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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 5, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> a gunman armed with an assault rifle makes its way on the college campus. terrified stunts runs for their lives. and a boxing edge end fighting for his life. his loved one asking for prayer. i am harris faulkner. this is the fox report. >> businessman herman cain, former house speaker newt gingrich, two top contenders for the nomination. and they have a anticipated debate and one topic that is off limits. plus, europe on the financial brink and the fall out hitting
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your bottom line. and if you think that greece has huge debt and political troubles. just wait. fox report on the the other country that is a big threat. >> a major mix up that seemed too good to be true. >> i was released from jail and i thought why, i went with what they said. >>aginizing decisions that made the taste of freedom bitter sweet. fox news, america's election headquarters, the countdown is on. in less than an hour from now. two men who want to be president. debating newt gingrich. and both men from georgia, facing off in texas that. is the home turf of governor rick perry.
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teparty hosting the program tonight. cain and gingrich expected to talk about the future of social security. there will be no fast pace like we have seen in the previous debates. tonight's debate coming after a bumpy week for herman cain. his campaign dealing with sexual harassment campaigns. gingrich called cain a friend and offering him advice saying he needs to slow down and take a breath. molly, one topic we know is off limits in the texas debate, what can you tell us? >> sexual harassment allegations that you are just about. organizers say that is off of the table and not expected to be a matter of discussion tonight . they say the two person debate will be in three parts. for entitlement. and medicare and social security. and candidates will go back in
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a respectful way. cain and gingrich explained why they should get the gop nomination. >> i am the only candidate in this race who at a national level balanced the budget four consectative years and led an effort across the system for the first tax cuts in 16 years. >> i am a businessman. because you see the politicians will want to propose stuff that will get us -- have a chance of being passed. businessmen will propose solutions that will fix the problem. >> the debate tonight is a $200 per ticket event and modeled after the 1858 steven douglas debates. harris? >> there was a big republican gala in iowa last night and top tier candidates did not
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attend why not? , mitt romney and herman cain gave speeches. they were not in the iowa gala but rick san torum and michelle bachmann and rick perry and ron paul faced the caucus goers. >> cut taxes. take out the loop holes. cut the federal spend balance the budget by 20-20 and a balanced budget amendmentom --. >> for each program, we have in the government, i have been looking at them one by one. is this program so critical, so essential that we should borrow money from china to pay for it? romney and cain spoke to a group called americans with prosperity.
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harris? >> we near the first primaris and good to see you, and thank you very much. leaders in washington talking about geth americans back to work and vice-president joe biden filling in with president obama saying too many americans are struggling and it is time to pick up the pace and critized the gop. >> these are all programs that republicans in the past have supported and once again every republican voted no. and put these folks back it work. the ayou sumption they are voting no because of the way we pay for these yobs. massachusetts senator scott brown saying it is it time for action and urging senate majority leader harry reid. >> this bill would repeal the man date. don't tax small businesses and
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contractors in 2013. >> brown talked about a bill that was approved overwhelmingly. president obama said he would support that bill. >> europe's financial crisis could cause a new tide of problems for the global economy and huge money troubles here at home. we have watched investors look at the chaos and the drama heightened in the greece. a prime minister surviving the confidence vote that he hopes tohe can keep greek from going barching rupt. focus is shifting to italy. europe's third largest economy. thousands of people rallying in room. and analyst warning that the fate of europe dipends on whether italy can get its act together. greg burke has the details. >> this is not over yet.
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george papandreou scored an important victory. there are delicate negotiations going on right now . certainly going on through the week. and markets will be watching greece closely. today papandreou meeting with the greek president. the goal here to form a broadcoalition government. papandreou trying to bring the socialist party all in the interest of greece agreeing to a bailout package so it will not defall on its debts. it may not be easy. one of the main opposition figures was insisting on elections and that could throw the country in turmoil. we have seen plenty of that over the last year and half. the price is a commitment on the part of the greek
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government to cut public spending and that means job cuts and cuts in pensions and benefits that people have grown used to and reluctant to give up. protestors from the democrat left and opposition, they were in the street today, and all demanding that berlusconi step down. the situation in italy may be better but extremely serious borrowing rates for the country shooting through the roof and italy is monitored by the international monetary fund to make sure it carries out the necessary remains. a lot of people calling for berlusconi to resign. they have done that for a while. it seems to be getting a lot closer to becoming a reality. and harris, with the proposed refer rendum. it was all about greece and what that means for europe.
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and everybody will be watching greece and they will be watching italy as well. harris. >>, greg burke in rome. journalist andy rooney died in the new york city hospital last night. he was best known for blunt and opinionated commentary on 60 minutes on cbs. nearly every sunday for 33 years. rooney broadcast in the homes of millions was americans. ranging from serious world issues to designer jeans. chris wallace shared his memory. >> he had a sweetness. i can't tell you how many times he called my father and my family and was just calling and when a lot of other people wouldn't or didn't, just to offer words of support at
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various difficulties. and also, i suppose this is not a surprise. people who are funny on the air sometimes aren't. he had a great sense of humor. >> andy rooney, dead at 92. >> he walked on to the campus with an assault weapon. and the university that went into lock down and the manhunt that followed. it looks like all of the talk about slapping debit card fees could cost the biggest banks. a groygrowing number of mile per hours are down sizing and taking their cash and moving it somewhere else. you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox. [ male announcer ] oh, yeah. yum. that's good. you've always loved the taste of classic campbell's soups.
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>> a horrifying scene south of
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the border. gunmen opening fire on a volleyball court. victims included players and peckitators. it happened on the home turf of one of mexican drug cartels. police have not said if they're drug related. >> breaking news, college campus in north carolina shut down while police are searching for a man carrying a assault rifle . the suspect was a former opportunity at elizabeth city state university. university police saw students running from an armed man and there was a confront aution and the suspect was hot and it didn't end there. hoe ran in the wods stillarped and a canine unit called to track him down. no word on his medical condition. they put on administrative love with pay while the
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incident is investigated. >> on a road thick with occupy dc protestors, a man drove his car in the crowd and hitting three people. two of them hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries. the driver was given a citation and let go. hundreds of people hut down the streets and their demonstration aimad the conservatives. >> and a war veteran hurt in one of those occupy gatherings. a soldier got caught and occupy oakland protestors. his friends saying that he was not part part of the demitration and he was so sevorely beaten he needed surgery for a lacerated spleen. >> he could come back fighting for your country and treated like this by the authorities. he is a business owner and he
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wasn't harming anybody. he was just speaking his mind. >> the 32 yore old war vet is recovering and listed in fair condition. oakland police chief assigned two investigators to look into what happened. last week's violent crack down left this rack war veteran seriously hurt with a fractured skull . >> breaking up is it hard to do unless you are among the hundreds of thousands of customers fed up with big banks and how they do business. there is a whole day voted in that sentiment. a campaign brought on by bank of america's decision to charge their own money with the debit card fees. not before people took action and dumping the for profit banks and july banderas with the story, julie. >> more than 650,000 big bank
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customers made the move and turning their backs on the banks and totaling 4.5 billion in bank revenue it started the movement by a former customer of bank of america and started it on the facebook page. >> it was inspired by the principal behind the new bank fees that hurt the impoverished and work class. it was my former big bank, charge would a five dollar monthly debit card fee with any card holder with less than 20, 000. 000. >> that number keeps growing. the customers said it was imflemented in september and was the traw that broke the
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camel's back. >> i had a bad importance with bank of america. they didn't treat their customers ethically. we bail them out and they are doing nothing with it. >> i didn't don't want to do with them. forget it >> big banks are keeping mum in whether they have seen an update. >> community barchings are not shy. navy federal union saw new accounts go up 38 percent this week. it is not lukely that the account closings will make a dent on bank of america and wells fargo and j.p. morgan-chase considering they have hundred billion in bank fosts. back to you. >> julie, thank you very much. >> hoo got a get out of jail free card but it was a mistake.
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>> if you were let out of the slammer monthses ahead of schedule. >> this map knew he would go back to prison. you were the exotic animals released by the suicidal owner. the animals roamed and terrorized many people before they were destroyed. the sound of the gunshots as police responded to the call of the wild. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now.
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officers tried to stop her and it was too late. a deadly wrong way crash . reports police dispatched four squad car to intercept the vehicle. it collided with the car as one deputy arrived. the wrong way driver the 44 year old woman and the other a 43 year old father of three whose wife said he was heading to work . official in florida accidentally releasing an inmate nine months early . he was sentenced to serve a year behind bars and a few days later, guards showed up tas cell and told him to g. sweet freedom didn't last long. tracey explains. >> i don't know. i feel funny right now. >> 37 year old lewis lopez has been in the jail and arrested in august for a second dui and
4:24 pm
drivers with a suspended license and fleeing the scene. he was sentenced this week to a year in jail followed by a year of probation . >> i was released from jail. for some reason, i thought why? but i went with what they said it is hart breaking that i have to go back and leave my girlfriend. >> louis followed their ares and walked out of jail. >> it would have been better if they kept him in there and let him do his time instead of letting him come out a couple of days and let us be happy. louis. he called his public defender it was in order. he had no intention of getting in trouble. and the lawyer told him bad news that a big mistake was
4:25 pm
made. he decided to turn himself in before police came and got him. >> this should never have happened. but like i said, i just want fogo in and get this over with and live my life. >> that is an amazing story. that was tracey out of orlando reporting. >> a new view of one of the oddest things in ohio they have ever seen. wild animalsaming a small town. this is dash cam video in which they were shooting. you can't see the animals . but last month a man with marital problems and deep in debt threw open the cages and killed himself. recently released reports showed they had no choice but to shoot the animals. lions and tigers and one
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deputy shot a black bear that troped within a few feet of him. he had a plan saying you will know it happened. and cost and kyle bush. foul fall out after the dramatic crash. stay with us.
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>> i am harris faulkner and this is the fox report. time for the top of the news. the greek prime minister surviving a confidence vote. many people are calling for new elections and george papandreou trugling to put together a g. he said stability is necessary to secower billions in international rescue follow-ups and in china, 45 coal miners rescued after a 36 hours trapped underground. and it happened thursday after an earthquake hit nearby . in about 30 minutes.
4:31 pm
two presidential candidates set to face off in texas. herman cain debating newt gingrich. one thing they will not discuss is sexual harassment allegations against herman cain. >> new fall out now in the solyndra scandal and that is the solar energy company that got $535 million in federal loan guarantees and went bankrupt and left taxpayers on the hook. house republicans approved the subpoena and in an effort to find out what if anyone role the white house played in the debacle. they called the request overbroad and unpres dept unnecessary. pretty coose doer with more. >> the subpoena issued by white house is a significant intrusion on executive branch. the white house counsel said
4:32 pm
the administration has turned over 85,000 pages of solyndra tuv and writing earlier this week. we made a good faith offer to work with the committee. you are rejected our offer without explaining how it was not. >> and it was driven more by partisan politics than an effort to contact an investigation. that letter calls it a bad fishing expedition. oversite and investigation chairman stern dis. he thinks that the white house gave preference to investors ahead of taxpayers when it came to loan repainment. >> the white house is trying to throw us off. if it is it okay, show us the records. what they are doing instead is engaging in chicago style
4:33 pm
politics. and the chairman are trying to throw people off of the track. >> the white house letter said they remain willing to work but the committee needs to narrow the scope. if republicans want their documents about solyndra, they need to make a wish list and not just ask for everything. >> harris. >> peter, thank you very much. it seems u.s. military officials have a beef to pick with the wind farms. here is the problem. alternative energy like the rolling windature bines are creating so-called blank spots that can destroy radar readings. and claiming that they can jeopardize the cuter. and the military has pulled the plug on wind farms located near defense radars. they are working on new technology designs to fix the
4:34 pm
problems and speaking of power. hundreds of thousands of people in the northeast are without it bulk of it in connecticut. 175,000 people in the state are still in the dark tonight. connecticut light and power is on track to have 99 percent of the customers on line by midnight on sunday. we reported three million people across several states had no electricity. and snow. you are looking at it snow in sadonna, arizona. known for glistening red rocks and breaking out shovels and winter jackets. and meteorologist maria molina is in the >> they are about to get another snow storm. and there is actually two out west and they're introducing it in colorado and down impacting parts of colorado.
4:35 pm
there are wooperings. the one in pirching and that's when we will see the highest accumulation and that is including the highest in the mountain. we'll look at the first storm system bringing more snow in montana and colorado and mountains out there. and accumulations on the light side . maub a foot as you get in the peaks and that is high up. if anything that is it benefiting the ski resorts. there is rain on the cost. and further off in the east. that is the way it is going to at a the next several days . a lot of sunshine from the northeast down in the state of florida. otherwise both storm systems will head eastbound. the first one up in canada and bring it over the plains and that is going to wrap up athe plains. and even a risk for severe
4:36 pm
weather. on the back side colair. and everything from snow in part was arizona and new mexico and again in colorado and including the city of denver and daylight savings time ends tonight and don't forget to set your clocks back. and if you want to help remember. it is spring forward and fall back. you got to go back an hour. >> extra sleep is what we gempt >> i am excited. thank you very much, maria. >> a radical muslim sect claiming responsibility for a wave of deadly violence in nigeria. scen people were killed in bombings and shootings and a militant group is it vowing more attacks are on the way. that sect demanding strict implementation of sharia law for the people of nigeria. no comment on state and local officials on what they will do
4:37 pm
to stop the blood shed. >> dozens was vehicles are involved in the uk . a man attacked by a colony of wasps. the uk, a deadly highway crash and fire shooting in the air and some of the 27 vehicles involved and that number could go up. dozens more injured and no word on what caused the massive wreck. columbia, a major set back for the counselry's main rebel group. number one commander killed in a military raid. cono was gund down after a burchinger was bombed. they lead farc, the revolutionary armed warriors was america and south korea. thousands of people protesting free trade agreement with the united states and saying if it
4:38 pm
is approved it would benefit america. u.s. congress ratified the deal last month and the ruling party planning to take it up next week. china, an electrician stung all over his body by wasps. he was workog a transmission tower. the insects left him nearly unconscious . a co-worker helped to hold him up. he is in the hospital in stable condition. that is a wrap. >> and annual pilgrimage to a rocky desert hill outside mecca is underway. two and half million expect to take part in the 12 mile haj. there destination is mount
4:39 pm
ararat. >> freedom of speech got a top military official fired. i will tell you what he said about the leader and why it cost him his job. and expect a decision to rob a hotel in not a good one. his get away ended in a take down caught on tape. [ male announcer ] when these come together, and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. that stays even after i treat... [ male announcer ] truth is, most sinus formulas don't treat a cough. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus sinus liquid gels fights sinus symptoms plus cough. you're good. [ male announcer ] thanks. that's the cold truth!
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>> talks on monday to mediate several lawsuits stemming from a deadly explosion in a connecticut power plant. that explosion killed six workers and injured 50 others. and the plant's facing 20 lawsuits. several contractors working on the site of the at the time the splose explosion being sued.
4:43 pm
it was ignited by the gas that ignited in a pipe cleaning process . >> number of homes in the foreclosure crisis is finally going down. it sounds like it may be improving. casey looking into it in los angeles. >> i hate to be the bearer of bad news. don't get too excited. the numbers are deceptive. the member number of foreclosure filings dropped threet percent. and marked the 12th straight month that foreclosure activity decreased in this country. but those numbers of deceptive. instead of being a sign that the housing market is turning around, rather it is it a sign that the banks are dragging their feet a bit when it comes to taking back the properties. because of the bubble burst.
4:44 pm
the market has foreclosured property because there is it far more supply than demand. >> it would depress the home values and hurting not only the resale chances thav home, but home values of people who own homes and maintaining them in their communities and maybet the need to control that where there is certain higher foreclosure. >> the insider say while financial institutions are losing massive amounts of cash because they can't get bad loans off of their books. it is it beneficial for the consumer and a bit of a silver lining here. delay with the barchings is giving homeowners who are behind on the mortgage payments additional time to catch up. >> if you get a blessing to be in the house for an extra year take advantage of that to get
4:45 pm
the rest of your financial house in order. when it comes tome to have that in-depth you are prepared to work with the lend yer the lender is prepared to work with us. >> the average time to complete the foreclosure crisis is running at 336 days and all-time high initates like new york and new jersey and florida where they have to go through the courts it is much higher in new york and new jersey, more than 900 days to go through the whole process. >> you are giving them a silver lining and turning the personal finances around it is it a interesting detail. >> has mat crews setting up shop in a football stadium after a mysterous illness cut short the game and sends two dozen people to the hospital. it is our top story.
4:46 pm
emergency cruc evacuating the stadium when band members became ilsitting near the concession stand. one of the first responders got sick but managed to recover to get them to the hospital. they are now investigating the food people ate. someone breaking in mauslums and taling doors? dating back to the 1800's. they are made of brass and copper and worth about $5000 each. >> we are told that the tombs belonged to prominent families in the area. police are trying to crack down the burglar. >> florida, officials accusing two men of kidnap grand theft
4:47 pm
and extortion. the suspects are police officers. a corruption task force tracked their moves and linking them to a plain clinic. it is it a police department and they are honest and treat people with respect every day. california, surveillance cameras rolling on a hotel robbery in progress. they are holding up a employee at gun point and demanding cash. he ran into two martial art experts in town for the tournament. they wrestled the suspected gunman to the ground. >> danger never crossed my mind. >> police arresting that suspect on the spot.
4:48 pm
>> military officials firing one of the top u.s. generals for launching a verbal attack against hamid karzai and his government. major fuller did not critize him to his face but on the website. he called pakistan and the war with the united states erratic. and i am sorry, we just give you 11.6 billion and telling me i really don't care? up until those words. fuller had trained afghan security forces. a statement said fuller would be relieved of his duties immediately. his comments are not indictative with our relationship to the ilona carson government or commitment to prevail in afghanistan. >> word tonight of a sports legend. heavyweight boxing legend in a firefighter for his life.
4:49 pm
details are ahead. >> applause a show of enthusasm. a leader in one town want to do away with the clapping. we'll tell you about the controversy over clapping.
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4:52 pm
>> word from philadelphia joe frazier is battling liver canc yer he's now in hospice care. he was diagnosed a month ago and they are hoping for the
4:53 pm
best but describing it as a serious situation. he earned a place in the sports history book and first plan to beat mohamed ali in the fight of the century and later lost to ali including the thriller in manila. >> question fur. is it rude or basic right for free speech. in one town it is it a controversy that is raging. douglas kennedy has the story. >> everyone claps from crowds and presidents and clapping is a fundmentam human question. why is it so important. >> it is human nature. you approve you clap. a lot of time its is involuntary. and they have been clapping loudly and proudly. in times in opposition to the
4:54 pm
city's mayor. the mayor banned clapping in all city council meetings. davis and other residents are outraged. >> to you it is it a basic human right. >> it is free speech as far as i am concerned and freedom of expression. you can't legislate that. and she's trying to be heavy handed . >> this constitutioneral - constitutional attorney agrees. it smacks in the face of unconstitutionality. >> and the mayor did not return repoted calls from fox news but in the past described the no clapping rule as a politeness policy designed to maintain decorum in the public meetings. the mayor said you are simply too loud and your clapping disrupts the meeting. >> it is it absurd it is a political forum and different
4:55 pm
level of opinions to be expressed that. is it the place to do it and it is the only place to do it. fox news . >> nascar deliver kyle bush no longer in the running for a championship win this season. take a look at why. we'll tell you why he is told it park his car for this weekend's races and had something to do with you you saw there. and dedicating a entire weekend for jimmy buffet and then the real deal. ♪ mportant are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands ojobs.
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>> nascar officials suspeppeding kyle bush. it happened last night in the texas motor speed way. bush called this move retaliation. ron horn aday behind the
4:59 pm
wheel. moments before it bush bumped in the truck and bush drove truck 33 in the wall. bush no longer to compete and his penalty kills the chance of a championship win this season. >> and here is a music parrot head. thousands of fanc celebrating. buffet wowed the gathering and a hour long surprise performance featuring the coral reef band. >> a man who police say walked on a college campus with an assault rifle now recovering after he was shot. a former student would not drop the weapon. and tonight, the nation rememberingandy rooney. a month


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