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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  November 6, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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. t tonight on huckabee, president obama wants to help europeans with their money problems. >> on the most important aspect of our task is resolve the financial crisis here in europe. what about the financial mess here in america. should the president be focused on his own financial house? lou dobs has the answer. >> and condoleezza rice on tensions inside of the bush white house. >> we had our disagreement and i have no problems making my fews known. >> and whether the former president should get credit for the war on terror. >> i think that president bush was vindicated. and tone orlando honors
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the american veterans. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applause] [cheers and applause] >> thank you, thank you very much. welcome everybody. and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city where we have a great audience with us today in the studio. you know, after all of the uproar of the allegations of sexual harassment by herman cain, i realized myself have been a victim of sexual harassment. i fly through the atlanta airport the and my favorite place for a quick meal on the go is it pop eye's chick nen terminal b. it is quick and delicious and i adore the staff there because they speak the
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southern language they grew up on and still understand. but in light of the herman cain controversy, realize it might not have been southern gentility but sexual harass am. they call me honey, sweet yedarling. maybe i should have been offend demanded free spicy chicken for life. i should have known something was inappropriate when they asked me if i wanted legs, breast or thighs and did i want them spicy and when they asked if i wanted my tea sweetened and all of that time, i thought it was a friendly transaction of chick yen home mad biscuits and cajun rice. i need to wait 15 years before i work up the necessary outrage to come forward with the charges and then i need to do the anonymously or they will get through the mud
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racking media without even knowing who is accusing them. look, i am not making light of the ream sexual harassment, but the allegations of a man who is trying to be president are far and away tame to the men who have been president and whose actions were not 15 years before they ran but while in office and the media was not this worked up a democrat candidate who fathered a child a child with his mistress while his wife was dying of cancer and he lied about it and i am not too keen when they surface in a critical stage of the election. a democrat made false allegations they had pressured the state parole board to release an inmate. but took her six years to
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decide that just before i was up for reelection or the staff member i fired for lying and probably stealing and accused me of misusing state funds and she was the talker to the press. but when a democrat activist filed a lawsuit against me based on her blathering, thoo meant she had to testify under oath and when confronted with telling the truth or perjury herself she pled the fifth amendment. the lawsuit dropped and those who filed it had to admit no truth. it was curiosity based on reading the disgruntled exemployee. we have real issues like raging unemployment or cloyce close for many homeowners and somewhat small business operators and a debt that is destroying our issue. and that is more than a
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southern employer calling a employee sweetie more than 15 years ago. you can contact me on mike sign up for the facebook fatespage and click on the fox news feed back section. i read your comments even the ones that are not nice. i read these, too. you can contact me there or i will see you in pop eyes chicken in terminal b in the atlanta airport. >> we know that times are tough even thote unemployment rate was down. and the new jobs are added to fewest in four months and slow jobs growth is barely enough to keep up with the population growth. you should be thanking god for the democrats and do you know why? i will let nancy pelosi tell you. >> i tell you if president obama and congressional democrats had not acted we would be at 15 percent
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unemployment. and no consolation to those without a job but an important point to make. >> well, is the house minority leader right? we'll ask lou dobbs. welcome. you watched the sound bite where she said if it was not for president obama we would be at 15 percent unemployment. react to that? >> should i break into the house minority leader that the rate of unemployment is 20 percent and 25 million people unemployed and underemployed and griven up being employed and this administration waited until late in the third year of his term as president to trach on the issue in a serious manner. >> you do think that maybe she's got friendly with that medical marijuana law in california to say something like that? >> random testing for congress
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might not be a bad idea. >> in all seriousness and i want to amp fly that. >> i meant that in an ecmental way. >> help our audience to explain why nine percent is not the whole story. >> nine percent is measured on households. it is an estimate and does not include those people who are discouraged workers and have become detached from the work force and simply said, i am no longer going to go down and look for a job. i surrender. we have four million people who have been unemployment for this country for a period of six months or longer and it is the longest long term unemployment in our country's history since the great depression. it is it truly stunning and the lack of attention that it received. >> president obama was in
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france for the g-20 summit and made a remarkable statement that i would like to get a reaction from you. let's take a look. >> i think it is it no surproys we spend most of the our conversation focused on strengthening the global economic recovery so that we are creating jobs for our people and stabilizing the financial markets around the world. the most important aspect of our task over the next few days is to resolve the financial crisis here in europe. here in the gof had 20 we'll have to flush out details about how the plan will be fully and decisively implemented. >> first of all, have you seen a man look more uncomfortable that nicholas sarkozy looked stabbeding with the barack obama. >> he's got to be right there up there. he did a good job of -- you can see the man is trying, fighting himself as heria
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listening to the leader of the world's only super power saying about obvious thing as one could . further more, the deceasively that he was talking about. my gosh. this result would in no comment from the entire 19 of the g-20 and the united states is still trying figure out what happened. >> and lou. is it surreal that the president of the country he was begin to lecture and this administration is not about lypochrisy and we have a long standing evidence of that. i can't believe that he would actually do this in front of the entire world. as you saw. the man was trying to stay awake as he talked about
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creating jobs and i know he may have been tire it was a long ardous trip from air force one it is a hard job. as more than one or two presidents reminded him. >> when he talks about the debt and obviously europe is in a deep, deep hole and greece almost brought the world back to his knees when the prime minister said we will let the greek people vote as they would vote on austerity? we know ha how they would vote. we are not that far behind europe. >> we are a world leader. we are talking about hundred percent gdp and national debt will go above that over the next few years and one of the things that is it ironic and greece, the birthplace was democracy almost lost a prime minister because he had the
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audasity that they be democratic about things . put it to a vote. . and it is a the national debt and rolling back entitlement. >> they will feel better when german accountants check how things are going. when we come back. why did fannie mae and frettedy mack get big bonuses. that is after your tax dollars bail them out and more with bail them out and more with lou [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now. two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands ojobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands
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[applause] >> we are back with lou dobbs and there was an entering turn ofentious vents for bark obama. he talked about the abuse of executive power under george bush.
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this was his comment. >> biggest comment we - problem we are facing is george bush putting more power in the executive branch and not go through the congress. i intend to reverse that when i am president of the united states of america. >> we'll see how well he has see if you notice something different. >> we can't wait for an increasingly dysfunctional congress to do their job. when they will not act i will. >> lou, i know you are raring. >> the idea that this president decided in the intervening three years to simply ignore the arcticle of our constitution. we can't wait. we waited for this man three years to deal with the number one issue in this counselry and that is unemployment and joblessness and lack of hope
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for employment security for millions of americans and suddenly he can't wait? the idea that he critized george w. bush for being a unlatterist in foreign policy. he's doing that in domestic policy. and the republicans, honestly, governor, it amazes me how quietly the republicans are still and allow the president to make at the same times and proclamations and basically watch. >> and what should the republicans be saying and be right now? >> they should with great energy and great strength of voice say point blank, these are the bills, 15 of which that they have move in the house of representative to deal with joblessness and rolling back the type of government that has created the same mess in this country that it has create in
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socialist europe. if there is not an understanding on the part of the american people that we can't have a government program pan serafor every ailment in this nation. i don't know what is required. we need leadership. strong positive leadership. not only in the white house but congress and business and acdamia and all we have is a president talking down markets and economy and talking up government and more debt and greater spending which are the recipes that created the stew that we find ourselves in. and one of the thing that is made our blood boil this week. we found out bailing out freddie mac and fannie mae. 13 million worth of bonuses to the executives that made a mess. your reaction. >> they are nationalize the risk is abated and in the
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receivership and hands of the federal government and government sponsored entities. and there is no rick that the executives manage . what would we pay for them to need. they need another six billion that brings the total to 200 billion. >> 200 billion. >> 200hill bill yoven- two hundred billion. what would they have got in bonuses. i don't know. it is got to stop particularly with the president saying things like the wealthy are depriving of all reason and then bonuses on wall street . he's not entirely wrong about that. >> but he critized the wall street bonus and his press secretary will not say something. there is a reaction that we as
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americans should have. when people are given million dollar bonuses for wrecking the companies and this comes to mind. >> stupid is stupipped as . >> you can't fix stupid. >> [applause] >> lou, i want to say to these people. here is your side. >> and i think you got it right. how dumb can we be and continue to be? we are by the way, this is on us. as voters and citizens, why have allowed the middle class to be run over like i don't know. just to be completely run over by both political parties. we watch the president in cannes leave that g-20. we put forward 108 billion in. and they were very nice in departing and sarkozy and
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merkel. if we would like to put money for the bailout of greece, part three, they would be delighted for us to do so, and this president is struting around maybe we'll be a big shot and do it it is time to understand foreign aid, that we are borrowing from china. and 20 percent sponsor of imf and they will be the fall guy and we are the patsy, that has to end . the idea that we put up for a president to create a program and spend taxpayer money. we need more imagination and original thought and new ways of moving in this country in a totally different direction. >> lou, we love to have you. you bring priorities. and it is a joy to have you here. >> there is it a lot of controversy over mississippi's vote on the constitutional amendment of personhood.
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it would give personhood status to those in the womb and world. dr. john perkins has a unique perspective on this issue and he will join me next . =
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[applause] this tuesday, voters in mississippi head to the polls and they will vote on a state constitutional amendment declaring a fertilized human egg to be a person. it is supported by both of the state's gubernatorial candidates both democrat and republican. similar initiatives are considered in several other states. my next guest is a civil right's leader and group in mississippi at a time when
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blacks were equal to whites. joining mow in jackson, mississippi dr. perkins. thank you for being with here me here today. >> it is an honor for me to be here with you. and support proposition 26. >>ip want to talk about that in context of your unique life. you glupe the south when life was not fair and you were not treated with equity as you deserved as a huhan being. would you the things that you experienced, physical violence from law enforcement and other things that you experienced and that and your family. >> my brother serving in world war ii was home and was killed. he was out there fighting for the rights of people and then come back to his own state, where he was not himself in
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franchise. mississippi was still operating under the old dread scott case. and the white man, the black man has no rights. and the white man has to -- respect. and keep in mind mississippitate law was one person, one vote. and we didn't get a chance to vote until 1964 with the voters right act. we couldn't go to the polls because of the fear of the klu klux klan and the civil right's bill was passed in 1965. and then they did not change the constitution to affirm that until 1970 and it was in 1970 that 22 of us, blacks, fighting for voters's right
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was almost beat tone -- beaten to death. >> it is not lost on me that mississippi was the last state in the country that afforded full civil rights to africa-american citizens. it is on the cusp of becoming the first state in the union to recognize the value and worth of every human life from conception. it is remarkable that mississippi has the opportunity of one of the greatest reversals in the country's history for human rights from that of disregarding them and regarding them more highly than any other state. is that significant to you. >> we have come a long way since then. and the reason that i am supporting this amendment, because i believe in it number one and believe in life. jesus said i have come that you might have life and have it more abuntantly.
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and we hold these trues to be self evidence that all people are created equal and for me, it is it a chance to see my state and affirm all life and personhood. it is it a wonderful time and in our development. it is it a wonderful moment for me and there are some things that all of us have questions about. but to affirm life, that's all you have and see state of the mississippi come that far is an honor for me. >> we have to roll. god bless you and thank you very much for the example. >> thank you. in our national security. first the advisor and then secretary of state. it details life from the perch of power. secretary of state under
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president george bush condeelza rice joins me next. ♪ fare thee well ♪ farewell ♪ mr. gloom be on your way ♪ ♪ though you haven't any money you can still be bright and sunny ♪ ♪ sing polly wolly doodle all the day ♪
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♪ hah
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oklahomans rattled after the largest earthquake in the state's history. after shocks expected to continue for days even month following the quake. at least 10 after shocks reported so far. no serious injuries recorded but people are still assessing the damage. one tower collapsed. tens of thousands of run he weres hitting the pavement for the 42nd annual new york city marathon today. one of them setting a new record. looks like he has done it before. jeffery moody from kenya finishing in 2 hours 6 minutes and 28 seconds over a minute faster than the previous record. the runner broke another record in boston earlier this year although his time wasn't
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officially credited due to the course's downhill slope. for your latest headlines go to >> if you would like to comment go to fox she spent eight years as wob - one of president bush's. >> she writes about her years in washington, no higher honor. >> secretary of state, in every administration there are clashs and conflicts and part of the having so many people in high oct18 -octane jobs. there were extraordinary conflicts and donald rumsfeld and dick cheney talked about. did you ever feel like you were the victim of the good old boys club and they had
8:34 pm
palled around in the ford administration and they saw you as the interloper and new kid on the block, was that problematic? >> we did have disagreements but they were substantive and obviously personalities sometimes make substantive disagreements difficult but they were not personal. i felt like i had a good relationship with my colleagues and no, i never felt like an interloper. the national security advisor's job is not imposing their will and make a big dole of my opinion, but rather to bring to the president the opinions and coordinate the policy. obviously structurally as secretary of state no problem making my views known in a forth right way. there is different ways in which the national security advisors does.
8:35 pm
>> and everybody understood that you had a special unique and close bond with the president. you had been one of his closest advisors in the campaign . you went with him in the white house as national security advisors and later entrusted you as secretary of state. did that closeness of the position and relationship sometimes make it difficult for you to disagree with the president on the policy or was it easier because you did have that relationship? >> i think it was easier to disagree with the president because we had that relationship. you don't disagree with the president publicly. i never wanted differences that we might have had to spill over in the press. and so when i disagreed we talked about it alone. he was the president and when he made a decision, i was going to carry it out. but we did have very, very deep conversations about which we disagreed and i think it
8:36 pm
would be better for him to tell him that. and he trust mede and made it easier to get through those disagreements and go ahead. >> this presidential race focused on the economy and domestic issues. there is no discussion of foreign policy. one of the candidates even was saying that he was not sure about who let the ubecky, becky, becky stan and that got push back from ilona carson and secretary of state hillary clinton. do they need to talk more about foreign policy. we are not hearing it in the debates . if so why is that so important to the american people who are concerned about having a job. >> i would like to see more discussion about foreign policy. do you think that mesh is special? we are exceptional count rye -
8:37 pm
country, and without the u.s. leadership in a time when so much is in chaos out of the global financial crisis and arab spring, u.s. leadership is needed or there will be chaos or even worse someone who doesn't share our values and our interest will lead and that will not be good for us either. it is it a inner-connected world. our prosperity and well being and safety and security are connected to what goes on in the world at large. yes, i would like to hear more discussion about foreign policy, but i fully understood that our first job, job one is to do the internal repair that will allow us to have a strong basis from which to lead. i don't begruge the candidates time to tell the american people to stimulate private sector led growth and how they are going to deal with
8:38 pm
immigration and deteriorating educational system. and ultimately without that strong foundation we will not lead effectively either. >> if one of the candidates were to ask you which part of the world is this they be most attentive about? >> clearly still the middle east is the volatile region. we need to be concerned there. and pakistan is a conitant - constant problem. i would urge the candidate to think about how to deal with mexico and help the mexicans get a handle on what is a very serious struggle to control the northern border of mexico and our southern border where the cartels are out guning even the mexican armed forces. and so while there are a lot of bad trouble spot world, we
8:39 pm
have to have security on that border and the mexican government is fighting a good fight and we need to be good partner in them for that. >> president obama campaigned as a pace 50 and he was critical of gitmo, and the surge and every one of the foreign policy initiatives of the bush administration. i am assuming you had to bite your tonguy in the campaign and do you feel vindicated that he kept gitmo, and pursued aggressive approaches in afghanistan. do you feel vindicated from all of that? >> i had a sense that when president obama still got into the oval office and had responsibility of keeping the american people safe, that he might see issues like guantanamo bay in a clearer light. that he might understand that an ungoverned territory like
8:40 pm
the northwest frontier in afghanistan and pakistan, you have to go after the terrorist, we are in a different kind of war and that the frame work that president bush left in place for him and patriot act that allowed us to close that terrible gap between internal intelience and foreign intelligence that led to how little we knew about the plot on 9/len - 11. and we mewknew how al-qaida operated. i had a sense that president obama would understand why we did what we . and yes, i do think that president bush is vippedicated for the way - vindicated. >> and the book is called no higher honor. thank you for being with us today . best wishes on the book. >> thank you soy -- so much.
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>> coming up. one of the nice yest most patriotic goyce. tony orlando and they'll perform a song honoring america . [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now. two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands.
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[applause] my next guest won three
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american musical award and played for five u.s. presidents and loved by generations of fans and a supportir of our nation's veterans. please welcome tony orlando. [cheers and applause] >> great to have you back: they love you. >> we have to tell america we rehearsed them to do that. >> you wouldn't have had to. people love you . americans love you, the veterans and you love them. tell me why. >> i start to work for the veterans. tie the yellow ribbon in 1973 . i had a call from bob hope to come down and sing the song for the pow's. i sang and became frens and 300 bravest men. and i promised to dedicate my career to help veterans in post war experiences and so
8:46 pm
when they come home, it is when they need us the most and i think the vietnam veterans didn't get the love they deserve and i think america realizes that and we see a difference when our young men and women return they have open arms and should be forever in this country. >> celebrities do lip service. but you do far more. what are you doing this veterans day in branson, missouri. >> i first went in 1993, i wanted to take the yello ribbon muc theater and welcomes vets home and give them a hoe for free. my dream, governor, was to have the country give a free music. movie and dinner on veterans day from all of us in the counselry, i would like to see that happen. >> it would be great. >> and i wanted do it in my little world. i opened up my theater to
8:47 pm
them. we had 600 there for free and followed with 5000 and this year we have 175,000 veterans come. >> it is it going to be a remarkable time. >> this particular piece from franklin men. >> you are the vice. >> the reason i got involved, bob was the president and ceo and asked me to be a spokesman he was willing to give to veterans the proceeds for the wounded warriors and you go to the franklin mint and you know the money is going somewhere to help a veteran and we have 34,000 veteran amutees and they will need money that go to the good things. >> you are a remarkable patriot and a great american and a magnificent entertainer and you know we'll not just let you come. you will have to do music with
8:48 pm
us. >> i am ready. >> as long as you are playing bass. >> even if i am playing bass. when we come back, tony and i will be joined with the little rockers for a special tribute to america. stay at a . i was taking a multivitamin... but my needs changed... i wanted support for my heart... and now i get it from centrum specialist heart. new centrum specialist vision... helps keep my eyes healthy.
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let's introduce the little rockers and folks who work behind the scenes at fox and love to make music. technical manager is on key boards tonight and on vocals. jen procter and fox radio producer and on the drums
8:52 pm
franklin. give them a round of applause. tony we'll do a song that is special to you. nipe/12 guiliani made a speech about rebuilding our country and world trade center. i sat down and wrote a prayer and just as a prayer went back and my brother and david wrote this melody in tribute and in hope that the prayer was answered and i pray for this great country of ours. >> it is a beautiful song. god's country, tony orlando. >> thank you, governor. ♪ ♪ keep praying for god's country. ♪ it's the home of the brave and free.
8:53 pm
♪ keep praying for god's country . ♪ the land for me. ♪ keep praying for the bill of rights, equal rights. apple pie and baseball nights. ♪ our constitution our institutions, politicians and peaceful solution. ♪ our president and residents, the capitol and that's not all. note let freedom ring when they hear us sing. ♪ our simple melody. note see keep praying for god's country. ♪ it's the home of the brave and the free. ♪ god's country. ♪ the other holy land to me. ♪ keep praying for declaration
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of independence. ♪ our radio and our late night shouse. ♪ ourication, your graduation and your anniversaries. and ♪ how about those shuttle flights, monday football nights. ♪ flying kites and women's rights? ♪ let freedom ring when they hear us sing our simple melody. ♪ so keep praying for god's country. ♪ it's the home of the brave and free. ♪ god's country, it's the other holy land to you and me. ♪ [applause]
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>> tone orlando and the song is called god's country. god bless. ♪ ♪ god's country. ♪ the home of the brave and free. ♪ sing it now . god's country. note the other holy land for me. ♪ let's do it again. ♪ god's country. ♪ it's the home of the brave and the free. ♪ god's country, it's the other holy land to you and you and me. ♪ ♪ oh, yeah.
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♪ oh, yeah. [applause] [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now. two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands ojobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for oucountry's energy security and our economy. ♪ in her eyes... the world is never too big. in his...the weather should never keep you inside. ♪ because they see no limits, there's eukanuba nutrition designed to help their body go as far as their mind wants to. eukanuba. extraordinary nutrition for extraordinary beings.
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see the difference in 28 days or your money back.
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loved having tony orlando on the show and appreciate the great work he does with our veterans. i want to show you part of the interview that we edited out. >> this year we have 175,000 veterans coming. >> wow. a remarkable time. >> we do a show at the welk theater and hopefully you will be able to join us some day soon because they love you as well, as the country does. and you play a big part in veterans big time. >> mike: i'm not sure that they love me that much but i will tell you this, i love them a whole lunge. bunch. i will be traveling to branson, missouri, this week to join tony in saluting our veterans. i hope you will join us for a special edition of huckabee with special guests and live performances


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