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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  November 6, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> this is a fox news lart. last night in terry county houston, texas the media continues to snap at the iron wheels of the cain campaign train. >> i will explain this one time. i was going to do something my staff told me not to do. what i am saying is this, we are getting back on message end of story. back on message. >> the first evidence the unconventional candidate is being damaged.
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a key poll shows his favor ability among republicans dropped 9 points from 66 last week to 57 percent this week. from all registered voters to 32 percent this week. small wonder given the results. >> excuse me. excuse me. >> like reporters comedians are having a field day. >> when her man was in charge of the national restaurant association charged with sexual harassment. this is very serious. they now have revealed one came from sara lee. one came from mrs. paul. julia childs. mama celeste. dunkin' heinz. >> sexually harassed women. you hear that?
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apparently a german woman kept telling cain nine, nine, nine. >> candidates spoke to craig in an at large exclusive. >> despite recent reports of sexual harassment allegations frontrunner herman cain is honoring his commitment attending a one-on one debate with fellow republican newt gingrich in houston, texas. >> the one-on-one debate was more polite conversation fellow conservative cain and gingrich agreeing on points. his harassment allegations only vaguely referenced when the speaker asked what has been the biggest surprise to you? >> the nit-pickyness of the media. people in the media that are down right dishonest. not all. but too many of them do a
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disservice to the american people. >> it was a far cry from the media frenzy earlier this week in washington, d.c. >> excuse me. excuse me. >> the travelling press will tie to raise the issue following the debate. >> the attorneys for women of the womens who filed sexual harassment complaint -- bl>> don't even go there. >> refusing to address the attacks he opened up to us. >> we talked last week about the big target being on your back. did you think it would be like this? >> i did not think it would be like this this soon in terms of how some people come after me and my campaign. that surprised me. surprised me how it was goings to happen just didn't know how or what it would be. >> they continue to believer the harassment stories was leaked by federal republican candidate sex
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as governor's rick perry's camp in a desperate attempt to knock him from his poll. they believer the unnamed sources in the political article are two of perry's recently hired staff. both worked for cain during his senate bid in 2004 when it breathed of a potential scandal. >> did is it surprise you the leaks of this story came running on this staff when you ran for senate? >> that did surprise me a bit. the reason is i worked with people i thought i had a very good rapport treated people well. but life is what it is. >> let's test cain's allegations. first did the staffers have the embarrassing information. yes. tony febreeze sglau and kurt anderson's worked on his campaign staff in 2004.
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cain claims he briefed anderson. did either man have the motive to leak? yes. seven years after cain's failed senate run. the campaign was almost exactly the same. they paid staff about the stories. both staffers deny the leak. >> it may sound odd under these circumstances. i like her monday. i have great respect for them but this is not something he ever mentioned to me. >> they say lots of people knew about the campaign. kris wilson a gop pollster worked for the national restaurant association to ktok radio in oklahoma city. >> everybody knew in the campaign it would eventually come up. >> wilson is not objective either. he runs an oklahoma based
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political consulting firm aligned with a pro perry super pass. there is more evidence suggesting a perry link to the scandal. an arizona state representative who endorses perry wrote this tweet about the cain allegation four-days after anderson came into the plant. this is the same thing i am hearing in az. wait until they actually do the opo on herman cain it's not pretty. >> the fact that it comes from the perry campaign? >> that's what all of the crews lead to. i don't want to get hung up on that. >> for all of the talk about cain not confronting the allegations he gave this assessment of how it went so far. >> how do you think you did in terms of handling your first real crisis in your camp? >> it got off to a little bit of
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a bumpy start. i knew there was nothing to the baseless claims. i knew that. even though i may not have responded on monday morning as crisply and precisely as i did later in the day i would do it all over again if i had to. >> how are you doing? more importantly how is gloria doing with all of this? >> my wife like most spouses took it harder than i did. she knew about this. she knew from 1999. the candidates being mean it's like i am in a boxing match every day throwing punches back. turn on the tv watching all of the he can ago ratio-- exaggera and know he didn't do anything wrong it has an emotional tole. she is doing fine now. >> are you going to stay with it no matter what the allegations are, no matter where it goes
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from here? >> i am in it to win it. as far as we are concerned these allegations aren't going anywhere. >> he is not going anywhere. opo is op operations -- bad news you might want to reveal. >> the state records suggesting as soon as the opposition filed all hell is going to break lose. >> the perry campus denying they had anything to do with it. >> they say the suggestion their camp was involved in the leak of the sexual harassment scandal is absolutely ludicrous. >> here is rick perry. >> no apology needed. we found out about this the same time i suppose the rest of america found out about it on
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the internet or the next day in the news. i don't know how to tell it any other way, knew nothing about it, sir. >> herman cain was with a member of the bush clan. bush 41. where were they? >> with barbara bush and james baker former secretary of state. they were attending the houston texan's game watching them trouns cleveland browns today. >> my beloved browns. >> former president bush gave the advice don't let the press get to you. >> thanks. great report. >> coming up on this action packed show three wise men on whether the attacks on cane have -- cain have to do with character or the color of his skin. it was murder says the sister of the woman hanging naked her hands tied behind her back. fast and furious. is this dumb ass system still
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>> both clarence thomas and herman cain used the term high-tech lynching. >> we need to get past the language of race on both sides. my view is i try very hard to give people the benefit of the doubt. if i give them the benefit of the doubt i am empowering myself. the minute that i give into racial stereotype or to your high profile language about me now i have lost. i have lost control. >> despite what the former secretary of state says, though, is this a high-tech lynching? let's watch juan williams on your left. charles cane on the left and ohio former secretary of state ken blackwell working along side mr. cane on his tax reform which incidentally recommended a flat tax way back in the 17990s.
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welcome to all of you. start with you if i may. if racism rearing its ugly head here? >> no. i think it is a built disappointing when folks on the left play the race card it is equally disappointing when folks on the right play the race car . this is an issue it was bound to come out in the vigorous vetting of a presidential candidate particularly when they start to do well. vetting an opposition and this sort of close scrutiny is par for the course. >> it may be but here are the first tenses. herman cain's rise as a presidential con terned was supposed to prove that race didn't matter in the republican party. he is making it the only thing
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it does. >> i find that odd that they would say that. i guess he has proven beyond a doubt particularly with the tea party branch that raises them to play a role. here is the thing. i am watching tv i hear bill maher calling this guy dumb after spending the last two years the tea party is racist i agree with condoleezza rice. it's no more near lynching just like comparing wall street protests to the sil rights protest nothing. you water it down. you kill people who are really victims of this stuff. i say it's unfortunate a lot of people on the left have gone after cain in this way. >> i think race is a motive for the left.
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when blacks don't follow the same we are victim the good white people. democrats follow new guys. as soon as we start coming off of the matrix. >> will you let it stay unchallenged? >> i think specs and black males is a part of a powerful stereotype in american life. this happened last week we were together when the story broke. at that time ann coulter and you were saying this kind of thing is definitely coming from the left. i think it is a smear. i think people understand when you go after clarence thomas to talk about sex and black men and what was he doing even though it was an old allegation it is the
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kind of thing that sticks it is damaging and i think the intent was to pull herman cain back. there were few black people in the republican party if you were in new hampshire there are almost no black people. the tea party has been accused of race i am. the tea party is the heart and soul of herman cain support. race is a part of this picture. >> i don't want to cut you off. i have to take a commercial break. i want you to respond to what juan said. i think it is very provocative. it seems to me prominent guests are suggesting that race is part of the motive here whether one side or the other people are bringing together complaining of sex harassment and blackmail
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which happens to be upsetting. there was a straw poll in illinois herman cain came in a distant second. wait until you see who came in first? it was not mitt romney. right after this.= ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ]
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>> they can't stand the enthusia enthusiasm. they can't stand someone who is their own man. i made black conservatives causing their heads to explode. >> this is a year we can't have any surprises with our candidates. >> are they right?
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we have ken blackwell who was on face the nation. rick perry supporter is in immigration that made us a pariah. the whole thing about the end head camp and all that if indeed the perry camp is the source of these allegations will you continue to support rick perry? oo remember man caned his campaign walked back from their accusations that this was the perry campaign. >> they have waltzed back. there's a basic inconsistency there. he has walked back from that. there is take from that walk back from the ang sayingses.
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>> he is not attacked because he's black. he's being attacked because he's conservative. i think that is where we can talk. the mainstream media has a by as against conservative. that's a fact. >> it is foolish for a campaign and a movement that has said that the race card is played frequently and too haphazardly to now start to play the race card. it is foolish. >> charles, you can't say this man has handled this crisis with any kind of skill? >> no. it's one of these interesting things. what makes them so charming. >> whether it's the president or congress they are nine percent.
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it we someone dishing he handled this like an amateur. he's really hurt his cause tremendously. >> the commercial break of the illinois unofficial gop presidential straw poll. the winner is ron paul. he kicked butt. number two herman cain way way back. that is almost a third # back of the poll they have nothing happening there. juan williams is this just a function of ron paul the geeky computer fans of his loading the ballot box? oo if you look at florida he has done well. he doesn't get that much media attention for it because
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everyone assumes he will not be the nom inee. he has the strong libertarian attitudes these anti bar for legalization of cocaine, marijuana, heroin prostitution. i think people see him as a little bit of a wild card but don't take him seriously. he continues to perform well. >> with what juan just said, how old rick perry or ron paul do in an ohio gop primary? oo i think rick perry would do fine in ohio. he has a tremendous record of a successful governor that has grown an economy ron wall has
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been there before. he would under perform those standards that are expected of a winner in the state of ohio. >> this has to be said. this is foolish. we must get to the facts this sweek with her man is not going away. his attack on the media assures that. >> thank you. juan williams as always. charles payne intellectual supports. up next she said it was
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from america's news headquarters i'm marianne rafferty. a third woman has died one month after a helicopter crashed into a new york city river during a sight seeing tour. 60-year-old harriet nickelson died early sunday of respiratory complications of near drowning. she was aboard when the pilot lost control shortly after take off. her husband and the pilot were the only survivors. the crash is still under investigation. and the price of gas across the country headed downward over the past two weeks. the national survey reporting pump prices dropped 4 cents during that time. regular now averaging $3.43 a gallon.
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l.a. the highest at $3.83. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo at large." for the latest headlines, log on to fox news .com. >> units arrived to the scene they located a female on the property who appeared to be deceased. the victims hands and feet were bound. she was completely nude. >> you mean to tell me somebody who is doing really well all 32 years of her life in a matter of two hours is going to decide to do all of this elaborate plans. why would somebody do that? >> i have the same question. >> from the beginning a lot of things were ignored. >> this is a prime time alert. the mansion where one of the nation's most unusual suicide happened has been sold. the millionaire owner has moved on his life shattered by the
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death of his live in lover and 6-year-old matt fatally injured while in her care. though the cops closed the case and label it a suicide, her family insists she was murdered. there is suspicion fueled by a second autopsy by dr. webbings who said cops rushed to judgment. >> on the left an bremer well-known lawyer legal analyst and also legal activist. hae has been known recently for running the friends of amanda knox movement which was successful in teaching the washington state's exchange student story in the news. this is the sister of rebecca de how who died mysteriously. she joins us from hamburg, germany. when was the last time you spoke to her?
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>> i spoke to her actually the day before her death. it was my night for maybe like 1:00 p.m. sometime that time. she was on her way to the airport with my younger sister. that was pretty much the last time i spoke with her. >> would you characterize her as distraught? would you characterize her as depressed? suicid suicidal? >> definitely not. my sister is very lively. she loves life, friends, family. she is one you can laugh with but also cry and have fun with and she was not distraught on that day when i spoke to her. she was very hopeful and things seem to get better she was
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definitely positive. >> did you speak with her after the news came that little max had taken a turn for the worst and would probably not recover? >> the thing is when we talked to each other on the phone she did not know that max it turned for the worst. >> isn't it possible, then, once she got that awful news the child she was baby-sitting for her boyfriend's 6-year-old son was not going to recover that she felt so responsible for that death she would contemplate taking her own life? >> she was definitely not distraught or worried in such a way she would take her own life. it is not her own son and secondly she did not feel responsible whatsoever. >> did she tell you that that she did not feel responsible for the child's condition? >> not those aim wordings from
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what i heard how she explained it to me it was more subjective it was more of a matter. she explained it to me. this and that happened. we rushed him to the hospital. more factual than oh my goodness it's my responsibility, no, no. not that kind of comment or anything like that. none. >> she never said oh my god it's my fault i did this to this child? >> no, not at all. she knew it was not her fault. she couldn't have helped. she did not know. she did not see. so it was not her responsibility at all. >> do you believe that your sister was murdered? >> yes, i do. >> my whom? >> at this point we don't know exactly to be able to point fingers at any one, but we are pretty positive that the time will show and evidences we are
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looking into will show who the person or persons were. that took the life of my sister. what would be the motive? >> at this point i would say revenge of some kind would be highly probable. >> highly probable. that would make the principle suspect jonah shack knee or people close to him, would it not? >> well, definitely the people or persons close to my sister the day before or a few days before her death would definitely have to be looked into in detail. >> i will be back to you. ann, what do you think is the most compelling incon grewity in the official version of the event that led to rebecca's death. >> i still think geraldo the
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manner of hthe death herself gagged, naked, pleading down her legs hanging on a bed with expert type knots the manner being classified as a suicide when we have neve seen a suicide of a woman like this in history. police agree with me on this. >> famed forensic pathologist who did the second autopsy says it was a rush to judgment in his esteemed opinion and the rush to judgment was too quick. i asked storm the sister of the deceased what would be the motive in someone killing her? >> i think stone's exactly right. it could we will be a revenge. it was very violent. it was a very upsetting display to say the least and don't forget what was written on the door, he saved him can you save
10:38 pm
her? almost sarcastic. she saved him? did she save max and can you save her? it's not her writing it's painted on the door we have to look at who would want to kill her? why would they want to kill her? kwhld they want to do it in a suspicious violent fashion. >> what about sadistic angel? >> we are going through the police reports but there was candle by her body. it has a ritual lis tick aspect of it. >> as you sit there you say she has never attempted suicide previously to the best of your knowledge? >> never. zero signs of depression suicidal ideations suicide attempts. they showed a statement being with her after max fell they say she wasn't depressed she didn't blame herself. she was of course upset but she was not depressed not suicidal.
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>> what about the allegation that the family now with the second autopsy funded by the dr. phil show with you meeting with ann rule the named true crime writer that they are trying now for a big score to make money off the death? >> there is rebecca's there's not a lot there. i have been pro poen no. dr. we can is pro poen no. ann rule is a tremendous crime writer. if she rights a book it's her book the suburb been police officer who killed one or two of his wives and wife number 3 the death originally ruled a suicide then changed to homicide and he's on trial for her death now. what do you hope to get out of
10:40 pm
this? >> i hope that they would be out soon. that is our hope and the hope of our parents and that the murderer they would be punished for what they did to my sister. >> you believer in this bizarre fashion your sister was murdered. >> we know for sure that my sister was killed. >> thank you for joining us from germany. ann bremer thank you as well. >> coming up, remember this. >> they were not foirnled about the operation. did you authorize this operation? >> i did not authorize it. eric holder the attorney general did not authorize it.
10:41 pm
from may be a situation where a serious mistake was made. if that's the case we will find out and hole somebody accountable. >> were you aware of this before or after the president made the comment? >> my guess would be probably for the president. >> how far will fast and furious dig into the obama white house. we are joined live after this. the markets never stop moving. of course, neither do i. solution? td ameritrade mobile trader. i can enter trades on the run. even futures and 4x. complex options, done. the market shifts, i get an alert. [ cellphone rings ] thank you. live streaming audio. advanced charts. look at that. all right here. wherever "here" happens to be. mobile tradi from td ameritrade. number one in online equity trades. [ male announcer ] trade commission-free for 60 days. plus get up to $600 when you open an account.
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fast and furious was an idea that some bone head had about crime along the mexican border worse than what it was before. he tells us what e and his house jude dish ry committee have planned forker rishg holder in hearings from colder. texas attorney general greg abbott blames fast and furious for some of the escalating border center lines. >> geraldo first of all the center lines along the texas mexican border is getting worse and worse. it has become profound. there have been multiple shootouts and cartel members who are operating here there was a shootout last weekend where a share drachs ut was shot when he also shot and killed one of the cartel operatives. at this point in time we don't
10:46 pm
have any information that would confirm they were used in this shootout attack. we still can't rule out at this stage. what we do know is the center lines is getting worse and more american blood is at risk and we are demanding the what house step up in our ongoing fight with increasing threat poseed by the cartel. >> i hear you. you sound logical murder is down assault is down. are we hyping this for political reasons? >> not at all. let me give you two explanations of why that is not true? >> when i raised a question about this and sent it to president obama this last week i got praise frthe mayor of brownsville and county judge from cameron county which is the county in which it is located. that is the county next to hidalgo county.
10:47 pm
the reason for this is they were saying it's about time someone helped shed a spotlight on this issue and called out the dangers for what it is. .1, .2, just this past week in addition to the shootout we had an incident where another ster pulled over an immigrant smuggler while he had another incident found in trunk in a car going from texas to mexico is a god de still alive. you think this is the first time? of course not. >> i hear you general. let me get to the congress jason chafits who's judiciary committee will host the attorney general in december if the senate gets to grille him first.
10:48 pm
with the democratic majority he will have a better time. >> he has done an amazing job. he sent attorney general holder a letter in january when he met personally with him. the reason the attorney general is having so many problems is he side to the attorney general when did you first hear about this? i kind of heard about it in april. he personally handed him a letter. he will be the focus in the senate. >> we want the twroout we have the former doishth of the atf tells us he thinks the political appoint tees are covering these things up that's a sheerious allegation. they promised in an interview they would get to the bottom of
10:49 pm
this and they would be held accountable. he has been less than candid. we have close to 2,000 weapons nearly 200 dead people in mexico according to the mexican government. yet you don't have any canned dorr coming from the senior most from the white house. >> i have to point out in fairness to the bush administration. i want to thank you. up next has occupy wall street become what bill o'reilly chaims it to become. >> this whole movement has been hijacked by anarchists communists and crazy people. they dominate now. the good sincere protestors are afraid of them. >> the old foggy gees what you just said was used time and time
10:50 pm
again against the anti vietnam war protester. >> you are justifying all of this violence. >> i justify none. you are putting words in my=
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>> can't get these wall street guys to talk to me. i think i got an idea. >> geraldo rivera fox news. you talk to geraldo? how are you doing? protestors with their whining and crying, right? >> triumph the insult dog. >> the occupy wall street protests some are turning against it siting infiltration
10:54 pm
by radicals and increasing violence like the saturday night show down in atlanta where 20 were arrested. you remember when jewel jaw roberts won the academy award portrayinger rin and her exploits. she has just written this her second novel sizzling read called hot water. what do you think of occupy wall street? >> i would be the first person to support any kind of activism and people using their voice. i watch what is happening with the movement and i feel that there needs to be a little bit of a clear message. i don't want to see some of the things that are happening . they need to reearring niez or pick a few that will be a spokesperson for whatever their movement is or otherwise their voice gets blocked. >> they have to police
10:55 pm
themselves don't you think? >> i think they are getting out of hand. again i really appreciate. i want a leader that has a recht tifr. we want to know what it is they are speaking about what their cause is and what they kneel needs to be done. >> i agree with you. i think it is sad in some ways the fringe with the vagrance or one or two stop by and covering the thing in such a negative way. >> there are those who are more of the leaders get a better grip on that. when we have community meetings and a thousand people are all going different directions then our voice isn't heard.
10:56 pm
they get them united so they can be heard. >> some are coming to you with pain and suffering and their complaints. >> i going get 60,000 e-mails a month. >> typically asking what? >> first of all environmental issues come to me. i come with wils blowers people reporting work comp problems. i can tell you what's going on with the work force in the united states. they come with pharmaceutical issues child protective problems, our adoption laws. i get a gamut of stuff. but my passion has been about public health and safety. this past year i have been trending all of the people coming to me with environmental issues and noticing or reporting disease clusters in and around these sites. we have 1600 sites already. >> you have written this sizzling novel. why a novel? why not -- it's a great read.
10:57 pm
why not write a nondirection book about some of the things you are talking about. >> the news can be daunting. don't you think? sometimes you turn on the news it's like i have to turn it off. if we can have something that entertains us but yet walk away thinking i could get involved i could make a difference that's why. >> you made such a fabulous difference. >> thank you. >> thank you folks for watching at home. have a great week. see yoyoyoyo
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