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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 4, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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we'll try to figure out what the riddle is in west virginia for you throughout the day. martha: well done, thank you very much, bill hemmer. bill: we reached that time. martha: part something such sweet sorrow. we'll see you monday. have a great weekend everybody jenna: we'll pick it up from there. hi, everybody, glad to have you on this friday. i'm jenna lee. >> hope you're having a great friday. jenna: sounds good anything can happen. jon: next two hours anything can happen. we're in the fox newsroom. "happening now", cain cain rising in the latest polls despite sexual harassment allegations. >> new poll showing the businessman from georgia essentially tied with former massachusetts governor mitt romney. cain getting the 23% of the vote. romney, 24%. jon: those two candidates now neck-and-neck. this poll taken after the
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accusations against cain hit the news. his campaign denying reports that he made unwanted advances toward a couple of employees when he was the head of the national restaurant association back in the 1990s. mike emanuel live for us in washington. cain's campaign, mike, has to be encouraged by the latest poll numbers but so far the story is not going away. >> reporter: no campaign likes to be off message not talking about what herman cain wants to do for the company. he could introduce himself to many americans starting to focus on the 2012 candidates. those close to the candidate hope to turn the page as soon as possible. take a listen. >> this is the last time that i will be addressing the issue that has swirled washington and the nation this week. as you know mr. cain is a different kind of candidate. we've ran a different kind of campaign and we're not going to play by the rules that the media has established. >> reporter: but if there are new wrinkles to the
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national restaurant association story it is not clear it will be the last time the cain camp will talk about this issue that has dominated campaign politics this week. jon? jon: there is some other fresh polling out on the rest of the republican field. what strikes you about those nuchl members? >> reporter: "rasmussen poll" of likely voters herman cain leading the republican field. it does not appear he is damaged by the sexual harassment allegations. former massachusetts governor mitt romney is second with 23%. newt gingrich is in third. rest of the field is in single-digit. 68% of those surveyed say they might change their mind. so that has to give hope to those stuck in the middle or the back of the gop field. jon? jon: a lot of changes coming after iowa and new hampshire i have a feeling. mike emanuel. thank you. >> reporter: thank you, jon. jenna: now a fox news alert when it comes to the economy. brand new unemployment
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numbers showing the economy added 80,000 new jobs last month that is enough to bring the national jobless rate down to an even 9% but the number of new jobs was less tan analysts predicted and the fewest added in a few months. if you read through all the analysis of this report here's the bottom line sort of like goldilocks. not too hot of a report, not too cold. it is showing stabilization in the job market. the trouble is with the type of recession we're in we certainly need to heat up job growth. i asked gene sperling one of the president's top economic advisors, about how we do just that. >> the report today does show we're making steady progress in private sector job growth. that we've had about 1 1/2 million private sector jobs created this year. that wouldn't be too bad for a normal year. it is better and quicker than we saw after the last recession but when you're coming back from the worst recession our country has
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had since the great key depression you've got to grow at much faster pace. while this shows some progress it's not nearly good enough, not even close. and that's why we're fighting so hard to get the american jobs act or very significant components of it done because right now if we do nothing we're likely to see our economy continue at a pace where we still have unacceptably high unemployment. we need something bold and significant that gives a jolt to demand next year and sparks our economy and gets job creation growing at a much stronger level than this because we need it to be far stronger than this to start bringing unemployment down from the very high rates it's at and start digging ourselves out even quicker from the very serious hole that this president inherited. jenna: is the president for tax cuts now agreeing with republicans that is the way to boost the economy? >> let me be very clear.
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the president's american jobs act, about half of that includes cutting payroll tax cuts in half for every worker and every small business. you're right, not only the president, not only democrats but republicans have often supported and proposed exactly these measures. so the president is putting forward a bipartisan proposal on jobs, just as republicans have usually supported bipartisan effort on infrastructure. we have a great opportunity to work together and i think what we need is our republican colleagues to stop just saying no and let's try to figure out something that is bold and significant that can give a jolt to momentum so that we're not just talking about steady as it goes when we still have 9% unenemployment and we're still digging out of this very significant economic hole we inherited. all of us have to work together to do that. and absolutely, the president is proposing cutting payroll taxes for every american and every small business next year and
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we expect and we think the public deserves the republicans to work with the president on passing what has always been a bipartisan initiative like that. >> just say no. i think that was nancy reagan, wasn't it, gene? just say no. gene, thank you very much. >> it is either her or a nike ad. i'm not sure. jenna: gene sperling thank you very much. >> all right, thank you. jenna: a lot of debate between republicans and democrats about how to come together, what we should do right now, whether tax cuts, more infrastructure spending. that was the bill this week taken up in the senate and was defeated. we'll talk with senator john mccain just a little bit. he will join us top of next hour. he will not only talk about jobs we'll talk about the housing crisis with him. many believe until we fix housing we can't actually fix what is going on in the jobs market. senator john mccain coming up in a little bit. jon: taking you to ran son west virgina. a mysterious explosion after package at a postal facility
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there. this is happening in ranson, west virginia. the eastern panhandle of that state. a package exploded. a white powder poured out. authorities responding obviously. they have the building shut down. they don't know what the package is or what that powder is. about 20 people were working in the building at the time. jefferson county emergency services and state police on the scene. we're all still as mystified as you are. this all happened 7:45 this morning eastern time. better than three hours ago. we'll keep an eye on it if they give some indication what caused the explosion and what the powder is, you will know it first here. right now the white house is mulling its next steps after an unprecedented move by a house panel to subpoena the administration for documents related to the solyndra loan scandal. doug mckelway is keeping an eye on that live from washington. so we're kind of at a standoff here now, right, doug? with the committee voting to
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subpoena white house internal documents and the white house doesn't want to let go of those docs? >> reporter: that's right, a standoff is what it is, jon. the first step now that that vote occurred yesterday in the subcommittee is that the subpoena must be filed with the house clerk before being served to the white house which is expected to happen within the next 24 hours. what will the white house reaction be? house democrats seem to indicate that the white house may seek executive privilege, something it has thus far chosen not to do. democrats say the subpoena is unprecedented and changes the game. >> we have never under any circumstance with democratic or republican presidents resorted to a subpoena when we could get the information we wanted without disrupting the balance between the executive and the legislative branch. >> reporter: republicans say they're not seeking documents pertaining to national security or anything that would meet a supreme court standard of executive privilege. but they want to know among other things whether
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investors in solyndra were given preference over the american taxpayer. subcommittee chairman cliff stearns believes that may be illegal and he addressed it moments ago on "america's newsroom.". >> in fact, my argument that it's illegal h been buttressed by mr. burner, who is the chief financial officer for the treasury, under testimony, under oath, indicated in his 28 years experience, working at treasury he has never, ever seen a sub bored nation of taxpayer -- subordination of taxpayer loan like department of energy did with solyndra. >> reporter: this has all potential to become a long drawn out constitutional battle over what constitutes executive privilege. we'll be watching. jon: we'll be hearing about this one for a long time. is it true republicans in the house want access to the president's famous blackberry? the first president to carry one. >> right insofar as that blackberry may contain e-mails or correspondence to the solyndra loan perhaps
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they do want that. remember during the bush administration, president bush intentionally had no look berry and no e-mail account. this present day conflict sheds light why they may have chosen to do that in the bush administration. according to bush administration officials i have spoken with, they believe if the president never e-mails outside the white house, those e-mails would be considered privileged. and that may be the same argument that the obama administration will try to make as this thing progresses, jon. jon: it is going to be a long fight i have a feeling. doug mckelway. thanks. jenna: with the deadline fast approaching the 12 member bismart unsuper-committee has to come up with a plan to save this country from our crushing debt. yesterday if you were watching our program we talked with former senator alan simpson, co-chair of the debt commission. here is what he had to say. >> you should interview this woman. she is very bright. state officeholder. cynthia loomis.
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jenna: we have her, cynthia lummis as our next guest. senator simpson said you have to have people with courage. he said she has courage. we will talk to her next. what we can do to fix this problem. jon: interesting to hear what she has to say. also rage against the united states in iran. thousands are rallying. 30 two years to the day since the american embassy in tehran was seized and our hostages taken captive for more than a year. guess what they are calling for now? jenna: new information in on this guy, justin bieber. the beebs. a paternity suit? have you heard about this? reacting to accusations he fathered a baby backstage. that's why we're playing that song. get it? jon: oh, boy. jenna: we have the very latest on this case. next. ♪ .
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jon: new developments to tell you about in the justin bieber paternity suit. thank goodness harris is on that story for us. harris? >> reporter: i'm not really sure why you're saying that except for the fact that there is breaking news in the case. there is a hearing scheduled for december 15th. so jon and jenna, we could actually learn more details about this from justin bieber himself. right now attorneys are talking. here is what they're saying. it is problem mat tick if in fact justin bieber had sex with mariah yeater who wants him to take paternity test to say the child she recently delivered is is. hear is the legal issue. he would have been 16. he would have been 19. under california law he would have been a minor. here is what can happen. illegal in california to have sex with some ununder the age of 18 if the person is not more than three years older it is misdemeanor that carries up to one year in jail. if found guilty, yeater could see a year in jail. she is stay-at-home mom with
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her new infant named tristan. she says they had, she and justin bieber in los angeles last october an encounter in a backstage bathroom. she now wants thousands of dollars a month in child support from justin bieber. i mentioned the december 15th court date. the hearing that is set up, we probably will then get to hear more about the baby tale from justin bieber. but the pictures are coming out now of mariah yeater. they will probably be an egg timer you can set how long it will take to see both their pictures together because that is really kind of the next step? story. back to you guys. jon: she claims she had a tryst and got tristan as a result? >> reporter: named the baby tristan. i'm on it. i know you're glad i'm on it. jon: i'm glad you're on it. jenna: we go from that to the debt crisis. how do you do that? >> you're brilliant.
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you can do that. jenna: run the sound. we're going to move on. >> the congresswoman from wyoming who has not said anything too vocally said yesterday, grover norquist is not in my district and i think we have to consider revenue. that's courage. that woman is estimate i can't lummis and she has a got a lot of guts. jenna: quite an endorsement right? that was former senator alan simpson talking to us yesterday about what to do about the debt crisis, what each side should do and he was talking about congresswoman cynthia lummis of wyoming and she is our guest. senator simpson said we should invite you on, congresswoman. we made good on that. we want to learn more about you. what do you think of that endorsement by senator simpson? >> i've known senator simpson since the 1970s. it's wonderful to have him, in agreement with where we need to go. you know, the best plan out there was paul ryan's budget. it would have him it understand the debt, deficit
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and done it without raising taxes. the next best plan is connie mack's plan that would completely cut the deficit in seven years if we freeze spending and drop it 1% a year. neither of those is acceptable to the democrats. meanwhile, our debt is just going up and up and up. it will pass gdp next week. so, we absolutely have to get to the a place where we can go truly big. we need to cowboy up and get to the point where we have a plan that is so big and comprehensive and inclusive that no one can resist voting against it. jenna: cowboy up, that gets people riled up, hearing that. if we go big, let's go big and get something done here with the deficit. for those of our viewers who don't know you that well, just for a little background. you're from wyoming of course. you were state treasurer there. you know something about budgets as well. you were elected in 2008. you are tea party backed. when you say things like open up for compromise raids
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revenue looking attacks through loopholes or raising taxes what kind of reaction do you get and how do you react from the reaction to your constituents? >> you know, we absolutely need to look at everything. if we can get people to open up entitlement reform, which is the true problem in this country, and look at social security, medicare, medicaid, those of us who know that that is where the real issues lie, the real savings exist that will save our country, we also have to be willing to say, we'll look at everything. and, although i don't support increases in tax rates, i certainly think that there's some corporate welfare trapped in the tax code in the forms of credits and deductions. we could drill for more oil and gas and produce more federal mineral royalties both onshore and offshore. those are ideas for revenue that do not raise rates. those are things i hope the committee will look at. jenna: tell us a little bit
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more about this go big coalition. we first really heard about it overnight. it is a bipartisan group, 100 house members, according to our information are willing to put revenue on the table. you had a meeting last night. tell us a little bit. invite us behind the scenes a little bit. what is this group about and what do you hope to accomplish? >> oh, it is discussions that have been going on for several years, not just recently. people who want to try and pull together and not tie the hand of the super-committee but rather encourage them not to go to a 1.2 trillion number which kicks the can down the road but actually go to 4 trillion, maybe 8 trillion or 10 trillion. those are the kind of numbers that actually will make this discussion worth having. those are game-changer numbers. so that's what i mean when we're talking about cowboy up. we're talking about saving a trillion dollars a year over 10 years. can you imagine what that would do for this country's economy and its ability to
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get back on its feet? that's what we need to do, think big, go big. jenna: it's reassuring to hear from you, congresswoman. sometimes the loudest voices are the ones that get the most attention and those are the ones with the real rigid lines. we look forward to continuing covers with you and following the go big coalition as you put it. thanks for joining us today. >> my pleasure, jenna. thank you. jenna: senator simpson was talking about a few things in our interview yesterday and one of the people he criticized most will be our guest coming up, grover norquist. one of our friends here in the newsroom, jon, called him a tax ivist. this sums it up he believes we should not raise taxes that is not what we should do this general. he is putting pressure on the republicans to maintain thatine. the question is that good for us all. you will be talking to him. jon: interesting to hear what he has to say. meantime, shocking video just ahead. a gunman on a deadly rampage at a family restaurant back
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in september. police are now making the tape public. also, don't forget. it is this weekend. extra hour of sleep. fall back, daylight savings time comes to an end but can it hurt you? we'll talk to the doc.
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♪ . jon: oh, it will be a great weekend. you know why? because we turn the clocks back on sunday at 2:00 a.m., or you can do it before you go to bed. it's the end of daylight saving time. for most of us means an extra hour of sleep. however the time change and the daylight savings can have an effect on your health. did you know that?
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well here to explain, dr. steven garner from new york methodist hospital. i don't like springing, spring forward in the spring. >> fall back. jon: i like falling back. i like that extra hour sleep. >> it is actually very good. monday is the worst day for heart attacks. this monday because people get extra hour of sleep there are fewer heart attacks than any monday in the year. jon: in that respect it is good for your health? >> it is a fragile health tell us how to act. a lot is determined by sunlight and horl moans. hormones get a little out of whack and change the clock and get less sunlight. some people can have suicide or risk of depression when we do it in the april side in springing forward. jon: there are some other downsides even to the falling back thing. >> you have to realize most people are not affected but there is a small group will become agitated. they will not work as well. they will not exercise because when they get home it is dark out and you begin to gain weight. last week we talked about
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hormones make you gain weight. the same hormones gain weight this time of year. hormones that have you increased appetite is very prominent at this time. jon: i understand that there are more traffic accidents as a result? >> part of it is the, part of the vision is not as good in, todayness but other thing your reflexes become less you're more agitated. take it all way to suicides which have highest level this coming, when you lose light. traffic accidents the same thing. judgement is impaired. jon: what do people do to try to avoid some of these side-effects? >> one of them is take a nice brisk walk. boosts serotonin and other chemicals in the brain that make you feel good. melatonin is the pill that helps control cycle of sleep. ask your doctor before you do that. buy that this pharmacy and take a bill. you have if you have heart or pacemakers or defibrillators. you are on a sleep cycle.
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call your doctor to ask how to straighten that out. best thing go into understanding you'll be a little agitated. don't do as much exercise. go to sleep earlier even though saving time. getting less site inminute d. -- vitamin-d siply meant. most people will feel down over next few weeks. jon: i'm looking forward to the extra hour of sleep myself. dr. steven garner. we have to say bye. take care. jenna. jenna: a new and disturbing video of a gunman's deadly rampage at an ihop in nevada back in september. the gunman is moving quickly running through a parking lot in carson city. aed with a assault rifle. he used the rifle on a woman trying to escape. she was shot in the head but she survived. minutes before this scene the gunman stormed the ihop. killed three national guard men's an patron and turned the gun on himself. his name is eduardo
8:29 am
senicioon. he feared demons were after him in the months before this deadly rampage and was. jon: there are new reports israel may be preparing for a military strike that would target iran's nuclear program. could israeli jets hit those underground nuclear facilities with some kind of weaponry? what would it mean for the middle east if they do? we'll get into that. also joshua komisarjevsky, one of the most despised men in connecticut, his lawyers are fighting to keep him off death row and they want to call his 9-year-old daughter to testify in the sentencing phase of his trial. is the that a good idea? what would it do to a kid? what would it mean for the final outcome of this case? geraldo weighs in. he is joining us live.
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jon: the jurors who convicted joshua komisarjevsky already sat through a trial full of disturbing testimony on the connecticut home invasion murders. well now in the sentencing phase they may hear from the killer's 9-year-old daughter. the judge has agreed to hold a hearing that could result in the child actually testifying for the defense.
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last month jurors convicted komisarjevsky of the murders of jennifer hawke-petit and her two daughters, haleigh and michaela. that absolutely reprehensible case disturbing connecticut and the rest of the country. let's bring in dr. keith ablow. member of the fox medical news a-team. doctor, they already lost in court in terms of fighting a conviction. he has been convicted. he faces the death penalty. they're saying they want to bring in his 9-year-old daughter. put her on the stand. try to make him a human being in front of the jury instead of the monster they convicted and let life or death essentially rest on this little girl's shoulders? >> well, preposterous. number one, it can be psychologically, incredibly traumatizing to the little girl. that's the first fact that we should accept.
8:35 am
secondly he shouldn't have any parental rights at this point anyhow. there's a guardian in place or there ought to be or the, the other parent to this little girl. so i think as a matter of course it shouldn't be that a defendant in a trial in which he or she has been found guilty of murder and is at the penalty phase regarding execution or not should be able to assert anything regarding parental rights to have a child come testify. i think it's very traumatic to the little girl likely. i don't see how any juror could take it as serious thing. what will the kid say on the stand facing her father as whether he should be killed or not? jon: yeah. this is a guy who was convicted, if i'm recalling the case correctly, there were two perpetrators here, if i'm recalling the facts of the case correctly, he was convicted of a raping a 11-year-old before he tied her and her sister to the bed or they were tied to the bed i'm not sure the jury
8:36 am
figured that out. tied her to the bed and lit a fire that killed them. after this kind of a crime he will bring his 9-year-old daughter into the courtroom? >> mine bending. it is mind-bending. of course how does this little girl recover from this episode? if she speaks something other than the truth, let's say she very much has deep-seeded feelings of hatred and rage toward her father. is she really going to come to court and present those and be responsible for her father being put to death? on the other hand, if she loves the man and many kids love their fathers despite horrific acts, even perpetrated against them, and she tries to save his life and she fails, similarly, there's potential catastrophic psychological repercussions. so this is a no-win situation for this 9-year-old. this man has had enough victims. it is time to close the book on that. jon: dr. ablow, thanks very much for your thoughts on this. for more, let's bring in geraldo rivera.
8:37 am
he is the anchor of "geraldo at large", a familiar face to you of course. what do you think? is the judge going to let this happen? >> i am struck by the reminder that his child, the 9-year-old, in whom he places his life essentially, is only two years younger than the woman, the girl he raped, michaela, the girl he raped. this guy is a monster in every regard. there is no doubt about it, jon. this is an extremely serious point in this case, life and death now. jon: sure. >> in a state that is loathe to use the death penalty, we talked about this before, they have only used it once since 1960, a killer, multiple killer who essentially volunteered to go down. the judge will do everything he can, bearing in mind everything that dr. ablow just said, i agree with everything he just said but the judge in the case, it is not unprecedented children as young as this are called to testify. they had a case in california where four
8:38 am
children were asked to testify on behalf of their father who was accused of a child killing, killing a stranger child. what they will do is not bring the child into court. they will bring the child into court via video hookup. they will put the child in relatively benign and friendly setting. they will severely curtail any cross-examination. the child will be asked in kind of a as benign assetting as is possible what is it about daddy? you have to understand about this child, jon. she was born when komisarjevsky was in jail on his string of burglaries. she was born, her dad was already in jail. but just a month before he commits these crimes, he got full custody of this child. why? because the despite the fact that he was a parolee who had just been convicted on 22 burglaries in 2007, he was still considered a better parent than her mother who is a junkie, a stone cold junkie. this child has been traumatized 16 ways to
8:39 am
sunday. jon: so why do it again? let's say that she does testify in the most gentle circumstances imaginable, you know, in a pink room filled with stuffed toys or something. >> okay. jon: and, the jury says, we don't care. we don't care if he was a nice father. we will put him to death. that girl will be messed up for life? >> who knows how messed up she is already having endured experience i just screened. this child has been traumatized virtually since day one of her life. let me be the judge. let me be the judge. jon: you play the judge. >> i will play the judge. i think, ladies and gentlemen, here of the jury, here is my decision. the further traumaization of this fragile child, nine years old, versus have i done everything i can to give fairness to this hideous man, this monster, this rape irand murderer and arsonist and robber, to save his life?
8:40 am
i have to, i have to judge in terms of life or death. i think that is the paramount concern right now. we'll do everything we can to protect the child. i predict on november 14th the judge will allow testimony, if only on videotape, in some way the child will be able to speak on behalf of her father if that is her intent. jon: it is just so sad that he relies on the daughter to come in and save him after what he has done. whatever. geraldo, thanks. >> okay, jon. jon: jenna? jenna: we'll move overseas. anti-american protests raging in iran. protesters vowing not to yield to the u.s. pressure on its nuclear program. this is happening after reports that israel may be planning a preemptive military strike against iran. only reports but certainly a big story overseas and here at home. reena ninan in jerusalem with more? >> reporter: hi, jenna. one of the big problems with israelis they don't have a green light from the u.s. for an attack on iran. some officials believe there
8:41 am
is possibility they could get a yellow light. a senior official tells us there is a possibility in fact that some of these cabinet members who were against the idea of a strike are now for it. and some of them cite the issue in 1981 when israel attacked iraq's nuclear facility that the reagan administration at the time was opposed to it much like the obama administration now but they later turned around and agreed it was the right thing to do. they believe that same scenario will play out with the obama administration. analysts warn iraq and iran are two totally different monsters. that 20 years difference. the technology has changed and iran's nuclear facilities are more spread out and harder to reach. but in israel emergency preparedness drills have been taking place throughout the country. it happens on a regular basis in the hopes, in the possibility that there might be an attack on iran. we do know that the former heads of the mossad and shin bet are against such a strike. one of them calling it the dumbest idea he ever heard.
8:42 am
a poll by a newspaper says that 80% of israelis believe that if a strike were to happen on iran there would be a multifront war with hamas in the south and hezbollah and lebanon in the north. senior officials say that the idea, if there were to be an attack, it is about timing. should they do it before u.s. elections or after? they believe that the obama administration won't be able to publicly criticize them before elections if the strike were to happen because of the jewish vote. jenna? jenna: interesting side story there, and one we'll continue to explore. thank you very much for that report from jerusalem. >> reporter: sure. jon: his fairytale wedding ended in divorce. now a groom is suing the wedding photographer for tens of thousands of dollars he claimed the guy missed part of the main event. we'll get geraldo back here to weigh in whether this guy has a case or not. and the who, one of my favorite bands, banding
8:43 am
together to fight a deadly disease. rock legends roger daltry and pete townshend teaming up to help people with cancer. ♪ .
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jon: busy day in our acquisitions room where we bring in satellite feeds from all over the country, all over the world. look at the dow, down 154 points. not good news on this friday. all kinds of concerns about what is going on in europe and elsewhere. over here on remote 291 there is a storm off the east coast soaking the carolinas as well as virginia. we'll get you a weather update. right next to it on remote 292 another storm hitting the west coast. could be a wet weekend for a lot of folks. it is wet right now in
8:47 am
france on remote 258. that is the mediterranean coast. cannes, where the president is right now along with leaders from the other g20 nations. 64 degrees and light rain in cannes right now. jenna? jenna: john, thank you very much for that. how about a little rock and roll on a friday, right? legendary rock band the who back in the spotlight today. lead singer roger daltry teaming up with pete townshend to help teenagers with cancer. it is not luck but hard work getting one-on-one interview with daultry, right? >> reporter: i did, jenna, thank you very much indeed. the rock legend has been spotlighting cancer for teens and young adults for decades. he will make a major announcement about the effort being brought to the united states with a little help from his rock royality fund-raising friends.
8:48 am
the mike swinging. stage roaring. lead singer of the who is as passionate about supporting teens and young adults with cancer as he is fronting one of the biggest rock bands of all time. >> it is such a no-brainer. it is a win-win, win, situation. and it's something that is dear to my heart. >> reporter: roger daltry along with who get tartist pete townshend are lending their help to the teen and young adult cancer program. first of it kind in the u.s. modeled after the u.k. teenage cancer trust. creating a special unit that will allow young people to be housed together with a common lounge, to gain support from each other while receiving treatment. >> we found when i put, put in teens together, as a unit in a, in environmentally friendly place for them where they can live a life of a teenager, not next to a 4-year-old or a 2-year-old or a baby or even in some case as geriatric, which is
8:49 am
needs a group for 4-year-old or baby or geriatric. >> reporter: the who frontman hopes this is the start of more programs like this one. led zeppelin's robert plant will be on hand for today's announcement at ucla he will be performing with roger daltry over the weekend to raise funds for this new program. who fans will be very happy to hear, i think this includes jon scott, the who is releasing a five-disk box set for quadrfrenia director cut put together by pete townshend. it is coming out november 15th. i asked daltry if there is tour with this and he said we hope to see the who out on the road next year. jenna: hard to contain jon through the entire report. snapping his hands and his toes. jon: cuing up the qdro fon nick sound system to listen to it again.
8:50 am
>> reporter: there you go. jenna: laura, thank you so much for sharing that story with us. jon is a big who fan. who knew. you're a rocker at heart. jon: yeah. jenna: smooth as ever. jon: take this tease for me. jenna: we will. new information on the wild animals in ohio released by their suicidal owner before most of them were killed. the harrowing details on the life-and-death decisions officers had to make just ahead.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
jenna: a new report out of ohio today what truly has become one of most shocking stories of the year. this update is detailing how authorities faced danger and certainly life-and-death decisions when dozens of wild animals escaped from a preserve. the gruesome accounts describing a chaotic scene
8:54 am
around the private compound back in october. authorities describe a lion and bear charging deputies before they were shot and killed. police were forced to kill 48 animals, some, endangered tigers after their owner set them free and then committed suicide. the hunt for these animals lasted 24 hours. the owner's widow wants to take the surviving animals back. some of those surviving animals are being held under quarantine at the columbus zoo. jon: a battle brewing between miami police and the florida highway patrol. it all started with something we showed you on "happening now." a chase that ended with the arrest of a miami cop. the officer accused of reckless driving, doing 120 miles an hour down the interstate. now police are defending one of their own. they are threatening and insulting the florida highway patrol trooper who pulled the guy over. the war of words is spreading online. phil keating is live in miami. we hope you're not in the
8:55 am
middle of it. police i guess suggest. >> reporter: no. jon: they suggest that it is the trooper who should be in trouble here, huh, phil? >> reporter: things are escalating by the day down here. the miami police union so annoyed and angered what they saw on the videotape, the vice president sent out this letter, including a photo of the arresting trooper. that being donna jane watts. it says the only reason she pulled over and cited that misdemeanor for reckless driving, the miami cop was because she was he was a miami cop. they call her behavior reckless and as well as unprofessional. they have new ammunition, this recording showing she was told to call off the chase. >> all i can see a white patrol car with blue or something like write riding lights. would be a miami or doc and i'm sure it is knots doc. >> if it's a patrol car just
8:56 am
have her back off. >> reporter: uniformed miami cop said he was on the way to an event at a school. what outrages miami cops the pistol out of her holster for a misdemeanor ticket for reckless driving. >> her pointing a gun towards his head and putting him in handcuffs, i was just, i couldn't believe it, on again, a simple traffic stop. >> reporter: why exactly the state trooper dispatcher would have been telling her to pull off and back off, they have yet to explain that. that is under investigation. here are some of the blogs on law enforcement website though and they are quite agitated. here is one. i would have loved for watts to try and pull me over in my marked unit and draw her gun on me. she would have a very rude awakening. another, she won't be getting backup in south florida anytime soon. one for the trooper, police officers are not above the law. again, jane, keep up the good work. back to you in new york. jon: unbelievable story,
8:57 am
phil keating. thank you. jenna: unemployment ticking down a bit to 9%. still the job picture a little murky we'll go to the white house for reaction there and talk to senator john mccain at the top of next hour. [ horn honks ] hey, it's sandra -- from accounting. peter. i can see that you're busy... but you were gonna help us crunch the numbers for accounts receivable today. i mean i know that this is important. well, both are important. let's be clear. they are but this is important too.
8:58 am
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jenna: hi, everybody, brand new jobs numbers showing unemployment ticking down slightly to 9% in october, we'll take a downward trend. we're glad you're with us on a friday, i'm jenna lee. and we found out jon scott is a rocker at heart. jon: you know it. i saw some who concerts in my day. [laughter] i'm jon scott. the u.s. economy did add jobs last month, but not nearly as many as analysts had hoped. jenna: new hires down 78,000 from september, the big number is the one you see on your screen, adding 80,000 new jobs in october, good revisions for the past couple months. this number, though, was a
9:01 am
little bit less than expected. so fewer jobs added. but at least it's in the positive. the white house under pressure to boost jobs, reacting to the latest numbers. we had reaction last hour. jon: chief white house correspondent ed henry live for us on the north lawn right now. the report today puts the president in not a very good situation for 2012, does it? >> reporter: terrible situation because this garn tees he's basically heading into his re-election with the worst unemployment rate in the post-world war ii era. the president had a quick news conference, took a few questions, got a lot of queries from reporters about the jobs situation back here at home. bottom line, the president tried to pick some of the positive signs. you have to acknowledge, obviously, when you compare to august when there was zero job growth, this is certainly better than nothing. the president was quick to acknowledge it's not good enough and, frankly, went back to a familiar tune which is this shows congress needs to pass the jobs bill.
9:02 am
take a listen. >> my hope is that the folks back home, including those in the united states senate and the house of representatives, when they look at today's jobs numbers which were positive but indicate once again that the economy is growing way too slow, that they think twice before they vote no again. >> reporter: now, the president was asked specifically about heading into 2012 with such an awful unemployment rate. he said he's not worried about an election one year from now, he's worried about getting jobs for the american people in the short term. but the fact of the matter is, that election is coming up very fast, jon. jon: i bet he's a little worried. um -- >> reporter: he's got one eye on it. jon: at least. republicans are saying they have passed a bunch of bills, but the democratic senate won't follow up, right? >> >> reporter: i mean, look, you were talking about rock and roll with jenna, we hear the president saying the same tune which is no matter what the jobs report has said in recent weeks, recent months, pass the jobs bill now.
9:03 am
republicans saying the same refrain as well which is they say they've passed at least 15 bills in the house that could create jobs. they're waiting for harry reid, the democratic leader in the senate, to move on them. here's john boehner a little earlier today. >> there's no reason, not one, for senate democrats to delay action on these bills any longer. listen, the house has been working all year on our plan for americans job creators. it's time for the senate to do their work. >> reporter: now, the president had a little barb for the speaker of the house, the president said those measures were nice, but he's looking for something a little bit bolder. i'm not sure that's going to get the conversation started by the president saying, look, these are are nice moves, but he wants something bigger, something bolder. fact of the matter, he has not been able to move that bolder plan, jobs bill's still stuck. jon: not a lot getting done in
9:04 am
washington, or so it would seem. jenna: fighting words there, you're too nice. well, the obama administration losing another battle on capitol hill, the senate blocking part of the president's jobs plan to help rebuild roads and bridges. joining us now, republican senator john mccain from arizona. what a treat to have you on a friday. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, jenna. and it used to be biob, blame it on bush, now it's bioc, blame it on congress. what have we been doing the last three years with the stimulus package, obamacare? for two years they had overwhelming majorities in both houses of congress, but, you know, this is, this is a really remarkable performance by the president, and usually when presidents are overseas, they don't criticize the opposition party. but most of those things have been violated by the president so far, so i guess this isn't surprising. jenna: well, let's just talk about major themes. the president said today's jobs numbers really show us that we
9:05 am
have to pass the jobs bill. what, what do the jobs numbers today actually tell you about what we should do and what the role of government should be? >> look, first of all, remember, if we pass a stimulus package, the maximum unemployment was going to be 8%. hello. look, the problem with the economy in america today is largely due to the uncertainty of the business community has about regulations, about taxes, about policies that come pouring out of washington, d.c. from the bureaucracies and the regulatory agencies and also, by the way, a tax code which is completely out of whack. so if we could, for example, why don't we have a moratorium for a couple years on new regulations. why don't we cut the corporate tax to 25% and close all the loopholes so that everybody does pay taxes. why don't we do some of the just
9:06 am
simple things that would give small businesses and large a sense of certainty? let me add one other thing, jenna. it was the housing crisis that started this mess, and it'll be the housing crisis, the housing market settling down that will bring us out of it, and their policies have been an abysmal failure. we have 263,000 empty homes in maricopa county, arizona. jenna: when you think about those numbers, it's quite incredible. i'd like to talk to you about fannie and freddie, but going back to one thing you just said about closing tax loopholes, some fellow republicans say when you cloatz those loopholes, that's like raising taxes. do you think some of your colleagues are being too rigid about that part of tax policy and should be open to compromising with democrats to try to fix whatever the job crisis is and the debt crisis as well? >> i know all republicans, including me, who campaigned
9:07 am
last year saying that we wouldn't raise taxes is for simplifying the tax code, reducing taxes -- the overall tax rate and closing these loopholes and giving the american people a tax code that's that big rather than one that's that high. all republicans, all americans are in favor of that. what the democrats are demanding is just outright tax increases and, frankly, that's not the commitment we made to the american people in 2010. jenna: when you showed us the size of the tax policy, i thought you were going to reach into your pocket and pull out postcard like rick perry. would you be for a plan like that? >> the simpler the better. do you know any american that understands the tax code today? jenna: well, not all of it. i don't think any of us know the ins and outs of it which is kind of hard to admit. going back to what you were saying about the housing crisis because there's still that debate on which deserves the most attention, the job crisis, the housing crisis, what got us
9:08 am
into this mess. you were pretty hot on the hill the other day about some of these executives for fannie mae and freddie mac getting bonuses. it's easy to forget that fannie may and freddie mac have complete unlimited resources through the federal government through next year, upwards of $300 million -- >> and they've just asked for $6 billion more, you know? and then this idiot that works overseas that says, well, you've got to pay these people bonuses in order to get qualified people who'll handle this. it was fannie and freddie that got us into this mess, it's fannie and freddie that should be phased out. to make a statement like that, i just came over from a meeting, a wonderful gathering of the defense intelligence agency. the people that are really vital in our national security, they're not getting paid $900,000. they're not getting paid $2.3 million bonuses. the people who want to work for
9:09 am
america and keep us safe. this guy, i think his name was must have my, is saying we've got to give people millions of dollars in bonuses in order to do their job right for the american people particularly after the abysmal record of corruption that characterized the behavior of fannie mae and freddie mac throughout the '90s and into the, until the crisis of 2008? give me a break. jenna: senator, you just called someone an idiot, i just wanted to make sure, i mean, it wasn't directed at jon, was it? >> no. [laughter] it was directed at the guy, and, frankly, his name escapes me right now, i'm sure you'll be able to look it up. that justified, that justified these bonuses and $900,000-a-year bonuses to the fannie mae and freddie mac executives as somehow necessary to get good and qualified people who will work for the good of this country to serve in government. i know, look, that's an insult to the men and women who are in
9:10 am
the military, by the way. jenna: because they serve our country, and you say this is really about serving our country. >> absolutely. jenna: so what's the end game for fannie may and freddie mac? if we could do anything with it at this point, it's backinged 0% of the mortgages in this country right now. >> i'd phase them out, and we tried to do that on the dodd-frank bill, by the way, two individuals who played a key role in the crisis that ensued. and remember the dodd-frank bill was supposed to insure that no institution was ever too big to fail? do you think we've achieved that goal? jenna: well, i'll leave that to the viewers to decide. [laughter] i have one final question for you, how do you like that for dodging that question, senator? let me just ask you one final thought because something was described to me as an under or below-the-radar fight with the white house you're having, and i'd like to get your words on it. apparently, you're battling with the white house about detention
9:11 am
policies for accused terrorists, is that an under-the-radar battle and what's going on? >> actually, i'm trying to work with the white house. we had a meeting with mr. brennan, the head of counterterrorism in the white house, and some other white house staff yesterday to try to work out differences. but we just don't think that a al-qaeda member should be given miranda rights. and we want to make sure that we're able to get legally in keeping with the international law to get information that's necessary to from revent another attack -- to prevent another attack. so in the defense authorization bill in the senate we put in some pretty stringent restrictions, the white house has objected to that, and we're trying to work out our differences. i don't know if we will or not, but it's not a battle. actually, it's a long sit-down discussion we've had with them. i hope we can succeed. jenna: senator, we covered a lot of ground. you called somebody an idiot,
9:12 am
gave us an acronym, this was fun. [laughter] >> if it wasn't so important, it would be so much fun. jenna: senator mccain, thank you very much. jon: and for the record, he's always been very polite to me. [laughter] jenna: i just wanted to clarify, there's a lot of people overseas and things happening, and if he was calling you a name, you know, that would have been it. jon: i know, you've got my back. jenna: right. jon: the future of our debt and spending habits very much up in the air, and some people blame this man for the delay. grover norquist, the president of americans for tax reform, he reacts to the criticism coming up next. jenna: plus, a key vote on an issue that deeply divides this country. john roberts is live in jackson, mississippi, with more. john? >> reporter: jenna, it's the difficult question of when does life begin. mississippi voters have a chance to answer that question on election day on tuesday. we'll have that story coming up next. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu uss chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years.
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9:16 am
jon: well, the deadline fast approaching for the bipartisan so-called supercommittee to reach a deal to attack our nation's debt. our next guest has become something of a target in the debate over raising taxes. democrats accuse him of preventing any kind of a deal, and yesterday on this program a senator, a republican former senator, lashed out at him as well. >> grover norquist? if he's the most powerful man in america, let him run for president. but i tell people, look, grover, the only thing grover can do to you, he can't murder you, he can't burn your house. the only thing he can do to you is prevent you from winning a primary or defeating you for re-election. and if that means more to you than your country, you shouldn't be in congress. jon: senator simpson paraphrasing the message he gave to other sitting members of congress. so let's talk about those remarks with grover norquist, president of americans for tax reform. that is an advocacy group. what do you think of what the senator had to say there,
9:17 am
grover? >> well, let's remember that senator simpson voted in the 1982 for a budget deal that was supposed to cut spending $3 and raise taxes a dollar. the tax increases were real and spending didn't go down, it went up. then eight years later he learned nothing from 1982, and he voted for the new budget deal under president bush for an imaginary $2 in spending cuts for every dollar of real tax increase. spending didn't go down, it went up. so twice he's walked into a room with the democrats saying let's cut spending and raise taxes, and taxes went up, and spending went up. he learned nothing from those two experiences. now, the good news for the country is that the modern republican party, the reagan republican party led by speaker boehner in the house and mitch mcconnell in the senate, they were paying attention in '82 and '90. and they learned that if you put taxes on the table, you get no spending cuts. so what did they do this year?
9:18 am
they said no taxes, and obama agreed to $2.5 trillion in spending cuts. so we did this debate last july/august, and we got a commitment on spending cuts. no tax increases, the democrats are coming back trying to reopen it to try and get tax increases in, and the republicans in the house or senate are saying no. it's a little silly of harry reid, the leader of the democrats in the senate to blame me personally. he's mad at the american people who don't want their taxes raised, he's mad at the republicans they elected and the tea party which also committed to no tax increase, and -- jon: you mentioned americans don't want their taxes raised. i guess that depends on whom you ask. americans don't want their taxes raised, but they say it's okay to raise taxes on the rich, don't they? >> it depends on what core you're looking at. two-thirds of the american people think nobody should pay more than 25% in total taxation which, of course, many people do
9:19 am
pay more than that. so the american people have a sense that the top rate that people should pay is 20-25%. that number's been steady going back to the 1940s. the idea that the american people demand envy as one of their political principles is just not accurate. jon: what do you think about this whole supercommittee thing? it's been, what, a couple of years since we actually got a budget out of the senate? since when do the president and the congress defer to a few select members of the congress to try to do the job they're supposed to do in the first place? >> well, you have a republican party that is trying to brick spending -- bring spending down. when obama came in with the democrat house and senate, they took spending from 20% of the economy up to 25% of the economy in just two years. tremendous jump in spending. and there's an argument. democrats want to bring taxes up to their spending levels to make us more like greece and france, to bring european spending levels -- which they're imposing on america -- to bring european
9:20 am
taxation levels up. the republican position is we're going to take the obama, reid and pelosi spending levels down towards normal american spending levels and tax levels, so they're not in agreement. there's not some sort of compromise to be made. if somebody wants to move east and somebody wants to move west, what's the compromise? democrats want more spending, republicans want less, there's not a come proprize to be -- compromise to be had. the american people want lower spending, less in the way of taxes. that's the election we just had in 2010. we're about to have one in 2012 which is sending the same message if you look at how things are going. jon: grover norquist with americans for tax reform. good to have you on. thank you. >> good to be with you. jenna: you know, we talk a lot about the american people, and we love to hear from you when we talk about you. "happening now" at let us know what you think about
9:21 am
this tax issue. let us know. fighting back against telemarketers, how about that? a georgia man giving one pesky company a taste of their own medicine. but what he did landed him behind bars. he joins us next. >> a bully will push you around and push you around until one day you beat his butt. well, that day i was the bully, and i got tired. but -- [laughter] i got arrested. [ dog barks ] [ kid ] dad? who is honus...wagner? no idea. let me see that. that's a honus wagner autograph... the hall of famer? look at this ball! yeah, found that at yard sale. i thought pickles would like it. [ dog barks ] that a new car jerry? yeah... sweet, man.
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jenna: well, the debate over life is taking center stage in mississippi. voters will decide whether to amend the state constitution to make abortion illegal.
9:25 am
if it passes, it could have a ripple effect all across our country. john roberts is live in jackson, mississippi, on this very important story. john? >> reporter: hey, good afternoon to you, jenna. supporters of this constitutional amendment are calling it the biggest news in the pro-life movement in the past 20 years. what it would do is it would give a fertilized egg, a single cell, all the protections of a person under mississippi's constitution. so, if passed, this could literally end abortion in this state overnight. but many people who are pro-life, including governor haley barbour, are worried about the potential unintended consequences of this initiative when it comes to women's health issues like ectopic or tubal pregnancies and miscages. dr. frieda bush, an ob/gyn who's been involved in women's health issues for 40 years says all of those details can be worked out by the legislature. >> that's the way laws are made in america. you begin with the foundational
9:26 am
principle which is life begins at conception or fertilization. and you make all other laws and rules and regulations based on the foundational principles. >> reporter: but many people say it's not that simple. atley is a mother of three. her two girls, twins, were conceived by the use of assisted reproductive technologies. she is speaking out against this initiative, initiative 26, saying she's worried it may limit the options women have when it comes to treatment for infertility. >> i talk to people every day who say i'm pro-life, but i had no idea it could effect all of these things. i can't support that, i hear that over and over again. it goes so much farther than what most sincere mississippians who are sincerely concerned about the value of life believe. it goes too far. >> reporter: the people who have launched this initiative really want this to become a national issue, they want this to go to the supreme court and
9:27 am
hopefully, they say, overturn roe v. wade and put the abortion issue back in the hands of the states. so we'll see what happens on tuesday if this initiative is going to be passed, and a quick update for you on governor haley barbour, he said he voted for initiative 26 by absentee ballot last night. jenna: obviously, a story we'll continue to follow because of its importance. thank you very much. jon: all right, you know the feeling. bad enough that telemarketers always seem to call when you're just sitting down to dinner. but then they started dialing your cell phones and using up your minutes. right now a house committee is holding a hear only the cell phone issue today, but this guy on your screen, kenneth lodge, he decided to take matters into his own hands after a furniture rental company repeatedly called his home phone again and again looking for a guy who department even who -- didn't even lev there. he joins us now from his atlanta
9:28 am
bureau. boil the story down. you got a brand new phone number. first or second day you start getting these calls every morning, right? >> yes. jon: and they're looking for a guy who no longer owns that number, doesn't live with you or in your house? >> yes. that's the way it was. jon: and they wouldn't take no for an answer, they just kept calling. >> well, they wouldn't believe me. after a month of them calling, i offered my telephone bill. i said, well, if you give me your address, i would be more than happy to certify a copy of my telephone bill, that way you can leave me alone. they said, no, we'll take you off the list only to call back. jon: that had to be just absolutely maddening. >> irritating, very. jon: all right, so it went on how long, eight months? ten months? >> well, i got the number february 28th, about march 1st, you know, a day after i got the phone i got a phone call saying may i speak with john krauss? i said, he don't live here.
9:29 am
i just got this number from comcast so, you know, maybe it was his number, but my name is kenneth lodge and, you know, he don't live here, and this is my address, i live at -- i gave him the address. jon: let's get to the part of the story where you got in trouble because it's a novel, novel idea. you grabbed three phones and started dialing the company nonstop one day. how many, how many times did you call? >> well, i called them, i'm positive all day. my last phone call to them was about 4:00 p.m., and it started because brandon said he didn't know the address for me to mail my telephone bill to him. i said, well, i'm going to do you a favor, i'm going to call you the way you've been calling me. i will not stop calling you today. jon: well, and you got arrested by police for that? >> yes, i got arrested because brandon and the other crew after they realized i was kenneth lodge after i introduced myself over 100 times, they decided to
9:30 am
call the police and say i made a bomb threat to them. and i threatened to -- jon: did you? >> i didn't make a threat. in fact, in the police report they say they haven't called john krauss in days or weeks when on october the 3rd at 10:49, brandon callede. i told him again my name was kenneth lodge, i'll send you a copy, if you give me a fax or address, you will have a copy of this phone bill. and he said, i don't know my address here, and i don't have a fax number, being sarcastic. i said, well, we gonna have fun today. it was fun. jon: we had video up of southern rentals, the furniture company that was, apparently, the source of the phone calls. we asked them for a comment this morning, so far no response from them although in this video they're telling justin from waga they don't know anything about you or who you are. anyway, listen, creative way to get a little revenge. we hope you don't get into
9:31 am
anymore trouble, and thanks for sharing. >> all right, thank you. jon: thank you. jenna: karma, right? way to fight back. well, conrad murray's fate is now in the hands of a jury. after six weeks of testimony, they're deciding whether his doctor caused michael jackson's death in 2009. of course, the doctor being conrad murray. we're live at the courthouse in los angeles with more. sploo plus, a man sues the photographer of his wedding over his wedding photos, or lack thereof. he ends up getting divorced. but wait until you hear what he wallets. [laughter] it's pretty unbelievable. geraldo is here to talk about the legal angles, and i'm going to show a few wedding photos myself, jon. jon: nice! so who ordered the cereal that can help lower olesterol
9:32 am
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9:35 am
jon: right now in los angeles, the jury is deliberating in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. conrad murray charged with involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors say he caused the pop star's death by giving him an overdose of a powerful anesthetic. adam houseley has covered this six-week trial from day one. he joins us now there the courthouse. what's the latest? >> reporter: yeah, jon, 49 witnesses spread out over that six weeks, today is the 24th day this jury's been in session and about an hour and 35 minutes ago they began deliberations here in los angeles. the first thing this seven men and five women jury will do is pick a foreman, go over the judge's instructions, the same instructions the judge gave them
9:36 am
in open court yesterday, then they'll begin deliberations. we have a mobile camera right in probability of the courthouse across the street from where i'm standing. there are still a number of demonstrators here on both sides of this case, the majority, of course, for those who want michael jackson's avenged and, of course, on the other side dr. murray. we did hear closing arguments yesterday, both sides being very compelling. the defense we'll show you first a little clip as they said dr. murray should be found not guilty. take a listen. >> what they're really asking you to do is convict dr. murray for the actions of michael jackson. somebody's got to just say it. if it were anybody else but michael jackson, anybody else, would this doctor be here today? >> reporter: now, that argument really upset the prosecutor who was defiant saying actions speak louder than words, this has nothing to do with michael jackson being a famous person who was killed. take a listen to part of their
9:37 am
argument in the response. >> michael jackson is dead, and we have to hear about poor conrad murray. and no doctor knows what it's like to be in his shoes. you've got that right. because i have not seen a doctor in this case who testified that they would ever do what conrad murray did. >> reporter: now, both the defense team and the prosecutor went over their arguments, the judge told them he wanted only 90 minutes, both went over by a half an hour. the jury began deliberations this morning, jon, 8:30 a.m. they have just one count to decide: is dr. murray criminalically negligent for the death of michael jackson, and if so, are they going to come back quickly on that count. so the question now is, will the jury come back? some say they'll come back fast, some say this may be a couple of days. we'll, obviously, keep you updated, and we'll get a two-hour warns -- warning when
9:38 am
the jury comes to their decision. jon: adam houseley in l.a., thanks. jenna: right now a lawsuit that really takes the cake. a guy who got married in 2003 and is now divorced is suing his wedding photographer. here's a look at his wedding. todd claims the photographer missed the final 15 minutes of the wedding reception, including the last dance and, of course, the bouquet toss. so now he wants the crew, the photographers, to kick in $50,000 to recreate the entire wedding and make up for those photos. [laughter] geraldo rivera is the host of "heal low at large." have you ever heard of a case like this? >> this is why people hate lawyers, because lawyers take these cases, they clog up the courts. this case is ridiculous on its face, and, you know, the fact that he is now divorced from the latvian mail order bride he married back in 2003, and he doesn't even know where she is, she's returned to latvia, his
9:39 am
dad is a prom knelt attorney. and it is his firm that is bringing this lawsuit, and that's the only reason. this guy, remus, has not worked since 2008, you know -- jenna: so you're saying, hey, wait a minute, he actually didn't bring this lawsuit until 2009 -- >> yeah, almost six years. the statute of limitations for breach of contract which is the lawsuit is bringing is six years. when i was in law school, it was only three years. they've extended it to six years. he waited up this the last moment to file the lawsuit in 2009, and one of the litigation partners in his dad's big firm is carrying the burden. the legal fees of the poor photographer for free, already passed $50,000. i think this is really ridiculous. jenna: the judge is letting it go through. it sounds ridiculous, but then i start thinking, hey, wait a minute, what happens if photographer had missed the last 15 minutes of my wedding? so here's some photographs from the last 15 minutes of the wedding, geraldo, and that's my
9:40 am
husband. >> aww. pretty picture. jenna: the final dance, right? we can move through a few of them to show you the final moments, and the photographers that we hired stayed until the bitter end. >> where'd you get married? jenna: in texas. >> is he a texan? jenna: he is a texan. this is the moment, right? that's the money shot. if they had stopped taking the pictures and left this all behind, you know, there's some pictures i don't necessarily need, but let me show you one i might have -- [laughter] >> oh, that's adorable. jenna: i would have missed all those other moments and been left with this photo. >> i think if it was sincerely brought in a timely fashion might be justifiable, but given the fact that he is divorced and not just that, what is he asking? is. jenna: recreation. >> to recreate a marriage that has already failed? this is to use the court as a cartoon. i think he should be ashamed of
9:41 am
himself and leave this photographer alone and get a relationship that makes sense and get out of the house and look for a job. jenna: well, i wonder if he'll take your advice. [laughter] >> as phony as kim kardashian's wedding, you know, it really is. and just briefly -- jenna: please, go ahead. >> i think congress should hold hearings on these reality shows to see if, indeed, they are guilty of false advertising -- jenna: interesting. >> because if they have evidence that it was the producers who said to kim, let's get you married to a studly basketball player, the wedding always rates and it always has, i can tell you from 42 years' experience in tv, and all of the gifts and everything else given in contemplation of this wedding, i think that this would be a real scandal that will show there's no such thing as reality and reality shows. these are all scripted. it is false advertising, and i think that they have taken the american people for a huge ride here. jenna: that sounds like a really good -- >> and i think when you watch these shows, know you're being
9:42 am
played. jenna: good topic for sunday. >> i think i'll show more of your wedding photos. [laughter] you could look like the top of a wedding cake. jenna: well, thank you. thank you very much. that's going to be the mark. [laughter] we're doing okay, you know? >> that's great. jenna: relative to that. >> right, right. you've got it going. congratulations. jenna: thank you. 10 p.m. sunday, you don't know what he's going to cover. 10 p.m. sunday night, don't miss it, and we'll be right back with more "happening now". [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8.
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9:46 am
obviously hurting big time, especially october where the jobs numbers are not where they wanted them to be so hiring has, obviously, slowing down. last time we were here about two years ago, they never did lay off at the height of the recession. however, they were not hiring like most small businesses and, boy, have times changed in the last two years. this is sam ger, wit, not only have you not laid off a person in 47 years, you've opened up two new facilities, and you're hiring. what do you know that the government doesn't? >> well, we make decisions immediately. if we decide on buying another facility, it takes us two or three weeks, we decide we're going to buy it, we're going to do it. the government is very slow on doing things. it's a nightmare for any small business to get permits. you have to have money to hold out because to get a permit to put an extension on, 99% of the small businesses need a loan from a bank. to get a loan from a bank, you
9:47 am
have to show a building permit. they just put you through the wringer, and nobody -- this is there the local town municipalities to the goth. >> reporter: the problem is that the government is constantly wanting to try to somehow resuscitate the economy, and if you take a look at the trash dumped behind me, this is not garbage to them, this is treasure. this is a sign of consumers spending. when consumers spend, they buy new cars, the old ones get dumped in this recycling facility. you told me government regulation is actually holding back small business owners. >> it's almost come to a point you need a permit to first go and apply for a permit. it's becoming like a joke. people know this, and that's why a lot of people just put up buildings or just don't listen to the regulations. every day you have bureaucrats that have nothing better to do than to make new regulates. and this is the problem, what's happening in this country. and that's why a lot of other countries are beating the hell out of us, china and everybody else. they get the thing. they decide, yes, yes, no, no.
9:48 am
why can't we do it here? >> reporter: and we should be able to, and you are, and we're hoping, i guess, other small business owners can follow in your footsteps and the government stop coming up for these ideas like cash for clunkers which, obviously, fell flat. >> yes, it did. and the government should let, just decide. just like a businessman, basically, decides in a week or so we're going to do it. the government should do the same thing. if a mayor wants to extend his business, just tell him, yes or no. don't keep people hanging. >> reporter: sam, thank you very much. why would you say to to employing? that's what we need to see is more jobs, and by saying no to these small business owners, you're essentially holding their arms behind their backs. it's good to see one small business prospering. jenna: julie, you had the money shot of the day, a huge yellow school bus being lifted up. that was awesome. thank you very much. there are your crew and
9:49 am
everybody else there, we appreciate that. coming up, a sneak peek on jon's fox news watch panel this weekend. a lot of hot topics. there's jon, looking good as always. we're going to talk about the jobs numbers, herman cain and everybody else in studio, next.
9:50 am
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9:52 am
jon: well, according to the official government statistics just out this morning, the unemployment rate has fallen a bit last month to 9%. the economy added about 80,000 new jobs. but is that an accurate portrayal? kirsten powers, a fox news contributor, judy miller is a pulitzer prize winner for investigative reporting, and andrea tantaros is a columnist of new york daily news and a co-host of "the five" here on
9:53 am
fox news channel. app drink ya, i'm going to start with you because the camera's already on you. or it was. [laughter] you've got to add somewhere around 130,000 jobs a month just to keep everything status quo. we added only 80,000 jobs, but the unemployment job dropped. are the media going to mention that? apparently, a bunch of people just quit looking for work, and that's why the numbers dropped, the unemployment rate. >> probably not. you know, paul krugman actually boxed the president in about a year and a half ago when he said he needs to create 300,000 jobs a month ago to get us where we need to be, and he's actually right. we have conflicting views on how to do that, but he's right. i think what you're hearing coming out of the white house today is this is great news, but we need to pass the jobs bill. pelosi yesterday said, well, if it wasn't for democrats, unemployment would be 15%. of course she's going to say that because how can you quantify it? i have yet to see some real work by the media to dig into these
9:54 am
economic plans, the small ball the president's playing, home loans and student loans plans to say it's going to be little effect on the economy. jon: you'd judy, you've heard this before. >> yes, i mean, look, the statistics can be read a number of different ways, but there was a little, little item in the "wall street journal" right behind the modest improvement in job growth that i paid attention to which was according to the census bureau, there is now a huge upshot in the number of the poorest of the poor americans so that we now have one in 15 americans living below the poverty line. and a huge increase in the poorest of the poor so that you have those individuals living on $5,000 a year or a family of four at $11,000 a year or less. these are stunning numbers. they are not getting enough attention in the press, and they kind of cut into the president's
9:55 am
relative optimism and his call that all we need to do is to increase, you know, pass his bill which he's been saying whether or not the numbers go up or down. jon: kirsten, is the white house trying to put lipstick on a pig here? >> well, look, the numbers are not what they had predicted they wanted them to be which was 8%, and i think 8% is sort of the magic number for them, and they're not getting to that number. it is the first time that the unemployment rate has dropped since july, so at least it's dropped. it's moving in the right direction. there were pretty broad-based gains in terms of jobs. so i think that, you know, it's not -- it's the trend that's in the right direction, and that's a good thing. i think the president's correct that they need to pass the jobs bill. i don't think he's, you know, playing small ball. i think he just can't get congress to do anything, and he'd be happy to do more and do something meaningful to actually try to effect those. jon: quick round robin on our second question of the day and,
9:56 am
kirsten, i'm going to start with you. the herman cain controversy, is it over for him? is has he escaped the worst? >> i don't think so. we don't know what's going to happen, are one of these women are going to come out and speak publicly? will there be more nonnow things reported? if nothing else new comes out, it might move on, but i'd be shocked if nothing else new comes on. jon: judy? >> i agree with kirsten. one woman making these charges is an allegation. three women is a pattern. i think he's in trouble, and he's handled it very, very badly. jon: you get agreement from andrea, i know that. >> remember, folks, this is a gop primary, and a lot of republicans feel like he's being clarence thomas. until we get some real details, i don't see this hurting cain. jon: join our panelists again tomorrow when i host news watch at 2:30 eastern time, they'll be
9:57 am
with me for that. and we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] from an earache... to the flu. an accident... to asthma. a new heartbeat... to a heart condition. when you see your doctor, you don't face any medical issue alone. you do it together. at the american medical association, we're committed to preserving that essential partnership between patients and their doctors. because when it comes to your health, you need someone you trust. the ama. protecting the relationship between patients and physicians.
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