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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  November 6, 2011 3:00am-7:00am PST

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>> good morning everyone, it's sunday, november 6th, i'm alisyn camerota. the debate that wasn't a debate, herman cain and kept it cordial. >> dave: cordial? they had beers afterwards. they're out of work and out of luck, information that unemployed americans are not collecting jobless benefits anymore, the stunning numbers ahead. >> clayton: a bust or miss, a the shocking answer who likes to cuddle more, men or women. the shocking statistic, coming right up. "fox & friends" starts right now.
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♪ >> hey, everybody, my wife tweeted and said my son did not get the memo daylight saving and he's up at 5 a.m., you want to play? come on. >> dave: parents around the country are dealing with that reality. we don't care. >> dave: my kids aren't allowed to get up until it says six and they're going to sit there and be bored. >> alisyn: that's a good rule of thumb. thanks for getting up-- you're not getting up earlier, you get an extra hour of sleep. >> clayton: it's our gift. >> alisyn: what happened a fox news alert, a man who threatened to open fire on a college campus in north carolina. police say they shot rashad gardner in the leg before taking him into custody yesterday. the 24-year-old reportedly a former student, at elizabeth city state university, well, he forced the campus live
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lockdown after showing up with an ak-47 style rifle and gardner is now being held on $50,000 bond. no word on why he came to campus with a gun. the greek president and prime minister getting set to deal with political party leaders in athens, the goal is to form a temporary coalition government to help destroy that european bailout package. the problem the country's main opposition leader, refusing to cooperate, could derail the full deal. the bailout package is expected to crumble and could bring down the rest of the world's finances. and the shocking sexual abuse scandal rocking penn state. the shake-up over former expensive coordinator, jerry sandusky and charged with sexually assaulting eight young boys, released on $100,000 bond and the scandal doesn't end there. two university foreclosures, including the director knew
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about this abuse and did nothing. they're expected to turn themselves in on perjury charges tomorrow. the head coach and former boss has not been charged. and the 5.6 magnitude earthquake strikes oklahoma near the town of sparks and is the second, i'm sorry, the strongest tremor ever recorded in oklahoma. and no immediate reports of death or injuries. the quick felt as far away as kansas city, missouri on the heels of a series of small quakes that hit oklahoma in the last 24 hours and many bests reported cracked walls. the u.s. capitol christmas tree is on the way to washington. the 65 foot white fir. scheduled to arrive on d.c. november 28th and let up. december 6th. beautiful. those are your headlines. >> dave: that quake was interesting to folks in oklahoma. go over to rick reichmuth,
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they were leaving a football game and used to rocking stands. >> they didn't know what it was. there are fault lines and this was a big one for them. and this is a spot in the central u.s. you don't think necessarily you can get that. very cold across the west and activities the last couple of days and next couple of days will be in the west and not the east, east continues to look good. one system that brought the snow and rain across arizona and the four corners, now exiting across the northern plains and a little bit of rain crossing minnesota and on the back side headed to north dakota and montana right now. take a look out west, an active pattern and ran in san francisco yesterday. overnight forward santa barbara and this morning and this afternoon, it will be in and around the l.a. area. and that system is the next system setting up that's going to be a big weather maker for a lot of people over the next few days. this is the future radar and tonight and tomorrow, snow and
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rain on the four corner states. heavy snow in denver and the threat for severe weather, we'll be talking about tornados tomorrow and tuesday across parts of the southern plains and another big rain maker, and here are high temps for the day today. across the east, 56 for a high in new york city for the marathon today and tomorrow, a repeat of the same. guys, back to you. >> thanks, rick. >> thanks. very nice their -- marathon weather, they like it cool. and a one-on-one debate and we'll have the highlights ap first you cans post debate that has upi don't remember. >> clayton: herman cain asked about the allegations against him and not too happy to respond to it. and it sounds like herman cain thinks it's over. >> it's interesting, herman cain has a much smaller staff than count are parts and his success is largely due what he says and does through mass
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media and he with as not happy with reporters, a night he will never answer questions about sexual harassment charges. >> mr. cain, an attorney for one of the women who filed a sexual harassment complaint against you. >> don't even go there. >> can i ask my question. >> no. >> and may i ask a good question? >> where is my chief staff. please send i am had the journalistic code of ethics. >> will do. >> if you all listen, if you all just listen for 30 seconds, i will explain this one time. >> he's a candidate, he want to say something. >> i want to do something my staff told me not to do and try not to respond. what i'm saying is this, we are, we are getting back on message. >> thank you, mr. cain. >> end of story, back on message. read all of the other things, everything has been in the
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story. we're getting back on message, okay? >> mr. cain in that sound bite asked his chief of staff to share with reporters the journalistic code of ethics and that's exactly what mark block did after the exchange via e-mail. from the society of professional journalists. cains wants to get on message and talk about 9 9 9 plan there's interest in the harassment angle. it will be interest if the reporters who follow him every day take note and back off. >> dave: let me guess, that's probably not going to happen, is it, peter? >> it's a reporters job to keep them on message. you're running a campaign we don't want to take you off message about hard questions what happened in the past. >> alisyn: i like that, sir, can i ask a question. no. and shut down the reporter. well, i guess i will. >> dave: that was contentious, but the debate was not contentious more like a 90 minute conversation, a love if
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he is. kind had a glimpse at what the cain-gingrich origin grinch-cain ticket would look like, they basically highlighted with newt gingrich knowing and reminding us he's probably the smartest guy on any stage in terms of being a policy wonk, but again, we didn't highlight any differences last night, as far as i can remember there were opportunities to, but both seemed to pass. >> clayton: take a listen as they tackled social security, medical care, president obama, take a listen. >> you have to get to a better health system in order to get to an affordable health system. >> you can't reshuffle medicare, medicaid, or social security, we must restructure. i want to give you three large principles for fundamentally rethinking the system, growth, honesty and not messing up social security by trying to balance the budget on the back of a retirement plan.
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>> i am a strong proponent of an idea that president george bush introduced, but it couldn't get any momentum and that is the idea of personal retirement accounts. >> if we're stupid enough to do nothing we'll resemble greece, we'll just go bankrupt, okay? so it's not complicated. >> people spend other people's money more reckless than they spend their own money, so let's put it down to let it be their money and they'll spend it better. that's what we've got to do. get it out of washington d.c. [applause] >> i don't know if we mentioned this is a tea party fundraiser there, that was the crowd and they say that this is the friendliest debate, as you can tell. >> clayton: i'm not going to call it a debate. not saying a debate. >> alisyn: okay. what will you call it. >> clayton: fundraiser and a discussion with a moderator, it was not a debate. they didn't go after-- newt gingrich had an opportunity to go after herman cain on the 999 point and i'm
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going to back off on that. >> dave: that's a striking moment, the moment they differ the most and an opportunity to engage people, all right, there is a difference between us two and he didn't take it. >> alisyn: right. this he did take the opportunity to go after president obama and listen to newt gingrich. >> we have today, a president and compare him to ronald reagan who told the truth, great book, lessons we learned and working general electric. talking to an american people and have the american people move the congress, with the current president. this president is about as candid and accurate as bernie madoff and what he tells the americans people. >> clayton: the best moment at the end where the candidates got to ask the other a question. i wanted the debate to be around that. cain asked newt gingrich what is the biggest surprise of the
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campaign so far for him. he took on the media. >> the nit-pickingest of the media. i expected to have to work hard and study hard, but i did not realize the fly-specking nature of the media. if there is a journalistic standard, a lot of them don't follow it and as a result, too many people get misinformation and disinformation. i thought, now, this is probably going to be taken the wrong way, but i didn't take political correctness school. >> now, too many people in the media that are down right dishonest, not all, but too many of them do a disservice to the american people. >> alisyn: wow, if he doesn't look the media at this point in the campaign. >> dave: just wait. >> alisyn: it's not going to be a love affair for the next year. and feet get held to the fire even closer. and what happened when cannes asked gingrich what he would
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want his first assignment to be if he were picked as vice-president. if you were vice-president of the united states. >> citing my good friend dick cheney, i would not go hunting (laughter) >> but that gives you a glimpse what happened all night and i think there is some truth to the fact that that would be a ticket. i don't know. clearly, newt has a long way to go to be on top of that ticket. s' just now into double figures a long way from the top. if that happens, please, america, i'm begging you for a better hash tag. the hash tag was cain-grinch. >> and jennifer lopez and ben' fleck, bennifer. . >> dave: kept tracking that
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word. >> the polls, three fourths of americans, in 1992 the economy was in the toilet and president h.w. bush was riding high off the persian gulf war and poll numbers went from 91% and plummeted over a few months down to 60%, further, further, further, and this is where things stand right now and it's history repeating itself right now. >> alisyn: 74% of response dents of the poll think the country is on the wrong track and 22% the right track and "the washington post,"s this the worst environment in which to get reelected for decades as you just said. however, there's a bit of a silver lining for the president, they say his approval rating is at 44%, 0 being, that's low, but they say it should be much lower, when you couple all of the factors in with unemployment, the economy, the teetering on the recession, and it's higher than you would expect it to
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be. >> dave: and silver leaning, let's bring it back down. more good news for the president. 80% of the country dissatisfied with the way government works, let's be honest, i'm shocked there's 20% that are pleased with the way that government functions right now. and that doesn't just reflect on the president, both parties, the way that nothing is being accomplished in washington. take a look at this, talking 1992 all offer again, at one point, we were one point-- eems? oh, that was the seam poll we just showed, i was repeating myself. the same poll and one point away from where we were in 1992. >> dave: the record level. >> clayton: we're not is silver lining and on the heels of what we were talking about with the 40%. republican numbers right now. back then, you didn't have that disparity and you have an equal distaste for both parties, it's an interesting buffer and it could be to the president's benefit. he has better poll numbers than republicans do right now.
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>> alisyn: here is a really disheartening story and this was, i was so stunned to read it this morning. the number of people who are no longer collecting unemployment benefits has risen, because they have been out of work for so long. so, it used to be, it was 75%, leak some say-- >> just over a year ago. >> alisyn: over a year ago, 75% of people out of work were collecting unemployment benefits and now it's only 48%, in other words, half of the millions of people who are up employed are no longer eligible for unemployment because they have been unemployed so long. >> a third of the 14 million people are long-term unemployed and this as congress is debating that very question. do we continue to extend unemployment benefits that full 99 weeks, you want to have a heart, but of course at some point you have to turn off the spigot. the problem is a lot of employers will not hire you if you've been unemployed, six
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months, a year, two years, and while not admitting it off the record, they want somebody in the work force, mcdonald's, starbucks. >> alisyn: it's a catch 22, can't get a job unless you have a job. and in the article people unemployed for two years don't necessarily have the training, latest computer skills that they need to be hired for new jobs. it's a vicious circles. >> clayton: and the way that technology moves, you need to be on pace with that. e-mails about that, but i want to do e-mails like this. if you're waking up with the depressing-- here is something fun. a new study out this morning finally figured out which gender, main to be made with this study. which gender at night likes to cuddle in bed. >> alisyn: men, guess what, ladies, it's men, it's their
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secret. men like to spoon. go ahead and discuss. >> clayton: when you say spoon. >> dave: we're not going to cuddle now, we do that at the commercial break. >> alisyn: you've been hiding this from women. >> dave: i know why my wife sleeps on the edge of the bed to get away from me, i'm a cuddler. >> clayton: every night a debate. my wife says no, no, your turn. because she freezes. i don't know what, it can be 90 degrees and she's cold so she'll climb over and i have to climb, it's a reversal, but i enjoy it i like the cuddle. >> dave: i like the cuddle. >> alisyn: you guys are man enough to admit you like to cuddle. >> clayton: turn in our man cards. reminds us of this. >> here is the thing, i'm snuggling, you're not. who wouldn't want to snuggle up on this business, wrapped in a comforter and muffins warming in the oven. i'm cuddly. >> this is, this is nice.
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>> yeah. >> no. no. no. no, no, no! >> that's fairly accurate like john stamos has a guide to cuddling. watch this. >> guys, if you truly want to win over a woman, a real key is to cuddle. so, as my gift to you, here are the techniques of my patented stay most snuggle fest. want to start with a stay most suit. lies next to you, resting-your chest. the pitter-patter of her heart will reassure you, you're still alive. >> bob saget. >> thanks. >> alisyn: we should say the new study, discover that men
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are cuddlers, was paid for by a bed manufacturer called silent night. >> dave: makes sense. >> alisyn: do you dispute the notion or on board? i think that during the honeymoon phase of any relationship, there's more cuddling. after ten years of marriage my husband is in a different zip code. >> a different bed. >> alisyn: and like that as well. >> dave: and snoring also can, gets louder as you go on in the relationship. >> alisyn: you notice that. >> dave: and that, well, anyway. >> clayton: ff weekend, you can find us there and send your cuddling tips and whether or not you believe the study or not. and, the e-mail address. >> dave: and no, i won't cuddle with you. parents are angry after their 9th graders were given a sex survey in class. did the teacher go too far? we report, you decide. >> alisyn: he put a ring on it and now that the 72 day fairy tale is over, it's going to
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cost kim kardasian to keep that giant ring. ♪ will you still love me tomorrow? tomorrow? [laughter] ♪
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning. i hope you enjoy the extra hour of sleep because we reward you with the shot of the morning. and a british woman gets the train ride of her life. >> alisyn: this is good. ♪ ♪
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>> a local group. the adam street singers on the train ride. >> alisyn: and the couple almost missed the train, so she wanted to take the car and arguing with him. why are we taking the subway, we need to take the subway. >> clayton: he's like we love public transportation. >> alisyn: and they almost missed it and the singers would have been on the train. >> dave: like the "glee" club. and wa, wa. to propose now the expectations are ridiculously high and a normal dude, on one knee with roses and-- >> it hurts the rest of us. >> dave: it kills the average man. the bar has been raised so ridiculously high. >> clayton: or maybe women want something simple. >> alisyn: i want something--
3:26 am
>> and maybe the next one. >> dave: or maybe number three. >> alisyn: no, i had a lovely proposal on new year's eve, very romantic just the two of us. >> clayton: on a gondola. >> alisyn: no, no. it was actually perfect. just a fantasy. >> clayton: paddling a boat. >> dave: is this the-- >> a guy churning butter. >> alisyn: we've digressed. but i'm going to get us on track, and read you the headlines. and fox news reports just in. there have been several explosions in baghdad. reportedly a large number of casualties. details are still coming into our news room at the moment and we'll have the latest as soon as we've learned it. one person is dead and two others fighting for their lives after an explosion leveled a home in connecticut. this happened in the town of coventry. the plastic reportedly felt up to a mile away and by the time
3:27 am
the rescue crews got there the home was engulfed in flames. a possible propane explosion was to blame and the names of the victims have not been released. and occupy wall street protesters ha protesters, the names released. and police in reut gear and police convening on the demonstrators and police say one as attacked. many walked away peacefully. and an emotional homecoming for matthew vandyke, nearly a year after he went missing in libya. he says he went to help in the uprising against qaddafi and he spent five months in prison in tripoli before being freed by rebels and reportedly kept fighting until qaddafi was finally killed last month. a bizarre crime, police in massachusetts are looking for a man who stole a school bus
3:28 am
and then crashed it. >> i was just falling asleep and i heard a big crash going on. >> alisyn: the neighbors and the crash was this yellow school bus, supposedly stole it from an unsecured lot before taking out two traffic signs and the suspect is still on the run. that's not a good day to fly under the radar. >> reminds me of the super witness of the accident. >> yes. >> the bar has been raised for witnessing an accident. >> and right, if you witness an accident, raise up enthusiasm when the reporter comes up. >> dave: and good thing about daylight saving time, people like me got an extra hour of sleep after watching the most hyped football game of all time. ls uch lsu visiting alabama.
3:29 am
and missed field goals were costly. take a look, for 44, wide right. no score. and later, from 50 misses again. still no score. second quarter, third time is the charm, right. wrong, and this is blocked. nick saban, he's, well, okay, i think you can tell he's not happy. to overtime. tied at 6, bama, knower field goal too deep and not his prem. lsu gets a shot and they take advantage. and 9-6 the final, how about a great interception right on the one yard line the biggest play of the game. did you stay up? >> for parts of it. the keker a future denver bronco. >> dave: thanks, buddy what a game looking like it will go to the finals. and joe frazier, in hospice
3:30 am
care looking for a miracle. best for the legendary fights with muhammad ali including the thriller in manila and the 67-year-old beat ali once and lost twice and 32 wins overall. 27 by knockout considered one of the greats of all time and 1971, right here in msg the first to only beat muhammad ali, and our thoughts and prayers to smokin' joe. and lindsay von going to a homecoming dance with a gutsy 16-year-old. parker mcdonald of vail, colorado standing next to a lovely date and she was speaking at his school one day before the dance and wrestled up the courage to ask her to the dance the following night and he was cute and polite and had to say yes. and had to ask, isn't she married. >> alisyn: going to an
3:31 am
innocent prom. >> clayton: and he didn't even-- and didn't have time to tie his tie. >> dave: and the. >> clayton: she was not there? >> this is doing the slalom and go-ing. >> clayton: creeping me up. >> you've been reenacting a lot of things. >> it's 6 a.m. he understands. >> that eyebrow coming at you. plant one on him. and we've established that none of us will ever run a marathon, but we hear if you're going to, you want temps like that. 46 degrees, staten island to brook len, queens, the bronx and finishes in central park around 50 degrees and we're told by mya that's great marathon running weather and across the far northern plains, pretty heavy snow across the four corners and exiting the far northern
3:32 am
plains and a little bit of wind and some rain and some snow exiting with that one. the next system behind it is pulling in and this is going to be a big storm for a lot of people. and it's a slow mover so it will have long lasting impacts for a lot of people. take a look at video out of arizona. arizona getting some of the first snow of the season and flagstaff of arizona, about six inches of snow and they woke up and got at that yesterday morning, a beautiful sight right there and the skiers up on mount humphreys will be happy to get that kind of a snow going right there. i want to tell you the next few days, the next storm pulling out is going to bring heavy rain across oklahoma and northern parts of texas and that's good and we definitely need the rain there. it's going to come at a cost and a severe weather outbreak tomorrow and tuesday and more snow for denver, third storm in about two weeks and we're going to see snow across western kansas into nebraska for monday night into the day on tuesday. here are your high temps
3:33 am
today. another absolutely beautiful day. back to you. earnings that so much, rick. >> go ahead. >> i was going to ask you, did you guys remember a 9th grade biology test? >> and do you remember the cell division or the dissection of a frog? little do you think you're going into a 9th grade biology class and handed a sex survey? i wasn't planning for that today. >> alisyn: that rapid in rio rancho, new mexico and the biology teachers gave out a survey that had parents scratching their heads and some of them outraged it asks some personal questions. >> clayton: such as. >> alisyn: such is, who is the last person you kissed. why is that relevant. >> dave: what does it accomplish. >> alisyn: i don't know. >> clayton: according to that, the teacher. >> dave: facebook. >> clayton: they nt with aed to learn and teach the spread of disease, how disease spreads and another question was are you sexually active. asking the 9th graders, this is all anonymous and didn't have to put the names. >> alisyn: except who is the
3:34 am
last person you kissed, that's not anonymous, naming names. >> clayton: good point. >> alisyn: that's where i think. >> dave: someone. >> alisyn: it's also not just a school-wide, a high school school-wide survey you could argue is important for them to get some data on teenage sex habits. this is one biology class leak the teacher wanted to know things. >> dave: i guess i'm not overly offended by the questions as a parent, but when i think about being in 9th grade and you think about what interacting, someone's teasing a kid for being a virgin while you're filling the questionnaire out, i'm not sexually active, i could see that's uncomfortable. parents are furious down there from the school in new mexico and here is what the school says in backing this up. when you do a survey, if there are certain types of questions or topics addressed in that survey, prior notice has to be given to parents and apparently that didn't happen in this case and that's what's under investigation. are you offended as a parent by either of the questions?
3:35 am
we need a few more. >> alisyn: i don't understand it. i need a little more explanation why the teacher be would asking. >> dave: how that tracks the spreading of diseases. >> clayton: you can imagine, or just the idea and notion of hey, in the schools maybe a numbers issues, pointing out 0% of individuals who are sexually active. who knows. if you're listing who you last kissed and the name is on the survey sally johnson. >> dave: everybody says dave. >> clayton: then you know what is spreading. let us know what you think about that, >> dave: i made fun of myself and you piled on, that's not fair. that's 15 yards. >> clayton: what dave does. >> alisyn: and let us know what you think about the sex survey an and if the parents should be alerted. no sometimes the parents opt out and don't get the information. find us at don't rule hem out. ron paul is proving he's in the raes of 2012 and tell us about the victory.
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>> clayton: and i'm on a 15 yard penalty. >> dave: and and am's slogan note come fly with me ♪ heal is come buy with me, our next guest, sister and boat parents all work for the airline and she's giving us the inside scoop. ♪
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day i'm back with my favorite team. ask your doctor about symbicort. i got my first prescription free. call or click to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> welcome back. some quick headlines now, presidential candidate ron paul gaining ground in illinois. the texas congressman won a state wide straw poll there with 52% of the vote, training behind poll, mitt romney with 35% of the in person vote. and another day, another outrageous kim kardasian divorce report. tmz now saying that kim plans to buy her wedding ring from soon to be ex-husband chris humphries, a modest 25 carats reportedly worth about 2 million dollars. but i hear he got quite a deal on that ring, ali. >> alisyn: sounds like a bargain. and new show pan am highlights
3:41 am
a time when flying wasn't about the tsa security check and massive baggage fees. one story line has been getting a lot of buzz, spying in the sky. >> the discretion, make no mistake, they call it the cold war for a reason. >> i understand. people underestimate me my entire life and they've been wrong. >> alisyn: how much of what is portrayed on the tv show is true. bonnie tom knows firsthand. her family members worked for the airline and her dad was a long time pan am executive and he had some intimate dealings with the cia. good morning, bonnie. >> good morning, how are you. >> alisyn: doing well. so pan am, the series, suggests that, yeah, the series, television show suggests that pan am employees were aiding the cia. and we wondered if that with as just poetic license, but you say in fact that was true
3:42 am
with your dad, tell us. >> well, my father, george brown, worked for pan-american world airways at the beginning of world war ii and the cia was not developed at that time it was called the lss and because the area that dad worked in was under heightened security, the panama canal zone, dad had been given military clearance as many others like him had, and, yes, i mean, i can't tell you he actually worked for the oss, but, dad did have the air force clearance, he had the army clearance and the government security clearance. >> alisyn: and also, you say that there was a moment where he was approached by the cia and was told, we're giving you two men we want to be pan am employees, how did that go? >> well, absolutely. and during that time, there were german submarines in the caribbean sea. it was right prior to december
3:43 am
7th, 1941. and they needed to have a couple of extra men on hand to watch out for any aircraft that might be flying overhead or any german submarines in the area. >> alisyn: your mother was a stewardess, your dad a pan am exec and you had a glamorous childhood. tell us about it. >> well, i guess in hindsight i did have a glam u.s. childhood. i didn't know that it was special. in 1963, though, my father was repositioned in caracas, venezuela for the fourth time and during that time that i was being flown back and forth from the boarding school that i was attending to caracas, during holidays and breaks, et cetera, and one of my fondest memories is going from my boarding school taking the train into grand central station, going upstairs to
3:44 am
where the pan am building was, getting on board a helicopter that you see on the pan am story and taking the helicopter over to jfk and then, flying off to whom, to my home in caracas. >> alisyn: yeah. >> first class and enjoying the benefits. >> alisyn: that's pretty glamorous for a school girl, getting the chopper over to the airport so you can fly first class. light years away from what we social with air travel now. bonnie, thank you for saying your personality experience and your parents, with us. >> i appreciate it, great to see you. >> alisyn: thank you. meanwhile, santa gets handed a pink slip because there's not enough money in the budget. is the christmas spirit out of luck this year? beg banks are doing away with those debit fees, but guess what? you can still be paying a lot in other ways. an expert is here with us next on how they could still nickel and dime you.
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>> welcome back to fox businessings foxx, we've been telling you about bank of america finally gave into angry critics and pulled the planned $5 monthly fee to use your debit card and that didn't stop people who pulled out money in protest for bank transfer day and stop nickel and dime them with extra fees and went to credit unions. a wealth manager and financial advisor, good morning to you and i guess more fees in other ways are headed our way? >> well, look, clayton, what's important to know, banks have always been out there making a lot of money. people haven't focused in on it, but this is nothing new. banks, think about it, think how many banks there are. i mean, they're there because they make a lot of money and that's why we're going to see more and more fees coming, because they're being attacked, as well. the dodd frank bill is one of the reasons we're seeing this. it costs more to do business and people now are becoming
3:50 am
more aware of the fees and as a result, we're having discussions like this. >> let's get into specifics, if $5 debit card fee goes away from bank of america, others eliminating free checking accounts. >> we'll be eliminating free checking accounts now? >> that has been going on, going down for quite some time and that was an illusion and people thought they were getting free checking the money at bank was being used and paid very little on that now they're realizing they can't pay that much less so they'll get rid of free checking altogether. >> record highs for having a balance in your account and bank of america, a $20,000 balance in your checking account so you wouldn't get a $5 fee. are we going to see more of the balance required fees? >> every single one of these things is going to happen. we're going to see the balances go higher how much they can make on that money is going lower so they've got to find away and they have
3:51 am
shareholders to report to. they're a profit business, not nonprofit organizations, they want and need to make money. >> talk about eliminating debt programs and people get the cards on purpose. debt reward programs are going away, 30% decline. >> that's what's happening and this one annoys me the most because i love getting free stuff even though i know it's not free, i think it's free. >> clayton: right. >> i'll buy things just like get a little canvass bag sometimes, and you know. >> clayton: a tote bag. >> yeah, we do it, we all do it and buy a couple more things and i can get that bag. >> clayton: it's true. and other increases, wire transfer and safety deposit boxes and those are annoying, $15 fee to transfer money and doesn't cost them anything, it's digital, right? >> it's digital, but they do it. just like the airlines when i want to make the transfer on any kind of ticket that i have, costs me $150. banks are picking up on the same idea. they have somebody who has to do it, they have to pay that person a salary, even though
3:52 am
you and i both know it costs them nothing to do it they're going to keep charging for it because again, they want to make money. >> clayton: a few more and i'll get your tank on the pull money out of the bank story that's been making news. fees we social, fees on assets they hold or manage or in trust. take those two for us. >> and clayton, this is one that people really don't know a lo the about, but sometimes you might have your investments at a bank, it could be a brokerage firm as well and what they're doing, charging an account fee, it's called an investment fee on your account or management fee. might be charging you 1%, for money in a money market. only paying you 10% of 1%. if you're only making people should pick up the phone and call the bank and brokerage firm and stop charging me 1%
3:53 am
on my money market balance to me it's shop lift, i think it's almost criminal they're doing that. >> clayton: not to mention it's not keeping up with inflation and if are' not keeping up with 3% inflation almost paying them money every year to manage your money market account and also let's touch on this, what unfolded this weekend, of course taking your money, bank transfer day, taking it out and putting it in the credit union. seemed like a success online and 80,000 and many, many more joined to do this. is that a smart move putting your money in credit unions. >> i think it's fine. i think the whole, you know, i think the whole discussion is a good one. we all need it know exactly what we're being charged on our money and if we look at it and now, we're starting to really have this, you know, very important discussion, how much money is slowly being taken out of my account. if i'm not comfortable with the services my bank is providing me for what i'm paying them. i'll move somewhere. a lot of people didn't know
3:54 am
they could actually go to the credit unions, but if you think that's a good and viable alternative to paying those fees, you do it. >> clayton: yeah, interesting. are there any limitations on getting into a credit union? i know a few years ago i was a member of a credit union and my first job, because of the job i had i was able to get in. >> there are some that are set up just for those businesses and other credit unions that are, you know, set up for other reasons and you should invest it, look at fees and services and not all banks are back, banks provide very good services, if you're willing to pay for it, pay for it. that's why we live in the country we should make the choices and do it with a clear eye and a good visibility what your fees are, if that's what you want to do, do it. do i think this is a success? of course not. there's a lot of discussion about it, but it doesn't really make a big impact on these banks. we're talking about it and brought some awareness to having the media talk about it. >> which is interesting, a good thing. >> and trying to be a nickel
3:55 am
and dime, great to see you this morning, thanks for getting up early with us. >> absolutely. >> clayton: let's talk to ali and dave and what's coming up on the big show. >> dave: herman cain firing back at the media when they bring up the controversial sexual harassment allegations after last night's debate. hear the harsh words from g.o.p. candidate the top of the hour. >> alisyn: we've been asking you this morning, who is the bigger cuddler, men or women? dave is a cuddler. i can attest. don't share a curvy couch with this guy if you don't want to be cuddled. we're going to bust a myth this morning, plus, what you have to say about this. ♪
3:56 am
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>> good morning, everyone. it's sunday, november 6th. i'm alisyn camerota and i'm wide awake. it was billed about the debate. it wasn't. between rivals herman cain and newt gingrich and they kept it cordial. >> this president is as candid and accurate as bernie madoff what he tells the people.
4:00 am
>> to people in the media that are dishonest. >> alisyn: did anyone win? highlights ahead. >> dave: and nearly hitting a 19-year high. 80% of americans angry at the government. is this more bad news for the president's reelection campaign in we report, you decide. suspended for giving a friend a hug in school. and a student that is furious that he can't share love with a friend. it's a cuddle thing. ♪ >> the extra hour has really paid off. >> clayton: it has, i feel energized. >> dave: i don't. >> clayton: the benefit is to the viewers this morning. >> alisyn: you're getting some of our best performances, except for dave. >> dave: i managed to get an hour less sleep because of lsu and alabama so many others on
4:01 am
the east coast 11:30 to watch the greatets game of the year. >> clayton: i looked over, how is that extra hour look. he looked up. bags upped the eyes. you didn't stay up for that and the oklahoma game. >> dave: oklahoma state game and what a finish we'll bring them later on the program and my kids didn't follow the rules to both get up at section, they were up at five. go back to bed, kids. >> alisyn: daylight saving time. >> dave: politics, that's where we start on the debate. one 0en one so-called debate didn't go that way for herman cain and newt gingrich and we'll have the highlights and sound bites. fuhrs first a post debate punch. >> cain asked about the sexual harassment allegations against him and the settlement that was made and not happy to respond, i think it's fair to say, peter doocy. tell us what happened. >> well, yeah, alisyn, after the debate when mr. cain said he will never answer questions about the sexual harassment charges and seemed irritated with the media and a few
4:02 am
minutes after he told his counterpart. former speaker of the house, newt gingrich, the biggest surprise has been the nit-pickingest of the media. >> and you filed a sexual harassment complaint? >> don't even go there. >> can i ask a question? >> no. >> and may i ask a good question? >> where is my chief of staff. please send him the journalistic code of ethics. okay, if you all listen, if you all just listen for 30 seconds, i will explain this one time. >> he's the candidate dfrjts i'm going to do something my staff told me not to do and try to respond, okay? what i'm saying is this: we are getting back on message, end of story. back on message. read all of the other accounts, read all of the other accounts where
4:03 am
everything has been answered in the story. we're getting back on message, okay. >> clayton: you heard there, cain asked his chief of staff to serb late the society of professional journalists code of ethics and suggests quite literally the cain campaign thinks that allegations from another decade should be off limits. they want to get on message. and cain was doing all right in the polls on friday and shows cannes with 23% support. t 2% behind romney's 25. >> clayton: thank you. we were-- it was a fundraiser masquerading as a debate. and in houston where it unfolded and herman cain on the left, newt gingrich on the right.
4:04 am
and others say lincoln douglas style, it's not. there should have been a moderator. they went back and forth, social security, medicare and spending. take a look at highlights. >> you have to get to a better health system in order to get to an affordable health system. >> we can't reshuffle medicare, medicaid, or social security. we must restructure. >> i want to give you three large principles for fundamentally rethinking the system. growth, honesty, and not messing up social security. by trying to balance the budget on the back of a retirement plan. >> i am a strong proponent of an idea that president george bush introduced, but it couldn't get any momentum and that is the idea of personal retirement accounts. >> if we're stupid enough to do nothing, we'll eventually resemable greece, we'll just go bankrupt, okay? so it's not complicated. >> people spend other people's money more reckless than they
4:05 am
spend their own money. so, let's put it down and let it be their money and they'll spend it better. that's what we've got to do. get it out of washington d.c. >> okay. so, credit the evening for bringing out their thoughts on social security, on medicare and medicaid. look, this is a primary, we need to know how you differ, from the others running for the nomination, and, yeah, this is not to tell us how you're similar. that was the problem i had with the evening. >> you're right. there's no light between the two of them last night. >> and newt gingrich had the opportunity. he had the chance, but he said, i don't want to start talking about 999 which is arguably their biggest difference. >> alisyn: on the other side it wasn't it refreshing to have them cordial and not sound bites and gotcha moments and sometimes debates have that and it's not a typical lincoln douglas debate as you have pointed out. however, it did harken back to a different time. there were no commercial
4:06 am
breaks, there were no snappy sound bites. they were having a conversation. >> there were snappy sound bites, newt gingrich had a lot of laughs. >> clayton: 30 second sound bites on the network debates they expanded to three minute sound bites and there was a moderator and the highlight came, a couple of highlights, a few of them. they were going after president obama, we'll get to the one at the end of the debate arguably the highlight of the night. xaerg president obama to after all people. >> we have a president, comparing him to ronald reagan, lessons he learned at general electric, compare's reagan's ability to talk directly to the american people, make sense aen have the american people move the congress, with the current president. this president is about as candid and accurate as bernie madoff in what he tells the american people. >> clayton: ouch. >> alisyn: i mean, yeah. >> clayton: the moderator of
4:07 am
the fundraiser was iowa representative steven king. he is going to joining us a little later in the hour. >> dave: we'll ask him if this accomplished what he was looking for and show you the questions that they asked each other that clayton just said was, in fact, that's the highlight of the evening, that's later on. >> alisyn: a new poll to tell you about, abc news washington post poll and it shows how many americans think the country is on the right track or the wrong track. more people think it's on the wrong track and the number is notable. 74% of respond departments think the country is headed in the wrong direction and 22% say right direction. >> clayton: 80% dissatisfied with the federal government. that's the one point away from its highest point 19 years ago and context, 19 years ago, 1992 and the economy was terrible, and george h.w. bush running for reelection at the time. focused on foreign policy and james carville famously saying on the camp, it's the economy, stupid and we know how it
4:08 am
ended up. >> alisyn: in this era they're not enamoureded with the republicans. they're not happy with the president, but don't think that republicans are the answer and they're basically fed up with all federal government at any-- >> could explain herman cain. >> dave: absolutely, it does. >> clayton: in the polls the top of the list. >> dave: i'm surprised 20% are happy about the direction and the way the government is functioning today. let us know how you feel about that. >> alisyn: let's get you to the headlines and we have a fox news alert now, a follow-up. because at least six people are dead after police say three roadside bombs exploded at a market in downtown baghdad. another 21 people are reportedly hurt and the bombs were planted in different areas of the market killing both vendors and afternoon shoppers. this comes at the beginning of a muslim festival celebrated by sunnis and shiites. another fox news alert we're learning new details about a man who threatened to open fire on a college campus in north carolina yesterday. police now is an i they shot
4:09 am
rashad gardner in the leg before taking him into custody and the 24-year-old a former student at elizabeth state city university and he forced a lockdown yesterday after showing up with an ak-47 style rifle and gardner now being held on a $50,000 bond no word on why he came to campus with a gun. and top political leaders in greece are now underway and the goal is to form a temporary coalition government, that would help secure that crucial european bailout package and hopefully stop the political unrest that's been plaguing that country for months now. the problem is the country's main opposition leader says his party will not cooperate unless the prime minister george papandreou resigns. and the capture of assad, a well-known facilitator of the dangero dangerous haqqani network. and the coalition forces and he aided haqqani by moving
4:10 am
weapons ap drugs through eastern afghanistan and others also taken into custody. thousands of runners all over the world getting ready to race this morning in the new york city marathon. 26.2 mile route will take them through the city's five boroughs, and last was the best in the 41 year history of the marathon. >> people that run marathons. >> alisyn: and me. >> dave: and people who sit on the curvy couch for four hours. >> alisyn: sit around. >> dave: let's ask rick. rick, this is pretty good weather for a marathon, don't want it too hot, don't want it too cold. it's all right. >> that's what they tell us. none of us will ever know, i'm sure. 50 degrees is what you want and cooler at the start and warmer at the finish, but looking pretty good. wind not bad either i would think you wouldn't want much wind and calm at the start and that's good news. eastern part of the country looking beautiful. again, a lel cool and feels like fall for almost everybody
4:11 am
ap far south and towards kind of the southern states, but we have one system that's pulling in towards the front of the plains and moving to the north and the high pressure is not letting anything go in tornados the east until thursday and friday and there will be big changes and that's out here across the west and right now bringing some rain and mountain snow in across parts of california and look at the next couple of days, moves tonight into arizona and parts of utah, over tonight into the day tomorrow. we'll start to see the snow pick up in colorado and threat for some severe weather moving across oklahoma and texas, severe weather threat again for tuesday, just a little farther to the east and eastern oklahoma and parts of the arkansas and snow across parts of nebraska and kansas by the time we get towards monday afternoon into tuesday, but right now, enjoy the very nice temperatures across the east and feeling like winter and looking at a pretty similar day, temps looking good around the east, back to you. >> alisyn: and cuddle on me. >> sorry. >> alisyn: yeah, thanks,
4:12 am
thanks. >> dave: and nothing the dry cleaners can't get out, rick. >> clayton: no, it will take more than that. >> dave: speaking of cuddling, a new study shows guys like clayton and me, that it's men that are doing the cuddling that enjoy it more so than ladies busting the myth. >> alisyn: right, so here is what you said you sent in many tweets on cuddling talking point. this is from tj? cuddling is nice, but there's always that awkward arm you don't know what to do with and the numb fingers and arm that falls asleep. >> huh. >> clayton: you're talking to america. >> dave: brilliant. >> clayton: and e-mail from steve. the reporting that wives would rather sleep than cuddle sounds right, but wives also know that cuddling could lead what it could lead to and why most wives often prefer to sleep. no cuddling tips, there are none. luck of the draw. >> alisyn: the women in this survey say they're too tired to even cuddle.
4:13 am
and, and it's too hot. >> clayton: a reversal, my wife is so cold and oh, gosh, it's so hot in here, who put a toaster next to me., how you can opine and sound off and complain. and tell your thoughts about it. >> dave: at ff weekend on twitter as well. follow us. still ahead. we showed you that herman cain and newt gingrich kept it rather cordial at last night' debate. laying attacks on the president and was there an actual winner here in our political panel weighs in next. >> alisyn: plus, a hotel robbery is stopped in the act and who stepped in to save the day here? ♪ these dogs wake up too early!
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>> with a trendily debate between republican rivals, herman cain and newt gingrich. instead of taking jabs at each other, they've focused on the issues. >> one of my proposals was that in order to find everybody who is here illegally, we send them a package. [laughter] >> we must go from an entitlement society to an empowerment society, which means you help people to help themselves. >> dave: so, was there a winner in this lincoln douglas style debate? we'll ask our panelist, julie, president of independent welcome's voice and david webb, founder of the tea party 365. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> dave: this was not a debate, it was a bit of a love fest and i know a lot of people liked it. myself, david, i need to see why you're better than the guy next to you. this is a primary. you like the substance or the style of this debate?
4:18 am
>> i agree that i like the substance, but i was missing some of the distinction between the candidates. >> dave: what distinction? >> there was a lot of agreement on social security, medicare, the accountability factor, putting skin in the game. cost factors, back to the people. but what we didn't see was distinction, however, when you look at lincoln douglas style, it was always long speeches, 60 minutes for the first, 90 minutes for the second originally. now, it was more of a congenial, i don't know, i don't know if i call it a love fest, but there wasn't a distinct-- >> this is a different era than lincoln douglas. this is a very different era. did it work for you? was there a winner heather. >> i think that the american people were the winners. look at the response of the audience, they love the fact for a change they were actually having a substantive discussion, they were not about tearing the other one down or differentiating. they were actually talking seriously about policy and having the 30 minute extended discussions on things that the super committee is it not dealing with, 62% of the
4:19 am
budget and i think that the serious voter out there, who is concerned about the future of the country and the fiscal sustainability of what we're doing, loved this, from the political perspective. i thought that both candidates came out ahead. >> it was clear and nothing against herman cain that newt gingrich is not just the smartest guy on that stage. he's the smartest guy obviously running for president today, and in terms of being a politics wonk. >> there was a distinction, newt gingrich is a knowledgeable guy. you can't argue with the fact that he knows his stuff and herman cain, likeable guy and happy-go-lucky, but he's not in any-- he's not in gingrich's league, that's the distinction. a serious policy discussion and only benefits newt gingrich. >> can i just-- >> i think there's something out of this debate last night. a former leader of the legislative process,
4:20 am
successful in newt gingrich and successful businessman. almost two halves of a-- >> it was a cain-gingrich origin grinch-cain plan. >> working together. there are two strengths. >> dave: i think they are working together. >> herman cain is likeable and he's got vision he needed to show he has some sort of policy substantial. newt gingrich is the master of the debate and breadth of knowledge he needed to show he's likeable. herman cain held in better than exhibit xed and newt was likeable. and both came out ahead. >> dave: and next with our panel, jesse jackson says the occupy protests are similar to the civil rights movement, is he right? santa gets a pink slip because of budget cuts. uh-uh, who is going to save christmas now?
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
♪ . >> cue the whimsical movement. next, 660 dollars, how much one new york county is looking to cut from the budget by not hiring a man to play santa claus. a local politician saysle' personally fork over the money. 31,200 dollars how much a canadian dentist reportedly paid for john lennon's old tooth. the discolored molar put up for auction by the beatle's former maid. dave, are your teeth worth at that much. >> dave: that's nasty, man, thank you. is the occupy movement similar to the civil rights? reverend jesse jackson seems to think so, here is what he said while visiting occupy atlanta. >> it's about justice.
4:25 am
it's about the american dream. it's about the hope that we all long for. 20 million americans in poverty, 50 million who have no jobs. that's the civil rights-- and (inaudible) and more commitment to defend the poor and to delivery the media. >> dave: is reverend jackson right. back to the panel. the same group occupy atlanta wouldn't let the great jn lewis speak. if they were anything like the civil rights movement wouldn't they let have the man have words. >> they said they made a mistake and john lewis is almost like an american saint. and they're looking for an opportunity at the shot at the american dream and they're like the civil rights guys. >> dave: this is a tremendous stretch, i can tell by your body language. >> no, i think look, if you're looking for access--
4:26 am
>> jesse jackson was there, he was a leader and he knows better than this. >> he knows. >> dave: black people and the civil rights movement were not allowed to sit where they would on the bus and allowed to eat where you want to eat. you're allowed to rise up in the country and have to work your butt off. >> they didn't go out and start fires and destroys buildings. >> i'm down twinkles on jesse jacks jackson, look at another perspective. this is an attempt by the could co-optors of the left to work off occupy wall street and we have all kinds of groups in occupy wall street, i've been there and broadcast from there, that have actually wanted to talk to and i've talked with, they're not the narrative. the other things are, there is no comparison between peaceful marches between asking for a right given under the constitution and under--
4:27 am
>> let me bring in heather. >> come on. >> dave: is there a similarity? >> this is so offensive to the moral-- to the civil rights movement and jess jakdz is all about squandering that moral capital. he will jump in front of any group and call it a parade and call himself the leader. you're absolutely right. this is the technique, the civil rights movement was the fulfillment of the promise of the american founding that had not been fulfilled. there are no civil rights that are being violated that the occupy wall street people are complaining. may i just finish here? the civil rights movement was about opportunity and actual rights that didn't infringe on other's liberty. occupy wall street people are all about entilement. and grievance and dependency, they have no goals. it was about personal risk and-- >> i'm a-- >> this is about having a party for people who wish to live-- >> and i must be watching a different occupy wall street than anybody else on the panel. i saw the protests going on past my house a few weeks and
4:28 am
never saw anybody throwing anything or killing. there are fringe people on the left and right as they are in the tea party, yes, there is, david, i went to a tea party rally and people dressing up as adolf hitler and-- >> how many have burned buildings-- >> and finish my thought which is that occupy wall street the extent it's about access for everybody. not-- >> access for everybody. >> not close. >> and well. >> offer jobs to these people and they have no-- >> we're going to have leave it there. >> and the americans-- >> folks, we want to hear from you on this issue, is occupy wall street like the civil rights movement? find me on twitter, fox, dave briggs, all right, guys, spirited debate this morning, not like last night. coming up a crash landings an a chopper smacks down on to a home. what investigators say went terribly wrong. and forgot hugging it out. that will get you suspended at
4:29 am
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4:32 am
>> all right. welcome back to "fox & friends," dave-- >> dave is so disgusted about
4:33 am
to tweet something out about one of my bad habits, go ahead, share it with america. >> clayton: follow us on ff weekend send a photo, it's nasty. >> dave: nasty. >> alisyn: i drink old coffee because you know what, some coffee places are not open at 4 a.m. when i come in and i drink old coffee. here is the good news, america, i freed it. i put it in the freezer so that then it's good a few days later and that's what i do. it's frugal and practical. >> clayton: and disgusting. let's talk about this, because it was halloween. a lot of kids wanting to eat the halloween candy. jimmy kimmel did something, put out a call to pretend they ate the candy and capture on candy and shocked and appalled that he received hundreds of videos and played them on the show. a few highlights. >> dave: that's not nice. >> clayton: it's funny. >> me and mommy ate it last night when you were asleep. >> i ate all of your halloween
4:34 am
candy last night. >> where is the candy. >> what candy? >>, [crying] >> that's cruel! >> oh, it's horrible. >> i would get injured if i told my son that. he would sake a sword. >> alisyn: mine would react that way and collapse into tears. do you know my daughter got 71 pieces of candy and counted them. >> dave: counted. >> alisyn: 71 pieces. yeah, she's got inventory e i used to keep the bag in my closet for a year. >> alisyn: who makes one of my coffee, all year. >> clayton: these are in wrappers and sealed. >> dave: funky. >> clayton: nasty. >> dave: we had halloween in connecticut last night. halloween two was in connecticut because of the
4:35 am
storm. interrupting by college football game. >> clayton: you've got to watch the whole video. >> alisyn: meanwhile, let's get to the headlines and what other news is happening because there are brand new reports of a deadly attack in nigeria this morning and gunning down a security guard while he prayed with his family and the militant group, also claiming responsibility for a series of attacks yesterday that left at least 59 people dead. sect leaders say they will not stop killing until sharreya law is implemented throughout the country. and frightening moments in west palm beach, florida, where a helicopter crashed into a housen. the pilot prepared for a crash landing. no one on the ground was hurt and the pilot and co-pilot are expected to be okay. and the f.a.a. investigating what went wrong there. and chaos in atlanta, results in 19 occupy wall street protesters getting arrested overnight. it happened after a rally at a
4:36 am
local park spilled on streets. a motorcycle police officer nearly ran over one protesters who police say attacked him and many eventually walked away peacefully. check out the surveillance video at a motel in los angeles, this guy busts into the clerk's office and robs him at gun point. and upon leaving, he was wrestled to the ground by two mixed marshal artists. and you can see them on the top right of your screen, the good samaritans just checked into the hotel. and alvarez and denny of oregon were in l.a. for the world jujitsu championships and that's good timing. the l.a.p.d. commending them on their actions. and they're like, we're just trying to check in. all right, if we must take down a criminal. >> the whole room full of bruce lees next door, smart move. >> what's up with sports. >> dave: lots up in sports.
4:37 am
thank goodness for daylight saving time. arguably the most hyped in the last four or five years. number one lsu and bama had some issues in the kicking game. they missed from 44 yards wide right. they missed from 50 yards, that one, yes, wide right. third time is the charm, right, folks? >> no. >> wrong. that's the second kicker in for alabama who has the field goal blocked. and do you think that nick saban is happy about it? not so much. to overtime. this one from far too deep. over 50 yards and bama misses and lsu takes advantage and jefferson leads them down and bang, right through the uprights and that's how you do it, 9-6 lsuu number one in the country and a team to move into the number two spot, notably for oklahoma state. third ranked cowboys hosting kansas state in still water and what a game this was.
4:38 am
and tied at 45, late in the 4th, okay, state would answer. and joseph randall does it all himself. and 52-45 to the last chance, they blow two chances to tie it and time expires. the cowboys leakly move into the number two spot and leadi leading 502 yards passing for the cowboys. a dream come true for a gutsy 16-year-old. parker mcdonald, vail, colorado asked u.s. ski cup champion lindsey vonn to go to the dance with him. >> clayton: she said yes. the die, too nervous. >> dave: and vonn was speaking at parker school one day before the dance and got the courage. following the night. vonn says parker was cute and polite and she had to say yes. >> clayton: sweet of her.
4:39 am
>> alisyn: perfect. >> was that heart warming? and let's heart light it over to rick reichmuth. >> that's the best on the show except when you're cuddling with alisyn. guys, the marathon is here and you apparently like to run in temperatures where they are and so many people line up to support their runners out there, and of course, they have to get out to staten island and stand there for a couple of hours before they take off. 45 degrees as the race starts and moves through brooklyn, into queens up to the bronx, and finishing in central park around one o'clock for say, if you run a three and a half hour marathon which is pretty good. 53 degrees, winds not bad at all. humidity not an issue, so it's a good running day apparently. across the west where the activity has been. and we've had some very significant snow across some of the areas and a picture coming in to me from flagstaff, arizona getting the first big snow of the year, around six inches of snow falling there. and you never see that last at least, the sky never stays
4:40 am
cloudy, very long and you get the beautiful sky breaking through, thanks to the photo on twitter. keep sending your pictures. that storm moves into the northern plains and another one behind it, a series of storms, there's another one for later on this week, but we're going to see very heavy rain and snow today across parts of southern california and that system is it going to affect all of us, by the time we get to thursday as he trex across the u.s., a slow moving storm could be dealing with a severe weather outbreak on monday and tuesday, guys. >> alisyn: thank you, rick. >> clayton: coming up on the show he helped to moderate last night' tea party fundraiser between herman cain and newt gingrich. does congressman steven kenning think that one of them came out as a winner? we'll can him next. >> dave: call it a debate, clayton. >> clayton: no, i'm not calling if a debate? william and kate's new royal digs, does have it a nursery? we'll find out next.
4:41 am
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4:44 am
>> after the debate. the focus is usually on the best zingers or the best gotcha moments. >> dave: that was not the case in the debate between herman cain and newt gingrich. i'm supposed to have a minute to disagree with what he said, but i don't. >> that's only fair, i'm going to for the evening's purpose side step the temptation to discuss 999. >> as you can see, speaker gingrich and i are not afraid to talk about this. >> i hope you'll notice we have not played gotcha one time tonight. >> right. >> dave: joining us now is the moderator of last night' debate, iowa congressman steve king, good to have you on this morning, we can't get enough of what happened last night. >> good morning.
4:45 am
>> dave: a lot of people want you to draw a clear distinction between the guys you're running against, guys or gals. did this accomplish what you set out to last night? >> well, i'm sitting here smiling because i enjoyed it. the crowd enjoyed it. it got deeply into the entitlement discussion from the policy standpoint and look, matching up the two candidates that were there i think we learned first, there's a personal mag techl-- magnetism between them and they have a lot of depth and similar approaches and i characterize it kind of like muhammad ali versus joe frazier, newt gingrich has all of that deep experiences with the nuances of details and written a lot of material on it. herman cain comes from the business side and lays it down to fundamental principles and they did that in had a congenial way and without, as you heard, playing gotcha. so i thought it was very informative to the group there last night and it ended on a
4:46 am
happy, positive note, i think that everybody was substantially better informed and i would make it observation, also, that there was more discussion than dialog about the third rail issues of medicare, medicaid, and social security. than we've heard from the president of the united states in the last three years and it's time we had these discussions because we will fall off the cliff if we don't address the third rail issues. >> instead of debate, we might be seeing the forming of the ticket. these guys might join forces? >> well, you know, if that turns out to be the case, i could tell you they'll work together well and that's easy to see last night. there was not even an innuendo of a criticism of the other and i think that newt gingrich passed up a very, i think, an opportunity to leave herman out there kind of hanging on a question that herman passed it back over to, to the speaker and so, i think they'd work together well and the last
4:47 am
question, when herman cain asked the speaker what would be the first thing you would do as vice-president, that brought the house down. >> dave: the polls right now would indicate a cain, gingrich ticket unless newt could raise. the irony of what was happening in your state, not the debate where it was, in iowa we hear that the candidates have to be there and have to retail politics and meet with people face-to-face and herman cain and mitt romney the two frontrunners in the polls and state are ignoring iowa. once since mid august. is that okay with you and the people of the iowa or do they have to spend more time there? >> well, they have a lot of responsibilities and there are some 18 debates left in the year, something like that that are laid out for the candidates, but i think they have to spend time on the ground and they have to do their retail. one-on-one, and handshaking type of a campaigning, because if they don't, the other candidates on the ground, are doing that type of retail are building a network of
4:48 am
supporters that will bring others to the caucus that night and think of a night when it might be 20 degrees below zero, january 3rd and takes dedication and loyalty and i've seen this happen over and over again. when people meet a candidate and they like that candidate, that loyalty's built in. and that's true for the people that are working hard in iowa now and that's michele bachmann and rick santorum and others, but i've seen it happen for herman and the stops he's made and loyal supporters just for a single stop and that's also the case with speaker gingrich. >> given that the frontrunners are giving that kind of time, what is going to happen on january 3rd. >> that will happen a few months from now and i expect to herman cain in iowa and build that organization and that's clear, that doesn't exist to a significant extent today. and speaker gingrich understands this, too, and he's coming up in the polls, this'll invest more time in iowa and my prediction if i were advising their campaigns
4:49 am
and truthfully i like all of these candidates. it would be, i'd like to see every one of them involved in the government and the administration, after the election somehow. it's hard for me to choose between them all. i just have great respect for them all. >> thank you for joining us, congressman, a lot of us are telling the american people were the winners in last night' debate and congratulations on accomplishing that. we appreciate it. >> dave, i could say thanks to both of you. if we can see this pattern replicate itself across the country in this lincoln douglas style debate, it really does, it raises the image of politics and gets us deeper into the policy of the issues that helps us solve problems with the campaign. it's great and i congratulate the texas patriots. >> you're singing to newt gingrich's tune. congressman steve king, thanks so much. >> thank you very much. >> coming up, an innocent hug gets two middle schoolers to spend it. but, one of them here next, standing up for the right to hug it out.
4:50 am
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>> 53 minutes past the hour. time for quick headlines and this fox news alert. greek prime minister george papandreou announced he will resign. after the country's new coalition government is decided. today's cabinet meeting will be his last, he says. the announcement coming amid a massive financial crisis in greece, which is on the verge of going bankrupt. and william and kate decided on an official london apartment at kensington palace and can't move in until 2012 after remodeling is finished on the 20 room four story space, it will be tight, but they'll make it. >> sound like your place. thanks, ali. he says it was an innocent friendly gesture, a florida
4:54 am
student was suspended after a hugging a friend in the hallway. nice to see both of you. >> good morning, nice to see you. >> clayton: nick, take us through what exactly happened. >> okay. well, i was going to class and on my way to class i seen my friend so i gave her a hug, that's how people say hi in school, and so, after i gave her a hug i started walking back to the class and behind me i see-- i hear a voice call out hey come here, i turn around and see it's the principal. so he brought me and my friend and to the dean's office and then wrote us an iss. >> clayton: in-house suspension. you got suspended there. nancy, here is what the school's student handbook says about no hugging at the schools. students can receive a within day out of school suspension for kissing and students caught hugging or hand holding
4:55 am
can be suspended dean's detention or suspension. what was your reaction. >> nick was never in trouble before and to be in trouble for what we thought was an innocent you go had, i thought perhaps this rule pertains to inappropriate hugging or things that can lead to huggingment it because it didn't. did tonight concern me. >> clayton: what was your feeling after you learned you were suspended and resident principal called you ought. i didn't know you could get in trouble for a hug. every day at school i see people you go hadding and nobo nobody-- hugging aen nobody does anything and i thought it was a dumb rule. >> clayton: james wrote me from florida please quit bad-mouthing the banning of hugging, it helps prevent spreading of head lice in
4:56 am
schools. what do you say to that. >> i certainly never want to come across as going against the school board, that's not my focus. my focus is simply to adhere to the rules that are implied. if these rules are formulated, they need to be coherent with what the district policies are. the district's policies and school policies are conflicting. i realize that hugging can lead to other things and i like most parents are for this, but i feel a better way of implementing it where children don't think that something so innocent can be harmful. >> clayton: well said, nancy and nick. we appreciate you joining us and good luck to you. we want to know what the viewers think about this. e-mails us at and find me clayton morris on twitter. hugging policies at school, too much? let us know. parents angry after their 9th graders were given a sex
4:57 am
survey in class. did the teacher go too far there. a lot going on in schools. a special homecoming for troops and families in time for the holidays. we'll tell you about the emotional reunions when we come back. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. plus veggie nutrition. why settle for a one-note cereal? ♪ more, more, more... get more with honey bunches of oats 4 nutritious grains come together for more taste, more healthy satisfaction. get more with honey bunches of oats. and here's what we did today: supported nearly 3 million steady jobs across our country... ... scientists, technicians, engineers, machinists... ... adding nearly 400 billion dollars to our economy... we're at work providing power to almost a quarter of our homes and businesses... ... and giving us cleaner rides to work and school... and tomorrow, we could do even more. cleaner, domestic, abundant and creating jobs now.
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>> good morning everyone, it's sunday november 6th. i'm alisyn camerota. we start with a news alert. the prime minister of greece announced he will resign, this as the country is on the verge of bankruptcy. what it means for us and the world's economy. >> dave: wow. they're calling it the nondebate debate. and herman cain and newt gingrich supposed to go toe to toe. what happened after the debate that is grabbing the headlines. >> read the accounts and everything is in the story, we're getting back on message, okay. >> dave: what made the g.o.p. candidate so testy. a full debate recap ahead. >> clayton: an outrage after too personal. teenagers asked about the
5:01 am
birds and bees and then some. did they cross the line? "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ >> hello everyone, i'm julie andrews are you're watching "fox & friends." >> alisyn: oh, my gosh, julie andrews is going to be here. of music. she is so special and i had an opportunity to emcee an event the precipitation cess grace foundation awards and julie andrews got the life achievement award and she's know not a mere mortal. so talented and lovely. >> clayton: stick around for that. she'll be joining us on "fox & friends" in a short while. >> dave: and the latest on this debate or discussion or conversation between newt gingrich and herman cain in a few minutes, but some big news this morning. >> alisyn: we have some breaking news, let's get right to a fox news alert. the prime minister george papandreou announced he'll resign after the new coalition
5:02 am
government is decided. today's cabinet meeting will be his last. this announcement coming amid a massive financial crisis in greece which of course is on the verge of going bankrupt. a greek default could drag down larger european economies, particularly, italy and spain and portugal and ireland and could have a massive effect on the u.s. markets. we'll keep you posted what happens there this morning. we're learning new details about a man who threatened to open fire on a college campus in north carolina yesterday. police now say they shot rashad gardner in the leg before taking him into custody. the 24-year-old a former student at a state university and forced the campus-wide lockdown after showing up with an a. k 47 steel rifle. >> me and my roommate were inside. pow, pow, pow, i was like oh, pie god. >> all of a sudden i heard two gunshots and turned my tv down and i heard it again, and i
5:03 am
seen people were running. >> alisyn: scary. gardner now held on a $50,000 bond. no word why he came to campus with a gun. check out the video of damage after a series of earthquakes strikes central oklahoma. this home with food and clothes thrown everywhere, along with shattered glass on the floor. and this comes as a 4.0 tremor struck about 36 miles from oklahoma city overnight. and earlier yesterday, 5.6 quake hit the down of sparks. >> clayton: one of those lasted 45 seconds, can you imagine. >> alisyn: no, that would be scary. oklahoma has seen a bunch of small quakes in the last 24 hours and many businesses reported cracked walls and no reports of injuries. wisconsin and missouri reported feeling the shaking. and herman cain lashing out at the media last night. following the debate with newt gingrich and the g.o.p. front runner became agitated when he was asked about the sexual harassment settlement that haunted his campaign. >> don't even go there. can i ask a question?
5:04 am
>> no. we are getting back on message and end of story. back on message. read all of the other accounts, read all of the other accounts, what they're saying has been answered, end of story, we're getting back on message, okay? >> and cain also requested the reporter who asked that question be handed a journal code of et next. no word on whether he's right. activists in california and around the country came together for bank transfer day, we reported on it yesterday and the deal was to get as many people as possible to switch their money from the banks to nonprofit credit unions. >> this is the first time in my life i have he an ever seen like a real grass roots movement that seems like it has the ability to be consistent, be nonviolent and really affect change in a positive way. >> alisyn: the idea originally started when bank of america customers became angry over that $5 monthly debit card fee and the customer backlash
5:05 am
actually stopped the fee. you can make changes with peaceful protests, it turns out. those are your headlines. >> dave: very nice. check with rick reichmuth, who has a forecast, a marathon friendly one. >> yes, at least the northeast it's cool. across the west it's very much like winter and the central plains, right there. that's the front that stalled and stalled the next two or three days and tomorrow and tuesday, the threat for severe weather exists. this is the storm across parts of the west moving into southern california and the rain to san francisco overnight moving down the coast and about to move in to the l.a. basin. by tomorrow or late overnight tonight moves into ear arizona and utah and denver more snow and see the threat for severe weather monday and tuesday across parts of the southern plains and the lower mississippi river valley, including a few tornados. a second severe season and see
5:06 am
most in the spring, but a bit of a second season in the fall and we'll see that. and towards oklahoma, kansas, rain, we'll get two to three inches of it and just to the north. snow, three to six inches in eastern colorado supports of nebraska that's monday into tuesday so some changes for you, in the meantime, you'll see the warm air across the parts of the east, not warm air, but nice temperatures across the west and that continues and warm up. and a very nice, at least through weapons, across the eastern seaboard and that changes thursday and friday and the storm finally makes its way there. guys. >> thank you, there was time travelling last night in texas, back to 1858 to a simpler time when candidates weren't interrupted by commercials and didn't just deal in sound bites. icallyton objects to a lincoln douglas tile debate. >> dave: discussion. >> clayton: there was no
5:07 am
moderator, one, lincoln would speak for 60 minutes and the other person respond for 90 minutes and went on and reb rebuttal. this was moderated and a great discussion about the issue last night and washington post described them as almost it was cordial, a lot of joviality associated with this thing last night. it wasn't a debate and there were actually times when questions came up where each of them sort of backed off so as not to anger-- >> specifically gone after each other. >> clayton: specifically gingrich on the 999 thing. >> dave: thats with a the moment. i thought there was going to be a moment where we'd distinguish their differences, we did hear about medicare and medicaid, and the voters, a sense of what to do. and enough to model the social security and again, for me, yes, i need a little more distinction between why you're better and why you're different, but a lot of people like what happened last night. >> alisyn: instead of attacking each other, they did go after president obama.
5:08 am
yes, absolutely. >> we have today a president and compare him to ronald reagan who told the truth and the great book called the lessons he learned at general electric and compare reagan's ability to talk directly to the american people and make sense and have the american people move the congress, with the current president. this president is about as candid and accurate as bernie madoff in what he tells the american people. >> alisyn: now, i mean, comparing the president to a convicted felon who has ruined thousands of lives and some people say that was out of bounds. >> clayton: plays well to that audience and including the tea party audience, didn't mention of course, it was a tea party fundraisers, tickets to get in up to a thousand dollars there. and the interesting moments, one of the biggest moments came at the end of the discussion which was when each candidate got to ask the other candidate a question. >> dave: yeah. >> clayton: and newt gingrich asked herman cain what his biggest surprise has been so far in this race. take a listen.
5:09 am
>> the nitpickiness of the media. i expected to have to work hard, expected to have to study hard, but i did not realize the fly specking nature of the media. if there is a journalistic standard, a lot of them don't follow it and as a result, too many people get misinformation and disinformation. i thought, now, this is probably going to be taken the wrong way, but i did take political correctness school. >> now, too many people in the media that are down right dishonest, not all, but too many of them do a disservice to the american people. >> dave: now, critics would argue it's not exactly nitpicky about sexual harassment scandals, but appears to be a cain gingrich ticket and it could be on the top because newt is rising and 10 to 12, to 13%.
5:10 am
>> you saw that on the twer, if the debate was unfolding, i think we're seeing the future ticket and the president on the republican side. although newt gingrich also got a question from herman cain and here was his answer to his question. take a listen. >> if you were vice-president of the united states-- (laughter) >> what would you want the president to assign you to do first? >> studying my good friend dick cheney, i would not go hunting. [laughter] >> that i did not see coming. >> alisyn: that answer. >> dave: the one moment. see a jab at cheney. won't jab the guy next to you, but a jab at cheney, no pun intended. >> clayton: the story that a
5:11 am
lot of you have been writing about this, the controversial sex survey at a school in rio rancho. a 9th grade teacher decided on an anonymous survey, who did you last kiss, and are you sexually active. and as alisyn pointed out, who you last kissed, it's not anonymous. >> alisyn: and why the biology teacher needed this, to make sure that the kids had safe sex, and how diseases are spread. but some seem irrelevant. >> dave: with whom commonly sharing saliva, sharing of makeup, drinks, and et cetera. with whom do you share saliva.
5:12 am
i don't know if i'm down right confused. >> clayton: patricia, says, even though he's not asking for names, he can compare handwriting on the previous documents they wrote. >> i would look at the sex survey close to 5 to 10% hat est, my estimate at who was se come up close to 90%, my mom. the privacy will stay intact. >> dave: quickly, they did break federal guidelines by not asking permission from the parents and the school acknowledges fault in not asking for permission. >> clayton: they're investigating as well. talk about a strange comparison, reverend jesse jackson says the occupy protesters just like the civil rights movement and congressman alan west disagrees and we'll weigh in on that. >> alisyn: and herman cain and newt gingrich took it easy on each other in the debate.
5:13 am
how will it affect them in the polls? chris wallace is going to weigh in. he's next. ♪ when you pour chunky beef with country vegetables soup over it... you can do dinner. four minutes, around four bucks. campbels chunky. it's amazing what soup can do.
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5:16 am
>> a debate between republican rivals turned into an interesting discussion between herman cain and newt gingrich. instead of taking jabs at each other, they slammed the media and president obama. >> alisyn: so, does this buy them anything with voters? chris wallace, answering corps of fox news sunday joins us live from d.c., hi, chris. >> hi, guys. >> alisyn: what did you think the headlines was from this last night? >> i've got to say i didn't watch it and i don't know even if it was broadcast nationally, and quite francly i was watching the lsu-alabama
5:17 am
football game. >> alisyn: the guys, we got it out of you, chris. >> clayton: we all were. >> from reading the stories in the paper, i don't know that there were headlines. it was a good, civil discussion by these two and they agree on much more than they disagreed on. you know, the only thing i guess i'd say it's a little harder to do that if you've got eight or nine candidates on the stage, here you have the two, cain and gingrich and you know, that's a lot easier to have a civil discussion like that when there are just a couple of guys. you know, i think it plays to both of their strengths, gingrich is obviously, you know, just a wealth of knowledge on policy and talking mostly about entitlements and i'm sure that, you know, cain, first of all, has some interesting ideas. he's got a great personality, persona, and he must have been thrilled to have a congress about policy and not about personal issues at this point. >> clayton: yeah, we've seen as a result of some of the issues, where herman cain is
5:18 am
unfavor believes a have crept up a little in recent polls and sitting at the top. and although we've seen newt gingri gingrich. >> what do you think. >> he's a smart guy and the interesting they think is how unsettled the field is. romney holds steady in the low 20's. ron paul, our guest at the top of the hour, holds steady in the low teens, the other candidates are up and down and i think that republican voters are really struggling to figure-- >> ronald reagan isn't in this primary race and they're figuring out, one, who can get elected and who is conservative enough and not going washington if he becomes the next president. william f buckley used to say i will support the most koi koift-- conservative candidate who can get elected.
5:19 am
they are he a trying to figure out who this is. >> i know you didn't watch this thing, herman cain asked newt gingrich, what would be your first act as vice-president. >> i wouldn't go hunting and a shot at dick cheney. and would a cain-gingrich ticket make sense. >> they're two attractive, interesting candidates, i can think of stronger tickets and not sure that they both don't appeal to the same people. usually with the vice-president choice you're trying to get somebody who can shore up a weakness, obama when he picked joe biden was trying to appeal to white, blue collar workers in places like pennsylvania and may have helped him marginally with them. i'm not sure that, whether it's cain picking gingrich origin grinch picking cain, that they would necessarily, that one on the bottom of the ticket would help the one in top of the ticket in terms of
5:20 am
broadening the base. >> clayton: both from georgia. chris wallace and nice to see you, he's well rested from the football and the extra hour. >> let me quickly say ron paul and also, we're going to have a group of 100. this is interesting you've got a hundred members of congress saying make a deal to the super committee. we'll have a republican mike simpson and democrat, shuler, himself a former football player, talking about everything, entitlements, taxes, putting everything on the table. >> alisyn: interesting. >> dave: i guarantee, heath shuler was watching lsu-bama. >> alisyn: and aiming to fiend exactly when life begins. could a push in a dozen states have unintended consequences for people with infertility. we'll have a debate about that. >> clayton: and plus, elementary students on the ticket line? the fourth graders getting
5:21 am
lessons about protesting lesson from teachers. saying that students have no place taking part in it. ♪
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
>> when does life begin? that's the questions that voters in mississippi will tackle this week when they vote on a person hood amendment that will declare a fertilized emboro a legal person. similar initiatives are considered in a dozen other states. critics say this would have an unintended consequence of keeping millions of people from having children. leading the push parenthood, usa, and lee collins with resolve, the national infertility association of which i'm also a board member.
5:25 am
they join us for a fair and balanced debate. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> alisyn: lee, let me start with you, the personhood amendment in mississippi and other states is intended to prevent abortions, you say it could endanger fertility treatments, how so? >> let me start by saying that we at resolve are dedicated to families. i am passionate about my daughters and i'm passionate about the daughters and sons and grandchildren across the country, born thanks to the miracle of fertility treatment. >> alisyn: how does is that endanger endangered. >> the initiative looks simple, but effects are far reaching. neg that poses a risk to a mic microscopic embryo could potentially be a crime even helping people have babies. >> alisyn: hold on, let me bring in jennifer mason
5:26 am
because that's important. jennifer, obviously if it's endangering millions of people trying to have babies and build families, that doesn't seem in keeping with the spirit of this personhood amendment. tell us your thought. >> absolutely. well, the group i'm with is personhood, usa. as a woman who struggled with infertility off and on for years, i didn't wish to prohibit for women and unfortunately that's not what amendment 26 does. just this week, the mississippi center for public policy released a legal analysis of the amendment. and explained that amendment 26 will not ban any in vitro fertilization, it will only ban the destruction of human embryos the intentional destroying of human life. >> alisyn: that's good to hear for everyone struggling with infertility. during infertility treatment, sometimes embryos are disguarded. lee, what do you say about that? >> wiell, in the normal course
5:27 am
of ivf. embryos will be incubated for three to five days. during that time nonviable embryos will not survive and the same thing happens in nature. under amendment 26 there's no distinguishing that between that and the death of an adult, and that could be a crime, wrongful death or murder. >> jennifer your response to that. >> the mississippi center for public policy and several prominent mississippi attorneys say that's not the case. if you intentionally destroy or kill a human being that's all that will be affected by amendment 26. this is about human receipightst about fertility treatments. >> alisyn: lee, are you satisfied with that. the amendment won't touch fertility treatments. >> well, it's nice for personhood usa to say that, but that's not necessarily the way initiative 26 is going to develop.
5:28 am
there's no guarantee of it. doctors, are they going to want to stay and practice reproductive medicine with the threat of criminal prosecution hanging offer their heads for trying to help people have babies? no. they will leave and that's one in seven-- >> i'm sorry, we just let jennifer to hear her final thought on this. jennifer, do you fear that this will, different than what the creators of the amendment had hoped, that it will have the unintended consequence of somehow shutting down more fertility clinics around the country? >> it will not. as i said, thises a human rights amendment. this is about protecting all human life and i don't believe that women who are seeking fertility treatments, as i have in the past, are looking to kill the children that are conceived through those procedures. i think that women who are longing for a child will still be able to receive those fertility treatments and simply will be illegal to have an abortion or kill a child created through the ivf process. >> alisyn: we will invite our
5:29 am
viewers to weigh in on this. twitter ali at fox. thank you for coming in to debate that and see what happens on tuesday in mississippi. thank you, ladies. >> thank you. >> alisyn: reverend jesse jackson say that the occupy movement is the same as the civil rights movement. and inmates escape and it's what the prisoners do afterward that has people talking. [ male announcer ] where's your road to happiness? what ithe first step on that road is a bowl of soup? delicious campbell's soups fill you with vegetable nutrition, farm-grown ingredients, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's -- it's amazing what soup can do.
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5:33 am
♪ >> welcome back to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning. the question this morning, we're asking, is the occupy movement similar to the civil rights struggle? and the reverend jesse jackson seems to think so. >> dave: here is what he said while visiting occupy atlanta protesters this last week. >> it's go justice. it's about the american dream, about the hope that we all long for, 20 million americans in poverty, 50 million who have no jobs. that's a hardened civil rieght s problem. and more commitment to defend the poor and to deliver-- >> joining us to react. al v lt. colonel alan west.
5:34 am
can you hear us? what do you think about the comparison that jesse jackson made there. >> i think once again it's a weak attempt to deliver valid to the occupy wall street movement. you have to understand that dr. king stressed nonviolence and i think what you saw in oakland where it got violent and shut down one of the busiest ports in the united states of america, that's not something that dr. king would advocate. when you start talking about the fact that we have a 41% increase in food stamp recipients, 48.5% of americans are now on some form of government aid, that's come since inauguration day with this president and his poles, tax and regulatory policies causing to lose job. >>, but the occupy wall street people would say that that shows that jesse jackson is trying to point out. the growing lower class, about poor people and more people are on food stamps and what jesse jackson was saying, is that dr. king launched this poor people's campaign as
5:35 am
well. is there a poverty similarity? >> well, first of all, i think a lot of those folks out there with their ipads and iphones don't represent a lower class, a lower income. when you start talking about as we disagreed, alisyn with the policies, they should be protesting down in washington and not on wall street. when you look at the financial meltdown that occurred in 2008. you can trace it back 30 years to the community reinvestment act and the government decided they would get involved in the mortgage industry. furthermore, i don't see anyone going out and protesting fannie and freddie who are behind that cause instead of bank of america or no one is going out and protesting ge who paid 0% in taxes and 70% profit and shipping a lot of jobs overseas to china. >> clayton: to be fair, consumer. there was a number of occupy wall street protesters to went to jeffrey immelt's house to protest. >> i don't think you should go to a house, but we need to be
5:36 am
fair and look at policies more so than individuals. i want to get your take on this because, there was some criticism earlier on the political panel this morning that some democratic leaders, basically tried to co-on the movement and they saw a similarity with what jesse jackson was trying to do here, hitch his wagon to their star. do you agree or disagree? >> of course, you saw the president and minority leader nancy pelosi come out and embrace it. i think this is an opportunity on the political side of the house as we get ready to go to 2012 as a boost for the far left. we know that george soros, sciu, acorn, a lot of movement backing in occupy movement and the genuineness i would call into question as opposed to it being used as a political launching pad. >> dave: colonel, i don't know if you're watching the c-span debate between herman cain or newt gingrich. >> i think you know where i
5:37 am
was focused. >> dave: and who best among the g.o.p. candidates represent your conservative principles the best? >> well, first of all, last night i was at a gala for a homeless veterans shelter and of course i was also paying attention to the football games, but i think when you look at the candidates that are out there, you know, none, none right now really have gotten you wi my attention. we have to have someone who has the charisma and persona and ability to articulate our conservative messages against the president. >> alisyn: why don't you see that yet? and out of this crowded pack, why don't you see somebody you think who has the charisma as the conservative agenda? >> with he will-- well, i think you see welcome -- people within their comfort zones. this is going to be a tough election year and i think
5:38 am
that's what the american people are looking for and especially on our side of the aisle as well. >> clayton: colonel alan west who took his yacht to the show. thank you so much. >> oh, yeah. >> alisyn: it's nice, behind you. >> no, it's not. the occupy people would be mad at me if you say-- >> they may already be. thank you, congressman. >> happy veterans day. >> alisyn: breaking news, chaos in atlanta result in 20 occupy wall street protesters getting arrested overnight. it happened after a rally at a local park spilled on to the street and police have riot gear and body armor convening on demonstrators. a motorcycle police almost ran over a protesters. and in ohio, workers against lawmakers, coming to a vote. and collective bargaining passed in march union workers
5:39 am
gathered for a vote against the bill. it could play a role in next year's presidential election. listen to this, an inmate at a florida jail is released by accident. luis lopez was serving a one year sentence after three months told he could go free. he even questioned the guards before leaving. >> for some reason, i thought, why? but i went with what they said. and it's just heart breaking that i have to go back, leave my girlfriend. >> alisyn: lopez turned himself in voluntarily after his lawyer said a mistake had been made and he's serving time for his second dui among other offenses and the jail says the court accidentally issued papers for his release. >> clayton: good for him, he turned himself back in. >> alisyn: not easy to break back into jail. >> clayton: so the show "prison break". and these are fourth graders getting a lesson on protesting
5:40 am
from their teachers. and our next guest says why can't kids have a chance to be kids. >> and mary poppens, julie andrews here on the curvy couch with ali coming up. ♪ congratulations. congralations. today, the city of charlotte can use verizon technology to inspire binesses to conserve energy and monitor costs. making communities greener... congratulations. ... and buildings as valuable to the bottom line... whoa ! ... as the people inside them. congratulations. because when you add verizon to your company, you don't just add, you multiply. ♪ discover something new... verizon.
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5:43 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends," a class trip to the state capital for a group of wisconsin fourth graders lands them in the middle of a protest. take a look. ♪ >> never seen more excited children in my life.
5:44 am
wisconsin state representative vost joins us now to talk about it. representative, nice to see you. what was your response to hearing that the solidarity singers, attend the capitol rotunda every day around noon and sing in protest of scott walker they say they encouraged the kids to join the protest. >> the problem that we're seeing across this movement, clayton. as we've gone through the entire spring and summer in protest in wisconsin, we know that people are angry and i understand that, it's a small minority that's left, but they are radicalized and willing to do anything to try to get their point across and even using kids as props and i think that's exactly the wrong message you want to send to children and i think it's ironic that you're having on julie andrews, if you're a fourth grader you should be enjoying movies and as a child not a radical movement. >> clayton: as if the fourth
5:45 am
graders have any idea what they're singing and transpose lyrics and putting in scott walker's name. a lot of criticism of the teachers in the rotunda and they say they didn't realize that the protest was happening and the protesters sort of grabbed the kids and brought them in and the teachers thought it was a pep rally and didn't know, do you buy that. >> i think it's baloney, we've had occupy people across the state and protesters in the capitol every day all around the rotunda, there are banners which talk about solidarity and blasting governor walker and making unfounded accusations. fur he an an educator and you see the banners were protesters and people wearing radicalized things on t-shirts and don't realize you're part of a protest, you probably shouldn't be teaching the protesters you brought to the capitol. >> clayton: and asked about the affiliate in wisconsin should children be involved in the protests and children allowed to do this and the superintendent didn't have a
5:46 am
problem with it. then, apparently didn't even know about it and didn't alert the public about it, letting parents know for a little bit of time. what do you think the school should do, in response to this. >> well, first of all, it took almost three weeks for the superintendent to even acknowledge the fact that there was a problem. i think that's inherently difficult with the entire situation as well. no doubt about it, parents should be notified. if the children are taken to a protest and parents allow it okay. to do so without permission and once you realize you've committed a mistake cover it up as opposed to telling the parents, the wrong message to the fourth graders. take responsibility for your actions and stand up for what you believe in and admit if you've made a mistake. >> clayton: have you heard from angry parents. >> we have he a heard from parents angry across the state and make sure if the kids are brought here to the capitol or madison they can learn about state government not a radical protest movement.
5:47 am
hopefully it's not something that's going to happen again. >> clayton: we reached out to the school, several people in the school district. we should be clear we've not heard a response from them. representative, we appreciate you joining us this morning, thank you so much. >> thanks, i appreciate your time. >> clayton: you bet. coming up on the show, the dollar bill soon to be extinct. the government says it will save billions in favor of dollar coins that i hear exist, but i've never seen them. plus from the famous van trapp family to the princess diaries. americans love her on the screen. and one and only mary poppens herself. julie andrews is here next. >> you look so clean. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. plus veggie nutrition. why settle for a one-note cereal? ♪ more, more, more... get more with honey bunches of oats 4 nutritious grains come together for more taste,
5:48 am
more healthy satisfaction. get more with honey bunches of oats.
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5:50 am
>> she's a legend on the silver screen, television and of course on the stage. for years, julie andrews has
5:51 am
graced the arts with her talents. this week, she was honored by the princess grace foundation at the 29th annual princess grace awards gala which i had the pleasure of emceeing as well and joining me now is dame julie andrews, a pleasure to have you. >> good morning, my dear, how are you. >> alisyn: wasn't tuesday night glamorous. >> glamorous my goodness and lovely people. >> alisyn: wonderful team and a great cause you received the highest honor from the princess grace foundation and it's all to celebrate the arts and keep them alive particularly in the dire economic times. that's what i spoke about that night. said how important they are, and without the arts we would be a sad society. >> alisyn: and this is will the 10th anniversary of a movie that is still beloved by everyone, princess diaries. >> amazing it's already ten years, i can't believe that. >> alisyn: let's just show a little clip when you were the queen and told ann hathaway
5:52 am
that she is a princess. >> okay. >> yeah, sure, my father was the prince of genovia. you're joking. >> why would i joke about something like that? >> no, no, 'cause if he's really a prince then i'm-- >> exactly, you're not just amelia, you're amelia nina, glennaldi princess of genovia. >> me, a princess? shut up! [laughter] >> classic. and that's great, it looks like so much fun, do you have a favorite role that you've played? >> oh, now, gosh. quite a few, i think is the truthful answer. i mean, i loved doing victor victoria and i loved sound of music of course and how could you not love mary pop ps--
5:53 am
poppins. >> and one i enjoyed thoroughly modern millie and she was so innocent and gullible and naive. >> i have twin girls who are obsessed with the sound of music and they suggested a question for you. they wanted to know what a few of julie andrews favorite things are. >> oh, my, that's easy. not in any particular order. >> alisyn: yes. >> peanut butter, crunchy. my garden, roses. my lovely two puppies that i adore and bringing great joy to me at the moment. >> alisyn: what are their names. >> names are buttons is the little girl and barney is the guy. and my kids of course, and my grandkids of very much among my favorite things. >> alisyn: i bet. that's so wonderful. well, speaking of your children, your daughter, emma walton hamilton is here with
5:54 am
us and i want to bring her in now. >> come on. >> alisyn: because you have been collaborating and you're both writers and authors, emma, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> alisyn: your latest book together is the very very princess takes the stage. i see that royalty and princesses have been a recurring theme. >> it has this week kickly. >> alisyn: yes. >> i mean, william and kate are out there doing good work. >> doing good work this week and prince albert and lovely bride were there on tuesday night and i tell you, our book is out and there'll be another one out next year. >> alisyn: and why is it so timeless? >> welcome, he think that every little girl, especially, and probably quite a few little boys, too, really admire the grace, the elegance and the wonder of royalty and imagine that it must be just everything to live up to. but i -- the thing that we hope to celebrate with these
5:55 am
books is the good work that they all also do. and we've seen with kate and william, how hard they've been out there working with u.n.i.c.e.f. and all the organizations they support and believe in so what we try to do is celebrate inner sparkle as well as outer sparkle. >> alisyn: that's really nice and your books focus on that, if you recall there was a bit of a princess backlash, and mothers were saying maybe we don't want to feed our daughters the prince on a white horse rides in and saves the day. >> and very much we're not-- we're definitely not. this little girl has her socks about her ankles and just is convinced inside she feels special and the theme of the book, really, is she feels a certain sparkle inside that makes her feel special and she says to everybody else, what makes you sparkle? and you have to let your sparkle out. >> yes. >> and share it with the world. >> alisyn: that's a great message. it doesn't really take a tiara. you can just have that inside.
5:56 am
it's such a pleasure to be with both of you. >> thank you. >> alisyn: the books are wonderful. and we should mention you have another one coming out. >> we do, coincidentally with that we'll launch national princess week, the 22nd will be arrival of the third boo being our big push for princess week. >> we hope to celebrate the inner sparkle of every child. >> alisyn: and dame julie andrews and emma watson hamilton. >> thank you, thank you. >> dave: very nice. they spared each other, but did take shots at the president and won't believe who newt gingrich compared president obama to. that's at the top of the hour and plus, you have to take a look at this video. a humpback whale nearly clobbers and swallows a surfer in california and some think it's fake and the video is real and the woman who shot it
5:57 am
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>> alisyn: good morning, everyone, busy sunday morning, here, it is november 6th, i'm alisyn camerota and we start with a "fox news alert" for you, the prime minister of greece has just announced that he will step down. the massive impact that could have on our economy, and the rest of the world. >> dave: they are calling it the nondebate-debate and newt gingrich and herman cain were supposed to be slamming each other and, what happened after the debate is grabbing headlines. >> read all the other accounts. it has been answered. and we are getting back on message, okay? >> dave: what made the g.o.p. candidate so testy and why many of you loved what you saw, last night. >> clayton: another piece of incredible video, to show you, watch this: up close and personal, a surfer gets that... can you imagine? a whale pops out of nowhere and the woman who caught it on camera is sharing her story with us live and i want to know why
6:01 am
there was no yelling at all. >> alisyn: they were paralyzed with fear. >> clayton: fox and friends, hour four, starts now, a whale hour four, starts now, a whale of a tale! captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> alisyn: you have to get up early around here to be first with the puns david throw in. >> clayton: and our floor director said it was a whale of a good time, and somebody already beat you to it. >> dave: outstanding video, though, how do you not yell and scream? they knew the whales were ought there and they made a certain sound to attract them to it. >> alisyn: it worked. >> dave: and the woman who shot the video, coming up in a bit. what she was thinking and hearing from that perspective. >> alisyn: right to your headlines, update on a "fox news alert," we have been following. government officials in greece are now saying they are close to reaching a deal on a proposed coalition government. we told you earlier, the greek
6:02 am
prime minister, george papandreou says now he will resign, once the unity government is formed. and, the announcement coming amid the massive financial crisis in greece which is on the verge of bankruptcy and a greek default could drag down larger european economies, and, in particular those of italy and spain, and they are so vulnerable, as well as troubling portugal and ireland. it could also have a massive effect here on u.s. markets. check out the new video of damage after a series of earthquakes strikes central oklahoma. this home, with food and clothes thrown all over the place. along with shattered glass on the floors. and it comes as a 4.0 tremor struck 36 miles from oklahoma city, overnight. earlier yesterday, a 5.6 quake hit the town of sparks, and oklahoma has seen a bunch of small quakes the last 24 hours and many businesses reporting cracked walls and there are still no reports of injuries, wisconsin and missouri reported also feeling the shaking. herman cain giving the media a
6:03 am
piece of his mine following his debate with newt gingrich. the g.o.p. front-runner became annoyed when he was asked about the sexual harassment allegations that have haunted his campaign. >> don't even go there. >> can i ask my question? >> no. we are getting back on message. end of story. back on message. read all of the other accounts. read all of the other accounts, where everything has been answered. in the story. we are getting back on message, okay? >> dave: cain also requested that the reporter who asked that question be handed a journalistic code of ethics. it is beginning to look a lot like christmas, crews in northern california did the honor of cutting down the u.s. capital's christmas tree and later today the 65 foot white fir will be boxed up on put on display, part of a nationwide tour, this is tickling clayton. >> clayton: you know why? it reminds me of national
6:04 am
lampoon's christmas vacation and you open up and a squirrel will shoot out. >> alisyn: it is scheduled to arrive november 28th and will be lit up, december 6th. and, by the way, 39 shopping days left until christmas. >> dave: can you believe that? >> alisyn: i hope you guys are on it for me. >> clayton: 49? guys will wait until 48. >> alisyn: 48 days from now. >> rick: on the afternoon... >> dave: good shopping weather, get out there. >> rick: there you go, sounds awful, but a good day for it. a lot of the east coast looking good. cool, feels like fall, very, very clear skies and the troubles in the west, where the dividing line is there, across the plains, where you need to continue to -- you will continue to see severe weather fire the next couple of days and the big story, not much going on across the east, but across the west, a storm moved into central california and that is going to continue pulling into southern california and l.a. seeing the rain showers. the next 48 hours, the storm really develops tonight in across arizona and utah, and by
6:05 am
tomorrow afternoon, we start to see it move in across parts of new mexico, and denver seeing significant snow again, and, right there, those darker colors, oranges and reds, those are severe weather that will fire in across parts of oklahoma and texas, tomorrow. by tuesday, just moves a little bit farther towards the east and we could be dealing with a threat for tornadoes and needed rain, though, we'll get over the next few days, across oklahoma and texas, that is good and you will see significant snow, accumulating across kansas and nebraska by the time we get to tuesday as well. all right, guys. >> clayton: thank you so much, rick reichmuth and let's turn our attention to texas last night, suburb of houston, of course, thinking most people in the south were paying attention to what is happening with the big game but there was a nationally televised debate or whatever you want to call it. hur herman cain and newt gingrich sat down in large chairs and discussed issues and, moderated
6:06 am
by iowa senator stephen king and they said they played too nice last night. >> dave: here's one such headline, you read in "the daily beast" this morning, and it says, cain and gingrich team up. a lot of the way it felt, if you watched the c-span debate which i unfortunately did. no, it was good. a lot of you are e-mailing us and saying, there weren't gotcha moments an jabs and it was substantive and they stuck to policy and the criticism, you want to see candidates distinguish their differences. why they are better and different. >> alisyn: i predict that will come. and, it was a throwback to... yesteryear because there were no commercial breaks, no snappy sound bite and they each were funny, but people -- >> no sounds cutting you off, bing! >> alisyn: and they got to lay out their plans and because they didn't go after each other they had an opportunity to go after
6:07 am
president obama which newt gingrich seized at this moment. >> we have today a president, compare him to ronald reagan. a great book, lessons reagan learned at general electric and compare his ability to talk to the american people and make sense and have the american people move the congress. with the current president, this president is about as candid and accurate as bernie madoff in what he tells the american people. >> clayton: it is an interesting quote, because, that is what the white house is trying to do right now, which is to say i put forth my jobs bill and republicans haven't done anything on it and of course they have voted on parts of it. but that is what the president is selling to the american people, will he be able to move congress, and what newt gingrich was referring to... >> alisyn: but obviously the white house would push back on being likened to a convicted felon, one of the most reviled in the history of our country. >> clayton: you think? >> alisyn: yeah, i do. people wonder if that comparison
6:08 am
was out of bounds. >> dave: sure. some felt and i did it may have laid the foundation for a cai cain-gingrich, gingrich-cain ticket and, newt gingrich would be on top, and, the moderator of the debate, the congressman from iowa, talked about how the candidates are similar. listen: >> i think we learned first there is a personal magnetism between the two of them, and what it start out was, they both have a lot of depth and a lot of the similar approaches, but i characterize that, kind of like, muhammad ali versus joe fraser. newt gingrich has all of the deep experience with the nuances of the details, and, he's written a lot of material on it, and herman cain comes from the business side and lays it down to fundamental principles and they did that in a convene yell way and without, as you heard, playing gotcha. >> dave: i want to mention one thing, the congressman talks about the magnetism between them and they have a relationship going back to 1995, they worked
6:09 am
closely together, when herman cain was the head of the restaurant association, and, newt was the speaker and they had a close working relationship. >> clayton: going after bill clinton's health care initiative. the viewers weighed in on the fund-raiser/debate last night and you wrote this, here's a tweet. the voters are sick of jabs. we want to know what their positions are, and not how they can get the best jab line of the night. >> alisyn: next, herman and newt are examples of what america needs, intelligent states men. >> clayton: another one, about time the general public is getting tired of the mitt and rick smack down and we have more of that, probably coming up in the next debate in michigan. >> alisyn: next we need to talk about the donor bill may go tow way of the dodo bird. >> clayton: and can save money by getting rid of paper bills and moving to more efficiently using those coins, the dollar
6:10 am
coin. >> dave: just a lot of money, but five-and-a-half billion dollars, over 30 years, could be saved because as clayton point out the coins stay in circulation for decades, not three years like the dollar bill. what do you think of it. >> alisyn: i hate it. >> dave: can you imagine a pocket full of heavy dollars. >> alisyn: my purse is already so heavy, i don't need to carry around excess metal. you know... >> but, play this other side of it, if it saves that much money, couldn't you handle using coins, like the europeans do, the euros, they use all of those coins over there. >> alisyn: i don't know, 5.5 billion over 30 years, doesn't sound like much to me anymore. >> dave: sad, but you are right. >> alisyn: after kim kardashian's wedding it doesn't sound like much. >> clayton: exactly. >> dave: a rounding error. >> clayton: how much money we lost, a counting error and lost $8 billion in iraq, couldn't find it. >> dave: and how about making the dollar bill more durable, go
6:11 am
overseas and some of the dollar bills you can't rip, they are waterproof. combh why can't we make them tougher and durable. >> clayton: i love the humor of our viewers, there are no fewer than 30, 40, 50 different tweets, what about the nightclubs. >> dave: nightclubs. >> clayton: i'll leave it there. >> dave: first reaction, full disclosure, i e love our viewers are on the same wavelength. >> alisyn: gosh! you guys. it is sunday morning. >> dave: it is a big industry. >> clayton: on the show... >> alisyn: coming up, he's known that's kingmaker and his endorsement would be a big deal for any candidate. so, what has virginia senator jim demint decided, who will he endorse? mark thiessen broke the story. he's joining us next. >> clayton: a surfing day and, the girl in the bikini and that happens.
6:12 am
whoa! >> clayton: the woman who shot the video will join us live, coming up. [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8.
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6:15 am
call or click today. >> dave: big news, folks, in the g.o.p. presidential race this morning. virginia senator jim demint is known as the king-maker and his endorsement would be a huge deal for any candidate. >> alisyn: he has made a decision and former speech writer to president george w. bush, mark thiessen is here with the story, who will be endorsed. >> his is probably the most coveted endorsement of the 2012 election and is the most popular senator in south carolina, one of the key primary states and,
6:16 am
also, he's a hero to national conservatives, for his efforts to elect marco rubio and rand paul in the last election and he said he made a decision and he's not going to endorse anyone. >> alisyn: what! >> in the 2012 election. >> let me play devil's advocate. someone in ohio, someone waking up and saying, what do i care? does it matter? >> well, i think it matters to -- certainly matters in south carolina, that is a key primary state, and, it matters there and certainly matters to a lot of conservatives who care what jim demint thinks, but he has made the decision for two reasons, one, he is going to focus his efforts during the next year on something very important, which is electing five or eight more marco rubios to the u.s. senate and, hopes to transform the senate and make it conservative, but, second of all, by not endorsing somebody, he's not beholden to anybody and if the next republican president is elected he's free to hold the
6:17 am
candidate's feet to the fire and make sure they follow through on promises they made, cut spending and keep taxes low and get the deficit and debt under control. and, if he has a senate with 5 or 8 more marco rubios in there he can help the president do the right thing and if not hold them to account. >> dave: isn't it a safe decision, a, he doesn't have to pick a loser, and, b, doesn't have to pick someone like a mitt romney, who would clearly infuriate maybe supporters, because he is not as conservative as jim demint, more many of his supporters. >> i don't think he's worried about infuriating anybody and has so much credibility and support among the conservative grassroots, but, it is a real blow to mitt romney, because, he did endorse him last time around. >> clayton: i'm glad you brought that up. this is what is -- i was going to ask you, he endorses him, 2008 and, maybe less refined candidate then and has essentially been rung for five years, and, certainly hone and
6:18 am
refined now. >> dave: running to the right of where he was. >> clayton: and shifted policies and positions and maybe more in line with diment. what changed? >> i think what diment said is that this is a different election with different sets of candidates and a different time in our history. and, he said he would be perfectly willing to support him, and will work hard for whoever the republican from knee is and any of these people would be better than barack obama and will be happy to support any of them in the general but wants to focus on something that is critically important, which is getting 5 or 8 more real hard-core conservatives like marco rubio and rand paul and mike lee elected to the senate and it would only distract him from the mission. >> alisyn: last night, obviously, the tea party debate happened, down in texas. we have been hearing and talking about how it wasn't a debate, it was a conversation between herman cain and newt gingrich. what did you take away from it. >> it was a fascinating conversation and we knew that
6:19 am
newt gingrich could hold his own and, we learned herman cain can talk about the issues for 90 minutes and the lincoln-douglas debates were actually debates and they disagreed on substantive issues and having people agree for 90 minutes is not exactly a great debate. >> clayton: hallelujah. >> and newt was given a chance to criticize the 9-9-9 plan and he said, we'll do it on hannity in a few weeks. >> clayton: thanks for joining us, great to see you. thanks. >> thanks, take care. >> alisyn: coming up, you'll see this incredible video, a crash-landing, a chopper smacks down right into a home. >> dave: and these ladies, from "deal or no deal" this morning are dropping the briefcases to show us how to get in shape. >> alisyn: well, she has shrunk to half her size.
6:20 am
>> in and out, in and out, good job! look at her go! feel the burn!
6:21 am
6:22 am
6:23 am
>> clayton: quick headlines now for you, army officials in afghanistan announcing the capture of rasheed ahmed ahshad, a well-known facilitator in the hawwani network and aided hawwani by moving weapons and drugs, from afghanistan and it could be a big break, looking at a knife that police say may have been used by jack the ripper. the 6-inch blade reportedly discovered in a stash of stuff that longed to welsh surgeon, sir john williams, one of several suspects in an historic
6:24 am
1888 killing spree, and he fled and looks like a family member may have turned him in. >> alisyn: who can miss their rocking bodies, carrying the sleek metal briefcases on "deal or no deal" and who wouldn't like to look like one of these ladies. >> dave: not me. and, now is your chance. the models of the hit show have a workout dvd and here to show us moves are patricia, who held case number 9 and, alika, case number 20 and a remember you both from the show. >> alisyn: where are your briefcases? >> dave: do you make an appearance in the tight dress... >> they lost is at the airport. >> alisyn: luckily you are here and will help us get into shape if, perhaps, we have fallen off the fitness wagon. how do you get on. >> real moves, anything to get you active and get you going and we can demonstrate something. >> alisyn: and high heels, i really never take them off.
6:25 am
>> we have one, we can do this, a warm-up, start with your ankles and do the pelvis now, women and their heels need it for your lower back, loosen you up and you can join in. >> dave: just for the ladies? >> no! anyone with lower back problems and, women who wear high heels, especially. you start out and move around, go to the left and move around. >> dave: already regretting this! >> alisyn:y look so great, doing that. join in. >> dave: i do, i feel it! >> alisyn: i could work out every day if this is what it is. what next. >> there is cardio and with cardio you want to breathe and it gets your heart pumping, a really important thing and basically we have something we'll do, and it is good, come home and tired and, punch 'em
6:26 am
out, punch 'em out. you know? >> look at that! >> dave, get in front of me. >> dave: you know how it is... just kidding! >> alisyn: come on, you guys can join in. your next move. >> now, rung in place. -- running in place. and, anyone obviously can do this. it's not ha hard. it is very easy. and we have quick feet. >> dave: what else you got. i remember in the football. >> and do you guys all work out together during the show. >> yes. we did. >> alisyn: you were really friends. >> yes, we are friends. >> dave: where can we find the defendant?
6:27 am
>> amazon, al-- >> dave: thank you, both and thanks for warming us up, clayton, what is coming up, man? >> clayton: well, praying i did last night paid off, thanks, guys. coming up, here on the show, talk about a close en cu-- encounter, a surfer almost swallowed by a humpback whale, and, the woman who shot the video, joins us live and, how the team's dream has come true. ♪ [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery? ♪
6:28 am
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>> clayton: welcome back -- >> welcome back, everybody. >> alisyn: you may have can you tell us off guard, now. >> clayton: i was looking for my mustache. >> alisyn: i know. >> dave: on backwards. it is daylight savings, everything is off. >> alisyn: i found it. i found what i was looking for. and we want to give you a movember update. >> clayton: mustache movember.
6:32 am
how much have the guys raised? when do the mustaches look like, team burt reynolds raised how much so far? trying to grow mustaches all november. and, right now, this is the team, burt rent colds, $730, and, $2.4 million nationally. >> alisyn: good. let's watch the team as they grow their mustaches. >> clayton: i should mention, the folks who made it, where was it made from, again? whisker works, actually modeled it after geraldo's. >> dave: that is not bulky enough, his has more substance to it. >> alisyn: and i look good with a mustache. don't weigh in, peanut gallery. see how the team, burt reynolds hates cancer are doing during their first week, shall we? >> clayton: or not... >> could make a difference.
6:33 am
>> clayton: called movember. >> alisyn: mustache. >> clayton: where thousands of men and women all over the world let their upper lips run wild in the name of charity. >> oh, yeah. mo, mo... movember, mo, mo... mo, mo, mo... ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> clayton: here's what their mustaches look like now, after the first week, take a look at this: here's kyle in the movember team, they will be joining us. >> alisyn: that was before, on the left and now, a week later, that is his sort of mustache... >> clayton: a week?
6:34 am
>> dave: you should see clayton, he looks like that by 4:00 this afternoon, i shaved this morning. >> alisyn: look at this one. that is a good one, nice. um ...... >> dave: we'll have a little trouble... >> clayton: i am shocked by this. why am i cursed with the... >> dave: werewolf. >> alisyn: and another funny thing, movember team does, they all have to answer the phone, mustache instead of hello and if you are caught not answering "mustache" you have to pay money to the other team. >> dave: genius and they are supporting prostate cancer and other male cancer initiatives and help them out, gomobro on twitter and find the web site for the national initiative at >> alisyn: that is geraldo's. >> clayton: and we have an update every week on "fox & friends." thanks to them. now, your headlines, and a "fox
6:35 am
news alert." we are learning new details, this morning about a man who threatened to open fire on a college campus in north carolina. police say they shot him threatening before taking him into custody yesterday, a former student at elizabeth city state university forced a campus wide lock down yesterday, after showing up with an ak-47-style rifle, and he is now held on $50,000 bond, no word on why he came to campus with a gun. >> alisyn: one person is dead and two are fighting for their lives after an explosion leveled a home in connecticut in the town of coventry and the blast reportedly was felt up to a mile away. but, by the time the rescue crews got there, the home was engulfed in flames and a possible propane tank explosion may be to blame, nips of victims have not been released and frightening in west palm beach when a helicopter crashed into a house and authorities say the pilot lost control of the chopper and prepared for a crash
6:36 am
landing. no one on the ground was hurt an pilot an co-pilot are expected to be okay. the faa investigating what went wrong. and, what a gutsy move, he had lindsay son to go to the homecoming dance with him and, she was speaking at parker's school and she said he was cute an polite and she said yes. those are your headlines. there is a lesson in there for every geeky young boy... >> clayton: i wish the internet existed when we were going to prom. >> dave: who knows, man. >> clayton: who knows who we could have roped in. >> dave: i hope your prom date didn't hear that. >> rick: all right, look, at what we have going on, the marathon, guys, kicks off, the men start in an end, what is it, 9:36, four minutes, 44°. so, pretty nice one, lots of sunshine, not a cloud in the sky, almost anywhere in the east coast, and move forward, the
6:37 am
race runs through brooklyn and queens and the bronx, finishing in central park, and, running a three-and-a-half hour marathon, pretty good time, will be 54°, at that point. how many more weeks can we sneak out fall pictures, this is in virginia, across the central appalachians, and keep the pictures coming as long as we can and we'll have to move into snow pictures, unfortunately. speaking of snow, a big storm is moving in across parts of the east and in the meantime -- excuse me, the west and the east looking great, cool, but great today, and little bit of rain across texas and oklahoma will be tonight and it moves in, as the system really develops out across parts of the west. but, will be rain and snow across southern california, today, tonight, moves into arizona, new mexico, and, colorado and utah, and, a big storm there, again, for denver. and, guys, we're starting to look at the threat for severe weather tomorrow, and tuesday, including the threat for tornadoes across places like
6:38 am
texas, oklahoma and arkansas and maybe missouri as well, and we'll watch that, as we start the work week, back to you, inside. >> alisyn: thank you, rick. we have your mustache in here. >> rick: thanks. >> alisyn: coming up, should atheists be able to lead a christian organization? vanderbilt university is about to make a decision on the controversial religious policy and father john has an update and will weigh in next. >> clayton: and, dave and i are busting a major myth, the shocking answer, who likes to cuddle more, men or women? dave has been researching it for weeks. >> dave: years, my friend, and, watch out for that whale! a close call for one surfer, off the coast of california, the woman who caught the up close and personal encounter, on video. joins us, next. >> clayton: and, viewers writing us on this. >> dave: that is legit, my friends. congratulations.
6:39 am
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>> alisyn: an update on a story we have been following for you. this week, board members at vanderbilt university will meet to discuss a very controversial religious policy. >> clayton: earlier this year the school enacted a school, they must allow a person of any faith to lead their group even if the faith doesn't match the rest of the organization, joining us is religion contributor and author of "god wants you happy", father jonathan morris. what do you make of this? >> i don't have to explain why that is controversial. the whole issue of allowing somebody who is of the christian faith, to be or really, forcing a religious group to allow someone with a christian faith to be the head of a muslim organization, for example, and is outer rages and srageous, ann the seat of absurtidy. >> alisyn: however, that is vanderbilt's policy and, a
6:43 am
priest at vanderbilt is leading the charge to get the policy changed. >> this is vanderbilt catholic, in other words, a catholic organization at vanderbilt, a big organization with lots of apart from parents an alumni and they are saying, hey, administration, even though you didn't catch us, be sure to know we are not in compliance with this policy. and, going to the point of, this is father baker, very good man, down at nashville at vanderbilt, saying, we will not be able to run our catholic organization if you are telling us that we have to allow someone of another faith to be in position of leadership of our group. that goes against basic constitutional rights, basic common sense. and, i'm sure lots of other groups are going to stand up and say, you know, board of trustees, meeting there on wednesday, think with a little bit of common sense, and religious tolerance. >> clayton: and tolerance is the
6:44 am
buzz wore, rigd, and they are i trouble trying to elevate tolerance to this level. >> they say it is about a nondiscrimination policy and it will not work. students will be at 12 noon, central time, will be on the steps of the administration, main building while is the board of trustees is meeting wednesday and thursday and this is not "occupy vanderbilt" but they will be praying. they will be praying for religious freedom and will be praying for the common sense to win out in this case. >> alisyn: obviously it will get the attention of officials and board mention. what do you think will happen. >> i hope lots of alumni and donors write in and say, really? is that who we are? what it means to be respectful and to be tolerant? or is there such a thing as real diversity, on vanderbilt's campus in which religious organizations are allowed to be who they are? >> alisyn: interesting stuff, we'll see what happens, this
6:45 am
week. >> a great story, bigger than just vanderbilt, a question of our country standing up and saying, do we have freedom to worship or real religious liberty. >> alisyn: thanks for explaining it to us so well, great to see you. >> clayton: coming up, shock of a lifetime for a surfer when a massive whale pops out of nowhere. watch this... filming someone in a bikini when this happens. and she caught it on camera, like 5 feet away, and she'll share her story next and for the viewers who think it is fake, just wait.
6:46 am
6:47 am
6:48 am
6:49 am
>> alisyn: 48 minutes past the hour, time for quick headlines, an american man who went missing in laibya is now back on americn soil, matthew van dyke was captured while fighting alongside libyan rebels and spent five months in a prison before being freed by the rebels and kim kardashian divorce report... tmz saying that kim plans to buy her wedding ring, from her soon to be ex-husband, chris humphries. the ring, her engagement ring, just a modest 20.5 carats, and, also reportedly worth about $2 million. a steal. >> dave: i don't think he paid full price for that, do you. >> clayton: something tells me he didn't. there is an invasion of humpback whales in santa cruz, california, recently and it attracted strains of curious people and a surfer got more than she bargained for, sitting a quarter mile from shore, and watch this:
6:50 am
>> dave: amazing video. shot by barbara roetggert, and he was filming, while kayaking with a friend and joins us on the phone from palo alto, california. good morning to you, barbara. thanks for being with us. >> caller: you're welcome. >> dave: a lot of people are seeing the video and say it cannot be real. it is, correct? >> caller: it is very real, yes, i was shooting with a telephoto tow and it was close, maybe 202:5 feet from me, but, yeah. >> clayton: so, it was a little bit further... a few feet further than you thought, because you have a telephoto tow lens on and you are a little further back and still, what was your response and i hear one beep, a swear word, but you aren't saying anything that's
6:51 am
whale is sitting next to you? >> caller: well, whale, i had been out a few times earlier in the week and was able to observe their behavior, and, when they do that lung fee feeding, cominp and straight back down, i recorded some earlier and more aggressive behavior, and, when i reviewed my videos, there was a lot duplicative and so i knew to be quiet. and have a nice shot i could share. >> dave: conventional wisdom says you don't want to go near the whales jumping out of the water but from what i understand people are on surf boards and the canoe and paddle boarding and a lot of people want to get close and have no fear of these enormous whales. >> caller: pretty stupid. it is -- you know, you want to see -- usually when the whales come by, santa cruz, it is a migratory thing, point a to point b and this is different,
6:52 am
none of us have had experience where they were sticking to the area because the anchovies were there and it was easy to access them and, we didn't take into consideration, that their feeding area is probably a quarter mile square and we legally needed to be 100 yards away from that, but no, you know, curiosity got the best of us, and, we were closer than we needed to be. >> clayton: i have to ask you, because everyone keeps focusing on the girl in the bikini, and the guys, behind, apparently and you say these guys, who were hope to kayak were staring at the girl in the bikini and didn't see the whales, because they were preoccupied by the girl in the bikini. >> caller: i have not been in contact with them, it is a husband and wife and the husband, had his eye on the gal, and his conversation says, i never paddled out that far.
6:53 am
>> clayton: did you see the humpback whale behind you? no, i was looking at the bikini-clad woman! >> caller: it was gone and by the time, he turned around, he just saw the seagulls, trying to get the leftover anchovies. >> dave: were you squared. >> caller: yes, i was, it is over in a second, and 2 or 3 minutes go by and we were looking at the birds, trying to see where they would congregate and they could see the anchovies better than we could and, we pointed our cameras in the area. >> clayton: evidence anchovies are delicious, any way look at it. >> caller: i was actually filming the gal on the surf board, because the waters are cold year around in santa cruz and we call it -- when you come out in a wet suit, and i looked at her, without a wet suit and... >> clayton: even in the summer in california the water is cold
6:54 am
there. >> caller: yes. the 50s, for sure. >> dave: barbara, thanks for getting up early with us, all is we "whale" that ends "whale". i didn't write that. that was handed to me. >> clayton: coming up, here on the show. more "fox & friends." i love our floor director, dave, wrote that. [laughter]. >> dave: return to sender. we'll see you in two minutes. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole gin oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios.
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6:57 am
>> alisyn: all right, ladies, turns out men have been keeping a dirty little secret from us for all of these years. you know who likes to cuddle the most? it is not women. it is these guys! they they're cuddlers, we have learned from a new survey. >> clayton: the research... oh, it is true, 32% of women don't like to cuddle. 50% of them would rather sleep,
6:58 am
don't want to be cuddled with. >> dave: 36% of men complain of it lack of cuddle time and sometimes i find myself in that 36%. >> alisyn: you are a big enough man to admit it. >> clayton: remind us of the montage we put together, and we put it together because it reminds us of it. >> i'm snuggly, you're not. >> who wouldn't want to snuggle up next to the business, on a sunday morning, and it is rainy outside and there are a muffins warming in the oven... >> take it slow? >> this is nice. >> yeah. >> whoa! >> no. >> no. no, no, no. >> clayton: you know what that leads to.
6:59 am
just about to cuddle. >> alisyn: right. >> clayton: here's tweets, this morning, this comes to us from cuddlewinnington -- no, it is klbrewington. >> dave: cuddling is a season-specific, more cuddling in the fall and winter. >> alisyn: my homebuildubby lov cuddle. it makes me hot -- wait, not that kind of hot! >> clayton: frank in maryland says, real men don't cuddle, they snuggle. >> dave: particularly those with tired wives like cuddling for two reasons, it puts us in a position to try more, brilliant and, two, when such attempts fail, hey, anything is better than nothing at all. right? >> rick: i think it needed a follow-up question. let's be honest about what a lot of the cuddling is for. >> alisyn: men are trying to cop a cuddle. mainly what is we have


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