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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 2, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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there is an open thre just for you. bill o'reilly is next. good night from washington, d.c., go to ♪ >> greg: there is a story so huge you'd have to call it a huge story. the ladies of "the view" want to host a g.o.p. debate. but one must ask: why them, when there is another five in town? unlike "the view," we don't drink before noon. hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city. midnight in mint. this is "the five." i'm greg gutfeld. joining us today, we'll see hot birds fly to her in wintertime. kimberly guilfoyle. bob beckel. the don king of the right wing, eric bolling. she is so cute babies carry around pictures of her in their wallet. it's dana perino. the show is packed tighter than a squirrel's cheek.
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let's do this, america. "the five" starts as soon as i remember where i am. ♪ ♪ >> greg: so "the view" that is like "the five" with hot flashes claims they want to post a presidential debate. does it mean "meet the press" will host baby showers for jessica simpson? bob schieffer get a justin bieber makeover? will jake tapper do an hour on pet incontinue innocence? it's -- inconty nence. they were, the republicans, this is what they want to know. why are you so mean? why do you hate babies and bunnies? isn't president obama dreamy? did i sleep with you in 1979. not that the "view" is hostile territory but the g.o.p. would
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get better treatment from a biker gang. if account the view" is considered for job why not "the five"? we live on planet earth. insteawe have four hot conservas and one funny looking lib. you can't beat those odds. bob, what do you think? "view" wants to host a debate. is at it good idea? >> bob: funny looking liberal? fine. that is a great monologue. where is the show -- >> kimberly: "a" block. >> greg: stay focused. >> eric: can you imagine -- >> bob: can you imagine "the view"? i'll be serious. if you had a debate with the five of us, we know something about politics. with all due respect to whoopi goldberg what does she know about politics?
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what does barbara walters know? that right wing woman, she doesn't know about politics either. >> greg: what do you think? >> dana: i agree. if i was consulting any of the candidates, i'd say skip this one. perry, stay home. >> greg: he might do well with the women. >> dana: i won't defend them. their idea might be one of the things, for example, herman cain that they like about him is he is quite likable. a show like "the view" if you pull it off, a very big if, could go well. i don't know if the current crop would do a good job herman cain would, but i don't know how. >> greg: they asked you to do "view" and you wisely said no. would it start other shows like "jersey shore" and others? >> kimberly: snookie has
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intellectual questions in her poof. >> bob: what? >> kimberly: poof. we'll explain after the show. "view" has much chance to host g.o.p. debate as occupy wall street will get an invitation to iowa to cover, hang out with them. >> eric: we should make a deal. if "the view" gets to host a g.o.p. debate we get obama on the show. >> kimberly: that also isn't going to happen. >> dana: i wouldn't even advise that. >> eric: obama, what is up with 9.2%? >> dana: but see, president obama, his, he is really good on a show like this. once you become president, it's easier. you don't have to worry about the different things. i agree the questions would probably be like that. but i go back to if you pull it off and one good line and do a good job, it can work in your favor. >> bob: those are the setup debates where you are trying to be funny. if you're not funny, like eri ericeric, it doesn't come over
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well. whoopi goldberg has good lin lines. >> kimberly: she's comedian. >> bob: republicans here, kiss their butt and is anyone critical? >> dana: if there were republicans here it would be like 14. >> eric: didn't they do something like that, one of the debates, sit down around the table. remember that? >> greg: no. i never watch -- so you watch "the view"? >> eric: no. the debate. >> dana: there was a sit sit-down. >> greg: i agree. i have to say this, you say president obama does well on the "view" because they like him and they agree with his assumptions. not a single republican -- >> eric: then they'll love romney. if they like obama they'll love romney. >> bob: what would be your first question to romney? >> eric: how come you flip-floped on every single debate topic? abortion, immigration, cap-and-trade, taxes, all of them. how come you flip-flop? >> kimberly: why did you turn to the dark side? i think he was on the right
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track with romneycare. perry, when is the last time you talk to god? they flip them like a double cheeseburger, and more questions asking about other women he might have offended with herman. bachmann, they would have a field day with her. >> bob: what would you ask ron paul? he's a libertarian. >> greg: can i bring up the quinnipiac poll that came out. strong numbers for herman cain. we'll talk about that in a minute. i want to talk about the election matchup against obama. we have them right here. obama leads romney 47-42. obama, 52 to perry 36%. here is my question. it seems like romney is the bridesmaid with the republican candidate but with the matchup against obama he is number one. >> dana: one, it's very early. none of the candidates, whoever gets the nominee, they
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haven't started to run against obama yet. we have spent the past four days talking about not just we, but the whole establishment that is looking at the -- not me establishment. media establishment. looking at the allegation of herman cain sexual harassment, instead of going after president obama as the jobs. try as they may on d.c. they are trying to talk about the jobs bill and infrastructure bill and they can't get traction. they haven't started to run against obama yet. >> eric: can i stand up for conservatives everywhere right now? >> greg: please do. >> eric: this is so obvious to me what is going on here. the left wants romney because they know they can go after him for the flip-flopping. the established republicans want him as well. this is a game. look at what is going on. bachmann took the lead. they systematically took her apart. she has headaches. you don't want her at the button when she has a headache. >> dana: i don't think that is why she is not doing well. >> eric: perry took the lead and then all the comments. cain, now there is history. it doesn't put -- newt should be careful.
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if he rises to the top he's the next one they take legs out of. no one touches romney. >> bob: on a serious note we would like nobody better than perry. >> eric: i disagree. >> bob: i am talking about democrats, which you know nothing of. we, listen -- can i say one thing about the poll? the base republican vote in this country, anybody will get 37%. even you would get 37%. george bush the elder hit the mark. it used to be 43, 42 democrat/republican and the rest were independents on the side. it's now 40/38. that means voters have grown in large numbers. none of this interests me whatsoever. obama just barely makes the democratic threshold. the rest of them, top ones make republican threshold. what is missing, the quinnipiac poll is a good poll. 3,000 voters and margin of error is 1-2%. it's reliable. i think it tells --
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>> dana: are you encouraged by the numbers for your side? why not? >> eric: >> bob: obama should do better against perry. >> kimberly: he needs more in this. >> bob: he is doing better this week. >> greg: i want to bring up the job approval numbers went up. 47%. >> kimberly: nothing to write home about. >> greg: but it's bet than 41%. >> kimberly: i think he has been fluctuating but nevertheless he hasn't been able to trend above 50% for a while. that is still a problem. in terms of re-election it doesn't bode well for him. >> bob: i think obama the reason it's getting better is i think it's finally starting to sink in that you don't think there will be much of a message to run against this congress. at 9%, i think you run against congress. it's going to be the lesser of two evils. he will win. >> dana: he will -- if he does win he will be faced with
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the republican senate and he won't get anything done. >> bob: as to o posed republican in the white house, senate and the house. then we're all going to be done. >> greg: maybe -- >> dana: democrats in the first two years of the obama administration. >> bob: wonderful stuff happened then. >> greg: maybe america has become accustomed to despair. on that note, herman cain gets testsy with reporters on capitol hill. that's next on "the five." bob likes bedtime stories so don't forget to e-mail us at don't forget the meat loaf recipes. ♪ ♪ we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery
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let me say one thing. i'm here with the doctors and that's what i'm going to talk about. don't bother ask me the other questions that you are curious about. don't even bother. >> do the women exist? >> what did i say? >> are you concerned about. >> excuse me. excuse me. >> dana: so the story everyone is talk about andvy dos and don'ts on the run-in. okay, first of all, he needs
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to fire the rapid response consultant right away. he mentioned they had a rapid response consultant. i don't know how much the person is getting paid. i hope it's for free. that's the kind of advice you deserve and you pay for that. he needs to realize the story is not going away. number three, one great rule i learned don't let them see you sweat. right there, he looked so defensive. all the candidates, they have to realize they are on camera all the time. there is so much news happening today, just on this story. so we'll run through it all the way from development of a third accuser. the cain campaign accusing the perry campaign of being behind the leak and questions about whether race is involved and the "new york times" has a double standard. bear with us. kimberly, on the legal front -- >> kimberly: that is rush weekend at a fraternity. no, you, no, you. >> dana: we heard from -- we heard from a paper, the
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"washington post" yesterday that one of the accusers does want to tell her story but is barred from doing so because of the settlement. help us on legal side of things. what is happening? >> kimberly: is there is a lawyer, he is representing the accused, the main one that did the deal with the national restaurant association. the suggestion is perhaps she wants to come forward. we are hearing conflicting reports there. pursuit to agreement she is barred from doing so. if she did come forward she would in fact then violate the agreement and have to forfeit the settlement. think about it, perhaps a network. other place, not fox, we don't pay, would come in and say we're going to come in and we want you to do a deal, do a book and et cetera and the amount would succeed that. then maybe it's advantageous to do that and forfeit the money. >> greg: that is scary. >> bob: if she gives up $50,000 bucks, she is going to get paid $50,000 or $100,000. >> eric: in the age of a billion dollar presidential campaign, $100,000, $200,000.
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don't forget this, her deal is with the nra. her deal is not with cain. she is not damaging cain at all. he can't say it will cost you $1 billion in damages because i might be president. would her speaking out hurt the nra? frankly, it probably would haven't any effect on nra. >> dana: as am toer editor, let me ask you this. you are from politico. you're politico. you get a tip about the story from somewhere. you don't run with the people's name but they know who they are. this person never talked about this. now they're dragged in to this because of politics that could then if it was leaked by a rival campaign, does it hurt the campaign more? would you have not disclosed her name in the original piece? >> greg: that's tough more me because most of the original stories i wrote were about abs.
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if this is involving people that don't want to be involved and i don't have the fact i wouldn't go with it. >> eric: he doesn't have great abs. >> greg: yes. that's the breaking news with bob. >> kimberly: never realized herman cain didn't turn over cash to the person. he's trying to piece it together. this happens every day across the country, they do a termination agreement with an employee and they don't have to litigate if it's true, voracity of it. cheaper to pay that. >> bob: perry camp -- >> dana: go ahead. >> bob: another story about herman cain on the radio. in the break we tried to get the producer to get the story. but they wouldn't do it, so we'll try to get it together. >> dana: it broke. >> bob: they're working on it. they're good people. now, the thing about the herman cain campaign, accusing perry directly is a strong -- >> dana: right. better be accurate. >> bob: the details in the story the way it reads to me, it's got too many details. one of the things you probably wrote this thing when you
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decided who you picked out the do leaking. if i were perry, this is not true, you got another problem for herman cain. does perry stay silent? he has to respond to him. >> dana: perry's campaign said this is patently untrue. >> bob: i mean perry himself has to respond to it. >> dana: he probably will. >> eric: can i point something out. according to the election website there is a guy who took over for herman cain after he left as ceo of nra. his name is steven c. henderson. look, you want to make a link. this guy was the ceo after cain. has donated to mitt romney. >> dana: wait a second. i know him. i don't think it's fair to drag someone like that in. >> eric: i'm not saying he is the leak. i'msy pli saying -- >> dana: you better be accurate. >> greg: the other question is, a question that everybody is asking, herman cain, is
11:20 pm
this a serious desire to be president or is this something that is a diversion? something that is fun? that feeds his ego? when something like this happens you have to ask himself is it time now? is it worth it? >> kimberly: don't you think it's rude that everybody else is super serious about it but he isn't just because he is running an unconventionm campaign and doesn't have offices set up everywhere. c'mon! >> bob: we talked about this the other day. he has got to call a press conference specifically on this issue and say everybody come, and i'll stay here for as long as it takes. once you're done you won't hear from me again unless new information comes out. >> eric: address in a dea it be. >> dana: then you only have 30 seconds to response. >> bob: then you say i spent three hours asking questions and now move on to something really important. let me say something about the front-runner. they rarely leak information
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on people behind them. it's too dangerous. you have to weigh consequences. >> dana: bring up one other thing, there are a lot of angles to this. the "new york times" did a front page story on this with all the allegations. one thing that has been brought up today is do they have a double standard when it comes to reporting on things like the john edwards allegations first reported in the national inquireer in 2007. they didn't actually report the story until 2008. >> greg: i said this before. if a prague is a pig he gets a pass. >> bob: what the hell does that mean? >> greg: if you are a progressive and express sexist behavior you get away with it. look at kennedy, edwards, if you look at the occupy wall street attacks going on down there that are ignored. >> bob: does this surprise any of you? "new york times" has a bias to democrats? >> dana: not really. >> greg: we can be disgusted by it. >> eric: it took ten days to
11:22 pm
develop a response. something better would have come out than this if they weren't trying to put out fires all over the place right now. >> dana: this is why it's a bigger story. >> kimberlystory. i don't think he is a habitual sexual harassment kind of guy. the question is if you have ten days to get ready for something like this, this is how you handle it? what would you do in the oval office? >> kimberly: people criticize cain for not having his wife stand by his side, people have done in the past. i'm glad he took it like a man and didn't sit there and use his wife as a crutch. >> bob: you are right. >> dana: we got to go or bob they take up the time from your block. >> bob: sorry. >> dana: up next on five five so we don't take away bob's time, bank of america drops the $5 debit card fee. is it true? the free market works. beckel is not buying it. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: i like wam! >> bob: i like wam -- wam? wam think. welcome back to "the five." after national outcry, bank of america is scrapping the $5 debit card fee set to start in january. bank of america say they made the decision after, "listening to our customers very closely." i bet. so truth that the free market system works. a little background on this. dick durbin, senator from illinois, decided to raise this as an issue when bank of america decided to add another fee. this is nothing new. the banks all have hidden fees in everywhere. they gouge you from the banks left and right.
11:28 pm
>> greg: it's not a hidden fee. >> dana: can we back way up and can you, eric, in your way explain why -- but why -- they didn't just willy-nilly the fee. it's a durbin amendment that senator durbin put on the dodd-frank bill. if you think you weren't already paying $5 a month to use your atm card, you're wrong. that was hidden in the cost of the transactions that you were doing with retailers. if you went to wal-mart or target there was a fee. >> bob: do you think banks don't hide charges? >> dana: i'm just saying. bank of america being transparent, we have to charge for it. but i agree they listened to the customers closely but probably very loudly. >> bob: i would think so. go ahead, mr. eric. defend this crap. >> eric: there is nothing to defend about it. when dodd frank and the financial reg came down, it clearly told banks that you have to find other ways other than charging for attm fees, credit card fees. find other way to generate income. that's what they do. they tried embedded fee and it
11:29 pm
didn't work. they are changing their mind on it. can we talk about why dodd-frank is in place? more importantly, yesterday we found out that the fannie, freddie executives are paid out $30 million in bonuses. fannie and freddie took 1p 0 -- so far, took $170 billion. the interesting part of dodd-frank is fannie and freddie were left out of dodd-frank conveniently because it's a government sponsored enterprise. in other words, obama can do the games, home loan, student loan and throw them to fannie and freddie and they won't be subject to overwhelming regulation. >> bob: why do you think dodd-frank went after bank of america and these are hidden fees? you know when they send out the credit cards and say zero interest? the key, if it's not zero it's 29.9. if you don't pay it exactly the day you're supposed to pay it. there are all kind of things they keep hidden in the small print. the banks have been ripping people off relentlessly for years. >> greg: they got to make money. somehow they got to make
11:30 pm
money. $5 a month is 15 cents a day. most people send $5 every morning at starbucks. saying what durbin says this is proof that the free market works. who needs proof? we won the cold war. saying yeah, communism is dead. enough with the proof that free market works >> bob: the free market system and honest free market system. by the way, can i make a point. >> eric: durbin, is what part of the free market working? >> eric: corporate america -- >> bob: corporate america hiding fees. >> eric: customers can say they don't want it. >> greg: he is ecstatic that you got rid of $5 fee. how would he feel if the taxpayers did the same as government program, that are
11:31 pm
much more than -- >> kimberly: how about the massive pensions. don't get me started. by the way, bank of america isn't the only one doing this. >> dana: bank of america had -- >> bob: that is my case. >> dana: the only entity had worse roll out than herman cain is bank of america. they did not hold a press conference. they said it was done -- i know some of the guys that work there. i can only imagine it came on top of them quickly. now they have had to backtrack. a flip-flop. >> eric: obama in a couple of hours will fly to france and meet with g-20. and talk about a lot of things. no one is reporting this. he is meeting with the l-20, a group of labor leaders.
11:32 pm
he is going to be the trumka about this. financial transaction. half of 1% of every transaction, whether you are buying a piece of real estate or making a stock -- >> greg: this is a big deal. big deal. because when you find out about this bank fee, you don't have to pay. you go somewhere else. if a government builds you somewhere -- >> kimberly: that's how the free market works. >> bob: that is probably while you are on the shtick. you're usually a sane and rational person. most of the bank hidden charges in fine print. if you are someone like me who banks with bank of america and if you get a personal bank you can talk to, normal average people get to talk to. a computer with a lady that sounds like she is from -- [ inaudible ] >> eric: that is why obama says he can't get it down.
11:33 pm
>> bob: eric is next? here is the question. is new york city's mayor michael bloomberg turning in to a right wing kook? like eric, he is sticking up for wall street. we will tell you what he said. bolling loves it and now greg loves it. they're both in the tank. ♪ ♪ let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." finally other than me speaking truth about the mortgage cries
11:39 pm
is. here is what michael bloomberg had to say about it. >> it was not the banks that created the mortgage crisis. it was plain and simple, congress, who forced everybody to go and give mortgages to people on the cusp. they were the ones to push fannie and freddie to make loans that were imprudent if you will. they were the ones that pushed the banks to loan to everybody. now want to vilify the banks because it's one target. congress won't blame themselves. >> kimberly: i find this to be an aboutface for our guy. normally bloomberg as of late has been measured in his approach. he hasn't really been trending right, conservative. he is down there trying to be supportive of the occupy wall streeters. now he is actually blaming congress. it's not going out on a limb. numbers support what he is saying. be honest. >> bob: they don't support what he is saying. he happens to be from wall street. he made a fortune. >> eric: he also happens -- >> bob: cigar in a hotel
11:40 pm
room. it's true we concede fact to force people to buy mortgages, getting in housing and going back to carter years and reagan years and bush years and clinton years. we know it was a mistake. that doesn't excuse the fact that the banks knew they had bad mortgages in there when they show them as mortgage back securities. that means they cheated. >> eric: who is taking responsibility? >> bob: i am. >> eric: but certainly not anyone, not barney frank or chris dodd before he left or schumer. >> greg: i'm happy to hear bob say it was the government at fault. awesome. but here is the other thing. the banks had no choice. they had to make money off of crappy loans and they figured
11:41 pm
out a way to do it. what are you going to do when you are handed a crap sandwich? >> eric: we have testimony by chris dodd, barney frank and schumer saying if the banks, fannie and freddie undercut them. >> bob: let me eask hannity mom. that is what she does to me. if you knew that you had a bunch of 7% mortgages, right? say there are 1,000 that bundled them together. >> dana: i'm not good at math. >> bob: fine. but you knew that there were say 10% of them were bad, would you sell them to people for the security? retirement? >> dana: if the government was saying we're not going to -- >> eric: step back. who did they sell them to. don't say they told them to people for retirement. they didn't. they bundleed and sold them to
11:42 pm
hedge funds. but they realized they sucked. who did they give them to? fannie and freddie. >> bob: there are endless number of employee compensation plans that bought these. endless number of private retirement fund that bought them. don't try to bail them out. they sold crap. >> dana: there is personal responsibility as well. not just that the banks were selling or giving loans to unwilling people. people who only made, who maybe weren't good at math like i'm not. only made a certain amount in getting houses that they could not afford. it was a two-way street. we're all paying for it. >> kimberly: like halloween candy and mad the neighbor gave it to them. you ate it! >> eric: on the financial services committee, regarding the fannie and freddie i don't want the same focus on safety and soundness we had in the other departments.
11:43 pm
roll the dice more in subsidized housing. saying that no interest loans, no down payment loans. this is what would cause the housing crisis. >> bob: what caused it is that the government, there was a bill before congress that would have regulated fannie and freddie more closely. oversight. instead of being under the thrift management. >> eric: who ran congress at the time? >> greg: so the executives, fannie and freddie are getting bonuses. obama is not saying anything about that. if someone on wall street gets a bonus they're called a fat cat. if you work for the government and get a bonus, you know what you are called? private sector talent. we need to keep you there. here is a bonus. >> bob: the only way they
11:44 pm
get them to take the job is promising them a bonus. >> greg: the private sector talent. >> bob: we are getting a rap. >> eric: coming up on "the five" why are americans so obsessed with kim kardashian. >> bob: i'm not. >> eric: some of us are. coming up on "the five" we have surprising details on her divorce. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: all right. welcome back to "the five." yes, we all know the sad news. that kim kardashian's 72-day marriage is officially over. who would have thought? did you hear this? she is apologizing for everyone for her divorce. bob is extremely moved by this. an expert to discuss the situation on "the five." these are her apologies, okay? there are reports i made millions of dollars off the
11:49 pm
wedding. these reports are simply not true. false. do you believe this for a minute? they sold the whole wedding ceremony on tv. >> bob: i don't care. i don't think anybody else cares. if you buy people magazine and "us magazine." who is this person? she is a little tiny -- i guess when you have that money. married a 12-foot basketball player and they got divorced in six months. big deal. who cares? >> greg: i care. >> bob: why do you care? it doesn't matter. >> greg: she is an american hero. >> bob: an american jerk. >> bob: she scamed all of her fans. >> greg: she sold wedding pictures between $500,000 and $1 million. got people to care about something and spend money on it. she will do it again. she should be the next president. >> dana: i wonder if senator durbin would say it's proof the free market works. >> kimberly: she does know how to make money. she says i married for love.
11:50 pm
it can't i have to defend this. i would haven't spent so much time on something for a tv show. but she said she might have gotten caught up with the tv show and the romance of it because she wanted to have the fairy tale. she wanted to be married, have babies, the whole thing. >> bob: who are the fools that gave her this tv show? this is how you talk to producers and they talk to you? mine doesn't work. >> kimberly: okay. >> eric: we follow the money a lot. how do you come up with $17 million or $15 million? how are the people making this kind of money just by being a celebrity? >> dana: i thought with were in a recession. >> greg: this is a great thing for capitalism. you no longer have to be a celebrity -- a star or have any skills as an actor to be famous. >> kimberly: talk about someone significant. lindsay lohan. >> bob: even though i still believe you ran men's health.
11:51 pm
maybe women's health. >> kimberly: talk about lindsay. >> bob: they pay $17 million for photographs. do they really make that money back? >> greg: yeah, they sell that many more copies. they know if they put her on the cover, they will sell 30% more copies. that will cover -- they probably paid -- >> kimberly: can we talk about lindsay lohan? significant legal news immediately. this is what happens when you're very, very, very bad and show up late for the morgue you're supposed to be there because you're offended by dead bodies at 7:00 a.m. in the morning. judge sentenced her to spend 30 days in jail for violating the court order for performing community service and atten attending psychotherapy. she has to serve more than 400 hours of community service. still at the morgue. she didn't even get out of that, out of the death squad. more counseling. she got dumped by her probation officer. like probation -- >> dana: they broke up? got divorced after 72 days. earthquake did they do it over dinner. >> dana: at least lindsay lohan is talented.
11:52 pm
>> bob: take this seriously. this is a very sick woman. they keep putting her in the prison sentences for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days. >> kimberly: it's jail. >> bob: jail. comes back out and put her on community service. an alcoholic like this woman needs to go to six-month treatment plan or a year where she is committed to doing that, make her stay there and do it. otherwise she will come back out and one of the days, one of the days regrettably this woman will kill somebody or kill herself. sad disease. she has got them -- the judges, because she is a celebrity -- >> kimberly: they coddle her. >> bob: i work with the people all the time. no different than ordinary garden variety drunks and ordinary garden variety drunks kill people. >> eric: later on one story, not sure which one i read, l.a. county jails are so crowded she probably will sign in and then be released immediately. >> kimberly: that's what happened with nicole ricci and paris hilton. they did a perp walk and people threw sparkle dust.
11:53 pm
that is true because you get credit for time served you do a third of the time. they can't. they don't have time for this nonsense. they don't want to put them in that jail because it's a problem for them with the rest of the inmates. >> bob: why do they people in there that smoke dope. >> kimberly: let's not debate the drug laws. >> dana: i think the morgue is punishment. >> greg: she sent -- she showed up late, so she sent cupcakes to the morgue saying sorry, i'm late and they turned the cupcakes down. >> kimberly: the last thing you want to do is lick frosting with open parts. have you been to a morgue? i have. >> bob: i worked at a funeral home in new york city. when you took the bodies downstairs they were all creative. pictures of the people and made them look right. they're eating ham sandwiches while they do it. that is sick. >> kimberly: on that note. >> bob: isn't that a good way -- that should have ban halloween story. >> kimberly: pass the baloney sandwich.
11:54 pm
fine. >> bob: really good oil and vinegar. >> bob: you can eat in five minutes. >> kimberly: despite bickering on "the five," we love each other and we hug it out. next, we'll fawn like this. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ú(h cúcqhpbcdúg
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>> greg: welcome back to "the five." a story you won't find on cnn because it's how cnn is getting a reared end kicked by box show in the middle of the night. "red eye" beat pierce morgan in the demo. it's a number. don't worry about it. at 9:00 p.m he is that british guy. kilnice! >> bob: let me be the first one to bury the brits and congratulate you. i like the brits, most of them. >> greg: we beat chris matthews, joe scarborough. >> dana: explain what it is. >> greg: a key group of -- >> kimberly: 25 to 54. what the advertisers have a rule over. >> bob: controversial but the most important number at all. >> eric: there may be something to do with your
11:59 pm
lead-in. >> greg: rerun of "the five." that helps. that helps. very good. >> bob: you know, you really do have a very smart show. i've done it now two or three times. gotten in trouble two or three times. it's a great show. if you listen to pierce morgan i did for 90 seconds -- who is the guy with the house of the rich and famous? robin leech. >> greg: all right. i want to show this. this is the best picture came of halloween. everyone is upset. all over the web. father with his son. there he is. the father is dressed as a battling of jack daniels and the kid is pack of marlboros. i think he is the greatest dad in the world. >> dana: it's funny. there is father son time in there. he took him trick-or-treating. >> bob: it gets them in trouble but there is an example of redneck. >> kimberly: here we go. >> bob: the idea you'd walk around with your kid as marlboro -- >> greg: got to go. >> kimberly: everybody can be a


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