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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 1, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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keep it here on fox news channel, most powerful name in news. o'reilly factor is next, good night from washington. greta, open t fbn -- >> go ahead. make my day. demand it. ♪ ♪ >> eric: hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city new york city. this is "thnew york'm ". along with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino and greg gutfeld. on the show, allegation of herman cain and example of the dirty tricks between left wing website politico and one of the campaign rivals. we'll tell you what we know. plus, is president obama still smoking in three months after cashing in big on the wedding, kim kardashian calls it quits. what is up with that? "the five" starts right now.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: our top story tonight, we're would be year away from the 2012 presidential election. today, the republican national committee launched an ad hitting obama hard on the economy. take a listen. >> the question in this election is not are you better off than you were four years ago. the real question is will this country be better off four years from now? >> in the three years since he took office, unemployment has gone up 72%. >> we haven't made enough progress on the economy. >> four years later, yes, can't find a job. >> if i don't improve this, i'll be one-temple proposition. >> eric: what do you think? is it time? >> greg: remember he said he kept 65% of the promises? does that count as one of them? i hate to be peteer the pessimist, but he still has an excellent, better than excellent chance to be
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re-elected, because half of the population is dependent on government. he creates government. they want entitlement. he delivers entitlement. he is the entitlement pusher. we are the entitlement addic addicts. >> andrea: that is why he wants to give them more. >> greg: that is the whole point. brilliant strategy. give, give, give. they need him. >> bob: 75% of the government. >> eric: powerful ad, though. >> dana: i think it's hard-hitting. in fact, i was thinking ooh, that would hurt if you were watching it back at home. we are, when we talk about a year away what kind of people are we, we count the days till the election, not to christmas? i don't know how -- i can't tell you how many days it is. >> greg: we're bad people. >> dana: tough ad. things are not going to get appreciably better economically before that. they'll probably have a little bit of a pickup. this will come down to this
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question of what kind of country are we going to be, how much are you willing to pay for it? >> andrea: here is what i don't understandn't he is doing two strategies. dual strategies. don't make sense to me. one he is doubling down on the policies that he passed that were successful. so he is calling for more stimulus. you know, the second one, he is taking a clintonian, page from the clinton playbook doing small ball bills. now is not the time for small ball. if you look at the plans he is doing, a plan that john podesta the former chief of staff proposed a year ago. he is doing it now. you wonder, why would he be more contrite and say give me more time. let's start new and do different stuff. >> bob: it may seem small ball to you but not to people whose houses are underwater. >> andrea: it won't make a difference. >> bob: yeah, it will make a difference. you have to be careful in politics. as you run this ad this far out, the numbers you have will
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haunt republicans. they will be better. not appreciably better but better. they run the ad at this stage of the game. this time next year, they will say the expectations were terrible. now we're coming back. >> eric: not necessarily because of the numbers they ran the ad. they ran the ad because obama said after three years if things aren't better in the economy i'll be a one-termer. >> bob: one line you wish you had back. >> dana: if after four years things are better -- >> eric: let's play the game. >> bob: let's not. >> eric: obama report card. except your phone is ringing. 7.8%. now 9.1%. is that an "f"? >> andrea: "f." >> eric: misery index, bob. 9.7%. that is unemployment and it's 13% now. what should we give them? >> greg: "f." >> eric: dana, food stamps? >> dana: you're blocking my view. >> eric: 28 million when he started in 2008.
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at the end of 2008. 40 million now. bob, maybe you can understand this. buck-83 for gasoline when he was sworn in. $3.44 today. >> bob: you as oil speculator could understand that more than the rest of us. >> greg: the most damning thing not on there is the unemployment is actually worse with the stimulus than what obama had predicted if you didn't have the stimulus. >> bob: right. >> greg: the doomsday scenario is not as bad as -- i'm so confused now bob. >> bob: but you're confused a lot. what do you think unemployment would be without the stimulus? >> greg: without the stimulus? lower, actually. >> bob: i understand that. i'm just saying do you believe for a minute when you put trillion dollars in the economy you are in the going to at least keep fewer jobs eliminated? would you get --
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>> dana: were you going to give him as on that? i wish you were my algebra teacher in junior high. >> eric: you can't give him an "a" in unemployment. done nothing but go up. more americans are living under the poverty level now than ever before in history. >> bob: i don't think it has a single thing to the with obama. unemployment going up. nor under bush or reagan or anybody else. you keep talking about the free market system. the market system to determine whether you have jobs or not. >> dana: if government policies don't matter, why would we want to pass the second stimulus bill? >> bob: you didn't want to go in a depression. >> dana: the one now? >> bob: because they think you probably will be able to create and maintain jobs. if it's up to me it would be $2 trillion. >> greg: bob should be happy. every debate is disappointed christmas. you expect a bicycle and you get an ugly sweater. >> dana: like mine. >> greg: no. >> dana: i love my sweater!
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>> greg: my point being until the republicans get behind somebody they believe can win we're stuck with ugly sweaters. >> eric: headlines from today. $170 billion we have given to fannie and freddie. now we find out a group of high level executives at freaks are leaving and they -- executives at freddie mac are leaving and they will get bonus, not salary, bonus money for the job they've done in the last year. >> andrea: the dodd-frank bill passed by the administration did nothing to address freddie and fannie. this election, this is an incumbent election. this is about incumbent. no matter what you say, bob. you talk about the republican. it's going to be about barack obama. i want to ask you a serious question. it's likely republicans will take the senate. and hold on to the house. so zo is there any push behind the scenes for obama surrogates to say people like balanced government? they don't want republicans -- >> bob: no. it's part of the strategy. but the idea of having the
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republicans control with the white house and the white house and the senate scares the limit hell out of the base of the democratic party. i don't care who is president. the other thing to keep in mind that obama has had and nobody has had before. he is able to run against congress with a 9%. catch this. 9% approval rating. >> andrea: it's not on the ballot. >> eric: third of the senate. >> eric: we have 9.1% unemployment. the brain room tells us the obama fundraisers, 61 since he announced re-election bid in april. he has had 24 fundraiser since his jobs bill. >> greg: in light of being, you know, supportive of the occupy protesters he has $1 billion. where does it come from? wickens? c'mon. >> bob: i hate to inform you guys that get caught up here in new york city a lot. the reality is most every sitting president running for re-election i bet you on average they all did that
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many. >> dana: not at this point in the presidency. he has done twice as many as president bush had to do. he is having to work harder to raise money he was able to raise in 2008. >> bob: president bush had difficulty raising money, didn't he? in the second term? >> eric: he had 5% unemployment throughout the presidency. not 9.2%. >> andrea: obama's credibility is far more impaired at this stage. all the things he promised has gone the other way. >> bob: that's not so. absolutely not so. >> dana: you think bush had trouble raising money? >> bob: i think the iraq war hurt him. >> dana: i guess at the end of the day it doesn't matter because he won. >> greg: obama has three good things going for him. there isn't a clear obama leader. he killed muamma usama bin lade.
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guadaffi is gone. >> bob: the other thing to keep in mind is look at who the republicans have. >> eric: we'll talk about that. directly ahead on "the five." the lefty website politico coordinating with a republican campaign. we'll debate that next. e-mail us at we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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>> bob: that's the name of a band? >> greg: yeah. >> bob: never heard of it before. big day. big day for herman cain. that is that i got the "b" block today. i'm proud of that. my brother is here in the audience. you know, it makes me feel good. thank the producers, which i don't often do. welcome back to "the five." the website, not the leftist website as my friend calls it. it willco. scheming with one of herman cain's rifle on his alleged misconduct story. i have my suspicions.
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people at politico are refusing to answer the question. one thing that happened today one of the women, one of the two women supposedly involved in the story told the "washington post" she would like to tell her story but can't because of confidentiality agreement. that is a new part of the story. herman cain has been going to place after place. how has he managed the press? >> andrea: i don't think he managed the press that well. he should have never sent his press secretary out on geraldo and raced throughout with the media tour without having the facts straight. the key to politico p.r., any p.r. in a crisis get all the facts out immediately. don't leave anything left or this will perpetuate a story that will come back and bite you. that is what this has done in the last 48 hours. he better be sure that all the facts are out. >> bob: miss press secretary, do you agree with that? >> dana: the other thing is you would want to get it out on your own terms.
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president bush said he did not disclose he was driving under the influence in maine and it came out six days before the election. they estimate 2 million evangelical voters stayed home that next tuesday because they questioned his integrity and wanted someone different in the white house. >> bob: it's amazing how the stories seem to come out shortly before we get to election? there is absolutely no doubt in my mind this was not leaked by the national restaurant association, whatever they call themselves but given from them, somebody in there to another campaign. i have my suspicions of who that campaign could be. some place connected to mexico. leaving that aside. look, there is a big interest in a lot of people on -- to be the alternative to perry. >> eric: bachmann, too. call it what it is. who stands to benefit from a cain failure? it would be in my opinion, bachmann. she is the one that iowa matters most to. >> bob: i don't think bachmann could figure out how to leak it. >> dana: c'mon. i don't mind that the media is pitched stories from other
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places or other sources. that's how it has always worked. i don't see the problem. >> bob: politico when asked the question specifically did you get this from a campaign dodge, ducked around it. it it's got to mean they got it from a campaign, right? >> greg: when we first started "the five," dave was sending the stories to the second floor about my past. didn't work. nice try. >> dana: i tried to sabotage you. >> greg: i think that cain made a mistake in the sense that we are beginning to understand ubiquitousness of sexual harassment claims because they are having everywhere, many are inherently meaningless, done as safeguard, future reputation damaging things. you might not be guilty. he could have explained that. saying yeah, it happened. >> eric: quick story. 12 years ago i was involved in financial suit, not harassment suit. someone sued me for $400,000. completely frivolous.
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my lawyer said fight this thing. i asked how much it would cost me. probably $50,000 to cost it. we went to the other guy and he settled for $12,000. >> dana: you lived occupy wall street. >> greg: i bought a honda prelude with it. >> eric: the point is i remember the exact conversation with the other guy, with my lawyer, when it happened. everything surrounding it. herman cain seems to forget. >> andrea: he had a ten day heads up from politico on the story. my question is i worked on campaigns before and dealt with sex scandals myself. why wouldn't you scoop, meaning get out before politico and put everything out? then they would haven't run a story. you do it on your own terms. secondly, i think politico has every right to protect their sources. but if they are the ones that dug it out from a journalistic perspective, why wouldn't you say we got it. it was our exclusive. that is what so fishy about it. >> dana: remember when the story came out that michele bachmann suffers from migraines and god forbid we don't want a woman suffering from migraine in the oval
11:19 pm
office next to the nuclear power button -- nuclear weapon button. >> greg: is that what it is really called? >> dana: no. >> bob: before we get out of here. >> dana: i was just saying that, whether it was started by a rival campaign, it was certainly spread by a rival campaign. we all heard from. >> bob: by the way, this is a good conversation about this, glad we got people who understand the press side of this thing. in the end, herman cain's mick tas here, classic textbook -- >> greg: he is not a politician. >> bob: but here is the thing. you don't contradict yourself in the same news cycle, which is what he did. the other thing i'd say if this was a four-figure settlement and this guy was -- five figure. if he was -- ten grand. and he was head of the association my guess is it's bigger than that. we know a lot of human relation departments get this thing.
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>> eric: more importantly, if you were herman cain's manager, advisor, say here is what you do. it's baseless. we settled because it was cheaper to settle than to go through a legal proceeding. that's it. >> bob: if you have got a live body, i don't mean it pejoratively, but have the woman step up this week. >> bob: the story is invitation to hotel room that was turned down. >> greg: i often invite people to my hotel room, usually to get things down from the hutch i can't reach. you have the power to say no. so i don't know if -- the story might be minor. >> andrea: yesterday, bob was throwing candy corn down my dress. >> bob: you are going to get me in trouble saying that. tease, tease, tease. all right. tease. producer. despite it just being my segment, the show isn't over. believe it or not. we still have a lot more to come.
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coming up, did you see rick perry's speech in new hampshire? you don't want to miss it. next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." i have been saying for weeks that rick perry needed to make a policy speech. he did it on his flat tax and it went viral. his behavior to some was a little peculiar. >> that little plan i just shared with you doesn't force the granite state to expand your tax footprint, if you know what i mean. >> and staying in the old system that is out there.
11:26 pm
senator, you know, the ones that bant to they in the old system, pay the lawyers, pay the accountants, all that money is gone. or that. you know, just pretty easy math. subtract it, send it in. it's awesome. we are the land of the free. let's let america be america again and again be the land of the free. >> dana: that might not have been exactly the kind of speech i was thinking he would make but the spokesperson said he is passionate about what he is speaking out and he's having fun and a good speech. what do you think? >> greg: that reminded me when i take an ambien on a plane and have a scotch. the difference between right and left, the left says crazy stuff when they're sober. i said this last night, i'd rath ver a drunk perry than sober obama. >> dana: i don't think you can say -- >> greg: i got to look at that -- he is uncomfortable
11:27 pm
when he speaks in public. he has a problem debating. we know this. what do you do? you lighten up, loosen up with a couple of drinks. maybe he was there too long. >> bob: it looked more like sl shrooms. daryn we can't say that. it's possible he was overcompensating trying not to be stiff. having a good time. >> bob: one rule of the presidential politics. that used to scare me. if a candidate gives a speech to a crowd, when you go to your friends and you give the speeches you have a tendency to get out and say things you wouldn't normally say. >> dana: when senator obama said in the private fundraiser that right wingers basically clinging to gods and guns. an unscripted moment you catch a glimpse of what they're really like. >> bob: this was some conservative -- eric's crowd.
11:28 pm
right? >> dana: new hampshire voters. >> eric: you don't like him when he's quiet. he don't like it when he's happy. he went out and -- look, there is no indication he was no, proof he was drinking, had drugs. did anyone take apart what he said? >> greg: that was the most entertaining speech perry has done. i loved it. it's okay to loosen up once in a while. >> andrea: cain is having trouble. the one laughing and acting giddy is romney. rick perry, if something happens to cain the support will go to perry. because he is bungling around acting crazy. >> eric: why is that crazy? >> andrea: hold on. he looks unstable. compared to the interview he has done on the network he
11:29 pm
looks unstable. if he looks unstable, cain looks unstable. conservatives are -- >> dana: let me ask you. >> andrea: it will go to gingrich. >> dana: i'm going to try to save this segment. he was giving a speech on the flat tax proposal and some economists are questioning it. one thing i want your take on is some people say that the campaign has optimistic projection of how much revenue a flat tax would bring in. it will end up costing the middle class more because the higher rates would go down too much. >> eric: anyone at the table besides bob have problem with lower taxes? look, the other part of the plan, revenue would come down. spending can only be 18% of gdp. right now is approaching 25%. the spending down way down. >> andrea: this is a rudy plan. same rudy giuliani and the
11:30 pm
paul ryan plan. but i don't know why perry didn't do this. he doesn't let you lock in every year to choose one of these. if you are going to do the regular tax plan or his tax plan. that would address the revenue issue. they can't switch back and forth. >> bob: the day he was giving the speech, romney was giving a speech across the state. now there is the -- what is the guy in the wizard of oz that has no heart? straw man? >> eric: tin man. >> bob: right. tin man has no heart. mitt romney sounds like a ken doll. he never shows passion. perry shows passion. if romney did that, the guy would have been -- i would have probably voted for him. >> dana: greg, cain, he doesn't sound like every other politician. >> greg: imagine if perry was like that with ahmadinejad. dude, you're crazy. stop it. get out of here.
11:31 pm
>> eric: bet every than asking ahmadinejad to remove it from our shores. >> greg: you wouldn't bow. >> eric: romney might. >> bob: ahmadinejad, buddy, here is the deal. if you touch israel we'll blow your ass off the face of the earth. >> dana: all right. >> bob: perry, perry. romney would take 15 minutes to say hello. >> dana: bob is going to take lessons from his brother, who is an actor, on his imitation so he can entertain us for the rest of week. up next, has president obama kicked his smoking habit? we have the doctor's notes on "the five." ♪ ♪ the markets never stop moving.
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back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> andrea: welcome back to "the five." so the doctor's report is in. president obama is officially smoke-free. what it doesn't say if he's nicotine free. i know smokers quit but left thumb on the thumb. president obama -- michelle obama said her husband quit smoking. we have a picture with him with nicorette gum on his desk. i don't think this is a big deal. i don't. he wants to have a cigarette now and then, which is what he said. is this really the priority? >> greg: two things, let him smoke. the last thing we need is a jittery obama. it will hurt his golf game. an interesting story in physical that came out. he had a virtual colonoscopy. why? mine was not virtual.
11:38 pm
i can't believe that. that is so unfair. it had a real one. his was virtual. >> bob: is this you if you were the head of men's magazine? >> greg: for a brief period. >> andrea: i thought it was "maxi mish." >> greg: that was later. "men's health" was in the late '90s. >> dana: i don't care if he smokes. i don't care if anyone smokes but i wonder if they put outside in the oval office, promenade there, where you are supposed to put the cigarette buds in but most throw them on the white house. >> andrea: the white house curator probably doesn't like it. >> eric: i got invited in hallway and i ended up on a congressional balcony. i looked to the left and there was an ashtray. it was overflowing with buds. >> eric: there are spitoons in the senate. >> bob: the chewing toe
11:39 pm
bayco. george allen i like. he chews tobacco. he spits in the cup. they put them down, and it's horrible. i don't smoke. i'm a nonsmoker. except for cigars. >> eric: unwritten rule. dane you can't be a nonsmoker and then smoke cigars and say you're a nonsmoker. not fair. >> bob: thanks, mom. >> andrea: bob schaefer doesn't like smoking and he congratulated the president when he quit but here is how he treated herman cain on his show on sunday. >> it's not funny to me. i am a cancer survivor. >> i am also. >> i had cancer that is moking related. i don't think it serves the country well. it's editorial opinion here to show someone smoking a cigarette. you are the front runner. it seems that you have a responsibility not to take that tone. >> andrea: he is chastising
11:40 pm
cain for the agenda last week. would you do this to obama or any other -- >> greg: i don't recall schaefer scolding president clinton about tomcatting in the white house. >> bob: what is tomcatting? >> greg: you know what i'm talking about. >> dana: you can see his recovery oh,, cain is cancer survivor. mine was smoking-related. >> greg: had to one-up him. >> dana: i wonder if he'd say anything to the hollywood producers where people getting in the character are always smoking. >> eric: who cares? >> andrea: this is a priority on the sunday show. >> eric: the treatment, the liberal media treatment of conservative. if he does it, bad. if we do it -- >> bob: do you work that in
11:41 pm
everything? >> eric: it's true. he spent double time talking about the smoking than the economic policy. >> andrea: he is obsessed with smoking. in 2010 he had john boehner, smoking on the show and chided him for not just smoking but accepting donation from tobacco companies. b. schaefer did? >> andrea: yeah. boehner said listen, the american people have the right to make their own decision. butt out. >> bob: i'll say in defense of bob schaefer. he's one of the most decent human bngs i met in my life. i didn't know he had cancer. look at the pigture of cain's campaign manager. talk about a guy that got lost. he is a strange cat. this guy campaigned for us in wisconsin. nobody is allowed to do campaign. that rule, nobody applied it.
11:42 pm
>> andrea: you think somebody said that about you when you were a campaign manager? >> bob: i'm sure they did. >> andrea: we don't want to get into that. up next on "the five," south carolina sheriff says all women. andrea, get your gun. you tell me i should? we love the idea. tell us why next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: hey. welcome back to "the five." so a south carolina sheriff is urging women to get -- [ inaudible ] telling women to pack a .450 because they would haven't to be accurate. just close. guns make a bigger hole than mace and unlike rape whistle they provide instant ventilation. wright suggested keeping the
11:47 pm
gun in a fanny pack instantly making fanny packs cooler than they ever should be. he's right, though. remember, women possess far less muscle mass than men. a gun provides the whiser that mother nature forgot. common sense tellous if you give a rapist a choice to rape, armed or unarmed woman, who does he pick? smith and wesson does more to empower women than feminism ever could. not a single feminist group talked up about the toxic atmosphere at occupy wall street where rapes and assaults are unreported for the greater good. maybe the true feminist icon should be annie oakley. keeping a piece is the only way to keep the peace. get one to match your shoes. [ laughter ] boks before we get into this. did something happen to you at the occupy wall street? did someone call you short or
11:48 pm
pee on you? you are so obsessed with these people. he is bad enough. you expect it from a right wing nut. >> greg: that is question for after the show. i want to talk about -- >> bob: go back to the guns. >> greg: rate of americans killed by guns dropped 25% after the increase in conceal and carry laws. >> eric: i love this. sheriff wright. right. not only that, can i apply it to today's news, governor hailey said hay're being sued the state of south carolina is sued by department of justice for immigration laws. so maybe it's just making south carolina safer place. >> bob: great place. >> greg: i don't know, dana. you have a purse. >> dana: i do. but my problem is, i've been traveling a lot back and forth. one of my biggest problems i'm always looking for a lighter purse that has more space and more pockets and organization. it just don't know if i could -- the weight of a gun.
11:49 pm
>> greg: she has a glock, that is beautiful. >> dana: i'll show it to you. >> bob: let me tell you. if this idiot convinces everyone to buy -- do you know how many husbands would be shot down there? >> greg: that is a sexist comment. >> bob: you think so? the divorce rate in the country and you think you give women guns and you don't think husbands will be dead? you would be dead. >> greg: that might be a good point. but you're saying women can't handle fire averages, only men can. >> bob: i didn't say that. >> andrea: that is ridiculous. >> bob: i didn't say it. this is what i mean. this is why i get chat on here. i didn't say it. >> andrea: my biology teacher used to say to me, give the guns a rest. i would love to pack heat. but i can't living in new york city. i would. but you see this rise in female owning guns about 70% in the last year.
11:50 pm
it's better to have it and not need it than need it and not need it. >> dana: police can't protect you everywhere you go. the more you protect yourself, the more likely is it -- it's a fact whether bob wants to admit it or not, places with conceal carry law the crime rate is lower >> bob: that is statistically not true. >> bob: you are packing plenty. >> greg: a man shot and killed a robber two weeks ago at boot store and came out he is not charged. he saw a group of people mugging a woman, they beat the hell out of a woman. he followed them and said give the purse back. the guy in the car shot him and theda said he acted in shelf defense. bob, is that wrong? >> bob: no, he was exactly right to do what he did. he played the role of a citizen. there is such a thing as citizens arrest in this country. talking about the constitution. surprised you tea people don't know that. i thought the guy showed courage. it's amazing in this country. i was down in the corner,
11:51 pm
equivalent of times scare in washington. a guy has a heart attack at noon and everybody runs except me and one other person. people don't like to get involved. what was the name? genevieve that was killed in greenwich village by one of your friends? people just don't get involved. i think this guy showed great deal of courage. >> greg: eric, don't you sense a bit of a contradiction. he got involved because he had a gun, which bob doesn't like. >> bob: no, no, no. how do you know he would haven't done it without a gun. >> greg: he did it because he had a gun. >> bob: how do you know? >> greg: he had a gun. >> bob: you are doing the right thing. >> eric: you are -- >> andrea: it's a right. >> eric: maybe he's more aggressive in doing it. there are states where someone approaches you on your property and tries to break in, it's so -- here is part of the problem. in one state the law is different than another state. florida, someone is on your property you can pretty much shoot them. here, i mean, lethal force.
11:52 pm
someone may have a knife. you can't use a gun. >> bob: can i ask you a favor? would you break in my home? >> eric: no! >> greg: all right. >> bob: in maryland we don't allow that sort of thing. >> bob: this may go -- >> greg: this may go down as a tragedy of all time. after a multimillion wedding in 72 days, kim kardashian filed for divorce. >> bob: who the healthcares? >> greg: i do. the all-star panel will discuss this. offer tips to hand the depression that follows. hearing this news. "the five" will be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." grab the kleenex. the big breakup that everybody is talking about, including us. kim kardashian says c'ya later to her husband of less than three months. 72 days, yes. this after earning millions. $17 million to be exact on her wedding which aired on the same channel that her reality shows on "e." i know everyone is really depress and down in the dumps about this. shocking, though. if the kids can't make it, is there hope for the rest of us? >> greg: i haven't had solid food in 24 hours.
11:57 pm
[ laughter ] she is a genius. they totally scamed the american goes zip reading fools in to believing they were getting married. took the money. this is going to happen again and again. more importantly -- >> andrea: are you calling me a fool? >> greg: say what you said in the break. >> dana: no. he wasn't allowed to say it in the first place. >> greg: they took advantage of everybody who sus scribes to us weekly and magazines. >> andrea: some women like to see what they're wearing. >> dana: i had to subscribe to "people" magazine and "us weekly" because when i started guest hosting on fox and friends i had no idea what people were talking about. it read all that stuff. i was hopeful for them and very happy for them. i wish that could they not have made it to 100 days? 72 days is pathetic. >> andrea: we are going to follow her love life arguably after this and she's go on to make money. >> bob: i wouldn't follow that woman around a corner.
11:58 pm
are you kidding me? anyone paying $17 million to watch her get married is out that have minds. he's a basketball player and she looks like a pygmy. she is ugly. all this plastic surgery done. don't say in the opening by the way, motor gum or whatever you said, don't say everybody is thinking about it. i haven't thought about it this woman once. >> andrea: a lot of people have or she would haven't made $17 million. >> bob: that's because you pay attention. >> andrea: follow the money. >> bob: you're from jersey. >> eric: if i went to the wedding i assume i'd give a big gift. can i get the money back? the gift back? >> greg: that is true. what happens to the wedding picture, albums, burn them in a bonfire? >> andrea: achieved the level of paris hilton yes. >> bob: paris hilton at least made good films. >> andrea: that is how she got famous. kim kardashian made a six film. >> bob: she made a sex film?
11:59 pm
>> bob: i wouldn't even look at that, and that is unusual. >> dana: now selling handbags. they're marketing geniuses and we're chumps buy into it. >> bob: not we, kimosabe. >> andrea: now real love. check out the video that has gone viral. the guy's girlfriend was caught off-guard by the marriage proposal. >> would you marry me. >> andrea: i love it. i love it. >> dana: that is why they have to have their wedding sitting down. like at the altar. >> andrea: i think it's nice. >> bob: did she have a -- that probably knocked her over. >> eric: congratulations to megan. one of the producers on the show got engaged. >> andrea: yeah. >> bob: everybody have a prayer for her husband to be. >> andrea: all right. [ laughter ] >> bob: i lo h


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