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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 31, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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please remember, the spin stops here because we are looking out for you. >> now before herman cain became the frontrunner for the republican nomination he predicted that his opponents would attempt to orchestrate what he called a high-tech linching and over the weekend the left wing media, they made cain's prophesy come true. according to a vague report from, cain was accused of sexual harassment in 1990s when he was the president and national president of the national restaurant association. the story says at least two women, who they refuse to identify, accuses him of exchanging sexually suggest i have conversations with them or, quote, using physical he
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gestures that were not overly sexual but made women who experienced them or witnessed them uncomfortable. it is also accused they received money for leaving the restaurant organization and remaining quiet. cain talked to us about that. but earlier today he appeared at the national press club in d.c. and was asked about the allegations. >> number one, in all of my over 40 years of business experience running businesses and corporations, i have never sexually harassed anyone. number two, while at the restaurant association i was accused of sexual harassment, falsely accused, i might add. it was concluded, after a thorough investigation, that it had no basis. as far as a settlement, i am
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unaware of any sort of settlement. i hope it wasn't for much because i didn't do anything. >> now, politico attempt for the smear is coming under fire. now one of the reporters behind the hit piece talked about that this morning. >> we are just not going to get into the details of exactly what happened with these women besides what's in the story. >> joining me with reaction to the developing story is the author of the new york times best-seller. one and only clinton advisor, dick morris. how are you? >> hi. >> in the interview that will air later he describes what happened. he said he was aware of the settlement and this is what they said.
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she was in my office and said you are the same height of my wife, didn't touch her, said you are my same height of my wife, my wife comes up to my chin, my wife of 43 years, and that was put in there to make her uncomfortable. that's part of the sexual harassment charge s that sound like harassment to you? >> ridiculous. there were two women involved. one of them cain said he only vaguely new, never spent anytime with, and she said he propositioned her and cain flat-out denies it. so unless she has some proof, good-bye. the other one he had contact with and he did the thing up to my chin. and unless there are more facts than this, we cannot derail one of the most creative, forward-thinking effective campaigns that's been waged this year on the strength of this kind of flimsy stuff. if they are willing to stand up like anita hill did originfer flowers with bill clinton. >> or paula jones.
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>> and lay it out, lay out the facts of it, and subject themselves to scrutiny and to examination, okay. but until they are, it just isn't worth talking about. >> i made the same comment on my radio show today. because politco is saying we aren't going to get into the details. it was a confidentiality agreement so it should have gone away. right? >> right. >> why is it a story? >> it's a story because the left wing media wants to pedal the idea if they were paid off, something must have happened, which is totally wrong. what goes on in our litigious society these days is corporations don't want the legal exexpense, they doan want the exposure, they don't want the hassle and they pay people which for them is a nominal amount, 80,000, $100,000, and makes it go away. but it encourages others to do that. >> but if we go forward and
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fight this, it will cost us -- >> that's right. >> and if we settle it cost us this. >> that's right. they are trying to take the payment of a settlement as evidence of cain's culpable and it's not true. >> and the political story, when they said there are descriptions of physical gestures that were not overtly sexual, but it made the women who experienced them feel uncomfortable. >> well, it is not grounds to vote against a man for the president of the united states because he once named a woman who won't come forward and say who she is and won't say who she is uncomfortable. >> before this of happened this weekend, i spent a lot of time going over the weekend researching, and this is just the short list, of what i think now constitutes a real threat. herman cain represents a threat to liberal -- a liberal narrative that suggests that
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conservatives are racists, that the republican party is racists. we saw the 1998 missouri ad, we saw the james byrd pace ad. but he was smoking the symbolic crack pipe. that he sat on the sidelines during the civil rights movement, that he's trying to curry white favor, that he is a bad apple, that he deflects the racism in the political party. that he is the tea party's black friend. horrific. >> same garbage they tried to pull on clarence thomas. the fact of the matter is she's charges were investigated by legal counsel of the organization and he decided if had no bassy. so this will they can provide facts as opposed to innuendo and smear and opinions by unidentified people, there is no point of dominating the political dialogue with this.
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>> i went back and looked at the charges against bill clinton, and many women, and there were so many things, eleanor smeel, president of the senator majority fund said at the time we are trying to think of the bigger picture. think about what is best for women. this is why they didn't go after women. so if you are pro choice, if you are a democrat, you get a pass. right? >> go back to 1990, '92 when bill clinton was first running for president. he got a black woman fired from her job in arkansas and got flowers hired instead. after he left office the civil rights commission ruled it was legal. the only reason they didn't say it was harassment because they don't know he had had sex with her, which later he admitted he did. >> and you are doing a book "stubs goes to washington?" >> that's right.
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my dog and, and then my wife did the illustration. there's no book that kids can buy that those our heritage and heroes in a positive light. everything is p. c.. we take the iwo jima memorial, and we have a poem, the battle was won by the marines in one of history's most famous scenes and when we meet the men that kept assured freedom never fails, people say thanks and dogs wag their tails. we go through the jefferson memorial, and you can buy it the >> we do need positive books. >> so when you introduce me, mention "stubs goes to washington." >> thank you very much. an dolt is coming up next about the mainstream media's pathetic record when it comes to
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democratic candidates. and the other is a left wing radical, and the brothers pickle are back tonight. they are live here in the studio for another battle. make sure to tune in tomorrow night, 9:00 eastern for my exclusive interview with former secretary of state condeleeza rice, tomorrow night right here on hannity. that eight things. dude, why don't you just use the stuff? [ male announcer ] head & shoulders: seven benefits. every bottle.
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>> tonight we are continuing to follow the developing story surrounding herman cain. is accusing him that two women had sexual harassment claims against him. but the left wing immediate way has a record of breath leslie taking down republican candidates while shamelessly protect their democratic friends. for example, john edwards who ran for president twice but news of his affair, his love child, were only exposed by a national inquirer investigation after the campaign ended. we have much more on the double standard. the author of the best-seller, "demonic" ann coulter is here. last time on the program called me a brat because i liked your boyfriend. >> to the enjoyment of everyone in this room. okay. back to herman cain. >> all right. go ahead.
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>> look, the important point is, as we have all suffered through for the last three years, any criticism of obama from donald trump, the tea party -- >> racism. >> people who don't like obama care, oh, you must be racist. no, i think we are upset because he is wrecking the country. we are against socialized healthcare. and this is why liberals detest conservative blacks. they tell blacks you can be republican, it is so hard for a black to be a republican and then when we don't have that many blacks showing up at a republican event, well, you don't have any blacks there. but this is the second time a conservative black has had outrageous and what appear to be false allegations of a sexual nature you are leveled against him by the left, clarence tom marks of course. and it's ironic because the sexual harassment laws, ironic
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in a cruel way, civil rights laws were designed to protect blacks from democrats. from democrat laws, from democrat dove morse and democrats in the white house wouldn't protect them. that's why we have civil rights law. from that you get the anti-discrimination laws. and now you have liberal women using them to attack blacks with these outrageous charges. >> that's why i went through the comments by liberal women that protected bill clinton but they were all outraged by clarence thomas. think about the just absolutely vicious comments that mutual friends of ours, conservatives, african americans in this country go through hell and are called the most vial, vicious names, but yet the media here, i think this is journalistic is it malpractice on their part. they run with a story, there's no story, and now they tell us they aren't going to get into the details. if you aren't going to give us
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the details, don't give us the story. >> and everyone knows that an awful lot of these sexual harassment lawsuits, the bar has been set so low by court cases, i many things like a man having a photo of his own wife in a bathing suit on his desk, that's been considered a hostile environment. silly comments made at a meeting, comments over her, not even directed at a woman in the workplace has been used for grounds as a sexual harassment. >> did you realize as a friend, the things we joke about on a regular basis, what you say about me, i am your -- don't say it, but do you realize in any work environment we would both -- >> no, it's true. >> people are humorless. >> but they don't care about real sexual harassment as we know from bill clinton. he dropped his pants and said kiss it to paula jones. >> and kathleen willy, and --
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>> he groped kathleen willy, and in response to that gloriastein em, the great grand, said he groped her , but when she said no he took no for an answer so if you are a pro choice democrat, white southern man, one free grope. if you are a conservative black they will believe the most horrible sexualized fantasies of these white women feminists. >> and herman cain used the words high-tech linching. is that -- >> yep. they used to do it with ropes, now they do it with words. >> and we had to have laws to protect blacks from democrats. as described in a full chapter of my book "demonic." and it was always democrats.
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i mean, these liberal historians industry it as southerners, southerners, they weren't all southerners, but they were all democrats. >> but it seems the liberal establish men was threatened by cain early on, symbolic crack pipe, bad apple, currying white favor. he's the guy the tea party gets to say is their black friend. >> right. >> all these things have been said. what is it about herman cain that threatens liberal establishment thoughts? >> well, there are many wonderful qualities to herman cain. but to be honest with you i think liberals are too dense to see them. all they see is a conservative black man. look how they go after allen west? that's why you are blacks are so much better than their blacks. to become a black republican you don't just roll into it. you are not going with the flow. you have fought against probably your family members, probably your neighbors, you have thought everything out and that's why we have very impressive black
6:19 pm
people in our party. >> here is what is disappointing about this. >> joe maxine waters in the republican party. >> his mother was a maid, his father worked three jobs, he grew up poor, just like clarence thomas, his grandfather. they are role models for people of all races. >> not only that, yes, they are. he was a math major, literally a rocket science. not only that but the reason we have a special place for blacks in american society because there was slavery, there was jim crow, thanks democrats. but the president we have now who has benefited from this, isn't it great, we have our first black president, well, he's half black, and he's not a son of someone who suffered through these. he's the son of a kenyan. he's not the son of an american
6:20 pm
black who went through the american experience. that is herman cain. >> ann coulter, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> i'm glad you didn't call me a gossipy brat. >> you are. >> and if you are going to fill up this time, i'm going to promote cain. >> do you want him now? >> i want him as vice president. >> ann coulter, coming up and more on the sexual allegations being made against presidential candidate herman cain. how could this impact the 2012 field. and you know bob beckel is a huge liberal. did you know his brother is a hollywood conservative? they will debate. that and much more coming up. straight ahead.
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ford fusion has now been named the most dependable midsize car by jd power and associates. we go to kimberly. any thoughts on this news? i have no idea what's goin on. we are out. what was that? they told me it's the most dependable midsize sedan and they ran back into their little box.
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>> despite the media's recent efforts to sabotage his campaign, herman cain is leading in the latest iowa policy. according to the new numbers from the des moines register, 23% of likely caucus-goers say he is their first choice. second being mit romney. he secured 22% of the vote. a very close race. but will all of what this is happening with the policy now
6:25 pm
change that the sexual harassment allegations have been made against the former godfather pizza ceo? whether or not the claims are true or not, how does this new development affect cain's run for the white house? here's the reaction and shake-up. columnist for the howard news service, president for the center for urban renewal. and star parker. and also former pollster for president jimmy carter, we will never forgive him, and fox news contributor cadell. does this affect the race or backfire? >> it's given us something to talk about. i'm glad to be in new york when in this occurring. glad the snow left. but this incident with herman reminded me of "hairspray." you can't stop the beach. therethere stop the beat.
6:26 pm
there is a wave behind him. most know the discussions today are about the economy. what we have seen in the political environment and even the business environment that our culture has reduced allegations of sexual harassment and racism to weapons of mass destruction. >> you harassed me -- >> no, no, you -- this is the problem. >> and chapstick. >> it's halloween. it could be anything. >> there are so many men now that have to ask can they open a door for a woman. we are in a ridiculous time. >> i think you look nice tonight but i can't say that? >> no, because you are supposed to say you look fabulous. no, seriously. >> i don't want to diminish real sexual harassment. >> the environment we are in now, we have diminished allegations of sexual harassment and they could be true. not in this case. he has said they are not. allegations of racism, the left
6:27 pm
has used these as weapons for so long now that i don't think the american people are going to allow it to occur in this situation with herman cain. >> this is the real test politically. let me just say, you know, the problem is it's herman cain and his campaign didn't handle this well. >> they were slow out of the box >> they were slow. they had nine days and they didn't discuss. it the history of this, particularly for a few person, and everyone goes through the attacks. and he will have more. you figure out what you are going to say, get it all out at one time and get it done with. today, because he is still remembering things he talk to people, dribbling out and it gets a second round. the more important story is this, what is going to happen, he has been recipient of a huge protest. it first started with donald trump, then bachman, rick perry for a while, and a week ago it landed on herman cain. he's the outsider. if he's able to handle this well, it could backfire.
6:28 pm
but it's interesting about the poll he showed in iowa, and he's running dead even with perry in texas, but what you have is a phenom ma, and the phenomena is he represents all the anger and frustration and discontent against politics as usual and usual politicians. if he handles it well it could help them. you have two frontrunners in iowa. >> he will have agene way. see, make no mistake, the same political insiders, and the conventional wisdom told us at this early stage in the game that barack obama would have never beat hillary clinton. to try to underestimate herman cain, i think there are people who are understanding that the nation, especially the tea parties, envisioning herman cain and barack obama debating. they are seeing these two african americans. >> are you endorsing him? >> no. >> who do you like? >> well, how can you deny this wave and the wind behind him?
6:29 pm
he's a fascinating candidate. >> we will know in a week. >> we might know in a week. i don't know that the american people are going to let us keep throwing out these allegationings allegationings and then we have to put it all up. >> how do democrats get away with it? >> they might not this time. that's my point. >> let me get a word in edgewise. reason is because the press protects them. look, we have a bias here. it's all right. eats what i call the professional feminist. i've said this back during the clinton scandals. there's professional demonists, they will defend because they put ideology before principle. but they always get a freer pass. remember, this is only beginning because not only is herman cain, remember this, i think it probably came from one of the other campaigns, to politco, but you will have the press attacking. the white house wants nothing to do with herman cain. >> right. and i think that is the biggest
6:30 pm
point right there. i think they fear him the most. >> he is an unknown factor. and herman cain, if he can make himself credible, takes the race card out. it takes the race card out with whites. >> because they put up with joe biden said clean. the gop is putting up smart and they can't handle it. >> fascinating debate. good to see you in new york. coming up, it's time for the brothers beckel, bob on the left, and bob beckel's brother is a conservative. they will bring their family political feud here on hannity. they will duke it out. and tomorrow night right here by interview exclusive with condoleezza rice. she will talk about a lot ofñi things on her time as secretary of state. and also african-american conservatives that are attacked often and what she thinks about that. tomorrow night, 9:00 eastern. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china,
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>> they may be brothers but they
6:35 pm
couldn't be more opposite when it comes to their political feud. join me now with the family political debate. he's a liberal to his core. he's broken we have to fix him. the one and only bob beckel. and he is the brother, who has more sense, conservative, he was not dropped on his head as a kid, he was in the movie, by the way, atlas stroke. that has become one of my favorite movies. it's now going to come out on dvd. when are you doing part 2? >> you do? >> yes. >> done. >> okay. my character doesn't get in the second part but we will work you in. i'll figure you out. >> it's a right wing story. you should be able to get in any place. >> that would be great. >> interesting. what if all the millionaires and billionaires that your friends hate, who if they all disappear, bob? what happens? >> did you see the congressional
6:36 pm
budget office came out the last 30 years projections for what people make and the top 1% went up 275% and the bottom went up 18. now that's pretty fair and balanced, isn't it? >> let me tell you something, the top 1%, did you of get a job from a poor person? i never did. >> no. >> no. >> i started as a dishwasher, my first real job. >> that was my job. >> then a cook. >> howard johnson's. >> and then i worked as a bartender. >> garbage truck. >> and i painted. >> let's start singing the star-spangled banner. between you two of you, it's great. >> i was thankful. i didn't expect the government to take money from somebody else and give it to me. did you of expect that? >> no. you don't realize it until you get sober and you are 30. give you a gift, a small gift? >> yeah. >> last night i flew in here with a screenwriter. he holds my brother position so
6:37 pm
it's very good to have that civilized approach. i'm trying to maintain it tonight. i took the opportunity of going down to occupy wall street last night, and i got this free. and this is for you. okay? >> hang on a second. the anarchist basics. >> yeah. >> we are certain the community is here. we will emerge from our struggle. does it call for violence in this thing? >> no. >> calls for -- >> all right. how do you feel, first of all, who -- is there any person you like to run against obama? and what do you think of what they are doing to herman cain? >> i don't understand what they are doing to herman cain, but they are going to come after him because that's the name of the game. i real like the guy a lot. i think he's sound. i don't know enough about if 9-9-9 is any good. he seems like a pretty solid guy. i think they will feel threatened and come after him. >> bob? >> they better be very careful. this is -- in this society, in
6:38 pm
this day and age, and my side has a lot to do with this, the trial lawyers, but you have to be very careful when you have a couple of anonymous source whose say they have a sexual harassment deal. you know what happens every day by the thousands, companies pay people off so they can avoid going to trial. i think the idea of even per perpetuating this story is crazy. i would call one press conference, invite everyone in and answer every question you got and once we are done here today this is it, i'm not answering any more questionsism think it's outrage us that politcowould run that story based on two anonymous stories. smells like another campaign throwing this into the mix. >> i had that in the pack of my mind all day, but we don't know where it came from. came from somebody because it was supposed to be confidential. >> when i was managing a campaign i got anonymous stuff sent over every single day. you can only trust that stuff so
6:39 pm
much. >> why do you think, you grew up in the same household as your brother, bob, what happened? does he love obama? why does he worship at this liberal, i hate the rich, redistribution of wealth. what happened to him? >> he also likes women's clothing. he was very close with my sister. >> ail tell you, you are going right to the edge here. go ahead. happy halloween. >> yes. >> the fact of the matter is we lived in a house, and i swear this is part of it, the dividing line between one town and another went through the house. so he actually grew up in a different town. grew up in east hadem and i grew up in a place called lime, connecticut and that is the difference between us. lime was a nice place. it was a heavy gay population, and it had a lot of wealthy people. and i can understand why your inclination was to support those people. look, i -- i'm not suggesting.
6:40 pm
>> those people? those people, people like you, those 1 percenters. you don't anything about what i make. >> yes, i do. >> you have no idea. i know exactly what you make. >> you are full of it. >> can i leave now? >> you want me to get into it. >> please, don't do this. >> listen, i am not against people making money, i think that's fine. idea, though, these guys on wall street is making money and creating jobs is silly. they are pushing paper around. >> but that is a surface, if done right and ethically, it helps expand the business world by getting loans to people. why are we demonizing them? i agree with you, if they went bankrupt and they were corrupt, we shouldn't bail them out. that is a good point. but that's where my agreement with the occupying knuckle heads end. why do you call them knuckle heads? >> they take their tops off, having sex in public, doing drugs. >> i don't know, but let's get
6:41 pm
on the first bus down there. >> and stinks to high heaven on top of it. get the last word. i think it's a legitimate anarchist action. i think what they have done is surround it. like they put out sugar and all the lefties come out and i think the anarchists are having a great time. >> once they started stealing each other's laptops. all of a sudden the spread the wealth thing went out the window. >> called liberty park. >> once the tea party people started stealing the tee times, that's when it got to be a problem. did you spend all day writing that? no, i just thought about it right now. it's nice to be here with you guys. >> i have a bob beckel mask i will wear to a party. i put your mask on i would beloved. yes. >> and obviously they don't like
6:42 pm
geraldo. >> thanks, guys. great, great, american panel is next.
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tonight on our great, great american panel he's a democratic pollster, he's work with bill clinton, doug schoen is back., an emmy award winning comedian -- i don't know where you are heading. the word comedy has five letters in it. the comedy club. and you look very handsome tonight. not as nice -- do that again when you are on camera. there is real sexual harassment. the former spokeswoman for the house republican conference, currently the executive director of public notice, gretchen hamel is here. is real sexual harassment, right? oh, yeah. okay. apparently this isn't it. a
6:47 pm
come says not of a gesture, not of a sexual nature. we have two allegations. source, there's no specific allegations of harassment. a settlement 15 years ago. role does this have in a presidential race some. it's politics as usual, by is unfortunate. i don't speak german but if you ask me if this will hurt him, i would say 9-9-9. it's out there and whether it's real or not, it's about how you respond right now can't contradict himself. has to be clear and concise in his answers and stay on message. i would argue he was probably a little slow out of the gate in responding. he came out forcefully. defend himself today. i thought he did a good job. he's on with greta coming on after this. and at that point what do you do? >> everybody haskell tons in --
6:48 pm
has skeletons in the closet. you have skeletons. tell about when you voted for mondale. >> tell us about when you went to a camp and were swimming noted. >> the boy scouts, naked swim from seven to nine. >> isn't all of -- didn't this all degrade our politics? doesn't it lower us into the gutter, doesn't it make solving problems and talking about -- >> wait a minute. think about the media, and how feminists libras, -- liberals, and gloria, they protected bill clinton. >> he deserved to have his rights protected and so does herman cain. >> we know he prevented a lawsuit from going forward of a woman that brought it, and remember, the law license issue at the end of it? >> there were lots of issues about that. it's a sad state when we are sitting here talking about this
6:49 pm
and our unemployment is so high and we are trillion of dollars in debt. we need to get back to the issues. but we need to get off this. >> wait a minute. the liberals are supposed to be all upset. >> i don't represent liberals. i don't want to talk about him, my boss, i want to talk about me. >> is he going to be upset, will he show all the take place of all the liberals react today bill clinton? and then how they reacted to herman cain? >> i don't know. probably not because it's a left-leaning show. >> at least he's honest, right? you have to give him that. >> and fox news, they will talk to me about it. >> what do you mean fox news? i am a conservative. >> i understand that. i agree with you this isn't fair. i'm a lawyer, by the way. i don't practice anymore. >> what do you mean you are a lawyer? >> it's pretty clear we just getting away from real issues. this isn't liberals and
6:50 pm
conservatives, this is right and wrong. >> do you think it will of change? >> i do because this is the greatest country in the world and we can only maintain that position by coming together to solve problems. >> you are kum-ba-ya. >> i think this will be the worst, absolutely overthe top campaign eve ever seen in our lives. >> it will. >> by the way, you are a comedian and a lawyer? >> yeah. >> what do you recall a lawyer at the bottom of the ocean? >> what? >> a good start. >> i feel harassed right now. >> but i say you are beautiful and then you harass him. i thought you were going to kiss him. >> if he kisses me, i'll -- >> you give me $5.00 and i will tell people your show steals snapple from greta. more with the great, great,
6:51 pm
great american panel. tim tebow, you won't believe how he was insulted over his faith over the weekend. that's next. toby .
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6:54 pm
>> we continue now with our great, great, great american panel. tim tebow was on our program.
6:55 pm
i liked him. he talk about his faith and he's not shy about it. the weekend before, this is not the best weekend, but the weekend before he had an amazing come back. they were down 14-0, 15-0, and he comes back and wins 15, with 5:38 left in the game. a major come back. here he is, a christian, standing up for his faith, and detroit steve tollick sacked tebow and mocks his christianity by doing this. what do you think of that? i think that's a cheap shot. >> ridiculous. can't we just play football? >> but i've seen players huddle together and say a prayer before or after a game. >> and they are always thanking jesus. that's fine. i think it was inappropriate, too. >> albert pujols, he would thank god. if you want to mock tebow.
6:56 pm
>> you throw for the pass. >> you can't throw from the pocket. he may be able to walk on water like jesus but he can't throw from the pocket. >> but he had an amazing come back. >> he did. >> he's only played two games in the nfl. a freshman quarterback. go ahead. >> i'm an oklahoma sooner, so full disclosure. but i think this was a little bit disgraceful. it was in bad taste but end of the day mocking is a part of sports. and little tebow got penalized a few years ago back in 2009 by chomping the sooners. >> let's say he was mocking islam. >> oh, i was just -- >> wait a minute. >> a double standard? >> i did say it was in bad taste. >> but you are expecting a lot from nfl football players who don't know how to behave. >> how do you know they are roited up?
6:57 pm
who can ron 4.3 at 250 pounds? and on a scooter. on one of those hover-arounds. >> when i'm skating. but the reality with the guys, gretchsen right, they are big kids. kids opportunity. >> when you were in college you were a swimmer, right? >> kids don't opportunity in front of 100 million people on tv. >> oh, they do to. >> we should say right is right and wrong is wrong. >> but they are playing with a football. >> you are the one that swam naked in camp. >> and you would opportunity a sin i don't knowized swimmers. >> what sports did you play as a kid? >> i was a swimmer. >> i played football. i was small but slow. >> i didn't play sports. i was a 4h and faa girl. >> you didn't play any sports? >> no. >> that is terrible. we got more crony capitalism.
6:58 pm
we have another firm that got millions from oat obama administration. we have sun power gets 1.2 billion, and how many for solyndra, 535 million, this case 43 million. we have company going to finland for electric cars and obama has done a great job with the stimulus. you are the big lib here -- >> i do not come down liberal on every issue, you know that. >> but a lot of them. >> no, some. it depends. if it's swimming, i'm all for that. >> this should hurt him badly and there's lobbyist money involved as well. >> he is not going to allow a lobbyist in his white house. four days access and they get $534 million. >> it's wrong. it's the wrong use of tax payer
6:59 pm
funds. >> how about corrupt? >> very corrupt. >> but you are tearing down capitalism with that. it's cronyism. >> but your president is a socialist. >> why am i the target? this happens in every administration, republicans and democrats. >> oh, there's no lobbying on the republican side. >> no lobbyists. >> but clearly, clearly, he's handling this cruelly and his administration is struggling tonight. they need a book called investing in energy companies for dummies and then they need to burn the book for energy. this is more losing in elections for dummies. it's the kind of thing that can move votes and cost them. >> you better hope the liberals are at the gothic comedy club. >> are you coming? i have a hotel room. >> no, bring stewart, he's your buddy. >> this might be a plan for obama. all the companies shut on and he says i'm saving energy by not


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