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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 5, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> bret: thanks for insight us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. make it a great weekend. captions by closed captioning services see you monday. ♪ >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: [shouting] >> new polls say the american people have now turned against the occupy wall street movement. we predicted this would happen and tonight i will debate geraldo about what happens next. >> i sit here for three months. >> the first one of us effects the rest of you was indirectly. we're bound together. >> bill: where is jesse jackson and al sharpton in defense of herman cain? the two activists are m.i.a. >> the least of my concerns at the moment is the politics of the year from now. i'm worried about putting people back to work right now.
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>> bill: is that true? lou dobbs on president obama's latest economic vision and how to invest your money now. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the folks turn against the occupiers, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. we told you from the jump the american people would not tolerate a radical movement. it's just not in our d.n.a. to do that. in late september when the occupy wall street protests began, the majority of americans supported them. "time" magazine poll in early october had 54% supporting the movement. 23% opposing and the rest not really i didn't understand standing what was going on. today that picture has drastically changed. the new quinnipiac poll says 39% of americans now have unfavorable view of the occupiers. 30% think they are swell.
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31% still don't know. obviously a huge turn around. two weeks ago i said this about the occupiers. >> once they started to attack our personnel here, including john stossel and geraldo and all of that, i said, you know what? i don't want any part of these people. >> bill: talking points is proud that our reporting on the occupiers has been dead on. accurate every step of the way. violence is now defining the group, destruction and harm to other people front and center. take a look at this. >> protesters woke up to loud yells from a homeless man early thursday morning. >> i sit here for three months and i haven't been able to [inaudible] [beep] [beep] tent. you want to fight? you want to get [bleep] up. >> protesters -- some even fight back.
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[whistles] >> the homeless man was quickly escorted out of the park. >> he is mentally ill, is he a police. is he a bloomberg agent. disturbing and disrupting the protest. >> bill: they have to get things under control. in oakland, at least 205 people have been arrested and 10 police officers hurt in the ongoing fracas. there is absolutely no excuse for scenes like these. and the american people must demand that they stop now. as for president obama, the democratic party initially supporting the protests, that was misguided but understandable. the left believes the wall street fat cats have destroyed the economy. the truth is wall street did contribute to the recession. but mr. obama's big spending policies have made the economy even worse. that's the truth but it's easy to blame wall street greed heads for everything and ignore the problems of big spending democratic party has brought upon the country. well, there is some good news tonight. the folks are now understanding
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what the occupy wall street movement is all about. and it's not about looking out for us. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, in the beginning geraldo rivera was what sympathetic to the movement. >> the crowd is easy to mock. they are disorganized. they look funny. some like the person putting the paper in front of the lenz are aggressive but they have a real legitimate complaint deep down and it is a message that i think will resonate eventually as people listen up. >> bill: here now is mr. rivera. well, eventually has come and here you are. >> i am. >> bill: it's not resonating and the people have turned against the movement. >> i don't agree. >> bill: you don't agree with the poll. >> i think the quinnipiac poll can be read as saying that it's a virtual tie between those who are in favor and those who are opposed to occupy wall street 39% to 30%. that's pretty darn close. >> bill: but the swing in a three week time, i mean, from 5%
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down to 30%. >> let's cut to my personal chase i deplore violence. i'm a cops man. i think that anyone who raises their hand to a police officer deserves to get the weight of the law thrown against them. these crazy people, there are crazy people everywhere. and indeed they are attracted, that's the turk co-wrestling champion of the park right there pushing down the crazy guy. but the fellow that got thrown down to the sidewalk as he should have been is a clevelander who is mentally incompetent, i'm told inevitably when there is free food and lodging and social environment, homeless people or street people are attracted to it they are not the majority. i think the newspapers that are hyping the violence i think it is very unfortunate. they have already. >> bill: not hyping the violence. this is what it is all about. look, geraldo, have you been around to understand this. there is no central authority down there. if you want to go down there and cause trouble you can and no one is going to stop you. >> as you can in times square or
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any place else. >> they don't do it there because there isn't a shield to protect you. >> what's your beef? >> bill: i'm glad you asked. here is my big beef. all right? this whole movement has been hijacked by anarchists, communists, and crazy people. they dominate now. and the good, sincere protesters, and there were some, are afraid of them. >> you know what strikes in my mind old foggy, because what you just said was used time and time again against the anti-vietnam war protesters. you emphasize the people on the edges. >> bill: you are justifying all this violence now? >> i justify none. you are pufingt words in my mouth and it's not appreciated. it's not true. >> bill: if you weren't justifying it. >> i said specifically that anyone who raises their hand to a police officer. >> bill: it doesn't matter. >> the equal rights movement worked because it was nonviolent. >> bill: this is not nonviolent it? >> is essentially nonviolent. i only know the park. i have been down there far more.
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>> bill: you can't see the pictures out of california. >> i see the pictures out of oakland, california. i lament it and i believe to a certain extent the g 20 type anarchists took over in oakland. >> bill: that's just what i said. >> it happened in one night. >> bill: it happened in denver. it's happened in texas. >> come to the home port of occupy wall street park downtown, new york and look at what these young people, largely young people who are frustrated by not only the fact that the fat cats got off scot-free and took their hundreds of millions of dollar bonuses back home to greenwich, connecticut and none of them were prosecuted for what were some of the most egregious crimes that accelerated and exsag berated our economic decline. here is what they already accomplished. they brought more attention to the economic disparity. the growing income gap in this country than any political force has. president obama has now suggested that he will pass a holiday on student loans that will limit the student loan repayment to 10% of the
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discretionary income of the borrower. so when a kid is graduating with $25,000 in student loans, facing this uncertain job market, he gets a break. >> bill: who pays for that in the long run? >> isn't that a nice thing? isn't that a good thing? and tomorrow. >> bill: hold it, hold it i just gave you two minutes now you are going to listen to me. >> all right. >> i have another point so i reserve my right of rebuttal. >> bill: here you go. you just said that wall street fat cats got away with crimes. >> don't you agree with that? >> bill: no, i don't. because there is no crime. if there were. >> no crime subprime mortgages and a.a.a. securities? >> bill: no. it isn't. it isn't on the books. if it was on the books what are obama and holder doing about it? they have been in office for three years. they should be marching on the white house and the justice department if what you say is true. not terrorizing citizens down in lower manhattan. if what you say is true, that these people weren't prosecuted by the government and should have been, then all of these people should be after obama and
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holder. right? >> i think that. >> bill: right? >> i think that the script has not yet been written, the final chapter of what happens and the people. >> bill: you made the statement that they got away with crimes. >> they are so far absolutely getting away with, i think, a crime against the country. >> bill: it is up to the holder and the obama administration to prosecute. they haven't prosecuted any of them. >> i believe that the congress is dysfunctional. >> bill: no, no. it's the justice department. they bring the cases. congress doesn't bring the cases. >> the cases are not yet all brought that will be brought and a lot of. >> bill: oh, stop. >> we need -- here, tomorrow, there is a bank transfer day. this is a concrete day. they are saying take your money out of bank of america, take your money out of j.p. morgan chase. take your money out of these big banks and put them in small credit unions. what if that comes out to tens of millions of dollars. >> bill: i have got to go. nobody is going to do that. number one, those people don't have any money. and nobody is going to listen to them because they lost
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credibility. >> well, let your viewers watch the news on sunday and see what they did. >> bill: watch geraldo, if he gets wind of any transfer he will let you know. >> i will see. transfer from o'reilly tonight. >> bill: next on the run down, when african-americans are attacked in the public arena jesse jackson and al sharpton come to their rescue. not with herman cain. why? later, the majority of american women still supporting president obama. why again? coming right back.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. as you may know jesse jackson and al sharpton are two of the most well known defending blacks when he they come under fire. not in the case of herman cain. joining us now from philadelphia dr. marc lamont hill who teaches at columbia university. why are jackson and sharpton sitting this one out, doctor. >> there is nothing to jump in the game for. reverend sharpton and reverend jackson don't jump in every time a black person is involved. they are interested in justice. just like my interest is justice. i don't think anything unjust is happening to herman cain right now. in fact, i think he is getting exactly what he deserves. >> bill: you don't know what he deserves because nobody knows what happened. there haven't been any allegations put forth by anybody specifically. and it just seems to me to be a little -- >> -- that's not what i mean. >> bill: hear we out. you say he is getting what he deserves because you don't like him because is he a
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conservative. >> no, that's not what i am saying. >> bill: you don't know. >> that's not what i'm saying. let me say what i'm saying when i say he is getting what he deserves is he getting scrutiny. running for president frontrunner -- >> bill: all right. far more than that. trying to destroy mr. cain. now, if mr. cain were a liberal. >> maybe or maybe not. it depends on whether he did it or not, bill. if he did it. >> bill: we have a presumption of innocence here in this country. and this is not in play right now. >> no. bill, he is not convicted of a crime, bill. >> bill: it's presumption of innocence about anything. you are innocent until proven guilty about anything, okay? we just had geraldo on here convicting wall street guys for trading mortgages and there is no crime attached to it so it's crazy. let me ask you this. if this were a liberal politician, you can't sit there and tell me that sharpton and jackson wouldn't be screaming bloody murder. they would. >> i didn't see them scream bloody murder with john edwards. i didn't see them scream bloody
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murder with anthony weiner. >> bill: is he white. they are white. >> you said liberal. if you are talking about black people. i think what you need to do is give people the presumption of innocence based on what you are saying but also investigate. all they are doing right now is investigating. no one has attacked him. no penalty. >> bill: look. i'll all tore investigating anything that's legit. >> yeah. >> bill: all i want to know is you have got two civil rights activists a black man under fire. >> his civil rights aren't being violated right now. it's almost as if you are saying. >> bill: remember o.j. simpson that name? >> i'm familiar with him he was a running back, right? >> bill: o.j. simpson, right? >> yeah. >> bill: who defended him? jesse jackson? he he came right out. >> i believe it was johnnie cochran. >> bill: no, no. it was jesse jackson before any of the testimony before anything happened there was reverend jackson. o.j. jackson this is unfair. twana brally before anything came out there was al sharpton, you can't do that you can't do
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that. >> bill. >> bill: come on? >> that's the most common illogic i have ever heard. especially actual brolly you say they are wrong and o.j. simpson wrong. they were wrong two times and now they should be wrong with herman cain. let me finish my point. you said they made a mistake in those two cases why should they rush to judgment with herman cain the appear the way they did with other two people that's wrong. >> bill: that's itch are. you and heard ought to go on vacation together. >> we do all the time actually. >> bill: i will give you the last word. listen to me and you can use this in your classroom. you just said, you just said that they were sitting it out because there really wasn't any evidence. you don't know whether it was injustice or not and that's true. that's true. >> right. >> bill: okay. but, they both leapt into situations they had no idea about, one was a murder and the other was a rape that never happened. yet, they leapt in right there. >> right. >> bill: but here -- >> -- aren't you glad --
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>> bill: here, when there is a presumption of innocence, they won't leap in. >> right. >> bill: come on. >> bill, what you are essentially saying is that they were wrong two times before and now they are taking a different approach and they are almost upset that they are not rushing. >> bill: i think it's hip and politically driven and both of these guys should say we are going to defend people who believe the way we do politically. but if you don't and you are black, forget it. give you the last word. >> i hope you do. actually, i disagree. i think that it was wrong to rush to judgment for o.j. and wrong with towana brally. herman cain is getting what he deserves which is media scrutiny. if he didn't do anything wrong then he will be cleared. if it's proven that he did not do anything wrong and he is still getting attacked i'm going to jump to his defense and i hope that reverend al sharpton jumps to his defense. >> bill: this is very interesting to me. you are saying that jackson and sharpton learned their lessons
2:18 am
and now do not dive in without knowing the facts of the matter? that's what you are say rg, dr. hill? >> that's what i'm hoping. i can't speak for them but that's what i hope. >> bill: that's your hope. >> that's my position. i'm giving them the presumption of innocence though. >> bill: that's why we love you, doctor. thanks for coming on. >> he yes. >> bill: directly ahead, carl rove on president obama's chances for re-election one year before the vote. later, why do the majority of american women still support barack obama. we will talk with janine turner and kirsten powers about that moments away. b d d0e(ll now and get your own
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, this time next year preparing for the most important vote we will ever cast the presidential election in 2012. election to be close president obama having entrenched support
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and bad economy as a hammer. fox news analyst karl rove who has been serving past re-election campaigns which provide very interesting insights. president bush the elder lost re-election, mr. rove to bill clinton but a year out, a year before the election was held he looked pretty strong with a 62% approval are rating. what does that tell us? >> well, look, it tells us he had a rather rapid collapse. one numbers in president bush 41. the american people a year out from the election had a some 62% of them were dissatisfied with the direction of the country. and that built over the course of the year. and he, as you say lost. let's look at it the other way though. obama by the numbers. his approval rating today is 43%. no president has been reelected with a number that low a year out. the percentage of people who say the country is going the wrong
2:23 am
direction 74%. no modern president has been reelected with a number that high one year out. 13% say in the gallup poll that they are satisfied with the condition of the country. again, no president has ever been reelected with that number. jimmy carter was at 19, you know, bill clinton was at 33%. the consumer confidence level since they began asking this number in the late 1940s, no president has been reelected with a number this low. for example, jimmy carter was at 62 points in the consumer confidence survey. another way of looking at these numbers is seeing where president obama is and seeing if people who have these numbers have been able to get reelected and at least on these four levels no president has been reelected with numbers this low a year before the election. >> bill: let me ask you this, because this is interesting discussion to me. we now are in a time that is unique in american history as far as politics are concerned. and we're seeing with the herman cain situation this week. the media is overwhelmed -- has
2:24 am
overwhelmed the message. whatever the message may be from the democratic party or the republic party, the media has overwhelmed it because of the 24/7 cables, talk radio, and the internet. so that whatever happens is amplified and blown up which could would have taken bill clinton three or four months to get into trouble it's taken herman cain two days to get into trouble. because the hype and the media dominance that is surrounding the american people. changes everything that these politicians don't have any room to breathe. you can't make a mistake or it's just hyped and hyped and hyped. and i think that has a big, big difference and that the historical look that you just gave us may not hold this time around. >> well, maybe or maybe not. that's one way of looking at it. and i agree with you the police
2:25 am
officerration of the cables. the sped up process of the news cycle. but, look, underneath this all is this reality. unemployment next year, the cbo, the omb and the federal reserve all agree it's going to be 8.5 to 9.1%. economic growth consensus is .2 to 2.7, perhaps as low as 2% growth. this is going to be the underlying dynamic. that means these numbers are going to be difficult to change. you are right we get our information in different ways this time. in 2008, for the first time, people said they got more information about the election from the internet than they got from their local hometown newspaper. and my theory is that people are collecting a lot more information and as a result, opinions are, you are right, you can't effect them as much by a television ad as much as conditions and events effect them. >> right. >> but once those opinions become durable. once those opinions become made, they tend to be durable unless events cause them to be dramatically changed. the economy is not going to change significantly between now
2:26 am
and next november. even the president's own people admit that. >> bill: that is the achilles heel of president obama. no doubt about it. what i see the president and the democratic party doing is this: they have put together a consolidated their strength, which is labor, which is the minority vote, particularly african-american, the hispanic vote is still not defined but probably will go to some extent for president obama, just a matter of how big, all right? and hard core liberals in the media that's the team that they have assembled. now, the republicans have the right, okay, most of the independence have fled president obama now because of the economic issue. all right? so, it's both -- both parties are putting together these teams. and then in the electoral college you have states like california and new york. and places like illinois big states that you know are going to go to president obama, no
2:27 am
matter. what it's impossible for him to lose them. this is disturbing but it's relation. so i just think now it's a chess game. it's not an issue game anymore. it's a chess game. >> no. it is an issue game because you use issues as a way to effect opinion. look. i am fundamentally in agreement with you. there are roughly about 191 electoral college votes that the democrats can count on. ironically enough there are about 190 electoral votes the republicans can count on. in the battleground states, nevada, new mexico, colorado, iowa, wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, ohio, florida, virginia, north carolina, that's where we are going to fight out this election in all likelihood. i disagree with you on two things. you mentioned in the beginning labor unions. let's be clear about. this you may be right about the government labor unions and you may be right of members of unions. the president has a huge problem with blue collar working class folks. >> bill: going to get a lot of money and support. i have got to run and talk to you again next time about this. but, it's fascinating that everything has changed because
2:28 am
of the media now. everything. mr. rove, always a pleasure. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening, according to the polls the majority of women still support barack obama. why? >> lou dobbs on your money. do you have any? you go next if you had a
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call the number on your screen to get your free video, brochure and your free hoveround collapsible grabber. call the number on your screen. >> bill: in the campaign 12 segment tonight according to a new poll 51% of women approved of the job barack obama is doing and 42% exproof. women opposite. 34% approve and 58 disprove. why the gender gap? kirsten powers and fort worth, texas. janine turner and kirsten powers. why the gap. >> i think with men they are worried about their pocketbook. men have been hit the hardest with this recession with unemployment. i believe that they don't agree with the bailout and the stimulus plan. they think it's helping the wrong people.
2:32 am
with women it's interesting because they historically have voted in support of the democratic cab democrat. that number is going -- democratic candidate. the number is going down. so it is trending down for women. and i think women, you know, traditionally have liked the safety net of governmental programs. but as they get more independent, they are slowly seeking the party that gives them more independence, which is the republic party. >> bill: kirsten, ms. turner is correct that in the poll in fox news poll in 2009, 69% of women supported president obama. now it's down to 51%. so it's an 18 point defection but the majority of women still do like him and why is that? >> i just would like to point out on that that those numbers were very inflated. if you look at the drop-off in men it was much more pronounced. >> bill: male is 64% down to.
2:33 am
>> 42% i think. >> bill: yeah down to disprove 42, yeah. >> yeah. so you saw much more dramatic drop-off so 51% approval rating is actually in this economy and with what's been going on is actually pretty good. so, and i agree with what janine just said. she really hit on the reason that women have traditionally preferred the democratic party. there has been a long gender gap. it's usually around 6 points or 7 points when the votes are actually cast and the reason is women rely more on the safety net. they live longer. they tend to be the people that take care of the elderly. >> bill: are you saying, kirsten that women want entitlements? and that's why they support the democrats? >> well, they want more government involvement in their lives than perhaps men would want because they don't feel insecure. >> bill: they don't want more government involvement in their personal lives. certainly the pro-choice movement proves that you are
2:34 am
saying, kirsten. >> i'm talking about the social safety net. >> bill: they want entitlements. you believe american women want stuff. >> i think most americans want entitlements, actually. >> bill: i don't. >> well, if you look at the people who have entitlements, the elderly they really don't want to get rid of them. >> bill: yeah, but they paid for them. i don't consider that entitlements if you pay for them. >> women are in a more precarious financial position traditionally than men are. they make less. they are going to be less likely to want -- >> there is another reason for that. >> tax cuts for the middle class. >> bill: okay. >> i think there is another reason why women perhaps are backing obama in a safety net. that's because a lot of women are on their own now raising the children. working two or three jobs. raising their children and they may feel more of a need for a safety program. >> bill: they feel more vulnerable, that's for sure. there is no doubt about it and self-reliance is difficult when you are a single mom with three kids. i got that that's probably the reason that more women than men
2:35 am
support the democratic party, which is the party that, you know, wants' to give people a little bit more than the other party. so that's probably right. now, if the economy continues to go down, kirsten, are we going to see more defections from women. >> look, if the economy gets radically worse than it is right now then, yes, i would expect to see that number go down. i think it's remarkable that it's holding at 51 as bad as things are right now. if you are above 51, you are in reelect position. >> bill: cannot reelect when you have 34% of men liking you, that's a low low number. >> among women. what's interesting is there has been a trend. women for the past 60 years have voted democratic. and for the democratic party. and in 2010 that changed. there was a slight majority where voted for the republics for the first time. >> bill: i didn't know that that's interesting. the way i see it now, and now we are on tape, it's going to be 50/50 this time around split
2:36 am
right down the middle among women but men will probably go for the republic thing. that doesn't mean anything because the electoral college, not the poplar vote will tell the tale. ladies, thanks very much. when we come right back, lou dobbs on your money if you have any. what should do you with it? san francisco votes on whether folks should be allowed to dine in public naked. not kidding. right back.
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>> thanks for staying with us, in our lowe's the boss segment tonight, president obama on his way back to the u.s.a. after incredibly boring summit in france. >> the least of my concerns at the moment is the politics of a year from now. i'm worried about putting people back to work right now because those folks are hurting and the u.s. economy is under performing
2:40 am
here now to respond to the president's statement is lou dobbs. >> i thought he was going to fall asleep. >> is he not exuding electricity. >> bill: is he probably exhausted. once again, he doesn't inspire economic confidence. i'm not saying that in any kind of partisan way. i'm looking to see, well, i have got to put people back to work. well, do you want us to cut your lawn, mr. president? come on. the private sector puts people back to work. not you. but he doesn't get it? >> basic contest between the public and private sectors of this economy allude this president for whatever reason. if it is not a government programmatic response to this issue he does not seem to have it anywhere on his scan. it is peculiar. even acknowledging his ideological bent. the economy is made up off private and public sectors.
2:41 am
>> bill: nothing got done over there. all of these guys we are looking at now there is berlusconi. wouldn't you love to party with him? >> there was a time, yes. >> bill: you would have to bring asbestos suit to be in the room with him and whoever else have you got in there no wonder italy is bankrupt. you can measure his catering bill? >> the great thing about berlusconi, bill, he is not sitting there saying we will have to create jobs. he is creating things. >> bill: he does create jobs if you know what i'm talking about. >> i do, indeed. >> bill: on the payroll do whatever he is doing socially. the only thing these guys did all week, all right, was tell greece, listen, you pinheads, if you don't accept the money we are giving you, you idiots, then you are out of the union. you can't trade the euro anymore. i have got to go back to the dracma is worth sand. that's what it's worth. i will take a bucket of sand.
2:42 am
>> as bad as the greeks are making the europeans look. the europeans are making us look like idiots. you look around and don't find the church at the table, understand you are the church. europeans refuse to put out any money for the bailout for greece but they say to the president it will be fine if you want to throw some more money. >> bill: 50% on their loans to greece. so, look. >> voluntarily. >> greece doesn't have any money, all right? why don't you sell those islands. they are nice. >> they are very nice islands. beautiful islands. >> bill: get even again. okay. i always ask you this because i'm curious myself. >> right. >> bill: the stock market is crazy, right? it is insane. >> it is crazy. you might as well go to vegas if you aring two buy a stock. people go i have a little extra cash to invest. i got kids to put through college. i have got to save up for my retirement. what do you do? what do you buy? >> when you say the magic word, which is that four letter word, cash, it's really important. so long as you have enough cash
2:43 am
to take care of six months, perhaps a year'sens examines, then you have -- year's expenses. then you have cash, money to invest. whether it's in the market. >> bill: i would say a year in this client. got to protect yourself and keep that in the bank, getting no interest, by the way, for no year so you can live. say you have a little left over, what do you do. >> you have to look honestly at this market and understand we are looking at a number of companies. i'm not going to get into the business of recommending companies. but there are a lot of major brand companies that are selling for about, well, somewhere near $12, you know, 12 -- a multiple of 12 on earnings. and they have significant earnings. those are companies to take a look at. >> bill: you still would play the market but you would go undervalued companies with a pe of 12 and down, right. >> somewhere around there. i'm talking about major corporations. >> bill: big guys you know you
2:44 am
are going to be around not solyndra. >> not solyndra or any solyndra friends. anything that is associated with the department of energy -- >> bill: still putting money into the market? >> well, actually, i'm a holder. i think the people have to make those investment decisions individually. >> bill: you believe there are goodbyes. >> i believe there still are long-term investors. anybody playing this market is out of their mind in my opinion. >> bill: lou dobbs. dumbest thing of the week san francisco voting on whether or not to allow people dine congratulations. congratulations. congralations. today, the city of charlotte can use verizon technology to inspire binesses to conserve energy and monitor costs. making communities greener... congratulations. ... and buildings as valuable to the bottom line... whoa ! ... as the people inside them. congratulations. because when you add verizon to your company, you don't just add, you multiply. ♪ discover something new...
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>> >> bill: back of the book segment tonight, the dumbest things of the week. in san francisco apparently you can walk around with any clothes on and it's legal. there are unintended consequences such as dining. so, this week city supervisors voted on whether to ban public
2:48 am
eating with no clothes on. >> this legislation is not about whether to ban or not ban public nudity. it's a basic public health measure. >> i see it both ways. >> it's codifying what's already nudest etiquette. >> bill: not naked, got a hat on. to annual liz incredibly stupid things this week arthel neville and greg gutfeld so good he has got two shows. people think we are kidding about san francisco. they think we make this up. >> we are not making it up. >> bill: this was an actual vote, city supervisors took on the taxpayer dime to decide whether naked dining in public -- >> -- that's right. >> bill: should be legal or illegal within city limits. >> you are correct. this is sparked by this area called a castro. a very liberal neighborhood. >> bill: castro. >> the castro. >> bill: i know where it is. i have been there. >> liberal neighborhood probably populated by the gay community.
2:49 am
guys hanging out in warner plaza. showing up in restaurants, too. this is a health hazard. i don't want you sitting. >> bill: how many nakdz guys are. >> there enough to complain. >> more naked guys. >> number is too many. they are fed up. >> what did they decide to do. >> unanimously adopt some rules. still has to go under another review process. >> bill: another review. >> yes. but it's probably going to go through. 30 days after the mayor signs it into law the decision is going to be illegal to eat. >> bill: illegal to eat naked. >> in a restaurant. >> bill: you say? >> it's an outrage. i want my pie allah mode ala nude. ugly. it's only strange looking weirdoes, they all look like ed asner. yes, it's true. 99% of all nudist are hideous. >> bill: greg gutfeld, everyone. is it illegal to go into
2:50 am
mcdonald's in san francisco naked. >> not yet but it will be. >> bill: you naked guys still have a little time because they are going to review. >> we are not making it up. you are right. >> bill: occupy protest has brought a lot of visitors. one visitor that gutfeld noticed is. >> the ultimate warrior. a wrestling legend. and tmz had approached him and asked him what he thought of the protest. and what he said was actually. >> bill: wait. we have it on tape. go. >> i'm not really down with the indecency that takes place. it's the squall that seems to come out of these, you know, occupy things when they form these protests and stuff. it's like they have no manners. there is no common decency. you know, absolute just misbehavior when they go down and interview these people they don't have an idea of what they want to be done. >> bill: let me get this straight the ultimate warrior is complaining about a lack of manners? >> right.
2:51 am
he is right though. >> bill: of course he is right. >> he is right. what's dumb is that reporters feel the need to ask everyone about occupy wall street. now there are more reporters asking that question than actual protesters. by the way, that face paint it does make you 62% smarter. >> bill: does it? >> yes. >> bill: did you ever hear of the ultimate warrior. >> not until right now. >> bill: i'm not a wrestling guy. >> he makes some good points. >> bill: you have to have civility. i'm glad the ultimate warrior is taking the lead in this. >> yes. >> bill: okay. my dumbest thing of the week is basically incorporated into the city's -- into the worst mayor of the country. that is the mayor of oakland, california. roll it. >> we continue to ask people to be peaceful. we want it thank, particularly, the police officers and the other forces, the highway patrol and others have come and helped make sure that it was peaceful tonight. we will act if we need to tonight to maintain safety but it looks like this was a good
2:52 am
day for the demonstrators and for the 99% movement. >> bill: yeah, it was a great day ms. mayor. millions of dollars of damage in oakland which is bankrupt anyway. millions of dollars by these people. 10 cops hurt. some of them badly. all right? what is it 500 arrests out there or something like that? i mean, something outrageous but it was a good day. it was a good day for them. >> while the rioting was going on she was actually tweeting the protesters asking them to call her. she wasn't a mayor. she was a tenth grader on a sleep over. >> bill: it is scary. last word for ms. neville. >> got to back the police officer. getting homemade bombs lobbed at them and they are protecting themselves. >> bill: good day in the neighborhood of the protest. >> she has got to go. >> bill: you know who should take her place? >> barney the dinosaur. >> i was thinking from the simpsons. >> bill: barny, everybody has a good day.
2:53 am
have barney run oakland. could barney do any worse? no. >> you are wearing his tie. >> bill: thank you. pinheads and patriots on deck. who are the most overpaid actors in hollywood? we have the top three for you next.
2:54 am
2:55 am
first, another big week for killing lincoln. it will be number one again on the "new york times" list this
2:56 am
coming sunday, number one on the e book list, number one on the autaudio book. thank you very much. if you buy a copy, you get weighing house free of charge. if you spend more than $25 on our website, we'll send you this very nifty bumper sticker, restore the usa, which is our theme this political season. now, the mail. randy from new york, the occupy movement is no surprise. this is what happens when the everybody gets a trophy generation meets reality. now some people think they should be given prosperity just for showing up. susan marr, austin, texas. o'reilly, thank you for the fair coverage. you recognize the true protest is against greed and peaceful. now fan natics are using that success to foster violence. thanks for standing up to this social message. greed is bad on every level, so my stance on corrupt wall street pinheads is consistent with my
2:57 am
belief system. the problem is the sincere protesters have not called out the charlatans or refuted the extremists. laura, long island. my high school teacher is giving extra create t credit to studenn the protest. i think that might cross the line. >> so i do. the case of the muslim teacher who received $75,000 after she defied school authorities and made a religious trip proves that the legal system is entirely out of control. providence, rhode island. bill, your mockery of the religious awakening was ignorant. i'm not mocking the hajj, i'm just drawing parallels to bill grimmages that people of other faiths might want to take. miss kahn signed on to teach school. if something in her life is more important than that, she should
2:58 am
have done the honorable thing and resigned. mar go from montana. bill, i came from montana to see you and miller in connecticut. it was worth the ordeal. you were so funny. i had tears in my eyes. i hope from laughing with me, margo, and not at me. a signed copy of killing lincoln coming your way for that big trip. for you guys near richmond, virginia, atlantic city, new jersey, miller and i are coming your way november 25th and 26. i think you'll enjoy it. pinheads and patriots analyzed the 40 highest earning actors in hollywood and come up with the most over paid thespians. drew barrymore, eddie murphy, wilwill farrell. for every dollar miss barrymore is paid, her films return 40 cents. that's not good. however, i believe miss barrymore, murphy, and farrell are patriots, not pinheads, for convincing people
2:59 am
to pay them enormous sums of money. a free marketplace at work. occupy that. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from billo' if you come in late, you pop right over there, and there it is. also, we would like you to spout off about the factor. you have a beef with us, we want to hear it. you're watching us from exotic place in the world, we want to know. o'reilly@fox name and town, name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. the word of the day when writing to the factor. do not use bad language in your e-mails. write me ba gar garbage, bing, l attacks, bing. you can criticize me. do it in an upscale way.


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