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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 1, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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we are scheduling everybody. fair, balanced, and unafraid. captions by closed captioning services >> this is the fox report. tonight a financial bombshell from greece pummels stock markets around the world. the dow in the tank. plus, no landing gear and no time left, a boeing 767 off new jersey makes a dramatic crash landing. the jet loaded with more than 200 people and when the gear wouldn't drop, the pilot brought in the plane on its belly. tonight, crash landing caught on camera. republic presidential candidates at a key event in iowa but not everybody bothered to show up. we'll see why two of the front
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runners set this one out and what their absence might mean for the nation's first caucuses. plus a police officer busted for serious speeding in his pal pa control car. >> you are over 120 miles per hour. >> and just wait until you hear his excuse. >> i no idea what he was thinking at the time. shep, tonight, the cop who found out is he not bo the law. but first from fox this tuesday night, the pats jerusalem who walked away after their jet crash landed. we have all seen the video now. here is how it went down. the boeing 767 had taken off from the airport in new jersey, new jersey, -- newark, new jersey headed to warsaw, poland. 231 people on board. four hours into that flight the passengers say the pilot came on the speaker to tell them about a problem. the landing gear would not come down.
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that video shows the plane moments before it landed. you can see the wheels are still up there. the pilot had circled the airport for about an hour dumping fuel and then he plane down right on its belly. you can see it touching down tail first there some passengers say they were pretty stressed by the whole thing. understandably so. a few of them overheard saying their final farewells. another view as it came in for that landing. you can't see them here but we're told two f-16's escorted the jet. in shot off sparks as it scraped along the runway. crews had sprayed fire retardant foam on the runway and the jet came to a safe spot. passengers all evacuated and incredibly nobody was hurt. chief fox report chief correspondent jonathan hunt is with us tonight. what a feat for that pilot. >> it was. imagine you are piloting a plane 200,000 pounds before you count the passengers and cargo. bringing it in at more than
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100 miles per hour. no landing gear. you have to keep the nose up until the very last minute or it could flip. you have to make sure neither wing tip catches the ground. that could pull the plane apart. according to greg cohen, an american passenger on board, this pilot did it so well that it was actually more frightening getting off the plane than the actual landing, listen. >> it was more scary getting off the plane than it was on because you jump out the plane door on to that slide and you turn around and you see the engine smoking and 50 fire trucks and all the foam everywhere. you are worrying about the plane maybe even exploding, you know. that was scarier than actually being on the plane and the landing. greg also told me that he thinks sullinger has nothing on this pilot the wonder in warsaw. >> shepard: used the 767 alarm
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bells. >> a lot of americans right now probably flying on board 767's. look at the u.s. airlines that use these. american has 73, 767's. all of those 767's have two hydraulic systems so redundancy built in that should prevent the landing gear ever failing as it did on this plane. it's a safe bet that they're all taking a long hard look at those systems tonight, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt, thank you. stocks tumbled here today in the united states and around the world as investors suddenly began to be very worried once again about the possibility that greece could default on its loans and go bankrupt. all of the major indices down more than two.5% today. the dow jones industrial average falling more than 300 points. nasdaq 77 and s&p 50035. france stocks plummeted more than 5% today alone.
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take a look at greece where the athens stock exchange lost almost 7% of its value in one session. this comes after this man, the greek prime minister suddenly with no warning made a surprise announcement that the people there will have a national vote on the rescue plan that european leaders had approved and everybody thought was in the works. it's a plan which the banks holding greek debt would take huge losses to allow the country to keep paying its bills. if that falls through, if greece defaults on its debt and goes bankrupt, the analysts say it will be disastrous news for economies everywhere. gerri willis from the fox business network is with us tonight. man, it was one thing to watch the european markets respond to this. when the dow opened this morning it got frightening. >> the reason they reacted so strongly, this was a shocker to markets. they had no expectation that the greeks were actually going to vote on this thing. they haven't had a referendum there since 1974. that's how unusual it is. a recent poll shows that 60% of
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greeks are against this bailout. i have got to tell you the rest of europe considers this a warm, wet kiss for greece because of the terms are not owner russ. >> shepard: if they vote against it, nobody knows what's going to happen who knows? we don't know where we are going. a disaster in the making. >> shepard: hear people finally dropping plans to credit card purchases. >> good news for consumers out there not going to be paying 60 bucks a year at bank of america for debit card. all the banks have dropped it bank of america last on the list after wells fargo, sun trust, jp morgan chase, you name it wait and see because we could get other kinds of fees absolutely from bank of america. everybody is watching for that if you study bank fees over time which i have. they go up and up and up. >> shepard: and they keep going up. >> and they go up. >> shepard: they will find a way. >> they go up. >> shepard: gerri willis the
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best team in business. her program airs every day 5 eastern 4:00 central on the fox business network. fox news is america's election headquarters and today all eyes were on iowa where most of the republic presidential candidates were tending a forum on manufacturing jobs. most of them. but two of the frontrunners, the somebody can think they are going to run for president and not show up to talk about the importance of manufacturing. >> now, keep in mind, this comes even as herman cain's campaign struggled to deal with the fallout after word of sexual harassment accusations. yesterday, we learned that two women accused the the candidate of sexually harassing them while he was heading up the national
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restaurant association in the 1990s. herman cain denies he he did anything wrong. carl cameron is in washington tonight. how big of a deal is it that herman cain and governor romney skipped today's forum in iowa? we will get to it? >> cain has only been to iowa once since early august. he was in d.c. today for another round of media interviews about that sexual harassment controversy. romney has been scarce in iowa, too. if you look back over history the campaign trail has been littered for years with carcasses of candidates who thought they were safe in the polls and didn't need to work the early voting states like iowa. they didn't do so well. it really does matter, shep. >> shepard: a number of news organizations report they know who these two women are that made the accusations. there was a settlement with the national restaurant association. they have a confidentiality agreement. now there are calls for that confidentiality agreement can be dropped so everybody can tell the truth about whatever did happen. where are we? >> one of the women wants to have the confidentiality agreement lifted so that she can
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talk about. this cain says he was falsely accused and drudging up this 20-year-old complaint is a smear. he doesn't know which woman it is. he says he can't actually call for the confidentiality agreement to be lifted himself without talking, at least, to some of the other parties and ultimately it's up to the restaurant association, the organization he was working for. today, as part of his media blitz, cain did the "special report" all-star panel and he was asked if he thinks racism is in play against him. here is what he he said. >> i believe the answer is yes, but we do not have any evidence to support it. but because i am an unconventional candidate, running an unconventional campaign and achieving some unexpected, unconventional results in terms of my -- the poll, we believe that, yes, there are some people who are democrats, liberals who do not want to see me win the nomination and there could be
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people on the right who do not wanted to see me because i'm not the quote, unquote candidate. no evidence. >> he went on to say democrats are more driven by racism than republicans, shep. but again no evidence. >> shepard: texas governor and rick perry and 25 minutes of bizarre speech i have ever seen ending with the caressing and hugging of a jar of maple syrup. what in the world was that. >> perry and his staff think it wasn't quite so bizarre. >> he gave a speech in new hampshire last friday. based on youtube clips critics say he must have had too many or maybe buzzed on back pills. here is a sampling of it. >> we are kind of into those slogans man. live free or die. victory or death. this is such a cool state. come on, live free or die? you have got to love that right? the good news is that little plan that i just shared with you doesn't force the granite state to expand your tax footprint.
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you know what i mean. [ laughter ] like 9% expansion. >> lots of antics from the texas governor. i have seen perry give speeches like that from the podium before. he upped it a lot this time. worth noting he got lots of applause and standing ovation from the club and the national press in the room gave him good reviews on saturday, the morning after the speech. the criticism didn't really start until sunday and monday when the youtube started to hit start of mashing up all those clips. >> shepard: funny how that works. carl cammeron in d.c. great to see you. it ended with this fantastical maple syrup moment. if you haven't seen it, look it up. a man who wanted to be with his mistress hired three different hit men squads to kill his wife. even after one of them actually shot her in the stomach, the wife says she still loves her husband. forgives him for his indiscretion. that's ahead. plus, a woman died naked and
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hanged by her neck in california just days after little boy suffered a fatal injury in that same home. now we're hearing the millionaire owner is selling that home. but who would pay this enormous price for this place? answers from the journalists of fox news on this tuesday fox report. we're centurylink... new kind of broadband company committed to improving lives with honest, personal service, 5-year price lock guarantees and consistently fast speeds. ♪
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learn more at 1-800-medicare or >> shepard: a bizarre one for you now. cops say her husband wanted her dead. but she says she is willing to look past all of that attempted murder business. the houston area socialite standing by her prominent attorney in a texas courtroom. the prosecutors say he and his mistress hired not one, not two, but three sets of hit men to kill his wife last year. one of the accused hit men on trial now. the husband is awaiting his own trial but denies having any part in the alleged plot. yvonne stern cried on the stand as she described begging for her life when the gunman approached her. that gunman shot her in the
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stomach. it was the third time she survived an attempt on her life. but as for the husband, who the cops say was behind every single bit of it, she says there are no hard feelings. trace gallagher with the news live in our west coast news hub tonight. trace, this mistress has already struck a deal with the prosecutors. >> she has, indeed, shep, her name is michelle gieser she has agreed to plead guilty to hiring hit men. she will testify. in exchange she has agreed to take no more than 25 years in prison. today, she took the stand and she sobbed saying how badly she felt for trying to kill yvonne stern the wife of her lover. cops say if she had not been caught she would still be trying to kill the wife. the defense attorney for the hitman says she is not to be believed. >> she is a killer, a liar. she is saving her own butt, right? she is facing life in prison prison, so she has got to come up with something. it's always frustrating whenever
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you are questioning a liar. >> another hit man who tried to kill the wife has already been tried and sentenced to 45 years. shep? >> shepard: now the mistress is to testify against the husband. >> and she will say that they plotted this whole thing together, but the husband, jeffrey stern, says yes, he did cheat on his wife, but he did not want his wife dead. the wife says if my husband wanted me dead, he certainly had the means and the opportunity to do so. listen now to the wife. >> i love my husband. i believe in him wholeheartedly. he had nothing to do with this and could not do anything with this. we are victims of a fatal attraction. we're getting past this. i forgive him for his indiscretion. >> jeffrey stern, who was standing next to her is now free on bail. his trial, shep, begins in february. >> shepard: trace gallagher live in los angeles. thanks. a drug company tycoon selling the mansion where his girlfriend mysteriously died and his young
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son suffered a deadly accident according to police. we're told an investment group bought this historic home. the price tag on the 27-room mansion more than $14 million. although there is no word on what the final deal actually was. police say the owner's girlfriend, this woman, rebekah zahau hanged herself from the balcony. her body tied up hanging naked. strange writing on the wall according to police. after her death came after the boyfriend's young son was said to have fallen over a staircase just days before. he later died in the hospital. last week the woman's family had her body dug from her grave for a second autopsy. they have said they suspect foul play in the death. well, one of the attorney general's top deputies is now taking tough questions on the fast and furious gun smuggling scandal and telling the united states congress that it may have to do with a bush administration program.
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>> shepard: a top u.s. justice official now says he made a mistake involving the controversial antidrug trafficking program known as operation fast and furious. he is the head of the department of justice's criminal division, testifying before congress now and saying he regrets that he didn't tell his bosses about problems with a similar bush administration program. >> but i cannot be more clear that knowing now, if i had known then what i know now i, of course, would have told the deputy and the attorney general.
4:23 pm
>> shepard: congress continued to investigate the fast and furious operation. it was supposed to track guns from u.s. dealers to mexican drug cartels but, instead, the government lost track of hundreds of weapons. and two of them turned up at the scene of the murder of a u.s. border patrol agent named brian terry last year at the request of congressional investigators police have released documents that shed a great deal of new light on this scandal. william la jeunesse has been breaking news on this story from the beginning. live in our west coast newsroom this afternoon. william? >> after months of denial, shepard, this scandal has reached the upper levels of the justice department. we have now evidence that a top aid to attorney general holder admits that he knew government agents allowed guns into the hands of dangerous criminals and across the border. it happened during the previous case called operation wide receiver where the atf recruited a gun dealer in tucson to sell some 450 assault weapons. then they watched as many of those guns crossed into mexico.
4:24 pm
lanny brewer said that while he learned of these controversial gun walking tactics, he did not speak up at the time and even after atf whistleblowers went public in fast and furious and were accused of lying he still did not speak up. >> i regret that in april of 2010 that i did not draw the connection between wide receiver and fast and furious. and moreover, i regret that even in earlier this you're that i didn't draw that connection. >> now, some in congress with questioning that explanation. why? because breuer learned about wide receiver at the same time as fast and furious, which was run by the same agents and the same u.s. attorney's office. now, in that case, more than 2,000 guns were sold and, of course, a border agent was killed. a week from today, shepard, the attorney general will be on the hot seat answering questions from senate judiciary. back to you. >> shepard: william la jeunesse reporting live from los angeles. china's space program took
4:25 pm
another giant leap forward today. engineers launched an unmanned space craft that they say will play a key role in their building effort of their own space station. they say they will try to dock this space craft with an experimental orbiter to see if they can safely bring the two together. this comes a few months after the u.s. ended its three decades long space shuttle program and now add he voyeur cats say our country needs to do more to support private space exploration. >> in light of the fact that the u.s. has no access to space the chinese are not waiting. do two more launches in 2012 and they just had one in september. in four to six months the chinese will have done more in space than russia and the u.s. combined. >> china reports it's on track to launch the actual space station at the start of the next decade. time is running out for members of that bipartisan super committee that has a deal to search and release a slashing of the budget.
4:26 pm
so what happens if they can't make their budget cut deadline? a top credit rating agency is weighing in on that now and the details are not pleasant. plus, the man the feds say hacked into the computer of this woman, scarlet johannsen and a lot of other celebrities goes before a judge today. that's next. ry, from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn to financing industries that are creating jobs in boston or providing funding for the expansion of a local business serving a diverse seattle community and supporting training programs for tomorrow's workforce in los angeles. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods and communities, the more we can help make opportunity possible. let's show 'em what a breakfast with wholegrain fiber can do. one coffee with room, one large mocha latte. medium macchiato, light hot chocolate hold the whip, and two espressos, make one a double. she's full and focused!
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>> shepard: a court date today for the man accused of computer
4:30 pm
hacking of some of the biggest stars. the 35-year-old florida native now faces 121 years in prison including wiretapping and unauthorized to a computer. christina aguilera and scarlet johannsen said to be among the 50 victims. accused of stealing naked photos of johansson which turned up on the internet. the image was metaphor her then husband the ache core ryan reynolds. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. >> i'm worried you are going to fail, fail the country. that was irskin bowls. he was speaking to the so-called super committee which is supposed to reach a deal on debt in the next three weeks.
4:31 pm
is he not optimistic. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill where really mike time is running out. it is sources both democratic and republic sound very pessimistic. acknowledge the calendar crunch. take a listen to her. with 23 days left to go deadline. less time to have a plan ready to be voted on. we are now entering the critical final phase of this process and as we all know, the consequences of failure are unacceptable. >> now, several of the experts today hinted that failure could lead to a downgrade of the u.s.' a.a.a. credit rating. moody's investor services said today it would clearly be a negative if the super committee fails but would not be a decisive factor, shep? >> all right. they heard from allen simpson as well today? >> that's right. they heard from four experts who are well known for their work in terms of this deficit reduction effort and senator simpson, the
4:32 pm
retired senator from wyoming talked about some of the heat they will take if they try to make tough decisions. here is former senator simpson. >> people admire guts and courage. they may fight you. they may vilify you but they will admire you. i have been the toast of the town one day and toast the next. i have been on the a list and the z list in this town when i was here. it's a funny place. you are on the cover of "time" one month and six months later you are doing it. that's washington and former senator simpson. overall tone today sounded like they were stuck close to the starting gate as opposed to the finish line. shep? >> mike emanuel live for us tonight at the rotunda on capitol hill. nice to see you. thanks very much. federal investigators reportedly planning to investigate a major financial firm that filed for protection under the bankruptcy code yesterday. the idea see whether it used its client's money for its own investments. that's after regulators reported
4:33 pm
hundreds of millions of dollars appearing to be missing from the customers' account at mf global. government rules require this company mf global and other security firms to keep the client's money in separate accounts from its own. the "wall street journal" onlied by the parent company of this network reports that the fbi is now looking into the matter. here is the important part that i should have already mentioned. the former new jersey governor jon corzine runs mf global. its bankruptcy is the largest failure of any financial firm since 2008. well, some conflict of interest concerns now about a company that has received billions in federal loan guarantees. next era energy is the biggest producer of wind and solar energy in north america. washington has given of the company nearly $2 billion in loan guarantees. but the guy who runs the company, this guy lewis hay is a member of president obama's jobs council. the same council that's pushed for more government backed investment in renewable energy. everything is above board here but the republic senator jeff sessions says the ceo could not possibly be an independent voice
4:34 pm
for taxpayers. this getting more attention than it might otherwise in light of the half billion-dollar loan guarantee the bankrupt firm so len draft the big difference here is that unlike solyndra, next era energy turned a significant profit. right now nearly 2 million people are preparing for a fourth cold night with no electricity. and a message from utility crews is, be patient. the weekend's freak snowfall and snow storm for that matter knocked out electricity to some 3 million people and more than half of those are still in the dark tonight. officials say it could be next week before everything is fixed. now with hotels full and temperatures still pretty low. some folks in shelters are giving their own option. >> my house is freezing. and i just can't stay another night. i said i need to go here. >> everything was look booked. every hotel said no reservation reservation, no reservations. >> that storm from west virginia to maine clob berg some places 30 inches of snow.
4:35 pm
officials blame it few nor at least 323 deaths. laura ingle is with us tonight. this bunch could be in the dark for a long time. >> you can imagine 10 days without electricity for your refrigerator, your cell phone, a blow dryer, that's what some people are being told. 10 days. some places in connecticut and it is a process that takes time. that's what the utility crews are saying. it's not as easy as just flipping a switch. utility crews have to remove those trees, do repairs and restore lines before they can get the power flowing again. a process they say they just can't cut corners on. new numbers for you this hour in connecticut. 668,000 are still without power in massachusetts. more than 325,000 are in the dark in the garden state. 235,000 here in new york. about 114,000. the problem so massive utility companies have had to recruit electricians from out of state to come in and help out. >> tough. some of these people don't have water either because the power runs the water. and they can't get around because there are trees in the
4:36 pm
roads. this is serious in some places. >> very serious. today we are hearing warnings about carbon monoxide poisoning. warnings going out throughout the northeast telling people not to use gas grills or generators inside their homes. a very sad story out of connecticut tonight. an 85-year-old man was found dead inside of his home or high levels of carbon monoxide were found from a faulty generator being used for power. emergency management reps say it's better to be safe than sorry and too much to rough it inside your home. most counties have shelters set up where you can at least grab a shower and, of course, charge your cell phone. a word of warning to everybody. >> laura ingle, thank you. >> michael jackson's former physician making a critical decision in his defense. and now we know dr. conrad murray did not take the stand. the defense rests. there is big news and it's ahead plus a cop almost flying down the turnpike. 120 miles per hour during a hot pursuit. the thing is that officer was
4:37 pm
not the one doing the pursuing. >> out that window. for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease. osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels have been seen with nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium.
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>> the manslaughter trial of the lake michael jackson's doctor nearing an end in los angeles and the defense rested today but lo and behold they never called the one man who was actually at michael jackson's bedside after he called his girlfriend the day michael jackson died and he, of course, is dr. conrad murray. jurors could begin deliberating later this week after the lawyers on both sides deliver their closing arguments. prosecutors say dr. murray gave the singer too much of the powerful anesthetic propofol. they say the mixture of that and other sedatives proved deadly. today the prosecution's star witness described what he claims happened when michael jackson got that final dose. >> what is the risk presented by the use of propofol if complications arise? what happens?
4:41 pm
>> the serious risk from propofol is that you stop breathing. the main cause of serious injury from infusions of propofol, failure to breathe. >> was it that failure to breathe that eventually led to failure of cardiac activity, what caused michael jackson's death in this case, in your opinion. >> that's correct. >> shepard: failure to breathe can be a problem over time. the defense argues dr. murray only gave the singer enough propofol to help him sleep. certainly not enough to kill him. >> so we are really only talking about minimal sedation here, aren't we? >> yeah, my understanding, based on the doses and medications that dr. murray administered they would be in the range of minimal sedation. >> minimal sedation except he is dead now though the defense claims michael jackson gave himself the lethal dose without his doctor's knowledge or supervision.
4:42 pm
adam housley is live outside the courthouse this afternoon. how did the testimony end today, adam? >> well, shepard, ended much quicker than anybody expected. the judge even had apologize to the jury a couple days ago for this trial dragging on. most court observers will tell you the jury seemed disinterested. both sides moved through testimony lightning fast. number one witnesses for the defense team dr. weis for the prosecution, dr. shaffer, both men have known each other for 30 years on the opposite side of a number of issues including the standard of care. >> you have to adhere to the standards as carefully as possible and the reason is you have no backup. you are buy -- by yourself. >> standard of care ordeal many circumstances where i indicated a few where it's not necessarily possible or it's not common. >> one of many disagreements between these two expert witnesses. now dr. murray himself on three separate occasions told the
4:43 pm
judge he either didn't know if he wanted to testify or this morning he said he would not testify. the judge gave him three chances. we now know tomorrow both sides will have a chance to prepare closing arguments which will begin the:00 a.m. on thursday morning. the jury will hear those closing arguments. most people believe it will be done by noon our time. the jury will take in account all sorts of evidence as well as the jury instructions and come back with their decision. shepard? >> adam housley live in los angeles. it was a halloween night from hell in new orleans. and now two people are dead after a series of shootings across the big easy. some of those shootings right in the heart of the busy french quarter. police say two men opened fire on each other just after midnight right on bourbon street with tourists packing the place. the cops say an argument escalated into a fist fight and then got much worse. we're told one of the gunmen died. 7 other people were hurt. several other shootings in new orleans in the past 24 hours have reportedly killed one other man and hurt at least seven more. the mayor there, mitch landrieu
4:44 pm
says today a culture of violence is plaguing new orleans. ever wonder if the police car speeding past you is really on its way to an emergency? sometimes it's not. >> he did a stupid mistake. >> shepard: he did 120 miles per hour according to the florida highway patrol. and as one of his neighbors points out, it's not as if he is unaware of the speed limit. >> he knows better. he is the police. >> shepard: is he a miami cop. and that's his patrol car that a trooper is chasing. >> slow down to 78 but he won't stop. >> shepard: refusing to stop, they tell us for five minutes. >> okay. stand by. he is stopping, stand by. >> when he did pull over the trooper arrested him at gunpoint. >> put your hands out that window, right now! >> shepard: in no mood apparently hearing excuse being late for off duty job. >> i apologize but i was on my way to off duty.
4:45 pm
>> shepard: or any other excuse for that matter. >> i don't. >> but ma'am. >> you are over 120 miles per hour. >> i didn't know you were back there. >> back up. >> the officer isn't answering his door now as his department looks into what happened. >> he is still on regular duty work. we are investigating the matter as you speak and we will take the appropriate action. >> shepard: it was so out of control the arresting officer she thought that trooper's car must have been stolen. no police officer would do that meanwhile that officer is facing charges of reckless driving at minimum scheduled to appear before a judge some time next month. then there is this to to us from austin texas. the car plowed into a swimming pool there. the elderly driver stuck in the front seat and she explained how it happened. >> i was going to the grocery store and the car on the other side parked so close it was like this so i thought well, i i will get in the passenger side and crawl over.
4:46 pm
well, it's a little car and you have got a bunch of stuff and i got stuck partway over. i couldn't get all the way over. and i think in pushing myself to get over. i either hit the key or hit the gear shift. i don't know what had happened but the car backed up boom, there i am in the -- and that very nice man that lives here. and he just walked into the pool and managed to get the door open >> shepard: woon and away we went. never enter from the passenger's side. he helped her out of the pool and says she is okay and happy the water was warm. for real. every day in the united states nearly 40 people die from overdoses of prescription painkillers. that's according to the government health officials and that number is a skyrocket from before. they say it has become an epidemic with pharmaceuticals including vicodin and oxycontin imposing a far greater threat than traditional street drugs like cocaine and heroin combined.
4:47 pm
the brand new details on this disturbing trend are next. but, first, secretary of state hillary clinton's mother died overnight at a hospital in washington, d.c. dorothy rodham was a homemaker for much of her life. her parents abandoned her during a bitter divorce when she was but 8 years old and she and her younger sister took a train across country to live with her grandparents. dorothy rodham stayed out of spotlight as her daughter rose from first lady. her family released a statement saying she overcame abandonment and hardship as a young girl to become the remarkable woman she was. dorothy rodham dead today at 92.
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>> shepard: fox news alert and a live look look at the nuclear plant in southern california where officials are now informing us there is a problem. apparently ammonia has started leaking at that plant and they have activated san diego's emergency operations center. the plant itself is about 45 miles north of san diego but officials say the leak is not near any nuclear material and the public is not in any danger yet the emergency plans are in place. updates throughout the hour and the night on fox news. lawyers for the 9/11 suspects are accusing the defense department of breaking the law. and they have sent a southeast and desist request to our government. the lawyers say the defense officials are operating or i should say opening and reading mail from -- to and from detainees and that that violates attorney-client privilege and if true it would. among the detainees they say this is affecting the confessed 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed. no immediate response from the
4:52 pm
defense department. well, a new government report finds that there are enough pain killers on the market now to give every american adult a dose of vicodin every four hours for the next month. every one of us. and it's coinciding with an increasingly deadly epidemic. according to the centers for disease control and prevention based in atlanta, there are now more deadly prescription pain killer doses than fatal heroin and cocaine overdoses combined. john roberts has been researching this. is he live in our atlanta newsroom at the home of the cdc. and, john, they are reporting there that doctors are now more of a problem really than dealers on the street. >> irresponsible doctors even responsible doctors, people at home. everybody is partly responsible. the whole thing is just a mess. first of all, let's take a look at that shocking statistic from the centers from disease control. 2008. the last year which there are reliable numbers. look at this, 14800 people died from overdoses of prescription narcotics.
4:53 pm
oxycontin, hydrocodone. drugs like that. the most people died in the age group 35 to 54. we're told by the centers for disease control the people who live in rural or impoverished communities are particularly at risk. here is how it breaks down by race. most deaths among non-hispanic whites, native americans and alaska natives. lowest rates among blacks and asians. doses have skyrocketed in the last decade not surprisingly by the same number as the prescriptions have increased in the past 10 years. where are these people getting drugs? pill mills, bogus pain clinics for $80 or so you come in and say my back hurts and they write you a prescription for powerful narcotic medications. some people go out doctor shopping with legitimate doctors until they get the prescription they are looking for. dr. tom freidman the director for the centers for disease control says the legitimate medical community bears some responsibility for getting people hooked in the first place. >> it's astonishing.
4:54 pm
when i went to medical school, we were inappropriately, incorrectly assured don't worry, if patients have short-term pain they won't get hooked. that was depletely wrong. and a generation of doctors and patients and families have learned that's a tragic mistake. narcotics are dangerous, highly addictive drugs. >> here is an interesting statistic that the cdc sights. 2% of the doctor's prescriptions. >> shepard: women who have as few as three alcoholic beverages a week may have a greater risk of getting breast cancer according to a new study published by the journal of the american medical association. the study found that women who drank between 3 and 6 drinks per week had a 15% greater risk of developing breast cancer. that's compared with women who didn't drink anything at all. and we're told the risk jumped by 10% for every additional 10 yams of alcohol per day. 10 grams. how weird. new details tonight in the
4:55 pm
roller coaster marriage that came to a stop after 72 days. why kim kardashian's ex says he is stunned by the divorce. who gets the ring? who gets the cash? and, really, who got duped here? are you kidding me with this marriage? who made millions of dollars? ford fusion has now been named the most dependable midsize car by jd power and associates. we go to kimberly. any thoughts on this news? i have no idea what's goin on. we are out. what was that? they told me it's the most dependable midsize sedan and they ran back into their little box. no, i wouldn't use that single miles credit card. nice ring. knock it off. ignore him. with the capital one venture card you earn...
4:56 pm
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♪ medicine that can't wait legal briefs there by eight, ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪ ♪ freight for you, box for me box that keeps you healthy, ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪ ♪ saving time, cutting stress, when you use ups ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪ that's relied on to help bring children holiday joy, and while it doesn't travel by sleigh or reindeer, it does get around... in fact, every year duracell sends loads of batteries to the mattel children's hospital, u.c.l.a. of course, children here and everywhere don't really think about which battery makes their toy run... but, still... you'd never want to disappoint. duracell. trusted everywhere. ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana!
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[ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. >> shepard: you are watching "the fox report" from america's cable news leader, fox news channel. kim kardashian has left the country. a day after she filed from for divorce. own special brand of drama down under. reportedly just arrived in sydney to media frenszy there. meantime her husband chris humphreys telling tmz the divorce filing blind i sided him and he wants to make it work. if the split goes forward he reportedly will not get a dime of his wife's money. she also gets to keep the 2-million-dollar ring though it's not clear which one of them paid for it.
4:59 pm
and on this day in the year 1512, the public first looked at the ceiling of the sixteenth chapel in rome to see mick lang mick anglo's greatest works of art. he claimed he was not a sculpture or painter. after all he did carve the statue of david. of course he relented after four years he transformed the ceiling into a master piece. michael angelo painted 4,000 feet. most of it upside down on scaffolding he designed himself. the project was so hard on his vision they tell us that others read to him for about a year. but the people first saw the man's creation 499 years ago today. and o'reilly was among them. [ laughter ]
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