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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 4, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> bret: thanks for insight us intoour home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. make it a great weekend. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: this is a fox report. a vote happening right now that could change the direction of the world economy in a flash. plus, one of the women accusing herman cain of sexual harassment breaks her silence. >> my client filed a written complaint in 1999 against him specifically. >> shepard: an accuser's lawyer now offering a new account of what actually happened all those years ago. >> if he chooses to not remember, that's his issue. >> shepard: tonight, the impact on herman cain's campaign. dash cam video fallout. a state trooper says she stopped
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a miami city cop for doing 120 on the turnpike. >> put your hands out that window right now! >> shepard: but that move is now making her some enemies. >> her pointing a gun towards his head, i couldn't believe it on a simple traffic stop. >> and did a supervisor really say to stop the chase? >> just have her back off. >> tonight, cop controversy in the sunshine state. [screams] >> shepard: plus, a woman in california says singer justin bieber fathered her baby. one problem, he was a minor when it supposedly happened. and police now say she could face charges. so what really happened in that bathroom back stage. first friday night one of herman cain's accusers is now telling her side of the story, accusing the republic presidential candidate of specific incidents of sexual harassment when he ran the national restaurant association in the 1990s. her lawyer releasing a statement
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today, after the association agreed to waive the confidentiality agreement that was part of her settlement. >> she made a complaint in good faith about a series of inappropriate behaviors and unwanted advances from the ceo. those complaints resolved in an agreement with her acceptance of a monetary settlement. i don't remember the exact time period of the incidents, but it was over a period of time of at least a month or two as i recall. mr. cain knows the specific incidents that were alleged. my client filed a written complaint in 1999 against him specifically. and it had very specific incidents in it. and if he chooses to not remember or not acknowledge those, that's his issue. >> shepard: the lawyer says his client does not want to relive the details of those inappropriate behaviors and unwanted advances as he called them. cain has said he never sexually
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harassed anyone. tonight his campaign putting out a statement of his own saying we look forward to focusing our attention on the real issues impacting this country, like fixing the broken economy and putting americans back to work through our 9-9-9 plan as well as strengthening national security. mike emanuel' s. on fox top story live tonight in washington. we are hearing from the national restaurant association today as well. >> that's right, shep. national restaurant association president and ceo don sweeney said, quote: we have advised mr. bennett that we are willing to waive the confidentiality of this matter and permit mr. bennett's client to comment. as indicated in mr. ben net's statement his client does not want to be further involved in this matter and we will respect her decision. the request was made by the woman to allow her attorney to speak. >> shepard: heard from herman cain today too but that was before this statement came out before the accuser. >> speaking before a conservative group here in ught with a. herman cain suggested a lot of
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this attention comes as part of the success of his campaign. here is the one reference he made to the controversy. >> i have been in washington all week. [ laughter ] >> and i have attracted a little bit of attention. you know, that's kind of what happens when you start to show up near or at the top of the polls. it just happens that way. >> now, mr. cain is hoping to get back to talking about what he he would like to do for the country as president. shep? >> shepard: that was at the coke brothers conference where he was speaking. i guess he brought the house down, to the coke brothers the conservative brother billionaires who fund some things on the conservative side including in large part the tea party? >> right, they are david h. and charles coke, co-founded the americans for prosperity foundation which is the convention where mr. cain and mitt romney spoke today. the "new york times" today reported on the close ties between some of mr. cain's advisors and the koch suggesting mr. cain is not such a political outsider.
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today the candidate welcomed the attention. listen. >> just so i can clarify this for the media. this may be a breaking news announcement for the media. [ laughter ] i am the koch brother from another mother. [ laughter ] yes. yes. i'm their brother from another mother. >> that was a big hit with at least one of the brothers. david was seen standing one a huge smile on his face and pumping his fist in the air a. shep? >> shepard: several new items break ongt economy right now. president obama trying to break a implosion greece as the country teeters on the brink of bankruptcy. here at home a new report on unemployment shows where our economy stands and where it might be heading. let's begin in greece where we are just learning that the greek prime minister's government has survived a confidence vote. of course, that's the nation where all of the recent troubles and the rioting has happened
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over spending cuts. greece is in severe financial trouble facing potential bankruptcy. and even though the prime minister's party survived this vote. his political future is still very much uncertain. but the larger problem is that greece has yet to approve a bailout package that would perhaps save its economy. that package could also prevent more instability from spreading across europe and then, of course, to the united states and beyond. we'll have more on all of that in just a moment. but, first, we received some very important economic news of our own today. the labor department out with its report and today said that employers added 80,000 jobs last month. sounds encouraging on the face but that number really is barely enough to keep up with the population growth. and so it just slightly nudged down the unemployment rate. this was a surprise, down to 9% from 9.1. and now president obama is flying back from france, where he met with leaders of the world's largest economies trying to figure out a way to get the global economic mess turned
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around before it gets any worse. so, with that, let's bring in ed henry who is live at the white house for us tonight. ed, any real progress at that meeting today? >> shep, the short answer is no because the sum mits turn out to be a lot more talk than action. president obama was trying to make the case at a news conference on the way out of the summit that getting these european leaders together with the u.s. and other important powers shows the resolve that this has to be resolved. not just in greece but some of the other countries that are teetering because of debt right now. what was interesting at this news conference the president didn't get most of the questions about the european debt crisis. he got it about the american jobs crisis. and he acknowledged that these numbers that you mentioned for october were not good enough. and he also used it as another attempt to push his jobs bill. take a listen. >> not only does the american jobs act answer some of the needs for jobs now, but it will also lay the foundation for future growth through
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investments and infrastructure. >> and jared bernstein a liberal economist that used to work for vice president biden did a blog today said all of this shows we are in a long serious slog right now. hard to get out of it he prodded congress to get moving and do something because of that slog. >> republicans are insisting that they are not the ones holding things up here. >> yeah. it's interesting. a couple nights ago, eric cantor, the house majority leader sat down with his wife, vice president biden and his wife for a little dinner. try to start working things out on jobs and debt deals and whatnot. it doesn't look like the hobnobbing really relieved any of the tension. eric cantor was out there today beating up on the administration and saying, look, house republicans are not the problem. they have passed at least 15 economic measures. they are waiting for the senate to move. take a listen. >> that's why we are here today, again, trying to tell harry reid, please, join us and bring these measures to the floor for an up or down vote. if they don't pass, fine.
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what is harry reid and the democrats afraid of in the senate as far as our jobs agenda are concerned? >> now, the bottom line on all of this is that the president's jobs bill still seems to be going nowhere fast right now. we have got 9% unemployment as you mentioned. that's is very dangerous for a president. the closest peril would be to ronald reagan at 8.8% unemployment. 40 million jobs in 1984 and got reelected. 2012 not expected to create a lot of jobs at all, shep. >> shepard: big breaking news on the global front right now, ed, of course, is the greek prime minister, socialist prime minister of greek who along with his party survived a confidence vote. what are we to make of that big picture. >> the big picture, white house, others around the world are going to see that as an important first step but just a first step. let's not forget that the greek prime minister a few days ago through this whole debt deal into chaos and crisis because he wanted to put it up for a
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referendum of the greek people. seemed to back pedal on that. it sounded like he was going to resign within a half hour. that didn't happen. there is a lot that still needs to play out. this is an important first step to show there is some confidence in greece in his government and not just the greek economy is hanging in the balance. you have got the european economy and, by extension, perhaps, the u.s. economy as well hanging in the balance here, shep. >> shepard: ed henry at the white house. ed, thanks. the jury debating the fate of michael jackson's former doctor as we speak. conrad murray robbed jackson's children of their father. the defense argues michael jackson give himself the drug that eventually killed him. live at the courthouse next. you could get morrow bow calls on your cell phone. that's a good thing. you will only get the calls you want now. no telemarketers? how does that work? we will all learn together from the journalists of fox news on
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>> shepard: the jury deciding the fate of michael jackson's then doctor is finished for the day. moments ago they went home. seven men and five women will get back to work on monday. a live look outside the courthouse in los angeles now. the jury worked for seven hours today. we're told they haven't asked a single question. the court only bringing them highlighters, bottled water, and coffee. dr. conrad murray is on trial for manslaughter. prosecutors say he gave michael jackson a deadly dose of powerful sedative propofol to help the singer sleep. defense attorneys say the prosecution can't prove that in fact, they say michael jackson injected himself with that drug before he died. >> what they are really asking you to do is to convict dr. murray for the actions of michael jackson. >> if you believe that theory, conrad murray in his own words told you it was a foreseeable cons sequence. >> shepard: there you heard part of yesterday's closing arguments. much of the pop star's family was there to hear the emotional
4:15 pm
pleas to the jury. today the circus atmosphere outside the courthouse only got more louder. heated emotions on both sides brought out by some of the trial's bizarre mommy's. don't forget dr. murray's girlfriends. all three of them testified. then those bedside photos, draw dropping number of drugs next to where michael jackson slept and, of course, the audiotapes. a side of the late pop star few fans ever expected to hear. >> shepard: now it's up to the jury to make sense of all of this and dr. murray's medical license and his freedom hang in the balance. adam housley is covering the trial for us. he is outside the courthouse tonight. the jury has gone home. we don't know much new, do we? >> no, shepard. not a peep from this jury at
4:16 pm
all. they didn't ask the judge for anything other than the coffee you talked about. began at 8:30. normal break for 15 minutes or so. lunch hour and a half supposed to be. cut it short by half an hour. a lot of people starting to speculate. cut lunch or they are close. didn't come back with a verdict then. 4:00. the judge has said they are going home for the day. just happened. jury goes home that means monday will be the 25th day of this trial. they come back for deliberations beginning at 8:30 in the morning. all we know is this, shepard, they picked a foreman and went over 10 pages of instructions from the judge. that's all we know at this hour. back to you. >> shepard: family members today, adam? >> you know, they didn't come today because they were, of course, because they didn't have anything going on inside the courtroom itself other than the judge doing other work with different cases. i can give you a live look outside though. while they weren't here the people who support them are here. a few people supporting dr. murray. they like to chant. people come and go. it rained earlier so they all -- all these supporters disappeared for a while but they are back
4:17 pm
now that the rain has stopped. we are told that the jacksons have a hotel near here. the drive from the compound would normally be 35, 40 minutes. l.a. traffic that can be a lot longer. we are told they have a hotel room nearby in preparation from when a verdict does come down. >> shepard: adam housley outside that courthouse. could soon be easier to make robo calls to cell phones. debating a bill to ease restrictions on auto dialing and prerecorded messages. consumer groups warn it could open pandora's box. it only allows informational calls that people without land lines might be missing. like a school letting you know about a snow day. >> our intent here is that people when they want information are able to receive that without the cinder being subject to -- sen der being subject to lawsuits and fines and ban unwanted calls. >> if a consumer were to receive
4:18 pm
a robo coal, they could ask to stop but there currently would be no enforcement mechanism to stop those calls. >> bill: the -- >> shepard: the bill's sponsors say it is willing to work protect users from unwanted calls. >> words of threats against state troopers and they are coming from the police. just ahead, why a lot of cops are all fired up over this dash cam video that shows a trooper busting a a police officer. sheriff's deputies in ohio now describing what it was like when they went to face to snout with those rampaging wild animals. remember that? that's coming up on fox report. these dogs wake up too early!
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>> shepard: there is new fallout as fox reports tonight from a
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wild police chase that pit a big city cop against one of that state's highway patrolmen. now, a florida trooper is getting threats because of this story. >> put your hands out that window, right now. put your hands out the window. i'm serious! >> shepard: that highway patrol trooper drawing her gun on a miami police officer. she said she clocked him doing 120 miles per hour on the florida turnpike and chased him for several minutes before he stopped. the cop reportedly says he was speeding because he was late for his off duty job. well, now the incident is generating hundreds of irate postings at a law enforcement web site. in one of them somebody wrote that if the trooper, named donna was, had pulled their marked car over with a drawn gun and, i quote, she would have a very rude awakening. i would wait -- i would wait until i got my district, called my boss, my boys, and then you, ms. watts, will be very sorry.
4:23 pm
on top of all of that, word tonight a supervisor told that trooper to back off during the chase. phil keating with the details. is he in our south florida newsroom tonight. a lot of disagreement, i guess, over whether that stop was justified. >> yeah, shep. especially on the streets of miami. the miami police union so outraged it sent out this letter, including the trooper's photo right here front and center saying she was the one who was reckless and out of line. >> >> that officer did not back off as instructed. what's really causing this badge vs. badge bad blood is the video itself. >> her pointing a gun towards his head and putting him in handcuffs, i was just -- i couldn't believe it on, again, a
4:24 pm
simple traffic stop. >> miami officer lopez ticketed for reckless driving. a misdemeanor. he is on the job as is she. on review in both departments. >> shepard: 120 miles per hour on the turnpike. reckless driving. despite all those online threats that trooper is getting a lot of praise, too phil. >> especially among average citizens. the usual recipients of speeding tickets. a lot of commentary both in support of the trooper and against it. here are a couple of more postings. number one, quote, she won't be getting backup in south florida any time soon. and another, police officers are not above the law. again, jane, keep up the good work. florida state patrol defending its trooper for doing her job. >> we're enforcing the laws of the state of florida, you know, regardless of who is driving the vehicle. >> and tonight, leaders of both of these departments, two of florida's largest law
4:25 pm
enforcement departments urging its personnel to cool down. shep? >> shepard: phil keating in miami tonight. phil, thanks. the police academy probably never covered. this newly released reports explain how a deputy's dealt with dozens of wild animals that a man in eastern ohio released d from his farm. investigators say that farm owner killed himself right after opening his cages last month. deputies had to gun down dozens of animals, including tigers and lions and bears. one deputy says he shot a charging black bear and it dropped just seven feet from him. others describe opening fire on a wounded african lion, killing it as it tried to attack. deputies also said that they -- that that farm owner, they saw him on the ground but couldn't approach him to see if he was still alive because a white tiger appeared to be eating his body. and that's a quote. several of the animals did survive there at the columbus zoo. the owner's widow has tried to get them back but so far the state has prevented that a major
4:26 pm
shakeup involving a former governor, financial collapse and more than a billion dollars in missing customer cash. plus word of new accusations that iran has been lying about its nuclear program. that that amid new concerns that a u.s. ally could be plan fog attack iran militarily. it's coming up on the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on america's choice for evening news on capable. this is the fox -- news on cable. this is the fox report. ith poin? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take thibridge over here. the it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] write your story with the citi thankyou premier card, with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at
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>> shepard: you been to group on? this might be group on's most poplar deal ever. the site that special lives in coupons began selling shares to the public today. began at 20 bucks a share but quickly surged as people tried to get a piece of the action. at one point groupon was up 55%. that pushed the value on paper to $20 billion. but share prices settled a bit later in trading to close at just more than 26 bucks a share, a gain of around 0%. making it the largest tech ipo in value since google. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. and we're monitoring the situation in greece now after the prime prime minister's party survived a key confidence vote. it's a major political development in the nation where democracy was born and where protesters angry over spending cuts have been rioting in the streets.
4:31 pm
greece, of course, is also a nation that is nearly bankrupt. and today's vote was not any sort of actual solution for the greek's financial problems. the instability there is still threatening to spread. and leaders there still have not accepted a major bailout package that could keep the company out of bankruptcy and prevent it from dragging down the economies all over the world. the fox business network's ashley webster is live for us in athens. explain, if you would, the immediate impact of this thing to folks over here, ashley. >> yeah, good evening, shep. i think the immediate impact, can i almost hear the sighs of relief here in athens from paris and berlin. a huge sigh of relief for the eurozone in the whole because mr. papandreau in favor of the bailout package this country needs. it also means the greek prime minister can form a coalition government that he says he wants to do to help aid in the passage of that next round of bailout
4:32 pm
money that this country needs. if it doesn't get that bailout money, shep, it will run out of money within the next few weeks. i think this brings some much needed stability on the political front. >> what's the overall feeling about how things stand there now >> well, for the greek people, this has been a tough week. they have really been put through the ringer. at the beginning of the week they thought they may face the option of dropping out of the eurozone. then they thought their prime minister may have had to have been replaced. also they thought they may get to vote on a referendum. it's been a real roller coaster ride. i think with so much financial turmoil being the major issue here in greece for the last couple of years and for many years ahead, the last thing this country needs is a political turmoil. so i think overall this will be welcomed by the greek people. withbut, let's face it, they haa long way to go, shep. >> shepard: ashley webster live this saturday morning from athens, greece. new fallout from wreath's
4:33 pm
collapse. jon corzine has stepped down as head of mf global. an investment firm that went bankrupt this week. now the feds say more than $600 million of its client's money is missing. jon corzine, a former u.s. senator and new jersey governor, he has also hired a top criminal defense lawyer. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt is with us tonight. jonathan, could jon corzine end up in jail over this? >> well, according to some corporate and securities law experts that we spoke today, including one we talked on-to-on "studio b," yes, that is possible. listen. >> there is an fbi investigation. there is a criminal investigation. jon corzine knows there is a risk here. he hired one of the most prominent white collar defense lawyers in the country to represent him. there is definitely a risk there. >> now, mr. corzine, despite hiring that attorney, has not yet been accused of any wrongdoing. he said today he would do whatever he can to help the
4:34 pm
investigation and, in his statement, he also said, and i quote: i feel great sadness for what has transpired at mf global and the impact it has had on the firm's clients, employees, and many others. at issue is that missing $600 million. the suspicion being that the company may have used that money, which actually belonged to its clients to try to save itself from bankruptcy. if that happened, that's where any criminal charges could come from, shep. >> shepard: this is putting a great deal of focus back on regulation of big financial institutions. >> yeah, absolutely, it is. one prominent regulator said today that basically he believes that the big financial institutions cannot be trusted any longer to tell the truth about their financial well-being. that commissioner of the commodities future trading commission said in a statement no longer can we simply accept bottom line totals on balance sheets. these guys need to do a tom cruise and show us the money.
4:35 pm
that a reference to the movie jerry maguire, the last line, by the way of that movie is in life i have failed as much as i have succeeded. jon corzine might be thinking such the same thing tonight. >> shepard: thank you very much. taxpayers have spent more than $70 billion bailing out freddie mac but the mortgage giant now is back for more. the "wall street journal," which is owned by the parent company of this network is now reporting that the company is tapping the government for another 6 billion-dollar loan after worst quarterly losses in more than a year. freddie mac ceo blames the housing market. just yesterday john mccain called for the firing of that agency that overseas freddie mac and its cousin fannie mae. fanny has taken more than $100 billion in aid. senator mccain says is he outraged that executives at that company got huge bonuses. >> it's saying that we have got to give people mississippis of dollars in bonuses in order to
4:36 pm
do their job right for the american people, particularly after the abysmal record of corruption that characterized the behavior of fannie mae and freddie mac throughout the 90's and until the crisis of 2008? give me a break. >> shepard: senator mccain says he is working on legislation to prevent such bonuses in the future. well, there has been a startling new development in the ongoing nuclear standoff with iran. the associated press is reporting now that it got an early readout of the asians document which -- united nations document which suggests iranian leaders have been lying when they claimed that their nuclear program is strictly for peaceful purposes. stunning, isn't it? the international atomic energy agency reports it will give a report next week. iranian scientists have secretly made computer models of nuclear warheads. it's also said to include satellite images of a bus-sized steel container that they tell us is likely for testing nuclear-related high explosives.
4:37 pm
all of this comes amid new reports that israel may be planning some sort of military strike on at least one iranian nuclear facility. and that has them jumping at the pentagon where our jennifer griffin is tonight. how seriously are they taking this israel may strike iran thing? >> very seriously. tension has been rising, shep, in the wake of several missile tests in recent weeks. on the eve of this explosive iaea report on nuclear program, pentagon sources noted they became concerned when israeli prime minister b.b. netanyahu purged his military of generals who did not support a strike on iran. >> is israel truly serious about planning? the answer is yes. it's conducted air exercises recently which very much improve their capability to know exactly what they can do in very long range strike.
4:38 pm
>> officials don't rule out this could be a bluff on the eve of this iae a's report in order to get the world's attention and more sanctions on iran. those pentagon officials are also not ruling out that something else may be at work. >> shepard: jennifer, why is it that officials at the pentagon think this is now more of a possibility than before? >> well, one well placed us defense official tells me that a conventional strike became more likely after israel launched the stuck net worm which attacked 1,000 centrifuges and some say was launched prematurely making it harder to maintain the element of surprise for another cyber attack, a larger cyber attack in the future. israel has a few squad drops of f 15 and f 16 fighter jets. now it has a refueling capability. and with the u.s. pulling out of iraq at the end of the year they have a clear route from iran straight to iraq.
4:39 pm
shepard? >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon tonight. jennifer, thank you. good weekend. well, the justin bieber baby accuser already has a bounty on her head in high schools across the nation. but if the accuser's claims are true and beibs is a baby daddy, could mom end up in jail? be careful what you wish for next. ♪ you will be my number one girl ♪
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diarrhea and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. let your doctor do her job, and you do yours. ask if nexium is right for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> shepard: the woman who sued the team singing star justin bieber claiming that he is her baby daddy could end up facing statutory rape charges herself: bieber has gone on twitter to say the 3-month-old baby is not his baby and he repeated the denial this morning on nbc's today show. >> i would just like to say that none of those allegations are true and i know that i'm going to be a target but i'm never going to be a victim.
4:43 pm
>> do you know this woman? her name is mariah heater? >> never met the woman. >> shepard: 20-year-old accuser says they hooked up in a back stage bathroom after a concert in los angeles last year. the thing is the biebs at the time was 16 years old which under california law would mean he violated the law by -- or she did by having sex with a minor. and if her bathroom baby making story is true, and the cops do get involved, she could be looking at some jail time. trace gallagher with the news. is he live in our west coast newsroom this afternoon. this is fascinating. >> yeah, shep. we just spoke with tharming mariah is a very fun-loving normal kid. she is very much into her family. the court documents show that she has also had some recent troubles. she dropped out of high school when she was a junior. she list now on $500 a month welfare. and she was arrested last year in las vegas for slapping a man. tmz says the man she slapped she also accused of being the father
4:44 pm
of her baby. but her aunt says she never heard of that man and she believes the justin bieber story. listen. >> i can understand where they are coming from. i'm sure they get a will the of, you know, bizarre things from bizarre fans. but, again, if she didn't have an encounter with him she wouldn't have, you know, sought him out for this. >> interesting because that eye a yeater is due back in court on domestic violence charge on december 129. three days later justin bieber is in court to face that paternity lawsuit. >> shepard: if not for this we wouldn't know he has his crisis management team we know because you spoke with a member much that team. >> that crisis management team says they were not brought in for this issue. they say they have been with bieber now for almost a year. of course, justin bieber, he adamantly denies all of these charges. and now his fans, they call themselves the believers are making threats on line. here is one of them.
4:45 pm
it says, quote, dear mariah yeate he r roses are red, violates are violets are blue. stay away from bieber and beliebers will kill you. if mariah yeater story is true i will throw myself out the bedroom window and then beat myself to death with my own limbs. >> bieber fever. couldn't have made it through the weekend without that hey, weed is about to get more expensive. in other news. sailors found tons of marijuana floating at sea and that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. >> mexico. navy officials say some people on a boat spotted packages of pot in the ocean. not far from a resort town. sailors mounted a search and came up with more than 175 bales of the stuff. some two tons, about 25 miles off the coast.
4:46 pm
australia. a six vehicle crash shutting down most of the lanes on sydney harbor bridge. we're told a tanker truck jackknifed and triggered more wrecks. two cars hit head on. a paramedic says the crush hurt three people, all serious. thailand. the country's record flooding creeping closer to the center of the capital city of bangkok and threatening its subway system. workers piling up sandbags trying to keep the water at bay. and check this out: the only way in or out of the temple in this city is now by boat. we're told the place still has electricity but the monks there are using scaffolding to get around and stuck sharing one bathroom. china. a woman who lost her fingers in an accident now making money by cross-stitching with needle and thread. she said examples of cross-stitched art inspired her. she so good elm broi dering scenes the place is now a
4:47 pm
tourist attraction on that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: the hacking scandal spread to another newspaper. arrested journalist from the sun newspaper in london. this network's parent company news corporation owns the sun and also owned news of the world tabloid where all of this apparently began. you will recall that investigators say staffers at the news of the world hacked into the voice mail accounts of people whom they were covering. news corps later closed down that newspaper but a controversy continued. now, british media outlets are reporting that investigators are talking to a reporter from the sun about police corruption. more information on this as we get it well, the nation's toughest abortion law could soon be on the books in the state of mississippi. folks there are set to vote on whether a fertilized egg is a person with legal rights.
4:48 pm
but this vote is so much bigger than that. next, what it could mean even for women on birth control pills and why it's not just mississippi. plus, add sitting down to the long list of things that can cause cancer. sitting down. new advice from health experts coming up. congratulations. congratulations. congralations. today, the city of charlotte can use verizon technology to inspire binesses to conserve energy and monitor costs. making communities greener... congratulations. ... and buildings as valuable to the bottom line... whoa ! ... as the people inside them. congratulations. because when you add verizon to your company, you don't just add, you multiply. ♪ discover something new... verizon.
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>> shepard: in just a few days, voters in the state of mississippi will decide when human life begins. and if it's highly controversial parenthood amendment passes, mississippi will the first state to ban abortion entirely. while that word never appears anywhere on the ballot. initiative 26 would make abortion illegal in the state. according to the measure, the moment an egg is fertilized it's a person, period.
4:52 pm
that would effectively equate abortion with murder. no matter the circumstances, including when a pregnancy is the result of rape or incest. and it's not just mississippi. we have highlighted 14 other states where this person hood amendment, as they are calling it are trying to get the same ballot on -- measure on the ballot. our john roberts is covering. >> is he live in the state capital of jackson tonight. john, this is a huge vote on tuesday. >> it's a really big vote. not only would it make abortion illegal, shep, but potentially some forms of contraception as well. potential effect on other women's health issues like invitro fertilization. mother of three, twin daughters were achieved through technology. she started parents against initiative 26. she is worried if this initiative passes other infertile women may not have the same medical options she had. >> i'm very concerned about the effects that initiative 26 could have on infertility treatment
4:53 pm
and access to birth control it has a lot of potential and unintended consequences. >> those unintended consequences also captured the attention of mississippi governor haley barbour who said he had his concerns about this but after careful deliberation last night in absentee ballot voted for it supporters of this initiative acknowledge that it raises an awful lot of questions, questions they say may have to be answered by the legislature. dr. beverly mcmillan is a former abortion provider. she is now on the side of life. >> if it means we have to change some of the ways we are doing things, we have to look at that as a society and come up with the best answer we can come to. we don't have all the answers. >> and, shep, the group that is spearheading this initiative wants to make it a national issue. they are hoping to get it before the supreme court thinking if they do, they just might overturn roe vs. wade. we will find out on tuesday if they get it through. >> shepard: john roberts live in
4:54 pm
jackson, mississippi tonight, thanks. if you are looking for motivation to hit the gym. this might help. a new study that suggests too much sitting increases the risk of certain cancers. the study's authors presented their findings in d.c. at the american conference for cancer research. a lack of physical activity could be why more than 170,000 patients were diagnosed with the disease. most of those cases, breast cancer, colon cancer, and lung cancer. so how much sitting is too much sitting? one professor of minnesota's mayo clinic says if you have sat for an hour, have you probably sat too long. a school on lockdown because of a bear. on the run. taking a shortcut through a playground. how it ended in a bear alert coming up. an accident doesn't have to slow you down.
4:55 pm
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>> shepard: enter alert. lockdown at a school in washington when a furry fugitive takes over the playground. wildlife agents shooting it with
4:58 pm
a tranquilizer dart. the 230-pound black bear keeps on going. wild chase through a neighborhood and into a creek. agents firing off a another couple of darts until the big guy finally dozens off. agents letting him go in the mountains. meantime that school might want to bear proof its playground and, of course, hide the trampoline. updating some of our top stories tonight. unemployment today unexpectedly dropped to 9% in being o. a six month low according to the labor department. job growth is still sluggish. with employers adding just 80,000 new jobs last month. and the greek prime minister during this hour narrowly survive ago confidence vote. that sets the stage for a bailout deal that could help keep europe's overall economy from sinking further. and new details about the sexual harassment claim against the presidential can dalton herman cain. one of his accusers now says there were several incidents. cain says that all the claims
4:59 pm
are false. despite the scandal, he is tied in most polls for first place in the presidential race. on this day in 1977. the last waltz premiered in new york city. it's a film about the legendary final concert of the equally legendary rock band called the band. the concert itself had taken place the previous year on thanksgiving night in san francisco. and what a party. the band invited ticket holders to come early for a giant turkey dinner, followed by some the biggest names in music. eric capton, muddy waters, bob dylan, neil young just to name a few. for four hours they blew the doors off the place and a young martin scorse captured it on film. the best music documentary ever made but the band waltzed into theaters 34 years ago today.


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