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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 6, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> the prime minister of greece just said he's quitting. that nation's buried under debt. now, how will world markets react? plus, a rock hurling through space larger than an aircraft carrier, scientists saying it will pass by very close to us. i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report. >> a new warning to a hostile regime. israel saying attack on iran more likely than diplomacy. in the u.s. what to do about iran, a country with nuclear ambitions. >> we should be doing everything we can to bring it down and never take military force off the table. >> people are anxious to use
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violence against the iranians. i think it would undermine our security. i think it would be very destructive to the -- to israel. >> harris: fox reports from jerusalem with the latest. also, a record setting earthquake in one state damaging buildings and roads. even a local newscaster caught off guard. >> i see a few lights in the studio and this is shaking. >> harris: where the aftershocks could continue for months. and dramatic new video of a heist? these robbers thought was foolproof, but someone waiting outside is locked, loaded and ready to fire. we begin tonight with israel. and a warning that an attack on iran is getting closer. and this is the week new information is expected to come out about iran's nuclear program. the united nations nuclear watch dog agency set to he release its report tuesday or
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wednesday. and early indications highlight what many people around the world have feared. that despite tehran's promises that their nuclear program is peaceful, iran is making progress and developing a nuclear bomb. leland vittert with the latest from jerusalem. >> harris, usually dovish, israel's president saying the clock is ticking until the international community has to do whatever it takes to keep iran from a bomb. israel is trying to put iran back on the front page. it's also important to note what israel's prime minister and defense minister aren't saying, when he they met with u.s. defense secretary leon panetta, they refused to layout israel's strategy dealing with iran or before notifying u.s. for a hostile strike. twice in history, israel has
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bombed nuclear programs of its neighbors, one in iraq and most recently in syria. internally there's great debate about a possible strike, but he recent leaks from the prime minister's inner circle suggest he's trying to garner support from a potential attack and also with the international community to increase sanctions on iran. and there's no guarantee an attack will work and iran's facilities are the size of mountains and well hidden and successful experts say it will delay the program by two years. the iranians have promised a crushing response which could include a regional war, including hamas, hezbollah and syria and powerful arsenal at the state. a the atomic energy will release a report and if there's a smoking gun, there will be call for new sanctions that typically russia and china vote against, there's a thought the israel threat may
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change that vote. harris, back to you. >> harris: leland, thank you. dealing with iran, a topic among our nation's leaders and experts right now. and very different opinions about what needs to happen next. first, republican presidential candidate ron paul saying earlier today, sanctions against iran would only pave a path to war. the texas congressman arguing iran's nuclear program has been blown out of proportion. and warning tough sanctions would only hurt the iranian people. here he is with chris wallace on fox news sunday. >> so, what's, how are we going to persuade him not to pursue a nuclear weapon? >> maybe offering friendship to him. and didn't we talk to the soviets and the chinese? they had thousands of these weapons and we washed our way through the cold war. i was in the military during the 60's and it was dangerous then. but we didn't think well, we have to attack the soviets. >> ron paul's position putting him at odds with the obama administration which is pushing for tougher sanctions to try to convince tehran to
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abandon the atomic program. former secretary of state, condoleezza rice on abc's this week, saying all options must be available for dealing with iran. >> i think it's time to confront the iranian regime. it's the poster child for state sponsorship of terrorism and it's repressed its own people and the regime has no legitimacy left and we should be doing everything we can to take it down and never take military force off the table. >> secretary rice says it should be considered as an absolutely last resort. in oklahoma, the strongest earthquake ever recorded in that state's history. the 5.6 mag feud quake causing a highway to buckle. and rocking a college football stadium, 50 mimes away from the epicenter. it was followed by at least 10 after shocks making up a lot of people, including a television news ang tore who was on the air during an aftershock. >> our shaking quite a bit and
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calming down as another earthquake has just hit, i still hear a few lights rattling here in our studio and we will, yeah, we still have, you can see our-- i don't know if you can see it behind us is still shaking, here in oklahoma city. >> fortunately, no reports of any severe injuries. seismologists saying that tremors will likely continue for several days, possibly moments. >> a fox extreme weather alert now. while oklahoma is trying to clean up from the earthquake, he severe weather is moving into our nation's mid section, potential for strong storms, less than 24 hours away from now and farther east, a very different problem. wind creating hazardous conditions and meteorologist maria molina in the fox weather center with that. >> that's right, we have an area of low pressure off the coast-- off the carolina coast line and that's bringing in gusty winds. for beach goers, it's a rough go there.
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and there's rough surf along the coasts of florida and 20 to 30 miles per hour and not a lot of moisture with the system, because a lot is staying off shore and light showers, as far as rainfall goes, not a big rain maker, but the gusty winds will persist as we head into tomorrow and keep that in mind if you're headed out there. otherwise, as we head westbound, talking about a lot the of snow across the rockies and the system this weekend, and still do. one is finally to head out to canada and light snow across portions of north dakota and the second system currently impacting the state of california and that system is going to head eastbound and that's the one we have to watch very closely here over the next 24 to 48 hours because it's going to be heading east, pulling in a lot of gulf moisture ahead of it, bringing downpours across oklahoma, kansas and down into texas and we need the rain here, we're in a severe drought and we don't want to see storms erupt from the system. and the back side of the cool air was located across the rockies and otherwise,
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tomorrow, we'll be watching out for severe weather possible and the main concern, large hail. of course, we cannot rule out isolated damaging wind gusts and tornados. how much rain we're going to get. we could look at localized flooding, across portions of oklahoma into missouri with heavier batches of rain and snow, generally 3 to 6 inches, not a huge snow maker, harris, but a rough go out there if anybody is travelling. >> just to think about flooding and snow in oklahoma they started out with a non-weather event and now weather after an earthquake, thank you very much. let's move now to greece, a country struggling to avert a complete financial meltdown and potentially derail any hopes of an economic recovery. hours from now, we will see how the prime minister's announcement to step down today will play out on wall street. that decision ending a political standoff in greece that stalled a critical bailout package, a new unity government in charge of pushing that deal forward to
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keep the country from defaulting on its debt. our brenda buttner, senior correspondent and anchor of bulls and bears, and greece, relatively a small economic country in at that part of the world. why is it when greece has problems, we feel it here and the world feels it. >> that's a great question. you think of greece, a smacounty with gdp of rhode island and turned the world upside down and you have to think of europe as a set of dominoes, greece goes, italy goes, ireland goes, and we have so much at take in europe, and a huge trading partner we export more to europe than to china. u.s. firms invest a trillion dollars there each year. banks have 3.5 billion dollars at stake there. so, there's really a lot that we have, that we have at risk
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here. >> harris: you know, we have seen the riots in the streets the last few days and people calling for the ouster of this prime minister and he says today he will resign and the unity government set to take over tomorrow and i would think that maybe some of this has been priced into the markets at home, but what will happen when markets open, both here in the united states and already in just a little bit abroad? >> yeah, it's hard to know though. because, there have been so many question marks around that. and this has been such a fluid situation over the weekend, and we don't know for sure that they won't dissolve it at this point. yes, we have seen, we will see the resignation and it's hard to know exactly where wall street would go. i think there might be a flight to quality and that people will go to bonds, go to the dollar, because, it's not exactly, and away from stocks because we just have too many question marks still. >> interesting, a flight to quality. you mentioned italy and i know a lot of people watching that to be next, we will keep our
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eyes on it, too, brenda buttner, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> scandal on a university campus to tell you about, home to a former coach once considered one of the best minds in football and nows' charged with sexually abusing children and tonight, new information on the fallout of penn state as more people plan to turn themselves in. and a driver escapes total disaster after a sledgehammer shatters her windshield, striking her in the face. her quick thinking kept it from becoming a whole lot worse. stay close. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. at red lobster. there's so many choices... the ts love it! [ male announcer ] it's endless shrimp today at red lobster.
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it's part of the healthcare law. so it's time to look, compare... and choose the right plan for you. learn more at 1-800-medicare or >> fox news is america's election headquarters. exactly a year from today. americans head to the polls to elect a president. right now the party in the
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run-up to run against barack obama. those candidates throwing up support and some of them making the rounds on sunday talk shows, major issues, jobs, the economy and how to best handle the financial crisis and each to attract american voters the. steve centanni with the news tonight. >> with one year to go the race is in flux and the candidates continue pounding away at each other. here is john huntsman today accusing mitt romney of flip-flopping. >> based on the fact that he's been on both sides of the major issues of the day, whether that is guns, gays, whether it's taxes makes it difficult if not impossible for mitt romney to defeat barack obama next year. >> romney has been the most consistent front runner, but others have risen to the top including michele bachmann, rick perry and now herman cain. ron paul who has never been a
4:16 pm
front runner says he'll get a boost when voters learn more about herman cain. >> i think we've seen sudden surges of candidates and then they fall off again. i think when people get to know what herman stands for, i think that helps he me, because, they're fot going to say, well, he's not really for any cuts and he's for adding this national sales tax. >> president obama went golfing today and he's keeping his eye on the main campaign issue for the election year, jobs and the economy. he and supporters continue hammering republicans in congress for failing to pass a $450 billion dollar jobs bill. >> i think what's becoming clear over time, as the president puts forward proposals accepted in the past by democrats and republicans alike, is that we have a very, he very obstructionist wing of the party successful at keeping the president from accelerating had jobs recovery as quickly as he would like. >> in the meantime, the date and locations of the
4:17 pm
presidential debates for next year have already been set, and they begin october 3rd in denver. harris. >> harris: all right, the time is moving forward so quickly, steve. thank you very much. >> you bet. >> harris: a sex abuse scandal, an alleged coverup rocking penn state university and its winning football team. former coordinator jerry sandusky, allegedly sexually abusing eight underage boys and he's out on $100,000 bond tonight and head coach, joe paterno says he's shocked and saddened by the allegations. and there's more to come on this story tomorrow. two say they'll turn themselves in on perjury charges for failing to tell police what they knew. sandusky, a long time defense coach at penn state who helped earn the school line bker u for hard-nosed style of play. he retired after 30 years at the university and charges he
4:18 pm
faces go as far back as 1994. and we'll have more for you later on the fox report. an armed robbery caught on tape. surveillance video showing a store clerk looking very surprised when a gun is pointed in her face. what happened outside may be the bigger shocker. those suspects have someone or something waiting for them. plus, thousands of runners competing in the world's largest marathon. it is great for the sport and it's big business for the big apple. ♪ [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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>> a clerk rob at gun point. her son going after the suspects shooting them down and one getting away. police hoping you'll recognize the gunman in this video. the holdup at a shell gas station in miami and again, that clerk's son had been waiting to pick her up outside. >> as he passed into the video you can see the mom telling her son not to come in and motioning for her son not to come in and he probably didn't know what was happening. >> and you can see the two suspects running out of the store to a getaway car. the clerk's son exchanging gunfire with them. the get away driver was hit in the head and arrested him at the hospital. another suspect taken into custody, but again, police are still looking for another gunman who they say may also have been shot. and records shattered, marathon. the winner finishing the 26.2 mile run in 2 hours, 5
4:23 pm
minutes, 6 seconds. that by the way crushes the previous mark by more than two minutes. the women's winner, from ethiopia, trailed in the race with several miles to go and won with a stunning comeback for her first marathon title and doctors say running like this can be good for the heart and in this case it's he very good for the heart of new york's economy. julie banderas live for us in new york city with more on the money aspect, julie? >> reporter: yeah, you could say that the marathon route, all 26.2 miles of it was paved in gold. the revenue coming out of this marathon, a record breaker, 300 million dollars in fact expected to be made off of this marathon and 47,000 runners, a really big day, 2000 in more in fact than last year and a huge economic windfall for new york city, the largest sporting event ever actually for the city. sort of like an annual olympics, if you will. and at this point it seems most have crossed the finish line although there are
4:24 pm
strawing letters out there and so family members may be spending some money in restaurants as runners from all 50 states and 135 countries descend on new york, and expected to give the city the largest economic boost from any sporting event held here according to the new york roadrunners, on top of that, brought in more than 10 million dollars in cacks receipts, a direct shot of stimulus for tight budgets. >> this is a win, win, win for new york, both in economics, in emotional, in tourism and it is a great day for all of the-- all the boroughs that we run through, they shine, queens, brooklyn, bronx, staten island, a day where people from around the world and around the country get to see those parts of the city that may not be seen as often. >> reporter: and for every runner, factor in friends and family who came to cheer them on, add the 2.5 million
4:25 pm
spectators and what have you got? a recipe for success for the city's hotels, shops and restaurants, especially nos serving up cars. >> it's incredible testify part of the year and-- >> doing the early-- >> and the celebrating doesn't end at the finish line, charity events, obviously, being held and raking in a lot of money and 30 million dollars in total or more raised by the marathon itself. going to new york city charities, all in all, a positive day and the weather did cooperate which is an added bonus, harris. >> harris: absolutely, a gorgeous day here in new york city. julie, thank you very much. we want to give a big shout out to rob ricardo, a member of our fox report. he's a little blurry, never could catch him standing
4:26 pm
still. finished in 3 hours and 25 minute. this is his first marathon, that's more than a respectable time and congratulations to him. he looks so happy there, i like his orange shoes. good job. well, one conservative power player pulling the plug on endorsement hopes and promising zero support to any republican presidential contender unless two things happen. what are they? next. and music lend taking center stage to honor the queen of soul. the star-studded tribute to aretha franklin. ♪ [ rge ] psst.
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>> i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report, time for the bottom of the hours. high school coach accused of abusing over the years. and other people accused of keeping quiet minutes from now. in atlanta occupy protesters accused of breaking law. 20 people arrested when they said they would not leave a city park after curfew, a similar show tonight.
4:31 pm
protesters saying they'll march to the park. officers expected to wait for them. a jury deciding the fate of michael jackson's doctor will be back at it. they'll begin deliberating the involuntary manslaughter case. they will decide if they were substantially responsible for michael jackson's death in 2009. 2009. >> and a major announcement about the presidential primary. there will be no endorsement from a g.o.p. power player. senator jim demint of south carolina, a favorite among conservatives and an endorsement from him can send a strong message about a candidate's conservative credentials. and he says he does know the think that people care much about his pick for the white house and the senator, leaving himself some wiggle room, saying as we get into the next year, if we have two at the top and one is clearly the conservative, and one is not, i might look at it again. and demint also saying he
4:32 pm
believes his role next year will be to unite conservatives kind the right candidate in critical senate races. two men vying for the same job facing off. herman cain and newt gingrich last night. this was about to happen. and now it has. the atmosphere there, a friendly one. they didn't touch on the sexual harassment allegations against herman cain, we knew they wouldn't, but when the 90 minute debate ended no questions were off the table and that is when some fireworks began. peter doocy has more from washington. >> reporter: when a reporter asked herman cain if he was all done addressing the sexual harassment allegations against him. herman cain said you got it. this after a friendly debate in texas with fellow candidate former speaker of the house newt gingrich and cain was clear he thinks any media asking anything about these allegations is unethical. >> mr. cain, the woman who filed a sexual harassment claim against you. >> don't go there. >> can i ask my question.
4:33 pm
>> no. >> may i ask a good question? >> where is my chief of staff. please send him the journalistic code of ethics. >> will do. >> cain's spokesman e-mailed me, plank the specific parts of the society of professional journalist code of ethics and among the items on the list, identifying sources whenever feasible and testing the accuracy of information from all sources at the end of a week when cain's credibility was question he by anonymous sources and some of the g.o.p. think it's time to move on. >> i'm concerned they're wasting a whole lot of time on this supposed issue, this scandal, which is taking away from our ability to really address the major issues of the day. how we get this economy rebuilt. >> and i think the media has broen it way out of proportion. >> i think the real debate. >> a new reuters poll found in the last week, herman cain,
4:34 pm
the man with 9-9-9 plan has lost 9 points in favorability rating with republicans. he had 66% a week ago and now down to 57%. harris. >> harris: peter doocy. thank you. as we report add while ago on fox report, greece's prime minister set to step down in an effort to save his nation from defaulting on its debt. but the region not out of financial danger just yet. europe's finance chief hoping for help from china which has the world's largest stock pile of exchange reserves and china not with cash for now. and that country's foreign min senior saying he believes that europe is capable of fixing the crisis on its own. our amy kellogg has more. >> china with the growing prominence on the global stage and the powerful purse strings with front and center lapping up the limelight at the g-20 summit in cannes. it was to china that they traveled in desperate search of funds.
4:35 pm
china's official response was noncommittal. >> chinese places importance on the euro zone's development and believed that the eu has the ability to resolve current difficulties. >> ask the man on the chinese street, he'll say it doesn't make sense for china with a $4,000 per capita income compared to europe's 38,000 to help bail out the first world. >> it's like a rich man who's wasted all of his money asking a poor man to help, we shouldn't help them. >> reporter: yet, china with more than 3 trillion dollars in cash reserves, more than any other country is in a position to buy more of europe's debt. if china does pony up some sort of bailout, the experts say it won't be out of the goodness of its heart. europe is china's largest trading partner so if its purchasing power starts to taper off, bad for beijing. be being further beholden to china could weaken influence on human rights and favors chinese exporters.
4:36 pm
aaron doesn't worry about its power as it does the unchecked military growth. gone up 10 to 15% in the past two decades. >> as china's power has grown it's been more willing to act in ways that are assertive and potentially challenging to others in the region. >> the new secretary of defense traveled to asia recently to show u.s. military commitment to the region, the sort of move we may see more of. in the meantime, china, a nation of savers, and massive reserves is showing its commitments to remain economically prominent as europe tries to solve its massive debt problems. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. >> harris: a story that's been unfolding the last couple of days, we're continue to follow the push by a militant group that wants sharia law to rule for the country of 160 million people and tonight the death toll is climbing following a
4:37 pm
series of violent attacks. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> nigeria, more than 100 people killed since friday. a radical muslim sect blamed for the violence and one of the latest victims, a police inspector stopped at gun point while he was going to a mosque, police say he was ordered out car and shot. kenya, a deadly attack at a church. police suspect al-shabab was behind it and say the attackers hurled a grenade at a house that belonged to a church elder. two people there were hurt. nepal, 1200 foreign trekkers stranded in the foot hills of mt. everest, thick flog preventing planes from landing at the only airport. those people sleeping there
4:38 pm
for the past four days. thailand. >> oh. >> harris: people trying to escape the capitalsy bangkok sending the price for renting boats soaring. as you may know, the areas worst flooding in years and some people getting out in anything that floats, including taking their own transportation out of pieces of plastic. that's the fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> harris: it's as large as an aircraft carrier, no one is fearing this. an asteroid about to get up close and personal with earth. is her marriage really over? he she filed for divorce last week, but word tonight reality tv star kim kardashian has taken herself out of hiding, spotted hopping on a plane to see her hubby there, kris humphries, is it love? will she always love him? ♪
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>> kim kardashian may have second thoughts splitting with her husband of 72 days. reports that a reality store hopped on a plane to minnesota where her son to be ex-husband kris humphries. saying she didn't make the trip to patch things up, but the door is not shut. i'm sending a tweet to casey stegall, called the job of the future and if you love facebook and throw out the he occasional tweet on twitter. you may be perfect for this job. companies look at the millions on the sites like this and see dollar signs. and casey stegall who i love
4:43 pm
to follow on twitter, live for us in los angeles, hello. >> hey, harris, i like to follow you on twitter as well, but what if you could get paid for surfing the internet. not a bad gig, right? and that's exactly what a lot of companies are now starting to do. in fact, many people in corporate america realize now that these social networking sites can be a valuable marketing tool. and that's why so many companies are hiring. listen to this, reports that the number of job postings for these social media experts are up 75% this year and experts predict this is just the beginning. >> within a couple of years, they'll see every major organization really embracing social media in a much more powerful way because it's such an amazing platform to get information, to allow you to be better. and it's foolish not to avail yourself to that. >> now, take the car advice
4:44 pm
site, he, for example, executives see it's a way to give the customers more personalized experience. so five social media experts are now on staff here doing everything from searching tweets for people trying to buy a car, to chatting online and dishing out advice. >> they're responsible for managing our facebook account and managing our twitter accounts and making sure that we are very responsive with our followers. because i think that's where a lot of companies struggle a little bit with what to do with social media, from our perspective, it's about customer service. >> insiders tell us that these particular jobs require more people skills as he opposed to computer skills and most of the head hunters say you typically do not need a special degree like in computer science or something like that to apply for the positionses and lastly, harris, the website simply
4:45 pm, saying that the average salary for these jobs, about $55,000 a year, again, not too shabby for surfing the net. >> harris: so many things to like there, hiring, jobs and money. casey stegall. >> we like all of it. >> harris: you bet, thank you very much. chaos in a quiet neighborhood when a helicopter loses control and nearly takes out a house. and the queen of soul getting some respect on this fox trip across america. ♪ >> florida, in west palm beach, a helicopter, power lines, hitting a tree and a car before clipping a woman's roof and crashing upside down in her front yard. >> and i was calm, at least-- my neighborhood is safe. >> harris: no one hurt, including the pilot and passenger and we'rele told they walked out of the wreckage and the feds now investigating what went wrong.
4:46 pm
colorado, a fort collins woman calling herself a miracle, saying she was driving on a highway north of denver when something came flying through the windshield and hit her right in the face. >> out of the corner of my eye i saw what i thought was a wrn much. >> harris: it wasn't a wrench, it was a two pound sledgehammer. he despite the pain and blood, she pulled over to call for help. >> scared to see the blood. >> harris: nowhere where that came from. heroes welcome in baltimore. these nabl guard sisters soldiers out of harm's way and returning from iraq earlier than expected much to the delight of family and friends they left behind. ohio, a star-studded event honoring the queen 6 soul, celebrity singers belting out
4:47 pm
aretha franklin's biggest hit at cleveland's rock and roll hall of fame. and case western university awarding franklin with an honorary doctorate doctor. and that's a fox watch across america. >> harris: an asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier, headed toward earth and even though scientists say it will miss our planet, nasa says it's our closest encounter with something this big. here is a picture of the thing taken from radar in 2010. come this tuesday, we're told it will be $200,000 miles away from earth which sounds far away, but actually will be closer to this asteroid than warrior to the moon and you know, we can see the moon. but scientists reassuring everybody, i want to say it again, this right now is not considered a threat. well, you could say he's a journalist turned freeman fighter a american man battling alongside rebels in libya. his amazing story coming up. in these tough dollar times, people looking for a bargain.
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how people in one city were able to take home great stuff without spending a dime.
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4:51 pm
>> for months we watched the battle for libya unfold and we're learning one was an american. returning to the u.s. after surviving months at a tripoli prison, matthew van dyke reuniting with his family in baltimore wearing the same clothing he wore in the streets of tripoli where he faced off with now dead colonel qaddafi's regime fighters and he says it's something he hid from even his family until his capture. >> i went over there to support the revolution and my family did not know that when i left. you don't tell your mother you're going to go fight in a war so my mother didn't know,
4:52 pm
my girlfriend didn't know. and van dyke managed to escape when the jail got bombed and fellow prisoner broke open his cell and he ran to a nearby compound. we're told u.s. officials urged him to come home and he finished the fight. what if you could go shopping without opening your wallet. thousands of people in milwaukee know about it and ben handleman, a fox affiliate, witi has more. >> he when things are tight right now in the economy i don't have much in the way of spending money for myself or my family so this is kind of a fun day for us to go and spend. >> steve marcus is on the the hunt for new stuff after perusing dvd's, shoes. >> are all the shoes in the boxes. >> a purchase is made no need for this, it's a bartter. >> over 7,000 people headed to the milwaukee sports complex trading items from jewelry to
4:53 pm
a new car. so, can i bartter my cell phone for this golf club? that's not how this works anymore. >> we've created a currency that instead makes it possible for people to offer their services, take the trade dollars and use them for whatever they want in the system. >> the founder of international monetary services, a milwaukee based company that helps businesses trade and find the services they want to bartter for. >> every businessman in the world should be a part of this system. >> thank you. >> yep, thank you. >> to explain how it works, we check back in with steve an advertiser. >> advertising is a great business for bartter. >> steve uses imf to find the company who wants to perfect ads in the bartter box and that can be used in over 16,000 vendors in the system. >> and gotcha. >> like ulysses lawson's shoe business. >> take a seat and try it on. he plans to hand out enough shoes to earn credit on
4:54 pm
marketing. >> you have to begin to learn how to deal with things beneficial to your company ben handlingman, fox six news. >> harris: oklahoma hit with a strongest earthquake in its history. that in moments and do you know that the miami dolphins hadn't won a game all season until today. you've got to see it. it's coming up. is our most n at red lobster. there's so many choices... the ts love it! [ male announcer ] it's endless shrimp today at red lobster. as much as you like any way you ke, all for $15.99. offer ends soon. my name is angelarapp, and i sea food differently. you know what else is early? medicare open enrollment. now through dember 7th. can i stick with old medicare plan? sure! or find a new plan with better coverage, less cost, or both. medicare plans give you free cancer screenings and wellness visits and 50% off on brand-name prescriptions when you're in the doughnut hole
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for all who served and all who serve, we can never thank them enough.
4:57 pm
call "star," "star," n-f-l to download it now. only from verizon. >> a former penn state football coach charged with sex abuse. jerry sandusky, denying the allegations. and two turning themselves in for perjury. >> a horrible story with terrible details here. question now, who knew what, when did they know it and what did they do and according to the attorney general's report,
4:58 pm
in 2002, a graduate assistant brought this to joe paterno and said he witnessed something on the facilities and coach paterno came to the athletic director and said this is what happened and no one went to the police. there's a lot of issues there, why didn't anyone report this to the authority and that's the issue as they he move on with it. >> harris: on the legacy of head coach joe paterno. >> 84 years old. and penn state, going to go out on top. and how does it taint the legacy. paterno is not a subject in this, what did he know and what did he do, did he report anything? >> let's move on to the nfl, giants-patriots, is this the first regular season game in a while. >> the first time they're meeting, when the giants shocked the patriots. guess what the giants go into new england without the top running back, without the top receiver and shock the patriots again. this was huge. it was the patriots first home loss since 2008 and the giants were jubilant after the game
4:59 pm
and carrying kaufman off on their shoulders. >> harris: i guess that miami dolphins can swim tonight. >> the top college player to be picked in the draft, but the dolphins win in kansas city, never an easy place to win, their first win of the season, congratulations. >> harris: they were 0-7 going into today. >> they won 31-3. >> harris: good for them. pete, good to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> harris: recapping top stories, u.s. stock futures, they are up following the announcement of greek's prime minister saying he'll step down and greece on a new coalition government with push a bailout through with the hopes of that country defaulting on its debt. and people in oklahoma bracing for aftershogs, 5.6 magnitude quake, structural damage and that's how fox reports on sunday. november 6th, 2011. m


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