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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 2, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> sean: we are out of time. thanks for being with us. we toss it now to greta, standing by to go live "on the record," with trump transform. i'm wearing a trump tie. greta. >> this is a fox news alert, new accusations, all anonymous against mr. herman cain, you but the cain campaign is punching back. they are demanding an apology from the perry campaign. the cain campaign denies the harassment accusation and says that rival rick perry's campaign is to blame. here's the latest. right now, the a.p. is reporting that a third former co-worker of mr. cain, also unnamed considered filing a workplace complaint against the candidate and never did. another employee, chris wilson, told an oklahoma radio station in the late 1990s, he saw mr. cain harassing a woman in a restaurant in crystal city,
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virginia. but wilson is a pollster for a super pac that supports governor rick perry, but hedi denies that he is the one who originally leak to the media and there was a finger-pint pointing at the rick perry, saying that former staffer curt anderson is blind the leak. anderson works for governor perry's campaign. >> the actions of the perry campaign are despicable, rick perry and his campaign owe herman cain and his family an apology. both rick perry campaign and political -- politico did the wrong thing by reporting something that wasn't true, through anonymous sources, and herman cain and his family are owed an apology. >> governor rick rick rick perrm pape insists they had nothing to do with with it and released
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this statement... >> now, we have more on the breaking news in just a minute. but first, we got donald trump's reaction to this developing scandal. donnel, nice to talk to you. >> thank you, greta. >> donald, mr. herman cain certainly is a controversy swirling around him right now. what are your thoughts on this? >> well, other than being a little bit late to the gun, i think he has really done a pretty good job. he was running a company, somebody made a complaint, it would seem. i think if nothing else comes of it, it's going to be fine. but things like this happen. you know, thin the lawyers get involved and the lawyers want
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hundreds of thousands of dollars and you can settle for peanuts. maybe that's what his company d. or maybe that's what the association did. >> well, apparently, there are two other women unnamed, everything's anonymous, which is always troubling to me. i come from a law background, where have you to identify yourself if you make an accusation, is that there are two other women who claim there has been some sort of -- not touching, but sexual harassment that something was said to them. does that make it a more difficult problem for him? >> i think it's a very ugly witch-hunt. i think it's very unfair. ure say, oh, hello, darling, how are you and you get sued because have you destroyed somebody's life? it's ridiculous. i think it's very unfair to him. unless there is something that we are not seeing, meaning you, i and everybody else -- i think it's a very unfair situation. >> i think that's the problem with the anonymous allegations. i understand why some women would not want to come forward. one is bound by a
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confidentiality agreement. but the other, as far as kisee, there is no impediment, other than they don't want their names splashed across. but we can't test hathey are saying, whether it's true, horrible or whether something was misinterpreted, exaggerated. we don't have a way to make an analysis. >> they probably do love their names splashed across the front pages. and i think that's not a goodor a fair situation. i think that herman should take very, very strong action, even if he has to bring a major lawsuit against the women. >> what should he do right now? >> all he can do is do what he's dorks trying to explain it away. nobody's really seen what they said. so all he can do is what he is doing right now. he could have acted a little bit quicker. he waited the 10 days and got them by surprise. but i think he's done as good a job as you are going to do. he said that he didn't know about the settlement and maybe
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he knew about the settlement. but once he got it straight, he did as good as he's going to do. he am have to see what happens. but if i were herman and these things turned out to be false or inaccurate, i would bring a major lawsuit against the women who are saying it. >> is this fatal to his campaign >> i don't think so, if nothing else comes out orgit's nonsense. i think it can almost help. he said, i was watching him yesterday on your show, by the way, he was saying that he's doing better now fund-raising than ever. that people took offense to what is taking place t. could be a strange reversal in a sense. no, i don't think so, as long as it doesn't come out and bad things don't come out. and again, i would tell him to react swiftly and strongly with a major lawsuit against these people, if they say anything that is even slightly wrong. >> what if it originates or is fueled by another campaign? how does that play into this?
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>> i don't think it's nice and i don't think it would play well, especially if it's from a republican. i haven't heard that that did take place, in fact. but if it is from a republican, i think probably it's maybe even playing a little bit worse. >> grim news. federal reserve sliced its growth outlook sharply for 2011, 2012, 2013 and significantly increased its unemployment rate forecast, both grim news. >> wow. you know, i am not surprised. i have been on your show for years now, i have been saying, you cannot create a strong economy if china and other countries continuously take your jobs, make your products, manipulate their currencies and do all the things they are doing and hold did shes at the white house -- state dinners for the president of china. so i am not surprised at all. i have been telling you this is going to happen. the news came out today and i think it's an absolute disaster near country. we need a leader that knows how
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it deal with china, that knows how to deal with opec and india and every other country. india, the outsourcing is unbelievable. what's going on with this country, greta, is beyond belief. so i don't think you think i am surprised to hear this. >> i don't think you are surprised. each candidate, i know, obviously, you are unhappy with the president, but each candidate brings to the campaign a different strength. in terms of dealing with opec, which candidate do you think would be the strongest or the one that would be the best? i realize there are many issues. but what about just opec? >> well, i think the one that is spoken about the most is mitt romney. i have been watching the debates. i will say this, though, the saddest part of the debates is that they talk about jobs. and everyone says, we need better education, we need better this, better that. but they don't talk about how other countries are stealing hour lunch. it's never brought up in the
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republican debates. it's never brought up. at what point do they say, we can't continuously have our products and everything manufactured by other countries, with the biggest culprit, of course, being china. and to give you a double, this is a double shot to the face. the other element is opec. every time a little bit of good news is mentioned, they raise the price of oil and it is more important than interest rates. they raise the price of oil and it's just like sucking the blood out of this country. and nobody does anything about it except hold state dinners for these people and drop down and kiss their ring. >> let me give two names. tell me how you think they would deal with the situation, if elected or nominated for the republican nomination. how would speaker gingrich be with throws issues and senator rich santorum? >> lyou know the problem i have with rick and i have spoken to him and he was a sitting senator and lost by 29%.
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that bothers me. i think he would be tough and strong, i think he would be much better than what we have now. but you have a sitting senator who the people of pennsylvania rejected. and that does bother me. newt, i love because he's a member of my great golf course and club in washington, outside of washington. so anybody that's a member of my club i know has good taste in real estate. i think he has done really well in the debates. i think mitt romney, has done really well. those two, in terms of debating have done the best. >> how about michele bachmann, representative from minnesota ndealing with china? >> well, she's tough. she's smart. she is tough. i think, again, anybody would be better than president obama. president obama has done nothing. they're eating our lunch. they are taking our food right off the table. they are taking our jobs and now, finally, i have been waiting for this, i can't believe it took so long. i have been waiting for a report like the report we just got. how can we possibly create job
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when is our people are leaving, when other people are just taking those jobs and manufacturing our product? it's just impossible. so the economy's only going to get worse until we have no economy at all. we have to stop it. gret ayou have these -- i have to say this, they are stupid fools that talk about, oh donnel, you are against free trade this. isn't free trade, this is unfair trade. chinal make $350 billion this year. and they are saying that estimate is low. we can't continue to do this. and if have you to end so-called free trade, end it because we will do a lot better without it than we are doing with it. it's a disaster for this country. we don't have people who know how it negotiate with other countries. every country is out-negotiating our leaders. it's very sad and very serious. >> is any candidate right now -- is any candidate as tough on china as you are? >> no. nobody's tough like i am. >> why?
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>> i don't know. i don't understand t. i will say mitt romney is the toughest of the group in terms of his attitude toward china. most other people don't mention. it they are mentioning education, i hear they're mentioning all sorts of things that have absolutely almost nothing to do with what is going on with this country. i am a big fan of education. i am well educated at a great college and all of that stuff. but, you know, when you are losing tens of thousands of jobs a month because china's taking them away from us, what does that have to do with education? >> here's -- >> we should educate our president. he's the one that nides the education. >> here's a question out of left field, maybe literally. any interest in buying the element a. dodgers? they are up for sale. >> alternates a great franchise. it's a great sport. people have called me about it. i am so busy with the candidates coming into trump tower and all the things i am doing, i'm having a great time, including buying a lot of things.
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this is a great time to buy. when the markets are crashing, that's a time to buy if you are in that position, i'm lucky. so i am buying things. so probably not. >> any interest at all? >> always interest -- >> really? >> it's a great asset. it's a great asset. i love baseball. they have a great commissioner and a great, you know, a lot of great teams. i thought that tony larussa and albert puhoaltsz and the group did an unbelievable job. game 6 was maybe the best baseball game i have ever seen of the world series. but tony larussa is an amazing guy who quit at the absolute height, at the absolute top -- he's a friend of mine. i know not sure i agree with him. i said, you could sign a huge contract. but he noted to go out on top and he did and have you to take your hat off to a guy like that. >> alternate testify donald trump buying the l.a. dodgers, what about the green bay packers, why not offer it to the musn't?
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so when you go to the games, you chant for your own team and not donald trump's team. >> green bay's unique because it started many, many years ago, when they were worth $500. you are talking about very big dollars now. i have property in los angeles. los angeles has bigger problems than buying the dodgers. all have you to do is tell the people of los angeles, we are going to raise your taxes to buy -- >> i don't mean -- i mean, the packers -- when they want to build a stayed why you were, they sell more shares and we go running out and buy them and we get nothing but bragging rights. why not do a public offering? i am not saying tax the people, but offer it for sale? >> ic it's a great concept. but this actuality, if you are talking about the numbers that i am hearing bandied about, it's probably, it's probably pretty tough. they have some pretty serious problems out there, at this point. >> would you be interested in buying a portion of the dodgers? or are you totally out of this
7:14 pm
one? >> i might. i have had a lot of groups call me. i do understand baseball. i'm in a position where i can afford to do that kind of thing. traditionally, it's never been a good thing to own because they lose money, but when you sell them, you make a profit. but i would be interested in listening. there are groups that i really like. and i would be interested in listening. >> all right. i bet i could get you to buy them. what facility chinese wanted to buy them? >> then i might buy them. >> i figured. >> it it's like when the new york stock exchange gets sold to the germans, okay? this is a pretty sad day for this country. and that already took place. >> donald, nice to talk to you. >> thank you very much, greta. >> okay. now the latest that has washington buzzing, another former co-worker identity, unknown, making accusations against mr. herman cain. but the cain campaign is pointing the finger, right now at the governor rick perry campaign. we have a representative from
7:15 pm
the washington post here. boy, rough, isn't it. >> yes! >> what is up? i don't mean in sports terms. but is what is the latest with the accusers? >> they are coming out. two additional, at least one, one is anonymous who, made charges that mr. cain said some uncomfortable things to her, invited her to his corporate apartment. she is anonymous i. that's the bad part. >> that obviously, you know, perks your ear up. so far, it looks like the women who have had these agreement it's. >> one has a settlement that we know of. >> and they have said they don't want to talk. they don't want to be the next anita hill. but there is a sense that one of these women wants her story out there, but it's a matter of how she gets it out there. does she get it through the lawyer? >> she said she doesn't want it out there. it could be it's not a
7:16 pm
legitimate claim. we don't know. there is no way to know. but if i were that woman, i wouldn't want my lawyer talking because there is a risk that this will be seen that he is speaking for her as a violation. but i doubt anyone would sue her for busting the agreement. >> right. exactly. we will have to see. one of the things that cain benefits and we talked about this before, he's raised, i think $1 million. this has been good for business for him. yeah. people are liking it. folks in iowa, one of our reporters is saying that people are saying, this is a big liberal plot. so far, he's doing good. by turning this to perry, i thought, you know, he initially tried to blame the women and say these are false accusation it's. >> and they may be. we don't know. they could be. >> we don't know what is in the documents. then he turned the speculation on the media and played the race carted a bit last night on your station. now he has the focus on perry, saying this was dirty campaign
7:17 pm
trick. >> see, i want to put the brakes on this. sexual harassment is a real thing. it's always done in privacy, it is never done in a group, usually two people. but it's really easy to allege it falsely. and one thing that really bothers me, an iowa radio host put up on facebook, is that cain had said things to both of his female staffers that at best are professionally awkward, if not inappropriate. that's so far off the radar screen from sexual harassment. now we have people saying they didn't like what he said, it was "professionally awkward." what is that? >> there is a wide definition of sexual harassment and it is based on percept whereon. the thing is, we don't know what happened. herman cain has said he made comments about a woman being the same size or height as his wife. that can be -- i am not a lawyer -- >> it doesn't bother you.
7:18 pm
>> exactly. >> so you are right. these things are coming out from this iowa radio station. you wonder if at some point, this begins to help cain because everybody's coming out of the woodwork, complaining about this guy. if he is able to make this argument that everybody's attacking him because he's on top, he might benefit. >> being a criminal defense lawyer, i am really troubled by anonymity. what are you supposed to say? i didn't do t. it's almost like a situation that people liked you before, they will believe you. if they didn't like you before, they will say you are lying. >> exactly. i think one of the dangers for herman cain is that he is very well liked. if people get the sense that he is playing a washington game, being clintonian in his responses when he talks about, well, i don't know if it was a settlement or an agreement, i think that could hurt him because people see him as an outside the beltway,
7:19 pm
shoot-from-the-hip truth teller and if they see him playing games, that could hurt him. >> i would like to see the agreement t. sometimes says, they won't talk about it, and they say neither party admits any wrongdoing. that may be. i have no idea what is in the agreement. but that would put an interesting dynamic. but anyway, i am sure tomorrow will bring another interesting chapter to this. >> good to see you, gret amount of straight ahead, a private meeting with herman cain, what went on behind closed doors? jim demint is here. >> and who decide to pay? >> and a real stunner about the shovel-ready jobs, the administration knew there was a problem with them from the get go. and buckle up, that news is going to send you right to the moon. i was taking a multivitamin... but my needs changed...
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>> an alarming tweet from senator jim demint saying the super committee won't solve our debt crisis. senator demint is here. but first, senator, you met with mr. herman cain today. everybody's talking about him. what do you think? >> i'm impressedpressed with he,
7:24 pm
he's a genuine guy, fun to talk to, very focused with a clear vision of where he wants to take the country. i have met with nthe last few weeks, perry and of course, i know a lot of the other candidates, i feel good about our field right now. i am ready to play favorites, but i think our candidates are doing a good job. >> the issue come up? >> yeah. >> it did come up? >> yea, yeah. >> how did he handle it with you? >> told me very simply, it was something that came up a long time ago and that they were untrue allegations and apparently, they were never really any charges filed and so, i don't know the facts and don't feel comfortable talking about it. so if nothing else comes up that's credible and i haven't seen anything credible, i imagine it will pass and something else will come up. so i really don't know. so i can't talk too much about
7:25 pm
it. i enjoyed meeting with him, i think he's very genuine, loves country. he understands the principles that make our country great and important to me, he knows how it run a business and knows how jobs are created. i think that's important for republicans to draw the contrast with obama in the next election. i think our top tier of cantedidates are -- candidates are much better off in that area than the president is. >> i know you are not going to endorse, but you don't exclude him? >> i feel good about all of our candidates right now. the fact they are so close just suggests that americans are having a hard time making a decision. >> all right. now to the super committee, you took to twitter today. you don't think it's going to work out? >> well, it's frustrating that our democracy is behind closed doors. i didn't like the debt ceiling deal and setting up a very limited committee and set toping
7:26 pm
behind closed door, i don't like. i know the top goal of the in thees is to force the republicans to accept some tax increases. i think -- it is not so much about the revenue because i think a lot of them know if we have a low, flat rate and good economic policies, we will have more revenue from growth. but they want to get revenue from tax increases so they can say republicans broke their word. so i think it's a "read my lips" moment for republicans. we cannot accept tax increases. washington wastes trillions of dollars a year. it makes no sense to take more from hard-working taxpayers and bring it to washington. we need to cut spending. if the democrats are not willing to join us in cutting spending, i think republicans just need to say, we will take this to the people in 2012 and elect some people who will cut spending. >> in the house, there are a lot of dissent, saying one thing they would agree to is tax increase. so there are some republican
7:27 pm
members in the house who are willing to do that. >> i think some are willing to look at loopholes,il eliminate diductions and loophole fist we can get a low rate. but it needs to be budget neutral this. government doesn't need more money. we are already taking in more scmoan wasting more money than we should. we need to cut smend spending. we had some bill this is week, greta, trying to cut small amounts from a wasteful agricult agricultural program or an aviation program, we couldn't get a majority to cut anything small. >> all right. but there are different kinds of waste. there are wastes where i don't think we need it, but there are wastes in the city -- money gets -- you know, was spent on empty office space or -- i mean -- if you look at services. there are really, really horrendous waste and not a single person disagreeing with it and we never seem to go after that. >> the general accounting i. the one in march!
7:28 pm
senator coburn. >> senator coburn worked on. lots of waste. >> was anything done with that. >> you can put these thing on the floor for a vote and you can't get a majority. >> how can you not get people to vote on things like, it's basically, should we put billion dollars in the toilet? >> this is why we can't compromise with the democrats. people don't like to hear it. democrats depend on dependent people, particularly government workers. any cut in i government program, no matter how wasteful -- >> some of it isn't jobs, it's empty office space. >> we do have billions of dollars of empty federal buildings we need to sell. >> trump would probably buy them. >> but to get the democrats to cut spending is against the culture of their party right now. we have to recognize that as republicans. that's why 2012 is so important. we can't work with this party. they are controlled by unions, they are trying to expand government workers, union workers. and i would love to say, we can
7:29 pm
work and cooperate together. but they are going to run this country into bankruptcy unless we change things. >> i can understand that those who don't want to cut services, that maybe the republicans want to cut, but i don't understand those parts of the g.a.o. report that is flat-out waste that doesn't generate. >> they don't want to cut services i. suppose, you think we should restrict eligibility for a social service or something, if you think that that we shouldn't do it -- for whatever reason and the democrats fight ow that, i understand that fight. but what i don't understand is that there is flat-out waste. >> i don't either. have you empty federal buildings. but i guarantee, we couldn't get the democrats to agree to sell it because they are being maintained by government workers. they are not going to go there. they want-- the president's jobs plan is propping up government jobs at the state level right now. it really -- >> maybe get donald trump and he will hire them to do the work on
7:30 pm
the buildings. i don't know. he's looking for good deals. >> trump has been in business. he understands how things work and how irrational government is. our country's in trouble. we have so much debt, whether it's a super committee or the congress as a whole, we spent more this year than last year, the bills we are passing now, we will spend more next year. we are not cutting spending. we need one more election. >> senator, nightnice see you. >> coming up, if you are outraged over wall street, bonuses, that's nothing. wait until you hear this. and there is more. you are footing the bill. that's next. also, a big adz mission from rush limbaugh. what does he confess to? hear from rush coming up
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>> tonight, there is outrage exploding from both parties in congress over more than $12 million in bone iss for top executives of fannie and freddie. now, it was just a few years ago that taxpayers bailed out the mortgage giant to the tune of $140 billion. griff jenkins is at capitol hill to get a reaction. >> lawmake ors capitol hill are starting to sound off and republican senators are looking to take action. >> american taxpays e, hard-working american families have paid $170 billion to bail out fannie and freddie. and now we find out that 10 --
7:35 pm
executives there have gotten a total of $12 million in bonuses. what did they get bonuses for? things that have been called moderate improvems, that's it. this is a country where you work hard, you play by the rules, you do well. but a million-dollar bonus for a moderate improvement? this is absolutely wrong. the american taxpayers are outraged. i have been hearing from people at home and across the country, they think and i believe that the president needs to cancel the bonuses. >> reporter: press secretary jay carney said that the white house cannot do anything about it? >> well, when barack obama was a candidate running for president, he called on the white house and callinged on the treasury department, specificky to do something about it. so if he believes something could be done about it back then, then something absolutely should be done right now and hard-working american taxpayers deserve to have that. we do not need excuses for
7:36 pm
failure and rewards for failure. to give millions in bonuses for modest improvems is absolutely wrong and it goes away the way americans think in ters of our vision for the country. >> reporter: senator, what's the next step for you? >> we are going to try to get as many stearnts -- senators as we can on a letter to mr. demarco, basically, asking him to rescind this action. and hoping that we will be able to get a good, bipartisan representation from the united states senate saying, if you fail to correct this, congress will take action to force it. so that's something we will be working on today and tomorrow and hope to get that letter on. >> reporter: you are holding that now? this letter? >> i am. >> reporter: that will go to fhfa, tomorrow, let's say? >> we are hoping. it takes a while to get as many senate offices as we can, contacted. but we want the senate to be on
7:37 pm
record that we disapprove of what has been done and we want that action reversed double that this should be part of the discussion, double it may hurt -- do you believe it may hurt president obama? >> i think it's part of the subtext. obviously, we are in a political season. we are heading into a political season, based upon the campaigns that are underway and the way that the president's campaigning around the country on his bus tour, he's clearly in campaign mode. so i think that this is the context in which the 2012 campaign and the campaign issues are going to be debated. and when have you a culture in washington, d.c. that appears to be this far out of touch with the average american and hard-working taxpayers, you have a major problem. i think that the president, if he's smart, will correct this and correct it quickly. >> now, we reached out to the federal housing finance agency, which oversees fannie and
7:38 pm
freddie, for comment. they issued us this statement. quote, these are not rewards for the individuals running the >> here's a look at what is coming up after this show on the "the o'reilly factor." >> things are getting really tense in the crime area with the occupy wall street. we will have an investigative report. dennis miller is wild tonight. we had to call the police tonight, we really did. >> i heard miller was taken out in handcuffs, 11:00 p.m. eastern time. but up next, is rush limbaugh an athlete? yes, you heard that right.
7:39 pm
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>> shocking testimony about president obama's green jobs program in 60 seconds. but first, ainsley earhardt has the headlines. >> a developing story out of california, where occupy wall street protesters have shut down operations at the busy port of oakland. here's the scene of that demonstration. according to reports out of the bay city, protesters have vandalized a grocery store and shattered windows at three banks. earlier, thousands joined in a peaceful march in downtown oakland. u.s. stocks closing up despite fears that greece will reject the bailout plan. france warned greece they won't give them any aid until they accept the plan. despite the uncertainty, the dow
7:44 pm
jones gained 178 points, s&p rose 20 and the nasdaq added 33 points. i'm ainsley earhardt, now back to "on the record" with gret a. thanks for watching. >> okay. better hold your breath, stunning testimony about president obama's green jobs program. ed, nice to see you. hearing from the energy department watchdog? >> reporter: the energy department watchdog from the labor department and this is essentially a discussion about that greenions program created as part of the economic stimulus program, p.m.o remember the obama white house said they would give billions of dlos weatherize homes and make buildings more energy efficient and to move the economy into the 21st century by focusing on eco-friendly businesses. >> how are we doing? >> at the labor department, there was a big job training program, gave out about $491
7:45 pm
billion in training. the goal was to find green jobs for 80,000 americans, as of june, which was a few months ago. only 8,000 people have found green jobs. >> 72,000 short. >> you are. but the program is supposed to continue through 2013, so the labor department says, patience, please. but it's ironic because the white house was running around a few years ago, saying we want to get money into the system and generate economic development and find ways to create jobs. you have the inspectors general saying, if that was the intent of the program, you haven't done that because have you money that hasn't been spent and jobs haven't been created and people haven't found employment. let's go to the shovel-ready projects. how did we do that? >> the energy department inspector general, and has published more than 100 investigation how the energy department has spent the money, said that the idea of shovel-ready projects was not
7:46 pm
out there, it wasn't that there were projects that were ready to go. >> so was that a lie that there were shovel-ready projects? >> he doesn't use those words. republican critics certainly do. the white house doesn't think so. >> did the white house think there were and just didn't get it? or were told there were? >> the origins of that phrase and the whole idea -- not entirely clear. i am not necessarily familiar with it. but the inspectors general said that there were all sorts of types of things that had to happen, if you want to ritrofit an old believe, you had to make sure it wasn't on the historic landmark list. there were environmental regulations to be looked at. some some cases, it took months for projects to get cleared. >> here's my favorite part of the article that was published today in the washington post. talking about giving the money to the states and the state it's here's my favorite n. some case, state government personnel charged with distributing the federal dollars had been
7:47 pm
furloughed as part of state budget crunches, so the people who were supposed to give it out are out of aion. >> exactly. generally, bottom line, what the guys are trying to say is the white house and congress who passed the stimulus program were very well intentioned in trying to get billions of dollars into the system to try to create jobs and get the economy going, but they bumpedun against the reality on the ground i. you know what? we don't pay them -- this isn't like good time charlie and say we really like you, we pay them to know how to do the job. >> right. >> i have a hard time with an unemployment rate of 9.1 and they don't be the realities. isn't that what they get paid for? to do their job right. i couldn't say, every night, i didn't know i was supposed to be here the whole hour, i have to leave after 15 minutes, but i mean well. >> wouldn't you be screaming, why aren't you doing smig to create jobs? >> i would have said, you wanted the job, you said you could do the job, i trusted to you do the job.
7:48 pm
apparently, you couldn't. if these things really weren't ready to go. you know, that's the sadnesses of it. i am not trying to be mean. these are the realities. great article. nice to see you. >> what do you think? was taxpayer money wasted or will the government's investment pay off in the end? we want to hear your answers. you can post your own 15-second video replies on our new page. just go to maybe we will pick the best responses and post the videos on gretawire. straight ahead, rush limbaugh sounds off about his favorite sport. what does he have in common with his radio job? and donald trump gets another famous visitor. who is it this time? you will never guess, that's coming up and president obama has some reading to do. a local reporter handed him a book. what book? and what message was written
7:49 pm
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7:52 pm
ir oism rush limbaugh talking about two of his favorite thing it's golf and the radio. now he's comapproximate pairing his job to playing pro golf.
7:53 pm
so what does he mean? let rush tell you. >> i am often asked, when i am on the golf course, and i haven't played -- i played once since august -- twice, viplayed twice since august. i have done that on purpose, i talk about it less. so as not to tick off the stick to the issues crowd. so i have only played twice. when i do play with a low handicap golfer or a professional, i ask them, does it ever get boring? hitting every shot where you attempt to hit it? does it ever get boring shooting 72? and they look at me, they smile big and they say, never! never gets boring! being good. but you always shoot 72. you never... you never lose a ball. you are never out of bounds. we do, we save our best for you amateurs to make you feel even
7:54 pm
worse. consequently, people ask me all the time, does it ever get boring or old, being right? no. it never does. and sometimes i'm wrong, but you never see it. it never happens on the radio. >> and that's something you probably won't hear rush say again for at least sometime. a reporter shows up at the white house with gifts, president obama granted an interview to a local reporter from phoenix. the reporter gave him a copy of governor jan brewer's book, scorpians for breakfast and she wrote, president obam amy invitation still stands for to you visit the arizona/mexico border. breakfast is on me! she was on our news show on monday. today, she stopped by trump tower to meet with donald trump. donald trump's office is a
7:55 pm
popular destination. most visitors have been presidential candidates. is the governor not telling us something? there have you it, best of the rest. coming up your last call. a quick round before we turn off the lights. have you been wondering what president obama dressed up as for halloween? you will want to hear this. >>. >>
7:56 pm
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one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands ojobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for oucountry's energy security and our economy. oog 11:00 is >> 11:00 is almost here, it's time for last call. even presidents like to dress up for halloween. and this year, president obama found the perfect costume. >> this is nice. president obama gave canned tow trick-or-treaters at the white house. he wanted people to like his costume, so he went as himself from 2008. >> ouch. that hurts. that's your last call. we are closing down shop. thank you for being with us tonight. we will see you


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