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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 1, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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fairytale ending. according to tmz kim kardashian will not pay kris humphries anything this their divorce. she gets to keep the $2 million wedding ring because she did go through with the wedding. thanks for watching. here is shepard.
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but first from fox at 3:00 in new york, a dramatic emergency landing in poland, as landing gear on the airplane failed forcing the pilot to put the boeing 767, with 230 people on board. and the plane landed at the airport in warsaw. officials say the pilot had been circling for an hour trying to get the landing gear to work. he could not do it so he dumped the fuel to avoid a fiery crash. look at the touchdown. scary situation, jonathan. i don't think they really had any idea how this would end. >>jonathan: scary for the passengers on board. you imagine the pilot comes on and tells you this plane that weighs 200,000 pounds before you put a single passenger or
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luggage on it is coming to to land at 125 miles per hour with no landing gear available. not surprisingly we are told that some of the passengers were crying and panicked and saying final farewells. but watch the video, one aviation expert told us this pilot pulled off a quite extraordinary feat. listen. >> you need a long runway, and you need to keep the nose up until the very end and this guy locked like he did an absolutely picture perfect landing. >>jonathan: in new york we have the miracle on the hudson and now you can add the wonder in warsaw. >>shepard: 767, a very commonly used plane. what do we know? >>jonathan: commonly used plane. a lot of americans are reasonable flying in the 767's and i did a quick chat on the web site that says that american airlines has 73 of the aircraft.
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and delta has 94. us airways has ten and united has 45. and all of the 767's are supposed to have two hydraulic systems to make sure that landing gear cannot fail. a fairly safe bet that each of the u.s. based airlines is checking those hydraulics right now. >>shepard: thank you, jonathan. he will chat away about the story and you can weigh in at on the "on the hunt," link. the global economic crisis now and stocks have plunged around the world. this is the top story of the day on every continent. concerns for a plan to rescue greece from default could be in serious jeopardy and one official there is now warning that bankruptcy is imminent and we're talking bankruptcy for a country. a couple of days ago it looked like it was worked out. >>gerri: we thought we had a deal, with enough money for greece but they will have the greek people vote on in plan in
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january so not only is it likely the plan will be turned open its head and the greek petroleum will probably turn it down and we have to wait until january for the results. our markets will be in turmoil. >>shepard: why did the greeks do this? they face all sorts of obstacles and we have a lack of understanding how it works but why vote for this? the germans and the french calling an emergency summit and the whole world is up in arms. >>gerri: look at the pictures. that is why. the greeks do not like it. they are very upset. >>shepard: what is the alternative? the parliament is about to collapse and the economic system in danger of going bankrupt, the nation. greece. >>gerri: wish i had an excuse. this is no sense i can see. we need a bailout for greece. if it stays in the e.u. and if not, if they dissolve that creates problems i cannot describe to you. >>shepard: we had the best
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october, ever, or at least in dozens of years and now the market was down a couple hundred points and down 264 at this moment today, so, we are teetering again. >>gerri: october is in the rear view miles an houror, -- rear view mirror. you know as well as i do the markets are interrelated. everyone does business with everyone else. and you heard the global story today. >>shepard: that is john corzine's former company. >>gerri: they were invested in the corporate, or this country debt and to the tune of $6.3 billion. they lost. big time. now, corzine is in the cross hairs and this is scary. and fascinating. because corzine is not someone you would expect to break the fundamental rule of trading which is don't play with the
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customers' money. >>shepard: a lot of people do. and then, bank of america, a company that suddenly grew a set of ears. >>gerri: well, hallelujah, bank of america got rid of the $5 a month debit card fee. all other national banks got rid of it and bank of america did, too, hurray for consumers. >>shepard: so what will they charge you now, a too-big-to-fail all powerful, running the world, and it is not as if they will not find another place to charge. don't tell me because i will not believe you. gear i -- >>gerri: how do you think bank fees work? they go up. we expect more fees coming soon and we will watch it but it will be backdoor stuff that is hard to spot. >>shepard: i imagine, that is how i would do it. i can report only on what the
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history books tell us. >>gerri: and that is clear. >>shepard: gerri willis part of the best team in business, we watch the "willis report" each day at 5:00 each eastern, 4:00 central on the fox business network, the fastest growing business network on television. and, now, politics. the presidential candidate herman cain when you thought it could not get more interesting talking about sexual harassment allegations in the past, he said they are settled, and today he says he never changed his story. and now the news from washington. yesterday, carl, he said he was unaware of a financial settlement in connection with the allegations and, later he acknowledged he was not aware of an agreement, not a settlement. help me figure this out. >>carl: what he said he didn't know there was a settlement and then he said he tried to get a really big settlement, one of the women who comes forward with
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the charges, but she got a severance package of three months pay a distinction in whether or not he remembers the process but it doesn't change the headlines which are herman cain says the sexual harassment charges were false, and they were investigated and found baseless but he has worked around the edges with details. this is something he has to get out of 9 way and the campaign is moving to get back on offense attempting to pivot blaming the liberal media and arguing this is an attempt to distract mr. contain from the message of jobs and 9-9-9 plan and they will not tolerate it, and they argue there has been a backfire from those who could have hoped to undermine him because it resulted in a windfall of cash. yesterday was the record-setting best of day of fundraising $290,000 because of the controversy. >>shepard: so i am clear,
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there were sexual harassment allegations against him, there was an investigation, there was a temperature nation of -- termination of employment and then a severance package all looped together as one thing but that is not a settlement. >>carl: he was not aware of a particular settlement and he said he knew there was a request for a big settlement but that was not obtained. >>shepard: he skipped the jobs fair in iowa and he does not have an organization in iowa. >>carl: it is bad and he has only been to iowa once since early august and today the national association of manufacturers holding a jobs fair in iowa and most of the candidates are going there. rick perry, the texas governor, will be there. gingrich, ron paul, the texas congressman, running for the third time, and former pennsylvania senator santorum and michele bachmann are all there. no romney. he is doing fundraising and
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meeting with people in new york. and no herman cain, who is, instead, in washington, dc, dealing with the controversy. >>shepard: we running out of town, but, rick perry, the speech that will resonate including the finish with the holding of the maple sire rip, -- syrup, i have never seen anything like this from someone who purports to be a presidential candidate. astounding. >>carl: the speech in new hampshire on friday. it was suggested maybe he was under the influence of pain medication or alcohol, and the rick perry will not dignify the suggestions or allegations with a response, and, today, he said he thought he gave a great speech. >> we are into the slogans, man, live free or die, bring it. this is a cool state. come on, live free or die?
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you know, you got to love that, right? the good news is that little plan i just shared with you doesn't force the granite state to expand your tax footprint. you know what i mean? like 9 percent expansion. >>carl: he is giggling because that is a not so veiled tweak at him contain's 9-9-9 plan. that's rick perry unplugged he gets animated and i have covered him for years and i have seen him act like this in other circumstances and it does not get a bad review from the folks in the room in new hampshire and it got a strong review from the "washington post"'s reporter who said it is vintage rick perry, but, when you put it all together as many have on the web and as some comedy late night shows have it looks goofy but he says what and animation, that is enthusiasm and you will see more
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of it because he is going for the whip. >>shepard: it is entertaining. great to see you. if you have not seen the video, get on the google. and have the time of your live. we will hear more on herman cain and the sexual harassment allegations in the past which he says are settled. and how he is handling the situation. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now.
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two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands ojobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for oucountry's energy security and our economy.
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>>shepard: the man accused of giving michael jackson the fatal dose of propofol and others, dr. conrad murray, will not take the stand in his defend. we learned that today. he announced the decision in court before the lawyers rested
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the defense. that is over. the last few days have focused on the testimony of "the father of propofol," and a proud father. that is the drug that killed michael jackson. butting today the defense argued the amount of propofol that dr. conrad murray gave the singer was small. and the lawyer compared it to taking a lot of ambien. question: in the event the person goes to sleep you would expect to arouse them verbally? answer: yes. question: noise in the room would cause them to --. answer: could cause thing to awaken, is that correct? answer: correct. question: we are talking minimal sedation. answer: my understanding based on the dose administered by dr. conrad murray would be in the range of minimal sedation.
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>>shepard: the defense is arguing dr. conrad murray gave anything meg enough of the drug to put him asleep but not to kill him and the lawyers claim the singer gave himself the lethal dose of propofol and the doctor wasn't looking. and now, adam is in los angeles. >>reporter: everyone thought it would be drawn out because the trial has gone longer than the judge thought and he apologized to the jury last week but dead was lightning fast. if you have not followed it, two things to know for witnesses the. dr. white and dr. shafer. dr. white is the key witness for the defense and got on the stand today to resurrect his testimony yesterday and dr. shafer the key for the prosecution was back on the stand and he had a chance to get a couple of shots including that who gives propose this will to anyone in their bedroom? take a listen. >> if there was such a thing as bedroom based anesthesia the
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standards would be, the standard guidelines would be considered a minimum. because there's no backup. there's in tolerance for we report. if you have an error you have a mortality. >>reporter: that is what the prosecution has been showing all along, they believe there were a lost errors that led to michael jackson's death. >>shepard: does this change the timeline discuss sod office den? >>reporter: we are following the timeline. right now this afternoon the lawyers will meet with the judge, go over jury instructions and the jury gets tomorrow off and everyone comes back on thursday morning for a 9:00 a.m. when court date when closing arguments begin, and most people believe this jury will come back quickly and they only have one count to decide and that is, of court, whether dr. conrad murray is guilty or not and if convicted he gets four years. >>shepard: thank you, adam
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from downtown los angeles. and now the lawyers will weigh in on this. before we get to the commercial, how many stories are they going to come up with? first he gave it to himself. and now the doctor didn't give him enough. i am sure you have a perfect explanation and we will save it until after the commercial. more than a million people, have you heard of this, still a million people with no power in the northeast. >>arthur: you know a up cough them. >>randy: i represent a couple of them. >>shepard: and some of them don't deserve to have power and that is another matter. [ malannouncer ] imagine facing the day
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>>shepard: michael jackson's case. i have no idea what they are doing now. it doesn't make sense. the legal panel is with us, arthur aidala and criminal defense attorney, randy zelin. so they argued that michael jackson drank the stuff that killed him. then the testimony indicated the drinking the stuff they say killed him doesn't kill you. so they changed their defense to, he somehow injected it into himself and killed himself and the doctor didn't know that and today they say dr. conrad murray did not give him enough to kill him like giving him a bunch of ambien. are we supposed to pretend we have lot our mind? what the hell is beginning on here? >>randy: our system of justice, this is serious stuff, now, we joke and we laugh and we yell but our system county our
12:24 pm
country, your viewers are watching our system of criminal justice right now right here. a man's life is on the line. if we believe in presumption of innocence and the fact that the prosecution --. >>shepard: and life is on the line when dr. conrad murray calls his girlfriend. >>randy: and i say how and when equals, who? for a reason. when the judge instructs the jury, you are going to hear him say, the prosecution has to prove on a particular date and time the defendant administered a dose of propofol that killed michael jackson. not that she a bad doctor or an it immediate, they is to prove how it got into his system. when it got into his system and that shows who did it. if they cannot prove it he deserves to walk out. >>arthur: i know you know what circumstantial evidence is. he is the only doctor, getting
12:25 pm
paid $150,000 a month to answer these questions he is the guy who is paid to put the propose this will in the i.v. and to administer the propofol and to monitor and make sure he does not hurt himself and he did the first one, he put in the i.v. and administered it and did not do the last one. >>randy: permission to interrupt. circumstantial evidence, what do we do with circumstantial evidence? >>guest: clued every other hypothesis to a moral certainty. the prosecution's own star witness could not exclude the fact that michael jackson gave it to himself. which means --. >>arthur: there is no evidence of what. it could be someone came through the window, and gave him this? >>shepard: you are a one trick upon
12:26 pm
pony on this thing, aren't you. >>randy: i am selling justice. and the system. he is presumed innocent. >>arthur: what happened today, the doctor did not take the stand. he could not. but what he may have gotten by taking the stand was the sympathy of, maybe, three on the jury. not that he could save it but if he came off as i'm a good doctor, i'm a go guy, i made a real bad mistake and three on the jury are like, well, and there is a hung jury, maybe he get as plea down the road. >>randy: testifying can only get himself into trouble. >>shepard: probably get this by thursday or so it sounds like. this husband, another husband, now, hired a hit man to kill his wife not once twice, but throw times. three different times for wife killing and the wife says she does not believe her husband had a thing to do with the attempted killing of her and she is
12:27 pm
publicly defending the husband who has hired a hit man to kill her not once, not twice, but three times. the dow is down 260 points. thank you, greece! [ male announcer ] are you considering a new medicare plan?
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12:31 pm
mistress hired a crew of hitmen to kill her. she survived the gunshot to the stomach in the last of three failed attempts on her life according to the cops. what is she doing? standing by by her man, a promit houston attorney. out on bail. the wife is blaming the mistress and saying it is a fatal attraction. the mistress admitted to hiring the hitmen not once, twice, but three times. >>trace: the mistress has struck a plea deal and agreed to testify in exchange she will serve no more than 25 years in prison. todays she was on the stand sobbing saying she made a huge mistake when she let times hired people to kill her lover's we, that wife was hot and wounded in the garage of her condominium complex. the trigger man is the one who
12:32 pm
is actually on trial today, a man who tried to kill her earlier has already been sentenced to 45 years in prison. >>shepard: the mistress who admitted to hiring the hitman, she will testify? >>trace: she will testify against everybody that she allegedly plotted with but it could be a big he said-she said because the husband says he cheated on his wife but he did not attempt to kill his wife and the wife says if he wanted her dead he has the means and the opportunity to do it. listen to her. >> i love my husband. i believe in him wholeheartedly. he could not have anything to do with this. we are victims of a fatal attraction. we will get past this. i forgive him for this. >>trace: the saw the husband next to him, he is out on bail and his trial begins in february. >>shepard: okay, trace, you
12:33 pm
live your life how you want to live but my experience says, i don't, you try to kill your wife three different times and your mistress actually does the hiring and you go and stand up next to the husband all lovey dovey, this is unusual. >>randy: a malpractice case against the hitter. >>arthur: a lost publicity over the weekend about madoff giving her interviews and the fact she stood by herman. >>shepard: the wife the ponzi schemer who is in jail for life. >>arthur: compare to this woman she seems reasonable. she never took her or hurt her money, this woman i feel bad for her. even if the story is true that the husband was just having sex with the if enwho is try -- with the person who is trying to kill her, and to get shot in the
12:34 pm
belly the most painful place ever to get shot, ever, this is wild. and the husband is charged, law enforcement. >>shepard: and it is not as if he doesn't admit. >>arthur: and he is saying he doesn't know. >>shepard: not once, twice, but they times, a team of hitmen. >>randy: you need that song "once, twice, three times." >>shepard: nice thought. >>randy: what is going on i don't think the prosecution has an expectation of convicting him because you have the victim saying he had nothing to do with it. >>arthur: how should she know? she is the victim. rain how often do you cross-examine a victim and say you will agree my client had nothing to do with it? yes, no further questions. >>arthur: usually the person
12:35 pm
on trial is the individual who is actually on trial right now, the trigger man. >>shepard: a hint -- minute ago you said we did not know the who or when. and we know who, the husband, and where, in the belly. >>randy: but michael jackson did not come from the beyond saying his doctor had nothing to do with it. art arrest the >>arthur: the victim would have no knowledge of who paid for this, and they plotted together. >>randy: in your career with the cases you is tried how often have you had a victim on a violent crime case say your client did nothing wrong. >>arthur: i did a murder time. >>shepard: three time i forgive him for this.
12:36 pm
case is closed. have you heard of the prescription painkillers? >>arthur: he is on a couple, i think, right now osama bin. >>shepard: prescription painkiller use is epidemic more than heroin and cocaine combined according to a brand new report not from a fly by organization but from the centers for disease control and revenges if atlanta, and now our man in atlanta, the cdc says there are new, now, enough painkillers on the market to medication every person in america eve day for a month. can you imagine? >> we showed you a picture of a little baby going through withdrawals, this was an indication of how bad the epidemic abuse is but this takes it to a whole new level.
12:37 pm
2008 the recent year nor which there are statistics 14,800 people died from overdoses of prince narcotics and total prescription drug overdose was more than cocaine and heroin combined highest among people 35 to 54. by race, the highest abuse rate among non-hispanic whites and american indians and alaskan native and lowest among blacks and asians. the cdc noted fourfold increase in the number of deaths due to prescription narcotics in the last decade tracking accurately with a four times increase in the number of prescriptions for those drugs. people get the drugs from doctor shopping and some go do the pill mills or other sources according to the centers for disease control that are closer to home. >> most people who die from prescription drug overdose are taking someone else's medicine. medicine that was left in a medicine cabinet. medicine that given to a friend
12:38 pm
or relative and maybe innocently >> and the centers for disease control says 3 percent of the doctors in this country are responsible for 62 percent of the prescription narcotic precipitations. >>shepard: a lost numbers. i saw this report last hour and was surprised it see where it is bad. >> yes, new mexico is worse for overall drug deaths followed by west virginia, and nevada, and a real surprise, utah, and then alaska. where are the abuse rates the highest? oklahoma leads the nation, followed by oregon, washington state, where they have managed to reduce overdose deaths through prescription drug monitoring, and rhode island and kentucky at number five. doctor freidman said the medical
12:39 pm
community bears responsibility when he and colleagues went to medical school they were told, put a person on short-term prescription narcotics for pain management and they are likely not going to get hooked. and he says that was a tragic mistake to be taught. >>shepard: john, thank you very much. the g.o.p. presidential candidate herman cain is the victim of a witch hunt and people are starting to agree reporting the biggest fundraising day so far was yesterday at the sexual harassment story broke. plus, you may remember the city officials in california accused of bankrupting their small town in california? now the man in the middle of all of this is getting all the money. says he wants his money. and he is going to sue to get it in bell, california, the gift that keeping on giving. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu uss chose prego.
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>>shepard: herman cain reports yesterday was the best fundraising days ever on top of the fact he denied that he knew of a settlement connected to sexual harassment allegations against him. camera pays off. and now, republican strategist. what all have you done? a lot of things. you have been senior communications strategist for three presidential campaigns including bush and cheney and was a senior advisor to the republican national committee and managerred winning congressional campaigns. where are we with herman cain? he said he has not changed the story but he has and he says there is a witch hunt but we cannot find a win. >>guest: this is the vetting process, welcome to the big league. in this case, change is bad. change is very bad. when you are doing a drill like this and every campaign will have to go through this on some level, it is not just herman cain's problem. it is not a witch hunt. he needs to get a handle on what
12:44 pm
they know, when they knew it, and all the details before he starts doing a bunch of interviews because this are going to be variations. so, get it straight and get it out while you can, because you will be dead by a thousand cuts before the end the day. >>shepard: is he dead by a thousand cuts? it is one thing to say you dip -- didn't change your story but we have a video where he changed the story. >>guest: well, i would say while herman cain is well-known in a general sense he is not that well-known and his attributes are not well-defined. so, this is a campaign killer. he has to get on top of this in the next news cycle or all of the good work his campaign has done the last few months could just float away. i know he had a good day yesterday in fundraising circles not that unusual. >>shepard: you get the camera time you get the money.
12:45 pm
>>guest: and you have a core and committed group who do not want you to fail and will demonstrate their support in the way they do, by raising money or by chatting onlone and stuff like that. so, that is an initial reaction. and it's trouble that comes after i'm worried about. >>shepard: in the beginning those who did not think much, said, well, he is writing a book about running for president and he is not really running but the elephant in the room you say the campaign, there really is no organization, not in the states where you have to be, nothing in iowa, just a lost chatter. is that their? >>guest: that is the accusation, i'm not sure ... it is fair, though, because if you are going to be running for president you have to have a deep organization. you have to have a lot people pulling for you, pulling the campaign through the process and getting on the ballot and it is why something like this can be damaging because you don't have
12:46 pm
all of that built up to support you when you reap tough times and under these circumstances, candidates want to minimize the problems but the one thing you need to do inside a campaign is have a guy that maximizes these problems, who can vet your vulnerability and can be as tough as he can be on the inside so when the testing goes on you are more prepared on the outside. >>shepard: interesting. thank you, terry. you heard about the freak snowstorm we might have mentioned a couple of times close to two million people are still without power today. 30" of heavy, wet snow but that does not tell the story, but generally it was less than that. the problem is with the snow there were leaves on the trees. it was heavy. everything collapsed. and no one, really, anticipated that would happen. >>guest: involved three
12:47 pm
million people in the northeast lost power at some point, and utility companies are bringing that public downing many people are being told they will not have power until the end of the week or longer. hundreds of thousands of people in the northeast are facing yet another cold and dark night, tonight county without power, bundling upent lighting candles and fireplaces and some have checked into hotels without power tired of camping out in their homes. companies are bringing workers from out-of-state to restore power. in massachusetts nearly 350,000 are without electricity. and in the garden state, 276,000. and in new york, 163,000. and thousands more remain without power in pennsylvania and new hampshire at least 23 deaths attributed to the storm with accidents and electric -- electric problems such as being
12:48 pm
elect tremendous cuted. people are being told to call office of emergency management services. if you do not want to spend the time you can grab a show or charge your cell. and you are reminded not to use gas grills inside the house and some say this is a process, not a meat reconnecting powerlines, but they had to repair the lines, pulls trees out and restore things. so it will take time and they are asking everyone to be patient. >>shepard: if this is a sign things to come we need to move world headquarters to miami. just fort -- for the winter. not the summer. new details about the botched federal gun sting known as "fast and furious," a live report but first, secretary of state, hillary clinton's mother died today shortly before midnight in washington, dc.
12:49 pm
we are told she was scheduled to be overseas, but she had canceled that trip so she could be at her million's side. she was born in chicago, the daughter of a city firefighters, and she mostly avoided the spit light during her daughter's years but she turned up on the campaign trail during her 2008 presidential bid and was a bit of a hit. she was also this when her daughter conceded the nomination to then senator obama and when she became the secretary of state. the family says they plan to hold a private ceremony in her honor, dead, today, at 92 years old. and seven-dollar trades are just the start. i'm with scottrade. i'm with scottrade. i'm with scottrade. and i'm loving every minute of it. [ rodger riney ] at scottrade, we give you commission-free etfs,
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>>shepard: and tough questions on the antigun trafficking
12:53 pm
program "fast and furious," a sting meant to stop the flow of guns to mexico by allowing illegal purchases and tracking the weapons to the drug cartels of the hundreds were lost and some turned up at the scene of a murder and now the feds used the same tactic before. back to the bush administration. and now, from our los angeles bureau. william? >>reporter: officials denied that the a.t.f. allowed gun into the hands of dangerous criminals but new we have the first top official admit he did know that the a.t.f. was doing this, not in "fast and fewer out," but a previous case called "wide receiver," and they recruit add gun dealer to sell 400 assault rifles and the straw boyars watched as the guns crossed the border. assistant attorney general said he learned of the controversial gun walking tactics in april
12:54 pm
2010 but never spoke of even after a.t.f. whistle blowers want public and were blasted for lying. today, he said he made thement take. >> i regret that in april of 2010 i did not drew the connection between wide receiver and "fast and furious," and i regret that even in early this year i did not drew -- draw that connection. >> some find this not plausible because high learned about wide receiver at the same time as "fast and furious," run by the same agents and the same office. in that case 2,000 guns were sold and a border agent was killed. >> he was asking questions about wide receiver at the time that fast and furious was going on and it was going on in the same division in the justice department so, why won't they be asking questions about fast and
12:55 pm
furious, the same way as they were about wide receiver? >> now, attorney general holder said months ago he never thought this reached into the upper levels of the justice department. next week he will be before the senate judiciary committee to answer questions. >>shepard: thank you, william, from los angeles. a warning for anyone who swimming off -- rather, scheming taxpayers out of millions. a man is accused of paying himself and other officials in california, six figure salaries adding up to $6 million. the prosecution charged him with fraud and misappropriation of public funds and he pleaded not guilty and now high is suing for 1.5 million because he has not been convicted of anything and says the city owes him the wages. >> a warning in california, the sharks are getting close and they are hungry. a sucher has the bed board to --
12:56 pm
has the busted board. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole gin oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil no and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪
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>>shepard: lifeguards in california warning the surfers to look out for sharks after two sightings if less than a week after a man narrowly survived an attack by a great quite. the surfer says the shark bit him on the neck and arm and he says the teeth came a few millimeters of the artery and took a bite out of his board. i don't where this happen. california is the longest coast on planet earth. not the longest but a long one. look at this. dow down 300 points. a couple of break news matters from greeses, greece has notified the cabinet, the president, the prime minister notified the cabinet they will call for no confidence vote and the government could collapse over that. and then they say we are confident we will wi


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