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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 1, 2011 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> kberly: don't let the ghosts get you. that is it for us on "the five." have a happy and safe halloween. see you back here tomorrow welcome to "red eye." i'm john gibson wearing my special halloween greg gutfeld cos stiewt. greg is currently at home enjoying a bath and not taking a carriage ride through central park nude with a drifter named parker right now. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what's coming up on tonight's show, old sport? >> welcome to the jungle, america. herman cain says he is the victim of a witch hunt. happy halloween, dude. and how much does texas governor rick perry love him some maple syrup? a lot much, that's how much. and finally, the tsa employee who left a note saying, get your freak on, girl, in the lug -- luggage gets a note of their own saying, get your things and leave on. >> thank you, andy. >> happy phaim.
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it is a magical inter grail when time and space are suspended and the thin veil on the world is lifted. >> sounds stupid. >> it is not stupid. it marks the end of the final harvest. >> who cares? >> it is a night of magic and chaos. >> i do like magic and chaos. >> you can build huge, sacred bonfires and they sacrifices animals to celebrate in the festival. >> i do like bonfires and food and sacrificing animals i would eat with friends and family. >> and it is a night when the wee folk like you became active. >> now you are being a jerk. >> i hope you don't make it back here. let's welcome our guests. i am here with gavin mcginnis. he is a writer and a magician. and she is so hot her chair is a trivet. ann coulter.
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her latest book is called "demonic" a book so dangerous liberals want a five-day waiting period to purchase it. and he gets his treats by turning tricks. he puts the wean in halloween, it is my sidekick, bill schulz. and with us, the author of the supply side of economics and the affects on the growing economy, always a treat. and he is the liberal ghoul who is read by fools, our "new york times" correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> cnn is expected to announce a vee vamp. -- a revamp of the morning schedule. sadly there was their rea section about my waking up with pinch pitch, you stupid executives. look what i have done for this dog and pony show. i will see you in hell, by gum, i will see you in hell. oh, by gum, that could be a profitable ad campaign for me. buy gum. >> okay.
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is the cain train in a world of -- hurt? see, i didn't use pain. they are denying allegationsthat in the 1990s, an actual decade he sexually harassed two women while he was the head of the national restaurant association. otherwise known as the nra. didn't know that, did you? speaking on monday, the former pizza pusher called the story a, quote, witch hunt and in his 40 years, running businesses and corporation he's has never sexually harassed anyone. >> in all of my over 40 years of business experience, running businesses and corporations, i have never sexually harassed anyone. >> exactly what i said. what about the politico story? is it true women filed sexual harassment charges against you? >> while at the restaurant association i was accused of
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sexual harassment, falsely accused, i might add. i was falsely accused of sexual harassment. and when the charges were brought as the leader of the organization i recaused -- recaused myself and allowed my general council and my human resource officer to deal with the situation. and it was concluded after a thorough investigation that it had no basis. >> cain was unaware of settlements that might have been paid to the women. they say the women felt angry and uncomfortable with cain's behavior that included sexually suggestive conversations. and the could writer said they confirmed the identities of both women as they have also seen documentation of the allegations. is this a serious story that could mark the beginning of the end for cain or a bump in the road that would be forgotten by friday?
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only cat in the bag knows for sure. >> i think that solved all of our problems today, anne. you were saying in the green room how proud you were for politico for publishing this story. >> yes. they have reintroduced the charges hoping we will all forget about the clinton era when they wrote in the "new york times." the boss gets one free grope there. there were lawsuits against black men. >> interesting take, but unpredictable coming from you, anne. >> gavin, what is your take? >> it is not just conservative
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black men. this racket is going on all over america. and the strange thing about the suits is they get away and to let me touch your bottom. the sexual harassment is anything i found uncomfortable and i want $40 million. >> are you totally right because when it goes to trial often in these cases you end up with $10 million. 1k3* it was settled for five manages they say. that could be $10,000 $20,000 and proving it was a nuisance. it was five manage reens. >> hollywood is getting reamed with these. no one wants their reputation. they will pay $40,000 to anyone who has any problem. they don't want the racket to continue. the untold million sinz sane.
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>> if you don't want to get charged with sexual harassment, don't use things like reamed. >> did that make you uncomfortable? >> it made me very uncomfortable. >> i even dragged out reamed. >> is this another smear that you and your lefty buddies dismyself? >> i have to get two complaints. this story i feel like the one thing here that doesn't smell right, it could just be me is the fact that, okay, he recalls that this happened and he acknowledges that it happened, but it wasn't aware of the settlement. he was the head of the nra, as you so rightly dubbed it. he was aware of everything, but he claims he doesn't know of any settle meant. this strikes me as one of two things. either he is lying or bad leadership from on top.
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if you are aware of the other stuff, you better be aware. >> i think are you wrong on this. >> what do you think of what bill said? is there any relevance to any of his commentary? >> he can't know what happened. that's the whole point. you are a lawyer. >> i think it was a nuisance suit. he knew that the charges were made and then the lawyers just said, fine, we will make it go away. #*e. >> can we stop with the witch hunt. as a wiccan i find that offensive. >> that was a longtime ago. >> confidentially agreements are in the bubble of the corporation. the guy being sued is going, i don't know. he was getting sued for 30 million for sexual harassment
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and women were sending him pour gnaw -- pornographic photos. and he saved them all. so he is still flirting with them as he -- as they sue him. i don't want to settle. and that's how he talks. >> most of our audience doesn't know who he is. >> the problem is she absolutely was sending him questionable things. but the rest of his life is also questionable. handlebar muss mustache, guilty. >> i agree with everything you are saying, but you must stop come paining herman cain to hollywood or doug charney. >> i just want to say how ubiquitous it is. >> i agree with you. i am just against your example. >> when i think of the things i have done and how many sexual harassment suits i could have had, i am a negative swrl their. -- zillionai re.
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>> isn't it remarkable how clean dove is, named after soap. >> nobody cares about him. >> we are not talking about some random guy. >> anne, do you believe standard, if you are a progressive, you can be a pig. >> here we go. >> it is true. i can go through the list. ted kennedy, bill clinton. ted kennedy, bill clinton. >> and it became clear during the clinton affair with monica lewinski dropping his pants to paula jones saying, kiss it, i wasn't making that up. they wrote a piece saying clinton groping kathleen lily say, okay, he groped her, but when she said no, he took no for an answer. the whole idea of the rule of law is something the feminists reject said you have one standard for everyone. but if you are a feminist or
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liberal you can call your secretary honey and oh it is capital punishment and bill clinton is molesting the help and dropping his pants and other smooth carrie grant moves and they say, no, that's fine. >> were you being sarcastic? >> which part? >> the clinton part? >> you think dropping your pants and saying kiss it isn't a carey grant move? >> i don't remember seeing that in a movie. >> i think you are right. >> she didn't say no, and he did get impeached for. it john edwards career is not swimming it. >> steb swart taylor who is -- stewart taylor wrote an article in a national law journal nine months into paula jones' allegations talking about how outraged he was his colleagues were refusing to cover the paula jones case when it was a total legitimate sexual harassment case. >> can i say something crazy? we should abolish sexual harassment, and i don't care what poll -- politician does on their personal time.
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don't spend my money -- don't do anything, actually. sit at your desk like one of these japanese guys who gets hired to just wait. >> the ironic thing about sexual that harassment laws in this case like in the clarence thomas case, it comes from civil rights laws. it is a nondiscrimination law. civil rights are the only reason we have civil rights laws is because of how democrats treated blacks. and here we are 100 years later and democrats turn around and use something that was used to defend blacks from democrat discriminators, using it against blacks again. >> i want to move to the next topic. frankly i'm harassed. from an allegation to an inebriation. was governor rick perry on a different sauce while accepting a jug of the maple variety. he displayed bizarre behavior during an event in new hampshire prompting one tea party leader to tell the poster, quote, i think obama would chew him up. here is not so slick rick talking about gold. >> i'm with her.
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write your checks. gold is good. if you have any in the backyard, if they print anymore money in washington, the gold will be good. >> an off balance discussion on balancing budgets. >> i called it -- you know everybody has a slogan, right? cut, balance and grow. cut the size of the government and balance that budget and grow the economy, and it is pretty simple, actually. are that -- >> and the governor getting all gesturey. >> your state and local taxes put that on there and and on the dependent and put it on there and subtract it and send
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it in and it is awesome. >> this one may be titled, no, governor, we don't know what you mean. >> the good news is that little plan that i just shared with you doesn't force the granite state to expand your tax footprint. if you know what i mean. like 9% in expansion. >> i love him now. and joked that not some, but nobody got about tom cat. >> i grew up on a farm. i tell people so far out in the country that everybody had their own tom cat. some of you are not going to get that. >> i get it now. >> i want to get it. >> and a big finish. >> i know rizo ry k -- i always have fun with your name. we are the land of the free. let's let america be america again and it will again be the land of the free.
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god bless you and thank you all for coming and being with us tonight. >> wow. can i keep going? do i have more? >> you need the maple syrup. >> here is the one about the maple syrup. >> we call this -- in new hampshire we call it liquid gold. but you will put it on your pancakes and waffles or whatever other southern food you eat in texas, but this is pure maple syrup from the state of new hampshire. >> he is like an adorable child on christmas morning. to you first, professor. what does this tell you about the candidate? it upset her, clearly. >> don't put words in her mouth. >> what do you think happened there? >> i think he made a mistake. i think if you are going to be drinking and you are working a lot, just do beer and preferably a stout like a guinness. it anchors you. he has been doing them with
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rocks and he had a double. and those will creep up on you. >> how did that happen? >> it happened when it was on stage. >> stick to beer. >> that is the worst feeling ever. >> i see that happen a lot during the speeches which are embarassing. i have often wanted to talk to you about it, but i am doing it here anyway. what do you think happened? do you agree with gavin or do you have your own theory? >> i think that is as good as anybody else's theory. he was tired and he had a few pops. i hope he had a few pops. >> bill, you are allowed to be a hipocrite here and condemn him for his drinking. >> i will not condemn him for his drinking. i will say this, i usually have the benefit of a loud jukebox when i start talking like that. and i do the same gis -- gestures and i am more yell ethan he s. he is like me at a bar, but he has a church lady meets al gore kay dense that i never achieved. i think it is because i don't drink ginlets.
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he has that and i am just loud. the gestures are there, and you can notice i had a couple already. >> i have to tell you, i found that refreshing. everybody is talking about how they don't like politicians. that is a guy drunk and giving a speech. how can he not like that? it is baffle. >> did you find it presidential? >> i would rather have a drunk perry than a sober obama. >> that is going to get some letters -- of approval! >> letters of approval. the letters of outrageous approval. here is my theory, i think his speech occurred later than he expected. he probably maybe came out from a flight. he probably had an ambien when he was flying. >> that's your excuse for everything. >> it is a multiplying affect. 2* happened a couple times when you take it on a flight.
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you think i am going to be on at 8:00 and maybe he was on at 9:00 and had another drink. >> there is a phrase for that. everyone has their own tom cat. >> that would be great if he mimicked the tom cat. >> i think we learned something jie. i think we did. >> i don't know what it is. coming up, did the laffer curve under mind the lower wealth? we discuss the intriguing new book. coming up, why is kim kardashian filing for divorce? we are not even doing this story.
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after a huge pay day, she is walking away. yes, kim is calling it quits.
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on monday the reality star filed for divorce from hub be chris humphreys just 72 days after their wedding. but at least thank god they got rich. while the wedding cost an estimated $10 million between tv and magazine rights including a two-part special from the e network, the couple raked in $18 million for publicizing their stupid, stupid ceremony. to put it into perspective, that's 18 million $1 coins. i figured that would be helpful. reason for the split? they couldn't agree on where to live. humphreys wanted to live in his home state of minnesota and kim didn't know where that was. let's discuss this in the -- >> lightning roooooouuuunnd. lightning round. >> anne, is she is genius or a super genius? no woman has ever made that much money off a wedding. >> i don't see why they couldn't be like the clintons and keep the scam going a
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little longer? >> that's a very good point. will this lead to more celebrities getting quick marriages and divorces to make a quick million or so? >> i don't know why it cost so much money. if someone came up to me -- what do you think he got $2 million? he said you can marry kim kardashian and have a honeymoon. and then when she starts going to the bathroom with the door open and wearing sweatpants and telling you you can't have poker night, you leave. are you in? >> yes. i am in for 9 bucks. how much did he make off that scam? >> wasn't it a total of $6 million? he got problem probably 20%. >> the wedding was $6 million. >> no, the wedding was it is 10 million and they got $8 million. we should never do math on this show. >> i forgot i wasn't a hath person. >> do you plan to marry the former nba player now that you
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see how quickly it can crumble. >> absolutely not. as far as scams go they are on a different tier. forget the scam marriage. she chose to do the announcement right before the tabloid's deadline ends which is either wednesday or tuesday ensuring a cover. and i think the pre up in had a special clause in it 75 days. when did they announce it? 72 days. this guy may be on the outs, but the real lose cert american public. >> the american public. and people should demand a refund from "people." >> if matthew mcconaghey is the 50th most beautiful people in the world again, i will give my money back. he deserve itself. >> a lot of the pro gay marriage people say this is an example of americans not treating marriage seriously. but come on. $18 million. i would marry rosie o'donnell and every. ight i would say, i love you so much.
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>> wow. >> you are my angel. i just want to look at you while you sleep. >> if you say that and put on a dress she may say that. they fired a baggage screener who left a note in a woman's suitcase that had a sex toy. the note which came to light after the passenger posted a photo on her twitter account read, quote, get your freak ogirl. they don't say who the person was, the tsa screener. i can bet it is a disiewd. >> the odds -- a dude. >> the odds are high. >> should they be fired? >> the tsa should be fired. you know that swab they do on your hand, i saw them do it on a four-year-old. they have to conceive of a guy going give me two more minutes. i am coming, what's your problem. it is ready to go. i am going to wash my hands. >> that's a great idea for a show.
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>> baby bomber. he just makes them. he is just a genius. he decided to take his gifts for evil. >> it is like criminals sit together, this is my safe guy and this is my get away guy. this is my bomber. what? >> i know i get it a lot. trust me. i am the best. >> nice voiceover. >> thank you very much. >> anne, what is your take on this weird and unusual story? >> i agree with gavin. we should get rid of the tsa. short of that, it was a fantastic idea if we will have a tsa to make sure they are unionized so this guy cannot be fired. we will have to go through six months of hearings and he will not be working, but with pay and eventually will not be fired. >> bill, have you taken worse things through airports. does the tsa ever leave a note like this in your stuff? >> how many times do i have to tell you? all of the dogs are bomb-sniffing dogs so i get away scott free. are we sure this is a guy?
12:27 am
get your freak on, girl. the only people who talk like that are women at an oprah taping or male stewards. >> why don't we know the name of this person? union rules protect him or her. >> i am assuming it is a guy and he was fired for being honest. >> he wasn't fired. >> yeah, he was. >> there are hearings. >> i thought i just said he was fired. >> unless it happened in the last hour he hasn't been fired. >> didn't i just say he was fired? >> you may have, but he hasn't been. >> it happened three days ago. >> greg just went up an:00 stave. -- an:00 -- octave. >> i can't remember what i said so maybe we should go to a break. >> he didn't put his phone number on that thing. th is a ben ef lent dude who says go and masterbate and have a good time. you can't find me so i know
12:28 am
this won't do anywhere. but i care about you and you need to rye lax. >> he was like a masterbating coach. >> are you not allowed to masterbate in coach. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. it is red eye at fox news .com. to leave a voicemail on my direct line, 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. i hate him. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by the small, redish brown apes with course, shagy hair and long arms.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. >> how are you? >> good. >> herman cain faces sexual harassment allegations. they mimic the charges against clarence thomas. who says mimiograph? i don't think most viewers know what that means. >> it is what would you say, xerox? >> that's better. >> it sounds more fun. >> copy and pasted. >> that's so many more sill labelles. the politically correct phrase
12:33 am
is more sill labelles. >> it has to be accurate. we are looking for accuracy here. we were going for accuracy. i agree with you that the definition of sexual harassment has gotten out of control. that said, if these things were alleged and settlements were made, is it still a story or is it not a story? >> it is not a story. they all get settled. no one wants to bother going to court. >> but is there anything factually wrong with the polit cri o story? >> i'm sorry, what was the question? >> i don't remember. >> these guys get fired. >> they lose their bank accounts and lose their careers. sometimes it is you give it to a psycho woman and now that they get the power they do what the machine -- what the men were doing. >> that could be the case, but
12:34 am
it could not be the case. >> oh yes we do. >> that's the problem. these frivolous cases have ruined the whole term. now women who are generally sexually harassed, no one believes them. >> i want to point out when the two women in question decide to sue, point out that may not be the case. that's all i was doing there. greg as you mentioned at the national press club, cain was unaware of settlements paid to the other women. you thought it was weird a ceo wouldn't be aware of the settlement. a lawyer who specializes in the claims says it is not uncommon for an accused exec to stay out of the investigation, but it defies the credulity. monday night 0* "on the record" cain told greta he believed one woman got a settlement of two or three months pay. suddenly he remembered he was aware of the settlement. >> he didn't know the details.
12:35 am
it was nearly 20 years ago. >> this afternoon he didn't, and tonight he remembered -- earlier tonight he remembered that one of the women got a settlement of two or three months. >> i think it has been in the news. you might have checked. >> he was the first one to say that it hadn't been in the news. >> what do you mean he was the first one to say it? >> he was the first to say she got a settlement -- >> you might want to look it up. he doesn't remember off the top of his head. find out. he calls the lawyer. >> anne, he specifically said he remembered. >> what do you mean? >> he didn't say i checked with the lawyers and got more fact. >> again, more sill labelles. >> this is exactly what it was like at home. >> andy, i feel the same way. it was difficult for me. >> i am looking here. >> i thought if we brought you two together -- >> they said we wouldn't see
12:36 am
other people for awhile. >> i want to live with him and i thought it would be better and it wasn't. >> of course they are right. they are adults. >> i don't know who you were talking about. >> when married, popcorn for dinner every night. >> what is the problem with that? >> it is fattening. >> whatever. it was fake butter. >> bill, you said can we stop with the phrase, witch hunt and high-tech lynching is annoying. >> that's what it is. >> it isn't high-tech. >> they used to use ropes and now they use word processors. >> and mimiographed. it is ironic that the civil rights laws were designed to break laws because they are using them to attack the conservatives. >> it is amazing that there are conservatives who have no problem playing the race card. it is absolutely amazing.
12:37 am
>> it happens to be true. >> because conservatives rightly complain about it when it is used against them. >> no, we don't like it when it is full. >> they will play the gender card. there is a bunch of conservatives out there who don't have a problem doing it. >> i am not a fan of racism when there is actual racism. when they say opposition to obama care is -- yes. when they go after clarence thomas when they want to keep them off of it because they are black, obama is -- oh republicans are racist, and then bring the nonsense charges. the same thing that democrats in the south accused blacks of for a hundred years, the over sexual black man and then they turned around a hundred years later. >> so politico would not have written the story if herman cain was white? >> yes jie. that is the most ludicrous thing i have ever heard in my life, anne.
12:38 am
>> why didn't alito or scalia -- >> you are saying thisy wouldn't have written this story -- >> saying angry, feminist women hate the black men because they can't accuse us of racism for supporting pro life decisions. coins den fallly the -- coincidence those accused of being aggressors were both conservatives. >> may i offer a theory? >> the liberal smear merchant, he used to write about politics that confuses me. >> you can't imagine. >> i was president saying that to you. you think perry was drinking? i think it is xanax. >> you don't hang around enough alcoholics. there are the things you do
12:39 am
with your hands. you know what it means. >> that was impressive, by the way. >> what do you do. >> thumbs up. >> i stand corrected, i guess. >> kim kardashian getting divorced. anne, you don't see why they couldn't be like the clintons and keep the scam marriage going? because now she can do it again and make another $8 million. and lastly on this get your freak on girl tsa employee, two things, you assume the employee is a guy. bill, i'm with you, i think this is a female employee showing solidarity with the passenger. and the other thing, anne, are you correct, the employee hasn't been fired yet. the tsa intends to fire the worker after he or she is given a chance to appeal which makes me think the appeal is
12:40 am
not planning to go well. >> it is only a week old. if this were a private enterprise and not a unionized service they would have been out like that. >> you are right. there is a whole appeals process that has to be gone through. >> anytime someone intends to fire me, they do it. >> back to you, greg. >> that is true. no one has ever -- >> i have never had a higher up go, i intend to do this. >> you caught me scratching my head. thank you, andy. he is already gone. >> coming up, more crud for the crud hamper that is your brain. and so,-- you guys are slow. what is "red eye" doing at a halloween-themed pet fashion show?
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i can't believe anne left like that. did you notice when i went
12:44 am
like this she saw the wedding ring and she went, i'm out of here. was that a coincidence? >> how upset she was. bill, especially since it has only been so recently you were able to get married in the state of new york. i don't understand what problem she had there. >> she had to go to "hannity" in a few minutes so she had to leave. >> wait, but that would mean that we are not on live at 3:00, greg. >> they are doing a special 3:00 a.m. taping. it is up on the roof. >> tune in for that. >> it is the post halloween thing. >> he does it every year. it is annual. >> i am quick. what does halloween mean for you? for kids it teaches the basic laws of capitalism. if you dress up like a jerk you get stuff from strangers, m m a i -- am i right? for a pervert, sexy nurses is a feast for their on parole eyes. but it means one thing and one thing only, animal fare's 11th annual howl-oween pet
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costumes benefit. it is okay to put kids in costumes. let's stop the people talking and get with the dog walking. >> thanks, greg. i am with animal fare magazine's pet cos stiewt benefit for the humane society. and this place is a mad house. should i say dog house? >> i like to help animal rescue and provide animal welfare. >> is lucky and/or neutered and spade? >> yes, absolutely. >> the i'm name lucky is
12:46 am
ironic. >> i think you would be great with a mutt. >> i have heard this before. >> you look like a mutt. no. >> you can pet me, go ahead. >> i actually have tried to start an internet campaign to get koda to date me. but now i know she has a boyfriend. >> yes, they showed up at a book signing. >> so i didn't stalk her enough is what you are saying? >> it is not in stalking. >> less with the twitter and more with the standing outside their apartment. >> she loves to give kisses. >> i am not even going to pay for that. >> i call him george but his georgio armani. >> have you considered topical for your neck? like lady paw-paw. >> were they gay cats?
12:47 am
>> they may have been. >> this is a scar face motif. which of these has the bigger coke problem? >> i want to start them right now. >> i am here with what looks like robin hood and this must be made marion. >> i am trying to be peter pan today and my little tin customer bell. >> very exciting. we have mick jagger, the only surviving member of the beatles. >> do you mind if i ask you a quick question? >> these are faux. >> what is this steb word es -- steward's name. that's a mouthful. >> that's the best carry on i have ever seen. >> be careful. there are drug dogs here. >> we always wear matching
12:48 am
outfits. this was made by my friend. >> how is he doing? >> do you know him? >> absolutely not. >> what type do we have on? >> i have no idea. >> the cater pillar here -- >> he is going to be late. >> turning his back on me like that. well, i didn't read your writer there. >> sorry i wasn't able to participate in the fashion show. but i had a great time and now i will get my drink on. ready? >> you didn't tell me that you ran into baby dog glamour lou. >> it was awkward for the both of us. >> i would have figured. i would have helped you through this. >> i wish i would have taken the time to make sure a certain dog didn't have their day on tape.
12:49 am
>> are you friends mow? >> we had an awkward conversation about what is going with the kardashians. i left it at that. >> did you see the chiuaua? dressed up as a native american. >> there were at least five dogs dressed as native americans. >> and it is so offended i have to go to a tease. time to take a break. when i return there will be something following. i'm not sure what it is.
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it is mail time. the address is red eye at fox news .com. since i am so busy the red eye robots are helping out answering the mail. somebody from illinois leads things off. stop, my gut hurts. i can't stop laughing. >> well, nice try, greg. i see that during our last tickle fight you somehow managed to send out an e-mail calling for help. you also claim to be from illinois when everyone knows that place is about as real as the moon landing.
12:54 am
as punishment for your deception we will take away your allotted amount of lotion for this week's tickle fight. see you soon, cowboy. >> interesting. jim from independence, iowa writes, "i watch your program all the time, but don't know why. i am 78 years old and catch half of what you say. you talk too fast for me. slow down. >> great point, jim. you are not alone. most people who watch this show all the time do not know why either. including the robots. in fact, we used to have real jobs before the robot union forced us to work for this nightly catastrophe in 2009. since then it has become at least somewhat bearable. now if we could just replace the bill schulz character. anyway, was that too fast for you? >> finally jay e-mails us. is there a contest for who can drink the most water on the
12:55 am
show 1234* bill's water glass is calls close to being empty before the post game leaving me to wonder if he was dehydrated or gunning for a prize. >> thank you for your inquiry, jay. >> i am an admirer along with the many words that begin. please give me best to your friends. ink as well. but not l. l is a straight up jerk face. here are your questions answered in the order that they appear. no contest. that is not water and finally acute intoxication to the point of memory losses. no prize no matter what the game. thanks, jay. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up. and to see clips of recent shows, go to
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back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> rachel, where can people see more of you? >> new york city. >> okay. and that would be blood matter? >> yes, blood manor. >> how long does the run extend until? >> what? >> i don't know. >> saturday you are open until saturday, right? >> yes, we are open friday and saturday of next week. >> cool. excellent. >> gavin, what is going on with your shirt? >> gary coleman meets garfield and saying what are you talking about mondays? my friend pinky carnage makes them. >> that's a great shirt. >> i am absolutely getting that shirt. >> they are having a book signing for her book


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