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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 5, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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concert. and if it features perry cuomo come apparently it does not. we'll hear from italian and greek officials . we are on this story because it is your money no matter where you live. >> hello, everyone. i am uma in washington and this is a fox news alert. future of the world economy in question. greece tries to avoid bankruptcy and prevent the crises from sweeping over europe and beyond. the prime minister pushing for a new coalition government . protestors hit the street necessitily sending word that italy's prime minister may not be long for his. the world is looking on with worry and wondering when the next crisis may come. we begin with greek burke who is standing by live in rome. >> that's right. it is interesting. george papandreou got through the confidence vote.
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but today. it is clear that the problems are real still for greece and for all of europe. a new days and a new challenge for george papandreou. we he went to see the greek president and in an effort to make a government in which it is easier to pass the tough cuts that are part of the bailout deal. it is unclear whether papandreou will be the prime minister in the new coalition . it is unlikely he will be as the key opposition figure said he has no desire to join such a coalition government. greece is depending on a new installment of funds from the european union and international monetary fund and that's why the vote was so important. the country has to show stability before the vote last night, the prime minister papandreou saying it was the country's last chance not to default and to get things in order. and meanwhile, in italy.
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left wing opposition party is taking to the street in a major demonstration against prime minister berlusconi. he's in trouble . italy being monitored by the international monetary fund. that was embarrassing thing to happen in the meeting and being baby sat to make sure they can get their reform in order. you can see a lot of similarities between italy and greece. the difference is that italy is so much bigger. if it defaults, so many more problems. >> all right, greg. thank you very much. how does the global financial turmoil affect us. anchor of your world neal cavuto has been monitoring the events and he's joining us now. neal, great to see you. >> same here, uma. >> provide a no confidence vote and moving to stabilize the government and immediate
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calls for new elections and what impact will this have on the ims bailout plan? >> it is dicey. every time people celebrate a deal or we overcome the next stepping stone here, we are doing it again. and as they point it out, there is a feeling that there are plenty more greeces out of there. and italy could have a heap of problems with his own . ims baby sitting the berlusconi government and making sure it sticks to the budget and cut backs and promises and then you have tens of thousand romans coming to the streets and protest the cut backs and then word that french president nicholas sarkozy is coming up with measure to shore up the french economy. that's the second largest one in europe. you can get the picture here, not all of these guys are in great shape. most of them aren't. and that's the worry.
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that if we go from bad to worse with one basket case after another. there is not enough money in the world to bail them out. >> they did agree to boost the international monetary fund. the u.s. contributes a great deal to the fund. how can we keep funding them and bailing them out begin the situation of our own debt. >> there will be a come to zeus moment . they realize we can't do this . we don't have the mon tow do it. and had even in germany. german voters said to merkel. you got to cool it. they are ticked off that they have to be the biggest contributor to the rescues that come on behind on generous mention and protection by the governments than germans are and they resent that. i am not saying they will not
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try to gloss over the differences. but the differences are pal papable . opposition leaders not talking to one another in greece and having their temper tantrums and opposition ignoring berlusconi and berlusconi ignoring the protestors and in france, sarkozy ignoring the fellow conservatives who said he sold his soul to the ecomic devil. and in all of these cases. divided governments and recognition there was just so much money to keep it going. that means there is not enough mon tow keep it going. painting a sobering portrait indeed. and how about america's attempt to get out of debt. they have less than a month to come up with a plan to cut trillions was dollars.
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they are urging colleagues to put political futures at risk and have courage to make the tough joyces. joining us is mike simpson. great to have you on board. and i hope so. it is three aspects and one is bipartisan . they have signed on. and two, encouraged the committee to go big. four trillion dollars which is what every group looks at and said to so. it is agreed upon. it is necessary. and every group that looks at. and start paying down our debt. i think that more of the
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majority of members of congress believe thamp it is going to be tough. i don't mind the vote. but we want it to mean something. we can kick the can down the road. i haven't sat down with the members of the super committee as a whole. i have talked to individuals and they are work they know we need to go big and a grand bargain to solve the problem. >> there is a possibility as the deadline gets closer to thanksgiving that you will not find agreement from the members of the committee on what to do. that could be autocuts in place. what impact would that have. if the committee doesn't reach
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an agreement. >> i think it is so bad most members will try to stay away. and we can't do that. we have to have a pressure on us to come up with a grand bargain . so a majority of the members of congress and super committee. can they put politics behind. >> we have one chance to do this. if we don't, you will see the economy go through the floor. >> can they put it aside in an election year when the cuts are made. >> i hope so. the good part about this, it is bipartisan. every time the country faced a problem. the solution is bipartisan. it has to be bipartis an. it is 45 senators saying the
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same thing . a lot more members of congress willing to sign on to the letter it makes people a little nervous. >> it sure did. we'll see what lies ahead. the deadline is drawing closer and a lot of people keeping close watch. all of best to you. >> you bet. >> sad news to bring you about a man who is viewed as a legend in the world of journalism. 60's commentator andy rooney has died. he had pretired a month ago. >> this is another chapter in the continuing story. you have seen these little containers for coffee that has cream in them. some do and some don't. i got this on eastern airline. the flight attendant asked if i wanted cream. i hope their engines are real. >> cbs said rooney died last
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night . fellow 60 minutes correspondant leslie stahl rooney was the poet lauret. he was the oracle of west 57 street. rooney's family said they will hold private service. there may be a public memorial later. andy rooney was 92 years old. jurors considering the fate of michael jackson's doctor will have the weekend off. after hearing testimony. the panel began the deliberations yesterday. he is charged with
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involuntarily manslaughter. turning now to politicings. herman cain versus gingrich. now he's got the debate. there is a preview of the gop face off. molly. >> hi, uma. one on one head on debate will be tonight in texas. but last night in iowa. five of the party candidates tried to win over. rick santorum . michele bachmann and newt gring rich and ron paul and rick perry. why they should get the republican nomination. >> i am the only candidate in this race who had a national level and balanced the budget four consectative years and led an effort across the system for the first tax cuts
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in 16 years and led an effort that led unemployment to drop from 5.6 to 4.2 percent and create a national majority for the first time in four years and first reelected national majority. >> cut taxes. take out the loop holes and cut the federal spending, balance the budget by 2020 by those spending cuts and pro growth policy a balanced budget amendment. >> two candidates. mitt romney and herman cain did not attend. they are actively competing in the state. they gave economic speeches in washington promoting their political vision and going after the president. >> it is fundmental error, he believes that government creates jobs. he's wrong. he puts his faith in government. i put my faith in people. >> i am a businessman. because you see politicians they want to propose stuff
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that will get us and have a chance of being passed. businessmen will propose solutions that will fix the problem. we need to fix problem in this country. >> cain who is dealing with allegations of sexual harassment back in the '90s will go monoto monowith newt gingrich. the tea party will sponsor the debates on what the candidates would do about medicare and social security. thank you. >> and fox news sunday will host a gop hopeful. chris wallace has a one-on-one interview texas congressman ron paul. check your local listing for the time and channel. >> whoot white house is pushing back with house republicans that subpoena all of the documents related to solyndra. peter doocy and following that
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story. >> it is a significant intrusion. they had catherine rumilla repond and republicans should be happy because the white house turned over 85,000 pages of documents and said earlier this week we made a good faith offer to work with the committee to comment on the oversight concerns . how it. i can only conclude the decision to issue a subpoena drin more by partisan politics than a legitimate effort. and the subpoena is so broad it is nothing me than a fishing expethey need to have acess to all solyndra stuff. they believe that white house gave investors the
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consideration when it came to loan repayments. >> the white house is trying to throw us off. if it is okay. be forth come show us the records. what they are doing is engaging in chicago-style politics and trying to throw people off of the track. let's get back to the facts in this case and find out what took place and with all of this money spread around find out who is connected to who. >> and they are willing to work with the committee. they will be more specific on what they want. is the white house a refusal to provide additional document to congress on solyndra unreasonable? why and why not. treat your answers and i plan to read your responses later
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in this hour. they have no election . it is national guard troops are providing security. and the power company said it will have most of the lights on back by tomorrow night. it is time for a important reminder. daylight savings time is ending at 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. you will get an extra hour of shut eye. israel test fired long range missiles. is that a potential strike against iran. we'll sit down with the
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speaker and a bug that defies insectide. stay with us. [ male announcer ] what's the beat that moves your heart?
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>> welcome back everybody. liseral is testing long range missiles . israel plan to launch a preemptive strike against iran? here's more. >> israel is preparing for a possible attack on iran. drills like this one now happen on a regular basis. evacuation and checking for radiation and then defending the home front. this week. israeli military tested a long range ballistic missile. jericho 3. it has a 4,000 mile range and capable of striking iran. sources close to the cabinet officials say that senior ministers who pose a strike are now for it they believe sanctions are not enough enough on iran. this is the nuclear facility
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and another compelling reason to strike. the reagan administration was against the attack but later acknowledged it was the right thing to do. the other analyst warn that thuation 20 years ago and not like current situation in iran where they are spread out and technology is more advanced. the white house message is this. >> it was laud - cloud and clear. don't attack and do everything with us and not grancy us. there is a red light from the obama administration. in the rally. poster with president obama wanted dead or alive. >> the timing of the attack whether to do before or after u.s. election. 80 percent of the israelis
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believe that a strike on iran would mean a multifront war launched by iran proxies with hezbollah and lebanon in the north and hamas in the south. in jerusalem. fox news. >> thank you. and there are reports that netanyahu is pressuring the cabinet to support action against iran. nice to have you here. >> thank you, uma. great to be on your show. >> israeli officials are not confirming or denying if the prime minister is pushing for actions against a uranium enrichment plant. can you go on the record now to give us insight if this is indeed on the table? we are not going into detail but all options are on the table.
9:24 am
we ask the international commint and white house to engage in the of iran. not only for israelis and jews but american peple. it is only a few days ago iranians celebrated the day bombed the embassy and burning american flames it is a threat to everything american. that's why we are trying to push in the white house and i say crippling sansion and no banking. and even symbolic things, uma, like the daily flag from tehran to washington. put crippling sanctions otherwise it will get to the point of no return and
9:25 am
somebody should have to take the military action. it will no choice, but it will be israel. tensions are higher between israel and tehran at the moment. is there no reason to think that iran will back off the effort to boost nuclear ambitions? >> >> i think it depends on the international community. i see many leaders come and condemn iran and few days, they will be military activities and nuclear reactors, it is not a civilian reactor. we'll hear a lot of declaration. iranian people feel the sanctions and maybe they will back up. but keep going with building the reactors and then we'll not be able to attack and the u.s. will not be able to do anything. they will be ahmadinejad who
9:26 am
is dangerous. history told us, when they are threatening to kill the jewish people, we better listen to him and not ignore him. >> thank you for joining us with your insights. there is obviously a lot at stake. we appreciate you joining us today. >> jack abramoff spent three and half years for his part in a lobbying scandal. is he turning into a reformer, that story is coming up. today, the city of charlotte can use verizon technology to inspire binesses to conserve energy and monitor costs. making communities greener... congratulations. ... and buildings as valuable to the bottom line... whoa ! ... as the people inside them. congratulations. because when you add verizon to your company, you don't just add, you multiply. ♪ discover something new...
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welcome back everybody. major power move in gleeseas the debt-ridden country struggle to stay above water. peter doocey is standing by. greek's prime minister agreed to step aside to form a new
9:31 am
coalition government. george patchpapwon a vote of confidence today but some in his government are calling him dangerous for the country. the white house is refusing to hand over documents by the congressional committee on the solyndra scandal. this would put undue burdon on the president to meet his constitutional duties. andy rooney died last night in new york. he was 92. and a group of four senators are watching today's alabama-lsu game closely. they say if alabama wins, they will wear crimson tide and white on the floor. and if lsu wins. they will wear purple and gold. >> it is going to be a big, big game. thank you. and outrage over fee
9:32 am
hikes. consumers are moving their money out of big banks today. grass roots movement caught fire. and julie bander asis live in new york city with much more on all of this. julie? >> yeah, already some 650,000 big bank customers have pooled their money out of these big banks behind me and transferred them in credit unions. in fact bank much america was the reason the thing got started after a woman postod facebook and got tens of thousands of people to agree to do the same. this was all sparked after bank of america announced it has cancelled 500 dollar monthly debit card fees and so far 4.5 billion have been removed in big banks and according to a new survey out of credit unions.
9:33 am
and we are told by the end of the weekend, number of accounts that the credit unions ands c of thousands more. it was started by facebook user and there are now over 81,000 people attending bank transfer day on the facebook age. they are keeping mum on whether they have seen an uptake on account closures and bank of america declined to comment. however a spokesperson said the following. we listened to our customers and decided giving the fees back we would not proceed with planned b. >> they haven't been shy about the surge of new business. and they have seen new accounts go up by 38 percent and it is not likely those accounts closings will impact the bank giants such as j.p.
9:34 am
morgan-chase. and unfortunately, regardless . five dollar debit fee that bank of america pull out. a lot of financial regulation is going to make them have to make up for that loss somehow or another and bank customers that stick with bank of america and wells forgo and j.p. morgan-chase may see surprise fees dow the road. >> keep a close eye on your bank statement because you don't want to get caught in the hidden fee situation in this economy. >> julie bander as. in new york city. thank you very much. >> senators from both parties are complaining for will chief reg eightor for fannie mae and freddie mac about the bonuses. senator john mccain is so angry he is calling for the
9:35 am
head of the financial agency to be fired. >> it is proven time and time again that fran yefreddie mac are mismanagement waste, and right corruption and fraud and the federal regulator has the audasity to approve bonuses to people who make 900,000 per year. this body should be ashamed if we let this happen especially in these economic times. >> mccain is prepping the legislation to prevent future bonuses and jack abramoff is weighing in on reforms that came aboutsomes -- about. he called the reform toothless. and makes the comment in his new book. he suggested more reforps like
9:36 am
banning political contributions from lobbyist. take our country back. it is a chant we are hearing from the tea partiers and occupiers and now a new company believed it can deliver on that slogan and found on line. eliot akerman coo of americs elect joins me here. >> this is a movement that comes out of the frustration for people who are disenfranchised with the process and now you are raising million to find a way to get people to come together and cast ballots on line. >> you hit it. there is a real appetite out here for a new way to engage in our politics . americans elect. we will be holding first ever nonpartisan nominating and every american voters to be a delegate in american and the ticket will be on the
9:37 am
ballot in all 50 states. it is a 50 state barrier and taken care to open up a political space and see candidates that they don't have now. >> the fact that you are able to raise 22 million, this kind of money coming out of the what we gather real frustration out there. >> it is. and we look at our political lives. we are forced to choose between brand a and brand b. we are sitting here a year out from the election and it shows obama, mitt romney, herman cain or perry. not a single vote is past. american's we are giving voters the ability to draft candidates and discuss the issues and participate in a presidential primary. >> we can see interesting names out there for people who
9:38 am
are looking to draft new people. >> you would see competitive names out there. people who can win. so in the past we have seen independent candidates and someone who can get the 50 state ballot acess. we are getting it. and what is that a poiler more than anything else? >> looking right now. we have two parties that are not behaving competitivelily. i put forward thed why that the only thing that is not spoiled is the trangle. composition is good in every facet of our lives and that's what we are doing in americans you have a national convention and what happens after that. >> that ticket inherits a 50 state acess and what people will see is a nonpartisan ticket. republicans or independent. and democrat with the republican and getting this
9:39 am
away from the pears and that will be away in 2012. >> it is a fascinating idea and interesting to note how gross roots movements are catching fire and interesting to see how it all comes together. thank you. >> absolutely. appreciate it. >> and ohio's governor signed in law a bill that makes it difficult for minors to get an abortion. it requires the judge to hear evidence of the emotional development and maturity and intellect of i minor seeking abortion. and the judge will ask if they understand. ohio law requires parental permission for anyone under 18 to get an abortion . >> several southern states are look at a pest from china. kudzu are not lady like at all the south.
9:40 am
unlike the stinkbug, insect sights do work on kudzu but not well enough. they cause an average of six million in damages every year. >> number of home foreclosures is going down. is that a sign of good things on the horizon or more problems ahead. and one hotel robber got more than he bargained for. it is all caught on tape. we'll show you the take down, next. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's new glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have 6 grams of sugars.
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>> here is a word to the wise. don't try to pull off a hold up in front of a martial art's expert. you are looking at a surveillance tape. a man dieded - decided it was
9:45 am
a good place to rob. two organ men wrestled the would-be robber to the ground and held him until police got there. the number of home foreclosures is drop negligent u.s.. but believe it or not that is not a good thing. casey will explain why. >> good to see you. according to realty the number of foreclosure filings in the month of september was down about 38 percent from the year before. it also marked the the 12th trait month foreclosure activity was down in a year over year basis. the experts tell us that those numbers are deceptive and not necessarily a sign that the housing market is turning around, rather a sign that
9:46 am
banks are dragging their feet when it comes to taking back the properties. because of the bubble burst. the market is inundated with foreclosured home making it tough to unload those properties because there is far more supply versus demand. >> adding more inventory would suppress home values. it would hurt the homes that are owning homes and main taining them. there may be a need to control that inventory in certain markets with higher instances of foreclosure. and while the financial institutions are losing massive amount of cash because they can't get the loans off of the bookings. a delay with the banks is giving homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments additional time to catch up. >> if you get a blessing that you are in the house for an
9:47 am
extra year. take advantage of that is get the rest of your financial house in order so when it come to have that in-depth conversation with the lender, you are prepared to work with the lender and they are prepared to work with you. >> the average time that it takes to complete the entire foreclosure process is running 300 -- 336 days an all-time high. in states like new york and new jersey. it is more than 900 days because foreclosure must go through the court in those states and florida as well >> uma. >> thank you for bringing us up to date. appreciate it. >> recent media coverage. secretary of state hillary clinton is fueling interest from her supporters in a possible run with the white house. liz prada joins us after the break to explain. hey, everyone's eating tacos outside bill's office.
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>> we want to update you on the situation in north carolina. officials locked down a campus after students report seeing a man with a. the suspect was shot and later
9:52 am
arrested and taken to the hospital. that man is believed to be a former student. >> secretary of state hillary clinton receiving a significant amount of media coverage of late. liz prada is here with her take on all of that. >> hi, uma. >> she'back you know. hillary clinton, secretary of state we know that. and as far as the media goes. she's back big time with feminist writers writing the most wonderful pieces about hillary and maybe she will run in 2012 and we'll get rid of obama and maybe take obama's part on the ticket. on and on it goes. one person in the liberal establishment sat back and said to the world at large. wait a minute, why is she getting credit for everything? this is joanne walsh.
9:53 am
let me give you an example. it is an example from her latest piece. at a time when obama struggled to get the credit he deserves on the foreign policy and domestic security ront for killing osama bin laden and other top al-qaida leaders, winding down the military role in iraq and toppling moammar qaddafi, it strikes me as a little unseemly that when credit is begin, so much of it goes to clinton. that is an interesting statement from someone who wrote positively and determinedly about hillary clinton for years. a lot of it is started with what her perceived role was in libya and of course, her famous line when it was all over. we came, we saw and he died. time magazine cover story
9:54 am
november. that was a big-time endorsement of hillary. the rise and fall of smart power. we hear a lot when we talk to hillary about smart power and convening power and all of these other phrases that she gets from working with nongovernmental groups. not traditional, but nongovernmental groups. time magazine said that some 67 programs for women have been funded by state while she is in charge. christian science monitor reports how she is the most popular figure in the obama administration according to polls x. "newsweek" said quotes her women's rights is the unfinished business of the 21st century. in the time magazine poll, match up between clinton and
9:55 am
the republican soon to be republican candidate, candidate, he comes out enormously she comes out ahead. that business was obama's place is very much in line. but more than anything else. what one gets from the pieces, her approach to policy. they don't say it in this way. but i will. it taking a village. get everybody on board and don't strong arm anybody the way the united states used to and that's how we are seeing it. more to be had i am sure from the feminist royce voice in the press. urging hillary clinton to run. >> we'll keep a close watch on it, thank you, liz. >> every year they journey to key west to journey to places. jimmy buffet made famous and this year may have been looking for the lost shaker of
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