >> kimberly: union jobs. >> bob: republicans haven't created a job in my lifetime. >> greg: answer this question. the left is saying they are open minded. you're not supposed to tell anybody what they do in the bedroom. stay out of the way. they can tell you what to eat and what to drink. that's exempt. >> kimberly: a great point. >> bob: what they tell you what is not in your best interest to eat or drink. people get sick. >> andrea: none of their business. this is a priority. in new york city, do you think bloomberg should worry about -- >> bob: bloomberg should get out of the smoking business. that bum has the $250 clean-up fee. >> andrea: why is the left so -- >> greg: you just became a conservative for five seconds. >> eric: they want -- you want the real answer? they want control of everything you do. they want to figure in everything you smoke, eat,
2:32 pm
drink. whatever else you do. >> greg: you endorse all regulation until it personally affects you. >> bob: i understand why they don't allow smoking in hotel room but i do it. i pay the price. >> andrea: we'll keep drinking soda. coming up, local news reporter physically threatened by an occupy wall street thug. we have it next on "the five." ♪ ♪ look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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2:37 pm
we'll get in details of that and analysis from brit hume. a presidential hopeful that seems to be o on the up-swing is newt gingrich. this evening, shannon bream looks at the candidate's slow methodical approach that seems to pay off in the polls. there is another executive order to work around congress that takes step to reduce drug shortages and it will stop what he called a slow rolling problem. in if grapevine, eye-opening numbers about the occupy wall street movement. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now send it back to new york and colleagues with "the five five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." as occupy protesters wage on, some proesthers have become adorable. did i say adorable? i meant unstable.
2:38 pm
fox five news reporter john huddy, brother of juliet. >> he is making no sets. ripped this off the mike. ripped this off as well and threatened to stab me in the throat with a pen. okay? is this how you treat people who come in here? is this how you treat the media? >> greg: delightful. can we really condemn that thread whenth's for greater good? tea party didn't break any laws but weren't principles the real kind? the kind that offend movie stars in toupee? here is one now yakking about the protest. >> we live in the united states. where you can protest. so god love them. less about individuals than it is about systemic problem with a system out of control. >> greg: left the toupee at home. another overpaid actor complain about a system out of control. solution by $12 million apartment. which is what alec baldwin did
2:39 pm
after visiting the protest. with places like that, who can blame them if they feel all that liberal guilt. since they have had the gas run generators removed they must use a stationary bike to charge battery, that means by hopping on, alec can lose the fat without spending a precious dime. eric? >> eric: yes, sir. >> greg: i think you have a problem. >> eric: i do. a big massive nor easter coming up the east coast. what will happen to protesters when the snow falls on them and gets cold? it hit them and didn't. so i have a great idea for a capitalist idea. i'm going down to the protest and sell them hot chocolate and blankets. the good news is daddy's credit card accepted there. i'll take it. guess what? the best part is i'll pay taxes on it. >> greg: i don't think you will really do that.
2:40 pm
>> eric: probably not. kentucky not safe. >> greg: this is what interests me about the protest, there are an element of people entering the protest that aren't great. that guy bothering the reporter is one of them. the protesters don't want to report this stuff. it makes the protest look bad. they're in a weird bind. >> kimberly: of course. but they don't want to say someone tried to stab a reporter in the throat. this wasn't the only incident that john huddy had with the guy. there were other incidents that precedeed it. there are people who are lawless and aren't behaving appropriately. when you look at the sum total in aggregate, a lot of incidents down there. there are cops there. though bob doesn't like it, you have to protect the public order. >> greg: all the cops are there. if you got mugged on sixth avenue, they wouldn't be here to interfere. >> greg: first, no easters don't come up -- nowhere eastenor'eastersdon't come up t.
2:41 pm
don't do your weather. i'll make this simple. i'll not going to contribute to the disgraceful put-down of people who have every right to go down and do their constitutional rights. you're slandering them. >> greg: how? what did i say? >> bob: i'm not talking about it anymore. we shouldn't talk about it in this country. >> eric: you don't want to talk about it -- it -- >> bob: because you call them communists. >> eric: they're arrested in texas, oregon, colorado, the important one yesterday, "new york post" said a girl was assaulted and said by the way, two weeks ago, one of our protesters was raped but, "we don't talk about that. we handle these internally." >> bob: 3,000 cops and she got rained? i thought these were the best cops in new york. >> andrea: wait. this is a good use of their time, cops' time? put a list of all the arrests. >> kimberly: this is good. >> andrea: a fascinating
2:42 pm
list of a list of every reason people were arrested. there were flyers that you can have sex with animals. a man defecating on a police car. there are flyerss that say when to shoot a cop. let's see another one. man accused of exposing himself to children. bob, you were here that day. i checked. it wasn't you. animals. i can't read most of the things on here. >> bob: was the tea party guy an animal showing picture of monkey with a bone in his nose? black guy? was that acceptable to you guys? how about the tea party guy that put a gun to arizona and took it to tea party rally? >> greg: i will set myself in the middle and admit there are good decent people down there. thigh are doing themselves a disservice. they have dangerous people down there. they have to work with police or be honest.
2:43 pm
>> kimberly: going down there to do followup on the weather conditions and whether they're moving out of there. >> eric: they probably want -- >> bob: can we stop talking about this? >> greg: i don't like talking about solyndra. >> bob: i don't like talking about solyndra either. how many times do we talk about the ridiculous story? >> greg: as long as it keeps going. >> bob: this is not important. allegations are not important. >> andrea: they're not allegations. >> bob: 3,000 of your best storm trooper cops down there, how did they get a trooper in. >> greg: that is degrading. >> bob: no. that that is the best ones. aren't they the best ones?
2:44 pm
>> greg: no. >> bob: sorry. >> greg: bernie madoff wife ruth spoke out about her ponzi-scheming husband last night. i think the only thing she stole was ladainian tomlinson'dana perino -- shestos haircut. my cohorts will tell you what they think. ♪ ♪ welcome idaho, where they grow america's favorite potoes. everyone knows idaho potatoes taste great. but did you know they'reood for you too? they're high in vitamins and potassium. and idaho potatoes are now certified to carry the heart checkmark from the american heart assoction for foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol. so they're good for my family, and for yours. heart smart idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: the end of the show, it must be bob's turn. before we go on here with my open here, i want to say we've been getting a lot of tweets from you all. get your finger off of there or i'll bust it. the reason we don't have costumes on because greg wouldn't do it. eric and i did our best to try to liven things up. >> greg: i told you, i am wearing a costume. >> bob: wouldn't do it, his fault. welcome back to "the five." last night, ruth madoff, the wife of ponzi schemer bernie madoff, sat down with "60 minutes" to talk about her husband's schemes, their
2:49 pm
suicide attempts, how her life and family have been impacted. the big question -- >> greg: what are you laughing at? >> bob: whether or not she knew. watch this. >> did you ever suspect along the way by the strange behavior or somebody who was bottling up a secret? >> i never did. i never did. it didn't seem that way. it was nothing that would make me suspect anything. sometimes i look back and i think as the years went on he started to get more and more short-tempered. maybe he was having trouble. obviously. >> kimberly: can you say what you just said? >> eric: it's the costume. >> kimberly: you have become bob beckel. you said when she was younger she was hot. you are bob! >> bob: madoff like other
2:50 pm
capitalists ripped off a lot of people. >> greg: capitalists? >> bob: do you buy this arguement? do you think she is telling the truth? >> eric: absolutely not. she was a bookkeeper in the whole scheme. probably before it started. but look, the guy ripped off $65 billion in claims in which just he knew it, not his sons or his wife? absolutely no way the whole family could have been in it. there weren't outsiders. >> greg: bob used this story as a slight against capitalist. i am telling you, it's a madoff scheme was a government program, you would have been forit. >> bob: it depends what is it for. how did he get the money? >> eric: took money in. >> bob: from whom? >> eric: original investors and kept bringing in more people in, paying off the first investors, you did great, give me more money and got bigger and bigger. it would haven't ever been discovered if the market didn't fall apart. >> andrea: here is why
2:51 pm
whether she knew or not, she is still a part. >> eric: it's social security. same thing. >> andrea: here is why i think that she is a horrible person. a lot of wives tend to look the other way. they're not involved in finances. they let their husband do finances. the proceeds of the book she is writing, they should go to the victims. if she was really a good person. no. they are going to her future daughter-in-law who engaged to one of the sons who claims he doesn't know. >> greg: but he is dead. >> eric: no, no, no. the other son. >> greg: oh. i thought it was -- >> andrea: this is mare money making -- >> greg: i should have read it. >> kimberly: bob bedtime story. tell me about the story. >> bob: they're not sending any of this money to the people -- >> andrea: no. >> bob: don't they have a right to get it? >> it's going to the future daughter-in-law. laundering money again. >> eric: you want to know something more egregious? >> kimberly: they can't get the money from her. she can legally get it. >> eric: this is a good legal question from andrew madoff, still living, one son
2:52 pm
that is still living over the years took in $16 million in pay or loans from bernie madoff group. shouldn't the investors have access to that money? ill-gotten gains? >> kimberly: you think they should when you think how profits originated from. they should. >> andrea: ruth got $2 $2.5 billion. >> greg: she has to give the haircut back to dana. >> bob: let's talk about steve jobs that what happened before he died. his wife reported -- what is the story? >> andrea: steve jobs sister eulogized him this past weekend. beautiful eulogy. if you haven't read it, find the time to read it. it's so sad and so inspirational and powerful. great lessons applicable with what is going on in this country. work hard. don't be embraced to fail. work hard. if you do fail, so what. character is the most important thing.
2:53 pm
shun pesnism and cynicism -- pessimism and cynicism. at the end he is surrounded by his family and last couple minutes he looks past them and says oh, wow! oh, wow! he was seeing something beyond -- >> bob: the implication was he found faith at the end. do you believe that, greg? >> greg: i don't think you should look at the last moment's of somebody you don't know and imply an experience. i don't think it's our place. i'd like to think something happened. i'd like to think he spent his whole life searching for meaning and dealing with mortality. maybe something happened. i don't know if it's my place to say it did. >> kimberly: sometimes he believed in god, sometimes he equivocated. >> bob: i take a bet. i do believe. up next, halloween. "the five" style! we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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it's part of the healthcare law. so it's time to look, compare... and choose the right plan for you. learn more at 1-800-medicare or ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: welcome back to "the five." hbo comedian and resident pot head bill maher has ridiculous advice -- shocking -- about drugs in your kid's halloween
2:58 pm
candy. listen to this. >> this halloween stop fretting that a stranger will put drugs in your kid's candy. put it there yourself. this is america. it would be the healthiest thing they eat all day. put drugs in the halloween candy. >> kimberly: that is irresponsible and not funny. >> andrea: that is a cry for help. pay attention to me. it is obnoxious. >> bob: he is having an acin flashback. >> eric: i bet both of his viewers are outraged about this. >> bob: what do you think? >> greg: he is obsessed with new ag age health. he is a quake. >> andrea: are you defending -- >> greg: no. do you think it's responsible for him to say that?
2:59 pm
kim serious case like razor blades and people poisoning halloween candy. >> greg: a joke. >> bob: what is this stuff? >> kimberly: makeup. you have seen it before. finally, a fun halloween poll for you? do you believe in ghosts? rasmussen poll shows 31% do believe in ghosts. 62% do not. 7% don't know what to believe. someone needs to tell them. maybe the obama administration will tell them they should believe in ghosts. bob, you do. >> bob: i do believe in ghosts. it have seen ghosts and heard ghosts and this was after i stopped using drugs and drinking. >> andrea: you didn't take bill maher's advice. >> bob: no. six years after i was clean and living in a farm in west maryland, 300-year-old stone farm. i am telling you at night, i could hear them talking to themselveses in old english in the living room. i went down there -- you think it's nuts but i am telling you there are ghosts out there. i'm going to be protected. he ain't. >> greg: you


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