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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 4, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> brian: first place, second place in the marathon. >> eric: we got the winners right here. >> gretchen: have a fantastic weekend. log on for our after the show show and we'll see you back here on monday. >> eric: watch "the five" at 5:00 o'clock. >> brian: bye, everyone. bill: we are on the job on. >> fox news alert. new numbers out painting a not so great news for the president. the unemployment rate dipping to 9%, but not nearly enough to show strong growth in the economy. the house republicans are likely to talk about the latest jobs numbers. welcome to friday, i'm bill hemmer. martha: i'm martha maccallum. at the current rate he will likely face the highest unemployment rate of any postwar
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president. bill: what would that mean for you at home? >> reporter: if you are looking for a job and you are unemployed. 80,000 new jobs last month is not a very high number. in fact it's a low number. if you are looking for a job, you have got a lot more competition. 181,000 people joined the workforce so you are competing for a limited number of new jobs. bill: are we headed for a recession? >> reporter: these numbers imply we are not in a recession. there has been some growth in employment. admittedly it's weak, but wore not in a recession. the prediction is for a flat economy growing 1% to 2%. bill: a lot of economists
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thought we would have 100,000. >> reporter: it's a polite number and an economic number. if you want to get the unemployment rate down to 8.5% by next november you need 200,000 jobs each and every month two now and then. if you want to get it down to 8 per you need 250,000 jobs. bill: the under employed? >> reporter: that number went down a lot. unemployed and those people in part-time work. that's 16.2 per. stuart varney, we'll catch you on fbn. martha: the unemployment rate from december of 2007, and season 2008, it has been above
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the 9% level you can see on the line below the red. so it dropped slightly to 9 per. this is a decent trend. as a reference point the yellow one that will pop up along the 6 per area shows you where we would be in a healthy area. that's 6 per. so a long way to go to close that gap. bill: the stalemate is as strong as ever. republicans blocking a $60 billion measure to build and fix highways and bridges. house republicans say they have passed 16 bills that are sitting on the senate side. martha: fiscally conservative
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paul ryan says congress has come to an agreement on a jobs bill. but the wisconsin republican sean told sean hannity he doesn't think the president is looking for a compromise. >> unemployment went up 10% after stimulus passed, not the 8% they promised. and the president is campaigning, impugning the motives of his political adversaries. if he was look for compromise do you think he would be talking like that and acting like that? martha: he says republicans have passed a number of bills to help the economy only to have them go nowhere when they end up on the senate side. bill: a former governor of new
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jersey jon corzine resigning from mf global. the fbi is investigating how hundreds of millions in investments have gone missing. corzine became the ceo in 2010. he lost his reelection bid to chris christie. the tax foundation listed new jersey as the state with the worst business climate during corzine's tenure. he was also the ceo of goldman sachs. you may remember from the scene here. president obama visiting many campaign rallies for corzine when he was running for reef elect. when he ran for president then senator obama said he would be tough on ceos. >> we are cracking down on ceos and making sure they are not getting bonuses and golden
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parachutes with his package. bill: regulators say money is missing and they are looking for it. martha: we are waiting for a statement from the national restaurant association. they will tell us whether they will allow the woman out of her confidentiality agreement so she can speak which she said she would like to do, to tell her side of the story. but so far these allegations appear to have no impact on cain voters. two polls show he's still doing very well. this post poll taken after the cain reports came out shows him jumping in that time period by 6% points. these numbers for this point in time with these voters, the
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numbers don't seem to lie, this is the case. >> the politics of this are unbelievable. he's been the teflon candidate so far. the cain story is going into its second week. he has survived in large part because we have not seen any of these women. cain has been smart to portray this as a media story and the right rallied around him but that dynamic could change. the second week could be harder than the first. he's likeable, he isn't a politician and he hasn't been defensive. that has helped him. martha: he didn't cancel any of his interviews or speaking engagements. let's look at another number with regard to this. this one shows whether it has any impact on his voters. 69% say it makes no difference the situation. 23% say less likely. 4 per se more likely.
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it's fascinating to watch. today we are going to hear from the national restaurant association whether they will allow this woman to speak. if we get a face attached to all of this and if she is sympathetic what kind of impact do you think it will be then? >> i think it will be a significant impact. republicans are worried this will hurt them with soccer moms. so if we have a credible woman come forward, obviously it will be a huge story. if she has a credible story herman cain is going to be in serious trouble. but right now it's herman cain versus anonymous sources running against the washington establishment. this was 15 years ago, i don't have a job, i'm interested in improving the economy. if we get that face. if she is allowed to tell her story and it has credence, then
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the story changes. martha: we are in situations where people manage to weather these things successfully and herman cain has so far. bill: there is another new poll showing mitt romney and president obama are tied in key swing states. mitt romney at 47%, the president 46 per. now when he's matched up against herman cain. swing state voters throwing more support behind president obama. the states are considered the most critical in winning election in 2012. martha: coming up later this hour we'll speak with the chief of staff for herman cain, mark block, he's the man guiding herman cain through this difficult week he's been having. we'll ask about the money that's come in to hire campaign during
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the course of this and any foreign policy issues which may be more important in the end. have it starts a fire. he might not be topping the holes -- polls. but does john huntsman have the best chance of beating president obama next november? you might be surprised who says yes to that. we'll talk to him live and ask about it coming up. martha: there are major developments into developments of failed solar panel maker so lynn dr.. the white house has been handled a subpoena for the document it has not turned over. bill: nancy pelosi said sit would be much worse if it were up to republicans. we'll ask a panel whether or not she is right. >> if president obama and the house congressional democrats had not acted we would be 50%
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martha: it's going to get a little more interesting in a miew minutes. we'll hear from house republicans. they will file into that room and talk about the latest job numbers. how about the stalemate going on on capitol hill over any legislation on a jobs bill. bill: those doors can be exciting. the national debt closes in on the $15 trillion mark. mitt romney is offering up new details on how to get that number down. his proposals include eliminating federal program that aren't essential and ending aid to countries that oppose america's interests. >> president obama came into office in a fiscal emergency and he's made it worse. the president has failed on almost any i mention you could
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consider. he came first into office and said i want to borrow $787 billion. 8%. bill: bill: repeal obama-care, saving $95 billion. how does this help america? >> in that clip you just played you heard governor romney point out president obama utterly failed to control the spending in washington. it was only a few months ago
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that america suffered its first credit downgrade which humiliated us in the eyes of the world. mitt romney believes we need to put a clamp on out-of-control spending and debt in washington. today in d.c. he will be giving a speech where he lays out some of the specific approaches he will take to control spending. bill: the white house is out on the offensive on this. they are talking about ending medicare, deep cuts. saying this plan only benefits millionaires and corporations. how will the former governor take on these charges? >> president obama and his policies have devastated this country. there are many people who are hurting, they lost their jobs, have lost their homes. they have seen their wages decline. but we understand behind every line item in the budget there
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will be a strong constituency and there will be special interests fighting to retain that spending and in some cases increase it. but we are in a fiscal knowledge. that requires us to apply a test. is this program so important that we are willing to borrow money from the chinese to pay for it? when you look at corporation for public broadcasting it's nice to have that subsidy, but is commercial-free advertising on pbs so important that we are willing to borrow 40 cent out of every dollar we spend on it? bill: we'll see how he lays it out in his speech later today. why has it been so difficult for him to break out of this 24 per to 26 per range? >> the polls you are seeing are multi candidate polls. i don't think anybody is going to be running away with it.
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but the polls that are more interesting to me of course are the ones that put him head-to-head against president obama. in those polls he's either winning or within the margin of error. there are two things republican vote are look for in a nominee. first and foremost they want someone who can lead on jobs and the economy. and because they sense president obama is so vulnerable they want somebody who can beat him. bill: before you get to that point you have to win the nomination. why do you think herman cain is doing so well? >> herman cain is a formidable competitor. he has the private sector experience many people believe is important. we have a lot of good candidate in the race. bill: but your team has put a lot of attention on president obama. but why not herman cain?
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he's not seen as a threat? >> the race isn't about herman cain, it's the about the failure of the president to turn the economy around. it will be a referendum on barack obama's utter failure to lead on jobs. that's where the focus is for mitt romney. pill * we have breaking news. martha: we want to take you back to the hill. the gop side is discussing the jobs numbers. listen to john boehner. >> once the bill is stalled in the senate i think it's unacceptable for the white house to be anything less than 100% engaged in the legislative process. >> the job numbers are out and i think we see the unemployment figures in this country are still way too high. unemployment at 9% is unacceptable. that's why we are here trying to tell harry reid, please join us
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and bring these measures to the floor for an up or down vote. if they don't pass, fine. what is harry reid and the democrats afraid of in the senate as far as our jobs agenda is concerned? the bills that we have on our jobs agenda are real concerns and they address real issues that small business people are facing. i was recently down in my district in richmond and i held an event at a biotech plant. the kind of issues raised there are the issues these bills confront. just yesterday, this week we had four bills in the house having to do with access to financing for small businesses. that's what small businesses that are growing want. they want access to capital. they want less red tape in washington so they can go about continuing to invest and create jobs. so please, harry reid, just allow these bills an up or down vote in the senate so people can
6:21 am
see that washington is actually working toward their interests and to create jobs. martha: very interesting. because you heard the president time and time again say this is a do-nothing congress. now you have the congressman from the gop house side saying we have passed four new bills to make it easier for new companies to make investments. we want those bills to get a hearing on the senate side. they are frustrated with harry reid for not allowing that to happen. how about this? a bit of a family feud. the traffic stop that has ignited a nasty fight between highway patrol and the police. it's getting you go lire this one by the minute. we'll be right back.
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bill: a new study shows one in three drivers admit they get behind the wheel when they can barely keep their eyes open. trim a finds that one in six deadly crashes involve a driver who was drowsy. still in the dark, 318,000 people in connecticut have no power. 85,000 in massachusetts. the maccallum family in new jersey. a week after that rare nor'easter still without the juice in new jersey. martha: let's move to this. in the middle east tensions are
6:26 am
rising between is rate and iran. a new poll shows the people of israel are equally divided on the issue of whether israel should carry out a military strike against iran's nuclear site. where is all this headed? >> reporter: a senior official close to israeli cabinet members tells me these talks are very real. and some cabinet members opposed to a strike are for it. they said the reagan administration was against the attack but later admitted it was the right thing to do. they believe the current white house will probably play out the same scenario and agree in the end an attack would be the right thing to do. but analysts say 20 years ago the technology was far different and the nuclear facility are harder to penetrate and more spread out.
6:27 am
the reason why we may be hearing this is because a former head of the musad thinks this is a horrible idea. this attack. martha: we have one person who is not back in school yet. it's been a long week. bill: a house panel raising the stakes or answers on solyndra. a top republican will tell us why it's happening this way. martha: the latest polls show how herman cain is holding up as he finishes a pretty tough week. but is the presidential candidate taking a hit in the numbers? herman cain's chief of staff joins us in america's newsroom to talk about it. >> about being in the top tier of the candidates, can you all see that big bull's-eye on my
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6:32 am
on the government in athens to figure that out. martha: the house committee investigating solyndra voting to subpoena the white house. that happened yesterday midst morning. it wants the rest of the documents the white house has been withholding from them. yesterday republicans disputed that claim and democrats had strong word about this. >> we are protesting a sweeping subpoena. since the republicans have been unable to find nothing in this they increased the side of the net and reduced the size of the holes in the net as they go about this fishing expedition. >> what we have seen during the course of this investigation is downright obstruction. the white house has touted the pages, most of them highly technical. never mentioning that producing those documents was like
6:33 am
extracting a tooth without answer these yeah. march report question is what did the white house know about solyndra the company and why did they decide to back it? doug mcelway joins me. now they have the subpoena they wanted, what happens next? >> reporter: that's the million dollar question. it would depend on whether those documents are covered by executive privilege. the white house may claim executive privilege. >> the republicans insisted on going to a subpoena. that is unpress don't for our committee. >> the democrats voted against. they are going to regret voting against this. we believe these document are relevant to this investigation and we'll do our darnedest to get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: in a statement
6:34 am
yesterday they said committee leaders failed to see why internal white house communications between senior white housed a advisors about a loan guarantee would implicate issues of national security or foundations upon which the supreme court recognized the executive privilege. the white house weighed in on yesterday's subpoena vote. we are willing to cooperate. with legitimate $oversight requests that are tail oared. it sounds like we have a constitutional battle potentially brewing. martha: it sounds like both side are digging in pretty hard. one of the things republicans would like on this committee to see is any communications that may have gone through the president's blackberry. where is that all going? >> reporter: they want that blackberry in the sense that
6:35 am
they want access to white house emails. in the previous administration president bush never used a blackberry an had no email account. now we know why. officials say if the president never emails outside the white house his emails would be considered privileged. all part of the battle that may be brewing. martha: what is next in this whole solyndra investigation? next hour we'll ask congressman cliff sterns who you have seen at the forefront of this committee looking into this thing. bill: back to our top story. the nation's unemployment rate falling to 9%. how democratic leader nancy pelosi says do not blame them. >> i'll tell you this. if president obama and the house
6:36 am
congressional democrats had not acted we would be at 15 per unemployment. no consolation to those without a job. but an important point to make. bill: what about that with juan williams, a fox news political analyst and rich lowry will be joining us. it will be real good the next 12 months. what do you think about that? what do you mean it would have been worse. >> it would have been worse according to the non-partisan congressional budget office. they thought it would be 1 point higher, but not 15. what you are getting is a lot of as you rightly pointed out, tam pain rhetoric, and the campaign rhetoric is the only way you could score this as somewhat factual is to say if it ballooned another point and a half who is to say sit wouldn't have skyrocketed even more. bill: and if pigs could fly.
6:37 am
people remember the stimulus quote. you pass the stimulus law and you won't go above 8 per. bill: the word from the white house. that was their evaluation. >> that was their optimistic assessment, no doubt about it. but the question is -- i think if you were to try to measure this by any quantitative scale, you would say that's not right. but our point, i think -- remember, we are talking politic, we are not talking science. and the politics of it is they want to say the republicans haven't done anything in the first 300 day on jobs. bill: that's why they have elections. >> it am totally made up absurd figure. no serious person would say unemployment would be at 15 per. it's just a joke.
6:38 am
if you look at the stimulus bill it didn't make sense on its own terms. 60 per of it was tax rebates or entitlement payment to individual. that's giving individual cash much of which would be saved. then you look at the $300 billion to be spent out over a course of years. in the first year and a half only 150 billion was spent. that's out of a 14 trillion dollar economy. that is not going to make the difference between 9% and 15%. bill report other thing she said is we have put the house back in play. >> i doubt that. the country is eager for a return of the speakership of nancy pelosi? it's just ridiculous. they had two years where they
6:39 am
could do pretty much anything they wanted. and they wasted $800 billion on the stimulus. they passed a healthcare bill that's more unpopular than ever it many less popular than ever. and a dodd-frank bill that's a huge overregulation. bill: can you justify why she would say the house is back in play for democrats? >> that's the point i want to respond to. if you look at the numbers right now, the democrats would need to pick up 25 seats. i would say they are in the range of picking up 15 largely on the basis of the republicans having vote for the paul ryan budget. you saw what happened in that 23rd district in new york. what she said was in play. and i think again, in her position she wants to be optimistic and aggressive. i don't see the democrats at this point reclaiming
6:40 am
>> the democrats are going to take another bath next year. >> i think they want to throw all the bums out. martha: let's take you out to glendale, arizona where there is a huge cotton warehouse fire going on. it has nearly destroyed the warehouse. it's where they store the cotton for the farmers. they typically have 8,000 bails of cotton in that warehouse and it's made it difficult for the firefighters to put out. bill: it looks like it could
6:41 am
spread, too. there was an ugly war of word. the heated battle brewing between two police department over a traffic stop. have you heard this? martha: herman cain, apparently the teflon candidate. recent polls show the cain strain surging despite claims of sexual harassment. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu uss chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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martha: herman cain getting a big boost in a brand-new poll despite the controversy over the sexual harassment issues. in a "washington post" poll
6:45 am
taken after those polls emerged. look what happened to herman cain. up 23% from 17 per. mitt romney still leads in that particular poll. the accusations have not hurted ifing for him either. none of these things -- this certainly doesn't seem to be affecting you guys. >> it doesn't at all. this is the last time i'll be addressing the issue that has swirled washington and the nation this week. mr. cain is a different kind of candidate. we have ran a different kind of campaign and we are not going to play by the rules that the media established the fact of the matter the political article fit
6:46 am
was held up to the same standard as the code ethics for journalism, the people involved in that would be fired. people are asking us to start discussing the issues, the 9-9-9 plan and the other things mr. cain has stood for. martha: i know you want to put this behind you. when you are answering these questions it will help you do that. you brought up politico. they stood by their story and came out with new details today. are you thinking of suing politico? >> it has been discussed. martha: this woman says she wants her side of the story to be told. she is asking the restaurant association if they will relieve her from the agreement she made
6:47 am
with them. she says her side of the story is very different. >> we'll see what the national restaurant association decide. it's their decision. martha: are you confident if she tells her story, the stories will match up? >> correct. i have total faith in mr. cane. and so does the country. the media this week has been a cesspool and we are not going to sphwhiment cesspool anymore. martha: you spoke yesterday to megyn kelly and said you were moving off this that the perry campaign was to blame. >> we are referring back to ronald reagan's 11th commandment. martha: no shooting within the tent. i gotcha. i want to talk foreign policy.
6:48 am
earlier this week can some of this overshadow and issue that may have been a bigger deal fit weren't for what we have been talking about. i want to play this sound bite about china. let's take a look at it. >> they indicated they are trying to develop nuclear capability and they want to develop more aircraft carriers like we have so yes we have to consider them a military threat. martha: he said china wants to develop more nuclear capability. china has been a nuclear power for more than 30 years. what happened there? >> what mr. cain was referring to was china wanted to get up to the nuclear capability of the united states, not that they didn't have nuclear capability. we had a fascinating meeting yesterday in new york city with dr. henry kissinger, talked about the issues of the day, the hotpots around the country, and those are the briefings mr. cain
6:49 am
is getting leading up to this foreign policy debate. he will be emphasizing the outshoot of the reagan doctrine, peace through strength. the cain doctrine is peace through strength and clarity. martha: i think we have a picture of herman cain meeting with henry kissinger yesterday. this is an area he has been considered weak on. very strong as a business leader on the economic side but he has had a few blunders when it comes to foreign policy. how is it going? >> it's going very well. those who know herman cain know he's a fast study. it was an interesting meeting yesterday. halfway through that meeting dr. kissinger turned to me and said you are that cigarette guy, that was brilliant. >> one last quick question.
6:50 am
gingrich seems to be getting momentum. some folks think he may be the biggest threat to your candidate. they are doing a one-on-oneling con-douglas-style tee bait. how do you feel about your man going in there? >> we are looking forward to the debate saturday in texas. they will be talking about the issues that are important to america and the issues that the country concerns about. we are not concerned about it at all. and we are not really running against the other candidates. we have a campaign plan. we have a strategy and we are sticking to it. martha: pleasure to have you with us. we'll talk to you soon. bill: cain is hanging on and rick perrive is trying to move up in the polling. what he's saying that has some folks wondering what's up with that? >> you know, you got to love that, right?
6:51 am
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bill: newt gingrich is drumming up support in this home state of georgia telling voters to lay off the cain train. meaning that he and mitt romney will be the last men standing. >> we'll see if rick perry can recover. but as the polls are developing i wouldn't be surprised if it's me and mitt in the last round. bill: he seems to be gaining steam thanks to positive debate performances. martha: remember this dash cam
6:55 am
video? martha: what a scene that was after a 120-mile-an-hour change. the florida highway patrol officer arrested a miami policeman for reckless driving. phil keating is in miami. police are defending the high-speed officer and blaming the highway patrol? >> reporter: the vice president of the police union called her behavior reckless and unprofessional. and new ammo for the miami cops. audio radio dispatch recordings showing the trooper was told to call off the chase. >> all i can see is a black patrol car with blue or something like that.
6:56 am
>> back off. pill * no explanation from the highway patrol why she would have been told to back off from a cap car. the uniformed miami cop says he was on his way to an event at a school. but her pistol out of her holster for a misdemeanor crime of wreck los driving. >> her pointing a gun at his head and putting number handcuff. i couldn't believe it on a simple traffic stop. bill: numerous postings are out there, some even threatening no backup for the troopers in the future. martha: she said she thought he had stolen the police car. that's why she was going it the way she was. bill: she meant business.
6:57 am
herman cain may be the front runner but a candidate says his plan has real substance to it. >> it's realistic. it's not pie in the sky sound bite. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's new glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have 6 grams of sugars.
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martha: a fox news alert. to start us off. another new poll show the allegations of sexual harrassment are not slowing down the cain train. look at the numbers. herman cain with a 3% lead over mitt romney and way out in front of the pack. this is getting very interesting. this comes of course has he got those problems what happened when he ran the national restaurant association a decade ago. his chief of staff was here a moment ago. he said he is done talking about this issue. >> i want to really say, this is the last time that i will be addressing the issue that has swirled washington and the nation this week. as you know mr. cain is a different kind of candidate.
7:01 am
we've ran a different kind of campaign. we're not going to play by the rules that the media has established. martha: interesting words from mark block there moments ago. bill: we'll see if he surprises or not. martha: we'll see if there is anything else they need to respond to. they are hoping to put them behind him. welcome to new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning to you. herman cain not only interesting person to watch on the leaderboard. newt gingrich passing ron paul and rick perry. it comes after nearly all the senior staff walked off the job. martha: the president of rasmussen reports joins us now. scott, welcome. this has been an interesting one to what. what do you make of the fabl that herman cain is holding up so wells? >> it says republican primary voters are giving herman cain the benefit of the doubt. they don't trust the media. they don't like the political process. they're suspicious. most republican voters might
7:02 am
be another republican campaign pushing this. so they're saying okay, for right now we're willing to support herman cain unless something comes out to change our mind. martha: look at some of the other numbers that came in. it is very interesting because what we're seeing newt gingrich, let's look at this one first. michele bachmann and huntsman. 2%. these kind of numbers raise a lot of questions, scott. some people think it is time to throw in the towel for people in this range at this point . what do you think? >> well, they are, huntsman bachmann and rick santorum very low in the polls. they raised money. they promised voters they would try to do something. i think they should stay in at least until iowa and new hampshire and see what happens. martha: there's another look at the whole group. you can see it gets pretty thin there at the bottom. i want to talk about gingrich in a moment. look at this other one which is romney versus obama poll that we want to take a look at as well. the romney folks have got to feel pretty good how they fair in head-to-head with
7:03 am
the president, scott. >> that's right. mitt romney consistently has been strongest republican head-to-head polling. our latest numbers show him down a point. a week ago he was up to the president and mitt romney had been essentially even all years. the other republican candidates trail by single digits. herman cain behind the president by five. martha: quick on newt gingrich, in double digits he is faring pretty well as he heads into the next stage. >> sure. he is making progress. he is in third place. risen from 9 to 14 points over last month. key? only one-third of republican voters made up their minds. there is lot of room for movement. martha: that is the best point of all, scott. we'll leave with that. scott rasmussen points out, a lot of folks have not made up their mind. thanks very much, scott. have a great weekend. bill: plenty of time. not that much time. former utah governor jon huntsman at 2% has been
7:04 am
polling there for several months so how in the world does he break out the pack? the republican presidential candidate, former governor is with me now. welcome, governor, how are you? >> welcome, bill and martha. great to be with both of you. bill: thank you for coming back. how do you or can you break out or for you is it too late now? >> of course it is not too late. look at most telling indicator of all new hampshire. 89% of the voting public has yet to make up their mind s there time left? absolutely. if you put forward good ideas based on leadership and proven track record. as we're beginning to connect with people in new hampshire going on number 100 in terms of events we've done there. an interesting thing happens, bill and martha. as you approach the end of the year and into january the good voters of this country they look at the ballot box. an interesting thing happens. they start asking that very real question, who can actually go on to beat barack obama? who can actually lead this country based upon real ideas, a temperment to lead
7:05 am
and a proven track record? and then i think, as always is the case in these elections you see the field begin to change considerably. so i think we're spending too much time on the horse race. you still have a lot of time yet to campaign and get your message out. bill: let me talk about some of your strategy right now. "new york times" gave you a bit of endorsement. saying you have the best chance to beat mitt romney. today you fired off a new ad directed at former massachusetts governor. quick clip on that. roll this. >> should be able to sign up for permanent residency or citizenship. we can't talk about amnesty. can't give amnesty to those come here illegally. i'm sorry if i created confusion in that regard. bill: there is more from that ad. why the focus on romney when herman cain is leading these polls? >> well because it is going to come down to a vote in new hampshire which will be the first expression of
7:06 am
people this election cycle. the first primary. i believe it will be a two-person race in new hampshire. i believe mitt romney will be one of them. it is important to compare and contrast at this point. it is important to talk about flip-flops on life. flip-flops on guns. flip-flops on taxes. flip-flops on health care reform. most issues on labor reform playing out in ohio. there is lot there to be legitimate to talk about as people in new hampshire coalesce around the candidate or candidates they believe in. bill: what he is talking about today in a major speech how to cut federal spending $500 billion by the year 2016. what would you do? >> listen, i can give a three word speech. i don't want to pander. i'm not going to talk about not including everything in entitlement reform needs to be on the table or not touching department of defense. bill: you think -- >> listen there is no question about that. when you talk about not
7:07 am
touching the department of defense and not tackling entitlements in full. my speech would consist of three words, the ryan plan the ryan plan is already there. it already spells out 6 plus trillion dollars in cuts over 10 years. gets us exactly where we need to be. we don't need anymore pandering and talking about how we recreate the wheel. we have got plans. we need to exert leadership behind the plans. >> you're about 70, 75 some odd days from new hampshire. we'll see if your prediction is correct of a two-man race in that state. jon huntsman in, charlotte, north carolina. thank you. >> let's go to the g20 summit. world leaders wrapping up their meeting. can greece avert a financial meltdown which threatens to spread to europe and the united states? it is a very serious deal issue they're dealing with there. wendell goler is live in the summit at cannes, france. he is live and how is it
7:08 am
going there? >> reporter: they are wrapping up here. the president set a fairly high bar for this summit. he said solving the european debt crisis was main goal of this 1 1/2, two day event. doesn't appear that happened. we'll get the president's take in a few minutes. he is wrapping a one-on-one meeting with the president of argentina and plans to hold a news conference afterwards. the leaders agreed they need to boost the international monetary fund resources to deal with the european debt crisis but they haven't decided exactly how to do that. german president. angela merkel says few countries want to contribute to a bailout fund and u.s. is declining to do so. the european union called the political parties to come together for the budget cuts for a the second 150 billion euro bailout but greek opposition leaders are going ahead with a vote of confidence for the government tonight. italy asked the international monetary fund to publicly monitor its fiscal and financial
7:09 am
reforms. there are a couple ways you could looked at that u.s. officials are saying that italy is confident in its position and could be precues sore for italy asking for its own bailout. martha? martha: a tough, tough situation. thank you very much, wendell goler reporting from cannes. get together a few days to solve the european debt crisis. see how that goes. have a good weekend. bill: leaders of france and germany and the united states for that matter have just been put in a major pressure on the shoulders of that greek government. we'll see in the end if they get a deal and whether or not it holds up because that hole is deep in europe today. all right. it could be a major policy shift for republicans in congress? what house speaker john bain are -- boehner said about a prospect of deal to reduce the national debt. is it revelation about taxes? we'll play it for you. martha: a helicopter goes down in rural cornfield. today you're about to hear,
7:10 am
not one, not two, but six, six, bill hemmer amazing survival stories. bill: take a half dozen any -day. solyndra got more than half a billion dollars in loans from taxpayers and that company went belly-up. house republicans have gone boldly where no lawmakers have yet to go to find out exactly what happened. >> based upon the fact that this company under price water house said they couldn't go public because some of the numbers are bogus, it is unbelievable these people were still pushing solyndra even under those adverse conditions. [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8. somebody didn't book with travelocity, with 24/7 customer support to help move them to theool daddy promised! look at me, i'm swimming! somebody, get her a pony!
7:11 am
[ female announcer ] the travelocity guarantee. from the price to the room to the trip you'll never roam alone.
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7:13 am
bill: these are the kind of stories where you go out and buy a lottery ticket. a brush with death in a helicopter crash in indiana. the chopper went down in a cornfield a few hundred feet behind a home. all six people on board had only minor injuries. they ran away from the wreckage, right before it burst into flames. this man saw the helicopter nosedive to the ground. >> i was colling down very
7:14 am
steep. you could see it wasn't going to land like it was supposed to. the pilot had some cuts on him. bill: the helicopter was flying to indianapolis to fort wayne. the pilot tried to land at a local airport. >> there is another stalemate in congress. i know that sounds like a news flash, right? over president obama's jobs bill. democrats last evening failed to overcome a filibuster against the $60 billion infrastructure part of the jobs bill that would have helped to build highways and all that kind of thing. then there was a gop alternative that they put forth for infrastructure spending. that one went down as well. things got testy between the two top leaders in the senate before that vote even got underway. watch this. >> i would hope, mr. president, that i, that we can do things that are good for the country on a bipartisan basis. i think creating jobs is one of the most important things we could do. i would say to my friend, we can stay here all day.
7:15 am
i will get the last word. we can, we can, 11:20 i'm going to get last word on our conversation here today. >> mr. president, certainly is the case the majority can always have the last word but i would say with all due respect to my friend, he just made another campaign speech. i think what the american people would like to see us do is actually pass something together that will become law. martha: wouldn't the american people like that to happen? perhaps they would. liz claman joins us now, anchor of "countdown to the closing bell" on fox business network. with all due respect to those gentlemen, that is the kind of conversation people hear and they want to throw their hands up and scream say what's going on? >> you're 100% correct. they know what is going on. the american people are smart enough to see this is the p word, politics, martha. will we get anything done about on the jobs issue or the super-committee cuts, that becomes the big question because the clock is ticking. remember they're supposed to, super-committee come up with
7:16 am
their recommendations by november 23rd. they were supposed to come up with some type of plan by early november. last i checked on the call door and on my watch it is early november and we haven't seen something yet. however, jack lou of the white house budget council was saying don't write the obituary before the patient is even dead. the patient is still fighting. we don't know what is going on behind closed doors but we've got democrats and republicans we hope working together to make some type of plan that will make sure we see some serious cuts. martha: the big issue though remains taxes. democrats want to raise revenue through taxes. republicans are saying, that there could be a way to basically reduce some of these loopholes and that in of itself would raise revenue. that seems like an idea both sides ought to be able to agree on, does it not? >> you would think. apparently we're hearing behind closed doors some republicans are say look, we should definitely consider some, tax revenue increases in certain ways and some democrats are saying we've got to go bigger on cuts to
7:17 am
programs that democrats traditionally do not ever want to cut. martha: that sound promising. >> that is called compromise in this nation, martha. you and i are two smart people who would love to see that from our government, true? martha: true. we will see. liz, thank you so much. liz claman. boy, and now they're talking, bill about other extensions they might want to get. push it a few days longer. bill: i don't think you two ladies are just smart. i think you're hyperintelligent. martha: really? bill: absolutely you and liz claman there, come on. that is jersey power. martha: we go way back. exactly. bill: in a moment it is a question that sparks hot debate across the country, when does life begin? voters in one state have put that question on the ballot. also a terrifying 911 call captures the moment before a gun is fired. that is a critical piece of evidence in a murder case. >> i'll sit down, you put the gun down.
7:18 am
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7:21 am
martha: it is what prosecutors are saying is a chilling double murder that was cause on a 911 call. we must warn you, you may find this disturbing. >> hello? >> sit on the bed, sit on the bed, jerry. >> i'll sit down, you put the gun down. hey, hey. >> jerry, sit on the bed. >> help. help!. >> are you out of your [bleep]? martha: wow!. patrick evans, is now on trial for the 2008 murder of
7:22 am
his estranged wife and her boyfriend. that who is in that scene that you just heard. police say the 911 dispatcher initially got the cull and caller hung up and no one spoke. the only sounds were skreeps and shots you just heard. -- screams. bill: there has been a lot of focus on the candidates but how about this focus? an amendment on tuesday's ballot in mississippi posing this question. when is a person a human being? it's a vote getting national attention because if passed it would make abortion, and some forms of birth control illegal. john roberts is live from the state capitol city of jackson in mississippi. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, bill. this is controversial issue the ballot issue is simple. should the word person be described for every human being from the moment of
7:23 am
fertilization? it would give a fertilized egg, single cell, full protection under the mississippi constitution. i spoke to dr. freida bush, a member of the yes on 20 coalition. abortion overnight would become illegal, a homicide and therefore would end abortion in the state of mississippi. it would also as you pointed out, probably prohibit certain forms of contraception. forms of contraception that would either abort implanted egg or one would prevent it from attaching to the uterus like an iud. here is what she told me the ultimate goal of this will be? >> this measure, i hope will save lives. it will not only save the life of the baby but save the life of america. it will save the life of the mother because we will now be valuing every person, as important and give it legal protection under the law. >> reporter: dr. bush also said that there should be no exceptions for cases of rape or incest though she says
7:24 am
that mississippi law would provide for protections if the mother's life is in danger. bill: there is opposition to this clearly, john in that state as you have found also. what do the opponents of proposition 26 say? >> that they are worried about the ambiguity. governor haley barbour the other day made headlines when he said it. worried about the unintended consequences. they are concerned that this law could prevent him from doing certain procedures freezing embryos or discarding unused frozen embryos a homicide under the new law. here is what he told me. >> what the law will be is completely unknown. it is hard to imagine that you would pass a broad, sweeping, measure like this and have no idea about the details. to me that is not an intelligent way to go about it. >> reporter: proponents say they hope this become as national issue, goes to the supreme court, overturns roe v. wade and hands the whole
7:25 am
issue of abortion back to individual states, bill. bill: they will vote on tuesday. we'll watch it. john roberts in jackson, mississippi. martha. martha: have i got something for you a sure fir and kayaker getting the shock of their lives in the water. take a look. watch closely. >> oh my. after the break. bill: that is funny stuff. martha: on much more serious note, the former governor of new jersey is taking heat for his role in the biggest corporate meltdown since lehman brothers. why jon corzine is stepping down and hiring an attorney now. bill: subpoenas for the white house. lawmakers want to know how a failed solar panel company blew through half a billion dollars of your tax dollars despite the red flags. one of the congressman leading that charge is here live in minutes after this. >> is it possible the president of the united states, leader of the free world, is it possible he was involved with some of the
7:26 am
details? i think those are the questions we're asking. ♪ more, more, more... get more with honey bunches of oats 4 nutritious grains come together for more taste, more healthy satisfaction. get more with honey bunches of oats. [ chuckles ] you think that is some information i would have liked to know? i like tacos. you invited eric? i thought eric gave you the creeps. [ phone buzzes ] oh. [ chuckles ] yeah. hey. [ male announcer ] don't be left behind. get it faster with 4g. at&t. ♪
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7:30 am
the company's gone belly up. house energy and commerce committee, he is chairman of the committee investigating solyndra, cliff sterns. welcome to "america's newsroom". >> thank you, bill. bill: you are clearly not satisfied. what do you want to know? >> well, the subpoenas were issued yesterday. they were served yesterday both to the vice president's office as well as the president's office. and there's four things that we're looking at. incidentally, these subpoenas have to be complied with by november 10th. first of all, we'd like all communications between the investors in solyndra and the white house. secondly, we'd like to know the financial conditions, communications when they're talking about the financial condition of solyndra and then, thirdly, we'd like to know about the subordination, any communication dealing with the restructuring of this loan. and fourth, we'd like to have anything that's involved with solyndra in terms of later, shall we say, as they neared bankruptcy what was the concern
7:31 am
of the administration, what was the communication. so those are the four basic things we're hoping. bill: okay. let me take number three that you just mentioned there. this is from the the obama administration had already restructured the solyndra loan guarantee in february as the company faced financial troubles. under that agreement private investors who agreed to put $75 million in the company would be repaid before the taxpayer if the company collapsed. now, is that illegal? >> bill, in my humble opinion, it is because the energy policy act is one statement that clearly says that you cannot do that. and, in fact, my argument that it's illegal has been buttressed by mr. burner who was a chief financial officer for the treasury under testimony, under oath indicated in his 28 years' experience working at the treasury he has never, ever seen a subordination of taxpayers' loans to outside commercial loans like, like didn't of
7:32 am
energy did with -- department of energy did with -- bill: some were reminding us during the auto bailouts some people got paid before others -- >> well, this is the -- bill: is that a different category? >> that's the reverse, bill. in this case what happened is they took the taxpayers' money and preempted people, the bondholders that were involved with general motors and chrysler, they pushed them out, and they lost their money, and they used the taxpayer, in this case the stimulus money, for these auto companies to trump the private sector. so it was reverse. so it's sort of ironic that the president would go back and take private outside and trump taxpayers when taxpayers were trumping the private sector in the automotive -- bill: let me take you back to solyndra now. the white house says 85,000 pages of documents have already been given to your committee. and after the subpoena went out yesterday afternoon, they gave 20,000 more on thursday afternoon. >> well, they gave -- bill: the question is, is it the
7:33 am
president's blackberry that you're after? is that where you believe you'll find your answers? >> bill, to answer your first question, the 20,000 pages came last friday before the subpoena, and the documents you talk about are all technical. they're really not applicable to solyndra, so it's really slow walking on the administration to say they are pertinent because there's nothing about solyndra except for maybe a very few pages. to answer your question, at this point the administration has to decide whether they're going to use executive privilege or comply. now, of course, the blackberry, anything involved with his personal information, with his family, anything that would deal with national security we're not interested in. but communication that's dealing with the subordination of taxpayers' money, dealing with the investors involved, any of that we would like to see, and i think that's pertinent, pertinent to this case. bill: i'm out of time, but is it possible in the end the deal is entirely shady but not illegal? >> i think the fact that they
7:34 am
subordinated it is illegal, and i think if we see which is very disquieting and shall we say disturbing to see that campaign contributors, investors in solyndra and other loan guarantees have access to the white house and was the white house making decisions based upon political campaign considerations? bill: you said november 10th is the deadline. that's only ten days away. cliff stearns, thank you for your time today, appreciate you coming on. all right, 10:34. martha: a major downfall for a powerful wall street executive. former new jersey governor and wall street executive jon corzine resigning under fire as ceo of mf global. this move comes just days after the brokerage firm filed for bankruptcy. dennis kneale of the fox business network's live in new york city with us. this is a man who ran goldman sachs, one of the most prominent investment banks in the country. he then went after he lost his governor's race to chris christie, he went on to this mf
7:35 am
global enterprise, and he's fought to try to keep money flowing, keep this company going. what does it say that he's stepped down? >> and 20 months later, he leaves, and the firm collapses. anytime a firm collapses, is it ever really the fault of one man? in this case, yeah, you could argue that. him being a goldman guy, a lot of these guys have a higher intelligence, and then they end up having too much faith in that. in corzine's case, he was reckless. his political adviser told him you'll never be elected governor unless you shave that beard, he ignored it. got elected. he was near death in october of '07, he broke 12 ribs a vertebrae. he wasn't wearing a seat belt as he sat in the front seat of that car speeding toward an interview, and this guy is kind of reckless at his firm. and the firm in some ways, mf global, that mf now in the investors' eyes means something else. it was a car wreck waiting to happen.
7:36 am
the firm had only $1.4 billion in net worth, but it leveraged that up to $33 for every dollar to buy $40 billion in assets. it bet $6 billion in the bonds on the countries we thought were going to collapse, ireland, italy, spain, belgium, portugal. and there's that $600 million in customer accounts -- martha: i've got to go, but thank you. he's hired an attorney. do you think there are criminal charges possible for jon corzine? is. >> you know what? when you take your customer money and put them into sovereign high-rated bonds which is what these were at the time, it's not criminal, it's clueless. i don't think criminal charges may emerge here, but that he hired that attorney is a bad sign, martha. martha: very high-profile attorney who has remitted a lot of people in -- represented a lot of people in similar situations. dennis, thank you very much. >> thank you. bill: so rick perry's firing back, responding to the a speech he gave in new hampshire about a week ago today.
7:37 am
that speech got a lot of attention with people talking about his demeanor. here's a sample. >> it's such a cool state. i mean, come on. live free or die? [laughter] you know, you've got to love that, right? [applause] i come, i come from a state, you know, where they have this little place called the alamo, and they declared victory or death. you know, we're kind of into those slogans, man. live free or dry, victory or death, bring it! [laughter] bill: the former texas governor is pointing out politicians give lots of speeches saying, quote, i have given about a thousand speeches, some boring, some animated and some in between. that probably classifies the option there. martha: animated. well, they pulled through the recession without laying off a single worker, now one small scrap metal yard on long island
7:38 am
is hiring againment gershow recycling, what do they know? julie banderas is live in menford, new york, with this company's story for us. hi, julie. >> reporter: yeah. you could say that the government could learn something. i have the owner here, sam, who has not only laid anyone off at the height of the recession, but he's hiring, he's opened two more facilities. how do you do it? how do small business owners learn from you? >> the first thing, don't overextend yourself. that's how small owners get in trouble. they have to have confidence in their business, knowing what they're doing, and if they're going to do something, do it. you procrastinate, you're like the government where it takes two years to do something. we're investing about $8 million in our business. we feel that the economy's going to come back. right now it's in the doldrums, people don't have confidence in the government, what's going on. we don't know what's going to be tomorrow but we're investing because we're here.
7:39 am
and we're not borrowing any money. >> reporter: and your trash is other people's treasure. if you could just go ahead and show the bus over the top of us. guys, go ahead, you can take the bus away. the more trash you guys see, this really is treasure to you because that means that consumers are spending. that meaning people are buying new cars. what are you seeing right now, are people buying? >> no, their not buying -- they're not buying that much. the intake is a little quiet. if people don't buy a new refrigerator, we don't get the old one. people aren't spending money. a lot of people out here are losing jobs. we're hiring because we're expanding our business. we opened two new locations. >> reporter: the government has desperately tried to pump money back into the program. the cash for clunkers was two years ago, it seems like a short-lived, positive idea, but, in fact, it was quite the other for you. >> it kills, killed all the
7:40 am
remanufactured auto parts, the battery guys who were selling batteries, the tire people. it was a disaster as far as i was concerned. >> reporter: all right. well, sam, good luck to you and, hopefully, the government's listening and they'll learn a thing or two from you. martha: he's a wise man, sam. bill: in the south of france right now, president obama delivering his remarks at the g20 summit. we're going to keep an eye on this. we're waiting for reaction to the jobs number that came out about, oh, two hours and ten minutes ago, unemployment rate's dropping to 9%, but the number of jobs created at 80,000 still well below what the economy needs to bring that number down to a greater degree. you can watch all of this speech, it's streaming live at our web site, and also you can access that on our home page at so we will await if there's word on what's happening here at home, rather, we'll take you back there. twenty minutes, now, before the
7:41 am
hour. martha: well, hitting a boiling point on the pacific coast. dozens of people arrested in protests that shut down one of the nation's busiest ports, and things may get worse today. and then there's this for you. dr. conrad murray's a fate is now in the hands of the jury. deliberations are underway in the death of michael jackson's trial. listen. >> there's only been one consistency from dr. white. there's been only one thing that he is consistent about. that however he stretches the science, however he stretches the research, however he obscures the literature, he's going to find a way to blame this death on michael jackson. martha: did prosecutors prove their case though? our legal panel debates. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
7:42 am
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7:44 am
martha: well, the fate of michael jackson's doctor is now in the hands of a california jury. deliberations set to get under
7:45 am
way in conrad murray's manslaughter trial. during the closing arguments, murray's defense attorney urged jurors not to be swayed by the trial's celebrity status. >> at least if you make -- you're going to hold dr. murray responsible, don't do it because it's michael jackson. this is not a reality show, it's reality. and the decisions you make respect making good tv, it's how it effects real human beings and people that love him. so i hope that you do the right thing, find dr. murray not guilty. martha: how did he do? arthur aidala, tamara holder. tamara, did that resonate with you, that closing? did he do a good job? >> no, i don't think so at all. this has nothing to do with the
7:46 am
celebrity, and i don't really think that the jurors are really feeling that. um, both sides, i think, did a really good job of keeping this case in the four corners of the courtroom. whether or not a doctor acted criminally negligent, whether it was michael jackson or not, by leaving the room after administering propofol. it's that plain and simple. and i think that the defense did a poor job of planting a seed of doubt. martha: how about administering propofol at all under those circumstances? arthur, you know, really when the jury goes into that room, they -- and it's my experience that jurors take this responsibility very seriously. they're going to need to determine whether or not this doctor was negligent in allowing him to have propofol in the first place and leaving the room as tamara said, right? >> grossly negligent. in other words, what he did was so unreasonable that it's criminal. it takes the next step from just being malpractice to it was so,
7:47 am
like, horrific to, you know, common sense that it's a crimement and, basically, what the prosecutor did is they put on three different. doctors who testified to that. and then, martha, here's the key. they were able to get the defense expert to admit that that expert himself would never administer propofol -- martha: right. that was a very powerful moment. so let's divvy this up, tamara. how do you think this is going to come out? he could get four years in prison, although there's already speculation he wouldn't spend that much time if he's convicted. how do you think this ends for dr. murray? >> i think he's going to be found guilty, and it'll probably be on the lower range of sentencing. there's another thing that's really interesting in this case. the judge said that the jury could look at this case and say even if michael jackson injected himself with the propofol, the lethal dose, they can still find dr. murray guilty because when he left the room, the act of leaving the room whether it's in a hospital room or somebody's
7:48 am
house, is criminally negligent -- >> and that was the nail in the coffin. >> that was the major blow. >> yes. that was the nail in the coffin. that gave the jury a much easier way to find him guilty. martha: all right. sounds like you guys are on the same page. we'll see what the jury decides because it's, ultimately, up to them. arthur, thank you so much, tamara, great to see you. bill: so two attorneys walk in a room, and they agree. martha: how about that? news alert. bill: jana lee's coming up with "happening now." jenna: senator cain's going to join us on the housing crisis, we'll talk to him about that. also talk to him about what some describe as an under-the-radar battle on the detention of terrorists. also, alan simpson with some scathing remarks about grover norquist. he's going to join us and whether he's messing with the debt deal. also a wedding photographer misses the final 15 minutes of the main event.
7:49 am
the broom is firing back -- groom is firing back with a big demand. he wallets the cameraman to pay for reenacting the entire wedding to get that last 15 minutes. see, martha, i could hear you. maybe, maybe he has -- martha: i think he's got a good case. [laughter] jenna: he might. geraldo is here to weigh in, and i might show some of my wedding photos. martha: that's enough to stick around for -- jenna: to see what we might have missed. martha: handsome husband. all right, thanks, jenna. bill: it has been nearly a week since a freak snowstorm, and yet nearly a million folks have no power, no heat, no hot water. tempers are running high. some folks are not even in school just yet, are they? martha: she's back, i just got news. bill: oh, she did? martha: yea. >> something has to change. we're paying high utility rates. >> we have won the lottery for the most outages, and i think it's criminal. almost tastes like one of jack's als.
7:50 am
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martha: you know, the president is speaking in the south of france right now. he has made a few comments about the jobs numbers there and, of course, they're continuing to try to figure out what to do about greece, whether or not they can pull together to help greece get out of the hole and whether or not greece wants to have that help through the referendum they've been discussing. so you can keep one eye on that streaming on as well. >> not only does the american jobs act answer some of the needs for jobs now, but it'll also lay the foundation for future growth through investments in infrastructure, for example. so my hope is that the folks back home, including those in the united states senate and the house of representatives, when
7:54 am
they look at today's job numbers which were positive but indicate once again that the economy's growing way too slow, that they think twice before they vote no again on the only proposal out there right now that independent economists actually say would make a dent in unemployment. martha: so the president using that platform to make the argument for his jobs proposal out there, he wants very much for congress to come together on some kind of agreement. not looking good. last night they shot down both a gop version of a jobs bill and a democrat version as well in the senate, so not a lot of progress. bill: just watching the stock market dropping a little bit while he speaks. this is a fox news alert now. out of west virginia, this is what we understand. a post office has been having waited. -- evacuated. the pictures come to us by way of wttg. authorities have evacuated an eastern panhandle post office after what a local fire company
7:55 am
says the explosion of a package and the escape of white powder. this information comes to the associated press, this is the independent fire company telling a local newspaper that it occurred around 7:45 a.m. so that was hours ago at the ransom post office, jefferson county is where this is located. emergency services, they have not said nor have the state police have not commented on it just yet, but this is a story that's been ongoing now for almost four hours. the postmaster, gentleman by the name of steve, telling the ap that employees were evacuated and state police are on the scene. he would not give any more details on what happened but said about 20 people work in his branch, so they're trying to figure out there in ransom, west virginia, what caused this explosion and what was inside of it. martha: doesn't appear that anybody was hurt by this explosion, but a box came through there, and as bill was telling you, it exploded, and
7:56 am
some white powder escaped. twenty people work in this that branch, and you can see they're still on the scene trying to figure out what happened and if there's any danger. bill: sometimes you'll get a threat that's either been made in some tomorrow or fashion, but there's nothing to indicate that that has been the case just jet. but we'll wait -- just yet. we'll wait for the facts on that if there are any. so keep an eye on the story, we will. breaking news here, back in a moment. welcome idaho,
7:57 am
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