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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 3, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> sean: i meant billions. >> i am going to refer to joe the blumer. >> sean: thanks for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta's next. we'll be back tomorrow night. >> tonight, a willing sledge hammer, a subpoena will be heading for the white house, a republican-led house panel votes to subpoena white house documents related to solyndra. the oversight committee wants to know the extent of the west wing's involvement in the half-billion-dollar loan to the now bankrupt company ask and they want to see president obama's blackberry messages. we spoke to congressman stearns earlier today. >> good to see you -- i guess. >> i know, you can't see me. >> right. >> congressman, tell me, why -- why the subpoena for the white house? >> well, you know, we issued a subpoena on july 15 for omd. and of course, the democrats voted against. it we sent a letter to the white
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house, end of september, grettasm we sent two more letters in october, asking for information, specifically. and when we met with the white house council yesterday, we couldn't get any details so we felt that they were slow walking this whole process and we felt we had to move forward. so we passed, out of the subcommittee today, a request for a subpoena. probably a subpoena will be delivered sometime today, we are hoping. >> you are asking for documents, is that right? you are not asking for testimony? >> yes. >> is there a return date on the subpoena, when you want the documents produced by? >> well, i can't tell you the return date. but i think we want to get it sooner rather than later because we have been working with the white house on on and off for two and-a-half months. surely, after eight and-a-half months of investigation, you will think they would be ready for us because we sort of announced very early that we wanted these documents that would show, i guess four things, gret a. one is their political
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influence that contributes to this selection of solyndra and propping it up. and why didn't they react or if they did react to the red flags from doe and what about the subordination, did they know about it? how did that coordinate it? and fourthly, just to think about tyou have the leader of the free world, involved with this type of investment. why was he involved? and what was his motive? so i think those four questions, the american taxpayers should get an answer to. >> all right. this is going to go over like a lead balloon at the. i assume you know that. if they have said no voluntarily. this won't be received well. do you agree with na? >> i think that's true. because of the vociferousness of the democrats on the committee today and how they tried to adjourn or committee and then they tried to amend the resolution and they fought it tooth and nail. so i assume that they coordinated with the white house
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and with the white house counsel and all of their staff. of course, greta, we met with them and we invited mr. waxman, the ranking chair and the ranking member on the committee. so we had them and their staff. we gave them every opportunity to talk to the white house counsel and to hear our comments to the white house counsel. so we were transparent and open with the white house counsel. we thought the democrats should see it. >> i anticipate that the defense to the subpoena will be that they will raise executive privilege, that you are asking for information to chuare not entitled. i assume that's what the white house counsel told nuadvance of today, right? >> you know, she has not issued that they would use executive privilege. >> it is our understanding that they're going to provide the documents. now, if somehow they do, greta, that doesn't mean we don't get documents. they have to, you should the law, delineate which documents which affect national security
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and the president's privacy for consulting. so we have to see the delineation of those and we can decide whether -- if we agree with them or not -- if we do gray, there are many more documents we would like to see. but in the inner circle, the top advisers to the white house and get their communications. >> i am curious, now this is directed at the white house. but in the broader picture of solyndra and i don't know why i upon am fixated on this. i guess because i'm a lawyer, but i haven't figured out what it was that solyndra had a legal bill that taxpayers ended up footing, having to do with this whole application for the federal loan. and i wonder, if have you taken a look at the legal bill, because it seemed rather high to me for this. but i am curious. maybe it's legitimate. have you gone through solyndra's records to see what the american taxpayers really ended up paying for? >> right now, it's in
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bankruptcy. and i think if the bankruptcy is transparent, we should be able to find that information. but we are thinking about asking solyndra themselves for a copy of t. obviously, they could turned it down. whether it's relevant to our investigation, i am not sure. but i think it goes to the larger message that they wasted so much money, they spent $2.5 million in a very short period of time to a law firm whose counsel was related to mr. stephen spinner who was pushing solyndra in the department of energy. so huthat conflict of interest and obviously, that's a good question -- what was the $2.5 million spent on. >> they paid $1 million some time in august 17, they received a memo, saying without an infusion of cash, they would fail and they did go belly up about two weeks later. but that bill to one of those-- the company investigating them was a significant -- was a significant bill. i assume the taxpayers will have to pay as l. but i really
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can't -- i can't understand why it took a huge investigation because it cost them more to manufacture the product than they would get if they sold it. it seemed like why in the world were they trying to figure out whether the company was going to make it or not. no company's going to make it with that. >> well. no, they can't even manufacture these products and sell them for a profit. it was pretty apparent early because the solar market for solar panels drop almost 40% and even down to 60%. so once they knew this, why would they continue to try to prop this up and bring in two hedge funds and double down with $150 mill whereon, gave them $75, so the question is, why were they doing this? was it because of political influence or contributor who is were involved? i mean, those are the questions that the american taxpayers want to understand. since the three loan guarantees that were put out, two of them
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now in bankruptcy because the second one went bankrupt over the weekend. we are starting to see others starting to fail here, so the president has anointed herb alice son to look into all the loan guarantees. so lo and behold, i think the president realizes just as we do, that the loan-guaranteeing scheme is not working and he wants to get ahead of it with mr. allison. >> i guess in all of these investigations that i assume there is some caution that has to be exercised that we need to respect executive privilege when it's appropriate and not engage in a fishing expedition for political reasons. so i guess i am hoping that in the end, this is done with enormous good judgment, we get to thebottom of it and it is not one party battling another. >> i agree. that's what we are trying to do. of course, this is an eight and-a-half-month investigation, we are not just jumping off the cliff here. we are trying to do this system
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atically. you can see from the emails we have been able to reveal that we have been successful. >> congressman, thank you. look forward to seeing what happens. i am sure this will be an interesting discussion. if you get the documents, i'm curious what is in the documents of any note. thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> now to the fiery hot race for the g.o.p. presidential nomination. speaker newt gingrich supporters are saying, watch out, the speaker is seeing a mild surge in the polls. and the sexual harassment scandal doesn't seeming to stopping mr. herman cain's campaign. the latest rasmussen poll has cain on top, followed by perry and then romney and gingrich. michael, nice to see you, what do you make of the fact that mr. herman cain is on top, with with a telephone poll, but nonetheless, he's on top of this one? >> well, hi, gret a. thanks for having me. it's a remarkable thing.
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i think it's further evidence that there was a line from the internet video that got so much attention, where the chief of staff was smoking a cigarette and there was a lot of controversy. but the line at the end was that the country had never seen a candidate quite like herman caifnlt i think this is evidence that cain is defying the laws of politic, leading the polls in iowa, despite the fact he hasn't been there. his supporters don't seem to be troubled by the mounting allegations. i will say, i think that could change. i don't think this story's going away. i think it is getting worse. i don't think he's handling it well. however, there does seem to be some redill sillience in his support. >> i always think the polls, when you see a situation like this when the pundits or the journalists are aghast at things and suspicious of things, when the polls suggest something different i always think it's a message that we don't get. it -- get it.
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>> i think you are right, greta. i say this intutively and anecdoteally from talking to cain supporters. one thing that really attracts people to herman cain is he strikes them as an outsider. he's not part of the system, he's not part of the establishment. he's different. his style is different, his background is different. in truth, he has a little more washington experience than he likes to let on. but there is a sense thaty -- that he is an outsider and washington is fighting back. i don't think that's entirely accurate. but i suspect that that is part what have is keeping him aloft right now. >> meanwhile, while all the attention is on mr. herman cain, it seems like speaker gingrich is slipping up the side. like the kentucky derby, the horse that'sniquing upped saturday. but he's moving up. -- that is sneaking up the side but he is moving up.
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>> he has put himself in a position to capitalize. herman cain likes to explain, he's the black walnut ice cream, but it that ice cream melts into a puddle, newt gingrich is in a position to capitalize on that. he's only where he was when he joined the race in the spring. newt joined the race in the low single digits and had a terrible launch and very bad press. he put his foot in his mouth. he is back to where he was. i think now that if this story does bring cain down and his followers scatter, i think newt is a natural landing place for a lot of people. so i think that newt has rebounded. it is not that he is surging back into the top tier, but he's positioned himself to be ready to capitalize on a cain meltdown. >> he will be on tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m., we will ask him a lot of questions about the race. i am curious, governor romney has been quiet. he has stepped down and let everyone else duke it out. buty where is he in this race now? >> you know, there has been
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joking, politico coined the phrase, the mittness protection program. he is happy to lay low and fly in under the radar. i think he is the default choice. you know, no one seems to love him, but he has a strong lead in new hampshire. he is a close second or tied for first in iowa with herman cain, whose candidacy is in some doubt. he's doing very well in the national polls and i think that romney is hoping to be the last man standing, that the candidates rise up and fall back. so michele bachmann came and went. rick perry came and went. maybe he will come back, maybe want. cain is having his moment, maybe crum crumbling. romney, he is hoping that republicans don't love him but will accept him. stay out of the way and not answer too many questions about his record in mass. he's happy to lay low. i think he is looking pretty good right now. he has to be the default, if you are betting, he has to be the
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default nominee. though we have a long way to go, of course. >> we have 30 seconds left. who do you think the white house right now, tonight would least like to run against? >> well, you can spin that a lot of ways. i think it's romney because i think the presidential elections are fought out in the center. the problem romney has with the primary voters right now is that he is too moderate. he has some liberal positions and past positions that he has to change. but in a general election, he comes across as close to the center. i think some of the other republicans, particularly perry, for instance, are more hard right. i think that plays well with the primary audience, but the white house feels they have a better job tearing down a conservative on the right than going toe to toe with someone in the center, particularly someone like romney with a businessman record and very good credentials on the economy and jobs. i think it's romney they fear and that's who they are going after, when you hear comments from the white house and obama campaign spokespeople. >> thank you.
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hope you will come back. >> thanks, greta. >> to our nation's unemployment crisis, 9.1% for the third straight month. could it possibly be worse? here's house minority leader, nancy pelosi. >> from a policy standpoint, i think it's really important to know that president obama was a job creator from day one. was the ditch that we were in so deep that when you are talking to people and they don't have a job that that is any consolation to them? no. but i'll tell you this, if president obama and congressional democrats had not acted, we would be at 15% unemployment. no consolation to those without a job. but an important point to make. >> one year after the republican majority took over the house, speaker john boehner has a very different view. dana perino is here. >> nice to be here with you -- in new york. >> in new york. who would expect both of us to be in new york. anyway, the statement by
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minority leader pelosi that it would have been 15% or much worse? >> this is a question that she probably should not have answered in that way. you can imagine, behind closed doors, this is what democrats tell themselves, that things would be so much better if we had been able to hold on to the house. one of the key interesting things is that boehner, who has been the speaker for the past year, one of the reasons he is is because in 2010, in the mid-term elections, the american people said, we are not for the democrats. we don't think that the health care bill is the right thing approximate and we really don't like that stim brusulous bill. they think that's what hurt the economy. so what she is saying is falling on deaf ears. plus, they really need to stay away from specific targets. so, for example, when president obama asked the congress to pass his stimulus bill, they promised that unemployment would go to 8% or below. in this case, she doesn't know
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what it would possibly be and 15% -- that would be 9 million jobs, surely, they are not trying to take credit for 9 million jobs. >> it's the scare. >> i tend to look at the facts. and we are going to be as fansiful to say it would be 15%, can we say if it weren't as it is now -- with a republican president, that it would be 7%? >> sure! >> we can be fansiful both directions. >> the ceo from the young presidents organization, american ceos today are more pessimistic than ever because of excessive government spending -- stimulus bill, and un uncertainty -- health care. >> see, if i were arguing the democratic point, if i were a member of congress, i would instead of the fanci full stuff,
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i would look at the trend. a year ago, it was 9.6% and now it's 9.1, we are headed in the right direction. you can put your hands around that better than the numbers where you say twould be so much worse. >> look at the way that president obama's rhetoric has changed just a little bit in the past couple of weeks. he ran on hope and change. all of a sudden when you are running for re-election, you don't want change, you want time. you are asking for patience and time. this trend, as you say heading in the right direction, but at a snail's pace and maybe it won't be better by the time the election rolls around. i think most economists think that's true. but she is basing her comments on a study that projected or assumed 3.5% growth. and that certainly is fanciful. >> that's the other thing, i think any of these numbers, whether it's the federal reserve's predictions that came out about gdp or unemployment. we never know the assumptions
7:18 pm
upon which they are based. that's so important in economics. you know, what yourunderline assumptions are. they are so variable. we toss around the numbers and the uncertainty and we use it as a political weap. >> with almost every economist, it's a good thing we don't have three hands, everyone, on the one hand, on the other hand and if there was a third hand, they would use that, too. >> is the president trying to work with the congress? and is congress trying to work with him? >> i -- no. president obama needs a villain. he needs someone to runegacy -- run against, they have decided that running against a do-nothing congress is the best way. the 3% withholding tax, that will pass next week. today, the democrats rejeked in the senate, a commonsense reform to extend the highway bill and two joined republicans to defeat the infrastructure bill. i think that if they wanted some successes, they would stop
7:19 pm
sending up legislation that even democrats can't support. >> troubling. all troubling the way they play with each other that way. >> nice to see you. >> senator john mccain says heads should roll. he is fired up about fannie and freddie. he is using the words corruption and fraud. chaos in greece and the turmoil is contagious, leaving its effects worldwide. we go on the record. and president obama got a letter from the texas attorney general. what's in the letter? the texas attorney general is here to go on the record. it [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8.
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>> senator john mccain says it is unconscionable, the visibly angry senator, expressing outrage over the multi-million-dollar bonuses for fannie and freddie execs i felt if fanny and freddy are synonymous with mismanagement, waste, outright corruption and fraud and their federal regulator has the audacity to approve $12.2 million dollars in bonuses to people who make $900,000 per year. this body should be ashamed if we letst we do
7:24 pm
is cancel these bonuses, make sure it doesn't happen and maybe ask for some qualified, experienced, talented americans to come in and take over this agency. and the first guy that i think ought to go is the guy that approved of these mortgages, who i understand -- i mean that approved of the payouts, mr. edward jay demarco. >> there is more. today freddie mac asked for $6 billion in additional aid. taxpayers have spent almost $170 billion to rescue fannie and freddie. ben is here from the financial quarterly. tell me, why does the person who this -- demarco think that these bone useses should be paid out? >> hi, greta. thanks for having me here. you know, edward demarco says the way to get talented executives running fannie and freddie is to give generous compensation. they're tasked with maintaining and conserving the taxpayer
7:25 pm
dollars, some $5 trillion in mortgage assets and the way to do that, he says, is to attracts talented folks with high compensation packages. >> does he mention anything about the fact that this last quarter they lost $6 billion and the same quarter a year ago, it was $1.4 billion, so there is a downward trend in terms of their success? >> that's a good point. i haven't heard him say that. the thing to remember is that these losses that fannie and freddie are coming up with are largely bad loans that were made before the financial crisis back in 2008. so we might be seeing losses from fannie and freddie for sometime to come. >> i take it nobody's making the executives keep the jobs. if they are so talented, they could go elsewhere, right? >> that's right. >> i am curious, do you have any clue how much they make without the bonuses, what their salary range is? >> you know, i think senator
7:26 pm
mccain says in the range of $900,000. clearly, that's a lot of money and it's no surprise that you found lawmakers on both sides of the aisle expressing concern with these compensation packages. you had senator john mccain, calling for demarco's dismissal. senator tim johnson, the democrat who heads the senate banking committee announced he was going to have a hearing on this issue and would bring mr. demarco, as soon as possible he said. >> demarco is the regulator over fannie and freddie, right? >> that's right. >> so is he the one -- is he the one who actually authorizes the bonuses, or is it congress? who authorizes it? he supports them and thinks it's a good idea and a good way to attract talent. but who greenlights it? >> in the end, mr. demarco has to sign off on this. the federal housing finance agency is an independent agency that congress created in 2008. and they didn't intend -- congress didn't intend for the
7:27 pm
agency to be around 3 years on, it was supposed to be a temporary thing. but congress and the administration have not really figured a way to -- to replace fannie and freddie or to figure out what to do next, so this temporary conservatorship continues to this day. >> does he have any sort of reflection that he might have a tenure? they have lost $2 billion more this year than last year in just a quarter, from $6 billion to $4 billion was the difference. so they are so unsuccessful that they need another bailout of $6 bill whereon and they make incomes in the range of $900,000. usually we reward those who are extraordinarily successful or great visionaries, but these are not the statistics in a competitive marketplace, you know, would warrant, you know, someone wanting to reward people with a bonus. >> yeah. i think mr. demarco says, he said that they have cut down on the total compensation that
7:28 pm
executives used to get before fannie and freddie were bailed out. he also has made it clear that these executives who are leaving, they were not at the helm when fannie and freddie collapse and the housing market collapsed and fannie and freddie needed to be seized. so they shouldn't get all the blame. >> it's not a question of the blame. it's credit if they have done something extraordinary. but if they are asking for more mon nea bailout and they are doing worse than they did a year ago and they are getting paid $900,000 and no one made them take the job, it's hard to understand. they i hear you. >> who does demarco answer to? how did he get his job? >> he doesn't really answer to anybody in a sense. he had his job in -- he was brought on in 2008 when the agency was established. and became acting director under president obama in 2009. but he has been criticized strongly by democrats for not doing enough to use fannie and
7:29 pm
freddie's huge market power to boost the market and shake things up there. he has tried to conserve the taxpayer dollars, but obviously, this is one instance where lawmakers don't think he's doing a good enough job. >> ben, thank you. >> thanks so much for having me. >> here's what's coming up. >> the up oners are getting more riulent. we will have shocking pictures and tell you what is going on behind the scenes. a verdict in the janet jackson super bowl deal, that's coming up. >> 11:00 p.m. eastern time. coming up, turmoil in greece and it's rattling our economy. is there something president obama can do or should do? ambassador john bolton is here, that's next. more cash. if you're not satisfied with 50% more cash, send it back! i'll be right here, waiting for it. who wouldn't want more cash? [ insects chirping ] i'll take it.
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>> right now, greece is on the edge and the european union is willing to bail greece out, but only if it tightens its belt and agrees to austerity measures, but the people of greece don't seem too wild about that. should you care about greece isn't answer is yes because it's rattling our economy billbig-time. john bolton is here. good evening, sir. greece essentially took its books, we didn't know how bad it was, they're in the european union. now they need help. the european union wants to bail them out, but they don't want to cut spending and the prime minister said let's have a vote
7:34 pm
in january. everybody got mad so they are going to do away with that but have a vote of confidence or no confidence on the prime minister. is that where we are? >> that's basically right. we will know whether the prime minister's government can survive. but in a sense, i feel sorry for him because what he said was we have agreed to make changes in greece that will cause enormous pain to our population, maybe that's what they deserve. but he said, why don't we have -- what was that ancient greek word -- ah, democracy! let's have the people vote. and the leaders of the european union, the chancellor from germany and france said, democracy! are you kidding me? and they prevailed. >> sean: suppose hypotheticalally, greece said we are not going to dieten our belt. we are not going to do that. the e.u., murkle and sarkozy
7:35 pm
say, okay. does greece get kicked out of the e.u.? >> i think that's what should happen. i think a greek default is the healthiest thing for a recovery of their currency, see it devalued and get back to making it a place where people are willing to paik put their mon ne. but the key european leaders, it is not the european economy, not the u.s. economy. it is a political imperative they have been following. if they wanted this currency, for economic reasons in part, but for political reasons, as well. to set up europe as a pole in the world, as an alternative to the united states. they're perfectly free to try that and they are perfectly free to fail at it. it's nothing we should come to rescue them from. >> all right. why should we care? is it because we are good citizens of the world? or is there a direct economic impact on us, whether they fail or not fail? whether they accept the austerity measures and take the
7:36 pm
bailout from europe? and what should the president do or not do? >> li think it's certainly appropriate for the united states to protect its interests, as europe's currency goes through this enormous turmoil. but on the other hand, i don't have a lot of sympathy for u.s. financial institutions. let's take former governor corzine's now bankrupt firm, which bet on sovereign debt from countries like greece getting high yields from that investment on the theory that they would never default because the government's wouldn't thereto happen. too bad for them if that's the mistake they have made. so i think there is room to be concerned on the financial side for the united states. but i don't have that much concern for american who is bet on the europeans and ultimately us bailouth their bad investments. >> we will see what happens tomorrow with the cftsdz or no-confidence vote for the prime minister in greece. thank you, ambassador. >> thank you. >> coming up, the attorney general of texas sends a letter
7:37 pm
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>> president obama get ace personal letter from the attorney general of texas. >> hi, greta, the fate of doctor accuse of killing michael jackson is in the hands of the jury. deliberations against conrad murray are set to start tomorrow morning. prosecutors say he was reckless with jackson's life by giving him an excess amount of propofull. the defense says jackson injected himself. more than half a million customers on the east coast will have to spend another night in the cold. crews are still trying to restore power to all homes, five
7:42 pm
days after a freak october snowstorm. at the height, more than 3 million customers lost power. the storm's blamed for at least 29 deaths. most were victims of traffic accidents, electrocutions or fallen trees. now back to "on the record." for all of your latest headlines, go to >> president obama just got a letter, he probably won't be wild about it. it's from the attorney general of texas. what's in the letter? the texas attorney general is here. good evening. you wrote the president a letter. why? and what's in it? >> well, greta, this is a follow-up letter, i sent the president a letter last year when bullets struck a city hall in el paso, texas. i warned the president at that time, if he didn't take action and do a better job of protecting the border, american blood would be shed. now i sent a follow-up letter, pointing out to the president that my prediction has come
7:43 pm
true, a shootout occurred on sunday between operatives working for the gulf cartel and hilldago county, where they shot a sheriff's deputy who is still in the hospital right now. but so important to understand, this is just one of the signs, one of several we have seen just this week, of the cartel operatives, operating much more extensively across the state of texas. it is imperative for the president to steps more manpower on the border if we are going to be able to keep our fellow americans safe. >> you wrote the first letter june of 2010, a year and-a-half. did you get a response in any form? and two, has there been any sort of inexrees in on the border from the federal government after that letter and between them then and now? >> a long time after i sent that letter, direceive a reply letter from a low-level operative from
7:44 pm
an office title i have never heard of before. with regard to the increased efforts we have seen and the manpower on the border, that has been slim and in inadequate. we have more than a 1200-mile bord wer mexico. we see on a daily basis, the operatives working for the cartels or cartel members or cartel member who is are trying to reside in the state of texas, that is increasing constantly. the violence is increasing constantly. and the boots on the ground that we need and the resources we need from washington are not here. >> i know the letter's dated november 3 and says, i implore to you aggressively confront this escalating threat. so have you obviously put it on the line for the president. the president, of course, out of the country. but i am sure he has his white house counsel or somebody. do you have any reason to believe this one has been received, or is it en route to the white house? where is this?
7:45 pm
>> it was received by the white house yesterday, when the letter was sent because we sent it electronically and by mail. so we know they have already received t. but more importantly issue we know that the president really understands the dangers that exist on the border and by failing to step up and provide the resources and manpower we need to protect our fellow texans and men and women up and down the border, he is turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to our pleas and our needs and every time -- >> do you think he does that because a., he doesn't agree with you? b., he thinks he's doing enough? c., there isn't the manpower and the mony? what is your thinking about why you don't have more? >> first of all, greta, whenever human lives are at risk, the government has to supply the manpower and the money. the primary reason for a government to exist is to protect the people. if the president doesn't have this as his top priority, he has
7:46 pm
his priorities out of order. secondly, he know what is to do, it is offense testify us when it came to el paso, to declare the border near secure than it is ever been, he knew for a fact because he has better intelligence than vi, that the border is penetrated on a daily basis. if i know it, the president of the united states either does know it or should know it and he's failing to give us the resources that we are asking for and the resources we need. >> attorney general, thank you. i hope that the deputy sheriff gets better quickly and gets out of the history. >> thank you, greta. >> straight ahead, a live lottery drawing sent a tv news studio into a frenzy. what caused it? it's caught on camera. usually, weddings are about the bride and the groom. but this time, someone else steals the show. the amazing wedding video you can't miss in just minutes. now, this is the weirdest of weird, weird stories. a man who got married years ago
7:47 pm
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>> okay. have you seen our top stories, but here's the best of the rest. you see it all the time, lottery drawings on live tv newscasts. but this time, it shocked a canadian news team. >> barry delaney i. congratulations. congratulations, barry. we are going to give you a call right now. back to you, guys. >> barry delaney. not barry delay. >> no, no. actually, let's take another look. i think it's barry deli, i think? deli? >> deli. >> yeah. >> that's even closer. how's it spelled? >> d.e.l.e.y. >> that's barry. >> no, it's not! >> barry, i'm on the air. they threw a name, barry dell deley, in port moody. >> you know people are going to think this is fishy, don't you? >> it's a barry deley in port
7:52 pm
moody. how many are there? port moody? >> i think just me. >> congratulations, you got -- what did he win? >> he is going to retire now. >> he won a $2 million house or something. >> are you serious? >> i'm telling you. >> i had a dream about this. >> hold up. >> it never comes true. >> lucky winner was their sportscaster and he was at the grocery store when he got that call. >> a father/daughter dance like none other. a texas wedding, treated to quite a show. the bride and her father danced to 10 motown and top 40 hits. it started out with a typical temptations classic, but after that, nothing was typical. take a look...: [cheering and laughter]
7:53 pm
>> and the dancing duo got a final laugh, they ended with beyonce's hit, single ladies. now a widding story with a very different ending. a new york city man has filed a lawsuit against his photographers, todd remusis
7:54 pm
seeking $48,000 to recreate his 2003 wedding. now, he says the photographers missed the last dance and bouquet toss and he wants a do-over. he wants to bring everyone back to new york and recreate the big moment and take brand-new photos. but here's the problem. the marriage has ended in divorce. and the bride, well, she's left the country. this one may not end well. there you have it. the best of the rest. coming up, your last call. you don't have to be rich and famous to go to the dinner with the president, but you might want to bring your wallet. every time a local business opens its doors or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's notust good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $7.8 billion >>.
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7:59 pm
dinner with barack fund-raiser. ordinary americans for $5, there is a chance you can have dinner with the president. the winners were two teachers, a postal worker and a small business owner. here is the video of the dinner, watch what happens here. not a real fancy place. but they're in there talking. watch what happens when the check comes. the check is put down. the president slides over. look how much the check is. $14 trillion. $14 trillion. >> and that is your last call. we're closing down shop. we'll see you again tomorrow night when country music star brad paisley will be here to go on the record. make sure you go to greta and you can tell us everything you want about tonight's show. keep it here on fox news channel, most powerful name in news, o'reilly fto


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