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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 2, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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the spin stops right here as we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: tonight, fresh allegation ntsz herman cain sexual harassment spear campaign. the a.p. is reporting that there is a third, ax none muswoman coming forward and the cain campaign is blaming one of his g.o.p. rivals for leaking the story. much more on this later. but first, we are two months away from the iowa caucuses and as the republican field continues to jockey for position, herman cain is at the top of the pack. in the latest survey, he received 30% of the vote to mitt romney's 23%. former speaker newt gingrich is in third with 10% and texas governor rick perry received 8%, but governor perry is as
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determined as ever and has in his possession, an impressive war chest to help him fight to win the republican nomination. i sat down with the governor to talk about how he plans to put americans back to work and much, much more. governor perry, good to see you. >> thank you, sean. welcome to corn country. >> sean: we have a lot of corn over here. it's good to see you again. it's been awhile since i have been on the road. i haven't been on the road with you yet. all right. your campaign starts out gang busters, rick perry's in the race, a lot of excitement. you petered out a little bit. you seem to be turning a corner. what happened in the first 100 days? >> the first 100 days is just a sprint to raise money. we were spending a lot of time raising money because we knew we had to. we had four debates. frankly, i didn't have time to prepare for those debates -- obviously, it showed. you know, i hate debates.
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i hate debates worse that i know did spinning when i was a pilot in the united states air force. but i practiced enough that i got pretty good at it. there will be plenty of debates. but here's what people are interested in. we have a great debater in the white house, a slick politician. and our country is paying a great price for that. americans are looking for somebody who is consistent. they are looking for somebody who's honest and tough as nails, somebody that will take a wrecking ball to washington, d.c. and say, you know what? that's overwith. we are fixing to cut spending. here's a plan to cut the taxes, which we do with the 20% flat tax. that's what americans are looking for and they will see a lot of it. >> sean: your latest ad is "i'm a doer, not a talker." you are conceding that the debate performances were not up to your speed. but you also say you are going to get better at them. is it important that whoever wins the nomination can stand on the statement with 50, 60, 80,
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100 million americans watching and go toe to toe with obama and beat him on substance? >> i look forward to being on the stage with obama. i will love to be on the stage with barack obama, talking about how in the world did you lose 2 1/2 million jobs? how did you waste $4 trillion? i know how to create jobs. i know how to pull back the regulations that are strangling our small businessmen and -women, and allow a tax structure that allows them to keep more what have they look for. we have a structure in a foreign area, where it makes a difference to our allies, america's going to be there with us. they don't know this with this president. this is a president who gives a great presentation. he is slick as he can be, a great debater, but he has been an absolute disaster as a president of the united states. >> let's go through some of the issues. what surprised me in the debates
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was, you took a pretty controversial position on immigration when you were governor about -- you had most of the legislature, as you point the out, supporting you. that is in-state tuition prices for illegal immigrants. do you regret that position at all isn't conservative base doesn't like that position. in other words, the votes you are looking for. what do you say to them because your record's pretty solid conservative, but that's not a conservative position in the minds of a lot of people? >> the federal government's complete and absolute failure to secure the border put a lot of pressure on governors to have to deal with issues. you are required to give health care, you are required to give education. texans made a decision -- are we going to kick these people to the side of the road and they are going to be tax wasters? or are we going to require that they become citizens of the united states and become taxpayers? we chose the latter. i would still do that today, considering the barrier, if you
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will, the arena that we have to work in. as the president of the united states, i am against the dream act. i will shut that border down because i have had to deal with it for 10 years. i understand. i am putting texas rangers and national guard, i am putting texas citizens on the line over there, they are being fired at. thank god, none of them have been killed yet. but i know how to secure that border. when i am the president, that border will be secure. these issues that we have been forced to deal with as governors, will start being alleviated. then we can have a decent, thoughtful and economically focused conversation about immigration policy. >> sean: so you think you can secure the border? >> i think you can do it within a year. seriously -- >> sean: that means nobody can come across the border? >> unless you want them to. if there is a point in time, what is the type of immigration policy we need to have? what kind of people do we want coming across? we will know who they are. but i feel very comfortable that
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you put those assets on the border. the only bottleneck i see with being able to do that is training enough predator drone pilots. we have the other conflicts going on around the world, but we quickly can shut that border down, bad guys will know it in a hurry. caller: all right. but you don't need a fence, in your view? >> i think there are places that strategic fencing -- >> sean: but not across the whole border. >> listen, saying, i am going to build a double fence and put alligators and lava in there as well. one tries to out-do the other one. that's 2,000 miles. the idea of building a 2,000-mile fence costs huge amounts of money and takes very long periods of time, but strategic fencing in the high-traveled areas where we know they are absolutely using it in there. then you augustment that -- you aug.ment that with the most
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powerful piece of the strategy and that's the boots on the ground. those three together make that border secure. >> sean: let's go to your economic plan. you gave two big speech, one was on energy and the other was on the flat-tax plan. why don't you explain both of them? on the flat tax, you are offering an option. i want you to explain that to people. >> well, it makes sense to me that we need to have a flatter and a fairer tax system. i mean, the idea that we spend almost a travel a trillion dollars filling out, buying accountants' times and lawyers' times to deal with our taxes? that's nuts. why not have a flat 20% tax rate that clearly has the deductions for home mortgages, has the deductions for charitable and local sales taxes and what have you and a $12,500 independent deduction for each independent in the house. you take the deductions from
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what your pay is, 20% of it, put it on the post card and send it to the irs. that will -- that will basically change the irs as we know it today. you want to bring back manufacturing to america. put a flat tax in corporately and personally. pull back these regulations and check them for whether the cost versus the benefit and most of them are going to be thrown away because there is no benefit of any note. but there is a lot of cost, compliance costs. that's how you get america back, creating jobs and creating wealth. it allows us to balance the budget by 2020 and create plenty of money to pay for all the government that americans want. 18% of our gross domestic product, you do that, america becomes a power house economically. >> sean: is it revenue neutral? do you increase revenue when is you increase the system? what are your economists telling you? >> over the eight-year period of
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time to get to 2020, you are going to balance the budget. that's what i care about. what i care about most is creating jobs. this will give the confidence to job creators. are there going to be hard decisions? you better believe it. but you look at my record in texas. the establishment doesn't like me. the corporate tax lawyers in washington, d.c., they hate me the way -- you know, the devil hates holy water. they dont want to see me coming to wash washington, d.c. becausm going to take a wrecking ball to the tax issues and the regulations. and americans are going to be the winners. >> sean: coming up, more of my interview with governor rick perry. later, another anonymous woman comes forward, claiming she was harassed by herman cain in the 1990s. but will any of these women reveal their identities? plus, who the cain campaign is blaming for leaking the smear. we'll have the latest ♪
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we return to iowa, where yesterday i sat down with texas governor, republican presidential candidate, rick perry. any plan that's going to get to a balanced budget has to deal with entitlements. now, paul ryan suggests an entitlement reform, going to save social security, save medicare. there is a paul ryan look-alike, pushing gran nea wheelchair and throwing her right over the cliff.
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have you to deal with entitlements if you want to balance the budget. how do you deal with social security, medicare, medicaid? >> americans want to hear the truth. the truth is, granny is not going over the side of the cliff. anybody that's on social security or approaching social security, we have a loyal oath to you that's going to be there for you. but for our kids, they know it's not going to be there. so let's be honest with people. i don't think americans are going to buy into this story that we hear from this president and his minions that somehow republicans are going to destroy america. they're looking for a shining city on a hill again. they are looking for an america they can be proud of. they are looking for a president doesn't travel around the country and make apologies for america, but a president that stands up and says, listen, america's strong, needs a stronger world. we need to have that kind of a president, a person that folks have confidence in. that's what i plan to do over the next year, as i talk to the
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american people. make them proud of america again, make the world know that america's going to be standing up there, being a powerful economic and a military force and a president that doesn't make any excuses about what america's doing from the standpoint of creating the land of opportunity again and the land of the free and the home of the brave. >> sean: when you talk about social security, right out of the box, and you called it a ponzi scheme tbecame a big issue. you and governor rom no on one of the debates went back and forth about it a lot. you still stand by that social security's a ponzi scheme and that you can fix it and save it for future generations? >> governor romney said it was a criminal enterprise. no matter what you call ti think everybody understands, this thing is broken. let's fix it. quit worrying about what you call t. it is a program that was put into place that has been used as a piggy bank by
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washington, d.c., congressional members for too many years. they have taken money out of that trust fund. i would protect it like we do the highway trust fund, dollars going into the social security frustfund, you are not getting your hands on it for any reason. >> sean: let's go into the dynamic with you and governor romney. it's looked heated and partial at times when you have been out there, debating. you went after him pretty hard over the issue, you know, over who's cutting his lawn in the last debate. that got a lot of play. what do you think of governor romney? he's maintained his position in the polls. others have come and gone. there is a back and forth right now, him and herman cain are at the top. what do you think of him? do you -- do you like him -- >> he's my competitor. it's like -- i would think that, you know, whoever i am competing against, i am going to try to beat him and bring up the truth and talk about it. i do think it was very, you know, bad policy and bad politics for him to hire illegal
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aliens and talk to me, who has done more to deal with this issue than anybody on that stage, whether it's putting texas ranger recon teams and $400 million. for him to lecture texas and me about how to deal with the border, i thought was the height of hypocrisy from a guy who has been hiring illegals to do his yard work. >> sean: you don't think he went out and specifically and knowingly hired an illegal immigrant? he hired a landscaper -- should he object? >> yes. sir. he should have checked. i check the folks that work with me and have through the years. but the issue is, he changes his positions -- i mean, last week and years before, he was for cap and trade. he was for, you know, global warming is man made. now this next week, he comes out and says, well, no, maybe that's not the case.
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americans want a consistent president. you may not agree with him on everything. but don't change your positions by whatever office you are running for. americans want to see a consistent, fiscal conservative that will stand up and say to wash washington, d.c., get ready. i'm coming and i am bringing the wrecking ball. >> sean: let me ask you about herman cain? what do you make of his rise in the polls? never held political office. he worked for pillsbury, worked for coke, burger king, godfather's pizza. comes up with the 9-9-9 plan. do you like some aspects of that plan? why do you think he rose so quickly up those polls? >> i think herman cain is a very likeable individual in a personal way. his programs, when he talks about his tax plan, you know, it is going to be... set it up against my 20% tax
9:19 pm
plan and figure out which one you like best, creating a new source of income for the federal government. i never thought that was a good idea. >> sean: you mean the consumption side. >> all of those issues are going to be taken apart. we have a long way to go before this campaign's overwith. we are going to talk about a lot of issues important to the people of iowa, florida, south carolina, new hampshire, all of those state it's nevada, as they go forward. at the end of the day, sean, people want to know who is it that has a plan to get america working again? who is it that has the courage, the back bone and the record -- and i have all of those. you look at my 10 years as governor of the state of texas, it's hard to argue that we don't get the job creation part of it right. americans can work their way to a lot of issues, but if you don't get this country working again, those other issues become secondary. >> sean: coming up, governor perry reveals notable
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republicans he would like to hire as advisers, should he win the white house. the list may surprise you. one of the women who accused herman cain of, quote, inappropriate behavior in the 90s, has been located in d.c. and there are conflicting reports about whether or not she plans to break her silence. and the cain campaign is pointing fingers, saying a g.o.p. rival is behind the sexual harassment leak that. sexual harassment leak that. and much more coming up tonight [ man ] i got this citi thank you card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take thibridge over here. the it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] write your story with the citi thankyou premier card, with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at
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>> welcome back to hafnlt we continue with texas governor and republican presidential candidate, rick perry. >> president qaddafi, the president, the arab spring, the arab spring looks like it's becoming a bit of a winter or a night marry. the muslim brotherhood alining with the military. their initial statement when all of this start the was prepare for war with israel. i like that mubarak is out. are we in a worse situation? qaddafi is out, but we have shirria law. did the president make the right decision? did he prepare for the inevitable, the possibility that things may get worse? do you think things are getting worse? >> that's not the snapshot we should be talking about.
9:25 pm
the snapshot we ought to be talking about is in '09, when we had the opportunity to address the biggest problem in the middle-east and that is iran. and while we naively were having conversations with the syrians and with the iranians, dealing with the revolution that was going on, in that country, we should have been using every tool -- both and up to and including military if that was what was required, our diplomatic, economic, covert, overt, civic -- we should have been monopolying those people overthrow that regime. think about, had we been a part of overthrowing, working with the iranian people -- that regime, all of these other dominoes that are falling probably would not have fallen. so that -- >> sean: you think that was the key moment that was missd? >> i think the key moment that this president naively thought
9:26 pm
he could go to the middle-east and give a speech and know that they would ooh, and ah, and go, wow, what a man, what would you like for us to do, mr. president? >> sean: we keep reading that iran gets closer and closer to acquiring nuclear weapons and thumbing their nose at the world community and the president of the united states. if there comes a point and you are the president, and you think they're close to acquiring nuclear weapons, knowing that they are funding all of these proxy wars, with state-sponsored terrorism, et cetera, do you think that would warrant military action, maybe in alinement, an alliance with israel to take out the nuclear sites so they can't get those weapons? >> i think it's an alinement with a lot more than israel. obviously, israel is the target of iran. but i think the french, i think the european countries -- they understand the threat of this individual as well. working -- and having a state department that is really driven
9:27 pm
by a wise, a very engaged and a secretary of state who understands how the state department functions. i will tell you, i think we all too often let state department bureaucrats make way too many decisions dealing with what is going on, particularly in the middle-east. we need a secretary of state who not only knows that part of the world intimately well, but when they look them in the eye and tell them, let me tell you what is going to happen over here if you do not address this issue in this particular way, using every tool that we have, whether it's our foreign aid or up to and including our military, in -- you want to go in with a team. but let me tell you, ahmadinejad gets a nuclear bomb and there are more countries than just israel who are at stake, up to and including the united states.
9:28 pm
we better use every tool we have, every tool we have to never let him have that device. >> do you think obama would make that decision? or would he let him have it? >> listen, if you want to know how somebody's going to act in the future, look at their past. >> sean: if you were to assess president obama's presidency, what -- what grades would you give him on economic and foreign policy? >> well, you have to give him -- i don't know if there is a lower grade than an "f" you can get on the economy, but he would get t. are you better today than you were $4 trillion ago? i mean, come o. he's been an absolute disaster when it comes to the economy. americans are afraid to invest any money, weather they are wall streeters or main treaters. you pass obamacare. you pass dodd/frank. those two pieces of legislation alone, plus the stimulus, will give you, you know, if there is a way to get a "z" on a report
9:29 pm
card, this guy just got it. >> okay. last question. you have to think about people that you want around you as president on a daily basis. give me the names of a few people, off the top of your head, i won't ask you specifically, what would you lick to have around you on a daily basis, giving their insight, their experience, their thought process -- >> some of the same people i talked to today. i mean, you know, i had pretty lecty conversations with steve forbes when it comes to economic issues, guy who is have been in the field and understand the politics, understand how these things work. when you look at... you know, i have had some great foreign policy conversations with liz cheney and john bolton, people who actually understand intmaitle where these countries are, why they think like they think, it is that type of what i consider to be very
9:30 pm
knowledgeable men and women that you want around you. there is not a person that has been born yet that knows everything that's going on, but you better have the ability to identify really good people. that's how i have run texas. for 10 years, i have had very, very wise -- they may not be the smartest ones. president obama has some really smart people around him. i just don't know how wise they. america is looking for wise right now. caller: all right. governor, good to see you. >> thank you for your time. >> sean: coming up, there is a new report that a third, anonymous woman claims she was sexual harassed by herman cain and his campaign is saying the story was leaked by one of his g.o.p. rivals. we'l you name it. i've tried it. but nothing's helped me beat my back pain. then i tried this. it's salonpas. this is the relief i've been looking for. salonpas has 2 powerful pain fighting ingredients that work for up to 12 hours.
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9:35 pm
a third accuser has come forward, saying that the presidential candidate acted inappropriately toward her at the national restaurant association. she told the associated press, she considered filing a complaint against him for, quote, aggressive and unwanted maser. meanwhile, one of cain's other anonymous accusers is reportedly reductant to tell her story, despite the fact that her attorney claims he's filing claims with the national restaurant association, where cain and the woman both worked at the time, requesting that his client be removed from the confidentiality agreement to the financial settlement, reached more than a decade ago. who is to blame for leaking the story to the press in the first place? according to the cain campaign, it is texas governor rick perry. >> the actions of the perry campaign are despicable. rick perry and his campaign owe herman cain and his family an
9:36 pm
apology. >> sean: perry's camp respond, saying, quote... >> sean: earlier in virginia, cain was confronted by a swarm of reporters. >> make a statement? >> that's what i am going to talk about. >> reporter: talk, come on. >> all of these other questions that you are serious about, okay? don't even bother. >> reporter: it's a good question about the confidentiality [overlapping dialogue] >> excuse me. excuse me! >> sean: joining me with reaction and the co-host of the five, monica crowley and the fox business network, sandra smith. before we get to anything else, i don't want to hear that liberals don't want me to bring this up. we discovered about bam -- discover in the barack obama, we
9:37 pm
found he started his campaign in the home of an unrepentant terrorist. how many times was he asked about that during the campaign? >> i would venture to say, zero. >> one time. he answered, well, he's a guy in the neighborhood that he gave speeches with, sat on boards with and started his campaign in his house. do you see -- does this not expose a media double standard? >> oh, this screams double standard, of course. cain cane is the front runner in the g.o.p. field, so he will attract extra scrutiny as all candidates running for president should. but nearly four years ago, barack obama, when he started to give hillary clinton a real run for her money, the media backed off. they didn't delve into his background or associations. it was left to you and a couple of others to get the jeremiah wright story. nobody went into his college records, who paid for his school who, paid for his graduate school. to this very day, we don't have answers on the man sitting in the white house.
9:38 pm
>> and totally inexperienced as he is. >> uh-huh. caller: these are anonymous sources. i don't know what happened. nobody knows what happened. but when deign dan quayle announced, it's a quayle hunt. they never did due diligence with obama and he's a failed president, with a radical agenda that seems to get more radical every day. that's what frustrates me, before we talk about anything else, the double standard? >> but clearly, this isn't hurting him at this point. i mean, he's still climbing the polls. he doesn't feel it will be a major threat -- >> sean: campaign contributions have never been higher. >> in fact, if you look at this, sean, the timing says it all. you know, obviously, cain's rivals feel threatened right now. he's never been in a better position. whoever was sitting on this, or waiting to unveil this, they chose to do so now. so if anything, right now, what's going to be the tell-all for cain is ow he reacts. you know what i like?
9:39 pm
he came right out and defended himself. >> sean: there are a couple of mistakes there, in terms of handling it. but prior to this, sandra and monica, there were all of these attacks -- he's smoking the proverbial crack pipe. he is the tea party's one black friend, that he's selling out the community, et cetera, et cetera. why can't you in america be an african-american conservative without the vial, the vitriole, the assault because you don't hold a political vantagepoint. >> first, you have the left, by and large the left, and then you have the media, on the left, working hand in glove with the left. what you are seeing happening to herman cain is what happened to clarence thomas and sarah palin and what they are trying to do marco rubio -- >> sean: think about this. this is profound. conservative women are attacked.
9:40 pm
hispanic conservatives are attacked. african-american conservatives are attacked and they get away with it. >> they are trying and i think that herman cain is pushing back now. but let me tell you something, these folk who is are part of the traditional democrat constituencies, blacks, women, latinos, they cannot be allowed to gain traction as conservatives because they would start to hem rage the liberal constituency, so the left needs to try to driveway sthem. >>, great point. >> the best thing herman cain can do right now is bring the focus back to the economy. that's why he's on top of the polls, he's focusing on job it's. >> sean: they will try -- they will not do -- they will do to herman cain what they never did to obama on bill ayers. >> wait, wait, wait. time to check in with greta for
9:41 pm
a sneak peek in 20 short minutes. i hear have you donald trump? >> donald trump on the issue of herman cain. >> look at this tie. do you know what type of tie that is? >> where is it made? >> sean: from the trump collection. >> really? is that all you have? you can't afford your own tie? >> sean: read the g.q -- you know hathey asked me, if i ever wear skinny jeans? what, you don't like my falt jeans? what was that? >> i am surprised you did that interview. caller: oh! i am the least g.q. person that exists in the world. vijeans on now. i always wear jeans. >> you know what? i thought there was a back story because g.q., i think there is a back story on that one. caller: he's a great guy. >> of course, he wrote a nice article f. he wrote a hit piece, would you be saying that? anyway... what a jerk, right? >> sean: anything else you want to throw at me tonight?
9:42 pm
>> no. i am going to wait to watch the next 20 minutes of your show. i am watching. caller: great show with herman the other night. appreciate it. greta's up in 19 short minutes. monica crowley throws us out. >> i'll try. ♪ ♪ ♪ when the things that you need ♪ ♪ come at just the right speed, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ medicine that can't wait legal briefs there by eight, ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪ ♪ freight for you, box for me box that keeps you healthy, ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪ ♪ saving time, cutting stress, when you use ups ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪ the new spark card from capital one. spark miles gives me the most rewards of any small business credit card. the spark card earns double miles... so we really had to up our game.
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>> sean: he is a nationally syndicated talk show host, mike gallagher. she is a republican strategist, the one and only, angela mcglowan, who looks great -- so that's harassment. he was part -- is that allowed? >> it's allowed. you can say that, sean. >> tell come out of your salary. >> sean: part. obama media team, democratic strategist, steve murphy. we are not making light of sexual harassment. but there are instances now, where we are so p.c. and so out of control -- we don't know the
9:47 pm
details in this case, but we don't have any evidence that anything happened. but if you say to mike that he's attractive and his tie looks great, you are paying unwanted attention to mike. >> every boss in america now takes meetings with the door open, blinds open, they are terrified of being falsely accused of something. i think americans are tuned into that. i think this helps herman cain in a very big way. i think americans are going to reject this. the women come forward, one makes her $400,000 book advance and she gets her 15 minutes and she says he did lecherous things. i think americans are going to say, it's her word against his. >> viknown herman 10 years. >> great guy. caller: even his secretary of years and people who work closely with him for years, it's so out of character for a guy i have been up close with. i don't see it. >> i don't either. for one young lady to say you have a private invitation to my corporate apartment. that doesn't sound like herman.
9:48 pm
you are right, we are too p.c. and executives have to take even diversity sensitivity courses. but the thing is, i don't believe he sexually harassed anyone. >> he would offer her a bushel of apples and a bushel of oranges not be able to explain what he's talking about. >> sean: you can't help yourself. can you? s you can't. that's a harassing remark. >> by the way, there is something here. we know for a fact, even though he initially lied about it, that the national restaurant association paid a settlement, a big settlement, $75,000 is not a big settlement. >> it was in the 1990s. caller: hold on a second. when you add up, this is what companies have to deal with, when you add up the cost of litigation, years of depositions and attorney, companies say -- >>
9:49 pm
they want it to go away. >> when i was a local radio host, a local crackpot woman called my show and she got mad and went to the scprows she took out a crayon and tried to file a lawsuit. my company gave her about $3,000. i said, why are you doing this? they said, we don't want to fight her, we want her to go away. >> would you agree to a settlement if you were falsely accused? >> sean: i may not have a choice. companies make that decision for you. >> oh! it wasn't his fault. caller: i'm under contract. i may not have a choice in the matter. >> exactly. you have four powers that be and they want it to go away, it's called crisis management. i believe it came before the restaurant association, have you to do this and he was like, fine. >> they go by the advice of their counsel. that's what they have the counsel for and the lawyers say, hey, we can make it go away. >> what could hurt is if the restaurant association allows the confidentiality agreement to be lifted, where the young lady
9:50 pm
can make a story. >> sean: the lawyer can he go on a few more tv shows? and apparently, the client is saying, don't go on the tv shows, i don't want to talk. >> some confidentiality agreement. that really worked out well. >> sean: herman's damned if you do and damned if you don't. if you ask him, he says, i can't say anything -- >> exactly! >> sean: by the way, where was the media askingb obama about bill ayers -- where was the media? >> did obama sexually harass bill ayers. he got one question in 2008 -- >> the immortal words of herman cain, apples and oranges. >> the mainstream media has a double standard. they have gone after herm herman cain. >> herman cain can get the white
9:51 pm
vote. >> you know that due diligence wasn't done with barack obama. you know it. i mean, he was -- >> sean: he know its. he's saying thank god they are not listening to "hannity" in the media. were you or were you not? don't lie. >> were you? >> this isn't the media. [laughter] >> fox news is number 1. >> this is a propaganda show. >> erks ooh! >> what are you doing here? [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: liberal propagandist. 3 to 1. stop whining like obottom amount of you are the one who is whining. >> we'll take a break. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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>> we continue with our great american panel. this just broke. the lawyer who has been all over the place -- >> bennett -- >> sean: bennett is saying his client will not speak publicly or give a statement about this and it will all go through him because that means more media for him. >> maybe he'll do the book deal. caller: here's what i think, at some point, this is a big lie about the mede media that they don't pay for interviews. do you have any pictures? we can buy the pictures.
9:56 pm
we will give you a half million dollars for the pictures, but we can't pay for the interview. so we really do have checkbook journalism with the major networks, don't we. >> with the exception of this show. you certainly don't pay for this. >> sean: you ought to pay me for being here! >> yes, we are checkbook journalism. if we want to shift from herman cain to the kardashians. >> but is that real journalism? >> sean: no. that's a good point. exactly. >> for example, the morning shows are competing for all of these tabloid guests, but we can't pay you, but we will fly to you new york and you can go to all the fancy restaurants i. very glamorous -- >> have you ever seen the yankees and they say, by the way, we will rent the pictures from you. rent the pictures for a week. >> license the pictures. >> it's tough for an average american to wade through the ajebda we are force fed.
9:57 pm
>> i think that's why herman cain is so authentic and so many people are following him. and sean, you brought up, is this a race issue? herman cain and barack obama -- that would be an actual competition. i think that herman cain would have a very good chance. >> don't get me wrong. >> he has lived the american dream, coming from a -- >> sean: careful what you wish for. >> from a poor, black family in the south. >> the only thing liberals hate more than a hispanic conservative is a black conservative. >> hear-hear. >> look at harry belafonte, he's a bad apple. how do you say such vicious things? >> not only that, you can be the house negro, you're a sellout -- >> sean: taco tom. >> i had a guy call me -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: maybe you can answer from the liberal side i.i'm not
9:58 pm
a liberal. >> sean: yes, you are. conservative women are attacked, they are questioned their looks, their children, sarah palin, great example. look what they are doing to marco rubio. you know? we know his family came from cuba. we know they were exiled. we -- >> no, they came before castro. >> sean: excuse me. they were under political pressure. >> they were exiled from batiste -- >> sean: forget t. now it's clarence thom affiliates why, if you are a normal quote democratic constituency and you are conservative, is it fair game to attack you with the most vitriolic type of name snitches the news media attacks anybody who gets in trouble. >> they attack conservatives more. >> since we are talk about this news media, i would agree that the news media has degenerated way too much into partisanship and ideology -- and the fox news network -- >> herman cain --
9:59 pm
[overlapping dialogue] >> broke through the liberal establishment. you want people to be on a second-class plantation. weil give you free checks, you willotototot >> you are insulting me. >> i hate to pick on you steve, but you can't talk about how partisan the media is when it's the media that advocated for your guy and won't scrutinize barack obama because they don't want him to fail because they work for him -- oh. >> it was a great


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