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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 7, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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team, this front of the courthouse, who can, if you are of a certain age you must remember, if it doesn't fit you must acquit and they did, but it didn't, but that is another matter, these are the steps from which congress ran -- johnny coc hran emerged, and we saw the lining up of pills at the side of michael jackson's bed. we her the unforgettable audio of michael jackson recorded by dr. conrad murray on his iphone, as jackson lay in bed, see dated by propofol and the man herded around from childhood who was trotted tout sings not to say he didn't enjoy it but who says he never had a childhood and fell in love with the children, and he brought us michael jackson's circus, if you
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will, stood up on top of a car and danced with one glove for all of us during the last precedings who now lay dead in his own mansion as his doctor stood outside, a long and sad story and says a lot about american celebrity and today we wait to find out whether he killed himself or someone killed him as many ask whether we all killed him. i say, no, we didn't, but either way we will hear from lawyers and hopefully today we will hear from the jurors. >>arthur: the reason why there is not the heavyness that we find in a lot of other cases is because this is not an intentional crime. this is the ultimate if screw ups. the ultimate. there is no more of a messing up than this but no one is saying dr. conrad murray wanted to cause michael jackson's death. he was portrayed by the
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prosecution and effectively so, as a greedy guy who is careless with his life they brought up how many women are in his life and how many children by how many different women, he was portrayed as caring about himself. if he is found guilty of homicide he could face no jail time. that does not sound very american. >>shepard: not a big enough, not the kind of death that involved, say, a blood and a knife outside of a condo. not that kind of a death that would require you spend jail time but the kind where you pay your patient $150,000 a me -- a month. randy i know you don't think
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this is what the conscious should be about but i would love to hear if that is how the conversation went. >>randy: there is in question if they come back and the jury gives us an opportunity to hear what went on, there is in doubt in my mind the trial will become much more about what happened after. the fact that he called his girlfriend instead of calling 9-1-1. the stuff that happened after that in my mind --. >>shepard: four gallons of propofol, a drug which you are not supposed to use at home, ordered four gallons of it. propofol, when it drips into your arm you are out. when it stops dripping you are back. unless you get too much. and then it kills you. and that,allies the prosecution, is what happened . >>randy: but that is not what the jury heard from the judge. the judge said, you don't have to find that dr. conrad murray was the one who opened it up, opened the port up and let the
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propofol go through. >>shepard: i am saying that doctor purchased it knowing you are not supposed to use propofol in a private home. it is for subjectry and knocking you out not to help you sleep. >>randy: that is not what he is charged with. >>shepard: i am talking about human beings making. -- making decisions for other human beings. >>arthur: what was unanimous among the experts that anyone under propofol whether in the home or hospital should never be left alone. that's strike one against the doctor. strike two is, and you hound about him calling the girlfriend, well, what the doctor testified to, people who go into cardiac arrest because of propofol it usually has to do with them not being able to breathe and it is easy to clear the airways and that is not done way it should have been done.
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>>shepard: dr. conrad murray arrived. and there is more security in courtroom 25 as expected. and the presents has been beefed up. a dozen sheriff deputies i am told, and most locally more. they see a dozen. they are in the courtroom. or in areas immediately surrounding the courtroom. at this point, well, moments ago they were missing dr. conrad murray and the jus and the jury but now as we look outside the courthouse in downtown los angeles, we know that, yes, now we know that the dr. conrad murray is in there and we are waiting for the judge and the jury. for dr. conrad murray, as a defense attorney, what are you doing with him? how are you helping him through this process? >>arthur: you are reminding him that for this jury to cop victim you, they have to find you to be a heartless, cold, cruel, selfish, guy who depth care about anyone but himself, and you remind him of the number of patients who came in and
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testified. i will tell you something, we touched upon it a short while ago, it may be that if the jury acquitted him, it could be for that very republican. those parents who came in and said, that man, he saved my life. which would be inconsistent with the way he was portrayed by the prosecution. >>shepard: and that is exactly another kind of thing which you say should not happen in court, in a jury room, the sort of thing that should not happen to follow your lodge iic. >>arthur: what you also do from a real point view, from a human point of view, you tell the doctor, look, this is the time. most people in your position get convicted. >>randy: you would say that? art at absolutely. i want him to hear it from me i do it with all my clients. i prepare them to hear the worst so if, if, if they hear the best, they usually faint in my
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arms and are happy. and if they hear the worst, they are prepared and you tell them you act like a gentleman, and hopefully the judge will not give you the maximum, and whatever comes or way we will deal with it and we have been together for one or two juries as a team and we will stay as a team and no one will abandon you. >>randy: to me, no negatives. i don't quite say you going do get acquitted but what i say is, we tried the best case we could, we left it all in the courtroom floor regardless of the outcome you know full well you had a fair shake and we will do everything we can for you, it doesn't stop here, it keeps going regardless of the outcome. >>shepard: our producer said it is quiet and the 20 lawyers are talking with themselves and the prosecution is talking with police detectives and michael jackson's family to our producer, seems nervous, and my producer said it would be obvious to all, could we see them, they are nervous. and germane and rebbie, seem to
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be the most talkative and what toy i can't and -- latoya and randy are not saying much and the judge has his robe on but had not moved into the courtroom as of this. so the jacksons are tense and in a moment the seal will pan down and we will begin the proceedings and they will not last long, only one count to go through. >>randy: what will happen, it is fascinating, when the jury comes in all eyes will be on how the jury come in. are they smiling? are they relaxed? that goes toward acquittal. they are looking at the defendant? thatting ises -- that suggests acquittal. if they are serious, and they are tense that leads to us brief there is conviction. >>shepard: the reading of the verdict should have happened according to the court's time
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clock, and we expect it any second. >>arthur: what randy said is accurate. you read all the tea leaves and there is in way to know, in a case of this, the sign is how many court officers are in the courtroom. they know. sometimes the judge knows and the officers always know. they always want continue prepar -- want to be prepared. if there are many officers there is a good shot they will grab him. if this is one guy, he is walking out the main door and everyone else is allows and they don't need the protection. so you don't know. you lock. you try. did the jury lock at me? did they look down? >>shepard: but do that a dozen of them are in there, probably more according to our producer who is in the courtroom. >>randy: that will not tell us. a laugh.
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(laughter). (laughter) laughing jury is noa hanging jury. >>shepard: if this was the case of killing a man why was the charge not so serious that would carry time behind bars without question? >>randy: to the protection credit they did not want to after seeing other caseys. look at casey anthony -- i think there may have been a different reason for the verdict. casey anthony, that case was overcharged. if it were properly charge she would have probably been convicted. better to 9 prosecution's credit, charge what you can prove. >>shepard: you say they did not prove it. >>randy: i don't think they did. talk about what you can prove. don't overcharge or try to put the square peg into the round pole. you will lose. >>shepard: if i am michael jackson's son or daughter i
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don't feel line that is what they ought to do if a man killed my father. i don't them but --. >>arthur: having been a prosecutor and defense attorney it brings some closure to the deceased's family, whatever that is, but the bottom line, they find him guilty and he goes to jail for 25 years they are still growing up without a father. the devastated family is the family of the defendant. he is going in one door and through another, his life is drastically altered because he is losing his license and going to jail or he is acquitted and we will go back do live as normal. >>shepard: i doubt life as normal but understand. >>arthur: he will figure out a way to make a living. >>randy: dr. conrad murray, perhaps he is saying, how did i get do this place? i had my clinic, my cardiology
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practice, in texas and all of a sudden . >>shepard: maybe the family would say you got to this place because you were given $150,000 a year and you gave our gather, you gave our father, son, our brother, the money. and you put him over like you were removing a spleen and you attach add catheter so when passed out he can still releave himself. >>randy: assuming for the moment they projected michael jackson was going to take in over $400 million. do you think they could have hired any doctor, any place, in the world, hold on a second, hold on, time out, perhaps dr. conrad murray was sought owe -- out for a reason because he would say yes.
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>>shepard: the seal is still on the camera as the judge does not allow the camera to pan down from the seal until the jury is seated. we will not see the jury today. what will we see? we will see michael jackson family. we will see the lawyers on both sides and the doctor at the defense table and the judge and we will hear i believe the court reporter, the court clerk read the verdict and it will be very, very quick. >>arthur: usually we have a little checklist with all the charges but there is only one charge and the reason there is only one charge no one is alleging any intentional act, of physical injury against him, to cause serious physical energy. this is a pure, like you just messed up your job, like you just got up and left and had a cup of coffee. that is the degree of negligence they allege this doctor
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participated in or, whatever, that is what happened, and that is what i think the jury will find. doctor you should not have given it to him. >>shepard: i believe he had three girls, but dr. conrad murray called one of the girlfriends and said she testified, you may remember her, his girlfriend, and she is in the courtroom and looks as if she has been crying. go on. >>randy: that as i recall is the mother of one of his children and she is a human being, and dr. conrad murray is a human being and perhaps there is a third explanation which is, how did this man come to this situation? how did he end up from the clinics in texas, to taking care of the most famous entertainer in the world? >>shepard: stand by. the judge has come into the courtroom. you are not going to believe this. he has come into the courtroom and has said that the verdict has been reached yet there is a
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clerical error and the judge says there was an error on the form and it was corrected by michael jackson and it was corrected by the jury and the judge now is admonishing the audience to be quiet. so well listen next to the judge. >> recognizing the principles for which we stand, the los angeles superior court, with the judge presiding. please be seated. >> this is the case of people vs. dr. conrad murray, and he is present in court with counsel. the people by counsel, and all alternates are present and all
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regular members of the jury are present. good afternoon, everyone. ladies and gentleman, i am advised the jury has reached a verdict. who is the foreperson? thank you, juror number three, you have reached a verdict? okay, has the jury signed the appropriate verdict form? >> yes. >> do you have all the verdict forms? >> yes. >> could you provide the verdict forms to deputy jones who will then present them to me? >> the court has reviewed the verdict form and ladies and gentleman there was a typo on the date of the alleged incident written june 9, 2009, and you
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have corrected that to june 25, and you put something after that. >> yes. >> i reviewed the verdict form which i will pass to the court clerk, and the court clerk will publish the verdict. superior court of california, los angeles county. the people of the state of california, plaintiff, versus dr. conrad murray, defendant. case number sa073164. title of court and cause, we, the jury in the above entitled action fine the defendant, dr. conrad murray, guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter in violation of section 192, subsection b,
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alleged victim, michael joseph jackson. alleged date of june 25, 2009. as charged in count one of the information. this 7th day of november, 2011. is this your verdict? is this your individual and personal verdict? so say you one, so say you all? (inaudible). >> ladies and gentleman i am going to ask you, whether this is your individual and personal verdict. i will be asking you, individually, if this is correct. if it is your individual and personal verdict, say yes. if it is not your individual and personal verdict, say no. is this your individual and personal verdict, juror one. >> yes. >> juror two. >> yes. >> juror three? >> yes. >> juror four? >> yes. >> juror five? >> yes. >> juror six? >> yes. >> juror seven?
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>> yes. >> juror eight? >> yes. >> juror nine? >> yes. >> juror ten? >> yes. >> jury -- juror 11? >> yes. >> juror twelve? >> yes. >> do counsel waive further reading? >> yes. >> ladies and gentleman of the jury, i now will read to you final instructions upon discharge of the jury. you now have completed your jury service on the case. on behalf of all of the employees of the los angeles superior court and the parties in this case, and others involved in this case. >>shepard: 866 days after dr. conrad murray said through his attorney he walked into the room and found michael jackson unresponsive, and then called his girlfriend, 866 days later dr. conrad murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of the pop star, michael jackson.
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the jury foreman, jury three, a 45-year-old white man who worked as a partner as a management consulting firm, his wife is a former registered nurse. who worked in pediatrics and both his brother-in-law and cousin are physicians and he has relatives on attorney and was on two previous juries including a murder and rape case and does not consider himself a michael jackson fan but watched "this is it," the concert documentary on netflix. 866 difficulties later -- days later he was the foreman that found conrad murray guilty. randy? >>randy: the fact people are cheering out there i am a loss. >>shepard: cheering for justice. >>randy: there is no cheering. we lost a superstar. a man is found guilty. his life, too, and his family, their lives are forever changed.
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they are all joined together by this tragedy and as arthur said to his credit, this was in intent to kill michael jackson. >>shepard: we don't know that. we do not know that. we know what was presented before the court. i am not suggesting this is but i am saying we cannot say beyond the conclusion of all reasonable doubt there was. >>randy: he was not charged. for me, i don't understand the cheering. my heart goes to his family and kids and my heart also goes to dr. conrad murray. >>arthur: i have to say this is an example of the system working. you listen to all of the evidence, it seemed he was greecely -- grossly negligent. no doctor would act the way he acted. that was the bottom line what the jury needs to figure out and it is ironic the floor person has a wife who is in the medical field and so he has to have by live living with her inside
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knowledge of what the standards are. the judge will now decide what the sentence will be and it will be interesting to see if the jury decides to talk and let us know what they were thinking. >>shepard: they were screaming inside and outside the courthouse. the court outside in downtown los angeles was on the right side of the screen as they read the verdict inside. now we have the word inside. inside the courtroom as they read the verdict latoya screamed out. his mother was crying and the brother reached out to health the mother's hand and he, too, was tearing up. germane jackson. and rebbie was crying and latoya had tears and a gasp could be heard. 866 days after michael jackson died justice, today, dr. conrad murray, guilty of manslaughter in the death one of the greatest
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pop stars to live. back with further reaction and the rest of the news tonight at 7:00 eastern 4:00 pacific on the fox report. and now "your world." >> election eve. who says the debt mess isn't coming here? today in ohio it is here. welcome, everyone, i am here for neil cavuto and this is "your world." all eyes are on the buckeye state because unions are spending millions limiting their power and the vote is hours away on appear issue that could have huge impact on who wednesday the house of representatives in 2012. that house. and if my guest is right whether america gets its fiscal house in order, a money watcher is with us. tell us the implication of the vote. set this up, there is a vote in ohio that limits the collective bargaining power of unions in
1:24 pm
the state of ohio similar to what went on in a neighboring state, wisconsin. is that right? >>guest: right. >> and it takes the wisconsin collective bargaining power and expands it further? >>guest: yes, you can look at this a number of ways. this has serious political influence. the republicans would hike to take away some of the power the unions have. but ohio being a state that has high unemployment rate, very union friendly they are looking to have this vote obviously. the last thing the republicans want is to give more power to the unions and the last thing the country needs because when you look at the influence you are looking at obviously, less accountability, and more entitle ment. that is the last thing we need. >> over the weekend there were
1:25 pm
estimates that the governor will shore up $2 billion because of the that law in wisconsin and the vote passed in ohio to this is to kill a law that is in place or about to go in place. >>guest: but not just in ohio. you have to look at other states. the reason why political watchers watch this is we can only assume the vote will appear future ballots and it will influence our economy and the white house. this leads to everything about president obama and 2012 being union friendly which is typical of democrats. but we have so much debt on our hands the last thing we need is for the country to fall into a trap like italy, france, spain or greece. this is the seeds planted that end up putting us in that position. >> quickly we heard talk about
1:26 pm
unions today on the podium. >> the union jobs have had a loss and ohio is bleeding jobs and not surprised they want the unions there. you will get everyone trying to kill this vote tomorrow. all eyes will be watching. >> a big vote. it is expected to pass which means that would limit the law. thank you. president obama can know his presidential fate by tomorrow if the republicans in mississippi have it right. >> ending the obama presidency does not have to wait until 2012 the ways to stop obama starts right here. right now. in mississippi. on november 8, let your voice be heard. vote for jobs.
1:27 pm
vote for a better economy. and a stronger america. vote republican. >> as goes mississippi so goes the white house. outgoing republican governor joins me now and has been helping the current candidate campaign. we reached out to the democratic candidate who was not available. welcome, governor. >>guest: thank you for having me. >> tell us the story, you have had a nice run in the governor's house but you have to step aside because of term limit. you say keep the republicans in place. why, sir? >>guest: my lt. governor has been an outstanding lt. governor served three terms administration auditor and knows state government and a conservative. but the tv spot you played here tickled me because the story behind it is more complicated than it showed.
1:28 pm
the chairman of the national democratic party came here a couple weeks ago and she said in a democratic rally, the road to re-electing president obama begins in mississippi on november 8. well, of course, obama didn't carter mississippi last time and i don't think he will carry mississippi next time but to that is the stakes if the democrats want the election to turn on that, we in mississippi are glad to take that message and say well, we think the road to replace president obama begins in mississippi on november 8. but it was the democratic national party chairman that brought up the subject. >> tell us what it looks like tomorrow, the vote as of right now? >>guest: well, he is the first african-american nominated by a major party for governor of mississippi, and he is a three term governor of a larger city, and i think it is debe commended
1:29 pm
that both he and the republican candidate who i talk about have run positive campaigns. not a lost mud slinging. this is what i would do as governor, here is what i would try to change. that has been positive for our state. unless something happens unusual, phil will get elected if there is a large turn out. in mississippi in last five governors' elections republicans have won four. the one governor's election won by liberal government because we had unusually small town out and that is why republicans are hoping we will have a big turn out that would be a republican ticket advantage. >> and now, 2012, you are a popular governor and people said you should be running. given what is going on now in the going field, do you win you had thrown your hat in that ring? >>guest: no, i don't. i have lived my life and my career by not looking back.
1:30 pm
you make decisions and move on. i made what i thought was the right decision. 2012 is an interesting election, most elections to reelect the incumbent, whether the president or governor, they are referendum on the incumbent's records and if the election next year is a referendum on president obama's record particularly his record on jobs and growth we will have a new republican president, but you can see the democrats are trying to make it about anything else but obama's policies and the results they have achieved or not achieved. >> sorry to cut you off, of the group of seven or eight that are currently running for the g.o.p. nomination, anyone you want to get behind? >>guest: well, i didn't endorse anyone in 2008 and i said publicly several months ago i would not endorse anyone this time and i know them all pretty well. and there are several i would feel very comfortable with. and any them would be better
1:31 pm
than president obama in my view. but i'm not going to take sides. i want to be in the right position to help whoever wednesday the nomination get elected because november is what counts. >> what about, if they say, you need to be the vice president am -- and we talked about rubio saying he did not want to be vice president. would you be interested? >> i don't how anyone would turn down the party nominee if asked to be vice president. any republican that doesn't carry mississippi in 2012 will not carry five states so i don't think i'm a good running mate for anyone and i think rubio would be very attractive as would other people. but, right now, people are not focused on who is the running mate. we are focused on a nominee who can be and will be beating preen
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>> and enjoy the debt crisis in europe, and silvio berlusconi is trying to cling to power but if italy goes down, that is amore
1:36 pm
for us. and larry if we bail out impress we are bailing out an economy of $400 billion a year but ... italy, france, germany. these are bigger economies, ten times the size of greece, right? >>guest: that is right. we witnessed dramatic political and economic events in greece in the past week. what we see in an interconnected interlinked global economy. the over vents -- the events in greece affect other places such as italy and it is spreading and moving to italy. and silvio berlusconi, the prime minister of italy could be forced to resign. the cost of the massive italian debt spiking making it unmanageable. >> i don't have a lot of time i want to get to the important point of the story. greece goes down or is on shaky
1:37 pm
ground and a major financial institution here in america, mf global had ties to greek debt goes down. who knows how much it will cot. so if a big player like italy or spain or france, what is the effect in america? >> huge effect on us particularly u.s. multinationals, they sell to europe and their business would be cut back as european consumers and companies lose credit because of the financial institutions and the coca-colas, the johnson and johnson, the apples and intel, huge amount of business in italy and europe and france. they would lose credit for customers and would be forced to cut become. that affects employment here and capital investment here and our economy. we woulds there our growth rate putting us at risk for recession >> thank you, larry.
1:38 pm
>> and now this. >> we are the 99 percent! >> we are the 99 percent! >> we are the 99 percent! >> i just saw the number one person on the ground. and the firefighters are a block away. taking care of her. this is the guy who ran over her. the cops have not asked him to get out of the car or handcuffed him. we surrounded the car the cops arrested someone who actually didn't do anything. >> ugly seen in washington, dc, occupy protesters storming the convention center where an event was held inside. and the reporter facing those protesters outside and she joins us now. thank you for joining us. this was a conservative conference going on.
1:39 pm
what were they, exactly, what were they protesting? >> their chants were against corporate greed but the message was make sure they don't get out of the convention center so they completely blocked the entire building and all the intersections so car could not get through and they wanted them to stay inside and they knocked on the windows and they had kids lined up, little children lined up in front of the door so if they could try to get out they would hit the children. >> do the protesters, and i have not walked through the crowds, do they realize the message they are sending to middle american? to families with kids, the difference between a tea party, a controlled protester versus what appears to be out-of-control, dangerous assaults and do not signify anything american? >>guest: they are thugs,
1:40 pm
knocking over two elderly women and i arrived and they founded f michelle, and more explicit than that and they threw water at me, and they blocked our camera with paper so we could not tape anything and they jumped inside my interview so i could not do the interviews and they are violent. they are out-of-control. >> we have a sound bite of that going on. take a listen. >> what did you make up today? what is your headline for this article going to read? >> what the [blank], and the [blank]. and [blank]. >> i am reminded of wall street but these are [blank], my brothers and sisters. blank plan. >> were you in here for your life? i went to speak to a police officer who tried to tell them not to harass me but the event was so out-of-control the police
1:41 pm
officer could not watch over me and the interesting thing is i am hispanic, my camera woman is african caribbean, and the police officered that had trouble were african members and the cars that were not allowed to go through, they had african-american drivers, and if the tea party did this they would say they are racist. >> i cannot imagine a cop wanting to be there with the other things going on in the world and they have to risk injury and harm trying to keep protests in line. what is their attitude? >> they were just really ill-prepared. there were 10 or 15 cops and hundreds of protesters and they were in fear for themselves because they did not have that many people and americans for prosperity tried to call 9-1-1 four times and the operators hung up on them. >> and the coke brothers were
1:42 pm
inside? >> david coke was inside and he walked out and through the protesters and they did not recognize him. they did not know who they are protesting. >> i hope my good friend mark levin, he was speaking through, if he worked through they would recognize him. thank you, michelle field for joining us. >> wall street rolling in the money since he has taken off and now bashing the fat cats who were pumping billions into his campaign. we know a place where tossing and turning
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ask . eeee $20 billion worth of bonus. not everyone has been following the rules. wall street is an example of that. and there will be time for them to make profits and time for them to get bonuses but now is
1:46 pm
not that time. >> well, it appears it is the time because now figures show wall street banks and brokerages have taken in more money under president obama so far than all eight years under president bush combined. that is okay but my guest says this is where it gets tricky bashing the fat cats while taking campaign cash from them at the same time. bob? he says fat cats and millionaires and billionaires but on the other hand he has his hands out saying, donate to my re-election campaign, right? >>guest: sure. it is tricky. out of all the economic indicators it is actually wall street, the dow jones industrial average that has gone up since he took over and that is tricky when you are focusing on main street and not wall street. out of the major bills he got through congress whether the stimulus or health care or wall street reform, wall street reform is the most popular of those three but at this tricky message when you take a lot of
1:47 pm
money from wall street and, remember, that president obama has collected more money from romney's private equity firm than romney himself. >> curing to the "washington post" article i read, it said under obama in the first two years, not the third, around $77 billion of wall street profits and the full total of eight years under bush around $55 billion but let me point this out. when a bank goes to the fed discount and say i need to borrow money and it is free at zero percent and they turn around and say i want to buy treasuries and loan it back at 3 percent, it is basically a wall street bailout, is it not? >> that is the frustration. and where you see the movements right now but that is the problem. a lot of republicans say, why are they not upset at president obama? it will be very important for republicans, if they are going to win the next election to focus on this issue because a
1:48 pm
lot of republicans have not been zeroing in on this and, when it comes to election, it is about poppism, the populist wins, whoever is fighting for the little guy wins and this is the message into 2012. >> the other thing that you put together the financial regulation reform, the big document that passed, they left fannie mae and freddie mac out, and the executives make, the top executives, make in the neighborhood of millions. right? so is this not wall street fat cats right there? >>guest: the white house knows this is politically unpopular and when the headlines hit john mccain went to the senate floor and the white house said we do not decide the bonuses, a complicated message for the white house and republicans are trying to replace fannie mae and freddie mac and it is harder to replace them when you get into the details but that is something talked a lot on the
1:49 pm
campaign trail between president obama and whoever wins the nomination next year. >> thank you, bob. the going now using the solyndra scandal in a bid to unseat democrats. will it sick? one democrat is here with us coming up.
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1:52 pm
>> the massive government loan to solyndra now being used in political ads. >> the government lost millions on a bankrupt solar industry company called solyndra.
1:53 pm
>> that is what the program was designed by congress to do, to take bets. >> take bets? with tax dollars? the obama administration loaned the in town solyndra after they had been warned it was financially unstable. >> true engine of economic growth is companies like solyndra. >> and now the target of that ad, friend of mine, congressman, surely, you cannot say they are off base. there is a lost taxpayer money being "bet," which is not working on solar products. >>guest: actually, the entire solar program is working and this was a bad one. it did not work out. and, i was not there to vote on the legislation that actually funded this program but i do support clean energy of all kinds.
1:54 pm
>> you would have voted know? >>guest: this was the stimulus bill before i came to congress but the real point here, we have to build clean energy company and some companies will fail along the way. and we have had loan guarantees for nuclear energy industry for 60 years and loan guarantee for the sba guaranteeing everything from a family farmer to who knows what kind of business. very much part of the american business process, to have federal loan guarantees of different kinds. this is one that did not work out. >> it is not one, but it is sun tech and another half a billion outstanding, and tessler motors and it goes on and on and on in the process of failing or already failed. why did the department of energy get to risk our money? >> those are loan guarantees on new industries that are
1:55 pm
extremely important to this nation. we have to have energy independence and part of that energy independence is going to be the clean energy sector. >> why not let the private sector do it why does the private sector have to foot the bill? >> well, the success of the american economy over the last century, actually, going all the way back to the going of this country, has been a partnership between the governments, either local, state, or federal government and the private sector working together and part of that program at least not last 60 or 70 years, has been loan guarantees everything from farmers to energy and on and on and on and the nuclear industry is another example. some of these don't work out. >> but we are $14 trillion in the whole and even after solyndra was failed this was an attempt to give them more.
1:56 pm
how in the world did an outside investor get in front of the taxpayer on the solyndra loan. i need to know that? >>guest: you have to get it from someone else, there are investigations underway in congress and the justice department and the answer will be there. but one of the things issue should keep in mind we are in the process of building a very successful clean energy industry in the united states and there are 320,000 men and women in the clean energy sector, 100,000 in california alone, and we know that the solar industry in california is working and the wind industry is working all across this nation, and, indeed, they are subsidized. this is an opportunity for america to manufacture these pieces of equipment, and that is what solyndra and the other companies are working on in america. >> thank you. tomorrow in "your world," home
1:57 pm
depot co-founder is a guest and he is not fan of president obama. come on in. (camera flashes) leanne...leanne! how do you feel about your new focus? oh my god, i love it. (laughs) what would you say to a friend who might be skeptical about ford? just that they make a quality vehicle. does the sound system stand out for you?
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