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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 3, 2011 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> greg: that is it for "the five." >> bob: greg is a redneck. see you tomorrow. ♪ our allstar panel will -- examine whether the cain train can get out of dysfunction junction. and some houses that occupy wall street protesters live in. wait until you see the drawings we have done. and a 20-year-old woman says
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justin bieber got her presenting -- pregnant at a concert. what she was doing at a justin what she was doing at a justin >> happy cliche day. >> i hate you. >> at the end of the day, -- >> it is what it is. >> i'm out of here. let's welcome our guests. yes, she is so hot that mcdonalds coffee sues her when it spills on her because that's how hot she is. i am here with courtney friel. he would make my grandmother mown. it is tom shou. and bags of dirt call themselves bill schulz to insult each other. it is my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and he is a reporter's reporter, a journalist's journalist, and a sexy partier's sexy partier. >> senior correspondent.
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>> at least titles don't matter. >> and he is only okay for paper machet. >> senior "new york times" correspondent, if you please. today in "the times" my reporters revealed that the national restaurant association gave a year's salary to a female staff member after an encounter with herman cain. that said, it didn't include tips. ♪ we're all the news ♪ that's fit to print >> wow. >> yes, wow. >> you sing now? >> i sing now. you look good in blue, courtney. >> don't flirt with the guest. >> i can do whatever i want. now i have to pat. does he have for might as claims come to light. the sexual allegations seem to linger like something that lingers. a lingerer, if you will as a third anonymous woman tells the associated press that back in the 90s, the 1990s, not
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to be confused with the 90s, she considered filing a complaint against the former pizza pusher. according to the ap, the woman worked for the national restaurant association, aka, the national restaurant association while cain was the ceo. she considered her behavior to be, quote, aggressive and unwanted. end quote. the woman says cain told her he confided to colleagues how attractive she was and he would invite her to his corporate apartment outside of work. meanwhile, the "new york times" reveals the nra gave one of the two women who made the allegations $35,000 in severance pay. according to the times that equaled a full year salary for the woman. and they said she was made uncomfortable by an encounter with cain. an encounter with cain. i like that. cain was eager to answer questions after a meeting in virginia. >> that's what i'm talking
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about. >> don't even bother. >> it is a good question though about the confidentially. gite fact that these women -- >> what did i say? >> excuse me. excuse me! >> i guess eager means not that into it. sorry about that. rick, glad to have you back on the show. it has been a longtime, not long enough. >> thanks. >> i believe there is a fourth allegation of some iowa radio host saying cain made inappropriate comments to his staff. what do you make of this? they say where there is smoke there is -- >> more smoke. >> more smoke. >> let me get this straight. he told a woman she was hot and invited her back to his place. that's my saturday night. >> there may be more to it. >> maybe the behavior was inappropriate, but i don't know. cain confirmed he was a man.
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is there more to it than that? >> i don't know. it is too soon to tell. there is a lot of vagary involved, and i'm not even sure that is a word. courtney, you are about to burst. >> who knew you could make a sexual harassment case for being called attractive and being invited to somebody's apartment. i could be a millionaire by now. >> let's go to commercial. >> you said he is a man. he just has dums, dirty old man syndrome. you will one day have the syndrome. it doesn't mean you are a total pervert actually physically harassing someone. it just means you release creepy comments every now and then that make a woman uncomfortable. but it is harmless. every man has dums. >> every man has dums? >> yes. >> i don't think i do that. >> i think someone at this table does. >> i will agree with you on that one. not you, tom.
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you are a perfect gentleman. it seems to me there was overwelming belief at the table that there was a smear campaign. but could a smear campaign be a true campaign? >> it could be. but i don't think it is. there was nothing alleged that he might have said a few things. "you look pretty" whatever. but it is silly. i'm disappointed in mr. cain though because i think this is a perfect opportunity for him to step up and be mr. truth teller. he was the guy who tells it like it is. >> that's his persona. >> he should say like most politicians are afraid to, sexual harassment is a national hoax. it is a way for people to gain money from their employer. it is a wii for people to get huge severance packages. everyone at this table, i don't think we have dirty old man syndrome. i think we know people who have been accused of sexual harassment. >> what do you mean by huge severance package? >> we all know it. i don't need a study to tell
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me. we know that most sexual harassment is ways for people to bleed money out of the company they work for. >> this is what's great about being a comedian. comedians can say these things. bill, have you been a political consultant for a number of years and advised a number of presidential candidates. what is your advice for cain? >> if any advice i could have given him is long gone now. this cain train is going to a bad, bad place. he may have used cain train in one of his come ons. i love his mo is with this third girl talking saying, quote, sexually suggestive remarks or gestures. so apparently the remarks are too vague so he has to do gestures as well to really bring the point home to what ever he is saying to this girl. >> we all know what he should do is come forward and just talk about what actually happened. >> it is not like the wiener stuff where the guy had to lie, lie, lie because there was a picture out there. i think what you are talking
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about is that there is probably lots of men who are sympathetic to this who were caught in a bind or maybe it is real. we don't know if it is real or not real. he might have a sympathetic ear. you know what, maybe i crossed the line. maybe i made stupid comments. but we have yet to find out if it is more than stupid comments. if it is creepy stuff -- i have three older sisters. they worked in someplaces where guys said some pretty awful things. >> she said she was your sister. >> i didn't want to name it was you. c sister w like, that's awful. there are things like this happening. i want to talk more about who is behind this smear. i have been thinking about this. i guess the people accused the perry people, and the perry people deny it and now they are apologize together perry people. here is the thing. you know he worked for the national restaurant association. their rival is the national tv dinner association. they could be behind it. he worked for godfather's pizza. it could be the calzone board.
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>> you are reaching. >> we need a culprit in all of this. >> when i met herman cain here at fox he shook my hand and said, "hi courtney." do you think i have a case? >> you do. >> he did not tell me i was the same height as his wife though. >> i don't think he told that girl she was the same height as his wife either. >> from accusations like that to:00 could you pages -- occupations like this. their homes are upscale, still they wale. a few of the protesters live far more sumptiously. they looked at a thousand arrestees and they found out the median value of their home address is $305,000, double the average in the united states. at least 95 of the occupy yes, sirs' residences are worth more than $500,000. the daily caller posted photos of some of the paw lay shall
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estates via google images. legally we can't show them. so we sent one of our staffers to the daily column's website to draw the houses. tom, i have been told these drawings are devastating to the protest. can you walk them -- can you walk us through them? >> they are very, very devastating to the protest. so much that i am pretty confident that once you guys see these drawings, the protest is going to be over. now, let me just say, greg that these drawings -- my drawings have been known to be used in a court of law and be used by various intelligence agencies because of their accuracy. the first one is from virginia. as you can see the castle motif, a lot of old money and this person had a moat. let me ask you, greg, how many people do you know growing up had a mote? >> the only people i knew had motes lived in fairy tails. >> i rest my case. >> it appears they have a
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princess locked in the tower. >> before we go to the next one, what made you go down to this website and recreate these homes using a pen or pencil? you are taking quite a risk. >> first, i take offense to that. you know all of my drawings are in crayon, but i did take a risk, but i will say i am glad i did. it paid off and i will tell you why in my second drawing. did you know that in wisconsin there are homes made of solid gold? >> really? >> there are. also they have direct tv in their house. they get to watch nfl sunday ticket. and if they want they can play miniature golf in their backyard. >> that's incredible. >> it is. >> how did you feel when you were drawing these? were you outraged? you had to put so much energy into drawing these homes. these dwellings were so complicated and so extrave gapt. -- extrave -- extrave gant. if they were simpler, you wouldn't have had to draw as much. >> i am glad you said that because that will lead into my next drawing.
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do you realize how difficult it is to draw the leaning tower of pizza? in this drawing, they must have been a little far away when they took the picture. the house is on the upper hill there. but they were deaf -- they were definitely a wealthy family. they had stonehenge and pyramids and all to scale replicas i might add. >> that's impressive. night work. -- nice work. it is good to get a "red eye" staffer out on the field and do original reporting. >> good to do it. >> talk to you later and thanks for dressing up. >> no problem. rick, we just saw shocking footage of the houses these people live in. does this de legit myself the protest? >> is this a news program? >> yes it is. >> was that a news segment? >> yes. >> were those actual photos of actual homes? >> yes. >> they were? >> maybe. >> i am confused. >> what do you make of the protests themselvess? you have been down there. >> i saw the average rent for
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these protesters arrested was $1850 a month. who is paying the rent besides their parents? >> i am assuming all of these houses are parent owned and they are living at home. i'm assuming that, but i don't know if that's the case, tom. does this make the protesters posers? >> i believe this study was flawed. they look at arrest records. people don't understand when the cops show up, rich people just stand there. poor people run. they run away. >> that's a good point. >> all of the poor people with the low rent are gone. >> none of the actors that are in the upper 1% -- >> well, we act our way out of things. >> have been arrested. susan sarandon alec baldwin. >> they can play a wily character and then slink away. >> that's a good idea and i do that many times. >> come winter this whole thing will be over. it is going to be too cold in new york city for those people to stand outside. >> i disagree with you. if they were smart they would go home in the winter and then this is what dana marine gnaw
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said last -- parina said you take off and organize like a high better nateing bear -- like a high better nateing bear and then you come back in the summer and everything is ready. what they are doing wrong now is they are sitting out there and allowing themselves to be co-opted by the homeless and criminals. and people are less patient. they are rioting. there are things going on in oakland that are horrible. i want to show this picture. this is a whole foods today. they heard a rumor that whole foods -- the people at whole foods were going to fire employees if they took the -- wept to the oakland -- went to the oakland strike. oakland had a general strike that was sponsored by their idiot mayor. their idiot mayor backed a strike of employees. these protesters thought the whole food was striking so they kicked in a window and spray painted the thing and trapped the customers in there. >> the customers were trapped? >> yes, they were. they had to eat themselves, rick. >> so angry. >> did i get an fwree?
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>> you got really angry. >> i am animated. i am on a little prescription cough syrup. the mayor supports this movement in oakland. it is planning a general strike. it planned one, and now you can see isn't there a link between that behavior and an oakland mayor saying go ahead? >> i refuse to believe that spray paint says strike. i think it says sprite. i think they are having a sale and that is their edgy, new wave way of advertising it. >> it is not whole foods. it is whole paycheck. >> whole paycheck? >> you spend your whole paycheck shopping at whole foods. >> that's why republicans shop there. >> that's where the liberals shop and the leftists are destroy tsmght it is the most expensive things on earth. >> they are the most angry at -- leftist rtz most angry if someone they perceive to be leftist comes out with something. *9 guy from whole foods came out against obamacare they called for a strike. all of my facebook friends
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were striking whole foods. they get angry if someone they perceive as one of their own commits uh pasta see. >> i want to show this that happened at the string -- strike in oakland. it is a high point. it is what the kids call a flash mob. take a look. >> ♪ as long as i know how to love ♪ i will stay alive ♪ ♪ i've got all my life to live ♪ ♪ i have all my love to give i will survive ♪ ♪ we will survive >> so bill, here is the thing. you know what, i could respect this movement if they put more effort into their flash mob. it was a terrible flash mob. >> you will never see that at a tea party movement because they use muskets. >> you will fall on a musket.
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>> was that a line dance? >> i don't know what it was. it was a weird thing. if they don't -- this is going to end ugly if they don't take responsibility over their people there because it is going to be bad. and they have these assaults going on, these unreported rapes. the media is more interested in cain's behavior than these left wing assaults. am i talking to myself? >> coming up, are ugly people a burden on society? courtney reads from her new book "god you're homely." but first, what did reality star kim kardashian say in a let tore fans? we report she tries to spell.
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two players in the islamic country known as iran have been suspended. an incident that is overshadowing a report that israel is mulling a preemptive strike over iran happened on saturday during the persian gulf cup. i love the half time shows. let's take a look at the guy groping. >> he was just digging for change. according to the news agency
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they handed down a $35 fine on both players. with one angry or jealous official saying, quote, this action could be considered a violation of public chastity. the punishment is up to two months and -- in prison and 74 lashes. and not these, courtney, if you know what i mean. well that seems appropriate. as for the 8 fore mentioned half time show -- >> i so expected that to end badly. there was a woman over there and a dog there and a guy throwing a sword around. >> it does, but you can't show decapitation on tv. this is a family show. >> this is not a family show,
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bill. and we can show decapitation. tom, what do you make of what just happened, the groping? >> i was not particularly -- i was waiting for something to happen. i actually watched the grab he did. i thought there is something worse that is going to happen. i found that grab to be something you would see every day on a high school soccer field. isn't that something -- it looks like one of those -- i don't know what it is -- it probably has a name. it is called a charlie cornheiser or something. >> i don't think it is called that. >> he was totally different than that. >> i don't like the fact that the word corn is in there. >> i think people are perhaps considering that this came at the end of a game. so after two hours of full on sweating think about what is going on back there. >> his hands were dirty, you were saying. >> that wasn't exactly what i
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was saying. >> i did some research on the story. >> please do. >> and it says here it remained unclear if one of the players engaged in similar action earlier in the game. so there apparently is an investigation going on. they will look at the tape. they will see whether he made that move. >> this is like an iranian version of herman cain's allegations of hand groping. >> courtney, do you think the poor chap was caught up in the moment. >> i do think the butt grab was offensive. but 74 lashes is a little extreme. i am okay with the fine. what was he thinking. he knew all of the cameras were there. >> can you imagine being fined over that? >> i watched it on my computer screen up close. are you just seeing that across the way on the monitor? it was a little more violating. >> worse things happened in my high school. >> there were a few horses that would take offense to being used in that manner.
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>> we are all used to seeing the butt slap. >> the butt slap, yes, what is wrong with that? you don't go in, bill. >> what was he reaching for? >> you must be relieved you didn't make the iranian football federation tryouts last year. >> vary leafed. i would be dead -- very relieved. i would be dead right now. there is butt slapping after a goal. there is no playing human puppet with the teammates. and why does a guy that was the receiver -- he swated him away. he did not do anything. the other guy should absolutely get lashed. i am a little weirded out that the exact same amount of lashes is similar to that of the aments of virgins you -- the amount of virgins you have if you martyr yourself. >> this is iran, right? the guy getting corn eyes should do it. >> that's true. >> if they get raped they should punish the guy jie. now you are veering into a serious point. iran homosexuality, adultery,
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their punishment by imprisonment and death. there is a sad and serious point to be made in a bizarre story. >> did you see what he did? he made a verb out of his new word. >> i am trying to make a serious point scpru obsessed with the verbiage. what happened to you? > i want to say something to charlie cornheiser, i apologize. change your name. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. it is red eye at fox news .com. we will be using that word a lot. leave a voicemail, 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. he is a crime. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by leopard cubs. the smaller and younger versions of the cat with a yellowish coat. thanks leopard cubs.
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let's go to andy levy. >> how are you? >> i'm great. >> how is the cough syrup? >> >> i didn't take any of that stuff. i took some a couple hours ago and it was wearing off a bit. that's why i was getting cranky. >> maybe take some more. >> i don't want to take it.
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i act strange. you know what happened last year jie. but that was a good show. >> it is what happened after the show. >> okay. >> the bus driver was never the same. >> but there were no charges or anything. >> but there was a relationship. >> speaking of relationships cain is said to have made advances. the third accuser said cain said she was hot and invited her back. you said, quote, that's my saturday night. all cain has done is confirm he is a man. >> that's all things i said. >> he was of course a married man. >> right. go on. your point is? >> doesn't bother you in the least, does it? >> it bothers me more than you know. >> it both oners me more than anybody knows. based on what you have said. >> courtney, you said who knew
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you could sexually harass somebody by calling them attractive. if a man does that to sis saw bored net at work, that is sexual harassment. >> okay. well i have lawsuits on the way. just kidding. >> only if you feel -- if it doesn't make you feel uncomfortable, it is fine. and you said somebody at the table has doms, dirty old man syndrome. you can't be more specific? >> no. i said you all have doms. if a girl walks by -- >> on rick. put the camera on rick leventhal. courtney, can you be more specific? y. >> i was hoping she was refering to me. >> it is just part of being a man, having doms. whether a girl walks by and you are checking out her rear end or doing the eye thing
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where you are like looking in her eye. >> i am makingthing but eye contact right now. >> there are two levels, symptoms and syndrome. >> you don't have doms, you have dogs. >> dirty old guy syndrome? i will leave it at that. >> tom, you said cain is blowing a perfect opportunity to expose sexual harassment for the sham that it is. >> yes. >> always? >> no. by and large. i am saying that mostly sexual harassment is a way for people to get money out of their company. not that there aren't some cases. courtney just said it. if it makes you -- you said it. if it makes you uncomfortable. well, you know what makes men uncomfortable? hot women in the office. they want to jump on them. >> come on, tom. when was the last time you worked in an office desm -- in an office? you are a comedian. >> years ago i did work in offices. >> yes, see, times have
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changed since the 70s. >> we are not allowed to smoke and have a bottle of scotch going at all times anymore, tom, sorry. >> in today's world, many, many productive hours are -- they are washed away because men are fan tau sizing about these hot women in their office. maybe they need to sue over those lost man hours. >> maybe they do, tom. maybe they do. >> i think this is the beginning of some strange men's group. >> it is like bike club for older guys. >> it will be in a steam room. >> you talked about cain's campaign blaming perry's campaign. as far as i can tell the cain campaign thinks if another campaign leaked the story nobody should talk about the story. that seems to be their logic. second of all, now according to the washington times, kerry picket, a former guest on "red eye" a source friends with the cain campaign says not only is the perry campaign involved, but rahm emanuel, the mayor of
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chicago and the former chief of staff, barack obama. they said they leaked the story via mayor emmanuel's office. how deep does the rabbit hole go? >> i don't know. did you check on my theory that it had noig do with the calzone industry? >> couldn't find anything on that. >> what about the national tv association. >> did not look them up. >> they are ruthless. >> they often wage war against the national restaurant association. >> did you see what they did to the pizza bikes what they did to those poor people? >> we can't talk about that. >> where did you hear the cain campaign apologize? >> maybe i was wrong, but i thought i saw something. that's your job to correct me. >> well, i didn't see it
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anywhere, but i thought maybe now that you are on daytime tv you have sources. >> have i no sources. in fact, i have less sources than i ever have before. >> you mean fewer. >> i have people come to me and take information from me. occupy wall street, greg you said they went after whole foods because they thought whole foods wasn't striking. whole foods has denied. bill, you said you had never seen a flash mob at a tea party because it is difficult to do carrying muskets. have you never seen the marine corp silent drill platoon? >> last time i checked they don't work with muskets. >> they don't, but the system is the same. >> they are not wearing nickers. >> a couple things, greg, did you really ask if iran was an islamic country? >> yes, i did. >> they have iatola and stuff
12:37 am
like that. >> i know. >> it is not an arab country as you might have been eluding to. >> can i borrow cough syrup? >> also, greg, you said of the incident that it is, quote, overshadowing a report that israel is mulling a preemptive strike of iran. >> tell me i didn't dream that. >> i don't think it is overshadowing that. >> is it under shadowing it then? >> it is under shadowing it. >> it was clearly a mistake on my part. >> yes. tom, there is no such thing as a charlie cornheiser. and it is not a word. >> i think after the show it may be, and these things get created. >> shakespear made up words all the time. >> exactly. >> news of the future. >> courtney, you said you are okay with the players being fined which i don't understand.
12:38 am
and bill you couldn't understand why the guy who got violated is geting in trouble which i completely agree with. but then you said, quote, the other guy should get lashed. >> i pay for soccer and not human puppets. >> and they are millionaires. they can afford $40,000. >> i don't know if they are millionaires. >> soccer players are millionaires? >> their salary is you play and we won't kill you. that's their salary. >> they don't have a 1% in iran. it is 100%. >> come to think of it, what a great way to live. >> i am done. >> thank you, andy. coming up, hugh grant is dead, tired of doing romantic comedies. he would like more serious roles, and why not? he is a fine actor. but first, is bieber having a baby? it is too late to not do this story, jerk.
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did she go too far with an under aged star? she claims he is the father of her child. he had a paternity suit filed on monday. mariah, probably named after mariah carey, said she got pregnant with a 30-second romp with the teen idol in a concert in los angeles last year. the only problem, that he would be 16 meaning she could face statutory rape charges. we went inside and immediately his personality changed drastically. he began touching me and repeatedly said he wanted to blank the blank out of me. doesn't sound like him at all. bieber's camp is denying the allegations. that's so bieber's camp. anyhoo, why not discuss this -- >> lightning rooooouuuund. lightning round.
12:43 am
>> that was rude. i wasn't even done yet and you jump in like that. let's do the whole show over again. rick, doesn't it show that you can get press, any kind of press if you accuse a celebrity of anything? >> how come we don't see her picture. we just see his picture. >> i think she is on twitter. >> that was her at a red carpet event. >> that was justin bieber. >> what? having fun, america, having fun. >> if the allegations are true he behaved like a rock star. >> it only lasted 30 seconds? that's not rock star like. >> this is a good point, courtney. it is hard to explough tiff the explough tiff out of someone in 30 seconds or less. >> that's all talk and no action. i am gonna and then just -- >> that sentence lasted longer than justin bieber did. >> let's agree that this never happened. and bieber's camp denies the whole thing. courtney, you have been following the bieber camp
12:44 am
since the early 1970s. so wouldn't you expect them to say that and do you believe them? >> he went to twitter and said that he is ignoring the rumors and going to focus on the positive. >> i think that's a good -- that's good advice for america, right? >> and then make a sex tape with him doing it. >> a short sex tape. >> tom, have you ever been falsely accused of i'm impregnating somebody back stage at your show? now think. >> no. >> because you said falsely. >> nicely done. >> you are a devil, aren't you? i bet you were a scream growying up jie. yes, i was a scream. i blanked the blank out of people. >> that's why they didn't get pregnant. >> as the father of four i will legitimate kids, what advice do you have for bieber if this turns out to be true? >> courage and i would stop lying because i actually think
12:45 am
this girl is telling the truth. i will tell you why. it is penalty of perjury. there is a statutory thing. she also demanded a paternity test. let's not forget the ultimate factor, bieber's fans are going to kill her. whether she is lying or telling the truth. she might as well be telling the truth. mark my words, bieber did it, not well, but he did it. >> you actually made a fairly cohesive -- >> there are a million ways to get famous, and this is a bad way. >> there is one thing that you are leaving out. if you are a crazed, obsessive fan and want attention, it doesn't matter. she is not thinking about the fans that will kill her. she is not thinking about the going to jail. she is not thinking about anything. she is thinking now he knows my name. >> but her attorney is. >> two words, billy jean. billy jean is not my lover. >> at the end of the video though do we find out if billy jean was the lover?
12:46 am
she was just a girl, but he said she was the one. >> why are we talking about tennis? i i don't understand this at all. this freaks me out. >> and nobody commented on how billy jean my hair is. >> and there aren't a million ways to get famous. there are six and one is falsely accusing somebody -- >> it involves getting pummeled to death by bieber fans. >> she is not thinking about that. she is thinking about getting famous and they will meet in the courtroom and he will fall in love with her and know she is the one. i saw it this way with david cassidy and it didn't work out. >> getting paid, greg. >> i honestly think this is a -- young girls when they are involved in these like culty, like over the top -- i had three older sisters and i saw it happen with the osmond brothers. they get so obsessed they, you know, she just wants to meet him.
12:47 am
but then bill could be right. i don't know the answers to all problems. just 96% of them. kim kardashian has a message about her divorce from chris humphreys after 72 days. in a statement posted on her website kim writes "i hope you respect my courage because it isn't easy to go through, but i know have i to follow my heart" there are reports -- there are reports i made millions off theed withing and these are not true. it makes me sad to clarify this. courtney, i know you are an expert in reality tv and can you defend her? >> i want to hate her and believe it was all staged, but i talked to some people who know her very well. they said that she really was in love with him, but she got caught up in the whole wedding thing. and then very shortly after knew it wasn't going to work out. she just doesn't care what people think. she made the decision to get divorced. >> and then they hung up the phone and started laughing. >> as for her not making any money off the wedding, i am confused about that.
12:48 am
>> the photos she made between $500,000 -- >> it must have been attached to the wedding. >> you are absolutely right. tom, as always there is like 20 new kardashian shows. i saw a new one, tom shalou and the kardashians. >> yes. >> why are you doing this? >> i wasn't aware she was married and i guess this was a big story. >> you were in your men's group when it happened. >> i was. sexual harassment charges. but this seems like it is right in her real house. she is getting out her feelings to the fans. >> you have a big heart. you know that. >> thanks for noticing. >> did her letter of apology make you cry? >> as somebody who was accused of having doms -- i need to choose my words carefully.
12:49 am
>> we share, we give, we love. >> that means everything to me, bill. last word and you were married and divorced four times. what tips can you give kim in this difficult time? >> i can't give any, but i will say that it came to her as -- it came -- i looked and this is no lie. i looked at this tweet when all of this broke and the divorce papers were sent. and her tweet read if by memory, "omg. thank you for come together opening of our new store kardashian chaos." >> in the interview she says we are donating the wedding gifts -- wait. so you had the wedding gifts for 75 days and now you are donating them because you got busted. so now you are donating them. bs. time to take a break. more stuff when we come back.
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there it is right there. there it is, man. we just had a beautiful flash. >> kristina, we just had a thunder snow. we just had a lightning strike and thunder here in worcester. they were small limbs on top of the power lines. >> we are talking significant limbs of trees coming down. the snow is pulling -- >> guys we just had thunder. we just had thunder here. that is the fourth time -- that is the fourth time i have witnessed thunder during a live shot. that has to be in the guinness book of world records. >> he never loses his enthusiasm with the thunder snow. >> thank god you spelled it out for us. we saw the clip. she so enthusiastic. you could have said something else. you didn't have to do that. >> i was excited when i heard thunder snow for the first time. it happened last year, and then this past weekend. first time ever. >> usually in december, bill,
12:55 am
you throw a party called thunder snow. >> and i was very excited. >> yes, you were. >> very enthusiastic. we will close things out with a post game wrap up with tv's andy levy. go to fox news .com/red eye.
12:56 am
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see you back here at 5 p.m. eastern on "the five." coming up, charles payne and jedediah bila and actor robert dobie. >> now back to andy levy with the post game wrap up. >> thanks, greg. tom. >> hi, andy. >> how was your halloween? >> i i didn't dress up because i am an adult. justin bieber is innocent and sexual harassment doesn't exist and i too love thunder
12:59 am
snow. >> come to my party. >> thanks for summing up. >> i like that. >> rick, what did you go for for halloween? >> because i am not an adult. i was a navy seal, but it was supposed to be bin laden. >> so you dressed up as one of our military heroes trying to get you some stolen valor? >> pretty much. >> pathetic man. >> just awful. >> courtney, how about you, halloween fun? >> i did not dress up this year because i have become a parent and decided to focus on my child's halloween experience. he was the cookie monster because he is a very large baby, and he doesn't eat cookies yet, but if he did he would love them. >> i just like that you put parent in scare quotes. >> people say, oh you don't care about yourself once you have a kid? i'm that person now. >> key don


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