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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 2, 2011 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> andrea: that's it for us onthe five." thanks for watching. zip it. see you tomorrow. >> bob: ring is in a pawnshop, i bet you! welcome to "red eye." i'm bill hemer off my new facial reconstruction surgery designed to look exactly like greg gutfeld who is not under any circumstances at a local park in a mesh half shirt and satin running shorts flanking a vai grant. let's go to tv's andy levy for a pre game report. i'm a little tired tonight. what's coming up on tonight's show? >> you sound a little tired tonight. >> our top story, more on mccain train's lack of strolling of my prompter so i don't know what to say. why don't we scroll that back down so i can say the whole sentence at once. that would be great. thanks, greg, our top story tonight, more on the cain train -- well, it is still not
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going to stroll. why stop on sexual accusation station. and a new york city law enforcement official tells women to get themselves conceal weapons permits. imagine a new york city law enforcement official saying that. stupid city with the stupid mayor. and results are in from barack obama's latest physical, and his doctor reports the president is in perfect health for a muslim man of his age from kenya. happy look for circumstance el cs day, greg. >> all have i to do is look under your eyes. >> you would have to find a ladder first. >> because you sleep on a roof? >> no because you are -- you know what, let's not do this. >> you are right, andy. >> what happened to us? >> we had such dreams. >> remember how when ever we saw other people arguing we swore we would never end up like this? >> that was a longtime ago, andy. >> we never should have taken that crane to ukraine. if only boris was able to choose this would have never happened. >> that's what made boris so special. i think it is finally good we were able to talk about this. >> me too.
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happy look for circles day, greg jie. screw you. let's welcome our guest. she is cuter than an ewok playing with a puppy in a house made of gingerbread. i am here with remi spencer. she hilarious and charming, but high was out sick so we have comedy who is called pro choice. i was going to make a joke about the jacket, so the joke didn't work. fresh from a night of bobbing for 8 balls it is my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and sitting next to me, the terrific character actor and star of such great films as l.a. confidential and alex rug. his most challenging role, putting up with his crazy brother, bob. welcome a first time guest, agreeing beckle. and the folks on the right give him a fright. good to see you pinch. >> today the times pro files new yorker writer and gopnick as he celebrates the french dinner in his new book. i shared a bottle of 1967 sat
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toe saint jean with them. and what started as a lovely conversation ended five bottles late better a botched crack deal and one hooker in need of hiding. long story short, don't share a bottle of 1967 sat toe saint jean with him. >> that was not a long story short. >> it was a relatively interesting story made shorter due to a dead hooker. >> it is a short story made long by a babbling puppet. >> the hooker was strong. will hr calls keep him from going far? it is a full blown cain-troversey, yes, we are that desperate. and there are responses to the sexual harassment. on monday afternoon the gop candidate told fox news he was falsely accused. he was unaware of financial settlements from any accusers. later that evening he admitted
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to greta, my mixed doubles partners fyi, there had been cash payments. >> the charge was filed. they did investigate. it was found to be baseless and yes that was some sort of settlement or earlynation, and i don't even know what the contents of that was. it was found baseless. that was no big settlement or would have had them come to me. >> he demonstrated the gesture cited as offensive. a warning to sensitive viewers. it is graphic. >> i was standing close to her, and i made a gesture you are the same height as my wife. >> maybe that wasn't so graphic. it was unresulting to me because i am that height. according to the washington post one of the women wants to now tell her side of the story , but she can't because of a cast yacht -- confidentially agreement. so will this years old matter
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actually matter? for more let's go to the red eye political correspondent, prairie dog ballerina. what's up? there was question whether that was a prairie dog. graham? >> it was a prairie dog. it lives with my brother. >> we don't know where though. >> let's not discuss that. graham would you say cain is handling this crisis well, or the opposite, not well? >> i don't know. i was recently accused and convicted of sexual harassment. i did not have my contractor renewed at a major university. >> really? >> yes. >> and i had said you know
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what, i don't know if i want -- if i feel like i want to be your boyfriend, your agent or a third parent. when the dean told me i was terminated i said are you serious? >> if it were me i would just have him flip the bird to the entire subject. it is an easy dart to throw. it is a stupid dart to throw. they are just not clever and they are looking for money. they are looking for attention and looking for money. in short they are a drip. the guy doesn't throw you under a -- >> i am not going to go there. >> it is such a cheesy charge that you should be embarassed by even making it. >> it has become a ubiquitous charge, and there is so much leeway of what harassment is. >> this could be a clumsy remark like come up to my
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place or -- >> i think are you right. >> thank you. >> it is far too easy to throw around the term "sexual harassment." and it covers such a vast array of conduct and if this settlement agreement with these women allow him to talk about it on national tv as he has been, my advice is say what it is. don't just say oh it doesn't mean anything. don't cover it up as we see him talking sort of telling two stories. if it is innocuous conduct as you just described people would be outraged if people got any money. but if it is legitimate, serious sexual harassment, there is a good reason for them not to talk about it. >> it is sexual harassment. >> this is very awkward, greg. he showed me that he -- he shouldn't have given me a c either. the line was one thing. he was helping with the erasers as well. it was an excellent class.
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>> what do you make of these allegations? will it affect his campaign or will it help him when people might think it is not that much to begin with? >> first of all it is interesting because you are at the height of my wife also. my wife is a paraplegic leprechaun. you started with the jacket and i had to follow through. >> i just said you came from a mad max garden party jie. see, but have i to cut your head off immediately or this will go on forever. you are dressed like an ll beany baby. i felt the need to shut it down. >> i understand. i understand. i also understand. i know that you really like the movie "drive" and you have to drive like the main character every day. >> all right, we will keep doing this. >> i don't understand why they can get away with vagary. it is 2011. like they will find out what happens in two days when they dig up everybody who was involved in this case. this happened in the 90s.
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i think our ancestors kept cooed good records in 1993. we will get to the bo bottom of this in three days. >> i wonder if that is just your human inclination to say maybe this will go away and maybe he didn't think it was a big deal or maybe he didn't think they would have all of the facts. not saying i have any familiarity with the cast yacht agreement, but let's say if i did that would be the case. i have no idea what i just said. >> that doesn't make any sense. >> but it does. >> if anybody at this table was ever accused of an act of sexual harassment, you would make darn sure you knew exactly what that accusation was. >> but you knew how much money was involved -- >> you would too. >> you would know. >> cup cake is right. >> what did i do to you? >> bring it on. >> you just say he has some nice gams. >> the woman cannot talk unless they release her from the agreement. would that mean she has to --
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how dowry lease somebody from a cast yacht agreement? >> confidentially agreements are standards in any settlement like this. she probably got paid more money to keep her mouth shut. >> does she have to give it back? >> shouldn't it be with interest or inflation dollars? that would be unfair. if you signed a confidentially agreement, she is going back on that and that is wrong. >> if she talks and she doesn't have permission to do so, they can sue her for a very large sum of money for violating that agreement. and a good lawyer would put in what is called a liquidated damage of clause. if she talk thees are entitled to the violation of the contract. she would be stupid to do that. >> he is already working on a side story. whatever we heard with that explanation is kind of what happened. he said something, and it wasn't about her height. and he used a gesture, but it wasn't that gesture. it was just close enough where he could use the argument. >> let's say it is something crude. let's say he invited a woman up to his place to have sex,
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and he said it crudely. he didn't like get oral sex in the oval office. he didn't repeatedly -- >> you can't impeach him before he gets elected. >> that's a good point, or could we? >> the fact of the matter is herman cain knows that no means no. but the fact -- i have also heard one of the victims is german and he thought she was praising his new tax plan. >> i was trying to work out a 9-9-9 joke and that is not bad. >> to me this ind could of stuff is the occupy wall street of relations between men and women. you don't get it. i don't get it. >> what is it? it remains a mystery. if you are a guy you are dead, right? >> well, i don't know if that's necessarily true. anybody can make an an an -- an allegation. whether you will fight it or settle it is cost effective.
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>> that's the problem. it is cost effective if you admit guilt. >> it always works for the accuser no matter what. >> i don't get what it is. you said this. i said yes. i said that, so what. i don't understand what it includes. >> i don't either. >> i don't get it. >> i don't get it either. but there is a line. what happened with you was ridiculous. if he asked a person from that association to come up with do bad things to him, and grabbed him in ways i won't get into, but that's a problem. >> but he needs to say it. our imaginations will create a picture that is probably far worse than his conduct and the american people will accept an apology and move on. she already got paid so nobody should feel bad for her. >> post clinton i don't see why this stuff is of any -- i mean, the man was having sex on a desk as the japanese surrendered to us. >> you are saying set the bar really low or really high.
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>> thank you, exactly. i have a lot of things on my list and i will never be able to cross off oval office. >> can you imagine bill clinton's bucket list? do it in a bucket. from an allegation to inebriation. are the occupy yes, sirs now the occupied? according to the new york daily news there is dissent among the 99% with ducatti park divided between protesters and hangars on that are drunks and the homeless. on the eastside of the park, the whiners. on the west side of the park, the whinos. you wouldn't see somebody at the general assembly smoking a joint, but in the back they are selling crystal meth. and the unstable characters are taking the activists food and tarps and putting the inclusiveness to the test. meanwhile, are the drifters being sent in by the new york plepts? -- police department? they reported that two drunks cops told them to, quote, take
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it to ducatti. i like that phrase. after they were drinking in other parks, the cops say it is false and in the l.a. protest a rift is growing over weed. there is one organizer who said on one side there is the hard core process freaks and on the other people who think they are starting a new society. i don't know which is more annoying. and finally a fox news poll finds 48% of parents would want their kid to be a wall wall street executive and 26% would rather them being an occupy yes, sir with 18% wanting neither, neither means a super hot stripper, at least in my house. she was danish. anyway, you fwhoa is not divided on anything? -- anyway you know who is not divided on anything? that is adorable. jesse what should the protesters do about the
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growing number of vagrants in their midst? should they embrace them or reject them? >> that's the problem. i was down there the other day, and the problem is you really can't tell the difference -- you have to look for the ones that are dressed like homeless people ironically. just seeing a vietnam jacket is not enough. just because it smells like pee is not enough. you have to figure out whether or not that jacket was in nam or purchased in williamsburg. >> brilliant, brilliant point. finally he said something. it has been a rough segment with you. diswlie is getting intellectually uhfensive. >> we can make fun of each other's personal styles and be like i am trying to hang on to some sort of strip club youth and you are like a sex offender who teaches sunday school. but we could do that all the time. don't criticize my talking point. >> i apologize. graham, okay, is the new york -- i want to ask you
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about the nypd. if they are saying to these bums "you can't do this in this park, but if you go over there you can get away with it" is that wrong? >> i just went to l.a. and the first thing i did was go down there. i have friends involved in l.a. and one in boston. i have to tell you that the company is a lot more con genial down at the ghetto end of things. if that's what they are doing, keep it up because it is better for the out-of-towners. it gives the movement a better flavor and a better -- >> so you say the gritty and the homeless and the excons are actually more charizmatic? >> they at least have a novel in them. >> by the way i was so excited that they mentioned there were people from skid row going to the protest in l.a. i thought, wow, there is really still a skid row. that sounds romantic. skid row, i thought it was a band. remi, what do you make of this? are the cops doing something wrong? >> i am not taking the word of
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a drunken homeless person. >> you do to bill every night. >> she never listens though. >> i wouldn't trust this is what is being said by new york's finest about our men in blue. i am going to need more proof than that. i also think that it is not surprising that the homeless, people who are hungry and people who want attention and people who are lonely, that they would probably want to be on occupy wall street for any reason. >> i love you, man, that's so sweet. >> the system is alienating and bingo, instant pillow. it is nice. it is so sweet of you. >> i can't tell if this is a complement anymore. >> bill, what will happen to this movement? are they going to take control? >> they have to get heat lamps because they are getting colder and colder. >> i don't get the fox news poll because it is like, oh,
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would they rather be wall street executives, they are essentially asking people, would you rather your kids be employed or unemployed? if those kids had their way, they would like to be wall street executives, but they are not hiring. >> the thing is if you look at the math, 26% are occupy wall street protesters, 18% neither. that equals 92% which i believe implies that 8% of people would rather their kids not grow up. >> a good point, jesse. again surprised. >> very nice lead. >> he can do math. coming up, he didn't spend all of his money on leather jackets. should the guilty beacon viced it of their crimes, or should we let them go free? remi spencer discusses this in her latest book "not if i can help it, you stupid jerk." should everyone in south carolina be armed all the time? if you mean with a delightful song in their heart, sure, why not. but we mean guns.
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should women be armed on -- so they don't get armed? a south carolina sheriff thinks so calling for the citizenry. that's a tough word to say. why did i use it? calling for the citizenry to carry more weaponry after a female was attacked in a public park. the law men whose name is chuck wright, there he is, looks like chuck wright would, seen here with the official department mental mustache. a guy choked a woman and tried to rape her before fleeing in her car. the suspect, walter lance had been arrested over 20 times and the sheriff started his press conference by saying this. oh, i have to say it "our form of justice is not making a
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concealed weapon, that will fix it." and his message for women? >> i want these people to stop forever doing this. i am tired of looking at these victims. >> wright tells fox news .com that there is nothing political about what he is saying. we are not trying to raise up a militia. we are sending a message to the bad guys that we are tired of it. how should the attempted rapist be punish ?ed perhaps a date with snappy. that scares me. >> that would take care of the problem. >> common sense from the sheriff? >> common sense indeed. all women should have firearms and when they suspect a man is sexually harassing them, they should shoot him.
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that would make the system honest. shoot me. don't put me through the bureaucratic crap. sheriff, go get them. >> i am guessing you are itching to stereo type the sheriff and southerners in general. shear your chance. >> i was going to do no such thing at all. i was going to point out if you watch the press conference he was suggesting he pull up a fan knee pack. carry -- fanny pack. not only should women get a concealed permit, but they should get a fanny pack to keep it in which is phenomenal advice. >> they can keep mace in their shoulder pads and perhaps taser in their teased bangs. >> you know i have a good friend on this show frequently who carries his gun in a fanny pack. it doesn't alarm people and you can have it here and you can pull it out and shoot somebody. it is the best way to carry a gun. >> i can tell you a story
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about the time he was held up at gunpoint and the balloons. >> congratulations, viewers. i am not geting in on this joke. >> you know if it involves bob beckle and balloons there has to be something that is not helium. >> remi, you are allegedly a woman. do you agree with the sheriff? >> allegedly? >> i'm kidding. you have a gun, right? >> no, i don't have a gun. >> way to tell all of these muggers out there you don't have a gun. >> or does she? >> thank you, jesse. i know how to shoot a gun. but i think the county sheriff is out of his mind. >> really? >> on so many different levels. not the obvious one which is that study after study shows women will generally have the weapon used against them by the perpetrator. >> not true. >> yes, that's true. >> i can still say not true. andy, go look it up. i know that's not true. >> i'm right on this. >> no. can i just point out, firearm
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deaths have dropped as ownership goes up overall, overall. just so you know that. >> okay, if i'm a 6 foot man in good shape with a gun i will overtake somebody that is trying to attack me. but me at my height and weight -- >> that's when you shoot them. >> plane crashes have gone down since we have had more planes. >> i don't get it. >> i'm saying you are wrong. >> no, no, no. >> the more planes we have, the more likely there are going to be more plane crashes. >> but there is less -- because people have more guns, the deaths have gone down. >> but one doesn't have anything to do with the other. >> there were zero plane crashes i >>- q. i- >> i would like to you prove your fact, mr. gutfeld. the only other thing i would like to say, the sheriff's comments about our system not working is such an uneducated, uninformed statement. >> this is from -- you are
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from a defense attorney whose primary job is to get prills off. >> that's not -- get criminals off. >> that's not true. my job is to protect people's rights and make sure everybody else does their job. >> basically you will protect the criminals and i can't have a gun to protect myself. that's what you are saying. i feel like morton downey, junior. >> remi is right. i looked into this. violent crimes have gone down a hundred deaths from 2009 to 2010 which is the last years they measured it. so she is kind of right on this. >> wait, wait, wait. i don't have much time here. federal centers for disease control in the 1980sand 1990s americans were killed with others with guns at a rate of 5.66 per 100,000 in population. in this rate the decade has followen to 4.07 per 100,000 and that's a 28% drop. it follows a five fold increase and unrestricted state laws from 86 to 2006 as firearm sales have rocketed.
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>> but one doesn't have anything to do with the other. how does it? >> unless it was different. >> manhattan, impossible to get a firearm and look at our crime rates. so that might not have anything to do with the fact that it is hard to get a firearm here or it might have everything to do with it. those are two statistics that are great, but they are not con grew us with. >> nicely said. >> but if it had gone up you would make the point, it it has gone up. since they have had more guns it has gone up. but since it hasn't you say it has nothing to do with it. if the rate went up you would go, since we have had more available guns, these murders have gone up. >> i'm fine with women being able to carry handguns as long as it is relatively difficult to getting the license for a car. if you have got a -- if you know how to use it, you certainly have -- i would prefer you didn't have a criminal record. and i would say, give credit where credit is due. this idea was originally done in "police academy 7" in 1987.
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"sit --" citizens on patrol." they gave him a gun because they couldn't do it themselves. give credit. >> great point. i have to move on. e-mail us at red eye at fox news .com. i have a minute left. why didn't you tell me? here i am rushing. we have to have a discussion. you are really falling apart. 212-462-5050. todd is the guy who speaks in my ear. tv's andy levy -- who cares? he is coming up jie. tonight's half time report is sponsored by harvesting. the act of harvesting a crop by means of heavy machinery. thanks, harvesting.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have got anything wrong so far. we go to andy levy. >> thanks, greg. are you awake? >> yes, i am awake. i think i am coming down with something. >> really? >> you can hear it in my voice. >> a little bit. >> bronchitis probably. >> probably. might be mrsa, you don't know. >> i talked to a doctor and he told me how you got it. >> how is that? >> shaving. >> very possible. >> he said he has had three patients with mrsa and they got it from shaving. >> that's entirely possible. >> i win then. >> you played the clip of the
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gesture that cain said he held his hand up and said you are as tall of my wife and you fowndz it uh fen tiff because you are that height height? >> yes. >> you wish. >> didn't see that one coming. i thought you could have aimed higher. >> i could, but i didn't want to go over your head. also you mentioned according to the washington post one of the women wants to tell her side of the story, but is bared by a confidentially agreement. bennett is calling for the national association to release the woman from her agreement. early tuesday evening the nra released a statement saying, quote, joel bennett is publicly making requests, bla, bla, bla. if we are contacted by mr. bennett we will respond as appropriate. he says he will contact the general council on wednesday and formally request this. >> thanks forts update. >> absolutely. >> that's wlaw here for.
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>> that's what i am here for. not to be funny or interesting in anyway. nope. >> burning up the minutes here. >> if you said a woman is releaseed from a nondisclosure agreement she may have to pay back the money. right? >> i think greg may have said that it may cost her money. and if she -- go ahead. >> couldn't the nra, cain and the women all get together and decide we are going to release everyone, and then no one will have to give back any money? >> sure, they could release her from the provision. if she violates a provision from that agreement she will no doubt be food for some in that agreement. she can't talk unless they allow her to or if she buys the right to do that. >> okay. all right. >> graham, i totally get that after what happened to you you are suspicious of the legitimacy of claims of sexual harassment. and it may be that cain could not do anything wrong. there is a thing such as actual real sexual harassment, right? >> i don't know what it is.
12:36 am
> don't let andy show you. >> do you think you would know it if you see it? >> i hope to. >> jesse, please apologize to your wife who is not a paraplegic leprechaun. >> you are right. i don't know how you tracked that down. >> i made some calls. >> bill, great german 9-9-9 joke. haven't seen that on twitter at all over the last few day. >> in relation to him saying no, no you haven't. you really have not. >> i really have. >> are you serious? >> yes. yes. >> there is no original thought. >> remi, you said if cain's nondisclosure allowed him to talk the way he has been he should be able to tell his story. why has he been able to talk about it to the extent he has? >> i don't know. that's unusual. and he may not be permitted to talk about it this way. but if he is going to talk
12:37 am
about it, i strongly believe he has to say what it is. i can't imagine it being so bad that he couldn't recover from it. but the lying and the cover up is always what will get you. >> here is the thing about cain, in an interview with pbs news hour they consider china to be a military threat. he answered yes, good for hi. but as part of the answer he said, quote, they have indicated that they are trying to develop nuclear capability. they have between 200 and 400 nukes, including some that can reach the u.s. that stuff scares me a lot more than these sexual harassment claims. we will be right back. >> something to think about. >> occupy wall street, greg, we will get into it, i don't know why you bash the occupy yes, sirs and play up allegations of rape, sexual assault and theft. the narrative has been written. occupy wall street is the modern day equivalent of the
12:38 am
civil rights movement. the occupy yes, sirs are heroes. get on -- occupy yes,ccupiers, get on board. remi you said you won't take the word of drunk and homeless people over the ynypd. don't you do that are for a living? >> i was going to come pli meant you tonight, but to the -- compliment you tonight, but not anymore. no, if they are drunk and homeless, quite frankly they are probably working with a lawyer they don't have to pay. no. >> wow, are you one of those lawyers. you are the 1%, aren't you? >> many of my clients are. >> interesting. full disclosure here. jesse you said if you look at the p ma -- would you rather be on wall street or an occupier, it means that 8% of parents don't want their kids to grow up.
12:39 am
in case you actually think that for real i want you to know that 8% answered, don't know. something to think about, jesse. >> it is fun having a conversation with you where it looks like we are standing shoulder to shoulder and staring straight ahead. >> this is actually how i hold most of my conversations. you just get used to it after four and a half years after doing this. >> in the hallways we go into the bathroom and stand side by side and look into the mirror and this is how we talk. it is weird. >> i kind of like it. south carolina sheriff tells women to get concealed carry permits. you said all women should have firearms and use them when they are sexually harassed. >> correct. >> and then you said, yeah, shoot me, baby. it is using words like baby that might be what is getting you into trouble, graham. >> i think it was my latest novel.
12:40 am
>> miewch like you and sexual harassment, i don't know what that means. >> maybe are you hungry. >> remi you said you think the sheriff is out of his mind. remi, remi, remi, remi. >> andy, andy, andy. >> that's all i got. in all seriousness, why do you hate everything america stands for? >> i believe in our system. i believe in the right to bare arms. i don't believe everybody should be walking around with a gun on their person which is why in many states you can't do that. the people that should be carrying guns, law enforcement. people who are trained and it is their job. >> is this because you are afraid if women defend themselves you will have fewer criminals to defend in court and make less money? are you that selfish? >> the average person trying to defend themselves with a gun will hurt themselves, innocent by standers, and they are not going to be stopping crimes.
12:41 am
the way law enforcement officers would. >> utter nonsense scpri nothing to back that up except i know it in my heart. >> that means i am correct. >> lastly, bill, every time a state makes it easier to get a gun or to carry a concealed weapons they will scream the sky is falling and it will turn into the wild west and gun crime will go up. guess what, every time a state makes it easier to get guns or to carry guns, the gun crime goes down or at worst stays flat. >> you didn't hear what i said. i said that might be true, but one may have mob to do with the other. >> it may not have anything to do with each other, but the fact is all of the claims that gun crimes will sky rocket don't come to pass. >> i never claimed it would. >> but you believed that because you are a sniffling little liberal woosy. >> here is what we have learned. you ask him a couple more follow-ups and -- >> look how many more gun deaths there have been since
12:42 am
we invented the polio vaccine. see sea what i'm saying? a lot more plane crashes. >> is that why you only travel by motorcycle? >> he's right. it has been weeks in the shop to get the tiniest side car ever so you can join me. >> jesse, i actually like your jacket a lot. >> thank you. >> i am not sure about the captain russia t-shirt, but i like the jacket. >> it is captain russia. >> i can't win it all. >> back to you, greg. >> that's considered a bull's eye for some certain practices he does late at night. >>- q. i thank you, -- >> thank you, andy. he is dead tired of people calling him gandy on the streets. he has moved on. first, what did we learn from obama's latest physical? that he is in great shape for someone not born here.
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his helps tip top. according to the latest physical he is super fit and tobacco free. the report concludes that obama is physically active, eats a healthy diet and drinks alcohol in moderation. >> yuck. >> i know. and something he improved since his last checkup in february of 2010 when the white house doc said he needed to lower his cholesterol, quit smoking and stop eating babies. >> what? >> i made that up. since then obama appears to have put down the cigarettes. good for him, i say. anyway we must discuss this in our -- >> lightning round. >> that was rather quick. how important is this news about smoking? >> i am disgusted that he quit smoking, and i love the cam -- campaign manager of the mccain guy. it is too bad. obama, you lost my vote. >> as a smoker can you tell if he really quit or not?
12:47 am
i will take his word for it. fourth graders have to take the presidential fitness test now and they have a bar set with a guy who is fit now. how great that you can totally coast under the taft administration. the bar was like -- you just had to sit down in a chair without wheezing. >> that is true. i guess i had ford at the time. i didn't even exist back then. what am i thinking about right now, remi? remi, wouldn't you expect him to be more stressed out and have health problems given the fact he is ruining our country? >> what are you suggesting? this physical is not accurate? that it is a fraud and not true? i suspect he would probably be smoking more than he normally does when he is -- his polls are dipping. but he says that's not true and he gave it up. >> speaking of dipping poles, bill. >> you sound like a stalion. call me, ladies.
12:48 am
>> i hate this weird morality over smoking, and i know you feel the same way, but can i talk about this virtual colonoscopy clause? >> yes. >> how could you have one? >> i was offered one and i demanded the real thing. i walked out of there until i found the good old old fashion eld. not just a virtual one. how can you claim to run this country when you turned your back on flavor country? i don't know, but i know this is the brand i smoke, so if you want send free ones. >> you are not supposed to say that, bill. or can he? what are the rules? >> are there any? >> 3:00 a.m. is a lawless time. >> time to take a break. coming up, more junk, your favorite junk.
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12:52 am
welcome back. well, the mcdonalds mcrib is back. literally it is made from a back. >> what? >> no. as always it is for a limited time. but did you know what is in it besides not rib? well, "time," the magazine, points out the mcrib actually contains 70
12:53 am
ingregients. 34 of which are in the bun alone. doesn't it look friendly sitting there? while the bun contains the flour bleaching agent used to make the soles of shoes, the restructured meat product minus the sauce has pig inerds like heart and stomach. isn't the real crime is it is only available for a short time? this is an amazing sandwich. >> i think that's why they have to take six months off because they have to go to south america and go to the morgues and grab the soles of shoes from the transients and visit the asbestos factories in china to get the ingregients to make it. >> this sandwich is wildly popular because it tastes delicious. i don't even know if that is a question. >> it is the occupy wall street of sandwiches. you are just not sure what it is about. i thought i knew before you read the ingregients. now i'm -- jill i think it
12:54 am
is -- okay. remi you can take any kind of food and take it apart and say, oh it has a hundred different ingregients. you can do that with a gourmet meal. you can do that with a carrot. a carrot has a thousand ingregients. >> you are wrong about that. >> do you know what i'm saying? the way they are analyzing it is an injustice to ronald mcdonald and all of the people who work for him. >> i am probably not going to go so far as calling it an injustice, but i understand your question. if people knew what was in it, will they still eat it? the answer to that question is yes. i am addicted to mcdone nationals. i eat mcdonalds probably three or four times a week. >> wow jie. usually a chicken sandwich or chicken nuggets. if somebody told me about all of the awful things, i believe there are none, but if there were going into these things, i would still eat them. i think that's true for many people with the mcrib. >> last question to you, bill, you can't eat mcribs because technically that would be
12:55 am
cannibal itch. >> -- cannibal ism. >> it would be. is anyone else disturbed by the fact a mcrib looks like an apple pie, also nod made with apples? i am impressionable. i cursed the day i did. i love mcrib. i will never eat them again. i have a horrible memory though. >> you have no memory of this show. by the way, it makes me want to eat more of them, and actually have apple pie. we have to move on. we will close things out with a post game wrap up with andy levy. go to stocks news .com slash -- go to
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back to tv's andy levy is back with the post game wrap up. >> will there be a part 2? >> okay.
12:59 am
>> i think that's a yes. >> there will be. pending the success of the dvd which will be released on november 8th. >> slept. -- excellent. >> remi, are you getting up early this morning? >> i am. i am not even leaving the studio. at 7:45 in the morning i will be debating a legal issue on fox and friends. tune in. >> stay with me. >> who said that? >> jesse, any upcoming gigs? >> why would you ask that? tacoma, washington i am doing the tacoma comedy club thursday through saturday, the 3rd through the 5th. >> and you are doing the upholstrey festival, aren't you? >> no. >> bill anyone you want to threaten tonight? >> thank you, andy. listen, i don't know who you are or where you come from, but the person who stole the popcorn jug full of delicious flavored popcorn my aunt gave to me for this halloween season and my office, this


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