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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 7, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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are definitely looking out for you. a new woman comes forward and says she was sexually has hd by herman cain. how the exaib campaign should respond. what's the biggest surprise to you out of this whole experience. >> the nitpickiness of the media. >> who won the debate this weekend? we've got the highlights plus reaction from the former speaker of the house. and we're less than a year away from election day 2012. karl rove is here with his predixon who will win the white house. plus, washington's ultimate insider and former super
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lobbyist, jack abrahmoff is here with a shocking bock. hannity starts now. today after more than a week of anonymous allegations, a woman has revealed her identity and declared that she was sexually harassed by presidential candidate herman cain. now, she met cain while working at the educational foundation of the national restaurant association says that cain propositioned her after she came to him for career advice. now, along with her celebrity attorney, long time democratic donor gloria allred described in graphic detail the event at a press conference. >> instead of receiving the help she had hoped for, mr. cain instead decided to provide her with his idea of a stimulus package. >> he suddenly reached over and he put his hands on my leg, under my skirt and reached for my genitals. he also grabbed my head and brought it towards his crotch.
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i was very, very surprised and very shocked. i said what are you doing? you know i have a boyfriend. this isn't what i came here for. mr. cain said you want a job, right? i want you, mr. cain, to come clean. just admit what you did. admit you were inappropriate to people. >> now, the cain campaign immediately released a statement responding to what you just heard. it reads in part, quote, activist celebrity lawyer gloria allred is bringing forth more false accusations against the character of republican frontrunner herman cain. all allegations of harassment against mr. cain are completely false. mr. cain has never harassed anyone. also, today we received more evidence that voters do not seem to be buying these allegations. now, according to the latest "usa today" gallup survey, herman cain is tied with mitt romney for the g.o.p. nomination. the two are trailed by newt gingrich who by the way will be my guest in the second segment
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of the program. joining me first with reaction to today's events, the co-author of the new children's book, dubs go toegoes to washington, dick . >> everyone is a comedian these days. joining us from san diego tonight is dick. let's starte start with this is5 years ago. the woman did not work for the restaurant association. she comes forward at this moment. there really isn't any corroboration into he said, she said. the other women won't come forward. i mean, what are people, voters, primary voters to think at this point? >> well, this is ridiculous. i mean, it's a marriage made in heaven. gloria allred is in search of headlines, and this woman is in search of money, and they're a perfect marriage. this woman has been unemployed for 13 years, and this is apparently payday. it's ridiculous.
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she's not accusing him of harassment. she's accusing him of assault. he should go to jail if he did that. >> well, she is -- look. nobody can tell, but this doesn't seem like a full assault. i don't want to get into the definition of this. certainly if it was true, it would be inappropriate. allred is saying she could have sole the story, she didn't sell the story. allred is also -- >> yeah, bu but she will. >> there's always a possibility she won't sue. >> i look forward to her spread in playboy. >> with that said, do you think this is really about money? >> sure it is. she's been unemployed for 13 years. she's been sued a million times. of course it's about money. by the way, i think that herman cain should put this to rest by releasing the results of the restaurant association investigation. i think if he does that tomorrow, i think it will help kill the story, but i mean, come on. anybody who knows herman cain, anybody who knows anything about
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herman cain knows that this conduct is not the kind of conduct. >> his religious convictions, his per so in a, his style, and also if he was to do this, do you think the other women would be accusing him of inappropriate jokes or of inappropriate gestures? it's his m.o. that he darn near raped somebody, he would say that. >> well, i mean, rape is a harsh term. i didn't take that out of what she said. i think that he made inappropriate -- very inappropriate advances, so -- >> i don't think he did. i think the only advance she wants is a check. >> how does she combat that. >> the only advance she wants is a cash advance. >> this is a tough dilemma for any presidential candidate. how does somebody combat this, assuming on herman' herman's sid i've known him for 1 ten years. how does he combat this?
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what is he to do? >> i think there's a report that shows his innocence, at least to the two other allegations. this is obviously a copy cat that's just trying to cash in. how did she get to gloria allred? how did she connect with the leading democratic operative for this kind of hit? i mean, this is -- this is way too fishy. i think they should tell the restaurant association to release the reports about these other two women in which the investigation exonerates him. >> does there come a point where herman says as he did this weekend and as he did today the answer is no, i didn't do it, and i'm running a campaign here. there's only so many ways and so many times i can say no. it's up to the people to decide. >> yeah. i think that's completely accurate. i think that's what he needs to do. the reason cain is holding in and doing well in the field despite this is because he's of a substantive program. by the way, sean, before we go,
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i don't know what your timing is. i want to mention that tomorrow is a crucial day in the states of ohio and virginia. >> we've been following it. >> democracy is on trial in both states, and i hope people elect a republican senate in virginia and kill the labor union's efforts to overturn the senate bill that oka was proposed. >> we were out there last week. newt gingrich is up next. he's up 14 points in the national polls. one iowa poll has him at 18%. what do you make of his numbers? >> i think he's doing great. i think he's finally figured out how to be substantive and say it in 30 seconds. i think his problem until now was he was kind of muscle bound. he couldn't say his proposals because they were too complicated and too hard to explain. now he's finally gotten it together, and i think that grisham igingrich is going to gr the next couple weeks. >> thanks dick morris, appreciate it. karl rove is here with his 2012
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roundup. newt gingrich went head to head with herman cain this weekend. the former speaker of the house here, and more to come, he's out of jail and ready to expose the corruption he explains is still running rampant. don't miss our interview with lobbyist jack abramoff coming up. [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. ♪ plus veggie nutrition. you want to save money on car insurance? no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem.
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>> sean: while both men disagreed at times, well, there was one issue that remained indisputable, that president obama must be a one-term president. listen to what the former speaker had to say. >> we have today a president and compare him to ronald reagan who told the truth, a great book on the education of ronald reagan and lessons he learned at generageneral electric. he was able to talk to the american people and have the people move the congress. this president is about as candid and accurate as bernie madoff in what he tells the american people. >> sean: ouch. according to a new survey, gingrich continues to climb in the polls. cain is on top with 30%, romney with 15. gingrich with 12%. by the way, his brand new book is out, the battle of the crater out tomorrow in book stores around the country, former speaker of the house,
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newt gingrich. how are you? >> i'm doing great. it's ironic. ca list amy wife has a be new yt seller children's book. i think she's going to win. the crater is the fourth novel we've written about the civil war. it's a very, very interesting book. >> sean: it's interesting because you said if you're the nominee, you want seven lincoln douglas style debates around the country, and you had one with herk. the thing that struck me as i watched it is the fact that it was so civil. it was a lot of information. you don't have 30 seconds to answer, buzzers going off. if you have nine candidates on the page, in fairness to the people who put them on, you have to equalize the time, etc. this was a whole different environment, and i think it worked very well and everybody else seemed to. >> yeah. i think there was a general agreement that we got a lot more substance in. we talked a lot about social security reform and the opportunity for younger
6:14 pm
americans to have their own social security savings account. we talked about other big ideas, how to fix medicare, how to fix medicaid. i think people realize that when you allow adults to actually have a clear conversation and not just 30-second answers to news media sort of questions, you get a very different rhythm and a very different amount of really good ideas coming out during the course of an evening. >> sean: you know, there are other polls. one thing that's pretty amazing as we watch the polls throughout the summer and now into the fall, everyone's sort of had their moment, pawlenty, congresswoman bachmann, also rick perry when he got in, now herman cain. we don't know what impact as of this moment the charges that have been made now for the last week are going to have on his poll numbers. so far he looks to be holding. mitt romney stays even. you seem to go up two or three points every poll. you're at 14% nationally.
6:15 pm
i actually saw one poll, who was this put out by? i don't know. it was did you see that poll? you were in second with 18 percent which is the highest number i've seen you at, 14% nationally. what do you make of your polling? >> that was the iowa poll. >> okay. >> first of all, i think the tortoise is sort of the model of our campaign. we go forward a little bit every day. we're talking about very substantive ideas. we're working with younger americans across the country to develop the right to have a personal social security savings account. we're laying out a program for replacing the environmental protectioenvironmentalprotectiow environmental solutions agency. we're developing a very aggressive pro jobs program, and we're working with the people from strong america now to apply modern techniques to government to save $500 billion a year. i think when people encounter that scale of change and they look at how much substance there is at, it puts me in kind of a different league than
6:16 pm
most of the candidates because i'm not talking about slogans, i'm talking about very deep solutions. >> sean: watch what's happened to herman cain in the last week or two. you spent the whole day with him pretty much. you spent a lot of time with him. you've known him from many years, both from georgia. you have been very critical in the debates about the media and you've gone after the media. my question is do you think this is media hype? do you think these are legitimate questions? do you think it's a distraction, or do you not have an opinion? >> no. i think at some point in the near future that herman and his campaign have to lay all this out and put it to rest. i think that the pressure on them to do that will become very real, but i do also think that the average american, you know, when i go out and campaign, outside of washington, dc, remarkably few people raise those kinds of questions. they ask about the price of housing, how to create jobs, what do we do about a giant government deficit, how do we get power out of washington and reinforce the tenth amendment.
6:17 pm
lots and lots of questions that are practical, substantive, and real, and they're not nearly as fascinated with gossip as the washington press corps is. >> sean: let me ask you this. i had karl rove on my radio program last week and he's coming up after you. i'll ask him this question. >> okay. >> sean: i said what about newt gingrich's rise in the poll. he said the one thing i keep hearing on the ground when i'm out speaking to people is people say newt is really, really smart. do you think you've had to almost persuade people that maybe images, right or wrong about you when you were speaker, that you needed to sort of push aside past perceptions? are you a different person than you were when you were speaker of the house? >> well, i think both of those things are true. i think i'm a much more mature person. i'm 68 years old, i'm a grandparent, you know, with maggie and robert hanging around at 12 and 10 years of age. i have a wonderful relationship with calista.
6:18 pm
as you know, i'm very close to both my daughters. i think that's true. at the same time, remember what some of that imagery was. time magazine had a cover before i was even sworn in in which i was scrooge holding tiny tim's broken crutch. think about this. if you ever get a copy. >> sean: i have an autographed copy of it. >> i didn't only steal his crutch, i broke it. it was entitled how mean will gingrich be to the america amern poor. when people watch me, they see a different image of me. >> sean: maybe if they're going to bring up the past, maybe they can bring up the balanced budgets, dealing with clinton, welfare reform, the contract with america. you have a new contract. your faith has grown loot over the last few years. how has faith impacted you over the last decade? >> well, thin i think in two different ways. one is very personally. i think that the experience i've had at the basilica of the
6:19 pm
national shrine of the mac immak immaculate conception was a key part in my deciding that i had become catholic. second, there is a sense that i've had starting with the ninth circuit court eats decision that took one nation under god out of the pledge of allegiance that all of us that have faith, whatever your particular faith, all of us are really standing here at a crossroads where america will continue to be an exceptional nation where faith really matters or we'll turn into a secular european style country remarkably different than the country you and i grow up in. both the public pressure and the private experience have come together for me over the last nine or ten years. >> mr. speaker, congrats. your book is in book stores. for those that love the civil war and want to learn history, it's a great read. thanks for being with us. >> thanks.
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>> sean: coming up, we'll check in with karl rove. he'll be here with his predictions for election day 2012. later in cable exclusive, former super lobbyist jack abramoff will join me in studio. if you think the corruption in washington ended with his conviction, you'll be shocked to hear what he says is still going on today in our nation's capitol with your money. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in communities across the country,
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come see why more investors are saying... >> sean: we're at less than a year away from election day 2012, and president barack obama wants a second term in office, but he has his work cut out for him over the next 364 days. according to a new brand new washington post survey, 74% of americans believe this country is on the wrong track. only 22% say things are headed in the right direction. if you rewind back to aich 2009 -- to april of 2009, three months after the president was inaugurated, you can see how dramatically things have changed. back then oanl only 48% believed things were on the wrong track. we have the author of courage and consequence, former bush advisor karl rove, the architect. welcome back. >> mr. ta hannity, how are you? >> sean: seems the biggest problem obama has is obama. >> that's a good way of putting it. the nbc poll you referenced, no
6:25 pm
president has ever been reelected with numbers that high in terms of being on the wrong track in the history of that question being asked. gallup asked a slightly different way. they asked are you satisfied with the condition of the country, and 13% answered yes. no president has ever been reelected with numbers that low in the gallup poll a year out, and today gallup came out with a really interesting study about the -- what they considered to be 12 battle ground state showing the president's numbers on things like deficit, debt, unemployment, and health care, they were terrible. >> sean: some conservatives are showing concern that when you match up any of the candidates against barack obama, it's still very close. they say well, why aren't -- why is barack obama hanging in there with those numbers? does it matter if you don't have a specific candidate at this point yet? >> well, it does. it will matter a lot who our nominee is, but the reason that our candidates don't fare as
6:26 pm
well against president obama in the head to heads as they do, for example, in the generic matchup, obama versus an unnamed republican is look. we're at the beginning of a robust primary process and so of course, they're going to be people who say you know what? if so and so gets nominated, i don't think i can be for them. the other thing is the amount of information that a general election voter has about the republican nominee. it's about this much. this is what they got about president obama, so the republicans, while they're well positioned to win this election, it's going to be a tough contest, and the president looks good right now in part because people know a lot more about him and our contest is not yet over. but take this swing state poll. the president has a 16-point disadvantage on the question of handling of deficit and debt. 38% favor his handling, 54% favor the republicans. unemployment. the president has a 40 to 49
6:27 pm
disadvantage. republicans typically win a presidential election if that ie 5 or 6 points down on get of who is better able to deal with jobs. if this poll they're 7 points up. in health care where republicans have traditionally had a 20 or 30-point disadvantage, the republicans have a 1-point advantage on health care because his signature domestic accomplishment, the affordable care act, is thought of badly. 51% think its a bad thing, and 38 think it's a good thing. >> sean: what do you make of newt gingrich's rise? we just had him on here. there's a poll out today that actually has him in second in iowa at 18. nationally he's hovering around 14%. he seems to just keep climbing ever so slowly. what do you make of it? >> yeah. well, look. i think his performances in the debate, people look at that. even if they're not for him, they say i'm impressed. he's the most well informed person on the stage. he's got a very good -- he's ingraish 8ated himself to people
6:28 pm
by saying let's not beat up on one another. the ladder is getting a little worn. they're pretty good applause lines. the question is going to be what is he doing to translate the national strength into these states. i thought it was interesting that he talked about, you know that his focus seem seems to ben iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina. that's exactly where it needs to be. >> sean: what do you think about hirk. i think we both agree out of the box they were slow. i spent an hour with him last week. he is adamantly denying any truth in any of these instances. within moments of the press conference, he came out and said absolutely untrue. is there anything he can do at this point except keep going and stay focused? >> well, there's something he can do. aids weeif a week ago he said to the national restaurant
6:29 pm
association please release your internal reports, i'm confident they'll vindicate me. please get these out but redact the names of the women involved he needed third party validation of what he was saying is that she's allegations of -- these allegations of sexual harassment were found not to be true. that would put the thing to bed. otherwise what's going to happen is we'll have people popping up and saying look, i cannot judge whether or not this woman is credible or whether or not this really happened. we'd have a better understanding of it if those original reports on the things he acknowledged did take place, two complaints were filed against him, get those reports out, and if they do vindicate him, it helps the american people more easily dismiss it. >> sean: his signature was not on this. they said they were willing to release it, and the women don't want it released. >> well, redact their names, but he ought to be demanding release those reports. they'll vindicate me.
6:30 pm
let's step back for a minute. the strategy they adopted late last week which is we're not going to talk about this again. i wish it was that easy in a presidential campaign. we're not going to talk about these charges of george w. bush failed to meet his national guard responsibilities. that doesn't work. in general election it gives president obama, you can bet president obama and his allies would be pinging on him every day. get these reports out and help put this to bed. he can say look, we've heard it before. as you know, they've released the reports from the national restaurant association and it backed me up. i did nothing wrong. that's what he needs to do, in my opinion, to get this thing behind him. >> sean: otherwise doubt lingers and people worry what comes out during a general election in a primary. they may be less inclined if he doesn't do that to vote for him? >> well, look. i'm worried about the general election. i want our nominee, whoever he is, to be as strong as possible, and ge getting this issue behind him helps. we know in the world in which we live people come the wood work to make accusations all the
6:31 pm
time. we need something to judge them by. it would be valuable to him. he said these reports vindicate me. i did nothing wrong. well, fine. let's get those reports out and then it will probably discourage people are if coming out. i bet if those people had been out last week, this woman would have been unlikely to come forward. she would have known in the court of public opinion people were disposed to say you know what? he's right. those reports haven't indicated him. >> sean: thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: it's a story that washington does not want you to hear. disgraced former lobbyist jack abramoff is out of prisons and out of reasons to keep quiet. he's here next to reveal the never before published details of his corruption scandal and expose the corruption that continues to playing our nation's capitol. that's coming up next. le physic. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult.
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you'll never roam alone. >> sean: he was america's ameris ultimate political insider until a highly publicized corruption scandal sent him to jail and took down a number of the
6:36 pm
nation's most powerful and influential lawmakers. in 2006 jack abramoff pleaded guilty to charges related to a scheme in which he swindled american indian clients, manipulated public officials and pocketed tens of millions for himself and a business partner. now, after serving 43 months in prison, abramoff is opening up about his fall from grace and exposing the mysterious and crooked world in his new book. he argues while his ordeal may have changed federal lobbying laws, the system is far from fixed. it hitd book shelves today. joining me now in cable exclusive is the man himself, jack abramoff. i kept hearing it, abramoff, abramoff, abramoff. you're the subject of all these commercials. i never met you until today. >> that's true. >> i read your book. it's interesting to me because
6:37 pm
it seems like you -- it's very interesting to me because maybe it's human nature. you didn't seem to understand what you were doing at the time was wrong, but now you think in hindsight it was horrible. >> right. i think when i was in the middle of being a lobbyist in the middle of that whole system, i lot of sight of where the line in the sand was, and unfortunately that happens in life and i paid the price for it. >> sean: you said it was paraphernalia, perfect, a perfet arrange. you felt you had 100 congressional offices in your pocket. >> yep. >> sean: you owned them, to use your words. >> there were 100 offices. i had a team of lobbyists who worked for me and probably a little more than 100 offices, frankly. >> sean: you spent over a million dollars on sporting events and tickets to give tickets to senators and their families. a million dollars a year. you paid for private jets for them or your clients did.
6:38 pm
you took them on junkets and played golf all over the world. you didn't think it was wrong. >> i should have, but i didn't. i can't unring the bell. i fell from where i was. i went to prison. i've been punished and i'm trying to make some recompens by talking about it. >> sean: we're talking about solyndra, 1.2 billion with sun power, a total of 35 billion in green energy. in many of these cases you got big bundlers, people donating huge money for the president in this case, obama. they get access to the white house, and then companies that they're supporting get all this money. >> right. >> sean: is that the same thing. >> exactly the same. exactly the process. >> sean: they're buying taxpayer money and they get kickbacks, basically. >> yes. that's going on throughout the system. many, many congressional offices participate in things like that. the administration, i guess, at
6:39 pm
certain levels is doing the same thing. that's a problem for this country. >> sean: well, i mean, you even said in the book that, you know they can change the laws but you laughed because you knew you'd find way around the laws. they haven't changed it since. >> right. they don't really change the laws in the way they have to be changed. they'll tinker with them or make some reforms so they can pat themselves on the back and point to a few rogue lobbyists such as myself that were caught and declare that the system is clean, but it's not clean. >> sean: you seem to say that your strategy and tactic that you used was pretty standard. you'd get to the chief of staff, you get to high ranking people in these offices, and you'd say after you went on golf outings and sort of lor lured them intor web, when you're done here, i've got a job. you come work for us. >> right. >> sean: at that moment what happened? >> at that moment they started working for us. the minute they heard there was an interest in somebody to hire them, they started thinking about where they were going to
6:40 pm
go next. >> sean: you had to know what you were doing, knowing human nature. >> sure. >> sean: the political business is not stable. these guys have families, they've got jobs that they may lose. when somebody says you lose your job, you come to me. >> right. >> sean: of course, they're going to do everything they can because they're thinking of their future. you knew what you were doing. >> i mean, what i was doing was try to win for my clients. i was doing everything i could to win the battles i was in. just like other lobbyists do and just like anybody does in that arena. the problem is that a human being who is competitive like i was is going to do that, and the system allows that, unfortunately. they bandage a few things here and there, but the truth is they need to do something much more. >> sean: how does 43 months in prison work because you seem con trite unless you're a total used car salesman that wants to sell me a broken down car and hide it. you seem pretty con trite. what does 43 months in prison do to a person like yourself that was living the high life. you were a millionaire. >> it brings you down low.
6:41 pm
it destroys you in many ways. >> sean: do you think you're destroyed? >> i think that person who was me is destroyed and maybe that's a good thing, and a different person i think rose up from within that experience. >> sean: if you were going to change the system, what would it be? >> two things. close the revolving door between government and private sector, and number two, make it so you can't give money politically if you're going to get a benefit from the government, either grant or a contract or anything like that. >> sean: no jets, no tickets. >> nothing. >> sean: no gifts. >> not a pencil, not peanut ?oit not a drink, not a meal. amazing how many people on free stuff. jack, it's a fascinating insider story, scary for people to pay the bills, the taxpayers that have to pay that. appreciate you being with us. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: time to check in with greta. why are you smiling? she has a grin. >> i get to tell you that we
6:42 pm
have brit huma h. hume of fox news, and a new father of two. he had another child. >> congratulations. >> i'll tell him you said so. >> sean: tell brit i said hi, and let not your heart be troubled. greta is up in 18 minutes, and[ bocbob beckel and our great grey great american panel is up in two minutes. and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8.
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>> sean: tonight on our panel. he's always here. i'm not wearing the suspenders. fox news contributor, five co hosts, great show on the fox newschannel. bob beckel is back. let's go to herman cain, one woman came out albeit 15 years later. no evidence. what is one to think.
6:47 pm
>> when i refreshed back to new jersey where i was staying, i told my boyfriend mr. cain had been very sexually inappropriate with me and shortly thereafter i told another friend of mine who has been a mentor the same thing. i didn't tell them the details because quite frankly, i was very embarrassed that mr. cain had been sexually inappropriate to me. >> what, what? >> does gloria allred own an ambulance service? i mean, it's unbelieve afnl everybody timevery time somebodp with a problem, she's standing there. >> i had a guy call today and he said he called her because he's been speaking with juanita broderick. he said will you help her at the time. she didn't take that one. what do you make of that. >> it's obvious what she's doing this for. she's going to lose her credibility if every time there's a scandal, gloria allred is behind them. from tiger woods to everything, she's behind everyone.
6:48 pm
it's a little hokey and almost loses credibility with the victim. when you see someone like gloria allred, you're like oh, gosh, she's already sold out. >> i ran into her at the democratic convention o. she had a stack of business cards. she was passing them out to every politician i ran into. go back to the facts here. there's no grar, no blue dress, and no desecration in the oval office. i'm not sure how this stacks up in the great scheme of campaign scandals. the fact is we have a woman speaking out, and we need to hear from herman cain about it. >it. >> sean: when you come out 15 years later, this is a reality. for the firsfirst of all, she dk for the restaurant association. when she explained what happened, what do you think? you know, first of all, let me just say i can't imagine you're referring to anybody in particular in those blue dresses and the rest of it. [ laughter ] >> i think it's just very coincidental, isn't it, that this happened?
6:49 pm
there's so many of these things that happen to people where people get sexually accused of sexual harassment. >> sean: set up? >> set up. it's devastating for people, and i don't know whether herman cain was set up or not, no idea, but i think you have a face now. that's a difference. we didn't before. >> sean: do people have an obligation to come out at the time 15 years later? i mean, is that a problem? >> well, i mean, you know, regardless of the allegations, we're getting ready to find out about the branding of herman cain. have you ever noticed bill clinton can do whatever he wanted and he basically got a teflon brand. people still look for bill clinton. >> so far the polls aren't impacting herman cain. >> we're about to find out, ladies and gentlemen, that herman cain has what we call a teflon brand. look at john edwards. it didn't work for him. look at larry craig, the toe tapper in the stall. it did not work for him. look at herman cain. he's got a teflon brand.
6:50 pm
>> he's lived 99 lives more than he should. >> ain't that the truth. >> sean: it's really the truth. >> there's something to be said about that. they polled now, the less poll was three days ago. >> sean: after. >> after all this has gone on. he's not only gone down, he's gone up. >> sean: his fund raising is threw the roof. >> pew came out with a poll late this afternoon that said less than 30% of voters believe his side of the story. i think that could be a problem for him. look. i think it goes back to the branding that you mentioned. he said that he's the straight shooter, the straight talker. well, this afternoon after those allegations came out, he put out another press release. >> sean: immediately. >> immediately attacking the media and not addressing the issue of what this woman said. >> sean: he said this is not true. it didn't happen. he did say that. i mean, that was in the statement. i mean, there comes a point, i spent an hour with him last week, interviewed him for an hour, asked him every single question, no, no, no, no now, the problem is he's a likeable
6:51 pm
guy, and now do people go into the voting booth saying oh, no, what if something comes out in the general election? maybe i like herman but i have to go with this person. >> as a fundraiser, i'm seeing he probably has to spend some of these hard to get dollars to defend his character and put out pieces on why he's such great guy versus getting his message out. so money is going to play a big factor in this, too. >> sean: you think this is bad for the process. you're unhappy. >> sure i think it's bad for the process. we've just seen the beginning of it. i can't tell whether herman cain was involved in any of this stuff or not. i know it's getting easier and easier to make these allegations. when i was running a presidential campaign, people sent over the transom the nastiest stuff you have ever seen. in this day and age it's easy to put the stuff out. i'm not necessarily protecting herman cain, but i'm saying i want to know the facts. everybody ought to demand the facts before they make an
6:52 pm
accusation. >> sean: we'll have more from the great, great, great american panel right after break. ♪ ♪ ♪ when the things that you need ♪ ♪ come at just the right speed, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ medicine that can't wait legal briefs there by eight, ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪ ♪ freight for you, box for me box that keeps you healthy, ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪ ♪ saving time, cutting stress, when you use ups ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪
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three years from now, a 2011 ford fusion is projected to be worth more than a 2011 toyota camry. any thoughts on this news? are you sure? i'm absolutely positive. fusion is projected to hold its resale value better than camry.
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6:55 pm
>> sean: we continue with our great, great, great american panel. so now we see that it's really come down to three people, romney stays strong, cain so far holding up, but the interesting polls that i'm seeing is gingrich's rise. we've got three people now.
6:56 pm
what do you think? >> it's the third place. when perry got in there, you thought the show's over. >> sean: can perry come back? >> you know, anything's possible. when i worked for rudy, i mean, i was already picking out my wallpaper in the white house, so to speak, and we bottomed out, so anything can happen. if you look at it today, i don't think that. >> sean: these next debates show a lot. what do you think? >> i go back to the idea can romney really connect with the voters. he couldn't do that. >> can he win against obama? >> that's the bottom line. >> can he win? >> people have to vote with their head. >> there's an interesting story out today about romney on the jet plane. did you guys hear about this? he ended up having to fly coach which i thought was the lead of the story myself, but the main stream media went after this. this conversation that he had with his seat mates who wanted
6:57 pm
to talk to him about politics. then somebody asked him where a good place to eat in boston was, and he said i can't help you with that. it goes back to this whole idea of trying to be one with the people and be a regular joe, and i'm not quite sure that he's there yet. >> the other thing about romney, it seems to me he's not been able to get farther than 21 or 22% of the vote. >> sean: he's been up to 25. >> listen, when you're a frontrunner and you're 60 days out you get more than 30% of the vote. >> remember he fell down behind perry. that told me a lot. >> he's always steady. he's never dropped. >> he's steady but steady in the 20s is not a frontrunner. this guy is a mile wide and an inch deep, and i'll tell you. one of his problems is when he talks about jobs is his message and they start turning their firepower on consulting and the fact that they took companies apart, didn't create jobs, he's got some problems. >> sean: let me go to a new
6:58 pm
issue. this was on the report as i was coming down here. they have the g-20 summit meetings and they didn't know the mics were on. sarkozy and obama, and sarkozy admits he can't stand the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu. thinks he's a liar. obama's caught on tape, apparently on microphone saying you think you got it bad? i have to deal with him every day. >> i told everybody. obama is not a friend of israel. i have told everybody that. >> no, he's not. >> by the mic being left on, everybody knows you better check if your mic is hot or not. a lot of people have gotten in trouble by saying off color things. i knew it. >> you may say you knew it, but the fact of the matter is netanyahu is not israel. this is a guy who is controversial in israel. a lot of people can't stand him. he was the second choice to get there. he's backed into the prime ministership twice. >> wait a second. >> sean: the way he's treated our closest ally, one of our
6:59 pm
biggest allies? >> it's been terrible. they left him in the white house, got mad, stood him up. number 2, he did something in the united states promised israel we would never do and that's asking them to return to '67. >> in the meantime you've got the situation with iran, with their nuclear program ready to aim missiles straight at the country and they need a strong ally which should be us. >> sean: it should be. >> it should be us and it's not. it's a very dangerous situation over there, and i'm afraid it's not getting the attention it needs at this point. >> sean: look. they're on the verge of having a nuclear weapons, we've got to take them out. >> who do you think took out the nuclear engineers in iran. it was the united states secret service or cia. >> we need a better energy policy. we should have done this 40 years ago so we wouldn't be funtding the missiles that are in


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