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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 2, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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saying he was choosing to ignore the rumors. are you a believer? i know my niece emily is not. here is shepard. >>shepard: the news begins anew, on "studio b" with stocks on the rebound today, despite growing concern of the economic crisis in europe. coming up, gerri tells us and joins us and explains what is happening overseas and how it affects us. new details in the case of this little missing baby. what the little girl's father reportedly saw when he got home from work the night her parents say the baby disappeared. and, word the white house and the pentagon are starting to lay out plans for the final u.s. troop draw down if afghanistan. are the afghan forces ready to take a lead? we have the u.s. air commander joining us unless breaking news changes everything. >> but, first, from fox at 3:00, this is america's election
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headquarters. and the republican presidential candidate herman cain is struggling to contain the fallout over claims he sexually hard rationed two employees when he was head of the national restaurant association in the 1990's. we are told both accusers settled with the organization and signed confidentiality agreements but a lawyer for one of the women says he is planning to ask the trade group to terminate the deal so she has the option to respond publicly to what herman cain has said about her. herman cain says the accusations are not true but they are posting a threat to his status as the g.o.p. frontrunner. a new poll has him leading with 30 percent of the vote. keep in mind the word of the harassment claim came at the end or the tail end of the polling period. the poll has romney coming in second, and former house speaker gingrich, the only other candidate with support that is now in the double digits. the iowa caucus is just eight
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weeks away now, they have ruined the new year. carl, the lawyer for the accuser of herman cain is trying to lay the groundwork to go public on this? >>carl: and it is not clear if the woman wanted to do that. there are some suggesting she could be reluctant but the attorney has talked to the national restaurant association in recent times and said he wants to talk to the candidate before he makes, rather, his associate, before he make adds decision. with that said, herman cain has been trying to battle back on the message and not be distracted by this. at one event today he essentially reiterated his assertion that this is a smear and he is the victim of a political blind side attack. >> there are facts and they are trying to destroy me personally as well as this campaign.
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>>carl: he has been fold by reporters and he tried to say he would not answer questions about which and wanted to focus on issues but it has begun to distract from the candidacy and he wants to get it over. >>shepard: the rivals were laying low and watching this train wreck. are they still quiet? >>carl: not so much, yesterday, santorum this is what you have with outsiders and compared himself to saying he has been elected five times and people know what he is about and michele bachmann who has been in a free fall in the polls really came out yesterday and made a point. she was in a church in iowa and said "this is the year we cannot settle, this the year we can't have surprises with our candidates." now i talked to her aides about comment and they averaged it is applicable to mr. herman cain because of the surprise of the alleged misconduct years ago but they said it could apply to a
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"drunk speech," a reference to rick perry's performance last week or "flip-flops," which would equally be applicable do romney. so, yes they are taking advantages of mr. cain's slip, his trouble this week, and in the michele bachmann case trying to make it a three-for. >>shepard: thank you, carl. and, now, an analysis, professor at george washington university, graduate school of political management and political columnist for "the hill," and worked on several political campaigns and was a media spokesman for the republican national committee. how rough is this? why shouldn't the women be able to tell their side of the story? >>guest: this is torture for herman cain and the campaign. the confidentiality agreement was probably breached by someone at national restaurant association. there have been accusations he has done that, but clearly
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someone there providing something to "politico" reporter whose did the story so at this point i don't know if it really is fair to say tit for tat but the women should be able to keep their anonymity. but i do think it is fair at this point for everyone to get this out there. the herman cain campaign should do that and national restaurant association should be able to put out the documents that were filed from 12 years ago that gave the basic information without letting the women come out there or having them have to come out, particularly if someone get as book deal or 15 minutes of fame, what is important the information from 12 years ago, keep the names of the women silent and get through this, get it out of the way. >>shepard: one of the reporters was on tv on another network and he was working on this store for months and the cain campaign knew about this for weeks. what does that say about the status of the organization? >>guest: clearly they need to
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be stronger when you get to this level you have to beef things up. it is attractive have an outsider come in and do well. four years ago john mccain was going through airport with his luggage. >>shepard: but that was different, he had an organization. wait, wait, wait he had an organization. this campaign does not have an organization and from what i have her, it is almost as if the media are treating this as something that it is not. the republican strategist for many years, you know your stuff, is this man really running for president legitimately? >>guest: i think he had a shot at being on the ticket probably as vice president but whether he is guilty or innocent of the charges the way he has been handling it and the way this has been mishandled should have an impact to see if he is ready to are for prime time. >>shepard: is it your sense he is really running for president or to sell books. >>guest: i think you have to
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take him at his word he is running for president and the fact he has done so well. i will not accuse anyone of trying to sell boxes, i don't think you step into a presidential race and be disingenuous. that is a real stretch. >>shepard: the economy, now. a mess in greece today. a big mess. and there is still a chance the economy could clap -- collapse. but the u.s. stock market rebounded because of better-than-expected reports on the job market. and, now, gerri, from the fox business network. october is a good month for jobs. >>gerri: we got good news from challenger, gray, and christmas. a head hunting firm, saying the number of announced layoffs is down dramatically. and another report from the private sector, people not in government jobs, jobs were up 110,000 the previous month. that is good news. but the devil is in the details.
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the big jobs report comes in at 9.1 percent, unchanged so we are not making big headway on that very important number. >>shepard: but the federal reserve making news. >>guest: bernanke's speaking and everyone listens. he goes on and on and on because they have a public press conference where he answered questions. the biggest take away from his announcement today because they are not doing anything to ease monetary policy here, they are ratcheting down their expectation for jobs growth for the next three years. fairly dramatic. that is what the market was coming down on. in midday today as they digest the numbers. and working through his temperature, trying to get their arms around what the federal reserve chairman said. >>shepard: what is happening in greece? if they go to a vote the polls in greece suggest it will fail and that suggests that greece will go bankrupt. >>gerri: and if they go bankrupt, katie bar the bar, there are huge problems with
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banking, and sovereign debt, a real problem for the rest of the globe. but, look, the back me or sack me referendum which is what they call it from papandreou, the prime minister over there, the head guy, it is not clear what will happen. when you ask the greek people do they like being in the e.u. they say yes but they don't want austerity measures. >>shepard: they can't have both. >>gerri: i don't if they have their arms around that idea yet. >>shepard: educate them. you can do that today at 5:00 at eastern on fox business network on the willis report. president obama heads to a meeting with world leaders tonight and we are told the president has no plan to get involved in any way in the european financial crisis, an example of where america is losing its clout. juan williams will break down
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no-fee iras and more. come see why more investors are saying... i'm with scottrade. >>shepard: president obama is doing better in the polls, with america's views improving, on the heels effort push for the jobs poll. his approval is up since ticks, 47 percent approve the job, compared to 41 percent last month. but the polls show more people disapprove: 49 percent. but when stacked against the republican presidential contenders, president obama would come out on top. in a matchup against his closest
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rival the president beats romney by 5 percent, outside the margin of error and showing he leading doubling digits against the rest. it is wednesday, so, wednesday's with juan. fox news political analyst juan williams is here. hello, williams. >>juan: how are you, from chicago, shep. >>shepard: i see that, it look like a windy city. the poll numbers are what. what do we attribute it to? >>juan: look what happened in libya. muammar qaddafi is gone. the idea that the american people approve of pull out troops from iraq, so those are plusses but he has, really, been on a political offensive delivering a clear message that you have a do nothing congress and his slogan for the last month is "we can't wait," so he is doing things for veterans and those battling foreclosures and
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people who are battling the high cost of student loans. so it looks like he has been very proactive and when you ask voters, does this president have ideas for dealing with the unemployment rate, the number one issue, shep, they say "yes," but you know what congress especially the republican congress, is obstructing it and when you ask about congress' approval rating you know this, it is single digits, 9 percent. versus 40 percent approval for the president. >>shepard: more polls on herman cain who is a topic these days. people like him: 61 to 19 percent say they think he is likable but whether he has the knowledge and experience to be a good president, 49 percent to 29 percent say "no." is he a legitimate contender? >>juan: he is legitimate contender and i tell you why, this is something for you and me to keep in mind for all the numbers we have. sometimes we can't see what the voters see.
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i was in florida the other day after the straw poll, i was in iowa and i say to people, herman cain hasn't been in iowa, what does herman cain know? i asked questions during a debate about afghanistan and he says he doesn't know he will get smart people around and people say we like that answer, and here is what they like. they love it when he says stuff like, all those guys in washington, they are all elected politicians, with so much political experience, how is that working out for you? so, they see this pan, not only as genuine, but, this is, really, important, because we're talking about a republican primary. they see him as a genuine conservative. they like him. and that is a dig at romney and some of the other whose have flip flopped. but they really like him. they think he is genuine, and again, it doesn't make sense to me and the political experts in washington, but we are wrong half the time, more than half the time. >>shepard: we are not right as much as the weather man. and that is saying a lot.
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>>juan: you had to bring that up buddy, thanks. >>shepard: juan, good to see you as always. to a suspects terror plot. the feds busted four members of a group that planned to kill "bucket list," of politicians. and spread a deadly poison across several u.s. cities. and now, live from atlanta this afternoon. what are the investigators saying about this supposed plot here? >>guest: well, the investigators allege that 73-year-old frederick thomas wanted to model this alleged plot after an online novel, the story called "absolve," written by a former alabama militia leader about small groups of citizens attacking u.s. officials. thomas talked about a target list of politicians, government employees, and corporate leaders and members of the media andally the group discussed releasing the biological toxin risin plans
12:18 pm
from a speeding car including washington, atlanta, newark, new jersey, and new orleans. >>shepard: is there any indication he could do the thing he talked about wanting to do? >>reporter: that is the big question. much of this investigation is based on a confidential informant who investigators say was able to infiltrate this group and make covert recordings. authorities, also, since the arrest, have been searching the homes, the north georgia homes of the four men, all of those men are in their 60's and 70's and the searches of the homes come as a big surprise to neighbors. listen. >> the f.b.i. feels like they have enough evidence but i would never have suspected it from him. >>reporter: his wife said her husband was 30 years in the navy and he would never do anything to harm the united states. but, authorities say those covert recordings paint a very
12:19 pm
different picture. >>shepard: thank you, jonathan. sad news this afternoon: lindsay lohan is going to jail. so, how long will she be locked up? a judge said that depends on how lindsay lohan behaves. at bank of america, we're lending
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and investing in communities across the country, from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn to financing industries that are creating jobs in boston or providing funding for the expansion of a local business serving a diverse seattle community and supporting training programs for tomorrow's workforce in los angeles. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods and communities, the more we can help make opportunity possible.
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>>shepard: a federal judge in new york has convicted a russian businessman for trying to sell weapons to a terror group from colombia. he spent nearly two decades on the run,, that was from authorities, smuggling arms and drugs to terror groups around the world using a fleet of private cargo planes. the former soviet officer was
12:23 pm
the inspiration for the movie in 2005 "lord of war," said to be worth $6 billion and speaks four languages. he could get life in prison. sentencing now, is set for february 8. a judge today ordered the troubled actress, lindsay lohan, to 300 days in jail because she violated probation. but the judge said if she can follow her orders she will only spend 30 days. lindsay lohan must follow a strict schedule of cyto therapy sessions and community service to avoid the full sentence and the judge said lindsay lohan will spend more time with "dead" people. >> a group called the good shepard center for homeless women, they refuse to take you because they said you were a bad example for the women who are trying to get their lives in order. so the mortgage is willing to keep you. and i'm going to convert all your community service to the
12:24 pm
morgue. >>shepard: she must be a good example for dead people. the judge, also, told lindsay lohan that she is getting a new probation officer because the previous officer said she don't want to deal with her anymore, either. and now, trace is live in los angeles, and he probably don't want to deal with her. when does she go off to jail now? >>trace: she reports november 9 and is supposed to do 30 days but now we hear because of overcrowding the jail system, she was in the to serve 20 percent which is six days but now the sheriff spokesman coming out saying she could be in and out of a jail in a matter of hours. now, the judge says she gave lindsay lohan the key to the jail meaning if she does her 53 days in the mortgage and her 18 days of psycho therapy she will not go back to jail. but if she doesn't, listen. >> if there is any violation, miss mansfield will notify me, do not wait until the next court appearance she will notify me. if she notifies me i will revoke
12:25 pm
probation and approve a warrant for your arrest. you need structure. this is a structure. the first time you violate you will do the remain step -- remaining 270 days. >>trace: the judge delays the start so she could reshoot the playboy lay out. she got her teeth redone and now they will reshoot it. you don't want to be caught in the buff with bad teeth. >>shepard: she has not been reliable on community service. >>trace: before the sentencing the prosecution laid that out and remembered that lindsay lohan was responsible for her own scheduling, they say, of the 20 scheduled days she set up at the shelter in downtown los angeles, she canceled 12 of them, and she skipped out early on three others, and, of the cyto therapy sessions, she, also, skipped out on the majority of those. now, so far she has done pretty well at the morgue with one
12:26 pm
little issue. listen. >> they seem to have an issue with your tweeting. i can't order you to stop tweeting but if it is one of their rules that you don't tweet about them, don't tweet about them i asked them to stop holding press conferences about you, too. come to an agreement. >>trace: if all goes well, lindsay lohan could be in and out of jail in a few hours and if she does her community service she could be free and clear by april. >>shepard: hopefully she can hold off on tweeting. in real news the father of the missing baby in missouri reportedly came home to find the front door open on the night his daughter vanished. we have new stuff. among the new details that have just come out we will get a live report. the pilot who safely landed the 767 jet with no landing gear speaking out now.
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bought o the hour, time for the top of the news. we have brand new details about the night the ten-month-old baby disappeared from her missouri home. including what the bennett's father reportedly saw when he got home great work. the parents of the baby claimed someone broke into the home and snatched the infant right out of her crib. the father says when he went in to check on her, after his overnight shift at work, the
12:31 pm
crib was empty. what police are trying to south out, what happened around the time the mother says she went to bed. now, the mom has told fox, all of us, i guess, she was drunk that night on wine. and she told that to megyn. and jonathan is here us with, what have we learned today? how do we feel about the sourcing? >>jonathan: this is the timeline. as told to reporter for the kansas city city star newspaper by a source allegedly familiar with what the family have toll the cops. so, with all those caveats this is the timeline. at 5:30 p.m., the father left for his work shift at starbucks. at 6:40 p.m. the mother, puts baby lisa in her crib. at 7:00 p.m. the mother begins smoking and drinking with a neighbor, five to ten glasses of wine. at 10:30 p.m. the mother tells
12:32 pm
that neighbor she is going to bed. the neighbor leaves. at 3:45 p.m. the father finishes the work, he drives home, and at that point he finds the door unlocked and the baby lisa missing. he, then, calls the cops. another point we hear, is the where of deborah broadly has now also been interviewed. we saw him on the surveillance video buying the box of line. >>shepard: i don't know why this matters, and i wonder if we have learned anything we didn't already know. >>jonathan: it doesn't appear we have learning in we don't already know. i spoke to former nypd detective about this today and he said one important thing. there is a witness to deb where bradley's drinking, if that witness confirms that deb where bradley was, indeed, drunk, than in his mind that may mean she not involved with the disappearance of the baby at
12:33 pm
all. >> you could almost eliminate the mother based on all of these. >> eliminate the mother? >> if she was that drunk and she accidentally killed baby lisa, what was she going to do with the baby in any significant manner? where was she going do go? i think at this point in time the tracking dogs would have taken the police there. >>jonathan: the baby has been missing almost exactly a month, and next week she would or will turn one-year-old. >>shepard: we don't know the mom was drunk, we know that story did not come up for days and daze after until she ended up there where megyn. >>jonathan: and there is a witness, she was drinking with a neighbor. if that witness can corroborate that, maybe she was indeed drunk but we don't know. all we have is her word. >>shepard: and they are not cooperating. >>jonathan: they are not.
12:34 pm
>>shepard: that all i need. you know what i mean? you are the father of flee. one of your --. >>jonathan: i would be cooperating. >>shepard: you would do anything. and we would be there with you. you know that. even arthur and randy. arthur --. >>arthur: unless we are sitting down with the cops opposed to asking the kind of questions, trying to help you, what they are genuinely trying to do is figure out a way to twist the story around to indict you, to incriminate you. if you know in your heart of hearts you did not take your kid, you have to be frustrated as all hell. it would be like, i didn't take my kid. >>shepard: john brady and i were down in new york city and cops were coming and we had a better. and you are not supposed to have a beer open the street and we took off running. run. run. run. run. now they are angry, now they say we know you stole something.
12:35 pm
admit. i didn't do anything like that, come on, that is how cops approach things, don't they? >>randy: that is the problem. it is a huge problem. >>shepard: why a problem? >>randy: it is not justice but about closing a feel. if she kept her mouth shut we would not be speculating. she is drunk, timeline doesn't work, the target would be not on her head. >>shepard: randy, that is assinine. randy, stop, statistics show the parents did it and the statistics show specifically, the mom difficulty, and until they can clear her, they are going to be all over her no matter what she says. so that's why you keep your mouth shut. we have a right to keep our mouth shut. >>shepard: but if you have a missing child it is not what you do. >>randy: maybe arthur's point is well-taken, the cops sudden
12:36 pm
say tell me what hands, do not set her up. do not lie. >>arthur: they did that for three days. the father spoke. the mother spoke. the children in the household spoke. they all spoke and everyone urge ised to question after question by law enforcement and the media and this realized no one was doing anything to find who stole the child, they hide a lawyer and they clammed up. what tom said, the detective, about if she is really drunk, and they have --. >>shepard: we don't have indication she is. >>arthur: she was on video buying the wine. suspectship i don't know what to believe, i know a baby is missing and parents are not cooperating. that is a problem. i am not a jury. i am not a judgment, it doesn't matter what i think but that is weird. >>randy: but we have the law. and we have the fact we want to arrest people and get closure. and what has happened to this woman is not fair. >>shepard: you are saying the police do not want to find a
12:37 pm
missing child they just want to solve the case. that is not the cops i know. i don't nose those cops. >>randy: i do. >>arthur: by hope they are not in this particular case but there is an enormous amount of national pressure on cops from a small down and i am not saying anything bad but they are not from los angeles and new york and chicago where they deal where this magnitude all the time. for them, this is new year's eve, 2000, and --. >>shepard: do the police officers, in small towns across america, i sincerely apologize to you. most of us, thank you for what you do, we do not distrust you in the going and we believe when a child is missing you are looking for a missing child not trying to close a case. i think you are both gulf of it. >>randy: we both have represented people wrongly and falsely accused and that stings. >>arthur: and i spoke to joe, he said --. >>shepard: the lawyer for the family but for clarification the next ten days after he took the
12:38 pm
case, in europe, in italy, the only -- and i like him, but --. >>arthur: the only i got from him the way the police approached him, we know you did this. >>shepard: like this is something new, an interviewing and tactic they use all time and it often works. >>randy: it doesn't make it right, though. >>shepard: but it is legal. >>randy: that does not make it acceptable or morale right. it is not acceptable. if you want the truth look for the truth. don't try to set somebody up. >>shepard: it wasn't a problem, because i didn't do it. i didn't do anything. listen, dude, i don't know the cops you know. i don't know those cops. the cops i know are there to protect and serve.
12:39 pm
your cynicism is disgusting. >>arthur: they have followed up on a thousand leads. a thousand leads. >>shepard: they have a problem, arthur. you know what the problem is, the parents are not cooperating. i would have this cooperate. >>randy: they did. and failed. so what does they do now? keep going and get in more trouble? >>shepard: how will she get in trouble if she dent do anything wrong. >>randy: you look her up and that is the end of the investigation. >>shepard: fire them both. bummed about it. it is a horrible case. >>arthur: it is, horrifying. you remember drew peterson, killed the two wives, you knew that he did something. i did. here, shep i'm not so convinced.
12:40 pm
>>shepard: i'm not convinced of anything but the baby is missing and they are not cooperating and that doesn't make sense. we have to go. they are very angry. randy. thank you. i know you are not a cop hater. pull them over for 56 in 55 and throw away the key. the president says before the war in afghanistan can end the people there need to handle their own security. best of luck there, mr. president. we will talk with unof the people who is teaching them to do that, the brigadier general. this is $100,000.
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we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. >>shepard: 17 minutes before the hour. how long will troops remain in afghanistan? the white house is not working out that with the pentagon as each side tries to come up with a timeline to bring home our service member. you may know 33,000 so-called surge troops, are due to leave by september in afghanistan, so 70,000 remain in the country,
12:44 pm
70,000. it appears the white house is planning to withdraw more troops during 2013 and 2014 but there are a number of serious issues. first, the militant violence is rising. second, there are major concerns whether the afghanistan military can protect its own country. with us is brigadier genre, commander of the afghanistan training group trying to get them to learn to do the thing for themselves, great to have you, sir. all of us as americans are hopeful and praying, probably, that we can work this thing out and they can protect themselves. can they? >>guest: i believe they can. in my time i have learned a lot more about the afghanistan military, and you look at their history, back in the 80's and 90's they had 300 or 400 aircraft and modern capability and that is gone through combat activity and a lack of sustainment on the part of the
12:45 pm
taliban. but, i can tell you, as an american airman i know what the best air and space unit look like but i have flown with them and have seen them in action and i can tell you firsthand some of the thing they do are as good as i would expect of our avenue -- our aviators. we will build on that. if you look where the military was about two years ago we have decided not only to subject the united states but surge the afghan forces much the initial plan was 200,000 and now it is on the way do 352,000 so a combination of the police force, the army, and the air force and they are making a bigger contribution right now in the fight, the air force itself is a little bit behind the rest. we are looking at a full manned army and police force and i can tell you firsthand watching what happens on the 13th of september the police fork
12:46 pm
themselves actually had a far greater role in stopping some of the violence, it would have been worse. >>shepard: general, do they have the leadership to sustain a flying force? >>guest: i believe they do. if we look at what the nato training mission in afghanistan is about there is a talk about withdrawing troops but there will be a long-term relationship teen the united states, nato, and afghanistan. and in that capacity, we are going to are very were astride them not training and the leadership development we, key focus areas for the training mission in afghanistan, leader development and we will raise literacy and work on their own trainers. i can tell you now the basic training in afghanistan, most of that is done by the afghans, not by coalition members but by afghans. >>shepard: when can we end this? do you have a sense from the ground when we can go home?
12:47 pm
>>guest: that is hard to say. i can tell you that in most recent report, it outlined a level of violence and it captured appropriately, i think, a couple years ago that there was declean in stability, they reversed that and stabilized things in 2010 and this report shows we are reversing. so, the surge of the afghanistan military itself, the surge of the coalition itself, and the capacity that we are building in the afghanistan military will change. we transition several areas earlier under president karzai's direction and they own the security in those areas. and we should expect during the next day or so, if not today, president karzai to announce more areas that will be transitioned. so we will not walk away from the areas. the afghans will be the lead. the face that they see will be the afghans doing the security job. they will see afghans taking care of afghans. it is a very important story.
12:48 pm
thank you. >>shepard: thank you, brigadier general timothy ray. you will recall the air raid crass in reno that killed ten people and injured 70's more when the pilot of the vintage aircraft lost control and slammed into the spectators, a family has filed the first lawsuit and this was no accident they say. no accident. no accident. the legal panel on that next. [ female announcer ] from an earache... to the flu. an accident... to asthma. a new heartbeat... to a heart condition. when you see your doctor, you don't face any medical issue alone. you do it together. at the american medical association,
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>>shepard: a massive drug smuggling bust has turned up two guns linked to the federal weapons thing "fast and furious," and it conditions. that a government investigation which the feds say allowed suspected drug runners to buy guns in order to track those guns back to the cartels. of course officials say at least
12:52 pm
1,400 of the weapons government "lost." and this is not the first time that some have turned up at a crime scene. and now, like from los angeles. william? >> that is why agents say you can let money and drugs walk but not guns. now, take that drug bust last week in arizona where police arrested 76 and seized 108 weapons and traced two of those to "fast and furious," the operation wherefore 16 months the a.t.m. helped sell weapons to smugglers and watched them surface in mexico. out of 2,000 guns hundreds are out there and the legacy will live for decades a reason why the agents are furious with the top brass at a.t.f. and justice department. the other is from testimony yesterday from a man who admitted he knew the government allows gunsmith eled to mexico and said something. and when whistleblowers went public he did not back them up.
12:53 pm
here is an agent today and i quote, "it is disheart being, we risk our lives for this job because we believe in the mission and our agents in mexico ride in armored cars, their wives can not leave the house we lost friends and the whistleblowers tell the truth they are marginalized and retaliated against, and what does the agency do? they lie to us." that was expressed to me by several agents. >>shepard: thank you. reno's air racing association faces a brand new $25 million lawsuit less than two months after the deadly crash of the fighter plane. you remember the video, 11 people died including a texas man whose wife is now filed wrongful death charges against the organization that ran the event. officials at the time called it a "freak citizen," but the family now calls it "predictable result of a reckless drive for speed coupled with with drive for-profit." the lawyers are become.
12:54 pm
police-hating lawyers. arthur aidala and randy zelin. i don't know, man. >>arthur: you can go do a ballgame, and jeter says if you don't like your seat you are afraid of a foul ball, notify someone and we will move you. assumption of the risk f someone is hit by a foul ball in baseball game and they died, is there a lawsuit against the baseball player or the team? there is an assumption you have to be came. take that ten degrees when you go do a race track this is assumption there will be an explosion and cars will cash. if you don't want to get involved we it is back. >>randy: what will come down to here, did the show, did this race, the promotors do what they could to protect the crowd as someone much smarter than me, smarter than i, very smart, explained to me that when you have an air race you want to make sure the mens cannot fly what is called into the crowd
12:55 pm
and whether the planes were running parallel, if there was an accident, people would not get hurt because the people in the stands, they could see a plane crash and i could be killed. is it foreseeable? in this case, particularly where you have a plane going 110 miles per hour faster than it was supposed to be, supposed to go 437 and this was modified to go 550 that now may take the plaintiff and say, you know what, it wasn't foreseeable. >>arthur: hamilton threw the bomb to the fan and the fan leaned over and grabbed it and he died, with the rangers case, there is a loss life, but there are accidents and sometimes lawyers have to stay out of it and people should go and stay, let their religion guide them and there is a loss of life which is horrible, but, sometimes no one has to pay financially. randy?
12:56 pm
>>randy: arthur? it is a very, look, somebody died. people died. and that is terrible, but from a legal perspective, this is what we do. it is not always tasteful. it is not always morale correct, but this is what we do. how many people call their lawyer before they call their doctor? so, did we create them in >>arthur: what does that say about society. >>shepard: why think you created that. >>arthur: supply and demand. >>shepard: you hate to be too strong on any of this, because a family member died. >>arthur: and i am sure the people involved running the race are heartbroken. that is the last thing they wanted to happen. supposed to be a glorious day for family and friends. >>shepard: good luck speeding on the long island expressway. >>randy: and "fast and furious," going after the poor mom. >>shepard: that is it for "studio b" and i will be back tonight at 7:00 eastern 6:00
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